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Failed Job Creator. Political Hack. Policy Know Nothing.

Arlington, VAWith the Democrat primary now over, the Party has its gubernatorial nominee. Terry McAuliffe, a native of Syracuse, NY, is one of the Democratic Partys most prolific political fundraisers and over the years established himself as a renaissance man of the corrupt intersection of politics and business. Now McAuliffe, who lacks the credentials to be governor of any state much less the Commonwealth of Virginia, wants to reinvent himself and create a false story of himself as a businessman. To ensure Virginia voters see through his faade and can view McAuliffes real background of empty promises and fake businesses, America Rising has compiled this report on McAuliffes record.


Former Delegate Brian Moran (D-VA) Who Now Serves As Co-Chair Of McAuliffes Current Campaign, Criticized McAuliffes Claim Of Creating 100,000 Jobs, Saying Out Of Work Virginians Are Vulnerable To Someone Claiming They Have Created 100,000 Jobs. Thats Just Not True. MORAN: Terry, you have made -- on -- during these weeks of the campaign, youve made a great issue of -- big issue about jobs. Just today, youve mentioned jobs over and over again. Yet, you know, youve been criticizing even to the extent that youve created the job creation efforts of both Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. And, in fact, your record of creating jobs must be questioned: 300,000 Virginians are out of work right now. They are vulnerable to someone claiming that they have created 100,000 jobs. Thats just not true, Terry. A hundred thousand jobs is more than Bill Gates and Microsoft. You say youve built five Virginia businesses, but the Washington Post said they were run out of your home and never created a single Virginia job. You claim youll look out for peoples jobs, but as a consultant to Global Crossing CEO and as a board member of Telergy, you walked away with $20 million while over 10,000 people lost their jobs. So tell me, Terry, how is this a positive, credible campaign? And how can Virginia voters trust that youll care about their jobs or create any new jobs? (Brian Moran, Remarks At A Democratic Primary Debate, Annandale, VA, 5/19/09) 2009 Democrat Nominee Creigh Deeds (D-VA) Said Democrats Had To Be Just As Wary Of McAuliffe As They Were Of Bob McDonnell Because Of McAuliffes Business Career, Citing High-Interest Credit Card Deals And Raising 80% Of His Campaign Contributions From Out Of State. DEEDS: But this primary is really about who can go best head to head, whos got the best chance against Bob McDonnell, and whos going to stand up for Virginias middle-class families, whos going to stand up for working Virginians. And I just dont believe that working Virginians are prepared to have a nominee who made millions from credit card deals, high interest credit card deals, who stands with Donald Trump and Wall Street executives, who gets more than 80 percent of his campaign contributions from out of state. I dont think our party wants a nominee who still stands with a lobbyist under FBI investigation. (Creigh Deeds, Remarks At A Democratic
Primary Debate, Annandale, VA, 5/19/09)


McAuliffe made his work at electric car company GreenTech a central premise of his campaign, attempting to create an image of himself as a job creator. However, a number of news organizations have questioned McAuliffes claims noting that the company has failed to create jobs and is nothing more than an empty field in Mississippi. As more questions were asked, McAuliffe quietly resigned from the company and refuses to explain how his company never lived up to expectations as lives were destroyed. NBC12s Ryan Nobles Did A Special Report Highlighting How GreenTech Failed To Meet McAuliffes Promises NBC12 Report Part 1: NBC12 Report Part 2:

See The Special Report Editorials Throughout Virginia Slammed McAuliffes Misleading Portrayal Of GreenTech The Virginia-Pilot: Seven Months Before The Election, McAuliffes Business Behavior Has Raised All Kinds Of Questions, Few Of Which He Has Managed To Answer Satisfactorily. (Editorial, McAuliffes Green Problem, The Virginia-Pilot [Hampton Roads, VA], 4/16/13) McAuliffes Role At GreenTech Was Supposed To Be A Critical Element Of McAuliffes Business Case For Electoral Victory, But Now His Campaign Is Trying To Downplay The Company. Most of the questions concern his association with a would-be electric vehicle manufacturer. GreenTech Automotive was supposed to be a critical element of McAuliffes business case for electoral victory. Instead, it increasingly appears to be an albatross that his campaign is trying to downplay. (Editorial, McAuliffes Green Problem, The Virginia-Pilot
[Hampton Roads, VA], 4/16/13)

Daily News Record: Like The Proverbial Lucy, Terry McAuliffe Has Plenty Splainin To Do. (Editorial, He Builds Green Cars, Daily News Record [Harrisonburg, VA], 4/16/13) Daily News Record: To Build A More Robust Resume, McAuliffe Tried To Make Himself Into An Economic Rainmaker And A Virginia Businessman. But in a battleground state such as Virginia, a more robust resume, or at least the suggestion of one, is needed. Thus, Mr. McAuliffe added a brick or two, casting himself as an economic rainmaker, a "Virginia businessman" with a history of creating jobs. (Editorial, He Builds Green Cars, Daily News Record
[Harrisonburg, VA], 4/16/13)

In The Past Week, Its Become All Too Apparent This Foundation, SelfReinforced Though It Might Be, Has Been Built On Weak And Shifting Sand.
(Editorial, He Builds Green Cars, Daily News Record [Harrisonburg, VA], 4/16/13)

Daily News Record: More Questions Abounded When McAuliffe Quietly Resigned From GreenTech But Still Claimed Im Building Electric Cars Now. Now, in Virginia, even more questions abound, especially in the wake of Mr. McAuliffes decidedly quiet resignation as GreenTech chairman sometime before Dec. 1, 2012. But, as late as Jan. 23, he told the National Federation of Independent Business, Im building electric cars now. (Editorial,
He Builds Green Cars, Daily News Record [Harrisonburg, VA], 4/16/13)

Richmond Times-Dispatch: While McAuliffe Has Pointed To His Leadership Of The Electric-Car Company GreenTech As A Basis For His Election, His Involvement With The Company Also Has Raised A Number Of Legitimate Questions. Democrat Terry McAuliffe has pointed to his leadership of the electric-car company GreenTech Automotive as a reason to elect him governor. But his involvement with the company also has raised a number of legitimate concerns. (Editorial, McQuestions, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/14/13) Richmond Times-Dispatch: GreenTech Receiving Incentives In Mississippi Serves To Remind Observers That McAuliffes Successes Often Have Had As Much To Do With His Personal Connections As With His Business Acumen. Mississippi, where McAuliffes friend Haley Barbour, a Republican, was governor, apparently had fewer such compunctions. But this only serves to remind observers that McAuliffes successes often have had as much to do with his personal connections as with his business acumen. (Editorial, McQuestions, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/14/13) GreenTechs Production Has Fallen Short Of McAuliffes Predictions. On that score, the record also underwhelms. GreenTech has not exactly taken the automotive world by storm. In fact, its production has fallen short of the lofty predictions McAuliffe was making a couple of years ago, and Virginia officials privately expressed reservations about GreenTechs business plan at the time. (Editorial, McQuestions, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/14/13)

In 1997, Gary Winnick, owner of a billion dollar capital group, Pacific Capital, offered McAuliffe, politically connected friend of President Clintons, an opportunity to invest in a new internetrelated venture that would own and operate undersea fiber-optic cables called Global Crossing. McAuliffes initial investment of $100,000 grew to $18 million and he eventually made $8.1 million on the sale of Global Crossings Stock. While McAuliffe was an investor, he arranged a golf game for Gary Winnick with President Clinton in which Winnick pledged $1 million for the Clinton Presidential Library. Soon after though in 2002, Global Crossing filed for bankruptcy in which investors lost $54 billion and 10,000 employees lost their jobs. Winnick sold more than 43 million shares, worth more than $700 million before Global Crossings stock tanked. News organizations compared Winnick and Global Crossings bankruptcy to Enron. The FBI opened an investigation into Global Crossing. McAuliffe claimed his dealings with Global Crossing was capitalism, and if you dont like it, leave the country and move to China.

