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Volume 73, Issue 2

by John Gibson On Tuesday afternoon, members with Brent Knipper. Knipper stated of Buckeye Boys State filed into the that he was pleased with the results Stroh Center, waiting anxiously to hear of the election and was glad that the from their potential future leaders. populous had picked him. While They were waiting to hear the they were waiting for the results of State delegates of the Nationalist and the election, Knipper said that he Federalist parties answer questions found out that he and his opponent, during the State Debate. Most of the Alexandre Coker, were quite similar. Boys State members were waiting Knipper remarked that Coker was a for one thing in particular: to hear from the Governor candidates from each party, Alexandre J. Coker for the Federalists, and Brent T. Knipper for the Nationalists. Both gentlemen had won their primary elections for their party earlier that day and were prepared to answer questions at the debate. Each delegate had select words to say and answered the questions with skill and grace. However, one great guy, and even offered him a job, candidates responses stood out. As which Coker respectfully declined. soon as Brent T. Knipper began to When asked about his platform, Brent speak, the entire auditorium seemed Knipper said that he is going to push to lean in and listen. Knipper grabbed for three things: education reform, the audiences immediate attention taxation reform for public officials, and expressed his plan in clear and an increase in industry and the words that everyone understood. The states transportation system. When reaction from the audience after he asked to further elaborate his plan spoke made their approval obvious. for education, Knipper said that he Even though audience members is going to push for a county high were not supposed to applaud the school system, which he believes has candidates, Brent Knipper received worked in other places throughout an uproar of applause. Later Tuesday the country. He said that he would evening the results were in, and explain the system in detail as the Brent T. Knipper was elected as week progressed. Knipper concluded Buckeye Boys State Governor. the interview saying Its a tough After the results were posted, the road, but I think we can do it. Hetuck was able to get an interview Photo by Nathaniel Bartley, Merritt City

Tuesday 6/12/2013 Election Wrap-Up by Marc Blanc Photo by Nathaniel Bartley, Merritt City

The results are in!

Before the Gubernatorial debate, candidate Alexandre (Alex) J. Coker thought it was going to be a closer race. In his first interview after the 829-375 loss to Governor Brent T. Knipper, Coker said he thought the race was really close before the debate, but a lot of the jokes and a lot of the humor that Mr. Knipper brought definitely changed the atmosphere. Cokers response to Knippers golf metaphor ignited a small battle of words and applause. Coker wanted to be seen as a candidate with a serious, straightforward attitude about the issues as opposed to Knippers more lighthearted approach. If we were campaigning [in front of] actual politicians, [they] wouldnt approve of all the jokes and no substance, he said. Coker suffered one of the largest losses in recent Buckeye Boys State history. Despite this, he said he would not change anything about his campaign. Continued on page 4

