The Humanoid Conspiracy

There appears to be no room in the contemporary paradigm of ufology for the traditional close encounters of the third kind. The field has become mired in efforts aimed at strong-arming the U.S. Federal government out of information it supposedly has on the “extraterrestrial truth” of the UFO phenomenon. Many advocates of such a course of action may be stunned if the government – succumbing to so much rhetoric and verbal judo – releases information hinting at a truly terrifying possibility: that for all its warships and tanks and aircraft, officialdom is no closer to knowing what UFOs really are, much less protecting the taxpayer against them. As to “the truth behind UFOs” – who can say? Encounters with non-human entities, however, have been reported for decades, since the early days of the “flying saucer” phenomenon by people who did not seek to profit from disclosing their encounters and ultimately died no better informed than those around them. The year 2013 marks forty years since the “Year of the Humanoids – 1973” and the prodigious number of reports that emerged worldwide at the time. Skeptical ufologists and outright naysayers may argue, perhaps with reason, that a fair share of these cases could have been journalistic confections, spin-offs of the actual cases that captured the headlines of the time. They could have been misidentifications of commonplace phenomena, but the accumulated writings of that distant time suggest something else was going on, eluding the best efforts of law enforcement, civilian researchers and the media to get to the bottom of things. Not all cases involving non-human presences took place in 1973 or in the U.S., either. As we endeavor to show here, Latin America and Spain contributed significantly to the case histories, the language barrier serving as an obstacle to any “cross-pollination” of eyewitness accounts, as many of these spoke and read no English at all, and in some cases could not even read in their mother tongue. But where did they go? What became of the wild and wonderful array of creatures that both startled and terrified so many ordinary citizens from all walks of life in at least a dozen countries? Were scores of planets from an intergalactic federation sending all their vehicles and member races to Earth in 1970s for no apparent reason, or is the answer more subtle? Perhaps a cosmic mind – or even a genius terrae – taken these entities out of some toolbox of the impossible and set them in our midst, gauging our reactions to the unfamiliar and downright skin-crawling, as Jacques Bergier suggested. Maybe western societies were seeing the “phantoms of the Id” that caused the destruction of the fictional society of the Kralls in Forbidden Planet. Or John Keel’s ultraterrestrials were playing the “games non-people play” over and over again in a variety of cultural settings and environments. Some of the cases in this monograph never became widely known, and indeed, some of them occurred in subsequent decades. Argentina has been a source of CE-3s even into the 21st century, a place where motorists and farm laborers in the world’s fifth largest country can still have experiences that would have attracted the attention of media forty years ago during the heroic age of such cases. No answers are offered – merely more pieces to an endless jigsaw puzzle.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

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The Humanoid Conspiracy The Humanoid Conspiracy By Scott Corrales Even if J. Allen Hynek hadn't come up with the classification, and Steven Spielberg hadn't made the movie, another name would have surely come about to describe "close encounters of the third kind" -the most compelling, exhilarating and downright terrifying of all the scenarios involving the possibility of contact with intelligent, non-human life and the repercussions it entails. Given the enormity of the possibility, early researchers into the UFO phenomenon were understandably hesitant to acknowledge its existence. Looking into reports of strange aerial objects that defied our military's best aircraft was controversial enough. In the 1950's, the public at large found some humorous relief in telling jokes about little green men asking parked cars "take us to your leader." Contactees amused some and enraged others with colorful accounts of roadside encounters with Venusians, Neptunians and denizens of other planets. However, a decade later--and certainly two decades later--stories of encounters with unknown quantities were becoming commonplace. Hynek left his classification system for posterity to employ and develop, and it is nowadays possible to hear about close encounters of the fourth and fifth kind as some experts tried to cover abduction experiences and other UFO-related phenomena. Nevertheless, it is the third leg of the tripod that interests us here: the moment in time when certain individuals among the many billions on earth have looked upon what we term "aliens"--regardless of their provenance. Skeptics have always complained about the reliability of CE-III's, regardless of the country in which they occur. The opinion of a trained witness--usually a police officer or other uniformed personnel--is believed to carry greater weight than that of the casual observer faced with the unknown, as in the cases we have discussed so far. But the situation acquires a wholly different complexion when members of the military are involved. Soldiers, sailors and airmen, given the nature of their training, are therefore believed to have greater accuracy in their statements. The following accounts involve recent CE-III's with military personnel. On November 25, 1998, a sentry patrolling the perimeter of the Morón de la Frontera Air Base near the city of Seville (Spain) at five o' clock in the morning was startled to hear a sound he likened to "steel plate being cut". The sentry shouted a challenge; when no one responded, he loaded his rifle and fired two shots in the air, while letting loose the German Shepherd watchdog that accompanied him on his rounds. Almost immediately following the two loud reports, an entity described as a two meter tall "sort of person" emerged from the surrounding thicket. According to Spanish researcher José Manuel García Bautista, the sentry was astonished by the being's height and its fluorescent green eyes, adding that the darkness kept him from making out its physical details. With his heart pounding, the sentry fired another shot straight into the creature, to no avail. He then ordered the German Shepherd to attack; the animal charged the dark figure, but stopped short of it with a loud whimper. The highly trained guard dog cowered back to the sentry, who was at a loss as to what to do next. The entity spared him further confusion by vanishing into the thicket once more.

The Humanoid Conspiracy After contacting his superiors over a handheld radio, the sentry was taken to see the base commander, who advised him to keep the whole affair confidential and awarded him a week's leave. But before going off on his furlough, the sentry noticed that his guard dog now sported a long scar running along its left shoulder blade: physical proof of the encounter with the unknown creature. From the late 1980s and well through the 1990's, the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico held pride of place as the no-holds-barred strangest place on the planet: sightings of UFOs in the air, land and sea, strange creatures like the Bigfoot-like Comecogollos and the ubiquitous Chupacabras, and the possibility of collusion among the military and island authorities to keep these matters a secret, filled the pages of many a book and magazine around the planet. Long Tall Alien In spite of these and other paranormal goings-on, it is still possible to come across traditional CE-3 cases. One of the most compelling ones occured on July 31, 2000 in the densely populated Bairoa sector of Aguas Buenas, a bedroom community of metropolitan San Juan. According to researchers Lucy Guzmán and Edwin Plaza, the Aguas Buenas incident began in the early morning hours of the 31st, when Marie Molina, the witness to the events, was awakened by an unusual sound on her corrugated zinc roof at exactly five o'clock in the morning, followed by the sudden and frantic barking of her neighbor's watchdogs. Parting the items of clothing she'd hung across the window in order to peer out into the darkness, she was startled beyond words. Standing with its back to her, at an estimated distance of 15 feet, was a tall creature with pallid, wrinkled skin, long ears, arms and legs, and an egg-shaped head. Ms. Molina was apparently able to see the corners of its elongated white eyes with black centers, but unable to make out the details of its mouth and nose, nor the number of fingers on its hands. But the most curious detail of this backyard encounter was the fact that the strange entity shook its body incessantly, with its hands clenched in what Molina took to be a prayeful attitude. The witness would later tell Guzmán and Plaza that the creature's shudders reminded her of "a person afflicted with a muscular cramp and who is trying to relive it [by shaking]." Ms. Molina watched the creature for approximately fifteen minutes until she developed a sudden, perhaps irrational, fear that the shaking creature would somehow try and get into her house. This prompted her to reach for the phone and call another person (described as "a sister, friend or neighbor" by the researchers) who urged her not to call the police for help, since "she would not be believed", and asked her to hold on while a relative was sent out to rescue her. Five minutes after having made the phone call, Ms. Molina decided to check on her unwanted visitor again, but this time accidentally bumping her leg against an object near the wall. The sound caused the creature to stop its activity (but apparently not its shaking) and turn to look at her. Clearly able to see its face now, the witness remarked that it appeared to be giving her a telepathic command to shut her eyes. This prompted her to step back from the window and rub her eyes repeatedly in an effort to focus and somehow break the suggestion placed by the entity. The fact that it had been able to "command" her to take action only served to ratchet Ms. Molina's fear even higher--if the shaking creature could control her mind so readily, what might be in store for her? Another five minutes of barely restrained panic elapsed until Molina heard her name being called from the street--it was the person that her telephone contact had sent to rescue her. Perhaps feeling

The Humanoid Conspiracy heartened by this, she ran back to the window to see if the creature was still in the backyard, but it had vanished. In an article for Inexplicata (Fall 2000), Lucy Guzman notes that Marie Molina had experienced some mild changes in the wake of the event: a chain smoker all of her life, Molina no longer felt the urge to smoke, "nor was she in bad mood over not smoking." The 2000 Aguas Buenas case brings to mind another Puerto Rican case which occurred in mid-'70s during the UFO wave which included the mutilations caused by the Moca Vampire. On April 17, 1975 Orlando Franceschi, an ambulance driver for a hospital in the city of Ponce, on the island's Caribbean shore, returned to his house after 8:00 p.m. that evening only to become aware of the fact that something unsual was going on in his backyard. Franceschi's could see his watchdog jumping into the air in a frantic effort to clear the fence get away from whatever it was. The homeowner, tired after a long day's work, angrily set off for the backyard, taking the precaution to arm himself with a shovel which he kept against one of the house's exterior walls. Nothing could have prepared the ambulance driver for what he found in his backyard: a bizarre entity with long, pointed ears, a long nose, lipless mouth and greyish, ashen skin. Franceschi would later describe it eyes as being "black spots", and having a jawline reminiscent of an ape's. The creature walked toward the homeowner with a jerky, stiff gait. In a mixture of fear and anger, Franceschi struck the five foot tall intruder with the shovel, but was surprised to see that it was unharmed by the terrific blow. Oddly enough, the entity backed off, perhaps deliberately allowing Franceschi to deliver a second shovel-blow without any effect. But when the human was winding up to deliver a third strike, he began to feel his body becoming numb and paralyzed, leaving him at the mercy of whatever it was that could withstand such physical punishment without flinching. Helpless, expecting the worse from the non-human figure, the ambulance driver was shocked to see the entity (which he described as a "zombie") fade into thin air. Although some rough similarities exist between the creatures--the black-centered white eyes, pointed ears, pallid skin and apparent ability to employ mental powers against humans--there are no unexplained craft present in these CE-III's, and therefore the beings cannot be properly be considered "ufonauts" (although this should not really pose a problem, since many accepted CE-III's like the KellyHopkinsville event in 1955 did not feature UFOs. Perhaps both of these Puerto Rican cases, separated from each other by a gulf of 25 years, would benefit from the revisions to the classification system set forth by Jacques Vallée in his book Confrontations (Ballantine,1988). Vallée proposes a complementary classification of "AN" for anomalous events, paralleling the CE 1, 2 and 3 classfications. His AN-3's would apply to "anomalies with associated entities. This class could include ghosts, yetis and other instances of cryptozoology as well as elves and spirits" (p.217). We do not know if Mr. Franceschi benefitted from his encounter (in fact, we can only infer from the text that the ambulance driver shared a characteristic exhibited by "Lucky" Sutton during the KellyHopkinsville case--the unnerving astonishment that the intruder was immune to harm), but we can see that Ms. Molina's ability to quit smoking indicates that an unexpected benefit was derived from her sighting, much in the same way that Mrs. Sepúlveda in the Chilean case was inexplicably healed of her condition after the event. The Spanish sentry does not appear to have benefitted in any way aside from a very welcome furlough. Another Argentinean Mystery Liliana Flotta and Eduardo Grosso, researchers from the Argentinean city of Rosario, believe that healings in the wake of CE-3's or AN-3's are commonplace, particularly in their country. They cite the

The Humanoid Conspiracy case of a young married couple, Sergio and Sandra A. (ages 26 and 27, respectively) who were startled to behold an unexplained phenomenon taking place in the inner courtyard of their building, which was on the same level as their ground floor apartment. The husband saw only a luminous floating sphere, while the wife was cleary able to see a diminutive floating being. "According to Sandra," write Flotta and Grosso, "their upstairs neighbor was terrified that night by a ball of light that appeared inside her apartment." The researchers were able to confirm this event after interviewing the party in question. Prior to the experience, Sandra A. had experienced health concerns involving a fibroma, but shortly after that fateful evening in July 1992, she started having dreams about a diminutive entity coming into her room and inserting a needle into one of her ovaries. Such was the intensity of the pain that she would wake up screaming. Soon after these "dreams" and the experience shared with her husband, Sandra A. discovered that she was pregnant and that a sonogram showed no trace of the fibroma. "Sandra and Sergio have since relocated to Greater Buenos Aires, where she gave birth to a boy," conclude the authors. In our age of abductions and post-abduction trauma, looking at cases that involve UFO occupants or unusual humanoids as they go about their enigmatic business in our countrysides may seem hopelessy antiquated. However, unlike most abduction experiences and bedroom visitations, traditional CE-III's have the benefit of taking place away from the home and under circumstances involving more than a single witness to the event. To a certain extent, it helps that witnesses to traditional CE-III's are usually fully awake and engaged in other tasks (talking to friends and sightseeing, standing guard at an army base or having just returned from work, as in the cases we've seen here). Although the media has celebrated a number of breakthroughs in securing evidence of alien abduction, the ability to collect samples, such as the soil and anomalous water in the Chilean case, serves to bolster a case's credibility. Unfortunately, none of these things brings us closer to solving the riddle posed by these experiences. News of an alleged three-meter-tall non-human entity shambling toward a roadside in Chile (March 2010) brought back memories of the truly giant UFO occupants that were commonly reported in the 1950s and ‘60s, usually in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, although cases in Spain and even the USA were reported. As with everything involving UFOs, we must first assume good faith on the part of people who are beyond our reach: the witness, the magazine or newspaper in which the story first appeared, and so forth. These cases were made known to U.S. audiences by Jim and Coral Lorenzen’s books on UFOs in the Sixties and Seventies, contributed by a formidable network of correspondents and advisors in other countries. Some reports suggested that their tall stature proved beyond question their non-terrestrial origin, as even humans who will someday be born in a low-gravity environment may attain considerable height. Their purposes seemed centered on “gathering samples”, much like their other occupants reported at the time, or sometimes chasing terrified witnesses (potential “samples”? Who knows) who made narrow escapes. An argument can be made in the recent Chilean sighting that energy released in tremendous earthquakes may cause unusual effects in the human mind, perhaps leading individuals to see what isn’t there, or misinterpret what they’re seeing. But it is nonetheless worth looking back at some of the cases that we have accumulated over the decades before relegating giant UFO-related beings to the company of the Jolly Green Giant. In January 2002, Argentinean researcher Pablo Omastott brought the following case to the attention of Quique Mario, director of that country's Proyecto Condor UFO research group. The event, a CE-III

The Humanoid Conspiracy involving a motorcyclist and a giant entity, had appeared in the January 15 issue of the Córdoba newspaper. Enrique Moreno, 19, a clerical employee with the Ika-Renault corporation whose nocturnal job involves acting as a courier for business documents from one company office to another. Arriving at one of IkaRenault's offices in the dark of the night to lay some paperwork in the middle of a table, he realized that the facility's lights flickered on and off inexplicably. Moreno paid no mind to the power fluctuation and hopped on his motorcycle, heading for his next destination. Upon reaching a site where vehicles were parked before being sent out across the Andes to Chile, Moreno was amazed to see a giant green figure some 150 meters away. Thinking at first that it might be a welder carrying out his duties at that time of the night, the courier got on his motorcycle and drove toward the figure. When he came within thirty meters, his otherwise dependable bike backfired and hesitated, shuddering and becoming almost unmanageable. Moreno had to perform extraordinary efforts to remain in control of his two-wheeler, but he was much more distressed by the glowing figure than by his vehicle's unaccustomed reaction. "I froze after seeing it," said Moreno. "It was like a robot standing more than two meters tall. Its angled head was hairless, it had shining, luminous eyes, and was dressed like a frogman, wearing a belt with a wide oval buckle around its waist." The ungovernable motorcycle shot like an arrow out of control crossing an open gate and going straight across the road without its driver being able do a single thing about it. "My arms still ache; it robbed me of my strength," he told the interviewer from Córdoba. "I felt as though I was in the middle of a magnetic field. It was cold that night, but the area surrounding me was very hot." After the experience, Moreno stumbled through the factory's gates feeling a terrible buzzing in his head, as though it were about to explode. Factory personnel immediately drove him to a clinic where he was given sedatives. Although the newspaper considers that the young courier may have hallucinated the experience, it adds that there were other witnesses to the entity that very same evening: a nurse at the same medical facility Moreno had been driven to had administered a sedative to a woman who claimed having seen the same colossal figure levitate through the air and enter an unidentified flying object--an event which was confirmed, in turn, by residents of Villa de El Libertador, who had seen the alleged spacecraft that same evening. As if these corroborating accounts were not enough, there is also the case involving trucker Luftolde Rodríguez, 52, who was slowly turning his tractor-trailer around and was terrified to find the green giant standing in front of his rig. The giant's presence appeared to drain not only the vehicle's power source, but the trucker's wristwatch and portable radio as well. Given his proximity to the unknown figure, Rodríguez was better able to describe it. The giant, he said, was looking at him inquisitively; it had a flattened head, was completely bald and lacked eyebrows and eyelashes. Its ears were long, and it wore a glowing light blue outfit with a broad black belt and white boots. An interesting detail is that Rodríguez reports that the giant had a ball "similar to a billiard ball" in its left hand.

The Humanoid Conspiracy The article in Córdoba offers the following conclusion: "The giant's attitude was entirely harmless and could be said to be one of observation. The entity was completely made of energy, perhaps belonging to a form of life in which protoplasm no longer plays any part." Little Deuce Coupe Much has been written about people's love for their automobiles. Given the number of cars on our roads, the fact is unquestionable. However, not much has been put down on paper regarding the UFO phenomenon's similar affection for the humble car. Prior to the age of abductions, a fair share of UFO cases involved unsuspecting motorists. "RV" never suspected he would be one of them. As he drove at three o'clock in the morning along Spain's A-68 highway from the city of Logroño back to his home in the Basque country, the anonymous protagonist of our story was more interested in pulling into the nearest rest area rather than having a close encounter with the unknown. As luck would have it, he found one such rest stop further along the road, deserted but for the presence of large French tractor-trailer whose driver had obviously had the same idea. "RV" parked his Citroen BX, turned off the ignition, and promptly shut his eyes, drifting off to sleep before he even knew it. Despite being a sound sleeper, "RV" was wakened by a slight buzzing sound and a bright light which he at first thought to come from another vehicle--perhaps another articulated trailer--pulling into the rest stop. The bright light gradually dimmed to extinction, and early morning darkness reigned over the area once more. Even as he reflected on the sudden burst of light's origin, "RV" saw the driver of the French tractortrailer exit the cab of his vehicle and approach the car with great urgency, pointing at the empty field adjacent to the rest area. "Did you see that?" asked the trucker in French. "RV" cautiously got out of his car and was stunned. The source of the unexpected brightness turned out to be a vast dark structure, blacker than the surrounding night. The French trucker brimmed over with fear and nervous excitement, but willingly followed "RV"'s lead toward the dark structure. When interviewed by Spanish ufologist Juan José Benítez in 1988, the year the event had occurred, "RV" could not explain what had possessed him to take the lead in a potentially foolhardy excursion, and he admitted to "not being a very curious person." Both men walked an estimated ten meters toward the ominous object before running into what can best be described as an "invisible wall". RV's eyeglasses pressed against his face as he hit the strange barrier, which he would describe to Benítez as having a gelatinous or plastic consistency. Even scarier was the green luminescence which emerged from nowhere to outline the looming dark structure. The French trucker vented a few choice expletives in his language, which caused RV to take a second look at the structure with the greenish cast: twin colossi had seemingly emerged from the vehicle, advancing slowly toward the humans. Knees trembling with fear, RV guessed their height at three meters (9.8 feet), and their width seemed to match. During the interview, RV was careful to state that he did not believe the colossi were robots--at least not mechanicals as we've come to understand them. They moved in unison, "as though they were reflections of one another." Their faces were featureless, their arms hung by their sides, and their massive legs appeared to be slightly articulated. Silent in the darkness, the pair of giants stared

The Humanoid Conspiracy impassively at the two humans at a distance of five meters. Whatever courage or curiosity the truck driver and RV may have felt evaporated: both men broke into a frantic run, eventually hiding behind RV's car. The entire event, which lasted about an hour, ended with a very slight buzzing sound coming from the dark structure, which began moving away at low altitude before disappearing. RV guessed that the structure could have conceivably been a hundred meters in diameter (roughly three hundred feet) and never once thought that the object and its silent "crew" could have been the product of any Earth technology. "Any country that has access to such artifacts will dominate the planet at its leisure," he told Benítez. But the details surrounding the brush with the unknown were event stranger: during the entire hour, not a single car or truck had driven past the rest area in spite of the fact that the A-68 highway is a major artery; the French trucker jumped aboard his rig and "put the hammer down", zooming away from the rest area at top speed, not even bothering to exchange notes with RV regarding the bizarre occurrence both had shared. The battery of RV's Citroen BX became unable to hold a charge, despite the fact that the car was only a year old. Strange blister-like deformities appeared on the rear windshield and the front bumper, the parts of the Citroen which were made of plastic. Mechanics attributed them to proximity to a heat source. Nor did magnetic media fare much better: RV's credit cards refused to work at automatic teller machines. Researcher Benítez was not disappointed when he visited the rest area in search of physical evidence. Only a short distance away from the blacktopped parking lot he found a large swath of grassy terrain that looked bleached and broken in comparison with the surroundings--desiccated without showing signs of having been singed or burned. In the fateful early morning hours of a November day twenty six years ago, around 2:45 a.m., José María Trejo and Juan Carriozosa were standing guard outside the air base's fuel depot, each in their own guard shack, separated by a distance of two hundred feet. The night, which had otherwise been uneventful, was shattered by a loud, piercing, whistling sound that caused the soldiers to cover their ears for about five minutes. The high-pitched noise ended abruptly, causing the soldiers to emerge from their shacks. Given that they were insuring the safety of tens of thousands of gallons of jet fuel, the possibility of a terrorist attack crossed their minds. Armed with submachine guns, the soldiers decided to comb the area beyond Trejo's guard shack, which seemed to be closer to the source of the sound. They had only advanced a few feet when the highpitched whistling sound was heard again, loud enough "to drive us crazy," in Carrizosa's words. Things were only getting started. The very moment the second whistle-blast ended, the sky became filled with an intense light, "brighter than a flare", which lasted some twenty seconds. Both soldiers were amazed at the unsuspected display, and were still exchanging questions about it when a third soldier joined them, asking if they'd seen the light. Deciding that these events were a bit too unsettling not to be reported, they summoned the duty corporal, who ordered the three soldiers and a guard dog--a wolf hybrid--to patrol the area and check for anything unusual. A crackling sound arose unexpectedly from a eucalyptus tree. The soldiers unleashed their growling dog, which ran at top speed toward the darkened area. The three men held their submachine guns tightly, expecting to hear the guard dog barking at an intruder. "The wolf-dog came back to us," Trejo told

The Humanoid Conspiracy researcher García, "but it seemed dazed, dizzy, as though someone or something had given it a beating or frightened it out of its wits." The three soldiers began shouting challenges into the darkness, fingers on their triggers, expecting at any moment to find themselves in a heated gun-battle with intruders bent on detonating the fuel depot. "I felt a strange sensation," reported Trejo. "Something was standing behind me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a green light. Spinning around on a heel, I found myself faced with the most fantastic and inexplicable sight I could've envisioned: a nine-foot tall human figure made of green light." Even stranger, remarked another of the witnesses, was that the figure appeared to be composed of small points of green light, giving it a small head, thick torso and extremely long arms. The luminous giant appeared to have neither legs nor feet. Trejo tried to fire a hail of bullets at the figure, but found it impossible to pull his Z-62 submachine gun’s trigger. Indeed, a gradual stiffening was taking over his body, inducing a sensation of lassitude. He could see and hear perfectly, however, managing to shout: "Get down, they're killing us!" before hitting the ground face first. Trejo's terrified brothers-in-arms were not stricken by the enigmatic paralysis and opened fire against the towering green figure, estimating a total of forty or fifty shots between them. The green giant became brighter, "like the flash of a picture camera" before fading like an image on a television screen. Talavera de la Real was in turmoil. Alarms were sounded as some soldiers took up defensive positions and others headed for the fuel depot. The three sentries were hard pressed to explain what had occurred to an irate superior officer. But what saved them from an uncomfortable stay in the base's stockade was a cold physical fact: despite having ordered fifty men to comb the area in broad daylight, not a single cartridge case was found. A masonry wall behind the place where the green giant materialized should have been pockmarked with bullet impacts, but was otherwise intact. But it was Trejo--the first one to see the green intruder--who would pay the price physically: only a few days after the incident, he was afflicted by sudden bouts of blindness to which neither the base's medics nor physicians at an Army hospital were ever able to explain beyond a vague description of "nervous shock". Giant UFO occupants have not formed part of recent case histories, and especially not during the abduction-haunted 1990's. They appear to be confined to certain parts of the world, as though assigned to them. Very few of them have taken place in the United States, and the only one worthy of mention is the August 1973 incident which occurred in Buffalo Mills, Pennsylvania, were residents saw a 9 foot tall giant with "a baleful expression" as it walked down the main street. During the early days of ufology, speculation had it that the giant ufonauts were bred to perform a specific task, just as the small, large-headed ones seemed to be good at certain others. In the Botafuego case, the giants appeared insubstantial--projections designed to frighten away notoriously curious humans, perhaps? Had the entities been bent on enforcing a "no witnesses" policy, they could have surely caught up with the escaping vehicle in a few bounds. In the Talavera del Real case, we again find another insubstantial giant seemingly "probing the defenses" of a military facility.

The Humanoid Conspiracy The concept of these giants as security measures is highlighted in the case involving "RV" and the French trucker at the rest area. Were the monoliths involved in guarding a massive craft--probably a mothership--that made a provisional landing for unknown reasons?

Deeper Questions Arise “Is humanity alone in the universe?” This question has bedeviled us for generations, although it might seem to be a recent query, a result of our interest in space exploration and the furious technological development that came about after World War 2. Others may lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of science-fiction, blaming our obsession the pulps of the 1920s and 30s, the “boys’ papers” of the 1900s, and the romantic descriptions of worldly life on our neighboring worlds in the late 19th century. Readers with a taste for trivia might go back to the “Moon Hoax” of the 1830s, when newspapers claimed that a fanciful civilization of bat-people lived our planet’s satellite. We can jump headfirst into the vast pool of history and find evidence that the question was raised by civilizations of the past. This issue was hardly disquieting to the average person in the “ancient world” as we call it. Humanity was by no means alone. There were other creatures – the ones we now call mythological – sharing the world with us. Granted, some of these were creations of the ancient storytellers, used to get a copper coin or two out of frightened listeners. Strange lands beyond the reach of ancient galleys were filled with what we would call “humanoids” – infamous regions whose inhabitants used their enormous feet as parasols, or whose heads grew out of unusual parts of the body. Closer to the marble-pillared cities of the ancient world, there were forests, lakes and rivers with beings that, while having a generally human appearance, belonged to other orders of existence: the nymphs, undines, nixies, pixies and others too numerous to mention. Interaction with these aliens was to be avoided whenever possible, as the outcome of such close encounters was usually detrimental to mortals. On rare occasions friendship of sorts might be struck with them – sometimes by farmers and fishermen, on others by practitioners of theurgy. Of course, rumor had it that a nymph or sylph could bestow sexual favors upon a human, resulting in progeny of uncanny powers. Much of the contactee lore – and even alien encounter reports – of the 20th century mirrors these ancient beliefs almost perfectly. The Church, however, was less sanguine about this business. Neither scripture nor the lengthy arguments of priests and prelates included non-humans in the divine plan for salvation. These entities were ranked among demons, and were to be avoided at all costs, and the darkness of the Medieval period was compounded by fear. It was rumored, of course, that magicians and alchemists flouted this prohibition and had means of contacting these non-humans, and profited by their dealings with them. And here we are at the start of 21st century, with thousands of years of ancient lore behind us and stacks of reports from every continent on Earth regarding “visitors from outer space” who act much like the creatures that troubled our forebears, emerging out of lakes and rivers, taking us by surprise in forests, and sometimes appearing out of thin air within our homes. Their aspect is as varied as the colorful devices that transport them, so we are faced with the question raised by the late Otto Binder – is every single society in the universe sending its citizens to our world, or is something very strange going on here?

The Humanoid Conspiracy

Cyberpals and Aliens On February 16, 2001, forestry technician Ingrid Sperberg, 26, a resident of the city of Angol in northern Chile, managed to meet her cyberpal Patricio Vallejos, 25, a systems analyst from neighboring La Serena. The two had agreed to meet in person after a long friendship over the Internet, and Sperberg offered to show the out-of-towner the sights of her home town. Vallejo arrived at Angol's bus terminal at eight thirty in the evening, as sunset crowned the city. At the station were Sperberg and her friend María Cristina Sepúlveda, 42, who had agreed to provide the transportation for the city tour and act as an unofficial chaperone on their meeting. Maria Cristina drove the cyberpals around Angol and at one point, the three of them agreed to visit a scenic lookout from where it was possible to see the entire city of Angol brightly lit and standing out against the surrounding darkness. Arriving at the lookout at 10:15 p.m., they were surprised to find they were the only car at the location, which is variously known as "El Mirador" or "Las Piñas" by the locals. They parked their car some four meters away from an iron gate adorned with cartwheels, which guards the entrance to a field planted with pine and eucalyptus trees. Sperberg and Vallejo got out of the car to enjoy the view while María Cristina remained beside her vehicle. When the forestry technician and her friend looked back toward the field, they witnessed a white light ascending vertically from a distance estimated at some four hundred feet away. Rejoining María Cristina by the car, the trio witnessed a beam of light spreading open, fan-like, orange colored its base and soft violet at its top. According to their account, which appeared in a local newspaper, the beam of light "lit up everything some 40 meters around. Dry grass, depressions, the green of the trees and shrubs could be clearly seen." The phenomenon lasted for some three to four minutes, during which a very frightened Ingrid Sperberg excused herself from her companions to get back into the car. A self-confessed skeptic about the UFO phenomenon, Sperberg stated, "I don't like seeing strange things." A few more minutes elapsed before a solicitous María Cristina Sepúlveda went to check on her friend, discovering that the car's dome light, which had been hitherto working perfectly, did not activate upon opening the door. Puzzled, Maria Cristina repeated the maneuver a few times to no avail. It was necessary for her turn on the light source manually. Meanwhile, Patricio Vallejo remained outside the car, taking in the veritable light show. Vallejo, who suffers hearing problems, did not notice the sound of "ringing bells" that the women had been clearly able to distinguish during the event. The lights and sounds came to an end when the UFO abruptly vanished. Vallejo coaxed his cyberpal out of the car by assuring her that the coast was clear and that all had returned to normal. He couldn't have been more wrong. Sperberger became aware of a sound in the now-still night: a noise similar to that piece of metal being dragged over the loose paving stones of the country road they were on. "That's when I looked up, and

The Humanoid Conspiracy behind the iron gate I could see two figures standing 1.20 meters, tall, dark, nearing the gate. They weren't walking--they were dragging themselves along."

According to the event's protagonists, the beings' faces, hands and legs were invisible, and the entities gave the impression of being shadows. The nature of the sound was also elaborated upon later: Sepúlveda characterized it as sounding as though the beings "wore metal booties". "When I saw them," Sperberger told journalists, "I looked at Patricio, who was alert to what was happening. At first I thought it could be people, as I struggled to find a rational explanation to what was going on. I heard the sound of metal. I’m sure that the figure on the left carried something strange, like two metal rods, but I'm not sure what they were." The entities halted their progress only a few feet away from the decorated iron gate. The one on the left crossed the iron obstacle as though it were non-existent, and following a small walk-around, made an about face and returned to the field, rejoining its companion. The shadowy pair moved away from the stunned onlookers; Maria Cristina shone her car's high-beams on them as they departed, but there was nothing to be seen. Ingrid Sperberger's plea to her companions about leaving the place as soon as possible was well received: the three boarded the car and left the scenic lookout behind. By their calculations, they returned to Angol at 10:40 p.m., so the entire event lasted 25 minutes. María Cristina would later add that as the car departed, she was able to see one of the dark entities through the rear view mirror, apparently pacing the car, before dissolving into an amorphous black mass. In retrospect, Sperberger and her companions agreed that the ghostly entities made no attempt to communicate with them, but that the beings made a noise similar to speech, a "mumbling" sound; during the event, all three agreed that the immediate temperature appeared to be much greater than it should have been for that time of night. The heat appeared to be concentrated in the area occupied by the witnesses (microwaves?). The unusual heat was accompanied by an odd smell reminiscent of "burning wiring" or "burning rubber". Although Ingrid Sperberger was the one most ill at ease with the paranormal events, it would be her friend María Cristina who would experience the unusual aftereffects of the ordeal. Ever since the close encounter on February 16, Sepúlveda claims to have been roused from sleep by the sound of metal being dragged on loose stone--the clangor made by the shadowy figures. Given her religious beliefs (an Adventist) she has refused to consider hypnotic regression and has attached religious significance to her experience, particularly after a healing experience which may be related to the encounter. Sepúlveda told the press that she had had a dream in which an entity completely different from the shadow beings--an angelic, luminous entity she describes as "a beautiful person"--healed her of a fleshy mass that was growing in the back of her throat, and for which she had sought medical attention. She awoke from the nitric experience to discover that the lump was inexplicably gone: a fact confirmed by her physician. UFO researcher Ernesto Escobar states that the four friends were not alone in their experience, since his UFO study group was investigating a case which occurred on March 16 involving a group of five friends who had come to Angol to visit with friends and decided to stop at the scenic lookout, where they were startled by three beings standing in excess of six feet tall and with long arms and legs, who emerged

The Humanoid Conspiracy from behind some shrubs. After talking among themselves -- at least that was the eyewitnesses' impression -- the entities turned around and vanished. Escobar's team has focused its attention on collecting soil samples from the ground allegedly trodden by the tall entities, and upon an anomalous spring not far from the metal fence where the sighting took place. The liquid coming from this spring has been described as having a "gelatinous" quality and "an unknown type of chloration was discovered upon analysis", stated the researcher to reporters from the Diario Austral de Temuco, adding that "the importance of these apparitions resides in that they are events which repeat themselves at the same place, the number of people who have witnessed them is significant, the object are highly mobile and close to the ground, and feature the apparition of humanoid figures." Odd Creatures in Mexico The Mexican town of Tepoztlán, roughly an hour's drive from the urban sprawl of Mexico City, is probably better known than any other place in that country for its UFO visitations, which have been captured on video and still photographs by hundreds of witnesses and conveyed around the world through documentaries and live broadcasts. The town, which has become a "new age" mecca over the course of the last century due to its ancient ruins and reputation as a focal point for benign earth energies, also boasts stories of alien contact which are somewhat less known. One of these is chronicled in Luis Ramírez Reyes's Contacto: México (Diana, 1995) concerning the experiences of Concepción Navarrete, a poor woman who operated a food stand at the base of the majestic rock formation known as El Tepozteco, a favorite UFO haunt. One day, according to Mrs. Navarrete, she was startled by the presence of a very odd creature standing near a cross-like structure marking the site where the coronations of ancient Chichimec monarchs took place. "I was deeply shocked," said the witness, "because he was facing away from me and he looked like a giant lizard, upright, standing some two meters tall. His skin was green and covered in scales." She added that the lizard being's back had a leaden grey cast to it, and the whole creature seemed to have emerged from the mud. What occurred next was probably even more incredible. The reptilian entity made a sudden about-face, as if realizing that it was being spied upon. But at that very moment, its reptilian image was replaced by that of a "blond, cordial American tourist" who inquired-- telepathically and in a somewhat mocking tone--if she had been startled by his presence. Feeling her senses overwhelmed by the entity, Navarrete cried out for help as another tourist approached. The lizard man subsequently vanished as if he had never been there. The approaching tourist calmly told Navarrete, to her astonishment, that he was aware of the lizard beings and their penchant for adopting human guise to wander among us...much in the same manner as the “gods” of yore. On June 19, 1968, Mexico’s “La Prensa” carrier the story of Mrs. Cristina Leguizamo, who reminisced back to an event that befell her on Easter Week 1963 while she prayed the Rosary with her daughter and a friend. A sudden tremor occurred, causing cracks to appear on the walls. Earthquakes being common in Mexico, she wasn’t flustered by the event, but looking outside the window, she noticed that people were going about their everyday business – not the attitude of a neighborhood that had just experienced an earth movement. The strange event appeared localized to her dwelling, and when she turned to comment to the other women, she realized that these had fallen into a dead faint. Years later (the date is given as 1 December 1966) Mrs. Leguizamo’s home became awash in bluish light, accompanied by a buzzing sound. Opening the door, the woman found a strange “entity” levitating

The Humanoid Conspiracy above the floor – a humanoid entity with fine features and an athletic build, clad in a green outfit woven out of scaly material. Leguizamo subsequently said the scales were actually the creature’s skin. The outcome of this experience found the human woman accepting an invitation to board an “extraterrestrial spaceship” which gave off a sulfurous odor. Attractive female humanoids in the mold of contactee-story captain Aura Rhanes can also be found in the Mexican chronicles. In October 1972, Enrique Mercado was staring at the night skies over Mexico City when he suddenly found himself standing back to back with a “creature” that invited him to come aboard his vehicle. Mercado was able to get a good look at his unexpected visitor: it wore a tight-fitting outfit, strapless boots “similar to the ones worn by boxers” and an emblem over the left side of the chest. Mercado added a further detail – the alien commander aboard the craft, seemingly older than the rest of the crew, was clad head to toe in “pearly white.” Mercado paid greater attention to the crewwomen, who were dressed exactly like their male counterparts, but had coppery skins, light and dark eyes, short hair and very pleasant smiles”. The experience wrote a book bearing the title “28 horas a bordo de un OVNI” in which he describes his experiences to the fullest.