McAuliffe Met Gary Winnick, A California Investor, Through His Political Contacts At The DNC In 1996, McAuliffe Was Introduced To Gary Winnick, A California Investor, By A Labor Union Official. In 1996 McAuliffe earned impressive fees from Household Finance Corp. for persuading labor union leaders he had met in his political work to retain Household Finance to run the unions credit card for members. That same year a labor official introduced McAuliffe to a California investor, Gary Winnick, who later let McAuliffe in on an investment in his telecommunications firm, soon to be called Global Crossing Ltd. By the time he sold his shares two years later, his $ 100,000 had become at least $ 10 million. (John F. Harris And John Mintz, Democrats Bet On Money
Man As New Leader, The Washington Post, 2/2/01)

Winnick Gave McAuliffe An Opportunity To Invest In Global Crossing Where He Turned A $100,000 Investment Into A $8.1 Million Return On The Sale Of 176,017 Shares Of Stock Before McAuliffes Retainer With Winnick Ended, Winnick Offered Him An Opportunity To Invest In A New Internet-Related Venture That Would Own And Operate Undersea Fiber-Optic Cables. But in 1997, before the breakup, Mr. Winnick offered Mr. McAuliffe an opportunity to invest in a new Internet-related venture that would own and operate undersea fiber-optic cables. The venture, now known as Global Crossing Holdings, had potential risks and rewards. It also faced myriad regulatory issues in Washington and around the world. (Jeff Gerth,
Friendship Counts; Clintons Top Fund-Raiser Made Lots For Himself, Too, The New York Times, 12/12/99)

McAuliffe Says His Initial $100,000 Investment Grew To Be Worth About $18 Million, And He Made Millions More Trading Globals Stock And Options After It Went Public Last Year. For Mr. McAuliffe and all the other early investors, Global Crossing turned out to be a bonanza. Mr. McAuliffe says his initial $100,000 investment grew to be worth about $18 million, and he made millions more trading Globals stock and options after it went public last year. (Jeff Gerth, Friendship Counts; Clintons Top Fund-Raiser Made Lots For Himself , Too, The
New York Times, 12/12/99)

And Recently, Mr. McAuliffe Said He Took A Telecommunications Deal [Telergy] To Mr. Winnick That Global Crossing Will Put Money Into. Mr. McAuliffe Says He Is A Dealmaker And A Matchmaker. (Jeff Gerth, Friendship Counts; Clintons Top Fund-Raiser Made Lots For
Himself , Too, The New York Times, 12/12/99)

In 1999, McAuliffe Received An $8.1 Million Return When Sold 176,017 Shares Of Global Crossings Stock. When I invested in Global Crossing, understand that it was a very risky deal, McAuliffe said in an Associated Press interview about his finances. His return was $8.1 million, mostly on the sale of 176,017 shares in 1999, the year Global Crossing stock peaked beyond $60 a share. (Bob Lewis, Investment Questions Dog McAuliffe In Va. Gov Race, The Associated Press, 5/28/09)

Watch Former CNN Correspondent Jon Karl Explain How McAuliffe Made Millions While 10,000 People Lost Their Jobs

Click To Watch In 2002, Global Crossing Filed For Bankruptcy Protection And Investors Lost $54 Billion And 10,000 Employees Lost Jobs, But McAuliffe Notes He Was Neither A Board Member Nor Company Officer. Stock transaction records he provided to the AP show his last shares were sold in January 2002, after the companys stock had plunged to 14 cents per share. And, as McAuliffe notes, he was never a board member or officer of the company. When Global Crossing filed for bankruptcy protection that year, investors lost $54 billion and 10,000 employees lost jobs.
(Bob Lewis, Investment Questions Dog McAuliffe In Va. Gov Race, The Associated Press, 5/28/09)

Even Though Global Crossing Went Bankrupt, McAuliffe Said Of His Investment That It Was Capitalism And If You Dont Like It, Leave The Country And Move To China In 1999, McAuliffe Said, Im So Happy I Was Able To Invest In His Company It Has Nothing To Do With Politics, It Was Totally Business. Global Crossings initial investors suddenly found themselves improbably wealthy, with stakes worth dozens of times their original investment. Im so happy I was able to invest in his company, says Mr. McAuliffe. It has nothing to do with politics, it was totally business. Ullicos stake today is worth more than $1 billion, while Mr. McAuliffes is worth $10 million or more-assuming he hasnt sold any. Mr. McAuliffes labor contacts figure more prominently in another business venture that still is unfolding. (Glenn R. Simpson, Clinton FundRaiser McAuliffe Cashed In On Labor Ties, The Wall Street Journal, 10/1/99)

McAuliffe Claimed His Dealings With Global Crossing Was Capitalism, And If You Dont Like It, Leave The Country And Move To China. MCAULIFFE: Listen, Sean, I didnt work for Global Crossing. I was not on their board. I was not in the management. I bought shares of stock as I do every day in companies. I bought stock and I sold stock. Thats capitalism. If you dont like it, leave the country and move to China. (Fox News Hannity & Colmes, 1/29/02)

In 1999, Telergy, a Syracuse, NY, information technology firm, put McAuliffe on its board of directors. After McAuliffe was placed on the board, Gary Winnick, former CEO of Global Crossing, invested $40 million in Telergy. For his part in soliciting investments, Telergy paid McAuliffe $1.2 million. Telergy went bust after the Internet boom, resulting in approximately 500 employees losing their jobs without severance pay while executives received lavish payments. McAuliffe resigned from the board in the same month as the initial wave of layoffs began, claiming that he didnt have time to preside on the board while maintaining his ignorance toward Telergys financial issues. 5

In 1999, McAuliffe, A Director For The IT Firm, Telergy, Was Paid $1.2 Million For Using His Political Connections To Lure Investments Telergy, A Promising Information-Technology Firm In McAuliffes Native Syracuse, N.Y., That Went Bust After The Internet Boom, Put McAuliffe On Its Board Of Directors In 1999. (Bob Lewis, Investment Questions Dog McAuliffe In Va. Gov Race, The Associated Press, 5/28/09) After McAuliffe Was Placed On Telergys Board, Gary Winnick Invested $40 Million In The Company While McAuliffe Received $1.2 Million For His Assistance In Luring Investments. Shortly afterward, Winnick invested $40 million. Telergy paid McAuliffe $1.2 million for his help. (Bob Lewis, Investment Questions Dog McAuliffe In Va. Gov Race,
The Associated Press, 5/28/09)

In 1999, McAuliffe Invited Kevin Kelly, Executive Vice President Of Telergy, To Golf With President Clinton And Duke Kinney. The roster of people playing golf with President Bill Clinton next week is nearly filled, according to organizers of two local golf outings Golf invitations for Bellevue were extended by McAuliffe Thursday to: Tom Wilmot, head of the Wilmorite Inc. shopping mall chain; Kevin Kelly, executive vice president of Telergy Inc.; and Lowell Seifter of the law firm Green & Seifter. Edward Green is hosting a fund-raiser for Rodham Clinton Thursday in his Cazenovia home. They will tee off Tuesday morning with the president, McAuliffe, former Syracuse Mayor Tom Young and John Kinney, a childhood friend of McAuliffe who is organizing a fund-raiser for Rodham Clinton in Armory Square. (Frederic Pierce, One Slot Open To Golf With President Terence McAuliffe And Michael
Bragman Find Plenty Of Partners For Two Outings, The Post-Standard, 8/28/99)

