Your Inner Wisdom

The Wise One Within The, still small voice Deep Power Inner Wisdom No matter what we decide to call it, this reservoir of ancient knowledge is both universal- rooted racial memory, stemming from the Larger Forces- and deeply personal. It knows our answers even before we’ve formed the questions. With its help, we can choose our paths wisely, heal ourselves, change our lives. The inner Wise One can give us gift of loving and compassionate self-knowledge: and it is part of every human. Our culture has suppressed this knowledge and negated the entire concept of inner wisdom. An important part of our work as adults and as parents it to rediscover this well-kept secret, incorporate it into our lives, and then teach our children about it. To begin, we need to recognize the insidious twofold way that our culture continues to deny and devalue our gift of inner knowledge 1. Most of us are taught from birth that we must look outside ourselves for the answers to any pressing question, including matters of our own health and well-being. We learn very early in life to give our powers over to authority – to teachers, doctors, political figures, and ministers/rabbis/priests that are the powerholders, the answer-givers. The entire structure of our society rest on the concept of power over. And in submitting to outward authority, we often lose our sense of inner worth, inner power, and spiritual authenticity. In reclaiming for ourselves and our children the concept of power-within, we can wonderfully and dangerously subversive. We all have shared power with others. No need to feel inferior or superior. 2. It is the surface, the superficial, that commands attention today. In fact, most of us grow up not knowing that there is a layer of reality- a rich and fertile reality- beneath the surface that we can contact, explore, and learn from. In all this loud and crazy focus on the superficial, the quiet voice of inner wisdom is continually and thoroughly drowned out. Our current worldview embraces and values only the rational/intellectual; many of our “leaders”- political, industrial, or religious- have little or no use for anything other than that which the left brain, linear, logical. The intuitive, the heartfelt, is demeaned and belittled; it does not serve the needs of the “powerful”, with their demands for product, for consumption, and for our meek cooperation in our own oppression. The good news is, there is a great underground renaissance going on, an awakening of respect for our intuition and for those powerful psychic gifts that are not supernatural at all…but they are the natural birthright of every child and adult! These gifts of inner knowing are available to us- more highly developed in some individuals, perhaps, but universally humans are all the same. The secrets of inner wisdom that have been kept from most of us for so long are now being unlocked and shared. Know thy self Trust thy self Honor thy self Love thy self It began with you, so it shall end with you Life Is A Circle Much Love to You All ~N)0(uvelle Noir Goddess~