The Michelin Man Comes Alive On Sunday, March 14, 1976, the last thing on the minds of Vicente Corell and his wife Carmen was an encounter with beings from another world. Their son had just been drafted in Spain's compulsory military service and tearful goodbyes had been exchanged at the Draftee Induction Center (CIR-7) located in the town of Marines. After spending the day in the local, the Corells began the long trip home to the town of Almenara, driving along small roads of Spain's Castellon region. At around 10:00 p.m., the couple found itself facing a strange phenomenon in the night skies -a brilliant white oval that floated lazily to the left of their own car. Believing at first that it might be the headlights of a car on a nearby hill, the Corells steered their Renault 4L toward their ultimate destination. No sooner had the vehicle gone a few hundred feet did they become aware of the fact that all was not well.

The alarmed couple thought that they were driving into a "luminous tornado" of sorts as a

The Humanoid Conspiracy very curious object appeared to rise out of the ground. Bathing the object with his car's high beams, Mr. Corell was startled to see that it was a person. "I suppose that it had two legs," he would tell distinguished Spanish investigator Juan José Benítez, who investigated the case. "because it reminded me of a human profile. However, since they [the legs] were so close together, it looked more like a column than a human being. The thing was tall, good-looking [sic] and wore a close fitting, one-piece outfit..." The outlandish entity stood on the ground in what Vicente Corell described as a military "ten-hut" position --arms stiffly at its side and ramrod straight, looking at the oncoming vehicle. The couple's initial fascination changed to fear as the Renault's lights suddenly went out, leaving them in pitch blackness. The smell of burning wires soon filled the passenger compartment and Corell was forced to pull over. While all this happened, the entity vanished into the darkness. Vicente and Carmen Corell, their car's electrical system ruined, were left to wonder what had happened. According to researcher Benítez, Mrs. Corell proved to have a much better recall of the situation than her husband, adding the interesting detail that the entity's outfit was made of "narrow, slightly inflated bands" from its neck down to its waist. She went as far as to describe the entity as similar to Bibendum, the world-famous Michelin Man, "only less so." While such a simile may inspire some to smile and others to shake their heads, it was not the first time that such a creature would had been seen on the Spanish peninsula. In the summer of 1960, Miguel Timermans, a schoolteacher from Prado del Rey (Cadiz) in southern Spain, decided to go on a weekend run on his Lambretta motorcycle to the city of Jerez. It was a clear, beautiful morning and visibility was unlimited. As he drove uphill at some point between Prado del Rey and the town of Arcos, a colossal figure appeared out of nowhere along the roadside. Timermans described it as well over two meters (6.5 ft.) and encased in a "swollen" red one-piece suit. Shocked, the teacher brought his motorcycle to a halt right in the middle of the highway as an overpowering sense of fear washed over him: the giant entity was slowly walking toward him along the edge of the highway. Recalling the event, Timermans remarked that the creature's pressure suit or outfit was composed of "concentric rings" which also reminded him of the Michelin Man. The improbable figure lurched forward robotically and measuring its steps. With the high-strangeness quotient overflowing at this point, Timermans was doubly startled to see another creature walking behind the giant! The second entity was barely over a meter tall and had what appeared to be a glossy black "boot" covering one of the legs of its red outfit. It, too, walked awkwardly as it brought up the rear. The enigmatic figures crossed Timerman's path diagonally and vanished from sight after an encounter that lasted no more than 30 seconds. Kick-starting the Lambretta, the teacher headed for the place where the creatures had last been seen and was unable to find a trace of their presence. The astonishing case was reported in Stendek magazine. The November 1974 issue of the French UFO publication Lumiéres dans la Nuit featured a fascinating Belgian case whose detail closely resemble those of the Spanish and Argentinean events. On January 7, 1974, a 31 year old Belgian man known only as "Monsieur X" (an anonymous designation used to excess in European cases!) was driving his car between the towns of Comines and Warneton on the border between France and Belgium. The time was shortly before 9 p.m. on a clear, damp winter

The Humanoid Conspiracy night when "Monsieur X" 's vehicle, which had been functioning flawlessly, suddenly sputtered to a halt as the headlights went out. As the vehicle coasted to a halt on the otherwise empty roadway, the driver became aware of an object some 300 feet away in a field bordering the road. At first he took it to be a stack of hay, but almost immediately noticed that the "haystack" was propped up on three struts. The witness would later go on to say that the object had the basin-shape of a W.W.I soldier's helmet. Fascinated by the yellowish-white light issuing from the distant vehicle, "Monsieur X" was unaware of two figures walking toward his vehicle in the moonlit darkness. At first he took them to be a farmer and his son, attracted, perhaps by the singular object in the field. Casting a second look, he realized his mistake. The two beings could not have been less farmer-like: striding toward the car with stiff, deliberate paces, the shorter of the two resembled the Michelin Man, only with rings not as clearly delineated as those on the famous corporate image. The being's circular helmet concealed a featureless pear-shaped face with dark sockets; its taller companion had a similarly grotesque visage but did not resemble its counterpart. Given their deliberate movements and the brightness of the moonlight, "Monsieur X" was able to make out a number of interesting details, such as the fact that the short "Michelin Man"-like figure appeared armed with a triangular weapon in its hand and that both figures had heavy, pointed boots. The two entities came to within thirteen feet of the car before stopping. "Monsieur X" claimed to have felt a "shock" to the base of his skull followed by a low-pitched sound that became increasingly louder. But there would be no thrilling contact scenario here -- for no reason, the tall and short being made a sudden about face in near-military fashion and headed back to the landed vehicle at a much faster pace than before. The similarity to the Spanish Corell case, still two years into the future, is remarkable.

Fashion Nightmares An afternoon playing with cousins and the family dog developed into a full-blown encounter with the unknown for a ten year-old boy from the village of El Fundo. He had been playing outdoors around five o’clock on the family property when the dog – a Collie – began barking frantically at one of the sheds located on the premises. From behind the wood and zinc structure emerged “a man like a robot” that ignored the canine vocalizations and began walking in a straight line, seemingly oblivious to the frightened children, who ran away and hit in the shrubbery. It was then that the ten year-old heard an unusual sound which he described as “a cavalry charge”. Turning to see what the source of the noise was, he was startled to see an orb measuring approximately three feet in diameter, painted black and surmounted by an unidentified structure, rolling along the ground. The sphere rolled away and vanished into the woods. The “robot man” meanwhile continued his slow, inexorable forward motion away from the scene, harried by the barking dog. According to researcher Manuel Fiallo, who interviewed the protagonists, the strange entity was wearing a form-fitting outfit of black slacks and a short-sleeved red pullover that revealed “scaly lemongreen arms”. Its face appeared to lack eyes and nose, although the mouth was described as “normallooking.” In the Darkness of the Tropics

The Humanoid Conspiracy In March 1977, Dominican GOFOS group (Grupo Observador de Fenómenos y Objetos Siderales) researched a case which had taken place in San Francisco Macorís, a farming community in the southern part of the country. In one particular instance, a couple was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by their baby's crying. When the mother went to check on her, she noticed that the entire house was bathed in a hot, greenish-blue light. The mother described it as "a buzzing lightning bolt that won't go away." The woman's husband went outside to see the source of the mysterious light, perhaps fearing an electrical fire of some sort. He was stunned by what he saw: hovering above the palm trees at a height of some fifty feet was a disk with a large number of "grates" which emitted an array of colors, mainly red, white, blue and green. He ran back into his house as the buzzing sound increased. The heat became unbearable as the vehicle zoomed out of sight, and the couple was left with irritated eyes and a dryness of the throat that persisted for a week. Not much was known about UFOs in the Dominican Republic at the time, and certainly not in the agricultural region of San Francisco Macorís. But that was about to change. On the night of June 24, 1977 an anonymous witness reported seeing an enigmatic light descending slowly from the night sky to remain motionless over the sea. A tube like structure emerged from the vehicle's "hull" and absorbed seawater for a protracted period of time. The unidentified object then rose again to hover above the witness, who noticed two beings staring at him through a porthole. According to the witness, a larger vehicle absorbed this smaller craft and became lost among the stars. The stage for the sightings moved from the Dominican Republic's eastern tip to its western border with Haiti, near the sugar-producing region on the Bay of Ocoa, in late 1977 and early 1978, with events taking a grislier turn: mutilations, accompanied by strange lights and bizarre creatures, tormented the cane-cutters of the town of Barahona, who reported that a "gigantic dog" was slaying and eating domestic animals in the dead of the night. This monstrous canine possessed above average intelligence, as it was able to open pens and cages, extracting the last drop of blood from its hapless victims, which consisted largely of cats, hens and rabbits. Local authorities dismissed any supernatural suggestions, stating that it was merely "a joke in the poorest of taste" executed by the inhabitants of this agricultural area. The fact that the locals could ill afford sacrificing their animals for the sake of a prank was deemed irrelevant. The mutilations were closely followed by a number of "occupant" sightings as the flap reached its peak: Cone-shaped beings were seen in November 1978 by five women in Santo Domingo. Three creatures, twice the height of the tallest human, carrying lanterns on their abdomens, descended a steep hillside to surround an automobile that braked to a screeching halt. The automobile's headlights died as the witnesses heard sounds which they assumed were blows being inflicted upon the vehicle by the conical trio. Their terrified screams attracted the attention of neighbors, who came to their aid. No traces were found of the beings or of the car which they had surrounded. An Alien Jack and Jill Argentina has been one of the world’s most prominent sources of UFO occupant and “high-strangeness” events since the 1950s. Some of these cases range from encounters with giant humanoids, as in the Eugenio Douglass case, to abductions by “Nordic” type entities (the Dionisio Llanca case of the mid70s). Although the 80s represented a significant lull in UFO activity, Argentina was still able to offer a few astonishing cases, such as the one involving Alberto Meyer, an unsuspecting farmer from the city of Viale. In 1986, when the incident occurred, Mr. Meyer was in his thirties and more concerned about raising a family than dealing with the unknown.

The Humanoid Conspiracy On a given day in the summer of that year, Meyer had gone out to chop firewood for the ovens of a local bakery store. As he engaged in the task, he had the distinct impression that something was watching him. Given the country’s considerable wildlife, Meyer probably suspected that a wild pig was about to charge out of the bushes. We can imagine his surprise when two creatures emerged from the dense vegetation instead. He waved at them, thinking they might be hunters. He couldn’t see them clearly, as the pair of new arrivals was still at a distance from him. They stared intently at him, and Meyer suddenly noticed the strange way in which they were dressed – they appeared to be wearing coveralls of some sort. Perhaps they were escapees from a local jail, or worse yet, terrorists (we forget the considerable amount of terrorist activity that engulfed South America in the late 20 th century). Undeterred, and with the chainsaw as his only protection, the young man walked toward them. When he was some twenty feet distant, Meyer was suddenly seized by an unexpected paralysis – not just of the body, but of his very will. He was motionless but curiously unafraid.

Humanoid Entities, Meyer CE-3 The woodcutter was now able to get a better view of the intruders, realizing that their coveralls were not the product of any penitentiary: they seemed to be made of a skin-colored plastic material. Nor were the new arrivals in any way human: they had large, bald heads with pointed ears and generally human features. They appeared to be male and female, almost identical in height. The trace of a smile appeared on the female being’s lips, and both she and her companion pulled away at terrific speed, “gliding” over the uneven terrain as though on skates. Meyer’s paralysis ended as soon as the entities had withdrawn, and now fully mobile again, he beat a terrified retreat to his vehicle, fleeing the area. We cannot say for sure if the bakery ever received the much-needed wood for its bread ovens. The quicksilver speed with which the non-human couple moved is reminiscent of other encounters cases, particularly the 1972 incident involving a group of nine people who decided to spend a night on Puerto Rico’s El Yunque, the mountain rainforest. The details of the incident have been described elsewhere, but the point that concerns us here is that the campers were surrounded by “beings” that moved with uncanny agility through the densely forested area, leaving deep impressions on the ground. The figures “glided” through the rainforest, zigzagging as they did so. Witnesses Efrain Arroyo and Heriberto Ramos – the leaders of the overnight visit – described the creatures as standing between five and six feet tall with elongated arms, large eyes and pointed ears. At one point during their encounter, the witnesses came within 20 feet of the entities, feeling themselves engulfed by a sense of tranquility

The Humanoid Conspiracy and well-being they had never felt before – the same “sensation” brought to bear by the creatures encountered by Alberto Meyer?

It is difficult to bring a subject of such vast a scope to a neat conclusion. We speak patronizingly of the ancients, but perhaps they were on to something. The other beings that came into contact with humans were not from stars pegged in the firmament but from our own world, in ways that we still cannot explain with all the verbiage of science and technology. An uncomfortable kinship existed between human and parahuman – created by the same deity(ies) but each assigned to a different niche in creation. Ancient humans saw in these fellow denizens more perfected versions of themselves to be revered, or less perfected ones to be avoided. They gave them unusual names and assigned them to various regions of our world; we include them in “classifications” and imagine them to be from exotic planets. Perhaps for all of our technical prowess, we have fallen short of our forebears in matters of intuition – the old storyteller still spins his yarns, and walks away with a pocketful of coins.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

Up the airy mountain Down the rushy glen, We dare n't go a-hunting, For fear of little men; William Allingham, “The Fairies’

The Humanoid Conspiracy

Humanoids and Sex It is an unquestionable fact that sex has played a pivotal role in a number of UFO cases and has become the mainstay of the abduction phenomenon, whose literature centers around the non-consensual aspect of these goings-on. But these are merely the latest facet of a phenomenon that goes back to the very start of human history and myth. Who can forget the Greek gods and the numerous guises they assumed to seduce humans? But the Mediterranean cultures were hardly alone in their beliefs. Hindu deities were equally proficient at seduction: the Bhaghavata Purana tells us of the exploits of the divine Krishna with mortal milkmaids. Hardly a culture in the Americas lacks a story concerning a sky maiden who fell to earth, married a mortal, and then returned to her people after having had offspring. The notion of sexual congress has also played heavily in science fiction and other speculative writing as far back as Edgar Rice Burroughs's John Carter of Mars stories, where the human hero fights all manner of alien beings on the Red Planet and wins the affections of the alien princess Deja Thoris (Burroughs's Martians were oviparous, so in the course of time, we can imagine that Carter's alien lover laid an egg). Many researchers and writers have agreed that were it necessary to sum up ufology in a single case, the one involving the strange experience of Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas Boas would more than likely be the one to choose. Veteran Brazilian ufologist Fernando Cleto reminisces about the surreal days of this most unusual case: "...being a friend of Joao Martins, I already knew enough about the event in his own words. One one occasion, I read letters written by Villas Boas and even managed to see a small model of the "flying saucer" and of one of its occupants--small rustic statuettes whittled out of wood by Villas Boas himself. I also recall that Joao Martins was completely opposed to making this case known to the public, for which reason it was disclosed much later[...]after Dna. Irene Granchi disclosed the case overseas, I published my own opinion in this regard in a Belgian or British magazine--I can't remember which. I made an observation which greatly favored the Villas Boas case." As if the incredible AVB required any further bolstering, Fernando Cleto managed to show that there had indeed been sightings of the same elongated oval vehicle elsewhere in Brazil prior to the date of the events in the AVB case. "I remember," says Cleto, "that a few days prior to October 15, 1957, there was a case in the interior of the State of Goiás. A car was forced off the roadway by a force issuing from a "flying saucer". The driver described something which bore a strong connection to what Villas Boas had seen. He compared the UFO to a helicopter, at first, with the power to exert traction...and to have seen occupants similar to those seen by Villas Boas. There is no doubt that on November 6, 1957, Colonel Ivo Gastaldoni, who was on the way to the hospital to see his newly born daughter, was summoned by his command to see a UFO hovering directly over the Cumbica Air Base. The colonel remarked that the object was high up in the air and well out of the reach of the base's fighters. His overall impression was that it resembled some sort of egg-shaped craft with a helicopter blade spinning over the ovoid fuselage. "The event with the driver before October 15, 1957, when added to the November 6 case," writes Cleto. "coincided with the description given by ViIllas Boas for his own object and impressed me greatly. It was as if a certain model of UFO carrying a very special crew complement had been operating a given region of Brazil for a given period of time while on a special mission."

The Humanoid Conspiracy Ufologist Cleto notes in his memorandum regarding the AVB case that Joao Martins' reluctance to disclose the particulars of the astonishing event was to keep mentally unbalanced individuals from conjuring up similar scenarios. But what exactly happened to Antonio Villas Boas? The deposition taken by investigator Dr. Olavo T. Fontes and subsequently delivered to Brazil's Ministry of the Navy remains the cornerstone of research into the case. It was taken in Fontes' office on February 22, 1958 and witnessed by journalist Martins himself. Villas Boas began by stating that he was 23 years old at the time and was a farmer by profession. He lived on a fazenda on the outskirts of Sao Francisco de Sales, Minas Gerais, not far from Sao Paul and came from a large family composed of two brothers and three sisters who all lived in the immediate area. The young farmer explained that it was their custom to work two shifts during the planting season: one at night, which he was responsible for, and another by day which was handled by farmhands. On October 5, 1957, Villas Boas went to bed at 11:00 p.m. following a party at the farmhouse. He shared the room with his younger brother Joao, and they were both witnesses to a strange nocturnal light which lit up the entire room and had its source in one of the animal pens on the farm. It was ten days later--on October 15--that Antonio Villas Boas would have his historic experience. While driving his tractor, he noticed a shining star that increased in brightness as if descending to earth. "In a matter of seconds," he told his interviewers. "it turned into a very shiny oval object headed straight for me. He tried to escape from it by speeding up the tractor, but the object had already landed some 10 to 15 meters ahead of the tractor. "It got closer and I was able to see, for the very first time, that it was a strange device with a slightly rounded shape, encircled by small lights and with a large, enormous red light in front, from which came all the light I could see when it was higher...the machine's shape was now clearly visible. It resembled a large, elongated egg with three spurs in front." AVB added the curious detail that "something appeared to be spinning at high speed on top of the vehicle and gave off a reddish fluorescent light." Seized by terror, Antonio jumped off the tractor in hopes of eluding his pursuers on foot, but the furrowed terrain made a speedy getaway impossible. The next thing he knew, someone had seized him by the arm. It was a figure much shorter than he, wearing a "strange outfit" and a helmet. The farmer pushed the figure away and managed to knock it to the ground, but three more similarly-dressed figures turned up, seizing him by his arms and legs, and bore him off to the waiting craft. Villas Boas indicated that he did not go off meekly to whatever fate awaited him: he kicked, screamed and hurled insults at his helmeted captors. Given the narrowness of the vehicle's access stairway, the farmer managed to break away from his captors, but he was overpowered once more by their uncanny strength and superior numbers. The humanoids dragged him into the craft, where he was stripped naked and subjected to several indignities. His captors drew a blood sample from his chin using a chalice-like device, and after slathering him with a strange liquid that covered his entire body, he was taken to a room--unfurnished but for a couch--were he was left alone for some twenty minutes, by his count. At this point, a mixture of fear, nausea and coldness, coupled to the stench of a strange gas that was pumped into the room, led him to vomit in one of the corners.

The Humanoid Conspiracy "After a long time," Villas Boas said, "a noise at the door startled me. I turned in that direction and was shocked to see that it was now open and a woman was entering the room, walking toward me. She was approaching slowly, perhaps amused at the astonishment that must have been visible on my face. My jaw had dropped and with good reason. This woman was completely naked, as was I, and barefoot. She was also pretty, although different from the women I'd known. Her hair was an almost whitish shade of blonde, as if peroxided, straight and not very abundant, neck-length and with the ends curled inward. Her eyes were blue and large, more narrow than round and slanted outward--like the pencil-painted eyes of those girls who fancy themselves Arabian princesses and make their eyes look slanted; that's what they were like. Only it was a completely natural effect, since there was no paint at all involved." The strange liquid which had been spread over his body, apparently some sort of aphrodisiac, began to work as Antonio felt less tense as the small woman began to caress him, ultimately seducing him. "It sounds incredible," he confessed to Fontes and Martins during the interview, "given the situation I was in. I believe that the liquid they rubbed on me was the cause of it. All I know is that I felt an uncontrollable sexual excitement, which had never happened to me before. I forgot about everything and held the woman, returning her caresses with my own. We ended up on the couch, where we had relations for the first time. It was a normal act and she responded like any woman. Then came a period of more caressing followed by more sexual relations. In the end, she was tired and breathing quickly. I was still excited, but she now refused and tried to get away. When I noticed that, I cooled down too. That was what they wanted from me, a good stallion to improve their stock." The door opened once more and two of the "crewmen" appeared, summoning the woman away. Before leaving, she turned to the farmer and pointed at her belly, then pointing him, and finally at the heavens. Curiously, Villas Boas took this to mean that "she would return to take me from where it was she came." After having served as breeding stock, Antonio was unceremoniously led off the vehicle, which took off immediately. Returning to his tractor, Villas Boas learned that the time was now five thirty in the morning. Estimating that it had been around 1:15 a.m. when he was abducted, his entire experience had lasted some four hours and fifteen minutes. "My mother told me shouldn't become involved with those people again. I didn't have the courage to tell my father, since I had already told him about the light that appeared over the pens, and he didn't believe me, telling me that I was seeing things..." Villas Boas concluded. After his traumatic experience, Villas-Boas withdrew from public life to pursue his studies, earning a law degree and becoming a practicing attorney in the city of Formosa, Goias, while running a small business on the side. He died in late 1992 in the city of Uberaba, in Brazil's Triángulo Minero. In June 1993, the late Dr. Walter K. Buhler, president of the Sociedad Brasileira de Estudios Sobre Discos Voadores (SBDEDV), disclosed the fact that between 1962-63, his organization had received an anonymous letter from the U.S., inviting Villas-Boas to visit this country in order to examine a recovered flying saucer in the possession of the American military. This letter was sent to Formosa, state of Goiás by Dr. Buhler. Allegedly, Villas Boas's son advised him that his father had indeed visited to the United States to inspect the object but had kept silent the rest of his life concerning the visit.

Alien Heat

The Humanoid Conspiracy On March 3, 1978, in the small hours of the morning, eighteen year old Jose Inacio Alvaro, studying to be an electrician at a vo-tech in the Brazilian town of Pelotas, noticed a strange glow pouring in through one of the windows of his house. Alvaro, who had been up at that late hour studying, felt an unusual torpor seize him at the very moment that a thin blue beam appeared out of the light. The next thing he remembered was waking up on the street at a considerable distance from his home. Casting a frightened look at his wristwatch, Jose Inacio realized the time was now four o'clock in the morning: he had no recollection of what events had transpired in the intervening two hours. Jose Inacio's case attracted the attention of Brazilian ufologists who urged him to undergo hypnosis. The sessions were conducted by a number of faculty members of the University of Pelotas and at one point even included the college's chancellor. Under hypnosis, Jose Inacio recounted an experience that rivaled the classic Antonio Villas Boas case: at a given point, he found himself in an unfurnished, circular room and in the company of a naked, darkhaired woman that was much taller than he. At that point, the student realized that he, too, was unclothed. The woman approached him, placed a hand on his forehead, and told him not to be frightened since no harm would befall him. She immediately began caressing Jose Inacio, who at first had misgivings about the situation but eventually relented. They ended up having sexual intercourse on a structure that he described as "a net." The details of his carnal experience were intensely graphic. The hypnotists' report states that the subject's words and movements clearly indicate he was reliving the experience under trance. For the sake of decorum, the researchers allegedly erased the recording of the session. Unlike the AVB case, there were witnesses to Jose Inacio's return from his odyssey. One resident of Pelotas claimed having seen the student lying on the street at that time of the morning; upon approaching to offer assistance, the good Samaritan alleged that Jose Inacio stood up like an automaton and began to walk away from the scene. Other local residents claimed to have witnessed the passing of a disk-shaped flying object in the air above Pelotas which caused disruptions to the power grid as it passed overhead. The experiences of AVB and Jose Inacio Alvaro were not to be unique: theirs would soon have to share the spotlight with those of a third Brazilian man by the name of Juan Valerio. On the evening of November 30, 1982, Juan Valerio da Silva went out of his house in the rural town of Botucatú to get some water and did not re-enter the structure. Three hours later, he was found unconscious in his backyard, naked and covered in what appeared to be oil. Having no conscious recollection of what happened during the twelve-hour absence, hypnosis was again employed to ascertain his whereabouts during the "missing time" period. Valerio claimed that he was taken to a strange place by unseen captors, stripped of his clothing and placed beside a dark-skinned naked woman with long black hair who forced him to engage in sexual activity. A series of "strange tattoos" were etched upon his body. While lacking the lurid descriptions that made his predecessors' experiences famous, the importance of Valerio's story lies in what we could term the postscript: the abductee developed a number of psychic abilities, most notably telekinetic powers. He has also had repeated visits from his non-human hosts, and was led to believe that his eldest son, Reginaldo, was also the product of genetic experimentation by these alien entities.

The Humanoid Conspiracy An Evening in Mirassol Mirassol is a city of some thirty-two thousand inhabitants in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil which has earned its place in ufological history due to the events which allegedly took place there in 1979, regarding the experiences with non-human entities lived by Antonio Carlos Ferreira, who was 21 years old at the time and working as a watchman for a large furniture manufacturer in town. At three o'clock in the morning on June 28th of that year, Ferreira witnessed a large shining light descend from the darkness on to the ground not far from where he stood watch. As he concentrated on the bright light, he then noticed that three diminutive entities were approaching: their heads were covered by opaque helmets and their bodies were encased in form fitting suits with what the young watchman took to be "breathing devices". Before Ferreira knew it, one of the beings fired a beam of red light which left him paralyzed. The was conveyed--in this state of immobility--toward the painfully bright light, which turned out to be a small disk-shaped craft that shuttled Ferreira and his captors to a larger vehicle in space. Once aboard this craft, the frightened watchman was surprised to notice two different sorts of beings milling about: one having dark skin and curly red hair, and the other with lighter complexions and straight black hair; both non-human species had large slanted eyes, wide mouths with thick lips, welldefined chins and lacked eyebrows or eyelashes. His own abductors proved to be some sort of "mechanical men" who returned to their stations against a wall after delivering their captive. Had nothing else occurred, Antonio Carlos Ferreira would have merely been a South American Travis Walton--a stranger in a strange place filled with non-human entities. But the most harrowing part of his unearthly experience was still to come. The humanoids transferred the watchman to a small room and told to lie down on a couch after giving him multiple assurances by telepathic means that he would be returned home unharmed. Feeling more at ease, Ferreira complied until another being appeared in the room: it was a naked female of the darker-skinned alien species. Under the hypnotic regression performed by the late researcher Walter K. Buhler, Gullermo Pereira and Ney Matiel, Ferreira described his would-be sex partner as downright repulsive, having an unpleasant breath, an overly large chin, small breasts and icy cold skin. The detail of red pubic hair, which had first emerged in the Villas Boas case, resurfaced in Ferreira's experience. A struggle with the aliens--also reminiscent of the AVB case--would take place as three of the creatures tore his clothes off to prepare him for the act. Ferreira was outraged and told the female not to come closer since "her ugliness was repulsive". A slightly taller alien gave Ferreira an injection that caused him to lose strength and brought his combativeness to an end. They then covered him in dark, ambercolored oil and placed the repulsive-looking female on top of him. The sexual act was rapidly consummated and the aliens fussed over him again, bathing him in the strange oil once more. His captors informed him they came from "another planet" and that their mission was to secure human offspring for future research; he was told that he would be contacted once more in order that he could meet his hybrid offspring. At one point, Ferreira complained of an inability to breathe and his abductors gave him an unpleasanttasting liquid that appeared to remedy the situation. Similar "cordials" (for want of a better word) also been described in other Brazilian cases, such as the one involving the soldier "Jose Antonio", who was abducted by strange dwarves while fishing on a riverbank.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Ferreira apparently underwent other abduction events of which he had no conscious recollection whatsoever--the second in January 1983 and the third in April of that same year. The Far Side of the Looking Glass This case takes us from subequatorial Brazil to the Caribbean, where in 1934, a teenager identified only as "Julio" became the protagonist of an episode that would scar him for life. It was first investigated by Puerto Rican ufologist Sebastián Robiou (mid-70s), then re-investigated by Salvador Freixedo (late '80s). The witness has since been interviewed once more by Magdalena del Amo-Freixedo (1997). One morning, while flying a brand new kite on a slope outside the city of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, before going off to school, young Julio was startled to see his kite being sucked in by what appeared to be an air-pocket or vaccuum of some kind. He pulled on the string and noticed an inordinate amount of resistance from the wayward kite. Upon looking up, he was amazed to see a ball "like a ball bearing", but measuring some twenty feet across and having the same coppery hue of a BB. A light issued from the object and he felt himself being raised into the air. Before he knew it, he was inside the strange flying object. "On one side, I saw a girl," Julio indicated during the interview conducted by Robiou. "and on the other was a guy looking at some sort of giant emerald. He wore a tight-fitting olive-drab suit that looked like plastic. I couldn't see his face, because he was minding the device. He gestured at the girl...the girl had a pinkish complexion and wore a silvery suit. She was small, like one of our six year-old girls, with platinum blonde hair. I don't remember the color of her eyes." Julio explained that the child was holding his kite in her hands, and that he made all possible efforts to tell her that it belonged to him. The girl not only did not surrender the kite, but instead gave him a small box, from which images could be made to appear. He did not remember how, but the object returned him to the place from which he had been collected, and returned him abruptly to the ground. He suffered a sprained ankle as a result of the experience--but he had the curious little box with him. Further details would emerge during Freixedo's re-opening of the case. "Julio", now a hardened man in his early sixties, informed the Spanish ufologist of the ultimate fate of the little box he'd been entrusted with. The box measured some 20 x 20 x 20 centimeters, and when its "user" placed his or her hands upon it, a "kind of vapor made up of lights" would spin on its surface, causing an entity--as small ape-like creature no more than 1 meter tall --to appear in the room. According to Julio, the entities materialized in such a manner would not speak and appeared to be surprised to find themselves in an alien environment. The girl-child on the strange object had successfully caused the "little apes" to return to their native surroundings or "back into the box", as Julio put it. Only the hapless boy was not so good at this final aspect: the diminutive simians would materialize and vanish at breathtaking speed out the window, many times in the presence of his classmates who had asked him to perform the "neat trick" with the box. The apported entities were not at all pleased, claimed Julio, with their new condition. They would frighten children and dogs, and appeared to prowl the surroundings of Julio's family's house. "Believe me," he told the researcher. "I would just like to die. I'm tired of seeing strange things." The supernatural primates had apparently been the source of a number of mysterious deaths which had occurred in his corner of southwestern Puerto Rico over the decades. When Magdalena del Amo-Freixedo re-opened the case as part of her book Abducciones (Bell Book, 1998), a further wrinkle appeared which has a direct bearing to this article.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Now willing to go on the record by his real name --Juan Rivera Feliberti--he explained to Del AmoFreixedo that his contact with the alien "girl" had not stopped after the incident of the wayward kite. Many years later, now a married man with children, the experiencer moved from Mayaguez to Sabana Grande, P.R. and took his family to the beach one day. While the children frolicked in the water, "Julio" decided to go fishing. He suddenly realized he was not alone: a beautiful woman had appeared right in front of him. A wave of remembrances washed over him as he realized her blonde hair was identical to that of the girl in the odd circular vehicle so many years ago. He asked her where she came from, and she allegedly replied "from far away, from the stars..." Male figures soon appeared, clad identically to the one he remembered seeing back in 1934. "They were the lady's companions...they were identical to the one I'd seen as a boy. Suddenly, I don't know what she did, but she was completely naked. She didn't tell me anything, but I understood in my mind that she wanted to have relations with me. I didn't want to...I wanted to run away. Besides, my wife could catch me if she happened to come around." Although hesitant to describe his unusual experience to a female investigator, Del Amo-Freixedo eventually convinced him to elaborate. Uncomfortably, "Julio", now in his seventies, continued the story: "Look, I didn't want to at first, but you know how it is. I was young and the woman was very good-looking. She began caressing me all over, and we ended up like men and women do when they're both unclothed." "Julio" bashfully added that his alien lover's body was not exactly like that of a human female: her breasts appeared to be placed lower on the torso and her pubic area was hairless. He made the curious observation that her skin, while soft, was somewhat scaly. These anatomical differences did not deter him, however: "We [had sex] several times. I think four. Back then one was full of energy and recovered quicker." In subsequent years, he would return to the scene of the events in hope of seeing his unusual sex partner again, but never did. As if to bring the events in the long, strange life of Juan Rivera Feliberti to a full circle, at around three o'clock a.m. one day in 1995, he saw the same girl who's stolen his kite once more, standing outside his house. Regardless of whatever stance we may have regarding the UFO phenomenon, and provided that we are willing to suspend disbelief, the information which can be glean from these cases is of considerable interest: absent from the scene are the Greys, Reptoids and Nordics that seem to populate the abductee chronicles, we have beings of an entirely different taxonomy engaged in an operation or mission that appears to be taking place largely within the confines of Brazil, the South American giant. The commonalities of the experiences--the oily liquid applied on the abductees, which serves as antiseptic and aphrodisiac at once; the beverage that relieves human discomfort; the choice of intercourse rather than artificial insemination--link them together while separating them from the coldly clinical abduction phenomenon in the northern hemisphere. The fact that this libidinous aspect of the UFO phenomenon appears to have a strong preference for Brazil has led to jocose comments on the appeal of Brazilian virility to non-human intelligences. The fact remains that somewhat similar situations have occurred elsewhere in the world and in our own country as well. In October 1974, oil worker Carl Higdon took a day off from work and went hunting near Rawlins, Wyoming. Coming across an elk (an astonishing piece of luck in itself on the first day of hunting), Higdon pulled the trigger on his rifle only to see the bullet issue from the weapon in slow motion and land fifty feet away from him. To his astonishment, the hunter realized that time was standing still all around him

The Humanoid Conspiracy and that a chinless, jawless alien being was looking at him. Higdon was apparently abducted and hooked up to strange devices aboard "a cube-shaped UFO". The hunter attributed the reason for his return to Earth by his captors was that he had had a vasectomy performed a few years before the abduction and was therefore useless for the "breeding program" that his captors appeared to be pursuing. Humanoids or Parahumans? A man interviewed about the Great Northeastern Blackout in 1965, recalled walking through the streets of New York City during the event and feeling the eerie chill of the situation. He told his interviewer: "I don't know, but that day I had the feeling there were ghosts walking among us." While we shouldn't draw any deep conclusions from a poetic turn of phrase such as this one, this man's sentiment has been uttered by many others around the world in starkly different contrasts. The belief that not everyone sharing the daylight, waking world with us may belong to that world has played a significant role in many accounts of the paranormal. Some talk of ghosts; others of aliens; and still others of entities which while seemingly human, are not what they appear to be. British author Harold Wilkins mentioned a pair of truly enigmatic creatures in his book Flying Saucers on the Attack, one of ufology's early classics. In mid-February 1953, the administrator of a Los Angeles law firm dedicated to tracking missing persons stated that two weird-looking men, standing 6'2", who had been given temporary work by the firm's legal director, had vanished without a trace. The administrator went on to say that the emaciated pair, clad in ill-fitting clothes and with bluish-green complexions, also had prick ears of the sort seen on certain breeds of dogs. On January 20, 1953, these two men were given an assignment to help in the tracing of missing persons. Their efficiency in this endeavor was such that the other tracers were astounded. The administrator also noted that on one occasion, one of the beings leaned over the top of a steel cabinet and scored an indentation at least a half inch deep on its surface, using his "oddly curved hand" to do so. Wilkins' description of the entities doesn't stop there: both creatures had jointless hands and wrists of decidedly non-human curvature. The law firm thought it best to notify the FBI, but the strange pair had disappeared before the agents arrived on the scene. Aside from the testimony of the firm's administrator and legal director, the only evidence left behind by the creatures was the furrow in the steel filing cabinet, which was taken to a metallurgical chemist for analysis. The chemist's report stated that a pressure of at least two thousand pounds per square inch would have been necessary to produce such an indentation. Paranormal investigator Peter Guttila, writing in Flying Saucers magazine (March 1971, Issue #72), discusses the thoroughly strange experience of an Californian ice-cream parlor employee who was visited by "a man who appeared out of nowhere" and asked for a frozen desert. The curious character had no idea of currency, what flavors were, not even what the word "sweet" meant. Thinking that he was dealing with a half-wit, the employee paid little attention until the stranger asked him to place his left hand on the counter. "When I did," Guttila quotes the unnamed attendant as saying, "he placed his left hand next to mine--he had only three fingers! He then put his right hand on the counter and it too had only three fingers." Unable to find any trace of scar tissue or deformity, the frightened attendant leaped back; the stranger reportedly looked at him and said: "We are not quite like you," before proceeding to vanish into thin air.