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City Election Results

Abele Mayor: Lane C. Johnson Auditor: Aaron M. Ebbert Treasurer: Gannon S. Ritter Alberts Mayor: David M. Mauer Auditor: Jonathan J. Chang Treasurer: Hunter D. Harrison Allen Mayor: Tyler K. Kazmaier Auditor: Scott R. Cunnings Treasurer: Jacob A. Cornelius Balding Mayor: Addison J. Caruso Auditor: John D. Miscuk Treasurer: Yash Maniya Balser Mayor: Kevin M. Langenfelder Auditor: Brett. J. Slaughenhaupt Treasurer: Brett A. Radabaugh Bangham Mayor: Cole A. Bolin City Auditor: Taylor S. Christian Treasurer: Jonathan E. McNemar Bishop Mayor: Christian R. Horne City Auditor: Jacoby K. Jackson City Treasurer: Diego Martinez Brady Mayor: David A. Vine City Auditor: Jonah Q. Larson City Treasurer: Collin J. Scarlett Copeland Mayor: Brian W. Carter City Auditor: Christian C. Petek City Treasurer: Raphael A. Fretter Dieringer Mayor: Trent C. Dues City Auditor: Zackary J. Murray City Treasurer: Chad A. Bencina Downing Mayor: Jerry L. Kovacich Auditor: Garrett Exline Treasurer: Alejandro J. Figueroa Estepp Mayor: Chase T. Kiner Auditor: Abasi K. Coleman Treasurer: Joshua T. Hicks Favreau Mayor: Connor M. Gail Auditor: Scott J. Miller Treasurer: Taylor J. Zimmerman Gabel Mayor: Anthony J. Cardarelli Auditor: Ben J. Swell Treasurer: Timothy R. Montgomery Garrity Mayor: Michael J. Glaze Auditor: Alexander S. Butterfield Treasurer: Matthew C. Faykus Hartpence Mayor: Matthew J. Mamone Auditor: Kurt L. Lewis Treasurer: Jake L. Walker Kitchen Mayor: Maxx D. Davidson Auditor: Reynaldo Lopez Treasurer: Cameran J. Rezapourian Leonard Mayor: Zachary A. Moore Auditor: Michael L. Hall Treasurer: Timothy J. Rapking Madaffer Mayor: Johnson J. Thomas Auditor: Zachary L. Bitner Treasurer: Andrew J. Hoff Merritt Mayor: Zach O. Kaplan Auditor: Tyler W. Ross Treasurer: Jake R. Olszewski Peltier Mayor: Elijah D. Gibson Auditor: Philip M. Zitko Treasurer: Samuel X. Chen Schnug Mayor: Nicholas J. Vigorito Auditor: Greg A. Penland Treasurer: Stephen A. Palombo Sklenicka Mayor: Edward A. Woods III Auditor: Austin M. Green Treasurer: Austin M. Green Spaeth Mayor: Matthew A. Roush Auditor: Kadeem J. Glasgow Treasurer: Joseph A. Casement Stellar Mayor: Jason A. Brunswick Auditor: Dennis J. Smith Treasurer: Jacob B. Duvall Stockner Mayor: Benjamin D. Sams Auditor: Thomas Burlett Treasurer: Brandon R. Wolters Suhr Mayor: Jesse R. Kanavel Auditor: David R. Grim Treasurer: Gabe L. Wenning Voisard Mayor: Kohl L. Taberner Auditor: Michael A. Lammers Treasurer: Andrew J. Evans Waite Mayor: Joseph C. Conroy Auditor: Christopher K. Brown Treasurer: Conner W. Eckles

Weather for 6/12 A chance of showers, with thunderstorms also possible after 1pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 84. Calm wind becoming south 5 to 8 mph in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 40%. New rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

3 The Hetuck
Konald Commissioner: Tyler R. Dockum, Wyatt A. Back, Richard L. Ferry County Auditor: Christopher G. Schultz County Treasurer: Colton T. Kellogg County Engineer: Nolan S. Kerr County Recorder: Gabe Recker County Sheriff: Kaleb W. Pohlman Judge Common Pleas Court: Shane P. Richardson Judge Municipal Court: Nate L. Adams Clerk of Courts: Tyler K. Moone Prosecuting Attorney: Charlie J. Keller State Board of Education: David A. Vine

County Election Results

Munson Commissioner: Robert R. Schaffer, Boden B. Fisher, Rabdall C. Burnett County Auditor: Austin D. Murry County Treasurer: William D. Parsons County Engineer: Marcus A. Kinnard County Recorder: David P. Richards County Sheriff: Luke R. Grgic Judge Common Pleas Court: Jacob M. Faulkner Judge Municipal Court: Daniel E. Alden Clerk of Courts: Daniel J. Burnside Prosecuting Attorney: Samuel A. Yinger State Board of Education: Kyle J. Fisk Wagonseller Commissioner: Zachary M. Weatherly, Jared C. Sciarrotta, Alexander D. Weisser County Auditor: Christian J. Grimme County Treasurer: Matt M. Depero County Engineer: Lee Kelvin County Recorder: Nathan A. Roden County Sheriff: Blaine A. Reiter Judge Common Pleas Court: Jake T. Parkinson Judge Municipal Court: Granklin R. Keller III Clerk of Courts: Cory A. Slack Prosecuting Attorney: Tyler J. Steinman State Board of Education: Brayden T. Frascone

White Commissioner: Benjamin G. Moser, James C. Jansen, Jordan A. Burns County Auditor: Trey T. Conkle County Treasurer: Reid P. Nye County Engineer: Jack M. Raymond County Recorder: Tom A. Kibbler County Sheriff: Zachary E. Smith Judge Pleas Common Court: Robert G. Yoder Judge Municipal Court: Aaron J. Stanik Clerk of Courts: Matthew L. Lutzmann Prosecuting Attorney: Brandon L. McGhee State Board of Education: Anthony J. Cardarelli Deweese Commissioner: Michael T. Keith, Nicholas Edmondson, Collin J. O`Dell County Auditor: James C. McCain II County Treasurer: Khalid K. Alnadi County Engineer: Thomas J. Smallwood County Recorder: Andrew J. Hall County Sheriff: Harris W. Reinstedler Judge Common Pleas Court: Alec. E. Adams Judge Municipal Court: Ryan D. Debiec Clerk of Courts: Benjamin P. Donthnier Prosecuting Attorney: Joshua K. Kolengowski State Board of Education: Courtney J. Tipps Warner Commissioner: Aaron J. Bergman, Nathaniel D. Shafer, Garrett J. Dunn County Auditor: Michael S. Blunk County Treasurer: Sage A. Gerbers County Engineer: Jeff F. Turner County Recorder: Josh N. Rutherford County Sheriff: Kyle A. Devine Judge Common Pleas Court: Andrew J. Taylor Judge Municipal Court: Benjamin J. Schneider Clerk of Courts: David P. Langenkamp Prosecuting Attorney: Jonah G. Vonderembse State Board of Education: Keon M. Rayford