In August 2001, McAuliffe Announced He Had Resigned From Telergys Board As It Initiated Its First Round Of Layoffs In August 2001, Telergy Laid Off 150 Workers. Telergy Inc., a fast growing telecommunications company that attracted high-profile investors, has laid off 150 employees in five locations because of a slowdown in the nations technology sector Most of the job cuts - 130 occurred at the companys suburban Syracuse headquarters. The other 20 people were at offices in Albany, Buffalo, New York City and Providence, R.I. (Tech Bust Hits Telergy, 150 Lose Jobs, The Associated Press, 8/9/01) In August 2001, McAuliffe Resigned From Telergys Board Claiming That He Was Not Aware Of What Specific Financial Issues Telergy Faces. Former company director Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said during a visit to Syracuse Friday that he resigned from Telergys board about two weeks ago and is not aware of what specific financial issues Telergy faces. In general, McAuliffe said, Telergy suffers from a nationwide downturn that has hurt most telecom companies. (Rick Moriarity and Tim Knauss, Florida Company Owned $47,000 By Telergy, The Post-Standard,

Its Been A Wholesale Shifting Of The Market, And I Think It Affects Everybody, He [McAuliffe] Said. (Rick Moriarity and Tim Knauss, Florida Company Owned $47,000 By Telergy, The Post-Standard,

McAuliffe Claimed He Left The Board, Because I Just Do Not Have The Time To Be On Any Board. McAuliffe, who was elected to his DNC position in February, said he left the Telergy board and several other corporate boards because he had too little time to participate. I just do not have the time to be on any board, he said. (Rick Moriarity And Tim Knauss, Florida Company Owned $47,000 By Telergy, The
Post-Standard, 8/18/01)

Laid Off Workers Received No Severance, But Founders And Executives Received Large Payments The 448 Telergy Employees Laid Off In August And September Got No Severance Payments, But The Founders Of Telergy And Its Former President Were Paid About $375,000 Each When They Resigned Under Pressure In August, Telergy Officials Said Wednesday. (Tim Knauss, Telergy Founders Share $1.5 M Nothing For Laid-Off Workers, The Post-Standard, 12/6/01) Payments To Company Founders Brian, Kevin And William Kelly And To Former President J. Patrick Barrett Totaled About $1.5 Million, Telergy Lawyer Phil Greenberg Said During A Meeting Of Telergy Creditors Wednesday At The Federal Building In Syracuse. (Tim Knauss, Telergy Founders Share $1.5 M Nothing For Laid-Off Workers, The
Post-Standard, 12/6/01)

In December 2011, Telergy Declared Bankruptcy In December 2001, Telergy Filed For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The meeting, part of Telergys Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding, drew about 10 of Telergys several hundred creditors to the James M. Hanley Federal Building. Company officials have asked to convert the bankruptcy case from a reorganization to a liquidation. (Tim Knauss, Telergy Founders Share $1.5 M Nothing For Laid-Off Workers, The Post-Standard,

Judge Stephen Gerling Will Conduct A Hearing Monday In Utica To Determine Whether Telergy Should Reorganize Or Be Shut Down And Liquidated In A Chapter 7 Proceeding. (Tim Knauss, Telergy Founders Share $1.5 M Nothing For Laid-Off Workers, The Post-Standard, 12/6/01)


From the mid-1980s to mid-1990s, McAuliffe was a partner in McAuliffe, Kelly & Raffaeli, a lobbying firm. From 1990-1994, McAuliffe, Kelly & Raffaeli lobbied on behalf of the Republic of Turkey, tasked with improving the countrys image in the US. At the time, the country was a practitioner of torture, being cited by the US State Department, the European Parliament and Amnesty International. In 1992, the Center for Public Integrity released a report titled The Torturers Lobby, which highlighted McAuliffes firms work on behalf of Turkey. McAuliffe Was A Partner At McAuliffe, Kelly & Raffaeli From 1985 To 1994, McAuliffe Was A Partner And Business Director McAuliffe, Kelly & Raffaeli Law And Lobbying Firm. (Voter Guide: Democratic Primary For Virginia Governor, The Virginian-Pilot, 6/6/09) McAuliffe Claimed He Led The Business Development Practice Of His Law Firm, McAuliffe Kelly & Raffaelli. According to the McAuliffe campaign, the law firm was divided into three business units: a legal practice led by Peter Kelly, a business development practice led by McAuliffe, and a lobbying practice led by John D. Raffaelli. (Amy Gardner, McAuliffes Ties To Lobbyists, The
Washington Post Virginia Politics, 3/26/09)

McAuliffe, Kelly & Raffaelli Served As A Lobbyist For Turkey While The Country Was A Practitioner Of Torture From 1990-1994, McAuliffe, Kelly, Raffaelli, & Siemens Represented The Embassy Of The Republic Of Turkey Before Congress And U.S. Officials. General government relations services, including reporting on U.S. government policies and activities, representing the Embassy of Turkey before Congress and U.S. government agencies, and providing advice to the Embassy on various government relations matters. The provision of these services may require the registrant to 7

contact from time to time byletter, telephone or in person, Members of Congress or U.S. government officials. (U.S. Department Of Justice, Foreign Agent Registration Act Filings, 8/29/90-2/28/94) In July 1991, A Turkish Man Was Found Dead With Broken Bones, A Fractured Skull, And Riddled With More Than A Dozen Bullet Wounds. He Had Been Taken From His Home By Several Armed Men Who Identified Themselves As Police Officers. President Bush lavishly praised President Turgut Ozal during his visit to Turkey in July 1991, the first by a U.S. president in more than 30 years. At a state dinner. Bush said. There has been no country as resolute as Turkey and no ally like President Ozal. Bush referred to Turkey as his second home. The same month that Bush was regaled by Ozal, the body of Vedat Aydin, a human rights worker, was discovered along a roadside in southeastern Turkey. His skull was fractured, his legs were broken, and his body was riddled with more than a dozen bullet wounds. He had been taken from his home by several armed men who identified themselves as police officers. No one was charged with his slaying. (Pamela Brogan, The Torturers Lobby,
The Center For Public Integrity, 1992)

A 1991 State Department Report On Human Rights Stated: Although Turkey Has Signed Several International Conventions Against Torture, It Has Not Succeeded In Reducing The Incidence Of Torture Of Persons In Police Custody. In 1991, torture was routine in Turkey. In particular, the Kurdish minority, which has been waging guerilla war against the Turkish government, has been targeted by the Turkish security forces. Villagers have been detained, arrested, tortured and killed. Although Turkey has signed several international conventions against torture, it has not succeeded in reducing the incidence of torture of persons in police custody, concluded the State Departments 1991 report on human rights. (Pamela Brogan, The Torturers Lobby, The Center
For Public Integrity, 1992)

The State Department Report Continued: Credible Reports Indicate That HighPressure Cold Water Hoses, Electric Shocks, Beating Of The Genitalia, And Hanging By The Arms Are Methods Commonly Employed. The report added: Knowledgeable observers contended that most persons charged with or merely suspected ofpolitical crimes are tortured. Credible reports indicate that high-pressure cold water hoses, electric shocks, beating of the genitalia, and hanging by the arms are methods commonly employed. (Pamela Brogan, The Torturers Lobby, The Center For Public Integrity, 1992)

A Report By The European Parliament Last September Cited Turkey As A Country With Cases Of Death Caused By Torture. (Pamela Brogan, The Torturers Lobby, The Center For Public Integrity,