The Humanoid Conspiracy The occultist Alex Saunders gave the term "mimics" to this thoroughly disturbing order of beings, associating them with the numerous creatures in the animal kingdom that imitate other, more dangerous animals to keep safe: certain insects, for example, resemble poisonous centipedes or scorpions, while other imitate their smell in order to go unnoticed. Saunders believed that there may be creatures living among us who have all the trademarks of being human yet are not so, and are not extraterrestrial, either. John Keel expressed the belief that the infamous Men-in-Black belonged to precisely such an order of beings in his book Our Haunted Planet (Fawcett, 1971). A Horror Story On May 5, 1988, the Spanish police received a frantic phone call from the railway authorities concerning the horrifying death of a young man who had been messily sliced in two by a RENFE train on the Santiago de Compostela to Madrid line, near the town of Boisaca. The police reported to the scene of the nightmarish event and in view of the fact that there were no identifying papers on the corpse, merely filed the case as another "missing persons" event. But there were many unusual details to the case which were to haunt the authorities for years come. Antolín Doval, head of the Technical Division of the Police Department, discussed the case with researchers Lorenzo Fernández and Iker Jiménez in 1996, insisting that his office had never again encountered a similar situation. On that fateful night in 1988, the train's engineer had settled down for the otherwise routine intercity run, when he saw a figure running out of the woods toward the rails, taking one last look at the mammoth locomotive that would soon become his last sight. Bringing the train to a halt, the engineer leaped from the locomotive into the darkness toward where the figure had last been seen. Any hopes he may have kindled in his breast were dashed upon witnessing the torn, mangled body. Forensic analysis would later prove that the man was wearing clothing several sizes too large for him and carried a small amount of currency on him. The instant verdict was that the man had been a vagabond who committed suicide by staring down the shining light of the "Midnight Special" that the old American bluesmen would sing about. The experts also became aware of a number of oddities: the victim's head was overly large and his teeth were prominent and sharp. Also noteworthy were his ears, which were cocked forward and lacked any of the folds of a normal human ear. Local residents denied having ever seen the strange-looking man, and no one came forward to identify the remains. He was not featured in any existing missing persons dossier, either. However, some people claimed having seen the man frantically building a series of concentric rings with small stones not far from the train tracks, as if trying to leave behind a message that will forever remain a mystery. Many of us have wished, at times, for a supernatural assistant well-disposed toward us to aid us in overcoming life's problems, or why not, even gaining an edge over our fellow men. While some may reply that our "guardian angels" neatly fulfill this role, others have had dealings with much more tangible entities that have furthered their careers on earth. The 16th century, aside from being an age of military and intellectual expansion, also served as the age for some of the most enigmatic personalities that have graced this millennium: perhaps one of the least remembered ones of their number is Doctor Torralba.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Torralba was a physician to the Spanish Court in the 1500's who was endowed with a very unusual "companion" or counselor who gave him strict advice on how to live his life. This invisible companion, known only as "Zequiel", was similar in many respects to the secret advisor or daimon that inspired Socrates in ancient Greece. "Zequiel"'s physical description, given by Dr. Torralba to those wishing to know more about this unusual character, closely matched that of Adamski's "Venusians" -- tall, fair and slender. Dr. Torralba told courtiers that he had inherited his otherworldly protector from a friar of the Dominican Order in Rome, who was visited by the entity on "certain phases of the moon". The friar had asked Zequiel if he would mind taking Torralba under his protection, to which the fair, blue-eyed entity agreed. From that moment on, Torralba was favored with superhuman wisdom, as were those friends of his who made requests of "Zequiel", as in the case of an Italian nobleman, Carmelo Ruffini, who asked for a surefire method for winning games of chance; although "Zequiel" was at first hesitant, he gave the nobleman a formula based on Kabbalistic symbols which earned the gambler the sum of one hundred ducats--a veritable fortune in those days. But Torralba got much more than he bargained for on May 6, 1527, when his companion transported him "through the air, guided by a ball of fire" from Spain to Rome in a single night to witness a terrible sight: the beheading of Charles of Bourbon, Marshal of France, and the Pope being imprisoned in Castel Sant Angelo during the Sack of Rome. Upon his return to Spain from this otherworldly journey, the doctor could not contain himself and told everyone about the sad scene of destruction he'd witnessed thanks to "Zequiel". The Inquisition took an interest in these affairs and Torralba was sentenced to prison for three years and later tortured. He was released from prison a broken man; his powerful friends and clients deserted him. His dealings with the unusual character who had aided him so much had come to an end. Was Zequiel what occultists term a familiar spirit? Was he the inspiration for the character of Mephistopheles in "Faust"? Was he one of many similar entities who are substantial, appear able to live among humans, but belong to a different order of being? There are no satisfactory answers to any of these questions. In his book La Quinta Columna ("the Fifth Column") Spanish researcher Juan José Benítez mentions another roadside encounter, this one in November of 1974 outside Huesca, Spain. It involved a couple who stopped their car to have a bizarre conversation with a pointy-faced, all-too-human ufonaut, who asked a surprising question of the motorists: could they lend him a monkey wrench? A semispherical UFO with alternating red, yellow and white lights hovered in the background, and the driver wondered what good a wrench would do aboard such a vehicle. The ufonaut introduced himself as "Dr. Flor, from Barcelona". Subsequent investigation by the researcher proved that there was indeed a "Dr. Flor" living in Barcelona, but the distinguished physician did not in the least bit resemble the sharpchinned, frightening UFO occupant, nor was the real Dr. Flor in the least bit interested in the UFO phenomenon. On May 5, 1959, a boat sailed out of the Dominican Republic carrying 45 year old television producer and director Freddy Miller and his passengers (two women and two children) and disappeared without a trace. Thirteen years later, on September 22, 1973, insurance salesman Virgilio Gómez was driving along the highway to service a new account when he saw a person waving him down by the roadside.

The Humanoid Conspiracy According to Gómez, a man in a green outfit informed him that he was Freddy Miller, adding that he had "supposedly" drowned along with some other people, but that he had in fact been rescued by a modern device, "a module known to people as a UFO". The witness remarked that his alien interlocutor had a disgusting grayish-yellow skin tone that he found repulsive, spoke in a thick, deliberate voice and was virtually hairless. The entity's body was covered by a form-fitting green coverall without zippers or pockets. Gómez was shown a strange, half-concealed vehicle in the woods by the roadside, causing him to realize that the situation was no joke. Upon returning home that evening, Gómez told his wife and relatives about "Freddy Miller" and his experience that morning. Santo Domingo's major newspapers and periodicals would soon feature the case. But what about "Freddy Miller" himself? Photos of the missing sportsman and TV personality show a balding, bespectacled older man which in no way resembled the being who spoke to Virgilio Gómez. In spite of his exposure to television, the real Freddy Miller had no significant knowledge of radio technology -- the reason given by the alleged alien for the Venusians interest in resurrecting him. Does this case, along with the preceding encounter with "Dr. Flor", hint at the possible existence of creatures bent not only on posing as extraterrestrial visitors, but posing as humans? Another case--mired controversy over the past ten years-- took place at the coastal community of Conil in the south of Spain, and involving the materialization of two large, brilliant figures that turned into human beings before the eyes of frightened teenage witnesses. According to their testimony, the pseudo-humans were a male and female, dressed in street clothes appropriate for the time and place. They calmly walked along the beach and vanished into a crowd, while a UFO display filled the heavens above. The witnesses stuck around to see them return hours later, capturing their curious manner of walking with on Super-8 film. The trail of footprints left by the male and female led straight into the water. This incident, dubbed "the infiltrators" or "the Conil humanoids" has been re-opened several times since it occurred in 1989, and a number of researchers have interviewed the witnesses over the years as well as police officers and government functionaries. This high-strangeness event does not stand all alone: researcher Manuel Carballal has uncovered a similar case involving "humanoids emerging from the sea" at the northern Spanish beach of Sada. During this incident, a married couple walking along the beach at night was startled by the emergence of two "strange humanoids" emerging from the sea. "As in the Conil case," Carballal explains, " they were clad in long tunics and carried bags into which something was being poured." The UFO phenomenon is sufficiently complicated without the unnecessary addition of cases involving aliens that morph into human beings, and this is more than likely the reason why cases like Conil and Sada are thrust to the very bottom of the researcher's in-box. What are we to make of these incidents? Some, like Gordon Creighton, might suggest that the paranormal entities known to the Middle Eastern societies as "Jinn" delight in impersonating humans and astonishing them with such displays. Others, like the late Luis Anglada Font, suggested that humans were being abducted by non-human forces in order to breed an "invasion force" that would be fully human and acclimated to the alien's home planet. He suggested that not all the force would consist of conscripts--some would be youthful volunteers, who, attracted by the prospect of adventure, would choose to throw their lot in with the putative aliens.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Even those who have never considered science fiction their choice form of entertainment remember the premise of Invasion of the Body Snatchers -- a movie so haunting it has undergone two further remakes since the original. Alien "pods" land on Earth and begin to project tendrils into sleeping human beings, creating perfect replicas known as "pod people" among the embattled, unreplicated protagonists. Although the movie addresses the fears of a Communist infiltration of American society in the cold war 1950's, the possibility that human turncoats could be working with non-human presences on earth, or that non-humans could adopt human form to move more freely in our midst, has manifested itself more than once in UFO lore. What would such a "fifth column" gain from service to non-human forces, whether extraterrestrial or interdimensional? The short answer is a position of power or at least preeminence in a scenario involving the subjugation of humanity by inimical outsiders. Maybe the answer to this hypothetical question isn't quite so complex. If we are able to conceive of a race of intelligent beings able to cross the vast gulfs of interstellar space, or transition from one dimension of the universe to another, which is even harder to visualize, wouldn't they also be able to confect their own versions of the denizens of planets they intent to visit, if just to put the locals at ease? The average human has a hard time overcoming ingrained prejudices toward his fellows, so fathoming the barrier between species could be even harder. A physically attractive, smiling construct of his own kind would go a long way toward calming the hapless abductee taken aboard an alien craft or spirited to an alien world. Jacques Vallée mentions a case in his book Dimensions which occurred in Temple, Oklahoma, in 1966. A flight instructor saw a brilliant machine parked on a shoulder on the interstate, got out of his car to take a snapshot of it, and noticed a "man in military fatigues...a plain old G.I. mechanic" carrying out repairs on the wingless, tapered fuselage. It had no visible means of propulsion, yet it took off vertically at an astounding speed." But the "plain old "G.I." mechanic was apparently not the only fifth-columnist: The Pat Price abduction case of October 1973 caused a stir among UFO researchers at a moment in time which was rife with accounts of UFO abductions both in the U.S. (the Hickson/Parker abduction in Pascagoula, Mississippi) and abroad (the Dionisio Llanca case in Argentina). Hypnotic regression had revealed that the pseudonymous housewife and her children had apparently been abducted by two slender, dwarfish alien beings and taken aboard a "spaceship". Mrs. Price recalled undergoing a physical probe of her brain and other tests at the hands of the unfeeling non-humans, but the most remarkable feature of her regression was the fact that she had seen a human being assisting the aliens in their operation. "He looked like a person. He kept bending over me," she told Dr. James Harder, who performed the hypnosis session in 1975. The details, which were made known in June 1976 issue of SAGA UFO Report, suggested that the human was a bespectacled male in his mid-Fifties with greying hair, clad in black and holding a rubber glove in his hand. Kevin Randle, who wrote the article, observed that "the human working with them is something that has been reported before, but is still frightening. It means that he was either a "traitor" or that he was under complete mind control. Either of these ideas is terrifying in its implications." The presence of "ordinary humans" allied to aliens was also a significant element of the Travis Walton abduction. Walton, who was part of a team of tree-cutters working in the Sitgraves National Park near Snowflake, Arizona in 1975, found himself aboard a UFO after having been on the receiving end of a beam of light fired by the strange craft. Although he described his captors as being the macrocephalic, bug-eyed entities which another generation would come to know as "Greys", the terrified logger was even more startled by the appearance of what he felt was a fellow human." [...] I turned around, and

The Humanoid Conspiracy there was a man standing there near the door," Walton is quoted as saying in Bill Barry's Ultimate Encounter (NY: Pocket, 1978). "He was a man just like a human being...he was human enough, so if I was walking down the street in a crowd, he'd be an unusual looking person in passing...I thought he could be American just as far as I could tell..." Walton did his best to make himself understood to the being he took for a compatriot, but to no avail. Smiling benignly, the human took him elsewhere in the "space vehicle" to a place where Walton encountered a pair of golden-hazel eyed humanoids who looked like twins. Trying to communicate with them yielded no better results; a struggle ensued with the humanoids, who placed some sort of "gas mask" over Walton's face. When he awoke, he was on a road in the outskirts of Heber, Arizona. To Otto Binder, the unusual business relationship between humans and non-humans was an oddity, "it may be," he suggested, that the little men have invited the "human" people aboard in order to provoke less fright on Earth when they are seen." (Saga UFO Report, Spring 1974). Human "collaborators" have become visible during the abduction epidemic which ran from the late '80s to the mid '90s. Victims of "bedroom visitations" have reported normal humans among the Greys and other non-human entities involved in the abductions. Whitley Streiber mentions a particularly interesting experience he had in his upstate New York cottage in 1995: waking up at 3:15 a.m. to the sound of intruders, the author was alarmed to realize there was a person standing outside the vestibule to his bedroom. Two individuals, he writes in his book Confirmations (NY: St.Martin's, 1997), entered the room: one was a young woman dressed in featureless black clothing (reminiscent of the nondescript black garb worn by the human in the Pat Price abduction) and a taller, bearded male. Accompanying them was "one of the nonhuman forms that have become so familiar to me," he writes. Earlier in the book, Strieber makes mention of the implication that "there is a human connection of some kind, that not all of the visitors are strange alien forms, but rather that people are also involved." Suggesting that these humans belong to a special branch of a terrestrial military establishment has become fashionable in recent years as the concept of MILABS (military abductions) became widespread. But so far we have examined only one side of the coin: reports involving the possibility of human involvement, whether willing or coerced, in situations related to the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Could these humans be necessarily as "human" as we think they are? Perhaps one of the most compelling experiences involving humans or parahumans in the UFO context can be found in J.A. Hynek and Jacques Vallée's The Edge of Reality (Regnery,1975): in a chapter entitled "The Night an Occupant was Shot", Hynek and Vallée examine information drawn from a 1968 U.S. Treasury department transcript concerning the odyssey of a group of hunters driving across the northern plains on a snowy night in November 1961. The three men were driving along when they noticed a fireball falling out of the sky. Believing they had just witnessed an airplane crash further down the road, they continued to drive, perhaps thinking to offer whatever assistance they could in the inclement weather. As they approached, they noticed a tilted object like the tail of an airplane sticking out of the ground: four figures milled around it and light appeared to be streaming from an opening in the structure. Closer inspection proved that the object was silo-like with a strange glow around it. The witnesses estimated the height of one of the occupants at 5'5" and wearing coveralls. Given that a train track separated them from the field, the hunters drove farther along to double back and reach the area. They were surprised when one of the figures waved them away--hardly what one would expect someone in need of assistance to do. The witness insisted that the figures were human

The Humanoid Conspiracy beings in every respect and not visitors from another planet, and expressed the belief that the "silo" may have been an experimental military vehicle. A strange confusion appears to have gripped the hunters, prompting at least one of them choose to open fire on the figures with a scope-outfitted rifle. The main witness states that one of his companions fired on a coverall-wearing figure, striking it in the right hand shoulder. The injured figure toppled to the ground, was helped up by one of his fellows, and bellowed: "Now what the hell did you do that for?" The incident has a dreamlike quality involving missing time and strange behavior on the part of a policeman or state trooper who shrugged off the event as "just one of those things" before driving off into the night. In his classic Our Haunted Planet (NY: Fawcett, 1971), John Keel suggests that just as certain insects and animals in nature deceive their predators by assuming the outward appearance of a more dangerous variety (such as nonpoisonous varieties of snakes assuming the guise of their poisonous cousins), it may be that humans must contend with the presence of parahumans or "paramen", as Keel calls them. These intelligent "mimics of man" would assume human form to move among us with relative impunity, occasionally revealing themselves by committing gaffes or -- on rare occasions -- by medical screening. Keel quotes UFO writer Alex Saunders as saying that these mimic entities would be forced to live a solitary existence, hiding in plain sight from the rest of mankind by living in large urban centers where oddball characters can find acceptance or else be completely ignored. But some of these "parahumans" appear to flourish in the wilderness as well. Researcher Pablo Villarrubia learned of the following strange case while interviewing anthropologist Silvia Barrios, whose work in cataloguing Andean artifacts has led her to some of the most dangerous and barely accessible valleys in the Cordillera. In 1979, during an attempt to reach Santa Victoria de los Toldos, an isolated mountain community, Barrios and her native guide, Don Sandalio, travelled by muleback along narrow and treacherous mountain trails. Barrios told Villarrubia that Don Sandalio had earned a negative reputation among people precisely due to his uncanny ability to negotiate the unreliable trails, which were prone to landslides and being washed out during storms, and that not even the Argentinean military would dare such routes. On that one rainy day twenty-two years ago, Barrios was half-asleep on her mule when "a man" suddenly appeared out of nowhere to talk to her guide. The man wore a rain-soaked short poncho which left his arms bare --completely inappropriate for the elevation and the time of year -- and his face was concealed by a slouch-brimmed hat. The stranger addressed Don Sandalio, the guide, in very friendly terms. "Follow the low road, my son-use the lower trail." After dispensing the advice, the stranger walked right past the anthropologist without any acknowledgement. Sometime later, Barrios was startled by the menacing, low rumble of a landslide, which had coincidentally just blocked off the upper mountain trail, which was visible from the lower one. Unable to contain her curiosity, she asked the guide how the stranger could have possibly known that a landslide was going to occur, and thus recommend taking the lower path. Don Sandalio replied laconically that the stranger was a mountain spirit called Coquena, affectionately known as tío ("uncle") to the mountain shepherds and muleteers. Coquena apparently had the power to light fires anywhere, under the dampest or windiest conditions that Andean weather could offer. Beyond that, he would not say.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

Barrios concluded her interview with Villarrubia by saying the following: "I think that this type of phenomenon belongs to a type of subtle reality which is enabled by the introduction of an awarenesslowering filter, often associated to the UFO phenomenon and to certain supernatural creatures related to other dimensions." Skeptics would argue that the anthropologist's "awareness-lowering filter" is called oxygen deprivation and that hallucinations can be expected as a logical consequence. However, experienced mountaineers ascending Aconcagua and other giant Andean peaks have had similar experiences. Gusi Lang and Milenco Jurcich, allegedly heard the sound of "human whistling" at their high-altitude campsite and saw mule trains following trails at extraordinarily high elevations "from which there is no point of entry or exit." Another mountaineer, lost in the heights of Aconcagua for five days and five nights, claims that in the middle of the lonely mountain two "little men" with Amerindian features and wearing strange hats gave him ice to eat. At this point it is perhaps helpful to note that Anconcagua and Nevado de Chaqui are located in a part of South America that has become famous on a global level due to its UFO cases: the nearby city of Salta and its surrounding province have been fertile grounds for UFO sightings, UFO crashes (such as the Metán crash of 1995) and other paranormal phenomena. It should not be surprising that this region should also feature strange and diminutive entities known by a variety of names. The UMMO Conspiracy The UMMO hoax has been written about extensively elsewhere. UMMO can be defined precisely by the sound of its Spanish pronunciation ("humo", meaning "smoke"): something that vanishes into thin air when subjected to closer scrutiny. That being said, there are disquieting details about UMMO that bear a closer look, simply because they do suggest the presence of a group of humans working for nonhuman interests, or a cabal of parahumans playing games we do not fully understand. A little background is necessary at this point: The Ummites -- tall, blond visitors from the planet UMMO, located some 14 light-years away from Earth -- would have been perfectly at home in the company of Adamski's Venusians or the tall Nordics which have become part and parcel of the modern ufological taxonomy. Often endowed with names like DEI 98, ASOO 3, and IAUDU 3, they represented a civilization which had overcome planetary disharmony and mastered the secret of spaceflight (but not the use of lowercase letters, apparently), trekking throughout neighboring solar systems in their OAWOLEA UEWA OEM or spacecraft, which humans referred to as "flying saucers." Although we now know that the otherworldly science of UMMO sprang from the mind of José L. Jordán Peña, who also forged the Ummite letters and the infamous )+( logo that would characterize beings from that planet, incidents such as the one involving the typist and his family give us pause: true, the cover of UMMO could have cleverly been used by an intelligence agency such as Spain's CESID for a classified operation. Is there an outside chance--however remote--that the physical aspect of UMMO and the humans working for non-human masters could be real? In writing about the experiences of UFO abductees/contactees in Scandinavia, respected British author John Spencer writes in Gifts of the Gods? (London: Virgin, 1994) of the experiences of "Sten", a Swedish man whose first UFO sighting occurred in 1957 at a young age. Later in life, he encountered a woman on a Stockholm train platform who had "powerful rays" emanating from her eyes. The otherwise humanlooking female advised him of her otherworldly nature and that Sten had been chosen for a "mission".

The Humanoid Conspiracy

"Later on," Spencer quotes the Swedish experiencer as saying, "I was contacted by a woman. I will use the name "Bea" [...] I understood that this woman was in contact with a group of cosmic visitors who were here. She was human, like you and me, a normal person in Stockholm, or at least looking like a normal person." "Sten"'s experiences with the human representatives of an alien civilization (whom he calls the CBH, for Cosmic Brotherhood) on Earth occurred circa 1964, at least two years before UMMO came to anyone's attention in Spain. The Scandinavian network of putative alien visitors and their human henchmen apparently had a network of agents as widespread as that of UMMO, not only throughout Scandinavia but in Great Britain as well. Could the CBH have been part of the same alien visitor/government psyops/cruel deception scenario as UMMO? Like the Ummites, the CBH claimed responsibility for saucer flaps over Scandinavia and combined an interest in new age philosophies and high tech as part of their "plan". "The plan," Sten told Spencer, "is not Scandinavian. It's a global plan and it has segments with different parts of the world. If we are opening up for a finalisation of the plan right now, there should be similar things happening in different countries." The same could have been said--and is still being said, in some sectors--about UMMO. There is an abundance of cases involving humans--as opposed to humanoids or human-looking aliens-working in common cause with clearly non-human entities. In 1974, when oil driller Carl Higdon was allegedly taken to another planet after running into one of these non-human beings in Medicine Bow, Wyoming, he claimed having seen regular humans in league with them: "I saw five humans. They looked like ordinary Americans to me and I figured they were brought here like I was." After undergoing hypnosis, the hunter had a feeling that these humans had been bred in the strange environment and seemed to be quite at home there. Could some of the human "crewmembers" be the descendants of those where forcibly abducted in the past? There is an extensive tradition of people who were kidnapped "from above" in human history--Elijah, Romulus, the founder of Rome, and a host of unnamed ones--combined with the many thousands that disappear every year without a trace. If these alien-born humans have the power, obviously, to return to Earth, what keeps them from staying? Perhaps they fear the reprisals of their alien masters, or the loss of certain faculties ("powers", so to speak) that they may have developed or acquired on other worlds. Perhaps they have been thoroughly "brainwashed" and no longer see terrestrial humanity as kin.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

The Mechanical Men In 1920, when Karel Capek wrote the three-act play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots)he probably didn’t realize he would be changing humanity’s conception of what it is to be alive for generations to come, much less had the word “robot” to the world’s collective glossary. Derived from the Slavic term “robota”, meaning the work done by an indentured servant, robots have gone on to become a staple of science-fiction. We take their functions and existence for granted, with our own efforts at robotics ranging from industrial mechanical arms to the new wave of lovely Japanese automata. According to our age group, we look back fondly at either Robbie the Robot or Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio. Perhaps some even remember seeing the graceful “María” making her appearance for the first time in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis Only a year after “R.U.R.” appeared on the stage, French director André Deed created one of the first science-fiction movies involving robots: L’uomo Meccanico (The Mechanical Man), depicting a giant humanoid robot created for criminal purposes, but who is checked by another equally sizeable machine, settling their differences inside an Italian opera house. These original “rock’em-sock’em robots” showed audiences that the mechanical men, while emotionless, could serve the cause of good as well as evil. In an article for SAGA UFO Report (UFO Annual, 1975), Otto Binder wrote: “[Robots represent] a rather rare category of UFOnauts, but one that cannot be ignored. Witnesses often describe these creatures as having stiff movements and also having angular lines quite unlike living human beings. These strange entities range from the uncanny to the eerie.” He goes on to add: “We can logically assume that some worlds do not send their living explorers to Earth, but use robots somewhat like the Russian mobile vehicle on the Moon. But apparently the aliens have perfected observation vehicles in the form of living creatures.” Binder refers to the automated Lunakhod probe, but a more updated example would be our own Curiosity rover on Mars, about to engage on a study of the red planet in 2012. UFO encounter reports from the late 1960's and the early to mid-1970's often described encounters with robotic entities emerging from UFOs or conducting their activities in areas where UFO activity was common. Researchers at the time conceded that organic ufonauts could, on occasion, entrust certain missions to mechanical creations much in the same way that our planet's space programs launch unmanned probes to destinations within the solar system. The robotic alien, for want of a better term, became one of the four or five "recognized and accepted" types of possible UFO occupant. Did robots from another planet visit Avon, Connecticut in September 1967? Police officers found themselves responding to frightened calls from the public involving a “shiny-suited robot” in the vicinity of Talcott Mountain. The seemingly mechanical entity appeared to be engaged in some sort of frantic semaphore, trying to stop drivers along Route 44. Descriptions of the entity coincided in aspects such as a cowl or helmet that completely enshrouded the figure’s features, and its stiff movements as it wobbled on the road’s shoulder, trying to stop traffic. Police officers reported to the scene, but were unable to find any trace of the intruder. In February 1981, Luis Dominguez, proprietor of small food and beverage concern in the village of Fuentecén in Spain had a brush with the unknown that led him to believe that ‘robots” of unknown provenance had visited his small community.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. on February 13 of that year, Dominguez had closed down his business and was heading home when two red lights caught his attention. Thinking it might be the taillights of car being used to commit burglaries in the wee hours of the morning, he headed in their direction, hoping to take the law into his own hands, but the would-be vigilante was floored by what happened next: the "taillights" rose into the air, made an odd twisting turn to the right, and landed elsewhere in the countryside. By his own admission, the unnatural sight made him break out in goose bumps. Speeding back home, from where the red lights were still visible, Dominguez, his wife and son watched nervously as the lights engaged in a variety of movements, some of the undulating. Most spectacular of all was a sudden flash or beam of white light fired from the source of the two red ones, illuminating all the homes of Fuentecén as if by a giant klieg lamp. It was then that Dominguez heard his dog bark. The family pet, ominously named "Satán", was outside the house barking at an object near to fence that encircled the property. Dominguez realized described it as a box-like contraption resembling a washing machine or small refrigerator, taller than the fence by a few inches. It had neither head nor appendages. The curious object disappeared when Dominguez armed himself with courage and a flashlight and stepped outside for a closer look. However, he made a startling remark to J.J. Benítez: "the dog would bark at it and the object, from the very edge of the fence, would answer it with a very slow "bark" that was slower and muted. It may seem ridiculous, but I swear it's true. We got the sensation that the thing was imitating our dog." The following day, while returning from school, Jose Francisco Dominguez excitedly told his father that a patch of burned vegetation was now in evidence at the site where the red "taillights" had been seen the night before: in fact, a patch measuring some five square meters of desiccated--rather than burned -grass was found in a field. The case attracted the interest of a number of local newspapers, which in turn prompted government ministries to take an interest in it. Subsequent analysis revealed no traces of radiation at the site. Willy Rodriguez was an avid fisherman who enjoyed practicing the sport in the waters of the Esla River, not far from the monastery of Santa María de Moreruela in the Spanish province of Zamora. During the quiet hours of an early morning in the spring of 1974, Rodríguez’s two dogs began to bark furiously for no reason. Chiding his animals for spooking away the fish, the man later became aware of a bizarre figure, standing over six feet tall, with its arms held closely to the sides of its body, “like a soldier”, according to his description. In the sunlight, the strange entity looked as though it had been made of silver. Once recovered from the shock, he ordered his dogs to attack the strange metallic form, which simply glided away toward a nearby hill, and then vanished. While may have questioned his claim, Rodriguez is adamant that the silvery presence he saw in the spring of 1974 “wasn’t a person – it was artificial. I think it was a sort of robot that came out of a flying saucer and answered to its commands,” he told Iker Jiménez and viewers of the <i>Cuarto Milenio</i> television program. Spain’s own Antonio Ribera made a significant caveat when it came to cases involving humanoid occupants: “We must not exclude the hypothesis of biological robots created by an extremely advanced Science. Such robots would bear no resemblance to the crude robots of our science-fiction, full of nuts and bolts and electronic cells, but would be actual living being.” (FSR, “ The Landing at Villares del Saz”). This dovetails, interestingly enough, with the physical appearance robots presented by Karel Capek’s “R.U.R.” – human looking in every way, and capable of emotion.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

Robots in France On August 19, 1972, Mrs. X -- a schoolteacher -- was camping in Southern France near Saint Jean du Gord in the backyard of a friend's house. The location commanded a view of the town and its surrounding hills. At around 2:00 a.m., stirred by the sound of festivities in the town, Mrs. X left the tent for some fresh air and became aware of a very bright light "about the size of an Isetta" (an egg-shaped, two passenger car) located in a parking lot on one of the hillsides. While she wondered what could cause an automobile to glow in such an uncharacteristic manner, she heard the sound of heavy footsteps advancing toward her in the darkness. She would later tell researcher Jean Paul Guguen that strange sound was similar to "a child stomping on dry leaves". Upon turning around, the woman was startled to see a perfectly black shape against the blacker background: a rectangular shape crowned by an oval head, standing some ten feet away. "It seemed to me that the shape was made of wood, some thirty to forty centimeters thick," she would later tell Guguen. "It was a parallelepiped, with two round circles where its eyes should have been...two round circles some five centimeters in diameter which were all that could be seen of the black mass, turned toward me. I was unable to see its feet or its legs, because they were covered by tall grass." According to Mrs. X, she felt an overwhelming sense of morbid fear--not arising out of herself, but being projected onto her by the apparition. She added the curious detail that everything surrounding the object appeared "dead", as if it were able to neutralize the very air, grass and trees around it. Mrs. X ran back into the tent, where her sleeping husband had been aware to the entire proceedings. The husband testified that his wife's features were "deformed by fear" and that she told him she had just seen a "frightful, horrible thing" outside the tent. When asked why he did not venture out of tent to see for himself, he admitted that his courage failed him. While no other locals corroborated the sighting of the "robot", a nearby homeowner complained of having heard strange footsteps on her back porch at exactly the same time that Mrs. X's encounter with the unknown was taking place. Geometrical, artificial ufonauts must have had a fondness for France: in 1976, Jean Dolecki was driving his pickup truck along a twilit rural road in St-Jean-de-Royans (Saintonge) when he became aware of a bright white light in the darkening skies above him. In a hurry to make it home, Dolecki ignored the object and continued on his way--before realizing that the object was coming in for a landing. Suspecting a private plane in distress, the motorist pulled over and hoped to get a better look. In a matter of seconds, he realized that it was neither an airplane, nor a balloon, nor anything he'd ever seen before. The spherical object eventually landed in a nearby field. Much to his amazement, an opening appeared on the side of the luminous object and three "giant robots" -- as Dolecki described them -- emerged from within, having small square heads and spindly tubular arms resembling "fishing rods". After cavorting in the field for approximately ten minutes, the mechanical giants re-entered their craft, which shot away at a fantastic speed. An article by Jacques Vallée for Flying Saucer Review (“The Pattern Behind UFO Landings”) contains an interesting case that could be perhaps interpreted as a cyborg report rather than a robot: On October 20, 1954, an unnamed witness in the Parravicino d’Erba near the Italian city of Como saw a strange being in a silvery outfit, standing near a tree. The witness was paralyzed by a “flashlight” type device

The Humanoid Conspiracy wielded by the unknown entity (a common occurrence in UFO reports) but somehow was able to break this hold by clenching the car keys he held in his hand at the moment. Upon seeing this, the entity rose from the ground making a whirring sound: its lower body appeared to end in a funnel-shaped device with a circular platform “having the same diameter as a bicycle wheel”. Authorities managed to photograph what appeared to be an oily spot on the ground. Had the cyborg sprung a leak as a result of the incident? Four days later, a child in Sainte-Catherine (Rhone) reportedly saw a manl-ike figure “with clothes that looked like iron” emerge from a craft. Machine-Men of the Pampas Argentinean ufologist Roberto Banchs looked into a case involving peasant women from the town of General Pico in the Province of La Pampa on May 24, 1962. The psychological impact on the witness was such that she required hospitalization after the experience. The anonymous witness was tending her field adjacent to another property belonging to her brother when she saw two “flying saucers” land in a neighboring field. One of these objects disgorged “two horrible giants that shocked her deeply.” According to sources, the witness’s family reported the incident immediately to the police, who reported promptly to scene of the events. Their survey of the area found “an immense wheel of burned, crushed grass at the sight where the flying saucer had made a soft landing.” The witness’s brother – who acted as her spokesman in all these reports – told others that the giant entities made “non-human movements, uncoordinated and mechanical” and gestured to his sister, bidding her to come closer. These gestures were described as “strange and nearly incomprehensible”. With the witness unavailable to tell her story, hearsay details would later emerge, such as the giant mechanicals retreating to their saucer when they noticed the woman flailing about in abject terror. The following account may remind some readers of Matthew Robbins’ 1987 film Batteries Not Included, in which diminutive alien mechanisms – “the Fix-Its” -- lend assistance to the movie’s harried protagonists. But it is far from being a rough draft for some science fiction project. Jerry Townsend, a young radio broadcaster, was on his way from Little Falls to Long Prairie, Minnesota, at around 7:40 in the evening on October 23, 1965. As he rounded a bend a few miles outside of Long Prairie, the electrical system in Townsend’s car went dead, forcing him to hit the brakes and coast to a stop. Ahead lay an astonishing sight: a rocket-shaped object standing some twenty to thirty feet tall, resting on fins much like a V-2 rocket or a pulp magazine spaceship. According to the broadcaster – who had left the relative safety of his car for a closer look at the rocket – a trio of diminutive objects “shaped like beer cans” emerged from under the ship, heading toward him. These small robots, six inches high, waddled on two fin-like appendages and appeared to be watching him. After ascertaining that the 19-year-old radioman was no threat, the objects retreated under the rocket and vanished into it. The craft took off noiselessly, causing Townsend to compare it to “a flashlight being lifted off a table.” Coral Lorenzen, who included this account in her article “UFO Occupants in the United States” for Flying Saucer Review, noted: “The wrap-up on this case included inquiries to teachers and friends. Townshend got a clean bill of health as far as his reputation for honesty was concerned.” The local sheriff and a police officer visited the scene of the alleged incident and found “three parallel strips of oil-like substance about 4 inches apart and a yard long on the surface of the road.”

The Humanoid Conspiracy

Corrboration for the sighting came from a pair of hunters, who reportedly saw a lighted object lifting off into the sky from the area where the mini-bots had startled Jerry Townsend, who perhaps wishes he would have had a witness or two to corroborate his mind-bending experience, as occurred in the following Australian case. Six young friends had set off in their car to Bents Basin in Wallacia, New South Wales (Australia) on June 4, 1972 never thinking for a minute that they would become part of UFO lore. Finding that their vehicle would not start, the group became aware of a pulsating, red, disc-shaped object resting on a nearby hill, some two hundred yards away. A humming sound, combined with the red pulsations, caused the witnesses to feel ill. Two members of the group who had gone out to search for help returned running, saying that a giant “shadow” was headed their way. Hiding in the grass, the youths reportedly saw a towering robotic entity – having an estimated height of seven to nine feet -- gliding over the surface. They described the menacing presence as shiny and with “a round, helmeted head, broad shoulders, and arms that came to pointed hands.” ( As it grew closer, the witnesses reported that it vanished into thin air. An illusion projected by the disc to keep intruders at arms’ length? This fascinating case was investigated by author and researcher Bill Chalker in 1975, who suggests the area surrounding Bents Basin is a major paranormal “hotspot” prone to a wide array of UFO-related experiences ( As our own automated probes venture cautiously into the solar system, delighting scientists with data and the casual observer with amazing photographs, we had no problem envisioning an extraterrestrial civilization engaging in similar behavior. Why expose an organic crew of explorers to the perils of a hazardous, even poisonous, atmosphere without first sending a mechanical advance party? UFO case histories, particularly those overseas, contain fascinating eyewitness accounts of machines and entities that were classified as “robotic” due to their halting movements or simply the observer’s perception that he or she faced something that wasn’t alive. Are such robotic manifestations by an unseen intelligence simply meant to fit into an acceptable frame of reference – that of the machine man – which has become worldwide, or actual pioneers from a distant solar system? In the fall of 1996 I began work on my second book Flashpoint: High Strangeness in Puerto Rico, not realizing that many cases from the 1960s and 1970s “se habían quedado en el tintero”, as is said in Spanish, “left behind in the inkwell”. Some of these journalistic accounts appeared in magazines that have been out of print for generations; others were interviews on radio and television broadcasts that came to my attention years Flashpoint finally appeared in print (1998). Most of these cases involved a feature that isn’t present in contemporary cases anymore – eyewitness reports of humanoids (and not so humanoid) entities. Other authors have given much thought to the reasons why “occupant” cases have dwindled, or simply vanished altogether. In the second decade of the 21st century, much fuss is made of lights in the sky, the so-called “blurfos” and possibly hoaxed videos employing commercially available software packages. During the Year of the Humanoids (1973) such CE-Is would’ve been relegated to the back burner, or overlooked altogether. But on to the cases. The most intriguing of these goes back to the year 1973 – during the “Year of the Humanoids” – and it involves an anonymous truck driver from the city of Arecibo on Puerto Rico’s

The Humanoid Conspiracy northern shore. Researcher Sebastián Robiou interviewed this unidentified witness in January 1974, so the details were still fresh in the experiencer’s mind. The driver was on his way from San Juan to Arecibo, accompanied by an assistant, to make a routine delivery at a warehouse. At one point along Route 2, the old “military road” that links the cities of the northern coastline with Mayaguez on the west and Ponce on the south, the driver noticed a “weird star” larger than any of the planets. This unusual source of light appeared to be following his truck. At 0400, the truck arrived at the warehouse behind the Arecibo Shopping Center, which was deserted at the time. Both men decided to unload the delivery truck themselves and sleep for a few hours before undertaking the trip back to San Juan. Just as they were drifting off to sleep, they heard the sound of approaching footsteps, and fearful of robbers, they inspected the surroundings before returning to their truck and finally getting much needed rest. Some time went by and the driver heard the footsteps again: he alerted his companion, who did not wake up this time. The driver decided to feign sleep and remained alert. His watchfulness paid off, and to his amazement, he saw three “whitish figures” – according to the description given to Robiou – visible in the side view mirror on the passenger side. In his mind, he expected a confrontation with common criminals, not a brush with the unknown. Still feigning sleep, he was able to see three strange beings peering into his truck through the passenger window, past his sleeping companion. This was the verbatim description of the incident: “They were identical to each other. They had close-fitting helmets on their heads, and a sort of crest projected from the front to the back. The beings were white in color, and normal but for a major detail – their noses were hooked like a parrot’s beak!” One may wonder how the driver managed to remain calm in the face of this strange visitation. But the fact is that he remained still, looking at the unknown visitors through slitted eyes, and describing their behavior. The humanoids spoke to each other with a sound reminiscent of the squeaking of bats, and were clad in outfits covered in what appeared to be scales, as far as he could see. After their cursory look at the interior of the cabin, the parrot-men walked away, chattering among themselves. After making sure they were gone, the driver stirred his companion and started the truck. He drove back to San Juan at once, reaching the city of Bayamón and dropping off the delivery truck at the company office. The driver returned home, and according to Sebastian Robiou, told his family that something very strange had happened to him. He immediately developed physical symptoms, including a high fever and headaches that afflicted him for two days (this brings to mind John Keel’s observation The Mothman Prophecies(p.231) that UFO witnesses often come down with physical symptoms after encounters— some of them even similar to those of gonorrhea). The witness described feeling a sensation of cranial pressure as he looked at the parrot-men. “I felt my head was going to explode.” The sensation of cranial pressure during an encounter with a non-human presence was also mentioned in another case that same year: the December 23, 1973 CE-III involving a humanoid with hollow black eye sockets and a housewife hanging laundry in Puerto Rico’s Barrio Limón in the city of Mayaguez. The case became famous as the first time that a hypnotic regression – carried out by Dr. Manuel Mendez del Toro -- was used on a UFO percipient on the island. The housewife chose to remain anonymous, but a transcript of the regression session was featured prominently in Sebastián Robiou’s works and later works by other major Puerto Rican researchers. It was also featured prominently in Contactos Extraterrestres magazine (1981). The case was also discussed on the airwaves, having been featured on Orlando Rimax's Otros Mundos radio show in 1976.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

The witness, as stated earlier, was outside her home hanging the laundry when she became aware of a flash in the sky: an object she would describe as a smooth, silver hoop lacking windows or doors, was suspended in the air, tilting from side to side. Not particularly interested in such matters, and with more chores on her list, the housewife returned indoors. Within the walls of her home, she was assaulted by an intense buzzing sound that rose incrementally to the point that she felt that her head was going to explode – the same description offered by the truck driver who encountered the Arecibo “parrot-men”. Compelled to walk toward one of the windows facing her back yard, the woman found herself staring at a human figure. Most of the details of her experience were recovered under hypnosis two years lager, including her description of “a tall humanoid figure with crossed arms, wearing a tight silver outfit, whose red face was the only part of the body not covered by the uniform.” Lacking a nose or mouth, the entity’s most prominent facial feature were the large, dark cavities where its eyes would have been. Under Mendez del Toro’s guidance, the anonymous housewife also remembered “crying and screaming in fear, the entity commanded her to calm down and to come to him. Adding to the high-strangeness quotient, the entity demanded that the terrified woman give him an object: a stone she used to mash vegetables. In terror – and the transcript of the hypnotic session demonstrates this clearly – the woman proffered the stone, with the unexpected result that the bizarre entity recoiled from it, ordering her “not to look at him”. What makes this bizarre 1973 case even stranger – as if it needed to be – is that the eyeless entity projected words into the witness’s mind, words that she understood as “cerakia ovint” and which were subjected to interpretation in a variety of languages, ancient and modern, without any results. Research conducted in 1975 by William Santana of the defunct CEOVNI organization showed that other neighbors had heard the buzzing sound at the time, but hadn’t seen the outlandish visitor from elsewhere. In July 1977, Adrián Olmos, 42, became the protagonist of an incident that has been picked up in a number of UFO magazines and encyclopedias -- an encounter near Quebradillas, P.R. with a strange, jetpack-equipped alien measuring less than four feet in height. However, little or no attention was paid to the highly disturbing follow-up to the Olmos experience. In the event’s aftermath, Olmos had developed an uncharacteristic interest for the paranormal along with uncanny mediumistic faculties. While others may have been hesitant to relive an encounter with the unknown, Olmos made it publicly known that he would welcome a chance to see the strange creatures once again, since he would no longer feel so nervous the second time around. Perhaps someone should have advised him at that point to keep his wishes in check. On October 20, 1977, Olmos, who worked as a distributor of veterinary medicine products throughout the towns in the islands interior, had largely forgotten the weirdness and excitement of his summertime encounter. While making a delivery near the town of Camuy on the island’s Atlantic coastline, Olmos began to hear strange squealing sounds that he at first thought came from his car, but then realized to his horror that they came from within his head. “The sound was reminiscent of the shrieking of monkeys.” Olmos told a reporter. “I could feel the dreadful noise within my head as my heartbeats increased. This lasted for about five minutes, after which I continued making the scheduled deliveries on my route.”

