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NOV 2015

Complex Systems Co-Working Lab

The Experience of Crowd Applied Science. Who we are
Mission The Complex Systems Co-Working Lab is an independent membership organization and think tank, committed to bring complexity science researchers, entrepreneurs and investors together to un-tap opportunities facing the three major challenges for our civilization: Climate Change Adaptation, Approaching Technological Singularity, and Commercial Spaceight and Space Colonization. History The comunity was created in 2012 as an online Mendeley network focused on the elds of Biomimetics, Quantum & Nano Computing and Convergence Finance. During 2013 a series of topic Meet-ups were organized on the premises of partner institutions including the Sustainable Energy Systems Lab at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (Adaptative Control Systems, Sustainable Product Design and Model Thinking), University of Georgias Costa Rica Campus in Monteverde (Evolutionary Ecology and Natural Art), the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (Physics of Complex Systems), and the University of Economics in Prague (Impact Investment). In the summer of 2014 the co-working lab was launched at Earth Universitys Science Park in Liberia, using an hybrid incubatorworkaway model, allowing international researchers to nalize the collaborations started online in Costa Rica- the focus: short term-high impact projects that have as main output a working paper and social media collateral (requisites), and an investment pitch or rapid prototype (optional). Today the community holds regular Meet-ups in various locations, from the Complex Systems Lab at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, to Singularity University at the NASA Research Park campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, among others.

Membership and Leadership Membership to the online community in Mendeley and local Meet-ups is free of charge, but only members in the nal stage of their collaborations are invited to the workaway experience in Costa Rica. Members cover their travel expenses and co-working lab fees by a mix of personal funding and crowd/micro funding in platforms such as Kickstarter, Sciies, IamScientist and Open Source Science Project. The Board of Directors includes the founding members and representatives of the executive board (project mentors).

What we do
Think thank Local chapters operate from partner institutions where Meet-ups are held and in occasion, laboratory facilities utilized; these are spaces for scientic crosspollination, product ideas exchange and engagement towards concrete local actions. The Mendeley network is a real time content aggregator and knowledge base of members resources, whereas the community Tumblr is the leading news agreggator and source of social media content. Conferences and outreach The communitys agship event is the annual Applied Complex Systems Conference, held in Costa Rica. Year-round satellite events are organized in major cities across Europe and the Americas, as a means of increasing visibility of the work of the community, drive trafc to associated-non scientic co-working spaces, and reaching to potential project investors. Corporate program The corporate program gatherings and workshops are customized to the requirements of the client, and draw upon the extensive experience of the board members to offer relevant insight in topics such as: Proven strategies for value-metrics based Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility. How to evaluate risk and potential of Impact Investment opportunities in Cleantech, BioPharma and emerging technologies. Matchmaking: Meeting Social and Environmental ventures that are ready for scale.