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Nazzir Hussain Bin Haji Mydeen


Prof. Dr. Abdul Moqim Rahmanzai

Table of Content: 1. Project Name 2. Institutional Background 3 3. The Problems Faced By The Schools In The Zone. 4. Results From The Questionaire. 5. Project Aim and Objectives 6. Implementation Strategies 7. Activities Implementation Schedule 8. Gantt chart: Project Activity Implementation 9. Contingency Plans 10. Project Evaluation 18 11 12 15 16 17 5 8 3


PROJECT NAME Pelita Atma Pendidik.



The Pusat Kegiatan Guru (PKG) the Teachers Activity Centre was formed to act as a catalyst to stimulate professional development of teachers, particularly to enhance the

knowledge and acculturation of Education Technology in the teaching and learning process and promote the use of the School library. The PKG would also become the center for professional development of local teachers and the local community.

The PKG Management Committee consists of the head teachers of the schools in the respective PKG zones and are responsible for planning the activities to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning and technology-based education and in the development of more efficient school library.

PKG Beruas was commissioned in 1990 and was temporarily housed in SK Ganga, Beruas and was responsible for nine local schools. In the year 2008, BTPN Perak channeled some

allocation refurbish an old unused teachers quarters in SMK Raja Shahriman, Beruas to house the new PKG Beruas offices and started operations at the new premises since January 2009. During restructring of the district school boundaries in the same year, the number of schools in the zone was increased from nine to seventeen schools. No . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 School SMK Raja Beruas Shahriman No. of Teachers 69 50 18 36 27 18 35 16 38 14 14 15 11 17 15 11 8

SMK Changkat Beruas SK Dendang SK Beruas SK Gangga SK Kg Kota SK Gelong Gajah SK Changkat Chermin SK Ayer Tawar SK Telaga Nenas SJK C Pei Ching SJK C Kg Merbau SJK C Pei Min Kg Raja Hitam SJK C Kg Jering SJK T Beruas SJK T Kg Tun Sambathan SJK T Ladang Cashwood

Table 1

Total Number Teachers




The problems faced by the schools in the zone.

During the Management Committee meeting held on 10th February 2011, a headmaster in the Beruas PKG zone raised the issue of work ethic and discipline among the teachers in his school. His view on the issue was shared by the other members of the meeting, as they also face similar problems with different degrees of severity.

On 6th April 2011, during the Briefing on Academic Strategic Planning, the Beruas PKG took the opportunity to distribute questionnaires to determine the severity of the problems among teachers in these five dimensions :

1. Dicipline Level 2. Work Ethics Level 3. Motivation Level 4. Thirst For Knowledge Level 5. Stress Level

Questionnaire 1

A total of 17 Senior Teachers from each school in Beruas PKG Zone anwesred the questionaire. Their response is as follows :

Table 2

1. Discipline Level 2. Work Ethics Level 3. Motivation Level 4. Thirst For Knowledge Level 5. Stress Level Chart 1


Results from the questionaire.

1. Discipline Level (65.9 %) The level of discipline is found to be relatively high despite isolated cases, such as smoking in school. These kinds of things are usually dealt with by the school administrators in counselling sessions.

2. Work Ethics Level(47.1 %) The percentage level of work ethics was the lowest among the five dimensions tested. Among the offenses that often occur is late to class, incomplete or lack of lesson plans and preparations, and so on.

3. Motivation Level (64.7 %) Though the level of motivation is high, there is still room for improvement.

4. Thirst For Knowledge Level (65.9 %) The willingness to further their studies to increase knowledge among the teachers is evident with the presence of each course organized by the PKG and the effort to pursue through Distance Learning and others. One constraint in this dimension is the financial factor, the lack of financial assistance such as PTPTN for teachers who wish to continue their studies. Another constraint is no such incentive and increament in salary or any special salary scheme for holders of masters degree or doctorates.

5. Stress Level (85.9 %) Stress level recorded the highest percentage. This indicates that many of the teachers are working in a pressure cooker. Extreme pressure to ensure the achievement of excellence in every examination year in and year out due to the number of As craze. Disatisfaction over the awarding of Distinguished Service Awards (APC), other service awards and the perception of rampant favoritisme, nepotisme and cronyisme by the administrator adds to the animosity felt among the teachers and increases the stress level.