The Humanoid Conspiracy But as soon as he had finished his next appointment, the shrieks returned with renewed intensity, giving him the impression that a record was being played at a furiously high speed (similar sounds have been reported in other UFO cases around the world). Olmos began experiencing a throbbing headache of such intensity that he began to fear for his sanity: the pain was accompanied by an inundating sensation of heat throughout his body. So overwhelming was the sensation that it forced the sick and frightened Olmos to pull over on the roadside and check to see if the car’s roof was on fire. At that point, as the shrieking within his head threatened to render him unconscious, Olmos noticed an enormous ball of light, thirteen feet in diameter, blocking the road ahead of him. He described the phenomenon as being composed of myriad hot, smaller lights. “The lights gave off a sort of gas which coalesced into two small creatures, becoming more and more clearly defined. I realized that the pair was the source of the shrieks, and they appeared to be talking to one another.” Olmos continued. “The creatures had apple-colored faces and were dressed in platinumwhite outfits, with diamond-like structures on the foreheads, held in place by black headbands. They resembled lizards, and long red tongues could be seen inside their mouths when they spoke.” Despite his fear, Olmos was able to make an unusually detailed verbal portrait of the creatures. He noticed that both lizard-like beings had similar features, had four-fingered hands, and wore small boots made of an unknown cloth. One of them held a box in its hands, which Olmos felt was being used to monitor him. Gathering up courage in the face of an unknown situation, the sales representative challenged the creatures, demanding to know what they wanted of him. The creatures turned to him and shrieked, “as if wanting to explain something,” but they were quickly enveloped in a cloudiness caused by the lights and disappeared. The thirteen-foot wide light rose into the sky and eventually vanished from sight. “I remained petrified,” Olmos added in his interview. “and started to pray. Once composed, I got back in the car and went home. I felt dazed and my body ached all over.” Olmos’s life was never the same after the bizarre encounter in Camuy. He sold his house in Quebradillas (where he had witnessed the original incident) and moved to a smaller community. Olmos became prone to constant panic attacks and his wife attributed the changes in their household to satanic presences and barred her home to UFO researchers and journalists. Curiously enough, the percipient redoubled his interest in UFOs and the paranormal. At this point it should be mentioned that these cases were looked into by a group of inquisitive minds that constituted the “UFO scene” of the time. The late Carlos Busquets, for example, was interested in the parapsychological aspects of humanoid encounters, everything from telepathic communication with putative non-humans to the sudden development of limited extra-sensory powers in experiencers, and poltergeist phenomena being reported in the wake of UFO sightings or encounters. Noel Rigau, an engineer, openly acknowledged as the father of Ufology on the island and a “researcher’s researcher” whose indefatigable work became the mainstay of Sebastián Robiou’s writings. William Santana of CEOVNI, an architect, mentioned earlier, provided the analytical angle to cases, while Salvador Freixedo expounded on the role of religion and belief as a whole in the subject of UFOs, developing the building blocks to what would become his landmark Defendámonos de los dioses (Beware of the Gods). Cases involving non-humans would dwindle in the 1980s until the appearance of the “Greys” in the island’s case histories after 1987, when a new generation of researchers and writers would bring the bewildering stories of experiences into the public light once more.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

The Humanoid Conspiracy in Spain

The Humanoid Conspiracy Spain: Humanoids at Zahara de los Atunes (1939) By Angel Carretero Olmedo Case Number: 19390700 Date: July 1939 Time: 12:00 Location: Zahara de los Atunes Province: Cadiz Witnesses: M. Jimenez Junquera, 5 goatherds and several children Object Description: Object measuring between 15 and 20 meters long with 2 humanoids Available Documentation: Enciclopedia de los Encuentros Cercanos (Ballester Olmos) Catálogo General del Fenómeno OVNI/Europa, p. 65 (Gabriel Wuldennar Ortiz) Researcher: Several researchers Miscellaneous: The exact location of the phenomenon was “Finca Los Majales” – according to researchers, the imprint left by the object endured until 1980. The eyewitnesses told their story in 1990. The object was 30 meters distant from the eyewitnesses. Guidelines to Follow: See remarks in the attached sheet; study press reports from that time and the location (Cadiz and Gibraltar) HUMANOIDS: Two beings with one-piece outfits, rigid appearance; the outfits had horizontal blue stripes and were “moldy green” in color; large dark holes instead of eyes; straps at the belt fastening a large backpack, from which protrudes an antenna; one entity was tall and thin, the other was somewhat shorter and stouter. The entitles emitted flashes of light --from a sort of torch on their belts – toward a shack adjacent to a cattle pen. Remarks by Angel Carretero Olmedo: I am startled by the amount of information they are able to provide such a long time after the event. If the imprint was visible until 1980 (40 years), the event should be known and a matter of discussion at the location. It is for this reason that I fail to comprehend the interest evinced by researchers in 1990 and not earlier, unless it could perhaps be related to some sort of event during the Spanish Civil War. The beings’ description (large backpack with a protruding antenna, rigid suits, something dangling from the back) may recall an astronaut’s pressure suit, or even perhaps two soldiers emerging from a helicopter. Event Report: SIGHTING OF AN OBJECT AND TWO HUMANOIDS AROUND 12:00 NOON ONE DAY IN JULY 1939 AT ZAHARA DE LA SIERRA (CADIZ) One day in 1939, several children – M. Jimenez Junquera among them – were looking after the cattle in Zahara de los Atunes (Cadiz) and noticed an unidentified flying object measuring some 18 meters in diameter. When the UFO flew over them at low altitude, they felt a sensation of heat. The object landed some 30 meters distant from them, kicking up a large dust storm. Subsequently, a door opened, and from within the object came two beings – one tall and the other short and stout, wearing one-piece outfits and with a rigid aspect, bearing torches that lit the surrounding area, despite the fact that it was midday.

The Humanoid Conspiracy They wore “suspenders” that fastened a large backpack, from which protruded something like an antenna. The beings had large dark sockets in their heads instead of eyes. After walking some 20 paces from the UFO, they turned around and re-entered it. The encounter lasted some fifteen minutes, approximately. Upon takeoff, the object left an imprint on the ground which according to several researchers was visible until 1980. The next day, they advised the senior goatherd and returned to the site with him, where they found the imprint.


Remarks by Scott Corrales: Curiously, there is a case from 1938 contained in J.J. Benitez’s outstanding La Punta del Iceberg (The Tip of the Iceberg – Ed. Planeta, 1983) that dovetails in its own strange way with the CE-3 contained in Angel Carretero’s files. Mariano Melgar, born in 1931, was a restless seven year old who was sent by his parents to live with relatives in the town of Muñico in the province of Avila. While tending to the family cows one summer noon, he led the animals to a grazing area near a small wooded area with a clear, cold brook. According to Benitez, young Mariano was sitting in the shade when he heard a buzzing sound (a common feature in many UFO incidents) and saw a spark of light in the clear blue skies: it was a “round object, some 15 to 20 meters in diameter, with a small dome in its upper section...with colored lights all around it. The fuselage shone like burnished aluminum and it had two round windows, like portholes on a ship” (p.42). Two oddly-garbed entities descended from the craft, stepping a few meters away to fill what the boy took for a “sack” with samples of soil. A third entity remained by the craft’s doorway, and it was precisely this third “ufonaut” who fired a beam of light against young Mariano when – moved by childish curiosity – he came out of his retreat to approach the first two. “I hadn’t covered five meters when the one who remained at the hatch opening fired a flash at me that nearly knocked me backwards. It frightened me and I retreated back into the treeline.” Determined to get closer, the farm boy was repelled a second time by a flash that nearly blinded him. Once the apparent soil-sample mission was over, the two ufonauts rejoined their companion. The beamfiring ufonaut waved at the boy – “it was the typical wave of someone saying farewell...from there I saw the takeoff of the object. First they retracted the ramp, then the door closed. Within seconds, the object ascended 50 to 100 meters, gyrating on its axis and with many visible lights. It then took off toward Barco de Avila.” (p.46) The Melgar CE-3 was dismissed as “a boy’s recollections of pilots from the Spanish Civil War” – either Republican pilots flying Soviet-made Polikarpov I-6s or the opposition’s Junkers Ju-52’s. All this despite the fact that neither the humanoid occupants nor their craft resembled these aircraft or their gallant pilots in the least. Not a single circular wing aircraft – or any object that could be construed as round or spherical – was present during that conflict. Were these occupants the same ones seen a year later in Zahara de los Atunes? Who can say?

The Humanoid Conspiracy Spain: Humanoids or Religious Phenomena By Angel Carretero Olmedo Some time ago, arising from an article published in Misterios magazine, published in Huelva (http://www.fernandogarcia.or), the possibility of conducting a study on the presence of humanoids in Andalucía came about, and I wondered what type of phenomena should be covered this hypothetical study. As I write these lines, I keep wondering about it, although I do believe I have a better idea now than I did then. The matter can be approached from two completely different perspectives: the study of objects with the presence of humanoids, or cases in which only entities are detected, without any objects nearby. There is no doubt whatsoever as to the first of these possibilities: these would be cases that clearly fall into the field of ufology, but if we chose the second path, we may find ourselves studying phenomena related to parapsychology, religion, Marian apparitions and even folklore, and ufology must be set aside, in many cases. As far as the province of Cádiz is concerned, I have catalogued up to five cases which are on the borderline of the two study possibilities outlined before. All of them took place in communities along old National Highway 340. There are two researchers who have associated three of these encounters with infiltrators, involving an alleged foreign bus line and local hotels in the story. It is a rather complicated and far-fetched way to mix ufology with the local economy, to my taste. And what are we to do with given phenomena in Seville and Huelva? Where should these be placed in the study? Having reached this point, I believe that the first step to be taken must be to compile all of the Andalusian cases in which the presence of humanoids has been reported. This compilation having been made, we must then discard phenomena studied from other perspectives, keeping only events directly related to ufology. The second step must be establishing the time frame that this study should cover, without implying setting aside phenomena that – given their importance or effect – deserve the honor of being included. Once this selection has been made, we will find enough elements with which to determine the study’s feasibility and the focus it should have. It is currently not underway. This is merely a possibility to be discussed in a perhaps not too distant future. Unless I am mistaken, this is the first time I’ve used the term “infiltrator” here. I recall having employed it elsewhere, in a still-unpublished work that may prove to be a real headache to many, should it ever see the light of day. This term sounds like military terminology to me, and more related to the intelligence services than anything else. An infiltrator is one who “goes behind enemy lines to spy or conduct sabotage.” Are those who make use of the term truly aware of its meaning? Personally, I don’t think so. When these researchers use it, are they referring to entities that are among us to study or spy on is? Do they realize that they are taking for a fact the presence of intelligent beings from other worlds in our midst?

The Humanoid Conspiracy The first question these characters should answer is related to the opinion the scientific community has of them. It is certain they will try to refute them before agreeing with them. It is time to set all sensationalism aside, be completely objective, and employ scientific working tools if we want science to approach us. Do they realize that certain individuals, fellow inhabitants of our planet Earth, seek shelter among these madmen to cover up activities of questionable legality? [...] Those who habitually read my works are hoping to come across the story of one of these three encounters with infiltrators and mentioned above. It is with deep regret that I say it was not my intention to make them known in this format. They have been set aside for another place and time. I promise that when the time comes, they will occupy center stage. One of the most interesting encounters with alleged entities to ever occur in Andalucía has already been discussed here. I am referring to a teleportation or abduction event in November 1986 in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville). Nothing new can be added to it; it remains under study and awaiting a psychological report. (See We are faced with phenomena as old as ufology itself. Within the national framework we have cased going back to the 1940s and 1950s. For this reason, I will discuss one of these older cases, taking place in the opposite end of Spain: in Vigo, in the year 1945, and in Orense in 1955. At his mother’s request, a young boy named Julio F. went to get water at a public fountain inside a washhouse on his street in the city of Vigo (Pontevedra). Upon entering, he saw two strangely-garbed individuals in the back, speaking among themselves. The one furthest in was pointing with his right hand. He had very long hair and a scant beard, dressed in a tunic that made Julio think of Jesus Christ. The other being was completely bald, also dressed in a tunic, with eyes more pronounced than those of his companion. Julio heard the whispered words: <i>“it doesn’t matter – he’s a child.”</i> Terrified, the witness returned home without the water, taking a long time to return there due to the shock caused by the event. He migrated to Argentina and years later gave his experience a quasi-religious interpretation due to the resemblance of one of the two beings with popular depictions of Jesus, and also because it was the only frame of reference for events of this nature that he could resort to at the time. We are faced with an event that befell a young child. The witness retold it many years later upon returning to Spain from Argentina. Julio adds that it did not influence his life nor change it in any way. At the time he took it as a religious phenomenon, an opinion he holds as he tells the story. The other case, from 1955, took place a few kilometers from Vigo on 20 October in Sierra de Avión (Orense). Manuel Gonzalez Vázquez, a 45-year-old shepherd at the time, was in the company of a very devout Christian female neighbor, looking after the cattle. They felt an earthquake that lasted a few minutes, and subsequently saw in the distance a poorly defined figure -- “like a screen” – and a human shape. Seconds later, they saw another figure that approached them flying beneath cloud level. It flew some three meters above the ground and looked like an 18-year-old girl, one meter tall. This encounter lasted half an hour, and was interpreted by the witnesses as a “divine apparition.”

The Humanoid Conspiracy

These are events that took place over a century ago and beyond research nowadays, but they contribute very important information. I am referring to the interpretation given by the witnesses to their experience. They took it as something religious, in the absence of knowledge that my assist them in finding another explanation. One of them, unknowingly, contributes a bit of information that could perhaps be corroborated today. He says that on 20 October 1955, moments before the experience, he felt something like an earthquake in Sierra de Avión that lasted several minutes. I do not think it would be very hard to ascertain whether an earthquake occurred in the area that day.( A 7.9 earthquake occurred in Spain on 03.29.1954, and a 3.3 in Chauchinas on 06.17.1955 per the USGS. No information for the date in question -- SC) Personally, I believe that these encounters, had they occurred in Andalucia, should not be included in the hypothetical study. They fall more completely into the religious considerations of rural, “deepest Spain”. If they had had an impact, they might have become a second Fátima or some miraculous event, accepted or not by the Catholic Church. Spain: A UFO Case from 1935? By Angel Carretero Olmedo Date: 04.05.1935 Time: 19.30 Location: Azlnalcazar Province: Seville Witnesses: Mr. Mora Object: Round object with humanoids around it Available Documentation: “Fenómeno Aterrizaje”, V.J. Ballester Olmos, Pg. 291, Ref.5 “La Punta del Iceberg”, J.J. Benítez, pg.58 Researcher: Manuel Osuna (1971) Miscellaneous: The date is approximate; object descended some 450 meters away. Case involves a humanoid flying around a sphere. Phenomenon located at the “Haza-Ancha” Farm Witness speaks in terms of “a vision in which God had wanted to reward him.” Guidelines to Follow: Study possible religious relationship based on the witness’s statements. 09-10-2000: e-mail sent to Pepe Ruesga requesting information. 09-11-2000: Reply received from Pepe Ruesga. Notes:Pepe Ruesga reports that “Manuel Osuna’s [material] is purely anecdotal.” Details of the event as they appear in “La Punta del Iceberg” (Pg. 58) <b>SIGHTING OF A ROUND LUMINOUS OBJECT AND HUMANOID AROUND 19:30 HRS. ON 5 APRIL 1935 in AZNALCAZAR, (SEVILLE)</b>

The Humanoid Conspiracy Around 19:30 hours on 5 April 1935, Mr. Mora, a farmer was working at the “Haza-Ancha” farm within the municipal borders of Aznalcázar (Seville) when he saw a large, shining, round object that descended some 450 meters away. The object remained right over the ground, and some strange diminutive beings appeared to move around it. The witness believed it was something “supernatural”. A vision with which God had chosen to reward him, and it remained his main subject of conversation until his death. Researcher: Manuel Osuna (1971) Remark by Scott Corrales: It should be noted than in “La Punta del Iceberg”, J.J. Benítez draws a comparison between this case and a similar one that took place in 1967 in Cussac, France: Four “children” were seen standing next to a large sphere; one of them seemed to be carrying an object in his hands. The first three “humanoids” flew to the top of the sphere and vanished within it. The fourth one followed suit, but returned to the ground to collect the shining object he had earlier been holding in his hands. He then flew up to meet the departing orb, which was now fifteen meters over the surface .

Spain: A Humanoid at Fuengirola (CE-3, 1976) By Manuel Ramírez, “Ovnis en Andalucía” On the night of 9-10 July, 1976, a group of young photography enthusiasts agreed to travel to a small country home owned by one of them in the vicinity of Fuengirola (Malaga). They reached the house at around one o’clock in the morning on a warm summer evening. The main purpose of their journey was to test new photographic gear and spend some days at the beach. As they settled in, a member of the group (as told by Manuel Linares to researchers Miguel Peyró, Emilio Linares, Inés Pérez, Ignacio Benvenuty, Ricardo Lineros and Manuel Ontivero of the CIEPE group) informed his friends that according to word of mouth, a flying saucer had been seen to sweep across the skies “like a luminous stain”. No one took him seriously. However, shortly after taking photographs within the house, the new arrivals began hearing a deep, powerful respiration, comparable to a strange animal panting outside the dwelling. The five young men went outside with more curiosity than fear, thinking that it could be a prank, or the likelihood that a burglar had taken advantage of the cover of darkness to conduct his activities, as the summer house was normally unoccupied. Armed with axes and machetes, the young men turned on some flashlights and set out to explore the surroundings, hoping to find the source of the odd panting they had heard in the silence of the night. The heavy panting stopped the minute they turned on their flashlights. The silence became more intense. It seemed that alleged animal, or whatever it was, had vanished. At five o’clock in the morning, Manuel Linares was roused from a deep sleep by some strange noises. He alerted his friends and all of them were able to hear the sound of panting respiration once again, punctuated by a whistling sound resembling the sound made by a car braking on pavement. Three of the young men ran toward a hallway with a window that opened precisely toward the location the sounds were being heard. The approached it at a crouch, fearing discovery by the strange visitor.

The Humanoid Conspiracy When they reached the window, they saw the source of the loud panting they’d heard...and it made their blood run cold. Standing beside a tree was a sort of very tall man, taller than the tree itself, with two very bright sources of light where his eyes should have been. The figure’s outline was lost in the darkness, although the figure appeared to be enveloped in a black robe. Following a few minutes of genuine panic, their reaction was to find the machetes with which to fight off a possible act of aggression from the strange prowler. Upon leaving the house, they found that the figure had either concealed itself or vanished. The only possible clue was that the surrounding temperature became considerably warmer, and a powerful smell of sulfur filled the air. Manuel Linares returned to his room, from where he saw something even stranger. “I saw a shadow walk past the doorway, neither quickly nor slowly. I turned on the lights and tried to hide. The shadow, making noises like the sound of deep breathing, walked right by.” Linares and his buddies took shelter in the house and didn’t dare leave again. Shortly after, a new sound startled them: strange footsteps could be heard on the rooftop. Momentarily, “something” started banging on the doors and windows, as though trying to enter the house. The feeling was could not be described. The banging sound faded after a while and there was no further sign of the “visitor”, but they’d experienced enough, and returned to Seville immediately. The long night siege was over. Only some facts bear out the story told by the five youths: in that very same area, more or less a year before the night siege, a series of unexplained events had taken place. Many animals of various species had been found dead within a short span of time. No natural cause was found to account for their deaths. Spain: The Algeciras Humanoids (CE-3, 1980) By Manuel Ramirez, “Ovnis en Andalucia” On 12 February 1980, Rafael Tobajas, a resident of the city of Algeciras, accompanied his wife to visit some friends, another married couple in which the wife was bedridden with the flu. From the terrace of that apartment, Rafael Tobajas was able to see some strange lights moving in the direction of “Los Adalides”. This marked the start of a strange story that was echoed by the local press and became the talk of the town in Algeciras. A strange phenomenon repeated itself night after night in February 1980 along the local highway, known by the name “Botafuego” and linking the towns of Llano de la Vega, Garganta del Capitán and Sierra de Ojen. Around 9:30 p.m. every night, lights resembling white fireballs with violet hues crossed the firmament. Many witnesses agreed that these object, upon descending for closer inspection, resembled inverted teacups with red and green lights, shooting beams of light, with protruding antennae from their upper sections. The objects were able to change position and altitude quickly. Their heading, according to local witnesses, was always the same: from North to South, descending slowly over Sierra de Ojén toward the Algeciras neighborhoods known as “Los Adalides”, “La Granja” and Camino Viejo de Los Barrios. The objects made no noise whatsoever and moved speedily.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Rafael Tobajas and his wife, on their visit to the couple with the ailing wife, were the first to see something strange in the sky when they looked out on the apartment’s terrace at nine thirty in the evening. Tobajas had heard, like everyone else in Algeciras, about the remarks being made in the city at the time, and paid little attention to what he saw. He thought it was a bright flash and re-entered the apartment without further concern. Subsequently, however, driven by curiosity, he decided to focus his eyes on the same spot in the distance. There was no doubt that something was moving in the air, wobbling and emitting readily discernible flashes of light. He summons his host and asks him accompany him to the site for a closer look in order to ascertain its nature and observe it in greater detail. His friend declined, and Tobajas and his wife set off on their own. Driving their car down the old road to Los Barrios, they passed by the entrance to the Los Adalides school. Standing outside was a group of thirty or forty boys armed with sticks and flashlights. Tobajas exchanged some words with the boys and three of them – as many as he could fit in his car – agreed to join in on the closer look, since they too had seen something odd in the night. José A. Sanjuan, José Rodriguez and Diego Gutierrez boarded the car and guided Rafael Tobajas along the narrow road leading to the area where the strange flying craft materialized. A few kilometers away, upon reaching a garbage-burning pit in the vicinity, they saw two bright lights on the slopes of the Sierra de Ojen. Stopping the car, they used binoculars to focus on two luminous masses dancing in the air for some ten or fifteen minutes. The light show was attractive, but their curiosity grew apace as they objects descended. Looking through the binoculars and unaided, Tobajas, his wife and the three boys were able to see that the two lights were like “headlights” of a dark grey mass whose outlines could not be made out in the darkness. Mrs. Tobajas is the first to discover something that will cause fear and uncertainty among the group: She is able to see, through binoculars, a figure emerging from the unknown craft and standing nearly three meters tall, perhaps taller. Rafael Tobajas took the lenses from his wife and confirms the sighting, only it wasn’t one, but two figures standing slightly over three meters tall, clad in form-fitting khaki green outfits and walking in slow motion, as though weighed down by their feet. They saw the figures jumping over some bushes, at which point their limbs became perfectly discernible. The distance between one figure and the other was about a hundred meters at most, and the vehicle was near a stream on the slides of a small mound. No buzzing sounds are heard. The brightness of the craft became more intense, causing the two figures to cast their shadows over the stream. Walking slowly, they appeared to be headed to where Tobajas and his companions observed the events. The children were starting to panic, but Tobajas, remaining calm, fears that something worse is about to happen, as he cannot bring himself to believe what he is seeing. He chooses to put the car in gear and abandon the area as quickly as possible. As the car raced away down the narrow road, the boys still feel the sensation that the entities were coming after them, moving slowly. After going around a curve, they lost sight of the humanoids. The experiencers agree on what they have seen, and numerous witnesses in the area corroborate the details of the sighting. A few hours after the sighting, the main witness [Tobajas] returned to the site, finding an array of strange footprints on the ground. On this second venture, a person having no connection to the first group, in order to insure objectivity, accompanied him. The prints discovered in the vicinity of the stream appear to belong – according to experts from the Red Nacional de Corresponsales (National Correspondents Network) – to mortar rounds fired during exercises by the military brigade at

The Humanoid Conspiracy Botafuegos. They dismiss the possibility, however, that the events seen that night could have had any connection to the military. Furthermore, there is another detail that corroborates the strange possibility of a humanoid presence in the area. It took place a few kilometers away from the scene of the events and has a single protagonist: the watchman of an automobile graveyard near Los Barrios. On the evening of 12 February 1980, the graveyard watchman was snoozing inside one of the vehicles, which still had its doors and windows, to shelter himself from the cold temperature. Fast asleep, he suddenly felt a hand pounding on the car window. He woke up suddenly and was stunned by what he saw. On the other side of the auto glass, he saw an entity with female features, slanted eyes and greenish skin. Taking hold of a long stake he kept handy to ward off potential thieves, and gripped by a mixture of panic and bravery, the watchman opened the car door to give the strange character a beating. Emerging from the vehicle without the visitor offering any resistance, the watchman was able to see the female figure dematerialize before his very eyes. Overwhelmed by panic, the watchman deserted his post and never went back. This event, however, did not seem to be the first one recorded in the area in question: in September 1959 at 2:30 a.m., a worker at a pump house in the city of Algeciras was able to see an oval object surrounded by a “visor”, measuring six or seven meters in diameter and hovering 180 centimeters over the ground. Two human-looking figures stood between the object and the onlooker. He placed their height at one meter eighty, and they fled from him upon being discovered. Twenty-one years later, Tobajas, his wife and companions were able to see a similar situation to the one experienced by the cemetery watchman and the pump house worker – one they could not explain. Spain: Two Giants Inside a Sphere (1987) By Pedro M. Fernandez Location: Vicinity of the “Moreno” farm, 3 kilometers south of the town of Higuera de la Serena, Province of Badajoz, Spain. Witnesses: Alejo González 34; Adolfo José Dávila, 16; Jacinto Tamayo, 34. Information published in the HOY regional newspaper on 19 July 1987 “Three Residents of Higuera de la Serena Describe UFO Sighting” At the location known as “Cicaratón” in the vicinity of the “Moreno” farm which is two kilometers distant from our own community, three local residents whose initials are AGP, JTN and ADD, all of them citizens of acknowledged reputation and without any kind of criminal past, offered an insistent and detailed account of their sighting of a UFO in the aforesaid location. Their experience goes as follows: “On the day in question and around two o’clock in the morning the three men were in the Cicaratón region for unknown reasons. After one of them remarked that the night was overcast, they saw an intense, shining, rounded and roughly Moon-sized object in the sky, which caused them even more wonder as they noticed it became larger, approaching them quickly. In a matter of seconds they were faced with a large, glowing object that emitted a slight buzzing sound, measuring approximately 15 meters in diameter and whose sheen lit the surroundings, making them

The Humanoid Conspiracy visible. This allowed them to see that it was hanging in the air without any support, metallic struts or anything at all. Faced with this strange situation, they chose to vacate the area in a hurry. This option became even more pressing when they saw two large human figures outside the object, without having ever noticed any opening or hatch in the object. Both figures were headed for the three men, who broke into a run toward the place where they had parked their car. In their frantic retreat, the three local residents could see the two shapes following them slowly but deliberately. After a few minutes of being chased, the three men chose to hide in the bushes of a nearby stream and avoid detection. A few minutes of strange noises ensued, after which an intense, whistling buzzing became audible and the object vanished into the sky. The sound remained audible while the object was in sight. Information Pertaining to the Case Vicinity of the “Moreno” farm at the place known as “Cicaratón”. This area is located three kilometers south of Higuera de la Serena, belonging to the La Serena region. It is a predominantly agricultural region. The scene of the events is a plantation occupied predominantly by grape and olive groves. The Guadamez River runs four kilometers from the site. In this vicinity, a hundred meters from where the witnesses stood, there is also a stream, whose bushes offered cover to the witnesses as they sought protection. There are no facilities of any sort, except for a TV repeater tower located some two hundred meters behind their position at the time of the events. Weather Conditions The night was clear but dark, with no visible moonlight. Temperature was pleasant, between 15 and 18 centigrade, with no obstacles to visibility. Despite the darkness, they state that the stars were visible. It should be noted that the men have normal vision without any handicaps. The Witnesses Alejandro González, 34, works at a bar owned by his family. Adolfo Jose Davila, 16, also works at a bar owned by his family. Jacinto Tamayo, 34, is a laborer and sometimes works at a bar owned by the family of the first witness mentioned. We were able to ascertain that these are men of acknowledged good reputation in their community and not prone to stories of this sort or anything similar. The report provided to me regarding the background of the men by Victor Sierra, a researcher and good friend, should also be noted. Sierra is a member of the Guardia Civil and stationed at the time at Zalamea de la Serena, not far from where the events occurred, is in charge of matters pertaining to several towns in the region, among them the one where the witnesses live. The Investigation A phone call to my late friend, researcher Victor Sierra of the Guardia Civil, opened the doors to researching the case. Upon hours of learning of this event, I found myself standing in front of the Zalamea de la Serena station, where Victor was serving. We quickly headed toward the locality in question. We went into the bar owned by one of them, where the men were waiting, as Victor had

The Humanoid Conspiracy informed them of my arrival. After an interesting chat, we headed for the place where the observation took place, and they described their encounter with the unknown in detail. The witnesses were at the scene of the events between 1:30 and 2:30 in the morning on Friday, 26 June 1987 when Alejo González became aware of “the thing” – a strange light in the sky. It had the size of a full moon and an intense yellow glow. Faced with this unusual presence, they felt fear and remarked that the most prudent thing to do would be to leave it all behind and go home. But they didn’t have time. Within seconds, as if the light had guessed their intentions, the strange light came upon them. Its speed of descent – according to their story – was much greater in comparison with that of an airliner. It descended until it remained suspended over the olive trees, some four meters over the ground and twenty to twenty five meters away from where they stood. Description of the Object It was a spherical light, yellow in color and emitting a yellowish glow like that of the sun, with a less intense glow and a more intense yellow color. Its approximate size was 15 meters in diameter, equivalent to a 2000 cubic meter sphere. The objects edges were poorly defined, but in spite of this and the light it emitted, it appeared to be a solid object. It remained motionless for the time it hung over the olive trees. No portholes or doors were evident, nor any other structural details. The surface was smooth. It made a slight buzzing sound similar to the whistling of a jet aircraft. This sound was present throughout the duration of the observation and was somewhat more intense during the period in which it was closer to the witnesses, except for the moments prior to its departure and disappearance, when a sharp whistling sound was heard. The object – which the witnesses stress had no windows, hatches or any other structural detail – gave them the impression of being a solid, self-luminous object that lit the surrounding area. Its intensity was constant, with a logical increase and decrease as it was closer or farther away from them. The object followed a straight-line trajectory, although it followed a tilted path during its descent and ascent. The object was at a 55 degree inclination with regard to the witnesses. It appeared from south to west, following the same trajectory when disappearing but in reverse, that is to say, from west to south. It took few seconds before it disappeared completely. Its speed was greater in comparison with that of a jet airliner. Manifestation of the Beings Associated with the UFO The witnesses were observing the object when suddenly, and not knowing how (having mentioned that neither hatches nor windows were visible), two human-like beings emerged from within the object. These beings, after observing each other mutually for some time, began walking toward them. Gripped by fear, the witnesses broke into a run, noticing that the beings were following them. Both beings were human-looking, with a height of approximately two and a half meters. The witnesses were unable to make out anatomical details such as skin color, eye shape and size, etc. although the noticed that the size of their heads, arms and legs were in proportion to the rest of the body. They were unable to noticed the shape and color of the clothing worn by the beings, although they say that at some point they noticed what appeared to be green outfits, but cannot say for sure, as the

The Humanoid Conspiracy intense light kept them from noticing any details with clarity. It should be noted that the beings were always enveloped in that luminosity, even when moving away from the sphere. The witnesses were unable to see if the creatures carried any sort of object or if they made any sounds. They were able to notice, however, the way in which they walked. They did so in huge, slow strides. The entities set off after the humans, but were unable to reach them. The minimum distance that the witnesses came closest to the creatures was between 25 and 30 meters, practically the same distance as the object. In their flight, the witnesses managed to find a stream about a hundred meters from the scene of the events. They nervously hid behind the bushes until they heard a sharp whistling sound and managed to see the light flying away until it disappeared. At that point, they headed for the car they had parked in the vicinity and returned to Higuera, where fear of ridicule kept them from retelling the story until nearly a week following its occurrence. The observation had a total duration of between 5 to 6 minutes. Footprints The witnesses accompanied Victor and me to the scene of the events. Both of us combed the area in search of any traces that would prove the presence of the light and the entities. At the location of the sighting, we ascertained that the leaves on the upper part of the olive trees had been exposed to the direct action of the light, displaying clear signs of dehydration and a whitish appearance, yet the undersides of the leaves, not exposed to the direct effects of the light in question, had a normal appearance and coloring. Miscellaneous Details It should be noted that the witnesses did not feel any physical effects from the phenomenon before, during or after the sighting, except for nervousness and fear arising from an experience of this sort. Nor did their car suffer any effects: although it was parked throughout the sighting event, it started up normally. Neither the witnesses nor their vehicle displayed any strange symptoms in subsequent days.

Spain: Humanoids in Galicia (1996) By Grupo FENIX The UFO wave remains in full force throughout the northern part to the country and some very well documented cases are becoming known. ENIGMAS magazine has visited the locations which have been in the news lately to present new data regarding the strange visits being reported in certain parts of Galicia, as told by the witnesses to this event. On Thursday, February 20th, the village of Paradaseca (Orense), belonging to the municipality of Chanderxa de Quiexa, found its usual peacefulness disturbed by a strange visit. Local shepherd Heliodoro Núñez, 76, was the hapless protagonist of an incident involving a number of 3 meter-tall entities. "It was around four in the afternoon, more or less, when I was with the herd in a field located some three kilometers from the detour on the Chandrexa road, along the Devesas River. Suddenly, the dogs started barking and staring at a point behind me. At first I thought I might have to do with wolves, but when I turned around and saw those tall, weird "things", I realized they were no wolves..."