A Report By Amnesty International Claimed That No Practical Or Legislative Steps Had Been Taken And The Already Large Volume Of Credible Torture Allegations Had, If Anything, Increased. Turkeys new government, led by Prime Minister Suleyman Demirel, has admitted that torture is a significant problem, but has done nothing to improve the situation. In April 1992, a report by Amnesty International titled Turkey: Torture, Extrajudicial Executions, Disappearances, said that no practical or legislative steps had been taken and the already large volume of credible torture allegations had, if anything, increased. The report added: Systematic practice of torture continues throughout Turkey. (Pamela Brogan, The Torturers Lobby, The Center For Public Integrity,

Though He Criticized President Bush Of Supposedly Condoning Torture, McAuliffes Firm Was Named A Member Of The Torturers Lobby In A Critical Report In His 2007 Book, McAuliffe Criticized President George W. Bush For Condoning Torture Stating That Americans Had Every Reason To Be Afraid And Sickened. But 8

the extremism of the Bush-Cheney years has given ordinary Americans every reason to be afraid and sickened: condoning torture, lying to Congress, making a habit of over-the-top secrecy and cronyism, handing important jobs to clownish amateurs who gave us the Hurricane Katrina mess (Brow nie, youre doing a heck of a job), and the boondoggle of Iraq profiteering by U.S. contractors, and sending our soldiers into battle without body armor. Its a scandalous record and its un-American what they have done to this country with their trillion dollar war. (Terry McAuliffe, What A Party, 2007, p. 10) The Center Of Public Integritys Report, The Torturers Lobby, Specifically Cited McAuliffes Firm, McAuliffe, Kelly and Raffaelli, As Being Paid To Put A Positive Spin On Turkeys Image In The United States And To Lobby Members Of Congress And The Administration. Teaming up to represent the Republic of Turkey are the Washington lobbying firms of Thompson and Co., which has Republican connections, and McAuliffe, Kelly and Raffaelli, which has ties to the Democrats. The firms are being paid a joint fee of $500,000 in 1992 to put a positive spin on Turkeys image in the United States and to lobby Members of Congress and the administration...John Raffaelli, partner in McAuliffe, Kelly and Raffaelli, was counsel on tax and trade matters to Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Tex.) from 1980 to 1984. Partner Ten-y McAuliffe was Finance Chairman for the 1984 presidential campaign of Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) and Chief Campaign Fund-raiser for former President Jimmy Carter, now an outspoken human rights advocate. (Pamela Brogan, The Torturers Lobby, The Center For Public Integrity, 1992) In 1991, The Turkish Government Paid McAuliffe, Kelly And Raffaelli $200,000. For example, John Raffaelli, former tax and trade counsel to Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Tex.), was hired by Turkey, which received $804 million in foreign aid during 1991. The Turkish government has been known to torture citizens who are merely suspected of political crimes. Raffaellis firm, McAuliffe, Kelly and Raffaelli, was paid $200,000 by the Turkish government during 1991. (Pamela Brogan, The Torturers Lobby, The Center For Public Integrity, 1992)

McAuliffes Defense? I Was Just Lobbying To Deny Acknowledgement Of Genocide McAuliffe Said The Companys Work For Turkey Had To Do With A Longstanding Dispute Between Armenia And Turkey. The McAuliffe campaign said the companys work for Turkey had to do with a longstanding dispute between Armenia and Turkey over a period of history after World War I when the Ottoman Empire killed, by some estimates, more than 1 million Armenians. (Amy Gardner, McAuliffes Ties To Lobbyists, The Washington Post Virginia Politics, 3/26/09) Every Year, Armenia Seeks Legislation In Congress Characterizing This Period As The Armenian Genocide, And Every Year, The Turkish Government Opposes The Legislation. (Amy Gardner, McAuliffes Ties To Lobbyists, The Washington Post Virginia Politics, 3/26/09)


In 1993, Prudential Insurance paid McAuliffe $375,000 to help secure a leasing agreement worth $187 million between Prudential and a quasi-government agency. Prudential was then investigated for concealing McAuliffes contract during the bidding process, which breached government rules regarding lease agreements. McAuliffe testified before a grand jury on the matter and Prudential would later reach a settlement with the US Attorney. McAuliffe claimed his firm may have been involved, but he maintained that he did not work on the contract. McAuliffe later defended himself saying, I heard [the DOJ] looked at it and found nothing, absolutely nothing.

Prudential Insurance Was Accused Of Hiding A Contract With A Fee Of $375,000 To Be Paid To McAuliffe, For Securing A Lease The Department Of Justice Accused Prudential Insurance Of Concealing A Contract With McAuliffe, That Paid Him $375,000 To Help The Company Lease Office Space To A Quasi-Government Agency. A major insurance company has settled a Justice Department complaint alleging that it concealed a contract with Terence R. McAuliffe, a top fund-raiser for President Clinton, that allowed him to collect $375,000 for helping the company lease downtown Washington office space to a quasi-governmental agency. (Sharon Walsh, Prudential Settles Claim Alleging Hidden
Contract; Complaint Involved Clinton Fund-Raiser McAuliffe, The Washington Post, 11/25/97)

In 1993, Prudential Hired McAuliffe To Protect The Lease From Political Challenges In Case Opposition Emerged In Congress Or In The Executive Branch. Prudential hired McAuliffe to protect the lease from political challenges in case opposition emerged in Congress or in the executive branch. The one-page agreement provided that Prudential would pay McAuliffe a fee of $ 375,000 -- as soon as the lease was signed. The month after they hired him, it was. (Thomas E. Edsall,
Scrutiny Attends Fund-Raisers Ascent; McAuliffes Overlapping Ties To Democrats, Labor And Business Probed, The Washington Post, 1/12/98)

It Is Unclear What, If Anything, McAuliffe Did To Earn The Consulting Fee. It is unclear what, if anything, McAuliffe did to earn the consulting fee, which was negotiated while he was head of the Democratic National Committees Business Leadership Forum, a group that raised money from corporate interests. (Sharon Walsh, Prudential Settles Claim Alleging Hidden Contract; Complaint
Involved Clinton Fund-Raiser McAuliffe, The Washington Post, 11/25/97)

According To A Close Associate Of McAuliffes, The Money Was A Political Insurance Policy...In Situations Where There Is A Highly Contested Contract, The Unhappy Party Often Seeks To Destabilize The Process. According to a close associate of McAuliffes, the money was a political insurance policy In situations where there is a highly contested contract, the unhappy party often seeks to destabilize the process. McAuliffe was hired to head off any political problems. There is nothing at all improper in doing that. [There are] a lot of people in town who make a living like that, the associate said. Whether or not you or I like it, that is a fact of life. (Thomas E. Edsall, Scrutiny Attends Fund-Raisers Ascent;
McAuliffes Overlapping Ties To Democrats, Labor And Business Probed, The Washington Post, 1/12/98)

McAuliffe Denied Knowledge Of The Deal, But Was The Only Member Of His Law Firm Named In The DOJ Investigation They May Have Hired The Law Firm, He [McAuliffe] Said. I Dont Know The Specifics Of The Deal. I Didnt Work On It. (Sharon Walsh, Prudential Settles Claim Alleging Hidden Contract; Complaint Involved
Clinton Fund-Raiser McAuliffe, The Washington Post, 11/25/97)

McAuliffe Was The Only Member Of His Firm Named In The Justice Department Settlement. When the lease was signed, McAuliffe was a lawyer in private practice with the firm of McAuliffe, Kelly & Raffaelli. Only McAuliffe is named in the Justice Department settlement, not the law firm. (Sharon Walsh, Prudential Settles Claim Alleging Hidden Contract; Complaint Involved Clinton
Fund-Raiser McAuliffe, The Washington Post, 11/25/97)