Welsh Commissioner: Timothy W. Lee, Derek L. Ebbeslptte, Nick A. Staugler County Auditor: Benjamin D. Dickerhoof County Treasurer: Miles K. Slack County Engineer: Keith Dona County Recorder: Trey Brock County Sheriff: Christopher T. Dobeck Judge Common Pleas Court: Benjamin R. Nichols Judge Municipal Court: Saurav Shama Clerk of Courts: Brigham W. Baker Prosecuting Attorney: Michael D. Markert State Board of Education: Jacob B. Duvall McQuigg Commissioner: Jonathan P. Abshire, Jacob M. Ballas, Alex A. Shrock County Auditor: Benjamin H. Draves County Treasurer: William I. Vermillion County Engineer: Charles E. May County Recorder: Zachary A. Malesky County Sheriff: Dakota R. McDaniel Judge Common Pleas Court: Brennan S. Dingler Judge Municipal Court: Eric M. Harvey Clerk of Courts: Christian M. Raineri Prosecuting Attorney: Derrick L. Kamp State Board of Education: Derek M. Sebring Galbraith Commissioner: Zachary D. Clouse, Daniel T. Arnold, Michael T. Medley County Auditor: Thomas R. Gaier County Treasurer: Devan A. Pyciak County Engineer: Evan L. Pelton County Recorder: Lucas A. Caprara County Sheriff: Joseph J. Mills Judge Common Pleas Court: Dominic J. Bagnoli Judge Municipal Court: Conor D. Ferrall Clerk of Courts: Michael A. Gulas Prosecuting Attorney: Jackson G. Muller State Board of Education: Yash Maniya

4 The Hetuck

Boys Staters exercise their basic rights

by Cody Wintermute Tuesday kicked off a day long election fever that brought the efforts of the delegates campaigns to a head. The day began with the city and county elections as well as the state primaries. At least they would have if a computer glitch hadnt crashed the network, delaying the polls by almost an hour. Despite this hiccup in the system, the polls still saw a 100% turn-out among the population. As the Boys Staters were brought to their polling areas, they were greeted with a silence that took hold of the people in the room. No voter dared to speak during his participation in the most basic right of democracy. During the first round of voting this morning, city government (minus city council) and the state-level positions were selected. Later in the day, city councils and county roles were chosen. Over sixty candidates were running on the dual ticket for governor and lieutenant governor, but after the voting that list was narrowed to just four individuals: Alexandre Coker and Tyler Freeman on the Federalist ticket and Brent Knipper with Colton Haller for the Nationalists. A full list of the State primary victors can be viewed in the Offenhauer Towers Plaza as well as the Falcon Heights front window. With all of the elected positions now secured by capable individuals, the true Buckeye Boys State experience can begin. We can finally see elected officials in their natural environments of decision-making, leading, and budgeting. Hopefully, every young man here will be able to find himself in a role he enjoys and contribute to the success and spirit this week has left to offer.

Public Safety for the city of Stockner. As for his political convictions, he plans to keep it up and refine [my] issues, and hopes to use them at a later date in his life.

I feel like I had a strong enough argument with a lot of support behind it, and, like I said, again, if we were in front of real politicians I feel they would actually consider my issues. Cokers stance on education differed greatly from Governor Knippers. Coker put forth a plan to have the State take 75% of taxpayer money to spend on individual students while reserving the remaining 25% to provide school administrations with resources. Coker also suggested putting a 1% tax on cigarettes, alcohol and gambling, a position Knipper vehemently opposed. Even with the intensity of the debate, Coker wishes the governor well. I feel like [Knipper] is going to do just fine. He went on to call Knipper a really good guy. Alex Cokers time at Buckeye Boys State will be spent working in public service. He was chosen to be the Director of Public Service and

Election wrap-up (continued)

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