Extreme levels of stress will lead two possibilities, namely depression or nonchalant attitude and not caring about the responsibilities entrusted unto them.


Project Aim and Objectives

Project Aim: To improve work ethic and sense of responsibility among teachers in the PKG Beruas Zone



Improve the work ethics percentage from 47.1 % to 80 % in the six months after the seminar.

Improve the discipline percentage from 65.9 % to 80 % in the six months after the seminar.

Improve the motivation percentage from 64.7 % to 80 % in the six months after the seminar

Target Group: The project would involve 412 teachers working in 17 schools from across the zone PKG Beruas.


Implementation Strategies The program would be called Pelita Atma Pendidik. Smart Partnerships would be formed with the BTPN Perak, Information Ministry, Beruas Government Clinic and private companies.

The project would encompass four main activities: i. Teaching Ethical Seminar. All teachers in the zone will be required to attend the seminar which will touch on teaching profession ethics. Two veteran teachers will deliver lectures that will hopefully raise awareness about the trust entrusted onto their shoulders.


Government and Private Agency Exposition Exhibition by various government agencies will also include the police PDRM, AADK, SPR, MBSB, and Amanah Raya. This exhibition is expected to attract the public to attend.


Medical Check and Blood Donation Drive.

Visitors can go for a medical check here as well as a blood donation drive among the teachers and walkin donors.


Car Boot Sale Participation of small businesses will be invited to the Car Boot Sale. Organizers would provide business spots and the hawkers would have to bring their own umbrellas, tables and such for their use. A small fee will charged to cover the expenses incurred.

The Perak BTPN will bear the food and beverage costs. K1M will manage public and private agencies exhibition and public address system. JASA will help with the technical aspects of the seminar. Beruas Health Centre will manage the medical check and blood donation drive. Contributions will also be sought from YB Dato Mohammad Zahir bin Abdul Khalid, Perak EXCO of Education who will be invited to close the seminar.

Rajah 1


Activities Implementation Schedule (Cost Projection, Responsibility Matrix and Indicators.)

No. A 1 2

Activities PLANNING STAGES Social Committee Meeting Working Committee Meetings

Date Start End

Cost/ Resource


Indicator 100 % attendance

2/6/2011 6/6/2011


RM 100 / LO BTPN Perak -

Social Committee Members of Beruas PKG Each member of the Social Committee will chair a working committee comprised by teachers from their respective schools

B 1 2 3 4

IMPLEMENTATION Seminar Exposition Medical Check and Blood donation drive Car Boot Sale
25/6/2011 25/6/2011 25/6/2011 25/6/2011

RM 7000 / LO BTPN Perak

All Head Masters, Social Committee Members and their respective Committee members

90 % teacher attendance 15 Expo Booths 35 Blood Donors 20 hawkers

EVALUATION AND REFLECTIONS Project Post Mortem Post Test Analysis Follow Up Steps
28/6/2011 -

1 2 3 4

RM 100 / LO BTPN Perak RM 100 / LO BTPN Perak -

All Head Masters, Social Committee Members and their respective Committee members

30/8/2011 1/9/2011 12/9/2011 9/9/2011 28/10/ 2011

Identifying Shortcomings


RM 7300

Table 2


Gantt Chart : Project Activity Implementation

Chart 2


Contingency Plans

If the project does not go as planned, a second option will be to begin the planning of the project that will address high levels of stress among teachers in the Beruas PKG Zone. Guided by the feasibility study carried out by Mr. Ahmad Sofia from SK Gelong Gajah, The Social Committee will organize a sports and fitness program that will involve most of the teachers in the PKG Beruas Zone to help them cope with work pressures that brings about the extreme stress.


Project Evaluation

This project will be evaluated in several ways. The first way and effective evaluation is the Post Mortem and Post Test immediately after the seminar. Post Mortem will highlight any weaknesses and failures in the implementation of project planning. Findings from Post Mortem will help in identifying mistakes and improvements in coming projects. The Post Test will help to evaluate the effectiveness of the project in achieving the set standards. If not achieved, a follow up measures to handle the problems stated above.

Post Test Form

Form 2