McAuliffe Testified Before A Grand Jury On The Matter McAuliffe Testified Under Oath To The Grand Jury Investigating The Prudential Securities Leasing Agreement. QUESTION: Were there other proceedings where you testified, grand jury proceedings? MCAULIFFE: Yes. There was one other proceeding here in Washington. QUESTION: And the same way I asked you the question about the teamsters union, just the general subject matter. (The witness conferred with counsel.) MCAULIFFE: I was a voluntary witness on a 10

business matter issue. QUESTION: Did that matter involve Prudential Securities? MCAULIFFE: Yes. QUESTION: And it was over a lease agreement with a federal agency? MCAULIFFE: Its been reported publicly, Richard. MCALUFFE COUNSEL RICHARD BEN-VENISTE: Well, then, I think that will be satisfactory for you. This is not a proceeding about that. JUDICIAL WATCH CHAIRMAN & COUNSEL LARRY KLAYMAN: Well, Im just trying to identify it because I didnt know whether there was sworn testimony or not. BEN-VENISTE: You have. It was about the Prudential matter. KLAYMAN: Okay. (Terry McAuliffe, Deposition, Civil Action No. 95-0133, District Of Columbia, 4/30/99) McAuliffes Contract Breached Government Rules Regarding Lease Agreements A Quasi-Government Agency Responsible For The Private Pensions Of Millions Of Workers Looking For A New Washington Office Considered A Bid To Rent Space From Prudential Insurance. The lease involved the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., a quasigovernmental agency that insures the private pensions of millions of workers. In 1992, it began searching for space for its new Washington headquarters and solicited bids. (Sharon Walsh, Prudential Settles
Claim Alleging Hidden Contract; Complaint Involved Clinton Fund-Raiser McAuliffe, The Washington Post, 11/25/97)

As Required, Prudential Signed An Agreement In February 1993 Stating That It Had Not Retained Anyone With A Fee Contingent Upon Obtaining The Lease. As required, Prudential, one of the companies vying for the PBGC business, signed an agreement in February 1993 saying that no one had been retained on a contingent fee basis to solicit or obtain the contract between the company and the PBGC. (Sharon Walsh, Prudential Settles Claim Alleging
Hidden Contract; Complaint Involved Clinton Fund-Raiser McAuliffe, The Washington Post, 11/25/97)

According To Settlement Papers, McAuliffe And Prudential Made An Agreement In March 1993, In Which McAuliffe Would Be Paid $375,000 If The Lease Agreement Went Through. The settlement agreement says that Prudential and McAuliffe entered into a written agreement on March 18, 1993, which stipulated that McAuliffe would be paid the $ 375,000 if the lease agreement went through and $ 20,000 if it did not, according to the papers. (Sharon Walsh, Prudential Settles Claim Alleging Hidden Contract; Complaint Involved Clinton Fund-Raiser McAuliffe,
The Washington Post, 11/25/97)

After The Lease Was Finalized On April 15, 1993, McAuliffe Received His $375,000 Fee. The lease for space in a building at 1200 K St. NW was finalized on April 15, 1993, and Prudential recertified that it had not retained anyone to lobby for the business. Subsequently, McAuliffe was paid the $ 375,000. (Sharon Walsh, Prudential Settles Claim Alleging Hidden Contract; Complaint Involved Clinton Fund-Raiser McAuliffe, The
Washington Post, 11/25/97)

Prudential Settled The Case For $317,500 Prudential Agreed To Pay $317,500 To Settle The Case. Prudential Insurance Co. of America has agreed to pay $ 317,500 to settle the civil claim brought by the U.S. Attorneys Office in the District, but has denied any wrongdoing. (Sharon Walsh, Prudential Settles Claim Alleging Hidden Contract; Complaint Involved
Clinton Fund-Raiser McAuliffe, The Washington Post, 11/25/97)

McAuliffe Maintains That The Fee Went To His Firm And That There Was Nothing Improper About It. I Heard [The DOJ] Looked At It And Found Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, He Told Mother Jones. (Stephanie Mencimer, McAuliffe Inc., Mother Jones, 5/1/97)


In 1985, Terry McAuliffe was a founding director and eventually Chairman of Federal City National Bank. Even though federal regulators cited Federal City National Bank for unsafe and unsound 11

business practices during McAuliffes tenure, he ran an ad in his 2009 gubernatorial campaign claiming he saved the bank. McAuliffe Was A Founding Director At Federal City National Bank And Became Chairman In 1988 In January 1988, McAuliffe Was Elected Chairman Of Federal City National Bank. Terence R. McAuliffe, a Syracuse native, has been elected chairman of the board of Federal City National Bank of Washington, D.C. The 30-year-old is one of the youngest individuals ever to be elected chairman of a federally chartered commercial bank. (Former Syracusan Named Chairman Of Federal Bank, The
Post-Standard, 1/18/88)

McAuliffe Was A Founding Director Of FCNB And Has Served On The Executive Committee Of The Bank Since Its Formation In 1985. (Former Syracusan Named Chairman Of
Federal Bank, The Post-Standard, 1/18/88)

In 1991 Federal Bank Examiners Cited Federal City National Bank For Unsafe And Unsound Banking Practices, Requiring The Bank To Sign A Consent Order, And Forcing The Bank To Keep $3 Million In Reserve To Protect Against Losses In 1991, Federal City National Bank Was Cited By Federal Bank Examiners For Unsafe And Unsound Banking Practices And Had Signed Special Operating Agreements With Federal Regulators. Federal City National Bank of the District and George Washington National Bank of Alexandria have been cited by federal bank examiners for unsafe and unsound banking practices and have signed special operating agreements with federal regulators, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said yesterday. (Joeml Glenn Brenner, Comptroller Cites Two Banks In Area For Unsafe Practices,
The Washington Post, 10/16/91)

McAuliffe Was Chairman At The Time. I sit here misty-eyed, said Mr. McAuliffe, 34, chairman at Federal City National Bank and a national fund-raiser for presidential hopeful Richard Gephardt in 1988. Im dying to get back [into politics]. (Bill Atkinson, From Politics To Banking;
Terence McAuliffe, American Banker, 10/6/91)

Federal City Signed A Consent Order That Required The Bank To Improve Overall Operating Conditions And Review All Troubled Loans. According to the comptroller, Federal City signed a consent order Oct. 1 that requires it to improve overall operating conditions, hire an outside management consultant, review all troubled loans, update relevant information on borrowers, establish better procedures for tracking bad credit and raise more capital -- the cash and assets that investors provide as a cushion against losses. (Joeml Glenn Brenner, Comptroller Cites Two Banks In Area For
Unsafe Practices, The Washington Post, 10/16/91)

A Consent Order Is One Of The Most Severe Actions That Federal Regulators Can Take Against An Institution; It Is Enforceable In Court And Is Often The Regulators Last Resort Before Seizing A Bank And Shutting It Down. (Joeml Glenn
Brenner, Comptroller Cites Two Banks In Area For Unsafe Practices, The Washington Post, 10/16/91)

Federal Examiners Forced The Bank To Add $ 3 Million To Its Reserve That Protects Against Anticipated Losses. The Addition Wiped Out Federal Citys Capital And Left The Bank In The Red. Following a review of the banks books in May 1991, federal examiners forced the bank to add $ 3 million to its reserve that protects against anticipated losses. The addition wiped out Federal Citys capital and left the bank in the red, Rohrback said. (Joeml Glenn Brenner, Comptroller Cites Two
Banks In Area For Unsafe Practices, The Washington Post, 10/16/91)