The Humanoid Conspiracy

On the days following the event, members of La Coruña's Grupo Fenix visited the scene. The aged witness assured them that he had been able to see with great clarity two enormous beings looking over the hedges. They stood in excess of three meters and [their heads] were covered by something similar to a strange "mortarboard" or "luminous bishop's mitre". The whole--the two beings, which were like "Siamese twins" and their curious headgear--changed color in unison, acquiring various shades of red, blue, yellow and green... "It was otherworldly," stated Heliodoro Núñez, "and the fact is that I began to pray when I saw the apparition." The fear this man experienced did not go unnoticed by his closest relatives over the following days. Heliodoro's wife told ENIGMAS that "he arrived home feeling very, very scared. He prayed for a long time and spent two sleepless nights afterward, unable to eat anything. I can't tell you what he saw, but it scared him very much." Aside from Heliodoro Núñez, our companions found another witness to this spectacular event. Juan González González,42, a resident of Casteligo (also in Chandrexa de Queixa municipality) claimed that on the very same day and time, and at the same place where the humanoid encounter occurred, he saw a deep red light motionless over the treetops. Given the distance separating him from the man from Paradaseca, he was unable to see the "two giants". He did confirm, however, that when he came across Heliodoro, the man was "running with his goats in fear." Forty-eight hours later, Juan González told Orense's La Región newspaper: "At first I thought it was a fire, but no smoke rose from it. I also thought it was a tractor, but it couldn't be. It could've been a balloon, but it didn't move at all. I don't know what it was, but it easily measured three meters." The investigation is ongoing. Members of Grupo Fenix have found some metallized spheres at the site which are being subjected to analysis to identify their nature. Almost simultaneously, Heliodoro Núñez's son began experiencing night terrors and pronounced ocular irritation. It would seem that the 25 year old man appeared in his parent's bedroom the night before, carrying a mattress and fully ready to spend the night with them. According to his account, he was afraid of sleeping in his room since "strange lights were appearing before him." The incident in Chandrexa de Queixa municipality is by no means the last one. In the early morning hours of Saturday, March 15, a rhomboidal object was filmed from the top of the A Espenuca hill in the town of Betanzos. The object consisted of five and six lights, alternately. The aerial phenomenon was caught on film at 04:13 hours while a group of youngsters followed the progress of comet Hale-Bopp. A day later, at 19:00 hours, a couple and their son were driving along the Alto de Sesta highway near Abadín (Lugo), when they were able to see a spectacular celestial event they compared to Fátima's "dance of the sun". INEXPLICATA Contributing Editor Manuel Carballal gives us the following information: "Ultima Hora" (Newspaper), June 2, 1999 Four Residents of Laxe Claim Having Seen a UFO for Over 2 Hours by Cristina Viu -- Newsroom Around eleven o'clock last night, Antonio Toja swept clean his bar in the port town of Laxe while his wife María Elena and son Roberto viewed the last chapter of Mareas Vivas on TVG. He suddenly noticed a

The Humanoid Conspiracy very bright light suspended in the sky. Although startled, he proceeded with his task until half an hour later, during the intermission of the televised broadcast, he remarked about the incident to his family. They then reached for a pair of binoculars and realized that the object was nothing "customary." Around that time, they summoned a neighbor, José Manuel Pato, president of the Yacht Club, to act as their witness, because according to María Elena: "Whenever I saw these things on TV I thought [the witnesses] were people suffering hallucinations." The three men decided to venture to the graveyard in order to get a better view of the object. The sighting lasted two hours until the object moved downward and to the right to shine with even greater intensity around 1:30 a.m.. The case has caused a stir in Laxe and there were people scanning the skies yesterday. No Explanations or Confirmation The sighting could not be confirmed by the control tower at Lavacolla Airport nor by the Regional Maritime Rescue Center. Neither of these two agencies, according to their spokespeople, had any information--whether directly or indirectly--regarding a strange event on Monday night in the Laxe area. The A Coruña Meteorological Institute stated that no strange phenomena occurred on Monday which could have been mistaken for a UFO, and did not hazard any guesses. On the other hand, the astronomical observatory in Santiago explained that no extraordinary events had been envisioned for time, but ventured a hypothesis involving the planet Venus, which came undone when the object's movements were explained to the investigator. In any case, he advised that a sky watch should be kept over the following days. In none of the cases did the parties consulted betray any surprise while explaining the phenomenon allegedly seen at Laxe. "Ultima Hora" (Newspaper), June 5, 1999 "Living Stars" Over Laxe On Sunday night, they show X-Files on TV, but it’s more fun watching it live. This can be done without any problems in Laxe, and it happened again last Thursday. At first, only five or six people were involved. When things got serious, all the cellular phones came alive as word spread throughout the area. That's when things got started. Enthusiastic spectators (though not all) followed the maneuvers of a luminous "signal" which appeared and disappeared in the dark skies. Four local residents had seen it two days earlier. There were close encounters of the third kind in Laxe. Third, because people had already met twice: the first time involved four residents, successfully; the second was washed out due to the clouds and rain. It all started at 11:50 p.m. José Manuel Pato, president of the Laxe Yacht Club; the four crewmen of an Irish merchant vessel, along with a couple of residents and a journalist noticed that something funny was going on up there. And, what was it they saw? A light-- similar in size and intensity to what three Venus-sized planets could produce in their maximum evening glory--hung quietly in high above the horizon. Nothing unusual up to this point. The problem, to give it a name, is that the light suddenly dwindled in intensity until it remained a mere point of light.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Again, nothing unusual here, except that the light began glowing again with renewed intensity...and this is really unusual. The most spectacular part of the event lasted barely twenty minutes, up to 12:10 a.m. more or less. The light decreased gradually in intensity and began doing strange things in the measure that curiosity seekers reached the top of the hill. The astronomical equation remained thus: plenty people, little glow. And little faith. Cars began arriving at the spot near the cemetery. One of them carried the cast of Mareas Vivas with the shellfish gatherer, the doctor and the clients of Petróleo's bar. "Doctor" Carlos Blanco was in charge of livening up the proceedings; an incredulous girl stated that [the light] was only an airplane. "Be quiet, Scully," Blanco told her, alluding to the skeptical agent in the X-Files. There was no point in breaking up the mood, anyway. At another point, the actor indicated that the light could very well be an item of extraterrestrial political campaigning, such as "Vote for XTY of the M-35 Galaxy" or some such. The worst part is that the light became increasingly lazy and would not reappear, even when called upon to do so. And when it did appear, the shouts of:"Here, Hey! Over Here!" would, of course, make it turn off. At least it was captured on video--from where it can't get away.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

The Humanoid Conspiracy in Argentina

The Humanoid Conspiracy Argentina: The Anthropomorphic Phenomena of Santa Isabel By Dr. Oscar A. Galindez Date: 09-21-1972 Place: Santa Isabel, Cordoba Province, Argentina Summary: Mr. Teodoro Merlo discovered the presence of a “person” of considerable size and pointed ears in a dressing room of the Ika-Renault Auto Plant. Simultaneously, the lights on the premises turned on and off inexplicably. The entity vanished all of a sudden. Witness experienced aftereffects. The curious phenomena of Santa Isabel may be considered among the best sequences ever recorded on the sightings of anthropomorphic figures eventually linked to the UFO phenomenon. The magnitude of the events, the plurality of witnesses and the repetition of the sightings conspired against an expeditive evaluation of the incidents. Scientific objectivity demanded a meticulous analysis that would enable a determination of the “veracity index” assigned to such events, even at the risk of delaying their diffusion to the public. After a year of work and personal interviews, we believe that we have gathered a surprising array of background information that authenticate the correlative occurrence – during the last week of September 1972 – of events on edge of common understanding in the Ika-Renault Auto Plant in Santa Isabel, located 7 km. SE of Cordoba, Republic of Argentina. 1st Anthropomorphic Phenomenon When the manifestations in Santa Isabel became public through the reports of the two protagonists (Messrs. Moreno and Rodriguez) we took upon ourselves the task of contacting some of the managers of the firm in question, in order to interest them in a possible “on site” reconstruction of the events. During these transactions, we became aware of a previous incident that was only known by the factory’s security staff, given the confidential nature given to it by its eventual protagonist. We arranged an interview on 12 October 1972 at the home of Mr. Mario Vidosa, a senior employee with the firm, who lives in the outskirts of AltaGracia (Cordoba). Eyewitness’s Personal Information The occasional observer of this first phenomenon was Mr. Teodoro Merlo, 56, an employee at the IkaRenault plant in Santa Isabel, where he works as a dressing room guard. He has no primary school education, although he engages in painting and sculpture, showing that he is self-taught. He is an introverted person. During the interview, we were surprised by his extremely humble manner and his insistence that his experience not become widely known. Nor did he agree to be photographed. There are no contradictions in his story. He spoke at all times with certainty. He seems a sincere person, with probity, to the extent that questioning the nature of his observation is unnecessary. 2. Circumstances of the Sighting The phenomenon took place in a section of the auto plant [...] It was 21 September 1972. At 5:40 a.m., Mr. Merlo was heading toward the dressing rooms of the forging section. At 1:40 a.m. he had personally locked the two access doors to plant. If the plant’s technicians report to work at 7:30 a.m., the housekeeping staff (boiler room, cleaning, etc.) arrives at 6:00 a.m. For this reason, the dressing rooms must be set at an early hour.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Prior to entering the site, Mr. Merlo turn out the inside lights from the outside (by means of a button panel beside the door). The light bulbs of the six bathrooms are mercury vapor lamps. The remainder is fluorescent tubes. His task completed, the protagonist arrived at Door No. 2, which was locked, and quickly headed toward the “A” section, where he left some soap and towels (there are some long washbasins in that area). At that time, he saw that Light No.1 was off, noting that a person was seated on one of the washbasins. He set down the elements in “A” section and headed toward “B” section – some 7 meters distant – to repeat the task, wondering at the same time about the presence of the intruder, especially when there was no one within when he locked the door at 1:40 a.m. It should be stressed that the dividing walls of the six bathrooms do not quite reach the roof of the premises, since – due to ventilation concerns – they only come within 0.50 meters of it. An analogous situation occurs with the partitions of the shower rooms. This circumstance allowed “B” section to be softly lit by the light from other compartments, even though Light No.1 was inexplicably off. Mr. Merlo advanced stealthily, and as he walked passed a mirror on the outer wall of the bathrooms, facing the hallway along which he walked, he looked at himself instinctively in one of them, at the same time that he transferred the towels and soaps to his left hand. That slight distraction occurred simultaneously as his confirmation of the following phenomenon: Light No. 2 went out with a dry sound, similar to that of a metallic element striking a window. Light No.1 came on automatically, lighting up “B” section. This circumstance allowed him to certify that the entity had vanished. Startled by this curious manifestation, Mr. Merlo retreated quickly to “A” sector (where Light No.2 had gone out) but was unable to find traces of the intruder. From there, it was possible to see the hallway leading to access door No.2, and he didn’t see anything strange either. He ran back to “B” section to ascertain if the individual was trying to escape through access door No.1, but it was locked. He also tested door No.2. These are the only two entrances to the dressing room, and while there are ventilation ducts large enough to allow a human to go through, these only open and close from within the premises through a complex mechanism. These, of course, were also shut. He carefully checked the various areas of the dressing room, including the interior of the lockers. He found nothing at all. 3. Entity Description Despite the absence of light in “B” sector, Mr. Merlo could see – at only 3 meters distance – some of the characteristics of the entity, thanks to the light expended by the adjacent bulbs. The phenomenon’s position was as indicated in the image. Its right hand, nearly forming a straight angle with its back, touched the being’s nasal appendage. The left arm rested at the edge of washbasin, while the entity’s entire anatomy was at the edge of the washbasin. the right leg was outstretched, while the left one was drawn in, with the foot firmly on the floor (bearing in mind that the washbasin is 0.90m from the floor, the intruder’s height must have been considerable to rest its entire foot. Our reconstruction determined that the entity’s average height must have been between 2.40 and 2.50 meters).

The Humanoid Conspiracy

Its outfit appeared to be a coverall, dark blue in color, with a matte finish, close-fitting and with tight wrists. Its appearance was massive. He saw neither boots nor belt. The outfit left the hands and face exposed. The fingers were long and thin. The skin was very white, almost like plaster.

The overall impression was of a living being and not a mannequin. Its skull was large and rounded with no hair. The neck was thin and short; the chin was broad and flat; ears were long and pointed, not exceeding the upper part of the head. The eyes were slanted and were horizontally arranged, much larger than those of an Asian person. He noticed spots or undefined shadows at the cheeks. He did not see the nose and mouth very well. 4. Effects Surrounding the Sighting a) The temperature where the phenomenon occurred was considerably higher than in other sectors; b) The witness’s eyes blurred, and his eyes began to tear (this effect lasted 3 days); c) Development of a red spot in the middle part of his nose, with persistent ache (an effect that persisted at the time of our interview); d) Constant headaches (the same, regarding duration); e) Pain in the lumbar region (effect lasted 7 or 8 days). 5. Alternatives Subsequent to the Sighting a) Image reflection phenomenon: Mr. Merlo did not discuss his experience with anyone. He was concerned about the manner in which the person had entered and left the dressing room. Fearful of being accused of neglect in his duties, he chose to keep quiet. He simply made an “identikit” of the image and preserved it with great care. He returned to his home in Villa Oviedo (AltaGracia) at 3:30 a.m. A few hours later, after 9:10 p.m on that same 21 September, he boarded the bus that would take him back to the Santa Isabel plant. He sat on the third seat to the left, near the window. Some 25 people were aboard the bus. Above the windshield, in the middle and slightly tilted, was the rear-view mirror through which the driver looked at the passengers. It had an oblong configuration (whose measurements we certified during the episode’s reconstruction) of 0.46 x 0.26 m. The inner lights were all off, except for the watch light, placed on the dashboard. Suddenly, when the vehicle was driving near Los Olivares, Mr. Merlo

The Humanoid Conspiracy noticed that the mirror was clearly reflecting a face similar to that of the entity seen in the dressing room, although on this occasion, the features were visible with great clarity (?). Mr. Merlo turned his head, looked back in order to see if there was someone sitting behind him with the same characteristics. He only saw another passenger leaning against the window. The person wore a Basque beret and was dozing away with arms crossed. He did not look at all like the image visible in the mirror. The particularities of the face reflected in the mirror were identical to those of the phenomenon seen at 5:40 am, but there were other details that he could now make out with greater precision. The mouth, for example, was like that of a dog, with a protruding upper lip. Two brownish spots were visible on both cheeks, with facial and eye movements also being evident. Under each eye could be seen two small dark converging lines, with angles oriented toward the eye socket The eyebrows were arced and thin, as though painted; it did not blink. The triangular nose was spare and in a straight line. After three minutes of observation, the image vanished, hidden by some concentric circles. The mirror once again began reflecting scenes from the inside of the bus, with the driver’s right ear and part of his neck visible, as well as the shoulder, arm and part of the face of the first passenger. None of the passengers appeared to have noticed the phenomenon.

Once the bus reached the Santa Isabel Plant (10:30 p.m.) Mr. Merlo turned to his customary duties, but obsessed by the phenomena he had experienced in such a short time span. He decided – at 5:00 a.m. on 22 September – to file a report with Mr. Romero, Head of the Plant Safety Department, presenting him with the entity’s “identikit” (conveniently enhanced by the latest viewing in the mirror). The event was kept secret and only disclosed to security personnel. However, the eyewitness himself didn’t feel that sufficient importance was given to it, as he was not approached to expand on the report. Dr. Ignacio Castro Igarzábal, the Labor Relations Manager, contacted him on 10 October in order to learn of some of the aspects of the occurrence. But he made no judgments on the event. b) Lights Not Turning On: At 2:00 a.m. on Monday, 25 September, Mr. Merlo was getting ready to conduct a practical inspection of the forging dressing rooms along with his companion (surnamed Moyano) when they discovered that the lights wouldn’t turn on. Fearful of the unknown, the shut the door again and did not have the courage to go back in. Hours later, however, they repeated the action and saw that the lights turned on with any problems. c) Stopped Clocks: On Monday, 9 October, Mr. Merlo noticed – to his surprised – that both his wristwatch and the alarm clock on his bedside table in Villa Oviedo read 4:00 a.m., while a wall clock, in an adjacent room, indicated 5:00 a.m. This was definitively the right time. Both clocks had been set using the wall clock as their principal. The eyewitness doesn’t know if these events are related in some way to the anthropomorphic phenomena experienced earlier.
6. Comparative Analysis

When Teodoro Merlo was shown multiple illustrations of anthropomorphic phenomena, particular emphasis was given to the following details: a) The Villa Santina Case: The entities’ noses and mouths are surprisingly similar to those in the Santa Isabel phenomenon. b) The Hopkinsville Incident: The ears have no similarity whatsoever to those in the Santa Isabel phenomenon.

The Humanoid Conspiracy 7. Attempts at a Parapsychological Interpretation of the Phenomenon We could not resist the impulse to formulate the hypothesis that the reflected image of the Santa Isabel entity was a phenomenon with paranormal connotations. In this regard, we thought of the feasibility of verifying what is technically known as “Retrocognitive Telepathic Suggestion”. Telepathic suggestion consists in the normal induction of ideas or feelings to another person, which is facilitated by emotions or clouding of conscience, whether on the part of the agent or the percipient, or both at the same time. Cases of alleged apparitions of “the dead” are scientifically explainable as a telepathic projection of the agent’s image, favored by the degree of emotion, or a state of agony, or a state between apparent and real death. In some episodes (Retrocognitive Telepathic Suggestion) a delayed manifestation of this suggestion takes place, all the while – as Richet notes – “the latency time between the event itself and the monition (perception) is variable. Fr. Myers supposes that because the telepathic impression is immediate (in those cases of apparent retrocognition), but that this impression is latent in the percipient’s spirit, and does not emerge in his conscience until after a certain interval.”

In the Merlo case, we believe that the protagonist’s unconscious captured the features of the Santa Isabel phenomenon. The state of obsession and emotion created by the manifestation made it possible for him to see it again, although projected with the particular details captured by his unconscious (telepathic suggestion is greatly enabled by reflective surfaces, such as mirrors). Round Two – More Anthropomorphic Phenomena in Argentina Dr. Oscar A. Galíndez The Second Anthropomorphic Phenomenon The second episode of this series of anthropomorphic phenomena of unknown origin was confirmed six days after the Merlo Incident, which – we must insist – was not made known until after this other incident was disclosed. In our opinion, the experiences of the 2nd episode’s protagonist (Mr. Enrique Moreno) are perhaps the most important of all, as they present significant characteristics that place it in the lead of the manifestations of unidentified anthropomorphic phenomena in Argentinean case histories. 2. Eyewitness’s Particulars Mr. Enrique Moreno, 19, is a 2nd year vo-tech student and is also in the Sub-Officer School in Cordoba. He is a management employee at Ika-Renault’s Santa Isabel Plant. He works until 11:30 p.m at the Teletype Office and distributes internal company documentation on a scooter that allows him to cover the distances of the industrial park. At the company’s request, he carries a logbook in which he notes the fulfillment of each delivery made. He is short, thin and introverted. When we interviewed him for the first time on 14 October 1972, he was still shocked by the events he’d experienced. 3. Conditions of the Sighting. In the evening of 27 September 1972, young Moreno departed the Guard Office around 10:30 pm and delivered some pertinent documents at the Engineering Office. Accustomed to the routine, he did not activate the light switch and deposited the forms in question on a table in the dark. Suddenly, both rows

The Humanoid Conspiracy of fluorescent bulbs in the room lit up in parallel within the main office. This occurred three times, without the tubes having blinked at all. When the lights went off for the final time (the entire process lasted barely 15 seconds) he heard a noise similar to that of a turbine. Aside from the unexplained activation of the lights, he was startled by the buzzing, especially as there were no machines in operation in that part of the plant. And even if there had been one, he claims that there isn’t a technical device in the plant that can duplicate the characteristics of the sound heard. He felt a measure of fear. He got on his scooter again and headed toward the warehouse area, crossing an internal street approximately 200 meters long. Having fulfilled the required task in this sector, he left at 11:13 p.m., retracing the route that took him to the Guard Office again. He glanced to the right, and to his surprise, he could see in the distance – nearly beyond the plant’s suburbs – that a sort of rainbow had formed very near the ground. He paid no mind to the fact and pointed his scooter toward the destination in question, retracing his path. It was then that he saw – about 100 meters away, on the right side of the street and some 10 meters from the curb – a blue-green figure that moved ponderously, giving the impression that it was about to cross his path. (On the right side, the terrain is completely clear, although it has an elevation of 0.50 meters with regard to the street. Along said street, and for a length of 100 meters, were auto bodies that were about to be exported to Chile). Mr. Moreno thought that it might be an operator (wearing green coveralls) and also speculated that the glow he could see was caused by the mercury vapor lamps in the vicinity. But the uncanny height of the person was startling, to the extent that he thought that someone was playing a trick on him by walking on stilts. About some 30 meters away, the figure swung its torso toward him, dragging its head and arms in the movement as though these were inanimate limbs, firmly stuck to its body. At the same time, the scooter’s tailpipe backfired and the vehicle immediately shuddered. The RPMs went down and he began to lose power. He shifted into second, but the scooter advanced slowly, inexplicably stopping before the entity, which stood among the auto bodies. For that reason, [the entity] was only visible from the waist up. 4. Entity Description Athletic build, height in excess of 2 meters (we determined between 2.30 and 2.40 meters). Angled features, chiseled flat, white or light green. Eyewitness is not certain whether this last detail was real or due to the reflected clothing. Hairless, ears stretching beyond the skull, bright round eyes resembling two bulbs of yellow light. No eyelids, eyelashes or eyebrows. Mouth resembled a straight thin line, with a perfect pyramidal nose, no fleshiness, as though sculpted. Gave the impression of being a mechanical rather than a living creature. Clothing consisted in a greenish-blue coverall, plastic-looking and luminescent. Broad silvery belt with a large oval buckle of the same color. There was a small protuberance on the right side of the belt, resembling a cartridge case. The auto bodies kept him from making out the lower extremities (Photos reproduce the entities front and profile, according to a bust modeled by the author’s sibling, Luis E. Galíndez) 5. Effects Surrounding the Sighting

The Humanoid Conspiracy a) As from a distance of 30 meters, and in the measure that the scooter approached the entity’s location, Mr. Moreno began to experience an unbearable buzzing in his ears, to the point that they felt clogged or plugged (an effect that persisted after the moved away from the area where the phenomenon occurred); b) At the same time that the previous effect occurred, he felt a strange tingling sensation al over his body, which also persisted until he moved away from the area where the anthropomorphic manifestation occurred; c) His upper limbs experienced spastic paralysis, characterized by their immobility (except for his head) as though he’d lost his customary vitality. In spite of this, he had no problem in maintaining the vehicle’s position; d) The area of the event was very warm, despite the fact that it was a cool night; e) A smell of burning oil permeated the air; f) He subsequently felt dryness in his mouth and a sensation of nausea that persisted for 24 hours;

g) Pain at the nape of the neck, arms and sides. These effects persisted at the time of our initial interview; h) Burning eyes, followed by intermittent tearing (lasted for 3 days). 6. Events Following the Sighting a) Mr. Moreno feels that he was no more than 30 seconds in front of the entity, not noticing any movement during the encounter (except for the 45 degree turn noted earlier). Suddenly, the scooter shot off to the left, with Moreno being unable to control it, and propelled as if by an unknown force. The vehicle had no sooner overcome that burst of acceleration when the engine began functioning normally again. In spite of this, Mr. Moreno states that he was not entirely able to control the vehicle, due to the sighting’s after effects. He does not recall having activated the controls to manage it, and thinks that he either instinctively steered the scooter, or rather it made the four turns on the inner street of the hangar under the guidance of an unknown force. The speed limit (posted) is 5 km/hour. However, he added that the vehicle moved at some 50 km/hour to the end that it almost tipped over after making the last curve. Upon reaching the Guard Office, he very nearly rammed the safety barriers, which earned him a verbal reprimand from one of the guards. As he arrived, he heard the quitting time siren, which goes off at exactly 11:30 p.m.. His wristwatch, on the other hand, indicated 11:13 pm and had stopped. Mr. Moreno’s bewilderment increased when the attested at the guard shack that it was 11:30 pm indeed. He could not explain how he had been facing the phenomenon for 17 minutes, as he is entirely certain that he did not lose consciousness at any time. In reconstructing the events, we determined that if Mr. Moreno really departed from the warehouse area at 11:13 p.m., the trip from that site to the guard shack – including his stay with the entity for 30 seconds – would not have taken more than 3 minutes. It should be said that his time of arrival at the guard shack should have been 11:16 p.m. A major question was raised on this detail about a possible 17-minute amnesic state, probably recoverable through hypnotic regression. b) Security guards – apprised of the incident – reported to the site where the entity was seen, but found no traces of it. Neither did they detect the odor reported by Moreno nor the existence of

The Humanoid Conspiracy any warmth whatsoever. However, behind the auto bodies, and nearly corresponding with the place the phenomenon would have occupied, they found two rectangular prints measuring some 0.20 x 0.40 m. The soil was hot at that location; prints suggested a 2 centimeter depression with regard to the soil, which is rather consistent by being mixed with oil. Small luminescent particles resembling mica were found within. The security guards called to attest to the event, refused to give the event any importance, chastising Moreno for “seeing things”, brushing over the perimeter with a foot, saying that it is common to find such particles of mica on the ground. c) Mr. Moreno became the target of jokes by those who were with him during the situation, calling his experience into question. He began to feel pain in the nape of the neck, arms and sides. There was throbbing at his temples. He was driven to the company’s internal clinic, where his blood pressure had dropped to 7. He lost consciousness at that point. When he came to, partly recovered thanks to a sedative injection, he was driven home in an ambulance. In a semiconscious state, a suggestive repetition of words and numbers that he could not precisely recall went through his mind. He did not forget such terms as “coordinates”, “latitude” and “longitude”, “18”. He does not know if these were after effects of the experience. d) On the outskirts of the city of Cordoba, Mr. Moreno asked the ambulance drivers to take him to his girlfriend’s house. The protagonist himself did not hesitate to express his own surprise at this behavior. e) Ms. Elba del Valle Cruz, 18, confirmed that around 00:30 a.m. young Moreno reached her private home, constantly repeating that he’d seen a mechanical entity, like a robot, at IkaRenault. She noticed he was very nervous and pale, becoming frightened upon seeing him so. He ask her permission to sit down in an armchair, and she acceded. Moreno promptly fell asleep, trembling and shaking, as if gripped by convulsions. Concerned, she woke him up. Mr. Moreno drank a glass of water, apologized and took his leave of his girlfriend. f) On the next day (28 September) and fully restored to his nocturnal duties at the plant, he had a similar experience that he recounts thus: “At 10:30 pm, after engaging in some tasks in an office adjacent to the teletype area, he headed to the latter section to gather some work implements. As he did so, he felt that someone was looking at him. He glanced to a window facing an empty section and saw that the same entity from the previous night now faced him, three meters away. Simultaneously, the fluorescent bulbs turned on and off in a manner analogous to what occurred in the Engineering Room. A slight turbine-like buzzing filled the air. The teletype machines came alive. Gripped by fear, Moreno ran toward the guard shack, trying to jump over the safety barriers, demanding that someone come with him to certify the intruder’s presence. One of the guards grabbed him by the arm, sternly admonishing him to restrain himself, saying that his obsession to prove his alleged experience was causing him to see things that would eventually drive him mad. The guard invited him in for coffee with the other guards, who told him they would not disclose this other alleged incident to the upper management, as it would call his mental health into question (an internal report had already been filed with regard to the previous night’s observation);

g) On 16 October 1972, the renowned psychometrist Enrique Marchesini (unquestionably one of Argentina’s greatest paragnosts) only needed to touch his fingertips against an item of Mr. Moreno’s clothing to say that the patient suffered from nervous shock as a consequence of a unique experience (he did not provide details) that had left him profoundly shaken. He

The Humanoid Conspiracy recommended a lot of rest and calm, adding that the affected party was “sincere in his manifestations.” No further details were offered. It should be noted that Mr. Marchesini was not consciously given any details about the reason for consulting him. h) An analysis of Mr. Moreno’s wristwatch (“Orient” make) determined that it was highly magnetized. The technician in charge of demagnetizing it – unaware of the cause – expressed regret that such a valuable watch had been subject to uncontrolled experimentation by a thrill seeker. 7) Comparative Analysis a) Villa Santina Case: Mr. Moreno found no similarities (Recall that Mr. Merlo found a similarity in the lips); b) Hopkinsville Incident: Found that the ears were somewhat similar, especially in size. The rest of the entity bears no relation to the Santa Isabel phenomenon; c) Easter Island Moais: Witness found a surprising correspondence between the Santa Isabel manifestations and photos of the “moais” from Easter Island.

8) Considerations About the Moreno Incident a) With regard to the EM effect experienced by the scooter driven by Mr. Moreno, it should be noted that the University of Colorado – when providing an explanation for the phenomenon – dismissed the possibility that UFOs could ionize the air in any way whatsoever, to the extent that the internal combustion of a vehicle could be impeded. “This is deemed improbable,” said Roy Craig in the report, “because no reports of concomitant physiological or physical effects caused by such ionization are reported.” The effects produced upon Mr. Moreno call into question the verdict issued by the U. of Colorado, and open an interesting possibility about the interpretation of the EM effect as the consequence of the ionization of the area where the phenomenon occurred. But even within the hypothesis that links the manifestation of these effects with the action of magnetic fields linked to UFOs, we take into consideration two important works by Dr. Bernard E. Finch regarding psycho-physiological effects of human exposure to a force field. We believe that the effects reported by Moreno fall within one or another perspective; b) The sudden start of the scooter as a crossed the accessways to the hangar, with the consequent normalization of the engine, suggests the possibility that the elements of same (concrete, zinc plates) served as insulation for the force field created by the phenomenon. c) Activation and deactivation of the fluorescent lights in the Engineering and Teletype Rooms – simultaneously, without intermittence or ordinary electrical contact – lead us to think of the existence of a high dose of environmental electricity in the area where the phenomena occurred. Scientific Study of UFOs", Bantam Books, New York .1969, p. 101. Finch B.E. "Beware the Saucers", FSR, enero-febrero 1966, p. 4. "Comment on the Valensole affair", idem, p. 14

The Humanoid Conspiracy Argentina: The First Multiple Daytime CE-3 By Diego Sánchez, Luis Burgos and FAO Team Introduction Back in 1999, as humanoid activity dwindled in Argentina over the course of the years, a notable encounter took place in the territory of Buenos Aires, with two significant distinctions: the first being that it occurred in BROAD DAYLIGHT and the second being the NUMBER OF HUMANOID ENTITIES involved. Both of these facts are outstanding in the domestic case histories, or at least that is what emerges from the 4000 cases in our database (from 1900 to 2008) and we are therefore able to state that it is the FIRST DIURNAL GROUP HUMANOID CASE, as earlier cases of this sort showed one, two or three visitors during daylight hours, no more. Geographic Location

The exact site of the episode is National Route 5, Kilometer 465, beyond the rail crossing that joins the Pehuelches and La Zanja stations, both of which are communities of the Trenque Lauquen borough, located in Western Buenos Aires Province, near the border of the province of La Pampa, 23 kilometers from the county seat. The Events At 16:30 hours on August 25, 1999, Mr. Carlos Colón, an automobile mechanic, was driving his 1998 Chevrolet pickup along the aforementioned route, after having been in a field of the region. After crossing the train tracks, he began to feel a buzzing sound on his radio, which was set to an FM station. He first blamed it on the cellphone he’d connected to the outlet, but the buzzing became more intense, almost unbearable, and comparable to “a bunch of mosquitoes in one’s ear”. He also thought it could be the vehicle’s alternator. In this state of affairs, and after turning a curve, he remembers pulling onto the road’s shoulder without stopping the engine. He tried changing frequencies unsuccessfully. He was intrigued by a movement to his right, and when he raised his eyes, he saw something between the windshield and the door window – “something” that was heading toward him at high speed. Instinctively, Colón tried to get out of the pickup truck. At this point he was looking between the spare tire and the passenger compartment (sic) when he became aware of five figures in white... The Entities These silhouettes looked like people, but with a very strange appearance, mainly from the shoulders up. They stood approximately 2.50 meters tall and their anthropomorphic shape, similar to that of humans, was not identical. These beings were contained within a screen (from which they never emerged) similar to a movie screen or a parabolic screen, perhaps a meter taller than the figures themselves. Fifty meters away from the witness, this “screen” slowed down, stopping no more than 15 meters distant from Colon, who was able to make out the height of the silhouettes, as he had to raise his eyes to see them more clearly.

The Humanoid Conspiracy The intruders were all together, standing side by side in line, with drooping arms and open legs, always sliding within that “screen”. According to the eyewitness, the entities exchanged glances, making small movements with their heads, and looking at the protagonist for an instant. He was unable to make out any noses, mouths or eyes – only a black spot where their heads would have been. Their bodies were white. The humanoids stood thus for a while, eventually clasping each other’s arms to form a circle, bowing their heads inward, as if joining them. The “screen” immediately started to shrink, turning into a dark grey cone. According to Colón, what kept him from having a perfect view of the situation was a sort of fog in a whirlwind, as if they were behind some sort of translucent glass. Everything vanished suddenly after vanished as though a TV set had been turned off. The witness was left looking upward, looking to where the visitors had vanished, but was unable to see anything at all. Only the fields and he remained. Later,Colón was more than startled when he heard the pickup truck’s radio operating. The truck was on the shoulder and several meters away. Having no idea of how he got there, Colón found himself beside the barbed wire fence where the beings had been stationed. Fear overcame him at that moment. He ran to his Chevrolet, sat down and made a hasty return to the city of Trenque Lauquen, looking to one side and another. After having passed La Zanja, he started to react. He didn’t know why he was driving so fast, as no one pursued him, and he started to feel an unpleasant sensation of weariness, similar to the ache felt after the flu. He ascribed it to a spike in blood pressure, but a doctor would subsequently tell him that it was a result of stress. According to Colón, the encounter lasted “between two and seven minutes” judging by the time it takes to cover the distance he periodically travels to Trenque Lauquen. He reached the clinic feeling somewhat dizzy and with blurry vision. His blood pressure was 14.7, when the customary reading is between 16.1 to 18.1. Upon leaving, he headed for his workshop, where employees noted that he was acting strange, which he explained as malaise. He immediately crossed the street and went home, telling his wife about the event and feeling very anxious. He was unable to dismiss the memory of his experience from his mind. Two days after the event, he visited his doctor. An EKG was performed and his blood pressure was checked. Everything in his body was normal. Therefore, there was only one thing left to do: return to the encounter site. And so he did. To his surprise, he found the paperwork of the Chevalier parcel receipt; with the change he carried within it (sic). Things began to become clearer for Colón, and he started looking for prints, but found his own footprints more than anything else. Correlative Ufology Three events are essential when evaluating this incident: a. Days later, in a conversation with Mr. Avila, the owner of the field Colón had departed from prior to the encounter, the former told him that right after he left, he tried to contact tractor operators in his area and was unable to do so, as there was a persistent buzzing on the radio that made communications impossible; b. Peasants from an adjacent field stated that while performing their duties, the saw a large light stationed in the vicinity, which later headed south;

The Humanoid Conspiracy c. That same afternoon, at 15:45 hours, that is to say 45 minutes before Colón’s encounter with the beings, a trucker and his companion, headed for Santa Rosa (La Pampa) were able to make out some glowing objects to the right of the road, facing the La Zanja station. The trucker ascribed the vision to cereal railcars lit by the sun. These alleged railcars appeared to be crossing the road, since they had not yet entered the curve. After turning the curve, they asked each other: “what happened to the railcars?” They stopped and looked around. They were all alone in the field. Comparative Ufology The entities described by Colón are reminiscent of the May 29, 1986 case involving Oscar Flores, 28, at the entrance to the Don Tomás Lagoon in La Pampa. In this case, the witness, who I had the chance to interview thanks to an excellent interview by Quique Mario of the CEUFO group, found two visitors within his house at 00:30 hours. These intruders were also tall, more than 2 meters, and only parts of their faces were visible in their form-fitting suits. The beings appeared to sport medallions and belts, elements that Colón did not see. Also in La Pampa, Flores was able to see the UFO (over the top of some eucalyptus trees) and a persistent buzzing sound in the air. We managed to cross paths with Flores in one of the recent UFO conventions organized by CEUFO. He is in excellent health.

Background on Multiple Encounters With regard to close encounters involving large numbers of occupants, the Colón incident can be placed within the top ten Argentinean events, outdone only by four contact experiences, and all of these of a nocturnal nature (hence the importance of this daytime event):  Azul, Buenos Aires: Ufologists in the nation’s capital report an incident in which several residents of this locality witness the movement of seven (7) beings corresponding to Type III (Tall) on the evening of 13 August 1994, near Route 51. Laboulaye (Cordoba): Shortly before midnight on 2 December 1991, three youths from that region of Córdoba saw a luminous object landing a few meters from their home, disgorging 15 small entities. They walked single-file and appeared to have “flashlights on their heads” that lit the ground in front of them. The characters milled around the vicinity of the house for several hours. We investigated this incident on-site only a few days after it occurred. Pergamino (Bs.As.): This incident was also investigated on-site in the company of Prof. Jose Marengo, a consultant to FAO in the 80s. Four young men from the city had reported the presence of 6 small, strange entities to the police. The beings in the vicinity of the Club de Viajantes of the Gral. San Martín district. Other sightings involving 6 beings also occurred in the nearby town of Rancagua in late October and early November 1988. Crotto (Bs.As.): A record-breaking entity case occurred in this community near Olavarría, specifically at the Mi Recuerdo ranch. Around 03:00 hrs. on 17 November 1969, Aquilo Ramon Acosta had an extraordinary experience when he found 17 mysterious beings, good-sized and wearing reddish outfits, exploring his property for an extended period of time, bearing “flashlight-like” devices in their hands, shooting off red beams of light.

