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ENGLISH TEST NAME:_______________________________ Grade: 7th READING: AN E-MAIL FRIEND Date:30/04/2013

1. Read what these children write about themselves in their e-mails and complete this chart.
(Lea lo que estos nios escriben sobre s mismos en sus mensajes de correo electrnico y completar esta tabla)

Laura Curic Plays the drums 2. Why are these statements true?( Por qu son ciertas estas afirmaciones?) a. Laura and Sandra like the same animals. _________________________________________________ b. Laura, Ariel, and Sandra have the same favorite activity.______________________________________ c. Laura, Ariel, and Sandra can write in English.________________________________________________ MY HOLIDAY PLANS
Tommy : Really, there are lots of things I want to do this summer. Im making lots of plans. David : Hey, tell me what you are going to do. Tommy : Well, in the first place, Im going to teach my grandma how to use a computer next week. She wants to learn how to send and receive e-mails and to chat with friends in other cities. David : That sounds cool! Tommy: Then, Im going to visit a friend in the north. David : And what are you going to do after that? Tommy . Im going to go camping in the south for two weeks. and then Im going to go to a rock festival. It will be my first rock festival ever! David : Are you going to go to the seaside too? Tommy: Oh, yes! Im going to spend a week by the sea. Im going to learn how to do scuba-diving!
Lea la conversacin y marque ( ) la

3. Read to the conversation and tick ( ) the correct statement.(

declaracin correcta)

a. ____ The boy is talking about his plans. b. ____ The boy is inviting his friend.

c. ____ The boy is asking a favor. d. ____ The boy is telling news.

4. Circle the correct alternative.( Encierre en un crculo la alternativa correcta.) a. The boy has a lot of plans for i._next week. ii._next month. iii._next summer. b. Hes going to visit a friend. i._in the same city. ii._in another city. c. Hes going to go camping for i._two weeks. ii._two days. iii._in another country. iii._two years.

5. Read Peters diary for next weekend and complete. (Leer el diario de Pedro para el prximo fin de semana y completar.)
SATURDAY SUNDAY a. On Saturday morning, Morning: go shopping Morning: play tennis with Peter_________________. dad b. On Sunday afternoon, Afternoon: meet friends at the club Afternoon: study for math test Peter_________________. Evening: go to the movies c. On Saturday evening,


6. Complete these sentences with information that is true for you. (Completa estas frases con la
informacin que es verdadera de ti.)

a. My name is ___________. b. Im ___________ old. c. I like ___________.

d. I dont like ___________ and I hate ___________.

7. Complete with the future going to We _________________________________ to New York. (FLY/not) They __________________________________a baby. (HAVE) _________My friends ________________________ to Paris? (TRAVEL.? )

She_______________________________________ flamenco in Seville.(DANCE/ NOT) ________ I ________________________________ to drive? (LEARN. ?) I ___________________________________ the pyramids! (SEE) 8. Rewrite the sentence with the present continuous They study Math. ________________________________________________ Affirmative ____________________________________________ negative

They work in the school. She read the book. He listen to music.


Interrogative Affirmative


They learn English. He play the violin.

____________________________________________ ____________________________________________



1. He IS GOING TO STUDY to retake his exams in September. 5. Sue IS GOING TO REDECORATE the house. 9. My friends ARE GOING TO TRAVEL to Paris. 13. They ARE GOING TO CLIMB Mount Everest. 17. Dave IS GOING TO PICK apples.

2. They ARE GOING TO GET married. 6. Paul IS GOING TO SUNBATHE in Majorca. 10. She IS GOING TO DANCE flamenco in Seville. 14. We ARE GOING TO MOVE to a quiet village. 18. I AM GOING TO SEE the pyramids!

3. We ARE GOING TO FLY to New York.

4. Rita IS GOING TO TEACH her granddaughter how to cook. 8. They ARE GOING TO HAVE a baby. 12. Mary IS GOING TO TAKE lots of photos. 16. I AM GOING TO LEARN to drive. 20. We ARE GOING (TO GO) sightseeing in India.

7. Laura IS GOING TO JOIN a book club. 11. They ARE GOING TO CYCLE in the country. 15. Sam IS GOING TO SURF in Australia. 19. My brother IS GOING TO TRY hang gliding.

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