In 1992, Credit International Bank Took Over The Ailing Federal City National Bank In April 1992, Credit International Bank Took Over The Ailing Federal City National Bank And Changed Their Name To Federal Capital Bank. The regions economic woes have entailed some sharp midcourse corrections for a number of start-up banks. Some, including the Districts Federal City National Bank and Sterlings National Bank of Northern Virginia, merged with stronger partners. Credit International Bank of the District, for example, has undergone a drastic face lift. Founded by a group of politically connected investors headed by former Reagan administration National Security Adviser Richard Allen, the bank was conceived as an international boutique bank servicing wealthy savers at home and advising an elite group of investors here and in Asia. But after taking over the ailing Federal City in April, Credit International changed its name to Federal Capital Bank, reflecting, according to new Chief Executive Officer Edward Harshfield, the banks new identity as a Washington-focused bank with a mission that is business- and professionally oriented. The international focus, like the name, has been quietly jettisoned. (David R. Sands, Bank Start-Ups Get Bowled Over By
Stubborn Real-Estate Recession, The Washington Times, 7/23/92)

During McAuliffes 2009 Gubernatorial Primary, His Campaign Ran A Misleading TV Ad Touting That McAuliffe Saved Federal City National Bank

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McAuliffe: Now Let Me Tell You, Its A Lot Easier To Raise Money For A Governor. They Have All Kinds Of Business To Hand Out, Road Contracts, Construction Jobs. (Terry
McAuliffe, What A Party, Audio Book, Thomas Dunne Books, 2007, p. 77)


In January 1997, McAuliffe pitched and sold inaugural merchandise for President Clintons reelection on QVC. McAuliffe Pitched And Sold Merchandise On QVC In January 1997, McAuliffe Pitched And Sold Inaugural Merchandise On QVC. But there on Monday night, sandwiched between a program advertising National Football League merchandise and one pushing topaz jewelry, was Terry McAuliffe, the redoubtable Democratic fund-raiser and cochairman of the Inaugural Committee. One hopes he was either underselling the inauguration or overselling QVC when, standing on Pennsylvania Avenue in suit and tie, he invoked QVCs favorite 13

adjective to declare: One of the more exciting aspects of this inauguration is the agreement that we have with QVC. (James Bennet, An Inauguration Exclusive: TV Operators Are Waiting, The New York Times, 1/9/97)


The Clinton-Era Lincoln Bedroom Scandal Originated From A McAuliffe Memo President Clinton Said That McAuliffes Memorandum Suggested Reconnecting With Past Supporters. Clinton, who was asked about the White House sleepovers during a drug control briefing, said that in early 1995, a lot of friends who helped get him elected in 1992 thought he had not kept in touch with them. Clinton said then-national campaign fund-raiser Terence McAuliffe sent him a memorandum, suggesting what they ought to do to re-establish contact, and Clinton said he told him to proceed. (Clinton Okd Using Lincoln Bedroom For Contributors, CNNs All Politics, 2/25/97) McAuliffe Took Credit For The Idea That The President Meet With Potential Contributors, But Denied They Needed To Meet At The White House. President Clintons chief campaign fund-raiser tried to limit the damage, saying he was the one who suggested the president meet with potential contributors. I didnt care if we had the meeting at McDonalds. It didnt matter to me, former Clinton finance chairman Terry McAuliffe said on CNNs Inside Politics Weekend. What mattered to me is that I could get supporters in front of the candidate, the president. (Carl Rochelle, More Questions About Democratic Fund-Raising, CNN, 3/1/97) The Presidents Present For Terry McAuliffe, His Chief Fundraiser, And His Wife Dorothy Was A Night In The Lincoln Bedroom, Tuesday, February 9, McAuliffes 42nd Birthday. The presidents present for Terry McAuliffe, his chief fundraiser, and his wife Dorothy was a night in the Lincoln Bedroom, Tuesday, February 9, McAuliffes 42nd birthday. Overnights in the bedroom for $50,000 or $100,000 campaign donors had become one of the symbols of Clintons 1996 campaign fund-raising zeal. About 9 p.m., the president and Hillary arrived with a birthday cake and Dom Perignon Champagne. (Bob Woodward, Shadow: Five Presidents And The Legacy Of Watergate, pg. 511, 1999) McAuliffe Claimed The People Staying He Suggested The President Meet Werent Major Donors But Just Past Supporters. CNNs WOLF BLITZER: Give us your perspective, of why it was necessary to get the President in to meet these big financial givers right away. MCAULIFFE: Well first of all Wolf, I want to be clear, this was not for big party donors. What we wanted to do was rally support with past supporters. (CNNs Political Insiders, 3/1/97) Guests In The Lincoln Bedroom Raised Over $10.1 Million For Clintons Reelection, Including At Least $5.2 Million For The DNC Trying To Lance Suspicions, The White House Released A List Of 938 Overnight Guests. (James Bennet, July 12-18; Lincoln Bedroom, Still Open, The New York Times, 7/19/98) Guests In The Lincoln Bedroom Had Contributed $10,176,840, An Average Of $10,849 Per Guest. Among them, they had contributed $10,176,840, an average of $10,849, although many gave nothing. (James Bennet, July 12-18; Lincoln Bedroom, Still Open, The New York Times, 7/19/98) According To CNN, The Overnight Stays In The Historic Lincoln Bedroom Raised At Least $5.2 Million For The DNC. CNNs BOB FRANKEN: In case youre wondering, by the way, what the big deal is, the Lincoln bedroom, of course, has the history. Lincolns desk is supposed to be in there. It is, of course, considered quite an honor to stay in this particular room, quite an honor indeed. Theres been a study thats been completed very quickly by the campaign study group which says that in 1995 and 1996, Lincoln bedroom guests gave at least $5.2 million to the Democratic National Committee. I dont know if you can get a discount rate or not, Leon. (CNN Morning News, 2/26/97) 14

McAuliffe Has Been Unable To Name Sitting Cabinet Members And Pronounce The Name Of A State Representative In March 2013, McAuliffe Wouldnt Name Any Sitting Cabinet Members, Saying He Maybe Could, Maybe Couldnt. In a recent interview, McAuliffe wouldnt give specific responses when asked about technical aspects of legislative and governors office operations. Asked if he could name the positions in the governors Cabinet, for instance, McAuliffe said: Maybe could, maybe couldnt. Thats not what Im going to do here today because thats not what Im talking about. (Julian Walker, McAuliffe Faces Cuccinelli, Inexperience In Race, The Virginian-Pilot, 3/13/13) In 2009, McAuliffe Repeatedly Mispronounced The Name Of A Virginia State Representative. On a radio show Tuesday night, Terry McAuliffe mispronounced the last name of defeated 5th district Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr., calling the Republican veteran Virgil Good. (Tyler Whitley,
McAuliffe Perceived As Outsider, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/4/09)


McAuliffe Considered Running For Governor Of Florida And New York Before Choosing Virginia McAuliffe Once Considered Running For Governor Of Either Florida Or New York, Prior To Settling On Virginia. Florida is one of a number of states that McAuliffe is rumored to at one time considered a run for Governor. The other is his native state of New York. (Ryan Nobles,
Gubernatorial Campaigns Plan Fundraisers With Big Names, NBC12s Decision Virginia, 2/27/13)