The Humanoid Conspiracy  Olavarría (Bs.As.): In the early hours of 29 April 1994, Mario Trevisan managed to photograph over twenty strange entities walking in front of the dim light outside a house on the outskirts of the city. The astonishing speed with which they moved was the most significant aspect of the case. This was a remarkable visual document that we were able to recover after 14 years of follow-up work. Please see the report and video at CIENCIA OVNI (

Conclusions Colón calmed down some time after his experiences. His blood pressure stabilized and he had no further arrhythmias. He was only left with some questions: he is still unsure if the pickup’s engine stalled, or if he was stopped by the entities. Nor could he remember how he reached the barbed wire fence. He is certain that he was “controlled” during the duration of the experience, and the entities simply allowed him to watch the situation. There is evidently a “missing time” factor that has still not surfaced in Colón (and which is typical in such cases). UFO sightings were periodically reported in Trenque Lauquen and its outlying communities, before and after the events discussed here. Everything points to the fact that the witness experienced an extraordinary situation that is full of information for ufology. Tall humanoids (Type III) returned to Argentina, giving the small Type I humanoids a break, as these appear to have “taken over” close encounters of the third kind.

CREDITS:  Sr. Diego Grimberg, Bs. As.  Supplement: "Crónica del Fenómeno OVNI" Nº 93, Bs. As.  Alejandro Vignati, revista "2001", Bs. As.  Oscar "Quique" Mario (CEUFO) (Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez) CE-3 at Winifreda: Julio Platner’s Experience (1983) By Nestor Berlanda Courtesy of Carlos Iurchuk – El Dragón Invisible It was sheer fate that caused us to be the first research group to have direct access to Julio Platner’s eyewitness account. At that time we had a group that we had formed in the year 1976, known as I.V.E. (Investigacion Vida Extraterrestre – Alien Life Investigation) – a pompous name if there ever was, since we sought no less than to research extraterrestrial life when there is no concrete evidence that such exists on other planets, even when common sense dictates the contrary, and when it is silly to think that we are the only living beings in the Universe. But the name merely followed the “fashion” of the Seventies: UFOs could be nothing else but spaceships, and if they were spaceships, they had to be alien. So anyone hoping to research UFOs was in fact investigating interplanetary spacecraft. While some researchers still remain anchored to the ETH, nowadays we think that UFOs may be something other than the aforementioned ETH. One of the groups with which we maintained contact through correspondence – specifically the first group that we got in touch with – was in the city of San

The Humanoid Conspiracy Lorenzo and went by P.O.C.I.F.E., formed by two young researchers who would go on to become good friends: today they are the psychologist Oscar Alemmano and Juan Acevedo, with whom we have worked on the abduction phenomenon for some years now. In those years, we had the healthy custom, which we fortunately have not lost, of performing visits to those locations where the enigma appeared to have rooted itself, whether as UFOs, strange stories or the remnants of ancient cultures. Around that time – July 1983 – part of the group had planned a journey to Cerros Colorados, a locale in Argentina’s Cordoba Province with a wealth of cave art. Upon returning, they heard through the media of the Julio Platner case, and we had the good luck of reaching the scene of the events only 3 days after his experience. Winifreda is 670 km from Rosario and 45 km north of Santa Rosa, La Pampa’s capital city. It is a town of 1,700 residents whose predictable lives were altered on 9 August 1983 by an extraordinary event, experienced by Julio Platner, a local resident, who was born there on 31 July 1950 (he was 33 at the time of the first experience): a tall, robust fellow in good health and with a primary school education. He reads only newspaper headlines and some sporadic news items that draw his attention. he is a silent, honest worker and a good colleague, according to references gathered during the research. He has many friends, is well-liked and beloved, and worthy of the locals’ trust. He lives humbly with his a wife and three boys -- Julio Ariel, Miguel Angel and Diego Mariano – who were 10, 7 and 1 years old respectively. At that time Platner was involved in farm and cereal work, but continued being employed by some local firms and was not the owner of a seed plant, as he is today. It was precisely on account of his business that he came to the farm of Mr. Antonio Fischer, 12 km. north of the town, on Route 25, joining E. Castex with Winifreda, on the 9 th of August. Upon leaving the town at 19:30 hours, he got out of his Fiat pickup to open the back gate. At that precise moment, he felt a powerful beam of light that blinded him, causing him to shield his face in an instinctual defense reflex. He also heard a strange whistling sound, as though from a turbine. At no time did Platner see any object, or anything resembling a UFO. The constant source of light, as in other cases, can also be found in this event: the witness sees only light and nothing more. Platner, we must stress, saw no vehicle or object at all. He only witnessed a light. “When I got out to open the farm gate, it was as if someone had pointed a floodlight at my face, as though from an autogenous welding unit, giving out rays of light which make it necessary to shield one’s face. I merely saw that. I have no recollection afterward.” Soon after, he found himself in a room that reminded him of an “operating room”. The walls were neither smooth nor even. Rather, they looked covered with material in a color resembling light beige. He could differentiate some structures because they stood out from the wall covering: they looked like glass cases with a hue similar to the walls, although lighter. [The cases] were opaque like the rest of the room. However, lit by a white light that was very clear, did not harm the eyesight, and – as we have seen in connection with dozens of other cases – its source was not immediately apparent. Nor did it cast any shadows. “It was a room...somewhat spherical, covered by wall coverings, what I’d never seen before. It was as bright as day, but I couldn’t tell where the light came from, because there was nothing – no bulb, no light, no source. It was bright, very bright; with a terrible sense of calm. It almost made you want to spend the rest of your life there.”

The Humanoid Conspiracy From the moment he found himself in the “operating room”, he was seated in what resembled a dentist’s chair, apparently made of the same material as the wall or the covering. I had the impression that the chair was suspended in the air, without any support, and it was very comfortable. Around him, he could feel the presence of four beings – three males and a female – whose average height was around 1.67 meters (he uses a close friend’s height as a reference), with anthropomorphic figures and athletic builds. He couldn’t tell if they wore close-fitting jumpsuits or if it was their skin, but their color resembled that of the room. He was able to tell that they had lips, but couldn’t’ tell if they were part of their features of their outfits. He clearly made out some sort of “boots”. Their eyes (the feature that impressed him the most, along with the sensation of great peace they inspired) were protruding, opaque, large and stood out from their faces. They exchanged glances without batting eyelids. A small detail could be seen in profile. Their ears were close to their skulls or the material. They had five-fingered hands. The woman had the same physical characteristics as a human female, and gave the impression of being more slender than the males.

They were all hairless. The most distant of the males, the one farthest from him, and the female, were facing him; the remaining two were flanking Platner, one on the right and another on the left. Platner tried to speak, but was unable to make any sound whatsoever. He automatically felt a reply without hearing any voices. He heard it as a thought in the shape of words: it advised him to remain calm, that there were thousands of cases like his own, that he could share the experience with others if he wished, that some would believe him while others would not. A sensation of total calm was conveyed to him. The female approached him, as though gliding, placing her right hand on his left. Meanwhile the being standing on his right did the same, but placing a hand on his right shoulder. Suddenly, a sort of tube – part rigid, part flexible – appeared in the hands of the being on the left. It measured some 20 cm. and had these same beige color as the room. The percipient was unable to tell if the being had held it all along or if it was extracted from one of the cases. The tube, or its rigid part, was placed on the wrist of his left arm; he felt no pain whatsoever. This sensation was with him throughout: he noted the contact, but didn’t feel it (understood as referring to the hands of the female and the male beside him). That is to say, he could see them touching him, but couldn’t feel the pressure. Later, with the most flexible part (the thinner part of the tube), they looked for the articulation of his elbow. Platner was able to see how blood flowed along the flexible part of the tube to the rigid segment. It rose without any form of pressure, unlike normal extractions. He tried touching the being on his right (the one with a hand on his shoulder) but struck something invisible. The same happened when he tried to get up. In this case it was his forehead that touched something. However, the beings were able to move around normally (the 6 September 1978 case in

The Humanoid Conspiracy Venado Tuerto, involving the boy Juan O. Perez, had the percipient trying to touch the walls of the alleged craft, but detecting the presence of an invisible wall, which the occupants were able to cross without any difficulties). “The one on my right had one of its hands on my shoulder. I could see that hand resting on me, but couldn’t feel any pressure. I tried touching him and found as if I was surrounded by a glass jar, an invisible glass. Furthermore, at a given moment I tried to stand up and struck my forehead against something, that sort of glass.” After the blood sample was drawn, Platner was ordered to stand up without any problems. He was startled to find that standing so close to him, he didn’t bump into any of the beings. But the fact was that there was no longer anyone around him. He felt himself standing on something that wasn’t exactly firm, giving him a floating sensation. Throughout the duration of the event (Platner estimates the entire experience lasted some 30-35 minutes, of which he only recalls 7 or 8) he realized that he didn’t have his wristwatch, wasn’t wearing his pullover or jacket, and didn’t recall if he had his ring. His shirt sleeves were rolled up. Previously he had everything with him.

As he tried to walk, he simultaneously found himself inside his pickup truck, hands on the steering wheel. Startled, he looked around him. His first instinct was to put the engine in gear and turn around at once. Turning on the headlights, he realized he was 19 kilometers distant from the gate to Mr. Fischer’s ranch, the place where strange experience had began. He was now on Unimproved Road No. 11, linking Rt. 35 with Villa Mirasol. The pickup truck was placed from west to east. Calmly reaching the intersection of the roads, and remembering all that occurred, he thought the gate had remained opened ant that Mr. Fischer had advised him to close it behind him on account of the livestock. When he reached the starting point, he found that the gate was in fact open. Before proceeding his journey, he stopped to check his left arm. There was no sign of bruising nor a drop of blood, but he could see a sort of scab on his elbow joint. He drove off wondering if it had all been real, or merely the result of a dream or fugue state. H reached his workplace at 20:25 hours and said nothing at all, feeling very calm. But upon reaching home, and seeing his children, he felt anguished, thinking about not being there for them. That’s where he told the entire story to his family. He found it impossible to sleep that night, as he could recall everything that had transpired, and the mark on his elbow burned. The next day, he ascertained the tracks of his pickup on Route No.11 and the gate, given that his pickup has three broad tires with tread and the remaining one is worn smooth, making them unmistakable. They also showed the interrupted nature of the trip, which abruptly ended 1.5 meters from the gate, as well as the U-turn made on Route No.11, the dirt road on which he found himself, and essentially, the detour on Route 35 when he turned back to close Fischer’s gate, located on this road. Dr. Adolfo Pizarro and his Significant Testimony The story’s importance is not limited to the opinions of the expert who examined Mr. Platner’s marks, but can also be found in the statements made and the way in which the everyday life of a Pampan village can be disrupted due to an event that shatters the norm. It is therefore important to transcribe his words verbatim:

The Humanoid Conspiracy “I saw him on 10 August, that is to say, the next day, at 14:00 hours. The story – in quotes—was coherent. I met him at the town’s club and he told me what happened. He showed me one of the marks of the possible or alleged blood extraction. They were two surface wounds. One on the anterior face of the left wrist, which is simple skin erosion with no depth. The upper one, located in the elbow articulation, is on a significant venous layer from which blood is customarily drawn by biochemists. The wound there did indeed have the characteristics of a venipuncture, although I did not see the typical puncture mark. I was impressed by what seemed to be smaller holes than those produced by a needle, no matter how small the gauge. It was produced by something strange, as if something had been sucked without anything rigid or metallic being introduced. That was the impression I was left with. There was no spillage of blood; that is to say, when a blood draw is incorrectly done, when the vein is improperly punctured, there are some impressive hematomas left behind. There is absolutely no sign of that. Let us say this corroborates the fact that the vein was opened. A properly done blood draw should leave this mark, and not the other. The other, from what Julio told me, could have been a failed attempt at extracting blood. Among us, it is perfectly acceptable to have to find the vein twice in a chubby person. It is strange, though, that these people would have to searching for the vein. The difficulty of accessing the veins occurs in this fellow, who is chubby. Two different things may have happened. I don’t think they only drew blood. I noticed that he was very sure of himself, perhaps somewhat excited, but he impressed me as being truthful, like someone who’s undergone a real experience. It had the hallmarks of a true event, a factual one. About what he said, I really don’t know. There are some people who say “good morning” and you have to run out and check. Platner is trustworthy, in my opinion. From a sociological standpoint, it would be interesting to examine this event in a closed, small community like this one. The way in which the story has developed and how it’s been assimilated. This is easy to study in a small town. It is most interesting, for example, that in the first 24 hours the story was taken as just another one; the next day the humorous aspect began. Everyone joked about it and so did I, as though trying to escape reality. I’d taken it as just another journalistic account, but after analyzing it, it’s likely that higher intelligences exist. But this is so close at hand that we’re forced to make a rather more strict interpretation of the matter. This is reality-shaking, without question. One’s paradigms are abruptly shifted. Our personal values are upended. The possibility that we are not the only ones in the universe gets analyzed. I have serious doubts, but we cannot speak in terms of good and evil, and as you say, it’s an event in which there is no coercion, but I think there is. It’s a disruption of a completely private life. It may leave some serious scars behind, but...I don’t know. There are fundamental facts behind all of this.” Evidence and Contradictions Without any physical traces for the events, the clearest evidence of the event were the marks on Platner’s left arm and the effects on the animals in Mr. Fischer’s ranch. On the other hand, Platner’s experience was not an isolated one within the abduction phenomenon; rather, we find common patterns in domestic and foreign cases alike. A welter of information that can increase or diminish the event’s certainty can also be added.

The Humanoid Conspiracy The Fiat pick-up’s tire marks, telegraph wires severed and repaired that pass over the gate to Mr. Fischer’s ranch, and finally, a strange explosion heard many kilometers around on 11 August 1983. 1) Dr. Priotti, the biochemist who analyzed the marks, said that these corresponded to a blood draw, but no a conventional one, as there is no puncture. There are differences in the incisions, arising from their size, and because a papula (skin elevation) was detected in the elbow joint, as though absorption had been present. 2) Carlos Ovidio Ponce, a corporal at the Winifreda police station who participated in the first investigation into the case, gave us some interesting information: “The telegraph line that joins Winifreda and Santa Rosa was severed. It looked burned. That’s where Platner was blinded. On Thursday, an explosion was heard in various localities around 17:50 hours. It could’ve been an airplane, but given the fear felt by the people, it served to enhance the phenomenon experienced by Platner.”

He also stated that when Platner took his leave from Fischer, TV reception at the latter’s house was interrupted. This, as we would ascertain later, was not exactly so. Perhaps only a few are aware of the official investigation on the case, conducted by the provincial police. This was due to the story as it appeared in the press. When Julio Platner got in touch with Dr. Pizarro, the physician, upon seeing lesions on the witness’s arm, reported it to the authorities. From that moment onward, the Chief of Police of the province, and personnel from the Winifreda police station, participated directly in the case. They looked into the facts, visited the site and obtained testimony from Mr. Fischer, ascertaining the burned telegraph wires. The investigation was due not only to Dr. Pizarro’s report, but the case’s repercussions as well. Law enforcement tried to ascertain if some kind of criminal activity was behind it all. Upon finding out that the only strange thing was the case itself, they wrapped up the investigation without issuing a final judgment. The information reached the press as a result of police involvement. According to Platner, he had no intention of making the experience widely known. 3) Mr. Fischer, a man of remarkable modesty and plainness, noted that when he said farewell to Platner around 19:30 hours, “...the horses charged one side of their paddock like a storm, and then ran off into the field, as if frightened by something. This happened when Platner was some 400 meters away from the main part of the ranch.” Regarding the TV set, like others belonging to not-so-hospitable neighbors, he told us the truth: “We haven’t had any service for fifteen days (our investigation took place on 8/13/83). It stopped working around 19:00 hours (his wife verified this by the schedule of her favorite soap opera).” The device never worked again and they are waiting for an analysis. What matters is the time difference. Fischer was indignant about the media: “...they made up a lot of stories, said that I’d seen two guys and that I was shouting at Julio. Could someone please tell me where they got that rubbish from?” With regard to the telegraph wires, he said that had no news of repairs performed that Wednesday, as he was out the whole day. No one else saw the light.

The Humanoid Conspiracy 4) An employee of Encotel, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed the breakage of the wires and their repair. This happened on Wednesday (a day after the event) 5) Both Dr. Pizarro, Dr. Priotti, Mr. Fischer, Corporal Ponce, the pharmacist who was a grade school chum, the owner of the town’s biggest bar, the Encotel employee, the representative of the “La Reforma” newspaper in Winifreda, as well as many other accounts, support the event’s credibility due to the unimpeachable personality of Mr. Platner. Everyone, without exceptions, describes him as incapable of lying for self-aggrandizement. He is trusted all over town. He is a humble and quiet man. 6) Mr. Fischer ascertained the pick-up’s trail when Platner says he returned to shut the gate. However, he did not find any trails leaving the ranch. 7) About the hypothetical possibility of having encountered the entities, Platner said: “If they’d told me they were coming a day earlier, it’s possible that I’d run and hide, rather than have them show up as suddenly as they did...” 8) Regarding the explosion on Thursday, it should be noted that the Air Force conducted celebrations on Wednesday at the General Pico base. Among other events were jet fighters shattering the sound barrier. We remained in touch with Julio Platner sporadically until the year 1989, visiting him once or twice a year. During this period there were some noteworthy episodes. 15 days after his experience, specifically Tuesday, 23 August 1983, around 20:30 hours, he was out with his wife in a Chevrolet on the access road to Route 35, heading toward the city of Santa Rosa. It was a partly cloudy evening, and Julio could see a circle of light through the windshield that he at first mistook for the Moon. But it got larger. He said nothing to avoid scaring his wife, who had been affected by the earlier experience. Suddenly she asked him if he’d noticed something odd in the sky. He replied affirmatively and pulled over on the curb with the engine running. He was then able to see – some 500 meters away and over the car – an opaque white ring vanishing toward the center. His wife was very frightened, but Julio did not want to return home. He got out of the car and started walking toward the ring. The ring moved with him, and the state of affairs continued for some minutes. The couple continued their drive and the ring remained beside the car for some 20 kilometers, until it began getting smaller before vanishing near the “La Primavera” ranch. There were several witnesses to this event: some along Route 35 and others in the province of Neuquén, as attested by newspapers of that time. While the connection to the events of 9 August seems evident, the characteristics of what [Julio Platner] saw more closely resemble what was seen months later all over Patagonia, and which involved tests made with atmospheric satellites. We are far from being able to say, however, that Platner witnessed some of these tests. To our understanding this event has no connection to the events experienced by Platner beforehand. We got in touch with Platner again in 1995, that is to say, 12 years from the original event. We found Julio as ever: kind, calm and reserved. He remembered the experiences as clearly as the first day. His description of the case was exactly as the one he’d given us three days after the experience. There were no contradictions in the account

The Humanoid Conspiracy nor any added details. The only mark visible on his body was the one on his wrist, where a 3 millimeter incision is visible on a vein. What had changed was the development of the experience within the family. In early years, his wife was suspicious and fearful about the questions, the visits, the travel and pressures, frightened that Julio would be affected in some way by something, and that he would lose his life to it. “She’s calmer now. But she was in a bad way for some time due to the experience. She always thought something could happen to me, that my health would be affected in coming years. And as time went by, she calmed down seeing that nothing had happened.” Her attitude changed over the years, and now shares Julio’s desire to learn what happened and why they didn’t have a shared experience. On the other hand, as has occurred in other cases, she also began having experiences that could be defined as “bedroom visitations” involving beings having characteristics identical to those reported by Julio. “Every so often my wife has dreams. She gets up in the morning and says: last night your friends were at the foot of the bed. But it isn’t a dream. She says she feels them and wakes up to find them in front of the bed.”

We have followed this investigation for over twelve years now, have interviewed the witness hundreds of times, and while we cannot determine what happened to Julio Platner, we can analyze the facts and draw some conclusions. The only specific thing is, as in so many other cases investigated, it is important to analyze the experience over time. This case is not closed, and neither are many others. Time will perhaps bring us answers, although it is more likely that [the events] will continue. Argentina: The Night Visitor (The Pretzel CE-3) By Daniel J. López and Luis Burgos From the incomparable 1968 Argentinean – and worldwide – UFO wave, I remember that one of the most widely known and controversial cases involved an encounter between a young woman and a strange entity in the mountain ranges of Córdoba. Much has been said since then: that it was a hoax with the purpose of attracting tourists, that the protagonist herself confected the story, to a mediadriven creation. Even today, naysayers hiding behind curtains will have a field day with it. The fact of the matter is that I was unable to travel to the site to interview the witness. But in 1986, 18 years after the “contact” experience, I assigned researcher Daniel Jose Lopez of FAO, Bs.As., to reinvestigate the case. And the trip yielded results, since the eyewitness interview presented fundamental evidence suggesting that “something indeed happened at the time”. A story that was consistent, detailed and beyond all whimsical contexts emerged from the woman’s mouth. She was 37 years old at the time, nearly two decades later. Let’s take a look... Villa Carlos Paz is a classic Argentinean tourist destination. It is located some 30 kilometers west of Cordoba. There we can find the “La Cuesta” motel, along Route No. 20 and some two kilometers from the center of town. It is owned by Mr. Pedro J. Pretzel. His daughter Maria Elodia, 19, helps her father in running the establishment.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

María Elodia Pretzel and her father Maria Elodia Pretzel is a determined young woman, well thought of in her community, and who is not given to reading science fiction. Early that year, she underwent surgery. After recovery, she assisted in managing the hotel. But her life changed one morning in June 1968: at around 1:00 a.m. on the 14th, Mr. Pedro Pretzel was driving back home along Route 20 when he saw “two large red lights over the road, too far apart to be the tailights of another car” some 50 meters from his motel. Finding the front door open was also disconcerting, as he knew his daughter to be quite conscientious about such things. As soon as he entered the house, he headed for her bedroom, only to find the young woman spread out on the bed, unconscious. What had happened there? After bidding two guests farewell, Maria Elodia went to the kitchen and found that a considerable amount of light was pouring into the hallway. Thinking that someone had left the living room lights on, she went in and was faced with a strange and extraordinary visitor: a large figure, standing in excess of 2 meters, blonde, hair combed backward with a friendly facial expression, stood a short distance away. He was clad in some sort of jumpsuit, light blue, covering his body from his neck down to his feet. Small luminous rays poured from his fingertips. In his left hand he carried a crystal orb that emitted bright beams of light. In his right hand he bore a ring, almost a gauntlet. According to the young woman, every time the being raised the gauntlet, “it was as though he himself rose into the air and remained suspended...”

The Humanoid Conspiracy

Humanoid Entity, Pretzel CE-3 At that time, Maria Elodia felt herself weaken and fall down, but when the entity lowered the gauntlet, she felt her strength returning. The being advanced toward her with a kindly, calm manner, moving his lips slowly, speaking a strange, melodic language that reminded her of Japanese. He said something like “cling-gling-crish”. At a given moment, the young woman felt a sensation of “bubbles in her head” and a feeling of perspiration, but when she touched her neck, she was perfectly dry. Maria Elodia was able to dash for the safety of the counter, even as the entity moved the orb constantly and tried to get near her. She claims that she could hear, in the recesses of her mind, a message that repeated: “Don’t be afraid...” Suddenly, the bright orb went out. The stranger stopped, spun around and withdrew toward the outside door. As he turned, the experiencer was able to see a kind of skirt around him, but the truly uncanny event occurred as he approached the door: it opened by itself and closed as he departed. From that moment on, Maria Elodia, who had backed away, remembered nothing more. A few moments later, her father arrived. Dr. Hugo V. Vaggione, 33, knows the young woman well, as he is the Pretzel family’s physician. According to the doctor, she is a serious, somewhat introverted and very responsible person. He diagnosed her as being in a “pronounced state of nerves” after the ordeal, due to emotional impact, but far from a breakdown. She was perfectly coordinated in her statements, and her blood pressure was normal. Finding her mentally and physically sound, the doctor can find no reason for deception or hallucination... While the Pretzel Case does not present the physical evidence so longingly sought by everyone (footprints, remains, etc.) unofficial versions stated that traces of radioactivity were found in the motel’s carport and in areas where the “visitor” entered. There are only four (4) cases in Argentina where radiation has been detected. This type of humanoid, prevalent in the 1960s and which is rarely seen nowadays, yielded its place to the ubiquitous Greys, which appear to have co-opted most of the entity case histories. There was,

The Humanoid Conspiracy however, another close encounter in Argentina with an occupant resembling the one in the Villa Carlos Paz incident. This was the famous encounter at La Florida, in San Luis, where a tall figure, similarly clad, appeared before three fishermen on the night of February 4-5, 1978. Regarding the correlation of cases, that night (June 13-14, 1968) involved numerous UFO and humanoid sightings throughout various provinces in Argentina. Right there, in the vicinity of the “La Cuesta” motel, local residents reported seeing “two very powerful red lights” in flight around 22:00 hours on the evening of June 13. If the night visitor, who arrived from who knows where, waited for the last couple to check out of the motel before entering...did the imminent arrival of Ms. Pretzel’s father interrupt any subsequent actions (the orb blinking out and the entity leaving)? These questions will remain unanswered in this memorable case. (Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Guillermo Giménez)

Argentina: The Sayago CE-3 (April 22,1980) By Oscar A. (“Quique”) Mario - CEUFO "The Sayago Case” became a classic of the 1980s. Given its spectacular characteristics, it took up considerable space in the national media while a group of young researchers from the now vanished SIOVNI group commenced field research and followed up on the protagonist to the amazing story. On September 22, 1982 – two and a half years later – the witness died as a result of a kidney disease, which according to doctors, was “congenital in nature” due to his family background. But it should be noted that up until the day on which his life-changing experience occurred, Sayago ran between 5 and 15 kilometers a day as part of the regular training for one of his passions: race-walking, sponsoring several competitions. The event occurred on the rainy evening of April 22, 1980 when Fermin Sayago drove his 1960 model Impala along Santiago Marzo Avenue to the east of the city and in a south-to-north direction. The time was 19:15. The experiencer said that “something dark and oval shaped fell over me from above” at the time he was about to cross the train tracks. He defined the object’s size as comparable to “a 3 x 3 room”. Sayago explained that “my car’s engine died and I instinctively covered my face against the steering wheel, thinking the object was going to crash against me.” Nothing of the sort occurred. The out-of-control vehicle stopped against the opposite curb and Fermin Sayago got out of the car, thinking about nothing else but starting the engine again. “I do remember that the headlights were on,” he stressed. This allowed him to deduce that the car’s electric system hadn’t been affected. Sayago popped the hood and took a look at the engine, trying to ascertain the reason for the problem. At that time he felt “a cold wind emerging from below” and a sound similar to “the tinkling of a keychain.” When he looked up, saw “a being” standing to the side of the car, and whose characteristics frightened him. “It gestured at me with its hands, urging me to keep calm,” said Sayago. Far from accepting this suggestion, Sayago turned around to run away from the place, but there was a second

The Humanoid Conspiracy “being” standing behind him. This second entity took him by the head and lifted him up gently. “At that time I felt a pricking sensation in my head and I passed out.” When consulted about the characteristics that drew his attention most, in spite of the limited opportunity to see the entities, the witness explained: “Their faces were dark. A reddish gleam was visible from their eye cavities. Their noses (if they had any) was very flat.” As to their mouths, he recalled that “they were larger than normal. Their ears were big and protruded from the sides of their heads.” As to their clothing, he described it as “dark grey, as if they had some sort of scales, because I could see that their scales were shining.” One of the creatures “had a sort of medallion over its chest, with what appeared to be a chain.” At 19:30 hours (15 minutes later) Sayago found himself fifteen blocks away from the site, in a heavily congested area. No one saw him arrive. The first pedestrian who approached him noticed that he was seated on the curb, while his car was sideways across Belgrano Avenue, interrupting the flow of traffic. Someone notified his family while an ambulance conveyed the man who seemed “out of it” to a downtown clinic where he was given first aid, with special attention his nervous condition. Doctors refrained from making comments about Sayago’s experience, although he gave them a detailed breakdown of the event. Discussing the subject in 1980 was not forbidden, but not a matter that a professional person wanted to explore too deeply. The next day, gripped by a deep depression, Sayago was discharged and returned home. Initial contact with Pampean researchers took place on that day, and he retold his experience. They visited him on a daily basis and the witness informed the researchers about the “strange dreams” that kept him from getting any rest, and which had turned into nightmares. His health declined considerably and nothing was ever the same for him, in spite of the unconditional support received from his wife Alicia and his young daughter. A few months later, his kidney affliction reached full force, leading him to undergo dialysis until the day he died: September 22, 1982. While the Pampean researchers conducted an investigation that required the involvement of over 20 people, there came a point when they needed the support of an experienced researcher. This is how the late Pedro Romaniuk became involved, offering important scientific support to the task, with surprising results obtained through hypnotic regression – the first performed in the province. At the suggestion of one of the attending physicians, who asked to remain confidential, the case remained open and a significant contribution of other eyewitness reports was obtained. This led to the Sayago case becoming an icon of both regional and international ufology. [Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Quique Mario, CEUFO)] Argentina: The Los Cerrilos CE-3 (1996) By Oscar Raul Mendoza (Translated by Scott Corrales) Mr. Juan Coronel, 35, is a married man with children, an expert in farm duties, with primary studies, average height and robust build. He works as a “puestero” (farm overseer) caring for cattle, horses and sheep in a field belonging to the Favaro Brothers. He lives in a comfortable home on the premises with his family. The property, covering some 2000 hectares, is located 60 km NE of the city of Santa Fe along

The Humanoid Conspiracy provincial road No. 1. Access from the east is 4.4 km. along a long dirt road that extends from a westward cattle gate on the road, called “Entre Campos”, as it serves as the access route to other neighboring fields. As from the first 3.7 kilometers, and along a 670 km stretch, it crosses a pond, flooded by recent rains, that has a sort of sewer to drain water away. It is necessary to go two kilometers along the dirt road – flooded in parts-- beyond the Favaro’s cattle gate, to finally reach the home of Juan Coronel, the farm overseer. We went there with Antonio Pino, a friend and colleague, aside from being an expert photographer, in the company of Mr. Francisco Favaro, one of the field’s proprietors. At that time, Mr. Coronel was engaged in looking after a flock of sheep in a nearby pen. Seeing us arrived, he approached to greet us courteously. We were introduced by Mr. Favaro, who advised him of the motive and interest of our visit, to which he was more than receptive. The Story “...That night I was on horseback, riding through the entrance road, the “entre campos” around 21:30 hours when upon reaching the sewer, I looked toward the woods, toward the left, and saw a light emerging from the pond. It looked like a flashlight. I thought it might by hunters, since they tend to frequent this area. But the light rose a few meters, became larger, lighting up the woods, almost like daylight, and it started moving to the right over the tree line to stop on the road on which I traveled. It was some 300 meters away, very near the entrance of the field I look after, and through which I had to enter.” “The light’s brightness allowed me to see a man walking along the road, some 40 meters ahead of me. Must be a hunter, I told myself, and I moved the horse sideways to let him through, but with the intention of asking him about that disquieting light. As if to start a conversation, I asked, “Are you hunting, sir?” Not only did he not answer – he left the road to avoid me, moving into the marsh, on the road’s shoulder. “I saw all this from horseback, telling myself: “this fellow’s going to be up to his waist in mud” and was surprised to see him pass over it without sinking. Then I paid closer attention to him, although somewhat from behind. The man was chubby, short and with a short neck. He was dressed in dark green, with his waistline divided as if by a belt. One of his arms was close to the body, as if carrying something. For that reason I thought at first he was a hunter and was carrying a shotgun. “On his head, he had something like a helmet or hat. It was square, with a square brim as well. It looked transparent or glassy, and it some sort of tips on its top. And that’s when I got scared, and I galloped toward the field’s entrance, which was some 250 kilometers ahead. As I rode, I saw that the light was suspended in the air over the road, beyond where I had to go in. At that moment I felt a deafening sound, like 50 swarms of bees, and I saw about six or seven blue lights, flying along and leaving a short luminous wake behind them. They came from the south, over and behind the woods, and headed toward the light in the road. When they came together, they sort of blended, but the first light remained. I kept galloping, looking for the cattle gate, but the light blinded me. It was always ahead of me, some 100 meters away, but I could never reach it. Every so often I would close my eyes and lower my head, because it hurt my eyes. “Suddenly I came to a curve in the road and found a carob tree, and I stopped in amazement. I was nearly at the end of the road! I can’t explain how I could’ve gone more than 3 kilometers from the entrance to the field. Then I made the turn and kept galloping. I thought the light would go away, following its own trajectory, but when I looked sideways, I saw it was following me some 70 meters

The Humanoid Conspiracy behind me. I’m not going to exhaust the horse, I said to myself. If it wants to catch up to me, let it catch me! “So that’s how it went. Every so often, I would look at it sideways, until I came to the spot where it had met with the other lights, and it vanished. Never saw it again. When I came to the entrance, the horse went all by himself. I was worried by my family, because the lights that went with the other came from the direction of my home. Upon arriving, I asked my wife if everything was well, and she said yes. And well, it was only a few days ago that I told her what had happened to me. I didn’t tell anyone until much later, and I told the bosses.” Analysis This case could be divided into two classifications. On the one hand, it’s an encounter with nocturnal lights (obviously strange ones), as the shining light was maneuvering the air at one point less than 150 meters from the witness. The other would make it a nocturnal close encounter of the 3rd kind, unassociated (E.N. 3./N., in Spanish)

What makes it a CE-3 is the fact that the witness saw an alleged UFO occupant, given its characteristics and behavior. Basically, that is to say, walking without sinking into the mire (a particular characteristic recorded in other CE-3s) and “unassociated” because the vehicle was not seen in the vicinity. A further detail also splits the case into these two classifications: the completely different direction followed by the alleged occupant with regard to the position of the shining light, and other situations. Hypothesis In analyzing this case, both the behavior and characteristics of the lights seen by the witness, make it very similar to those presented by what I call “probes”. The following hypothesis emerges with regard to these: What Mr. Coronel saw at first was possibly one of them: a small blue light emerging from the pond, rising to become intensely luminous, to then move horizontally toward the road. This behavior would not be casual; rather it would be part of a preventive or monitoring action upon detecting the witness’s presence, who heading in the direction that the alleged entity was coming from. The safety measures taken by UFO occupants are well known, when it comes to their safety, the safety of their craft, and assuring the highest degree of secrecy in their tasks. The technological devices they employ to achieve this are often incredible. This leads one to believe that the maneuver was transmitted and directed from the probe’s carrier, presumably operating in the place it emerged from. The carrier craft, unseen by the witness, would have been somewhere in the area, supposedly in the direction the being was heading for, totally opposite that of the light. Other probes operating in the area subsequently met up with the first one. Based on experience, up to nine lights or probes have been seen to emerge from these intermediate craft, it is likely that this situation is somewhat similar. The witness states that the lights “joined up with the one casting the light” when in fact this light did not change, and remained the same throughout the event. It can then be assumed that they “didn’t merge”, but dimmed their light, remaining concealed and expectant while the object casting the light exercised “a certain influence” upon the witness. It must be noted that he acknowledged feeling “disoriented” Finally, in corroborating the behavior and actions of these alleged probes, the fact is that “the light” did not continue along its route; rather, it turned around to follow the witness on his return trip. When Mr.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Coronel finally reached the cattle gate, taking the road home, the light turned itself off, bringing its actions to an end, perhaps because the human no longer represented any danger or interference in the affairs of the strange visitors. Moreover, it can be supposed that the horse was not “affected” for the simple reason that it was necessary means for getting the intruder away from the scene. Argentina: CE-3 “Repeater” in La Pampa By Quique Mario, CEUFO A new and gripping CE-3 has allegedly taken place in the province of La Pampa over recent days, involving a woman who had a previous experience involving a similar type of creature in 2007. The entity was described as very thin and tall standing approximately 2 meters tall. Its apparently unexpressive face has sunken eyes, a flattened nose “like that of an ape” and the mouth is described “as resembling a fine line”. The new episode was took place on Tuesday, October 20 shortly after 20:00 hours in a community of 1500 residents. When the witness recovered from the experience, she phoned her son, who lives a block away, and he in turn notified the Centro de Estudios UFO (CEUFO), which immediately sent a researcher to the location. The details of the case are set forth below and as has become customary, neither the experiencer’s identity nor the exact location are disclosed in order to keep the case from being mishandled by some sensationalist media outlets. The protagonist was about to re-enter her home after saying goodbye to her grandson when she noticed the strange being’s presence in her living room. The woman, 65, gathered up her courage and headed toward an item of furniture with the goal of reaching for a digital camera with which to photograph the intruder. When she turned around to do so, the being placed one of its hands on her forearm. “At that moment I felt myself losing strength and fainting,” she said. According to her family’s estimates, the woman remained unconscious between 15 and 20 minutes, after which she was able to phone her son, who rushed over to find her seated in an armchair experiencing a nervous breakdown. A chair and other elements of digital camera were strewn across the floor. When she was sufficiently recovered from the ordeal, she explained that “the being appeared again” – referring to her 2007 experience. Her family immediately notified the Centro de Estudios UFO which arrived an hour later at the site to ascertain that [the entity] had indeed left strange prints on the woman’s forearm when it gripped her. A small dog (Caniche), the woman’s only permanent company, was found cowering under an armchair, showing signs of having experienced a considerable fright. The marks on the woman’s forearm changed color and appearance as the hours went by. The next day, the largest mark had developed into a considerable blister and at 11:00 a.m., the woman reported that the strange being appeared yet again, this time to look at her arm and burst the blister, which produced an abundant quantity of viscous, yellowish fluid. Her relatives corroborated this.