In May 2009, The New York Times Reported That There Was Speculation That McAuliffe Could Run For Governor In Virginia, New York, Or Florida. When McAuliffe let it be known at the Democratic convention in Denver last August that he might run for governor, more than a few people were surprised. Yes, he grew up in a political family in Syracuse; his father, Jack, the treasurer of the Onondaga County Democratic Party, took him to political dinners, pressed him into service licking envelopes and introduced him to his first president when he was 7 and L.B.J. was campaigning at Syracuse University. And McAuliffe says elected office is something he has always thought about; indeed, there has been speculation over the years about his running for governor of three different states: Virginia, New York and Florida. But it is hardly typical for someone who has worked behind the throne to decide to run for office. It would be like David Axelrod announcing a run for mayor of Chicago. (Adam Nagourney, Governor Clintonism, The New York Times, 5/10/09) In 2005, McAuliffes Spokesman Said He Was Intrigued By Running For Governor Of Florida, But He Didnt Meet The Residency Requirement. McAuliffe gave his enemies serious ammunition in 2005, when his spokesman was asked about a report that he was mulling a run against then-Gov. Jeb Bush. The flack shot down the report, citing Floridas seven-year residency requirements not McAuliffes undying love for Virginia. Hes incredibly flattered, but he will not be a candidate for 06, DNC spokesman Tony Welch told The Miami Herald at the time. Hes intrigued by the idea, but the residency requirement is what it is. (Glenn Thrush, McAuliffe Starts Va. Charm Offensive, Politico,


Some Democrats Have Openly Talked About Mr. McAuliffe, A Native Of Syracuse, As A Candidate For Governor Of New York One Day. (Raymond Hernandez, Democrats Place McCall On Notice, The
New York Times, 10/24/02)

McAuliffe Said That While Chairman Of The DNC, He Always Tried To Mention Syracuse When Doing Television As DNC Chairman. In fact, whenever I went on TV as the DNC chairman, I always found a way to mention Syracuse which I knew the people back home loved. They knew I hadnt forgotten them and never would and to this day the Syracuse papers get a kick out of covering me as one of their favorite sons. (Terry McAuliffe, What A Party, 2007, p. 44) In 2006, President Bill Clinton Said That McAuliffe Thinks That Upstate New York Is The Epicenter Of The Entire Universe. PRESIDENT CLINTON: Thank you. Thank you very much, Congressman Rangel, Mayor Dinkins, my good friend Terry McAuliffe. You know, he my beloved Senator is in Upstate New York tonight, so Hillary asked for an excused absence, and McAuliffe actually, as much as he loves Maureen, thinks that Upstate New York is the epicenter of the entire universe. (Laughter.) So we together would say, We hope youll give Hillary an excused absence. (President Bill Clinton, Remarks To The Democratic Leadership Council, New York, NY, 4/10/06) When Asked About Being From New York, McAuliffe Claimed He Was From Upstate New York And That It Was Real New York. QUESTION: Now I have nothing against New Yorkers, and people born in New York, because I was born in New York and dont consider myself MCAULIFFE: I was Upstate New York. [CROSSTALK] I was real New York, farm country and all.
(Terry McAuliffe, Remarks At A Virginia Democratic Campaign Debate, Uploaded 4/21/09)

In 2009, McAuliffe Had Trouble Remembering Which State He Decided To Run In While Campaigning In Prince William For Governor Of Virginia In 2009, McAuliffe Praised The Research Institutes We Have Here In Florida. Many longtime Democratic activists snicker at McAuliffes recent gaffe in Prince William County, where he mistakenly referred to the research institutions and universities we have here in Florida. (Amy Gardner, McAuliffes Bid Challenges
Assumptions In Va. Politics, The Washington Post, 1/12/09)

McAuliffe: [B]ut it would have to be high paying, good quality jobs. But I think with our research institutes and all the universities we have here in Florida, I think we have a real opportunity (Terry
Mac Makes A Couple Gaffes, Not Larry Sabato Blog, 11/17/08)

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McAuliffe Has Received Nearly Three-Quarters Of His Campaign Money From Outside Of Virginia McAuliffe Has Received $7,296,529, Or 74.8%, Of His Campaign Money From Outside Of Virginia. (Virginia Public Access Project, Accessed 6/10/13) This Year, McAuliffe Has Held Fundraisers In Manhattan, St. Louis, Orlando And Syracuse On March 28, McAuliffe Attended A Reception At The Home Of Joyce Aboussie For A Fundraiser. (Terry McAuliffe For Governor, Accessed 3/25/13) On March 13, McAuliffe Attended A Fundraiser In Manhattan. Another helpful reader and I appreciate every single one of you sent along an invite for a March 13 fundraiser for former 16

DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe that features former President Bill Clinton as headliner. Clintons appearance is no surprise given McAuliffes top roles in both Clintons 1996 re-election campaign and former Secretary of State Hillary Clintons 2008 presidential bid. Hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry and his wife, Cathy, will host the event at their Manhattan home, along with co-hosts Doug and Lily Band. (Celeste Katz, Terry McAuliffe To Raise For Virginia Governors Race With Bill Clinton In NYC, New York Daily News Daily
Politics, 2/15/13)

On March 5, McAuliffe Attended A Fundraiser In The Orlando Area. Former President Bill Clinton is headed back to Lake Mary to be the headliner at yet another party hosted by celebrity lawyer and Democratic fundraiser John Morgan this time for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. (Scott Powers, Clinton Heading Back To Morgans For McAuliffe Bash, Orlando Sentinel, 2/27/13) On March 2, McAuliffe Returned To His Hometown Of Syracuse, NY, To Attend A Fundraiser For His Virginia Gubernatorial Race Hosted By His Friend, John Duke Kinney. Syracuse native Terry McAuliffe plans to return to his hometown March 2 to watch a Syracuse University basketball game and raise some money for his campaign in the Virginia governors raceThe co-hosts are Mac Cummings, co-founder and CEO of Syracuse web company Terakeet, and John Duke Kinney, who grew up with McAuliffe on Syracuses west side. (Mark Weiner,
Terry McAuliffes Syracuse Friends Want To Help Him Become Governor Of Virginia, The Post-Standard, 2/17/13)

McAuliffe Doesnt Know Much About The Issues McAuliffe: I Stay Away From Issues. Mr. McAuliffe says he uses his influence to get people together with Mr. Clinton or to recommend them for presidential appointments, but he never discusses substantive issues with the president or lobbies him. I stay away from issues, he said. (Jeff
Gerth, Friendship Counts: Clintons Top Fund-Raiser Made Lots For Himself, Too, The New York Times, 12/12/99)

McAuliffe Doesnt Know Much About How A Bill Becomes A Law McAuliffe: I Dont Know How To Get A Bill Through CongressI Couldnt Name You 20 Members. What could he do for me? McAuliffe asked in a recent interview about Clinton, suggesting he has everything he needs. He said he does not lobby the president and knows little about legislation. I dont know how to get a bill through Congress, he said. I couldnt name you 20 members. (Fund-Raiser Also Clintons Personal Financial Backer, Orlando Sentinel, 9/5/99)


In 2009, While Running For Governor, McAuliffe Opposed Offshore Oil Drilling McAuliffe In 2009: I Do Not Support Drilling For Oil Off Our Coast. (Terry McAuliffe, Race To
Richmond: Terry McAuliffe, The Washington Post, 5/20/09)

Now, In 2013, McAuliffe Has Expressed His Support Of Offshore Oil Drilling A Number Of Times McAuliffe Said He Was For Responsible Off-Shore Drilling. Im for keeping Virginia as a right-to-work state, Im for responsible off-shore drilling, and I believe we both share a commitment to Virginia, said McAuliffe. (Jim Nolan, Bolling Exit Clarifies Race For Governor, The Richmond Times-Dispatch, 3/18/13)


The Washington Post Headline: Terry McAuliffe Reverses Course, Backs Bill To Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia Coast. (Ben Pershing, Terry McAuliffe Reverses Course, Backs Bill To Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia
Coast, The Washington Post, 5/22/13)