The Humanoid Conspiracy As hours went by, the “marks” took various different shapes until the woman woke up in the early hours of Sunday, October 25, experiencing sharp pains. This prompted her to phone her son and other relatives, who to their surprise saw that very bright “metal filings” were visible in plain sight. Photos were taken of this and samples were collected; these in turn were submitted for analysis by CEUFO. Outcome The case requires treatment by medical professionals, without question, and CEUFO advisors have been brought into the case to analyze the elements removed from the scene. Further attention is being given to the protagonist of the event and to comparisons with the previous experience recorded in November 2007. Entity Descriptions As stated earlier, the odd being stands nearly 2 meters tall. It is very slender but very strong, as the witness claims “losing her strength” as the creature placed its hand on her. With regard to its features, she said that its eyes “appear sunken into its face”, but that they emanate a sensation of “tenderness”. The nose was described as ape-like and the mouth as “a thin line” while its skin was greenish or dark grey, and with folds that give the impression of “wrinkles”. When asked about the number of fingers on the entity’s hands, she had the “sensation” that it had five fingers. The 1956 Ferraudi Contactee Experience By Liliana Flotta and Eduardo Grosso Many years ago – perhaps 20 – our director, Fabio Zerpa, introduced a likable gentleman in his forties to the members of the ONIFE (Organizacion Nacional de Investigacion de Fenomenos Ovnis) group. He described him as: “the gentleman who’s been inside a flying saucer”. The reader can imagine our surprise at receiving this information, particularly coming from Fabio, who was never known to rush to judgment. The protagonist’s name is Orlando Ferraudi. Despite the years that have gone by since his abduction experience, elements have emerged to confirm and enrich his story. At first, our fellow ONIFE members – Hector Antonio Picco, Jorge Cosso and Eduardo Rando – were put in charge of investigating and confirming through the pages of the “Mas Alla de la Cuarta Dimension” magazine, the surprising recollections of the Orlando’s experience. The case was also made known through the Buenos Aires newspaper “Cronica” in a feature by Hector Picco. We ran into Orlando Ferraudi only a few days ago – 15 January 2013 – and questioned the experiencer once again in our offices over cups of coffee. His adventure started one cold night in August 1956. Orlando, 18 at the time, was an avid fisherman. At the time, his favorite spot was a remote area on the edge of Rio de la Plata, on the northern shore of the City of Buenos Aires, where today (years after the experience) we find a college campus belonging to the University of Buenos Aires. At that time, the area was frequented by “linyeras” (the homeless). Orlando had become accustomed to taking them small packs of cigarettes and mate in order to befriend them and keep them from “harassing” him during his fishing nights. Around 23:30, Orlando was sitting on the shore with his fishing rod, and felt that someone was behind him. At first he thought it was a “linyera” who had come to ask him for something or to rob him. However, what he saw was shocking. The character, similar to a human being, was much taller than

The Humanoid Conspiracy Orlando ( who stands about 1.85 meters) – at least 2 meters tall, dressed in a yellow/orange one piece outfit that gave off small “sparks”. The suit ended in a hood that fell over the neck. The humanoid was very blond, with cropped hair, very white skin, athletic build, amber eyes (the classic “Adamski”-type alien). The being took Orlando by the arm and mentally conveyed the thought that he should remain calm and not be afraid. No evil would befall him and that they had a long journey ahead. At that instant, Orlando knew that the entity (despite its appearance) wasn’t terrestrial. The witness tells us that he lost his will, that it was impossible to refuse the extraterrestrial’s mental commands. At that time, the being took out a device from his suit that Orlando described as a woman’s “makeup compact”. The little device (which would cause Orlando to feel faint whenever it was held aloft) issued a very intense light. The experiencer then saw a vast dark shadow coming from the river, shaped like an inverted soup bowl and measuring some 70 meters in diameter. A ramp suddenly appeared from within the craft and another being (similar to the first) helped Orlando to walk along the narrow metal gangplank (the witness says that he was afraid of falling into the water as he did so). Escorted by the two beings, he entered a small domed room without any straight edges, where the light appeared to emerge from the walls themselves. Orlando tells us that the air seemed luminous. Also within the room was a small girl who identified herself as Elena, an eleven-year-old. She told him that she had been taken by the UFO from her home in Villa Mercedes (Province of San Luis – Argentina), when she heard noises on the terrace, thinking something had happened to her cat. The girl told Orlando not to be afraid, that no harm would come to him. Next, a tall blonde woman, wearing a bodysuit similar to those of her male counterparts, entered the room. Her hairstyle reminded Orlando of the “Prince Valiant” character made famous by the comic strips and a movie starring Robert Wagner and her athletic build was also notable. This crewwoman led Elena out of the room, presumably to another part of the ship. Subsequently, one of the beings told Orlando to take off his clothes. The startled experience, bereft of will, obeyed the order, although he kept his underpants and socks on. The being then told him he must strip naked, since the garments are contaminated and could cause them problems due to terrestrial bacteria and viruses. Having complied with the request, the being took the clothes and placed them in a bag which was subsequently tossed into a device similar to a television set. Upon closing it, the device became filled with thick, greenish smoke (at this point it is hard not to recall the Villas Boas case in Brazil). According to the entity’s explanation, it was being sterilized and would be subsequently returned to him. Meanwhile, he was given a “little outfit” measuring no more than 30 centimeters long. A curious telepathic dialogue ensued, with Orlando asking the being: “How do I put this on?” He then discovered a small hole on the upper part of the garment and was surprised to see it stretch and fit his body perfectly. He told us it was impossible to feel it, and gave him the sensation of wearing shoes even though he had none. The female entity returned with little Elena (dressed in a similar outfit). They were told – always telepathically – that they would take a small trip, first underwater through the Bay of San Borombón (south of Buenos Aires) to the coast of Uruguay and would subsequently cross over to Africa, from which they would go into space. This, they explained, was to avoid detection and be considered hostile. This stage of the story is very compelling, as they told our protagonist that the UFO would generate a sort of particle field, employing electromagnetic energy for their maneuvers, both within the atmosphere and beyond it. Within what could be called the “bridge” were instruments, screens and windows in the entire perimeter. A minimum of nine beings (according to Orlando) operated the entirety of the ship. At a

The Humanoid Conspiracy given moment the made him look at one of the screens, seeing they were rising and the Earth was now being left behind. There was no sensation of movement. They were struck by the Earth’s blue color (although the first human to officially see this lovely color was Yuri Gagarin). They were also shown the moon, which Orlando described as dull grey. Beyond lunar orbit, they were asked to look at the sun (always through the screen). There is an interesting bit of information here, as Orlando, much like in another case to be mentioned later, says that “the Sun is black”. I remember asking him how this could be, much as he was asked during our initial meeting, saying that surely must have seen the sun through a filter. Orlando insisted that the Sun was dark, from what he could see. Surely – we thought – the image had been through a polarized filter or with certain wavelengths filtered out. At that moment, the ETs told both humans that they were heading back to Earth, this time at a breathtaking speed, watching it through the screen. They became frightened and feared they would crash; the beings advised them of the zero likelihood of such an occurrence, thanks to the fields employed. In fact, the exact thoughts used to explain this to Orlando and Elena were: “Do not be concerned. When we are near, we shall form a field with the Earth and will not collide with it.” Here, we presume, they would use the Earth’s magnetic field and inverting polarity would also dampen the craft’s inertia – an concept held by many scientists involved in UFO research. They penetrated the atmosphere and plunged into the Caribbean. Seconds after doing so, they beheld a sort of transparent dome with several craft (Orlando estimates the structure covered some five or six hectares). When asked, the entities replied that “it was a maintenance station”. They entered a sort of tunnel and are told they are to be returned, but must first undergo a series of physical examinations. Another room had two cots and strange instruments. The humans were given a thick beverage to drink (similar in density to honey and flavorless) and some tablets (described by the protagonist as “small eggs of various colors”). They were told that these would make them sleepy and not to be concerned. Subsequently, they were placed in the respective cots, which had “U” shaped instruments above them, with lights matching the colors of the pills taken. Orlando does not remember when he fell asleep, or how long the examination lasted. They were wakened and taken to separate rooms, being asked to dress in their normal clothes. At that time, Orlando, who was physically well, was told that work had been done to his pineal gland. Orlando recalls the being’s explanation perfectly. “You will be useful to us in the future, because this gland is the only heritage of ours that remains here. The five races that populate this planet are not native to Earth; they are merely the vestiges of civilizations from other worlds. Earth has long been known as the solar system’s zoo. The current races have undergone genetic mutations through their own fault, but all that remains of what you were is the pineal gland. For that reason, we have reactivated this gland in both of you, and when we think about you, you will feel a sort of buzzing inside your heads.” The existence of a phenomenon common to all contactees should be noted here: the so-called “adjustment signal”, an intense buzzing that is normally heard in the right ear and which heralds a telepathic message. This symptom is common in world case histories. Orlando was full of questions, and the beings agreed to show him the workings of the UFO. Our protagonist says that he saw two decks – the command bridge and the various rooms in which they had been, and a lower one with the “motor” which he describes as circular (covering the entire diameter of the craft) with large coils and walkways between them. These coils were operated or controlled by creatures similar to the ones described, but dressed in blue overalls and with a sort of transparent mask. Males and females were involved in these operations.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Regarding the vessel’s operation, he was told: “The craft glides along a force field using three energies – cosmic, solar and magnetic. We can travel through space with all three or only one.” Orlando also tells us that there was a weapons demonstration, in this case, the small compact that has several uses, like a Swiss army knife. Through a porthole, he was shown a small cube-shaped object. The being pointed the compact at the target and it vanished. He was told: “This is pure energy. When it finds its mark, it disintegrates it completely. Nothing is left. Neither smoke, nor odor. This weapon breaks down everything it touches. We want you to know that this power shall be brought to bear against you, much to our regret, if you jeopardize interstellar harmony.” We ask ourselves: is this device an example of Vril Energy? The old Bulwer Lytton novel rears its head in ufological reality. He doesn’t know how, but he woke up in the same place from where he was taken. It was now sunrise and six hours were missing from his life. What happened to the lost time? What became of young Elena? What is the meaning of a symbol he has in his mind? Comparative Ufology We had mentioned that the case has some markers that over time lead us to conclude it is indeed exceptional. In 1990, we were able to investigate the so-called Cerminara Case. Mr. Luis Cerminara was the manager of an insurance company in Pergamino (southern Buenos Aires Province). We found him by chance while researching a CE-3 incident. Luis was 50 at the time and was newly married. His experiences went back to his childhood in his hometown (Arroyo Dulce) where, as he told us, a “little white airplane” would come and fetch him at night with a “tiny little being”, taking him on journeys through the Earth’s interior. Upon reaching adulthood, he began receiving telepathic contacts. During one of these contacts in 1981, he was asked to go to Caleta Olivia (in southern Argentina). He did so with several friends, although the ETs told him to go alone. It was there, on a cold night in a deserted beach, that two beings appeared, clad in light colored onepiece outfits. They led him into a UFO shaped like an inverted plate, which silently approached from the sea. The parallels with the Ferraudi case are startling. He was led to a circular room “where light emerged from everywhere,” according to Luis. He was subsequently taken to the “bridge” with its consoles and screens. He was asked to look through one of the screens as Earth was left behind. He saw our planet’s blue color, could see the Moon, its dark side, and the sun. Interestingly enough, he told us: “the Sun is black” – the same statement made by Orlando. While having no great recollections of his experience aboard the craft, he remembered returning to Earth at breathtaking speed, subsequently entering a tunnel where he saw a sort of “transfer station” with several domes. They emerged in the locality of Tandil (400 km south of Buenos Aires). During a short flight – with no sensation of movement – the craft returned him to the deserted beach. After this experience, his telepathic contacts continued, announced by a buzzing in his right ear. He also had a bedroom visitation: on the night of 7 December 1985, after having sexual relations with his young wife, a being of the same morphology appeared at the foot of the bed and told them they had just conceived a child, a very special one. In fact, we saw a photograph of the boy, four years old at the time, touching a crucifix and causing it to glow. A hybrid, perhaps?

The Humanoid Conspiracy Oddly, Luis Cerminara began developing curative powers after his abduction, much like Orlando. Luis has an interesting mark behind his red ear, the place where he was implanted, as he tells us. Orlando has no recollections or signs of having been implanted. The similarities are incredible, especially when Orlando’s case had not yet been published. In 1968, we find the Julia Pretzel CE-3 at the locale of Carlos Paz (Cordoba Province, Argentina). In this CE-3, which occurred at the La Cuesta Motel (now the La Cuesta Hotel), a being with the same morphology described drew a small sphere or “compact” from his outfit and held it up, causing the human witness to feel faint. When lowered, the witness felt restored. Much like in the Ferraudi Case. [For more information on the Pretzel CE-3, see Argentina: The 1968 Night Visitor at] With regard to the pineal gland, we would like to mention that Spanish researchers recently stated the pineal gland is magneto receptive. Since antiquity, this gland has always been considered responsible for telepathy. We have now developed the theory, according our ESP experiments, that the possibility of communicating telepathically (at least among humans) is slight. We have also found that contactees produce a small number of phenomena, generally known as PK (psychokinesis), such as: recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (Poltergeist), breakdowns of electrical devices, electronic interference, photogenesis, etc. It is our sincere belief that there is some technology involved in communications of this sort, similar to the so-called “Pandora Project”, where it is possible to convey a message to the subject, perhaps through their pineal gland, by means of a guided electromagnetic pulse. The magnetic field created may possibly enable the manifestation of PK phenomena. There is another interesting phenomenon in the experiences of Orlando, Luis Cerminara and other abductees, and it involves a symbol. An extremely simple one, that is repeated in all experiences, not only in Argentina but worldwide, and which we have seen repeated many times in our investigations: a circle with a triangle in the middle. Is this perhaps the symbol that identifies a particular species? In the early 1990s, Orlando decided to try hypnosis in order to find out if additional details could be recovered. He contacted renowned researcher Orlando Suarez (also in the ONIFE group). Having made various sessions, no additional details were obtained. Fabio Zerpa confirmed that there exists an irretrievable amnesia, even under deep hypnosis. Orlando Ferraudi Today Orlando is now over 70 years old, and his story is exactly as it was 20 years ago. We cannot help but notice that he feels frustrated, in the sense of his fruitless search for Elena over the years in the various provinces of Argentina. Also by his inability to share his experience with others, not even with new researchers who are more interested by a video of a distant object in the sky than collecting information from someone who has come face to face with “them”. In recent years, Orlando wrote about his experiences under the suggestive title “¿Por Qué Yo?” (Why Me?) in an effort to disseminate his experiences. All contactees ask the same question, which no one can answer.

Argentina: September’s Stunning Close Encounter (2010) By Quique Mario, CEUFO

The Humanoid Conspiracy A new close encounter of the third kind (CE-3) took place in the afternoon of 20 September at a community 80 km distant from the city of Santa Rosa, capital city of La Pampa province. The protagonist of the strange episode is the same one who was visited by a strange being a few months ago. The intruder left a series of burns on her arms after having made contact with one of her extremities. This shocking incident was made known to the Centro de Estudios UFO as it was in the past, and only a few hours after, a member of the group arrived on the scene to commence his field study, ascertaining that aside from the marks on the experiencer’s face, it was possible to find marks in the back yard that resembled very large feet. The woman was aided by her relatives, who contacted our center. Research kicked off with a test aimed at determining several of the experiencer’s physical and psychological aspects, whose results shall be made known in coming weeks. Reiteration It should be remembered that this woman has “suffered” experiences of this kind on several occasions, the first of them as she went about her chores in a farm in November 2008; the second in October 2009; the third one in March 2010 and the last one in September 2010. Entity Characteristics

The outstanding characteristics of the strange being described by the witnesses are the following: a height estimated at 2 meters. Very thin body with long extremities. Gave the impression of being very frail, but was extraordinarily strong on occasions in which physical contact was made. Has no ears. The eye cavity appears hollow, but the reddish light within them, “as though from a little light”, stands out. The nose is imperceptible or else flattened “like an ape’s” and the mouth is an almost imperceptible slit on the ski. The witness was shocked by what appeared to be the entity’s suit or skin, which she defined as “wrinkled” or “like fish scales”. Its hands were large, but the most significant aspect were its large, rounded fingers. Regarding feet, which she was able to notice in the latest experience, “they were large and as if in three parts” although she cannot define if it was footwear. The color of the skin or suit is dark, either grey or greenish. Details The being appeared within the home shortly after 20:15 hours. How it entered is unknown, as the doors were shut. She claims that she felt the sensation that [the entity] was not alone, as it looked and made sounds as though there were something behind it, but she was unable to see if this was the case. The witness reacted saying: “nooooo, not again, noooo” and the being took hold of her face in a firm, decisive manner. This resulted in some dark marks on her cheekbones that were visible in photographs. It was thus that she felt the great strength of its extremities. The protagonist’s son was one of the first to come to her assistance. He says that he heard a strange buzzing sound, similar to a very sharp “beep”. The experience lasted only a few minutes, after which the woman calmed down and retold her experience. The young man contacted CEUFO and took the photo of the strange print in the back yard of the house. We shall provide further information on this research in future updates.

The Humanoid Conspiracy (Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Quique Mario (CEUFO) and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO) Contactee or Abductee? The Godoy Case (October1998) By Luis Alberto Reinoso Courtesy of El Dragón Invisible (Carlos Iurchuk) Note from Luis Alberto Reinoso ( The following is the verbatim copy of the criminal complaint for the Godoy Case, presented before the Office of the Prosecutor for the Provincial Courts of Rosario (Argentina). The conclusions, research and analysis will appear in my upcoming book, “New world order, globalization and the UFO phenomenon”. All photos are property of the EDOVNI files. Presentation before the Office of the Prosecutor. Criminal Complaint: Provincial Courts of the City of Rosario Dear Sir: ESFREN GODOY, Argentinean national, married, businessman, bearer of ID No. XXXXX, having actual residence at XXXX in the city of Rosario, by my own right and with the sponsorship of Dr. Luis Alberto Reinoso, having legal residence at Sargento Cabral 591, 4th Floor, office 8 of the city of Rosario for all legal effects, appears before the Hon. Prosecutor and respectfully submits:

1) Consideration of an event that occurred against my will, and to give it the seriousness it deserves, I have come to make the Hon. Prosecutor aware of the following facts, from which may arise the commission of the crime of unlawful privation of personal freedom (Art. 141 of the Criminal Code) II) Competence: As will emerge from the presentation of the facts, it is believed that ordinary justice is competent. III) FACTS: On October 22, 1998, at 13:45 hours approximately, I left my home at XXXX street and headed for my daughter’s hair salon on Corrientes and Montevideo streets. When I reached Ituzaingó and Juan Manuel de Rosas, someone asked me very kindly if he could help me cross the street. A young man, 25-30 years old by his voice. I said yes and I placed my hand on his shoulder. We crossed Ituzaingó Street. Upon reaching the other side, I thanked him and he asked: “How far are you going?” I replied that I was on my way to Corrientes and Montevideo. Then he said: “I’m headed that way. Would you mind some company?” “No, quite the opposite. It would help me, as I could go faster holding on to your shoulder.” We kept walking and made small talk. He said the he has a relative who is also sight impaired. I recall asking if it was a close relative, and he replied: “No, a relative by affection more than anything else.” We reached Pasco, crossed it, and went another block between Pasco and Cochabamba, always along Juan Manuel de Rosas Street. I suddenly felt ill. I felt that I couldn’t keep walking. It’s the first time that it’s ever happened to me. I never felt like that before. Then I stopped, and without a word the young man took me gently by the arms to steady me against a wall. That’s the last thing I recall. I felt something against my back, something metallic. That’s the last thing I felt. I don’t know if I passed out or fell over. I

The Humanoid Conspiracy didn’t feel anything else. Time went by...when I felt him supporting me as if I was about to fall over, he pushed me back slightly and I felt metal against my back. It was a gate, that’s what I say. That’s when I felt contact: my back was leaning against something. I recall nothing more. I regained awareness. I don’t know how much time went by, but I felt as though I was in an operating room. Why do I say it was an operating room? I’ve been in an operating room four times, twice for eye problems. Then, I slowly became aware of where I was. I thought that something must have happened to me on the street. Was I about to be operated on? Is this right. So the first thing I feel, without hearing a noise, is that my feet are being inspected. The sensation reached my knees, and that’s when I realized that there was nobody touching me. But I knew I was being checked over. Something kept creeping upward, but there was no physical contact. No one was touching me. The sensation kept moving up my body, up and up, lingered around my stomach, my abdomen...I could hear something soft in my right ear, a shhhh sound. When they reached my right ear, I was able to ask if they were going to subject me to eye surgery. I spoke my first words: “Are you going to operate on my eyes?” but no one answered. Then I asked: “What happened to me?” and they say: “Everything is fine. Relax.” That was the reply of a doctor, in my opinion, an older person with a calming voice. So then I say (realizing that I’m more freely able to speak): “Are you going to operate on my eyes?” And the voice says: “No” (always softly). Then I kept quiet and realized that they’re checking my eyes, even though my eyelids are closed. There is no pressure exerted to open them, but both my eyes are checked out. Then I ask: “Will I see again?” A few seconds go by and the voice says: “No”. I ask: “Will you be operating? Is there any cure?” And the voice says: “Yes you will see.” “Are you going to heal me?” “No, you must heal your own ailments.” “But, how will I see again?” “Yes, as long as there has been prevention in the case.” I didn’t quite understand what he meant with prevention in the case, and I only retained that I would be seeing again. And my joy was enormous. Don’t forget that I was able to see until the age of 45. Since I’ve had heart problems, I asked: “Is my heart working well?” The voice answered: “All is well.” The inspection continued, this time downward again, and I asked: “what’s going on? and was told: “What happens to you is something that your people must solve. Your people have everything they need to live well, and live poorly because you don’t know how to live well. It is all within the reach of your hands, and you do not use it because you do not know how to live.” The best thing is that this was recorded at the police station. Each section chief transcribed it at least ten times – once – and I had to repeat it. They all had to type it. It was fresh in my mind; I could see it as if it was a film. I said everything verbatim. When I asked: “what’s going on?” I was answered by a second voice, with a totally different ring to it, as if younger, but always softly. They sounded like professional people speaking in soothing tones. What I forgot to mention that when they reached my eyes, I realized that the voice was not coming from the outside, but rather, from within my brain. I was startled, but not so much, because weird things like that occur under anesthesia. I realized that I could hear my own voice perfectly. I tried to sit up and the voice said: “Relax. All is well.” At that moment I realized that I was lying down with my hands beside my body, and when I tried to sit up and couldn’t, I relaxed. But my hand began looking for the edge of the hospital bed as if trying to grasp something. I felt for the edge of the bed, but found nothing. I kept reaching even lower, down to my legs and underneath. I touched both of my hands and found that there was nothing under my body. That’s when I realized that I was floating. There was nothing, no support from beneath me, no contact with anything. I wasn’t startled and I didn’t give it any importance. There was no edge to the bed, nothing at all. The atmosphere was pleasant, as though air conditioned, but there was no wind, no air, nothing. Noticing that there was a long period of silence after the second question, I felt total peace. As if I weren’t there. The correct word is that I felt as if I were dreaming. Then I asked: “Will you be taking me home?” And the first voice said: “No. We’re already home.” Next, I felt a buzzing, the loudest I heard in

The Humanoid Conspiracy my right didn’t’ hurt my ear. It’s as if I’d lost control of my awareness at the time, becoming aware of heat against my head. I realized that was lying down, but not on my back, but on my left side. [...] I realized that the heat I felt was the sun burning my head. That’s when things got complicated, because I became aware that I was lying on the ground in an open area. The first contact I felt was with the weeds. I tried to get up, and I feel the soil, the ground, and I’m barefoot. I looked for my cane, which is inseparable from me, and rather than having my hand on the loop, it’s on my wrist. I pull it out; I extend it, and feel for obstacles with my hand. I touched all around with the cane and felt a barbed wire fence. This is very important to me, as I cannot see. I felt around with the cane, bothered by the weeds, the hot earth, and touched the barbed wire fence 20 centimeters away, seven or eight strands of it. It was a fence. I turned around. That’s when my ear came into contact with reality, because I could hear cars. I thought I must be at Independencia Park, which is the nearest thing to me. I started walking toward the cars, thinking I’m on Oroño Street. Then I start dodging obstacles, tough weeds, for some 20 meters more or less. But the cars were not driving past a street, because the characteristic sound was that of a highway, judging by the speed of the passing cars. Getting someone to stop was an odyssey. I realized that a car was approaching slowly. A little truck, a tractor. As it approached, I made as though I was about to fall down. Help, please help me. The truck stopped, and its driver was a woman alone. She asked: “What’s wrong, sir?” I said: “Where am I?” “At Laguna” “Which Laguna?” “Laguna del Pescado in Victoria, Entre Rios” “But how could I be in Entre Rios? What time is it, miss?” She says: “It’s going on 3, ten to three.” “In the morning?” I asked, because it was the most reasonable thing I could ask, not realizing that the sun was burning my head. “No, in the afternoon, sir. What’s wrong?” So I tried to tell her everything, but the lady walked back, thinking I was insane. I asked her to take me to Victoria. No, I can’t take you – there’s a police station some 1500-2000 meters behind you. A truck pulls over, and since the driver knows the lady, she asks him: “Taborda, why don’t you take this gentleman to the police station?” I got on the truck and I asked the driver why no one stopped there. “No, I only stopped because I know Mrs. Urcola. I was on my way to Estancia La Concepción in Rincón Norte.” He took me to the police station. The officer on duty, surnamed Albornoz, turned up and didn’t let me use the phone, because it was for internal use only. But there was a radio to contact Victoria. He calmed me down, and seeing I was barefoot, gave me a pair of old sneakers to wear. So I told him everything that happened to me. He took note, and I asked him to use the phone again. He radioed Victoria and was told that it must be a missing person case. When he calms down, bring him to Victoria. 15 minutes later he radios Victoria and says: “Listen, this gentleman isn’t lost. He says he was in Rosario only an hour and a half ago.” “Aside from being lost, he’s nuts,” they replied. I was taken to Victoria and have to tell them the whole story again. There was no way I could phone Rosario to contact my family. At 5 pm I needed to go to the bathroom, as I hadn’t urinated all day. I asked for someone to accompany to the bathroom and once there, I realized I wasn’t wearing any underpants. I unbuttoned my jeans, lowered them and realized I wasn’t wearing underpants. One of the things I didn’t say, since I was in the presence of women or children, is that I felt “the machine that was inspecting me” made me feel a warm, soft sensation on my testicles. I asked them what they were going to do. “We’re extracting life seed,” and I ejaculated immediately. The doctor, at my insistence, also reported this. Another detail I want to state is that when I was standing, after having taken out my cane, touching the barbed wire, I looked for my talking wristwatch and found it on my wrist, but on the last hole and without the tongue holding it together. I activated it and it said: “14 hours, 32 minutes.” That was my first awareness of the time, and when I became even more concerned.

The Humanoid Conspiracy I was not allowed to make a phone call from the police station [in Victoria] at the police chief’s orders. When the chief arrived, the contacted my wife (and I found this out when I spoke to her on the return to Victoria. My questioners were all policemen, but there was also an examining magistrate present – Dr. Brasesco – who also questioned me. He left orders that everything I said should be recorded without further questioning. Dr. Brasesco himself remarked to the coroner: “We mustn’t be startled by this. We should acknowledge that we’re facing something abnormal that’s beyond our grasp. But we have to get used to it, because it happens very often in the area.” My wife got worried around 3:00 p.m. when my brother showed up to find me, since I was supposed to be back from the hair salon. When they couldn’t find me, the first thing they did was call the salon, which is my daughter’s. She told them that I had never gone there. That’s when they got moving. They phoned HECA and were told that there was no one matching my description; they were advised to call the police and the Personal Safety staff told them they had to wait 24 hours; they were advised to phone the 4th Section Police; at the 4th they were also told to wait 24 hours, and it was my wife’s insistence – because I was blind – that they said: well, let’s give it 18 hours, and they called all known places where I could be. Ruben Gaglia, the sheriff of Victoria, spoke to my brother at 5:00 p.m. At that point, everyone at the station spoke to my brother and asked him many questions. When the Dr. called, I realized that they were talking to someone in my family. I asked him to please let me speak, and that’s when I spoke with Juan, my brother. He told me to take it easy and that they were coming for me.

When my brother arrived, they took a deposition, asking him things about my life. They showed him by statement, and he asked why they’d made me sign it. The police told him that I had agreed to sign it after having it read out to me. Furthermore, my brother told me that depositions from Taborda, the trucker, and Mrs. Urcola were also there. Mrs. Urcola and the trucker, Taborda, told the police exactly where they had found me. I got back to Rosario at approximately 5 in the morning. At 9:00 a.m., Personal Security staff from Rosario called my private phone. At 10:00 a.m., two police officers showed up to talk to my wife, asking about my physical and mental condition, and my departure time. Then I received a call from Sheriff Romero of the Personal Safety division, suggesting that if someone asks me what happened, I should say there was a gag order in place. IV. PROBATIVE PROCEEDINGS With a view toward ascertaining the facts, I propose the following probative measures. a. Informative: That an official letter be sent to the Police Chief of the city of Victoria to have photocopies of the actions and/or statements made by me, my brother Juan, Mrs. Urcola, trucker Taborda, coroner reports and/or any other statements in this regard released to me. b. Testimonial: That the following witnesses be subpoenaed: Mr. Jorge Guerrero of the town of Pueblo Esther, an address to be provided shortly. Mrs. Urcola from the city of Victoria and Mr. Taborda from the same city, addresses as shown in the reports that we ask to have attached to this document.

The Humanoid Conspiracy c. Experts: To designate, if applicable, the participation of health professionals such as: clinical physician, transpersonal psychologist, psychiatrist, to perform all pertinent studies to determine my physical and mental health. V. CRIMINAL LIABILITY: Mr. Prosecutor, as you can see from my testimony, my ailments, the proof tendered, and with the goal of finding an answer to my experience, I am far removed from any quest for sensationalism, disturbing the social peace or any form of economic gain. I only wish to discover the truth of what happened. I am willing to face any interrogatories, medical and psychiatric evaluations or anything you deem necessary. It is for this reason that I appeal to this judicial body. Moreover, Mr. Prosecutor, I believe that the behavior of those who “abducted” me to be reprehensible. I was taken from one place to another without my consent, lost awareness, underwent an involuntary examination, had “life seed” extracted from me, was left in a semi-deserted place in the vicinity of Laguna del Pescado, Victoria, Entre Rios, which is aggravated by my visual impairment status. I would like to state that while I have said would seem taken out of science fiction, there is a history of such things happening to others. In the U.S.A. it has been ascertained that Security agencies have performed genetic experiments on persons and animals (mutilations) and the screen employed for all this is “alien beings”. All of this indicates that we are faced with actual factors of power that employ the UFO subject as a disinformation, distraction and cover-up technique. This question arises: Are these subjects mutually related, or is it a screen to cover other mundane endeavors such as, for example, organ traffic, bacteriological testing, drug trafficking, genetic experimentation, etcetera? Consequently, the person and /or persons who transferred me would fall under the criminal item in Article 141 and succeeding articles. Concerned with my personal safety, that of my family, and other persons who might experience the same, and faced by my unusual experience, I have resorted to this office to ascertain the reality of the facts, and if necessary, for this compendium to be submitted to the court of instruction. We request that the Hon. Prosecutor investigate these facts. Respectfully submitted, ESFREN GODOY Dr. LUIS A. REINOSO (Sponsoring Attorney) Rosario, 27 October 1998 Source: NOUFA (Noticiero Ufológico Autónomo) Date: 02.05.2011

Chile: A Rectangular UFO with Humanoids (2008) By Raul Gajardo Lepold

The Humanoid Conspiracy According to an eyewitness report from Mr. Segundo Hernán Godoy López, 50, married, an air conditioning technician, residing in Santiago, the capital city, he lived through the following experience in November 2008. Around 18:30 hours, in broad daylight and with clear skies, he was working on the rooftop of a building on Alonso de Córdoba Street, in the vicinity of Avda. Americo Vespuccio, when he “felt the urge” to look upward toward the south. At that time he saw a large metallic object in motion. The object emitted no glow whatsoever and was dark grey in color. The witness estimated that it was 10 city blocks distant from him, approximately one kilometer away. [The object] moved slowly toward the northern district of the city, around Mt. Manquehue, toward the NE, in the direction of the Andean Range. Object Description: The front section was rectangular with two medium-sized rectangular windows being clearly visible. It wasn’t very tall, but it was long. [The witness] first perceived it as 1.5 meters, and as it grew closer, 100 meters. He estimated that its front was some 10 meters [tall] as well as its rear section. A square object could be made out. The rear section was serrated and uneven, although it had the same length. It tailed off into four peaks. No antennae or light sources were in evidence.

The windows were completely black. At the window on the right, he could see two humanoid figures down to their waistlines. They were thin, grey and featureless. The color of their bodies was very light grey and both creatures could be clearly seen in the rectangle, one beside the other. Their arms rested against the lower part of the frame, and they made clumsy sideways moves, as if looking for something in unison. It seemed as if they were looking at the landscape. At no time did the witness hear anything, but at one moment, when he tried to alert his co-workers in the lower floor, he found himself unable to move. He could only move his eyes. He claims not having felt any sense of despair or fear, and he stood up to the situation. He felt an increase in atmospheric pressure, and says his body was “pressured” and he felt dense – a situation that lasted until the object pulled away some 10 meters from where he worked. At that point he felt normalcy returning to the surroundings. The object continued moving in a straight line and slowly. He managed to see that it lacked wings or other appendages. It was simply rectangular and nearly square around its base, which he calculated at some 3 meters tall. Mr. Godoy adds that he suffered no damage to his skin, body or mind. Aside from the momentary paralysis, he had no vision problems as a result of the experience. He figures that the entire experience lasted some 15 minutes from the start of the observation. He describes the experience as the most interesting he’s had in his life.

Argentina: Humanoids at San Antonio de Areco (1975) A Report by PROYECTO CATENT ( Location: San Antonio de Areco, Province of Buenos Aires Date: Winter 1975 Witnesses: Daniel Pignalberi and Eduardo Ramos Ages: 20 and 16, respectively

The Humanoid Conspiracy The Investigation These were the tough days of our friend Hector Antonio Picco’s illness in the winter of 2002, from which he is fully recovered today, pursuing what he enjoys the most, his work and trying to earn enough to earn his sustenance. This great researcher organized a series of conferences in his own home. In attendance at one such event was a gentleman, accompanied by his son and some friends. Daniel had learned of this event through Mr. Horacio Fadel, and he told us that they had witnessed a not-sounusual event (as we have come to see) that involved the presence of strange humanoid entities. We exchanged e-mail addresses and agreed to meet. During the first conference, he spoke of the existence of another witness to the same event – his cousin Eduardo Ramos, who we met days later. The result of these meetings is the report transcribed herein. Transcript of the Interview with Daniel Pignalberi Interview by researchers Mariela Verónica de Tomaso and Miguel Angel Gómez Pombo, members of Proyecto CATENT, on Wednesday, 24 July 2002.

The conversation started with a discussion about how most people treat these subjects with little seriousness, and Daniel tells us he’s afraid he won’t be believed. He had a series of UFO experiences in Mar del Plata at age 15 along with his family. He tells us he’s currently 48. “The real impact it had in my life, and truly intrigued me and caused me to read up on the subject happened when I was 22 – of this I’m sure, because I got married at 23. At the time, when one was that age, we went backpacking a lot. We were a half of a group, because we would board a bus with our backpacks and get down on a given highway, heading to the same place. We’d go other places, but in general to the same one: Kilometer 110 on Route 9, where a tributary of the Parana River flows, known as the Areco river. It’s a stream that can be crossed at a stone’s throw. “We’d get off on the road and walk diagonally until we’d reach a certain point. It was a long walk, but we were young and could do it.” How long did you walk? About an hour and change, to reach the interior (it is somewhat longer than that – Interviewer). Not sure if an hour and twenty or thirty minutes. Consider that we were carrying weight, and the encumbrance slows you down. We had to cross barbed wire fences. The problem is that 15 meters on each side of the river is municipal land, and the landowners cannot challenge you. We’d camp there, within the 15-meter stretch. We went dozens of times and continued to go there after these events. One night, we’d gone with my cousin Eduardo Antonio Ramos, who is 4 years my junior. He must’ve been 18 at the time. Let me tell you that this is a flat plain. If you see it, these are flat fields, no hills, no mounds, and few trees except for our campsite, which had five or six trees. We would throw a tarp between them for shade. That night we put up the tarp. I’m a big fan, so we set up the kindling for the campfire and stepped away to go fishing or something. The time was 22:00 hours. Can’t tell you the date. Was it Summer?