McAuliffes Campaign Also Announced His Support Of The Warner Kaine Bill That Would Expand Offshore Oil Exploration And Drilling. In May 2013, he [Sen. Tim Kaine] joined U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., in introducing a bill that would allow oil and gas exploration off the states coast. McAuliffe said through a spokesman that he supported the legislation. (On Oil Drilling Off Virginias Coast, PolitiFact Virginia, 5/22/13)

PolitiFact: McAuliffe Has Clearly Shifted On Offshore Oil Drilling. We Rate It A Full Flop. (On Oil Drilling Off Virginias Coast, PolitiFact Virginia, 5/22/13) During The 1990s, McAuliffes Lobbying Firm Represented A Utility Company That Generated Power Primarily Through Coal McAuliffe, Kelly and Raffaelli Represented Nevada Power Company. McAuliffe is a lawyer with McAuliffe, Kelly and Raffaelli, a firm that is registered to lobby for such corporate clients as the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, Electronic Data Systems Corp., and Nevada Power Company. On Nov. 21, McAuliffe is running a fundraiser for the Iowa Democrat at DCs swank Spy Club. He said his goal is to raise $125,000. (Pamela Brogan, Whos For Whom: Lobbyists Aid White House Candidates,
Roll Call, 11/14/91)

In Earnings Reports To Shareholders, Nevada Power Company Said Its Power Generation Is Primarily Coal Based. Nevada Power Co. is a Las Vegas-based electric utility serving 383,000 customers in the extreme southern portion of the state. With customer growth projections of between 4 percent and 5 percent through the rest of the decade, the company will remain one of the countrys fastest growing electrical utilities. The companys generation is primarily coal based with no investment in nuclear facilities. (Nevada Power Company, Nevada Power Co. Reports Earnings, Press
Release, 2/17/93)

While Running In The Democrat Primary In 2009, McAuliffe Said, I Never Want Another Coal Plant Built

Click To Watch Now, As McAuliffe Runs For Governor With No Primary, He Has Indicated His Support Of The Coal Industry On May 8, 2013, McAuliffe Told Reporters, We Need To Make Sure We Do What We Need To, To Make Sure The Coal Industry Continues To Grow In Virginia. I was over at Alpha Natural Resources talking about what they need done to make sure we have a healthy work force of coal, that coal can continue, McAuliffe told reporters. We need to make sure we do what we 18

need to, to make sure this vital industry here in Virginia continues to grow. I can really help them on exports; to open up those Asia markets in China and Korea. As governor, I want to help them create more jobs to help exports around the world. (David McGee, McAuliffe Talks Coal At Bristol Campaign Event, Bristol Herald
Courier, 5/8/13)


In His First Campaign Ad Of The Campaign, McAuliffe Attempted To Portray Himself As A Family Man, Despite Three Different Stories About His Poor Bedside Manner McAuliffe Released An Ad That Showed Him As A Family Man. Former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe launched his first television ad in the 2013 Virginia governors race Wednesday. The positive ad focuses largely on his family and upbringing, citing his personal story as part of the reason why he knew it was important to create jobs for the state. (Andrew
Kaczynski, The Time Terry McAuliffe Left The Delivery Room For A Washington Post Party, BuzzFeed, 5/1/13)

While His Wife Was In Labor, McAuliffe Left The Hospital To Attend A Party For ThenWashington Post Reporter Lloyd Grove. McAuliffe also wrote about the birth of his children in his 2007 book What A Party, noting on one instance he left his wife at the hospital to attend a party for Washington Post reporter Lloyd Grove before the birth of his daughter Sarah. (Andrew Kaczynski, The
Time Terry McAuliffe Left The Delivery Room For A Washington Post Party, BuzzFeed, 5/1/13)

After A Separate Birth, McAuliffe Made His Wife And Newborn Son Wait In The Car While He Raised A Million Bucks For The Democratic Party. In another section of his book, McAuliffe writes about stopping to go to a fundraiser on the way home from the hospital with his wife, an aide who was driving his car, and a newborn baby Peter. McAuliffe noted the fundraiser, a Sons of Italy dinner hosted by United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters President Marty Maddaloni, raised a million bucks for the Democratic Party. (Andrew Kaczynski, The Time Terry McAuliffe Left The
Delivery Room For A Washington Post Party, BuzzFeed, 5/1/13)

In Still A Third Birth, McAuliffe Was Kicked Out Of The Delivery Room For Arguing About Healthcare With The Doctors. The hilarious childbirth stories dont end there, either. At Georgetown Hospital, while poor Dorothy was in labor with their son Jack, McAuliffe got into a heated argument with the anesthesiologist and the obstetrician. The anesthesiologist asked McAuliffe if he wanted socialized medicine. (I guess we can blame the doctor for starting this discussion.) In his book, McAuliffe writes, Of course not, I said. However, there are thirty-seven million uninsured people in this country with no access to health care. Is that fair? He admits that he was almost shouting at this point. And a delivery nurse who made Nurse Ratched look like Mother Teresa kicked him out of the room. (Diana Reese, Terry McAuliffe Partied (And Argued About Health Care) While His Wife Gave Birth, The
Washington Posts She The People, 5/2/12)


McAuliffe Released An Ad Claiming Responsibility For Virginias Compromise Transportation Bill, A Claim Discredited By Virginia Democrat Lawmakers On May 22, McAuliffe Released Ad Taking Credit For The Bipartisan Transportation Bill. Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe released his campaigns second advertisement today, which recounts his involvement in the February passage of Virginias bipartisan transportation billthe first transportation funding measure that had been approved in the state in 27 years. (Terry
McAuliffe For Governor, 5/22/13)


Democrats Involved In The Transportation Bill Were Unclear As To What McAuliffe Did To Help Pass The Bill. Several key Democrats who put the compromise together, including [House Delegate Vivian] Watts, said McAuliffe showed a keen interest in the bill and its progress. But they were less certain about McAuliffes efforts as a party whip. (Frederick Kunkle, GOP Pounces On McAuliffe Over
Virginia Democrats Claims On Transportation Bill, The Washington Post, 5/29/13)


Former Democrat Party Chair Terry McAuliffe Released An Ad Attempting To Portray Himself As Non-Partisan, Disregarding His Own Past Extreme Rhetoric Today, McAuliffe Released An Ad, In Which He Portrays Himself As A Non-Partisan Figure. Terry McAuliffe will launch his latest ad for his Virginia gubernatorial campaign Thursday, as the former Democratic National Committee chairman seeks to position himself as a pragmatic consensus-builder rather than a partisan ideologue. (Ben Pershing, New Terry McAuliffe Ad Says He Would Avoid Divisive,
Ideological Agenda As Va. Governor, The Washington Post, 5/30/13)

Later That Day, BuzzFeed Reported That McAuliffe His Fathers Death On President Bushs Election. Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, once blamed his fathers death on President George W. Bushs election in 2000. In a May 2001 interview with CSPAN, titled the Life and Career of Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman says one of the reasons his father, Jack, died was he could not go into a new year knowing that a Republican was actually moving into the White House. (Andrew Kaczynski, Terry McAuliffe Blamed Bush
Election For His Fathers Death, BuzzFeed, 5/30/13)

McAuliffe: The Main Reason Is That He Could Not Go Into A New Year Knowing That A Republican Was Actually Moving Into The White House. I Just Dont Think He Couldve Handled That. While his father was in the hospital, McAuliffes mother went and came back in five minutes later, and he had passed away. And I told the story, you know, I gave at the eulogy at his funeral, and there are many reasons why people thought Jack had died, McAuliffe told C-SPAN. He was 83 years old. And I said the main reason is that he could not go into a new year knowing that a Republican was actually moving into the White House. I just dont think he couldve handled that.
(Andrew Kaczynski, Terry McAuliffe Blamed Bush Election For His Fathers Death, BuzzFeed, 5/30/13)