The Humanoid Conspiracy No, of that I’m sure. Because there were a lot of bugs in the summer – horseflies and mosquitoes! We’d always go in the fall or in the spring. Well, at any rate, we went fishing. It was a dark night. No lights whatsoever. We had two flashlights, one each, of the tracking type with five or six batteries. We used them only as necessary. We stepped away, we had a little camp lantern with us, but not sure if we took it along. The thing is that we’d gone fishing and felt hungry at around 22:00 hours. We started walking, left the campfire going by the tarp. Some campfire! Because we’d always leave a hole through which we’d insert the kindling and it gave of a tremendous amount of light. In an open field, with that amount of light, we were able to walk back without turning on our flashlights. We were going by the firelight, and as we approached the tarp – some 80, 70 or 60 meters away or so – I saw two persons. Two guys, two men. One was standing beside the fire and the other was to the left, crouching. I thought he was stirring the fire. I could see the fire moving. The first thing that came to my mind was...we stopped cold and I told him: “We’re being robbed”. We nearly said at the same time. Two guys in the middle of the night, and in the dark. At that point we started sauntering with our flashlights off, leaving our tackle on the ground, and we sauntered over to get there faster. At a distance of a few meters, my cousin lit his flashlight all of a sudden. And when he lit them up, I slapped my own flashlight – don’t ask me why, I guess I wanted to shock them. But when I lowered my flashlight, the [figures] vanished. I’m telling you it was like something that was there, and then was gone. Like something disappearing. Of course, at that moment, when those people vanished, well...we can say vanished, but at the time you don’t interpret it as a disappearance. You’re not prepared for such a thing. At the moment you’re grasping for an explanation to what’s going on, and it’s not that we discussed the disappearance, either: “Where the hell did they go?! How could we have lost them?!” So we turned on the flashlights and scanned the treetops, scanned the river to see if they’d gone into a boat, if they were hiding behind the tarp...we lit up the empty fields with those flashlights. The guys had vanished before our very eyes!! “Of course, at this point we faced the fact that these guys had disappeared. “Did you see what I saw?” I asked my cousin. I’d seen it. Nowadays I tease him, because whenever we meet a few times a year, I bring up the subject and I’ll say, “I know what I saw, but what about you?” “I was left with the doubt of whether I’d hallucinated it all and my cousin was fooling me, because you can speak for yourself, but not for the other person. The fact of the matter is that we were so scared, out in the middle of nowhere, that we climbed a tree and spent the night up there. It’s not because there were two people out there. The fact is that there was something that I haven’t told you about. These two guys – and I realized this as we got closer – were strange. Strange guys, because they were all dressed in white. Completely white, with white coveralls, like white jumpsuits, completely white. They wore broad belts, black or dark, visible in the night. I could tell that they had very straight hair, swept back, as if combed with brilliantine. Both were identical. At that time I was able to see them make a motion like this (a gesture to turn around, a half turn, as if noticing the presence of the witnesses). But I couldn’t see their faces due to the fact that my cousin had switched on his flashlight. Maybe if he hadn’t, I’d have been able to see them. I don’t know what would’ve happened after that. There are people, scholars of the subject, who have told me, no, that “...things happened after that, it’s just that you can’t remember them.” What do I know? I can only tell you what I recall. We were so shocked that we stayed up in the tree, and even peed from the treetops, since we weren’t willing to come down. “In the morning, we left at first light, leaving behind our very expensive camping gear, by the standards of the times. We left a lot of things behind, since we were so desperate to get away. The problem is that one isn’t ready for this – maybe you are, since you’ve heard so many things (referring to the interviewers) and they’ve told you some many things, so your head’s ready for it. But imagine that you’d

The Humanoid Conspiracy never been interested in the subject, or imagine the 1970s, when the movie ET hadn’t been released yet and Hollywood’s special effects weren’t as good as the ones nowadays, and you’re suddenly faced with this situation. It’s tough. It’s really hard to face a situation like the one we faced in the middle of nowhere. Didn’t you feel motivated to take everything apart at night before leaving the site? In the dark? No way! Then again, those guys dressed in white...they were like torches in the night! You cast light on people like that and see them – it’s terrible. You know how you’re driving along at night and your headlights illuminate the roadside posts? Imagine two guys in white. They couldn’t have gotten away from us in fractions of a second. They vanished on us. So what was it? Did you notice anything odd the rest of the evening? No. But what we saw – and much I never discussed, and I’ll tell you why. I think that maybe you heard Eduardo at some point (turning to his wife, making reference to his cousin) say that we went back, to the same place on a night not too long after, but we saw three lights moving in the sky. But three lights moving very far away...and I could see them moving, but I couldn’t tell if it was an optical effect caused by looking at a distant little light. It looked like three lights moving, but you’re always wondering. Look, I told you those two things and I’m telling you: if you hook me up to a polygraph, I’d always question whether they were real or not. You know how it is. I can tell you what I saw, but I can’t speak for others.

Why do you mistrust what you saw? No, in this case it was just two of us. It the first case there were many of us [ translator’s note – interviewee is referring to an earlier case]. I have no doubt that it was a flying saucer but years later, I wondered, since detractors of the UFO phenomenon say that one could mistake gaseous effects in the sky. And the second one? No, not the second one. Let me make it clear that on that night we were not drunk, and this one (referring to his wife) can tell you that I’m into water. I was never much of a drinker or smoker, nor was get me. We were two kids who were laughing at life, fishing, we weren’t talking about witches or scary stories, not that day, no. What’s more, that day we’d laughed a lot because we were out fishing. Well, that’s what happened to me. It was very clear. The first time you saw them, as you came up the far away were they? I’d say about less than a block away. Who realized this? No, it was both of us at the same time, because we swatted each other like this, at the same time. He was on my left. I remember this clearly, and we slapped each other as if warning ourselves. We’re being robbed, dude – two guys are robbing us. So what did you see at first sight?

The Humanoid Conspiracy We dropped our fishing rods and began sauntering. To get closer? Of course. Not running – sauntering with our flashlights off. Since we know the ground, we were walking right beside the barbed wire fence. It’s a low municipal fence that can be crossed without climbing. We sauntered for less than a block. I’m not sure how much faster we got there by sauntering. I figure some 60 meters more or less. I could see them well. How could you see them? The only light was that of the campfire. Fire, dark night. Try it sometime. It’s like lighting a huge floodlight. And what color could you see them? Were they the color of the fire? No, what I recall is seeing them the color a person might have. Consider two things: the shock I felt at the moment, surely there are a thousand details I’ve forgotten, a thousand details that my brain didn’t capture or a thousand details I may have changed over time. I tried, but they can get mixed up. They wore belts?

Yes. Broad black belts, dark footwear. You could see their shoes? Yes. Since they were crouching, I could see them. That I remember. They were both crouching? No. One was standing like this (makes the gesture of standing up) sideways looking at the fire. The other one was like this (crouches). I could see him moving and that the fire moved, like when you’re roasting something. Hair color? Hair was dark. It struck me. Imagine two people in the middle of the countryside. You expect to come across “Don Zoilo” (a typical gaucho name) with his gaucho pants. Not far from there is a ranch of people I knew, since they were my dad’s neighbors. What struck me was to see two people in the wilderness dressed like that. Strange noises? None. There was no wind, no weird buzzing, nothing that told us what was about to happen. Were you startled by anything else? Nothing. Everything was normal. I didn’t see any lights in the sky. Didn’t taste anything odd. That’s how it was. It was striking to see something like what we’re looking at right now (lifts a flower vase from the table) and suddenly it’s gone. At that moment, when it vanishes, you don’t say: “oh, it’s vanished!” You take a while. There was a flower vase there...maybe it slid off the, it vanished. Especially if it makes no noise. Now you see it, now you don’t. And it isn’t that there was a flash of lightning when it

The Humanoid Conspiracy vanished, or it became transparent like with the transporter devices in Star Trek. No. It was there, now it’s gone. You don’t react at time. And what’s more, if it had happened to me today, and I’d give anything to have it happen again, I now think that my head’s better prepared for it. And nothing ever happened again, you get me? And when they disappeared, what happened with the two of you? Did you talk? No, the time it was more like: “what do you mean they’re not here, where did they go, didn’t we see two guys, where are they. Look behind the tent, shine your light upward.” In the silence of the night, if a guy gets into a boat in the stream, he makes noise with the wood, and every so often we’d see people boating there, but it’s very shallow. In the middle of the river, the water comes up to your heels, or the water can cover you in some spots. I must have photos of the place (asks his son to find photos to show us). So when you turned on the lights, what did you see? When we turned on the lights is when I remember them doing this (gesture of turning their heads to where they were) and that’s when I slapped my flashlight. I don’t know why I did it. My intention was to surprise them, but in fact they weren’t doing anything, if they were people from the area. But I don’t know...

You thought they were thieves? You know why? We had some very expensive gear with us. Fishing rods that were worth a fortune. What were you fishing for? Trash fish. Catfish...we were just having fun. The joy of spending the night out, having cookouts, feeling at one with nature for a few days. How many days would you spend? Normally the weekend. We’d leave on a Friday and return on Sunday night. On long weekends we’d spend four days. Could we speak to your cousin? Sure. I called him and asked him I could give him your phone number. (Conversation is interrupted as photos of the site are shown) So what do you think it was? Did you associate it with anything? What did you ask me? What? (distracted, looking at the photos). See, I have a notion that the two things that happened to me weren’t of this world, and I’ll tell you why. The first thing I go by, and many people have said so and I’ve thought this, is that there are terrestrial UFOs. I’ve no doubt that there are terrestrial UFOs. But in particular, I say that this thing came out of the sea at the time when it happened, and the way that it flew...I think it wasn’t [a terrestrial UFO]. I thought maybe there are terrestrial UFOs, but they don’t have the technology to move like that in flight (continues discussing the UFO he saw in

The Humanoid Conspiracy Mar del Plata. He returns to the second experience, the one that concerns us here). I also think it could be something that isn’t from here...(goes back to looking at the photos)...I was 22 years old in 1975... After the fright you had, did you return to the site? Yes, the very same site. But were we restless. But you went anyway. We’re more brothers than cousins. If you talk to him, and he starts discussing me, anything I do, to him I was the smartest guy in the world, the best looking, the best dressed, the one with the best girlfriends...when I play guitar, I’m Paco de Lucía. He plays very well, but he’s Cafrune. And he always says to me: “You know how much I love you Daniel, you know what you mean to me”. He adores me. I’m the cousin, the big brother. Furthermore, I always thought that despite me being older, I gave a lot of space in my life. And you saw their clothing as white in the firelight? Yes. Is that normal, or did it have to do with...? Can’t tell you if it’s normal. I can tell you that I remember it as white. Light is light.

When you turned off the flashlight – what happened? Were they gone. When he turned on the flashlight, at what point did they vanish? Less than a second. Nothing. Now they’re here, now they’re gone. Like that. Footprints or marks? I didn’t look. We didn’t look. We were trying to answer the question: where the hell did they go? Three was the tent, and the first thing I recall, I’m not sure which one of us did it, was to run around the tent. Where the hell else would they go? We looked in the trees, in the river. These guys vanished to our faces. That’s the answer. You’re ready to see a number of things. An airplane, for example, but imagine that you suddenly see me become transparent. At the time you’re not going to say: “I saw you become transparent.” You’ll try to find an explanation for it. Furthermore, today we see many movies with a lot of information, but I don’t think they were around at the time. What was the name of the series about the guy looking for aliens? The Invaders Not sure if it was around.... Yes, yes it was. You were saying, “how this changed you”. What changed? It changes your entire head. Imagine that what changed me the most from that moment onward was...despite the fact that I have, or had religious training, I changed in that regard. I went to a religious school and they stuck a bunch of things in my head that the Church puts there. The Catechism. So from

The Humanoid Conspiracy that moment on I changed. I started to see things a bit more from here, rather than from there. It’s like seeing the world standing here, not above, not the other side. You see it through different lenses. How? You realize that you’re not alone, we’re not alone, there could be a ton of things, don’t know if we’re spiritual or will be...I started to think that maybe we’re persons or beings that are being manipulated or watched. Or when I believed that we – Adam and Eve, God came and separated the waters from the earth, dispelled the darkness – that was my notion. Years later I didn’t believe the Adam and Eve thing. I think it was a poem to say something lovely to ignorant peoples who couldn’t be told something like Darwin’s theories, get them to follow the religion of your choosing. Of course, there’s marketing in selling religion. So it changed me. That changed me. I also felt anguish at times. Why? Anguish at the fact that I cannot find answers to these things. You see? You can’t solve them, except for the other day when Picco was speaking (referring to the day that he witnessed one of the presentations given by researcher Hector Antonio Picco) and he said: “I was speaking to a being that vanished before my eyes.” I love that. I was also watching Infinito (TV channel specializing in mysterious subjects) and people spoke of similar things. So it calms me, but doesn’t define anything for me. It offers no solutions. Many told me that this will be explained, it’ll happen in the year 2000, E.T.’s will land and tell us: “Here we are, this is what we are.” So 2000, 2001 and 2002 went by, and here we are. Still nothing. Not even the world ended, as so many claimed.

So what were those beings doing there? Do you have any theories? Were they there because you were there? What was your impression? I thought they were going to rob us. That was my first impression. So when you saw them vanish, what did you think? What I think if you ask me to play out my imagination, well...what I like to think is that those guys must’ve come down from somewhere, or sent from somewhere, and were looking into something about the site we were camped at, and were startled and removed from the scene very quickly. That’s my notion. I’d rather think they were E.T.’s instead of ghosts. It scares me less. It’s interesting. Yes, yes. I think that dealing with the concept of spirituality is harder than that of E.T.’s. Maybe because I saw that massive object (at age 15 in the city of Mar del Plata). Did you become interested in these subjects from that moment on? No. I read about it as just another thing. It was discussed when I was a boy, but I didn’t have an opinion about them. I don’t recall. The first time, when I was 15, from that moment on, I really got into what people were saying on TV about it. I listened to them and thought: those guys are telling the truth, regardless of whether it’s real or not, they experienced it and they’re being mocked... Would you like to relive the experience out of curiosity?

The Humanoid Conspiracy To collect information and certify that the experience was real. What I thought and what I actually experienced. It would confirm my life. I discussed it with Eduardo (cousin and fellow witness) and I tell him: “Do you remember?” to which he recalls, “Of course it happened”. It’s important to me. It changed me greatly. We are not alone. I believe in God, but I’m not sure if there is a God, or just extraterrestrials.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Humanoid Power: A Show of Force in Argentina? By Luis Burgos, Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) Even as remarks still circulate regarding the astonishing photo of a strange entity in Laguna del Monte (Buenos Aires) taken in March 2010 and which prompted our essay “Los Seres de la Laguna”, a new humanoid event has take place at the very edges of another body of water in Buenos Aires: Vitel Lagoon, less than 70 kilometers distant from Laguna del Monte, in a straight line. Geographic Location A little under 150 kilometers south of Capital Federal, along National Route 2 and in the municipality of Chascomús, this body of water has along its shores the well-known Estancia La Horqueta, built as a summer retreat for tourist purposes, covering 7 hectares and with over 70 more hectares of open fields. It was built in 1927 and its current owner, Enrique Pierri, is a great fan of trees and plants, causing it to be surrounded by dozens of different species, among them an 80-year-old Lebanese cedar: the main protagonist of this story. The Story Begins June 19, 2009 was anything but a normal day in La Horqueta, as a powerful gust of wind toppled a 20meter tall Lebanese cedar whose trunk measured over a meter and a half in diameter at its base. It was literally uprooted, constituting a mass weighing two and half tons, including the gigantic piece of earth that was torn out with its collapse. According to witnesses located in the main house, some 100 meters distant, a loud noise was heard when it came crashing. A nearby eucalyptus was also toppled by the wind storm. Over time, its large branches were cut down and lifted by a crane – a device which was unable to make the cedar “stand straight” again, suggesting the need for a “boom-type” machine of greater capacity to undertake the task. Months went by and many tourists took pictures of themselves standing beside the toppled cedar or else on top of it, as a visual souvenir. Humanoids Appear? Luis Antonio Pavoni, 36, has been La Horqueta’s caretaker since 2008. He lives there with his family, and after 10:30 p.m. on July 19, 2010, his wife remarked about the insistent barking of the family’s dogs. When he went out to check, he was able to ascertain that they were indeed nervous. Pavoni, jumbo flashlight in hand, noticed that the braver of the animals would not follow him, but rather, only the humblest and kindest dog of the pack joined him in his search. But this dog was barking toward the fallen cedar, some 100 meters away from the house. Pavoni aimed his beam at the location and saw A PAIR OF RED EYES WITH AN EXTERNAL ORANGE HALO (emphasis in the original – SC) some 80 centimeters off the ground and very close to the cedar. Believing that it might be a hare, he went back into the house and grabbed a carbine. When he returned to the original site, he ascertained the presence of TWO ADDITIONAL PAIRS OF EYES BEHIND THE FIRST (emphasis in the original – SC), one beside the other, but somewhat behind the first. He did not notice any silhouettes at all from the three pairs of eyes. Nor did he hear any noises or sounds of any kind whatsoever. The only sound he could hear was the barking of his dog, refusing to go near the unknown. After some three minutes, the eyes disappeared and Pavoni returned home.

The Humanoid Conspiracy The Unexplained Enrique Pierri – the estate’s owner – arrived the next morning, July 20th, and the first thing he asked was: “Who raised up the cedar?” To which the caretaker replied: “No one.” Upon visiting the site, the enormous Lebanese cedar now stood upright. Set once more in its place, as though a whole year hadn’t elapsed. And there, without question, is where the mystery begins.

During the “on-site” investigation, we ascertained the existence of three “poles of attraction” or “behavior guidelines”, as our friend Fabio Zerpa calls them: The lagoon, some 120 meters away from the cedar, the everpresent mill, some 100 meters away, and the electric power lines some 70 meters distant from the sight. With these assurances of the “UFO Landing Phenomenon”, we combed the area looking for marks on the ground. In this order of affairs, we were not surprised when Eduardo Galeano (FAO-Chascomús) detected a strange SEMI-CIRCULAR IMPRINT (emphasis in the original –SC) in an empty field some 120 meters distant from the cedar. It measured 9.60 meters and was almost erased by the passing of time. It had 15 centimeter borders and next to the pluviometer installed on the premises [...] perhaps it was indicating a direct relation to the diminutive entities seen by Pavoni beside the cedar. Epilogue We can recall some UFO events in which trees were the main protagonists, such as the famous Ombú tree of the “La Aurora” farm in Uruguay (1976) , but when all is said and done, we are facing an EXTRAORDINARY CASE, perhaps the only one of its kind. Having consulted Quique Mario of CEUFO regarding some similar events in the key province of La Pampa, where the most unusual events of Argentinean UFO case histories have occurred, he said that they never had a similar case in that region. With regard to the probable morphology of the entities, their red eyes – reported by witnesses in 2002 and 2003, are reminiscent of the heyday of the CATTLE MUTILATION epidemic. Around that time, strange animal mutilations also took place in Chascomús. And as a conclusion, entering into the realm of hypotheticals, we can suppose that this new humanoid incursion in Buenos Aires, beyond its own goals which are unknown to us, hoisting the now-famous cedar may ha been A SIGN OF POWER or A SHOW OF STRENGTH (emphasis in the original – SC), much as if any one of us, had upraised or readjusted something that was in our path: a potted plant, for example. Even so, investigation is ongoing.... On-Site Investigation by FAO conducted by: Eduardo Galeano (FAO Chascomús) Leonardo Villamea and Cristian Villamea (FAO Quilmes ) Patricio Barrancos, Daniel López and Franco Puglisi (FAO Capital Federal) Cristian Salvatierra and Luis Burgos (FAO La Plata)

The Humanoid Conspiracy Communities Visited by Strange Entities in Human Shape Strange Apparitions Accompany the Saucer Wave By Sebastian Aranguren In Valcheta, Rio Negro Province, between Bajos del Gualicho and Somuncurá, there are those who claim to have seen an inexplicable light in the immensity of the desert, belonging to a lost city that emerges and vanishes, according to Luis Burgos. The vast number of UFO cases recorded in Argentina, totaling 110 sightings since the start of the year, has opened the door to a singular number of ET- related phenomena which include, for example, strange characters that vanish and evaporate in the loneliness of the towns of the interior. Ufological studies of these mysterious manifestations of “strange people”, as defined by the locals who experience them, suggest that these fantastic manifestations of the UFO phenomenon are closely tied to the latest extraterrestrial developments. Specialists who deal in these cases believe that the manifestations are usually contained within the small communities in which they occur, and therefore do not yield even larger case histories within a field that nonetheless acknowledges the presence of ghostly figures ascribed to alien entities. Luis Burgos, director of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO), stresses that the subject isn’t an easy one, as involvement in these cases implies crossing the swampy terrain that lies on the border between ufology and parapsychology. Burgos cautiously took on the challenge of stating the specifics of these manifestations, which always occur at lonely locations with few witnesses. The final result is a unique experience that may have various interpretations. ”The explanation one can give these cases is that the fit into a collateral manifestation of the UFO phenomenon,” says Burgos, convinced that in order to venture into these cases “it is necessary to have the proper balance, as poorly grounded individuals could go off the deep end.” From FAO’s perspective, one of the most valuable cases consigned in local records and involving fantastic events that cannot be rationally explained, could be taking place right now in any town of the interior. Burgos recalled that some 8 years ago, in the vicinity of Estancia La Esperanza, Gobernador Galvez, Province of Buenos Aires a young woman witnessed one of these cases: two alleged teenagers, dressed in early 20th century farming clothes, crossed her path in an empty field. Carolina, the protagonist of this story, gave FAO a detailed account when researchers delved into the case. She explained that the two teenagers – a male and a female – whom she was seeing for the first time, greeted her by name. When she turned around to ask where they knew her from, they had already vanished. “There are many cases in ufology that involved contacts with humanlike entities clothed in archaic dress, as though they belonged to another time,” explains Burgos, not dismissing the possibility that this situation could be the result of a “breach in time.” The specialist does not dismiss the possibility of a “dimensional doorway”, but adds that the known cases of “oddball humans” always occur within the framework of UFO manifestations. Therefore, it is “very feasible” that the current UFO flap will yield some of these experiences.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

The 110 sightings catalogued by FAO in 2008 stress the possibility that fantastic experiences, such as Carolina’s, may occur. To this day she still talks about the day that she crossed paths on her way to La Esperanza with “oddball people” having nothing to do with the town and probably not to the world as we know it. Humanoids And Mysterious Cases Ufology acknowledges several sidelines of the UFO phenomenon that somehow mark the presence of humanoid contact with Earth dwellers. These give rise to such bizarre events as the animal mutilations ascribed to the Chupacabras, imp-like beings similar to the ones from the SUPE neighborhood in Berisso, and even ghosts. One of the stranger cases involves animal mutilations in the pastures of the heartland by a specimen still uncatalogued by human science or rather, by an entity that still remains unknown, aside from its red eyes glaring in the dark of the night, generally near the carcass of an eviscerated bovine. The Nuns of Berisso and the Suicide Dogs When it comes to marking strange events linked to the UFO phenomenon, the FAO’s records hold some unique cases that exemplify this connection rather well, such as the enigmatic presence of the so-called “Nuns” of Berisso, who caused surprise and shock to infrequent witnesses. FAO’s files make reference to them during an investigation performed in 1991, in after some workers in the Naval Workshop area of that community, located south of La Plata, allegedly saw entities clad in hooded garments – hence their description as “nuns” – moved around, causing wonder and fear of the unknown. At that same site, and within the framework of this investigation, another “high-strangeness” characteristic ascribed to UFOs emerged. Three operators of the old electric power station facing the port of La Plata claimed seeing a strange creature running between the sheds. It stood no taller than 40 centimeters, but was robust and clad in green, military-type garments. Prior to the manifestations of the “Nuns” and the creatures of the old power station in the SUPE neighborhood, FAO also recorded an intense UFO presence over the area which gave rise to a terrible situation: dozens of dogs leaped into the void from terraces and balconies, inexplicably committing suicide.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

The Estancia La Dulce Case (Argentina): A UFO Encounter with the Presence of Amorphous Entities By Guillermo Daniel Giménez The year 1978 marked some significant chapters in the UFO chronicles of the Republic of Argentina. The entire region of Necochea, in the southeastern end of the Province of Buenos Aires also echoed these manifestations of UFOs, landings and even encounters with the occupants of these objects. But there was an incident of significant characteristics that took place in late August of that year some 56 kilometers from the city of Necochea, more specifically in the locality of La Dulce, a rural community located northwest of the city in question. The incident was important not only because of the events that transpired, not only due to the presence of a large object over the ranch, but also the presence of amorphous entities that surveyed the location. But let us see what the TELAM news agency had to tell us around that time: Necochea, Sep. 7 (Télam) – Two small lights descended from the strange object and reached a shed. They later moved swiftly and something like two silhouettes or hard-to-define figures emerged. That is how the story begins, as experienced by the Arias family, today the publishers of the local newspaper Ecos Diarios. The family, made up by Manuel Arias and his wife Leonor Turiella, said that on the night of August 31, 1978 shortly before 10 pm, there was a blackout. Suddenly “we felt drawn by an extraordinary source of light originating from a sector of the ranch” – which they occupy in the town of La Dulce. [The couple ] was able to see “a very large object, similar to a grain storage silo, either stationary or suspended in the air some 800 meters from the house." Two lights broke away, according to the Ariases, which “also appeared to float in the air, " The newspaper adds that another neighbor, Lorenzo Parrachini, as “a singularly bright object suspended over some trees when the city was plunged into darkness due to an blackout. I went to find other witnesses, but since I couldn’t find any, I returned to the site just in time to see how the light went away, giving off some greenish flashes. The time was 23:15.” Drivers on Provincial Route No. 88, according to the report, also saw the strange object.” This is the information provided to us by TELAM. An incident that captured public attention and also that of the UFO community due to the presence of strange amorphous creatures – seldom seen in the Argentinean Republic.

La Dulce, Ground Zero As stated earlier, La Dulce is 56 km northwest of the city of Necochea, 48 km along Provincial Route No. 56, with geographic coordinates of 38º 20´ Latitude South and 59º 12´ Longitude West, at an elevation of 88 meters above sea level. Its name commemorates Nicanor Olivera, owner of the La Dulce Ranch, which took its name from a lagoon located in the vicinity. His children founded the train station and in

The Humanoid Conspiracy 1908, Nicanor Olivera yielded property for families to occupy and for the town to be laid out. It is surrounded by fertile soil that enables it to have a large agricultural yield (wheat, corn, and sunflower) and good cattle pastures. The UFO and the Amorphous Entities At 21:55 hours on August 31, 1978, a storm lashed the area. At that time, Mrs. Leonor Beatriz Arias (neé Turiella) was taking a shower and was startled by a sudden blackout. She was forced to leave the bathroom and head to the kitchen to find a dressing gown. It was there she noticed that a strong light was pouring through the window to her house. Her husband, Manuel Arias, 55, had gone to bed to due to the blackout and did not see the light coming in through the window in question. Leonor remarked: "The glow was hard to describe, but its intensity gave me the sensation of having gone right through my body.” The phenomenon was like a compact beam of light, iridescent white in color that poured through the window blinding her. “When I tried to see myself, I couldn’t,” Mrs. Arias would later remark. The light appeared to be coming through the walls of the house. Its point of origin was from the exterior, piercing the farmhouse’s right corner. Outside the farm, there was a large dark object suspended, oscillating, over a group of 6 silos located some 30 meters away from the house.

meters away.

Mrs. Arias decided to wake up her husband, who moved quickly toward the window. Both were now witnesses to the [object’s] maneuvers. The object was moving away from the house, flying over some cultivated land 80 meters away from the witnesses. It continued its horizontal trajectory slowly, perhaps at 15 meters over the surface, until it paused over a eucalyptus grove some 800

This object had an estimated diameter of 8 meters. It was dark, had an oscillating motion, and seemed to be solid, according to Manuel Arias, Leonor’s husband. It had a row of 10 luminous windows that surrounded the object’s central section. The windows were rectangular, vertically elongated, separated by fine dark partitions. They issued an intense light that varied between bright white and orange. The UFO’s upper section was dark and oval shaped, while the lower section was less visible, as it merged with the surrounding darkness. The Ariases believe that it was also oval in shape. The UFO was to the right of the wilderness. From their vantage point, the Ariases were privileged witnesses due to the excellent visuals they had from their kitchen. The object emitted a buzzing sound that could be heard despite the intervening distance, and which was similar to a turbine, according to Arias, increasing and decreasing in cycles, while the same occurred with the lights. At that time of night, the winds were strong and the darkness did not allow them to see the reactions of the animals to the proximity of the phenomenon.

The Humanoid Conspiracy A few minutes went by and two objects resembling flashlight bulbs came out of the object, descending softly and moving one behind the other toward the witnesses. These bulbs [appeared to correspond to] dark silhouettes moving at an approximate speed of 20 kmh. Their estimated heights were between 0.70 and 1 meter, and their aspect was impossible to ascertain due to the prevailing darkness the light sources appeared to constitute the faces of these amorphous entities. These beings did not touch the ground; rather, they floated only centimeters from the surface. Their movements were continuous but rigid. When they reached the barbed wire fence, the beings avoided it by rising in the air and descending on the other side, continuing their march. The entities came close to a shed that contained machinery and vehicles. They made a 90-degree turn and entered a space between the shed and wire fencing. They disappeared for a few moments and then reappeared, dodging other obstacles such as the eucalyptus tree stand and a timber chute with a brick floor, measuring 2 meters wide and 13 meters long. At this point, the beings were close to another shed, reducing their speed to a more normal stride, a slow one. These beings or enigmatic figures made a second circuit of the area, and perhaps many others, always around the shed, while the UFO continued hovering in the sky and making the buzzing sound. It was then that the Ariases decided to go to their bedroom and give up on the observation. Moments later, they came back to the window and ascertained that the large object and the beings had vanished. The entire phenomenon had an estimated duration of almost an hour. At the time, the Arias family was made up of Manuel, 55, his wife Leonor, who was younger than her husband, and their 3-year-old son. No footprints were found after the event. Mrs. Arias experienced emotional shock as a result of the sighting. The area where the family’s house is located is rich in agricultural and cattle activity, being producing fields. At the time that the incidents took place, the property belonged to the four Arias brothers, but have now been subdivided. There is a large saltwater lagoon located 3 km southwest of the place where the events occurred. Related Phenomena During the events experienced by the Arias family on the night of August 31, 1978 at Estancia La Dulce, Necochea, Argentina, there was a blackout in the area. Manuel Arias believes that the blackout affected not only his ranch, but the entire area as well, due to the passing of the UFO. The local newspaper, Ecos Diarios of the city of Necochea, reported that: "Strong winds caused a power outage in several sectors of the region.” After these events, the news spread by word of mouth throughout the town of La Dulce and neighboring communities until journalists from Ecos Diarios covered the story. The entire country soon learned of the incident. The Arias family found having to deal with all of the print and/or TV media journalists onerous. It was around this time that the local police “invited” the Arias family to file a formal report on the facts. It is because of all this that Manuel Arias no longer wants to know anything about the case. Moreover, he says that if he should ever see another UFO and beings descended, he would tell no one.

The Humanoid Conspiracy His wife remarked: “Now I’m more peaceful. I have no doubts about what we saw and ever since that night I look outside, knowing that they are there, that they’re near us and want to communicate. They have no intentions of attacking us. If they came back today, I think I would go outside without any fear whatsoever. I’m not a fan of the subject, although I do read something, but I never watch science fiction movies that could have influenced my thinking.” Days after the event, Leonor Arias herself was a witness to other UFO manifestations in the area. Manuel Arias says: “It was a craft, a module, let us say, suspended in the air giving off light. I think they always do the same...they flood everything with their lights and then take off. They do whatever they want and then leave...” It should be noted that a mini-flap of 21 UFO cases occurred in the vicinity of Necochea in the months of August and September 1978. • Case 1: 22 August 1978, Necochea, 20:20 hrs. A circular object, very luminous, flew from East to West on Tuesday 22 August, having its origin in the southeastern section of Buenos Aires Province, extending to La Pampa, Rio Negro, Neuquen and then Chile. Simultaneous observation in over 30 cities. • Case 2: 22 August, vicinity of Coronel Dorrego, 20:30. Three hunters thought they heard strange footsteps similar to those of a man or a very heavy animal, coming from a small forest. After a fruitless investigation, they ascertained that the meat they were roasting on a spit tasted of sulfur, making them ill later. When they boarded their pickup truck, they saw an object measuring 30 meters in diameter and 1 meter tall, surrounded by a potent white light and with a black turret. The UFO approached and the electrical system of the vehicle shorted out as the UFO flew over them at an altitude of 50 meters. After it was gone, the vehicle started up and the hunters that they were traveling in the opposite direction to which they were heading before seeing the UFO. • Case 3: 22 August. Ramón Santamarina, Necochea, night, 21:45 hs. Saw a strange “gaseous cloud” with a transparent aura, emitting a powerful light. • Case 4: 22 August. Ramón Santamarina, Necochea, night. An object, larger and brighter than the Moon, flew at low altitude and approximately the witnesses’ car swiftly, accompanying them for a brief stretch before pulling away, issuing flashes. • Case 5: 22 August, Coronel Dorrego, night. A UFO maneuvered slowly over the town. • Case 6: 25 August, Ramón Santamarina, Necochea, 20:30 hs. An object issuing a strong intermittent light was seen over a tree stand, issuing strong red and orange flashes, vanishing later. • Case 7: 31 August, Estancia La Dulce, near Necochea, 21:55 hs. • Case 8: 31 August, vicinity of La Dulce, Necochea, night. Another local resident reports: "A singularly bright flying object suspended over the trees" while the city was dark due to a power outage. " I went to find other witnesses, but since I couldn’t find any, I returned to the place just in time to see how the light departed, giving off greenish flashes." • Case 9: 31 August, night. At approximately the same time, drivers traveling along Route No. 88 also saw the strange object.

The Humanoid Conspiracy • Case 10: 4 September, San Cayetano, night. A young man sees a powerful light, 30 meters long, behind a stand of trees. • Case 11: 4 September, San Cayetano, night. A farmer heading toward this town sees a UFO traveling toward the west. • Case 12: Early September, Paraje San Jose, Necochea, night. Two witnesses see a luminous UFO. • Case 13: 5 September, Route 86. Mrs. Arias (protagonist of the 31 August event at La Dulce) sees a medium-white, glowing cloud transform into a reddish half-moon. It increased in size before vanishing. • Case 14: 8 September, La Dulce, Necochea, 20 hrs. A false sun lit the entire field, bathing it in throbbing red light for 5 minutes. • Case 15: 8 September, Route 86, Km. 20 (a few kilometers from Necochea). At 20:15 hours, a beam of blinding red light lit a ranch from a stand of trees. Horses were spooked and two recently butchered lambs began to roast themselves due to the heat issued by the UFO. • Case 16: 9 September, Necochea, noon. Three luminous objects flew over this city’s downtown area. • Case 17: 10 September, Route 86, Km,.85, night. A potent light appeared to be “resting” on a highvoltage line. It departed swiftly after 15 minutes. • Case 18: 12 September, La Dulce, Necochea. A “star” breaks off from a powerful light, descending in 8 successive stages. • Case 19: 14 September, Necochea, night. An object issuing alternating red and green lights flew overhead at high speed from West to East. • Case 20: 14 September, Juan N. Fernández, Necochea, 22:30 hs. Took place 500 meters from a house at an altitude of 30 meters. A silver object producing a powerful light hovered over a stand of trees. • Case 21: Mid-September, Necochea, night. A large, oval, red-colored light passed over the city toward the north. This mini-flap, which I discovered and researched, falls within the vast region of Necochea. What was the reason for the number of so many UFO manifestations and the presence of strange beings in the region, in so short a time? A new UFO incident is therefore added to the global case history, with the presence of entities or beings of enigmatic appearance, highly reliable witnesses, in the southeastern end of the coast of Buenos Aires, in the Necochea region. A Similar Case We can provide, as an example of a similar occurrence, an incident that took place 120 km from Necochea, where the Estancia La Dulce events befell the Arias family in August 1978. It occurred in the early days of January 1988, when Leonardo Fuster and his friend Gabriel (surname unknown), both 18, residents of the La Serena district of Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires,

The Humanoid Conspiracy Argentina, were leaving a get-together at a friend’s house and were walking around a corner in the cited district, when they became witnesses to an anomalous event. The time was nearly 1:00 a.m. when Gabriel saw a white light coming from the Peralta Ramos forest. It was about 100 meters away, the light was larger in size than a star and looked much like a streetlight, according to the witnesses. The object was making circular and zigzagging movements at high speed, not making any sound whatsoever. They were staring at for a minute until Leonardo told his friend: “Quit staring at it.” They continued to walk and talk until a powerful beam of white light approached them and engulfed them, leaving them completely blinded. Moments later, the beam turned off and a kind of multicolored fog or smoke began to emerge; after it dispersed, a small creature appeared. Gabriel used his jacket to cover his face and not see any more, since he was frightened, while Leonardo continued to look.

The being, or “the thing” as they called it, was between 50 and 60 cm tall, brown-colored and had two square red eyes. It had no arms, legs, hands, nose, mouth ... no other feature aside from the eyes.

The creature floated in the air over the edge of the sidewalk. It moved toward Gabriel and then toward Leonardo, fixing its stare on him. The creature was some 3 meters distant.

Gabriel told his friend Leonardo: “Quit looking at it, leave it” but Leonardo’s gaze was riveted. At that moment, the multicolored fog reappeared and covered the being, causing it to vanish. The white beam of light also came back, blinding the two teenagers. Gabriel reached out to touch Leonardo, thinking that his friend had been spirited away. Leonardo said no, and both saw the source of the light: a large circular, silvery object with several windows. The light that had blinded them retreated into the object. The object’s windows revealed the presence of creatures moving back and forth, black in color. The UFO was over some properties at a distance of 8 and 10 meters. It later took off at an impressive rate of speed toward the Peralta Ramos forest. A buzzing similar to the sound of wind could be heard as the object departed.

At the end of the experience, Leonardo asked Gabriel for the time and the latter replied in astonishment that it was now 5:30 a.m.! Four and a half hours had elapsed while they observed the creature, although to them, the experience had lasted only a few minutes. Leonardo experienced painful stomachache and dark colored vomit

The Humanoid Conspiracy when he returned home, according to his mother.

The next day they discussed their experience and local residents told them that seeing “strange lights” was quite common. They were startled by a powerful electric storm that took place in the area, causing power outages. A few days later, Leonardo and his mother would witness other phenomena in the sky, involving objects moving in different directions. Drawing of the site of the events of January 1988 experienced by Leonardo (identified as “Carlos”) and Gabriel (as “Jorge) at Barrio La Serena (Source: Cuarta Dimension magazine No. 188). The similarities between this case and the experiences of the Arias family are remarkable. • • The beams of light aimed against the witnesses as the start of the event. An oval shaped object with windows in both incidents. The object is highly similar in both cases.

• Entities having rather similar characteristics in both cases, despite the fact that Estancia La Dulce case involved two beings, while there was only one in La Serena. However, these were amorphous silhouettes lacking arms, legs, noses and mouths – only the glowing eyes in both cases. In the Arias case "the bulbs appeared to make up the face of these silhouettes.” They were two red lights. “The thing” also had two red, square eyes. Leonardo Fuster had the impression that it was “a robot”, a lifeless thing that was sent to do research. To Manuel Arias, “they do whatever they want and then leave...” In both cases, the entities floated over the ground. Their heights were between 0.70 cm to 1 meter in the first case and between 0.50 to 0.60 cm in the other. As far as animals are concerned no strange behavior was recorded, or at least not noticed. We can also mention the storms as related phenomena, as they occurred during one case and hours later in the other. There is also the power outage in the Arias case and the power outage days later in the La Serena events. Although we have records that a power interruption occurred in the Necochea-Mar Del Plata system during the first days of January, it should be noted that the witnesses are unclear as to the exact date of the events they experienced. However, they state that it occurred in the first week of January, according to Leonardo and Gabriel. After the events in the La Serena case, both Gabriel and Leonardo felt much better, as though endowed with more energy. This lasted approximately two days. Only Leonardo Fuster had complaints after he returned home. In both cases, the experiencers became witnesses to other events, such as the UFO sightings of Mrs. Arias and Leonardo Fuster and his mother. Other witnesses also reported various UFO manifestations in Necochea and Mar del Plata before, during and after the events described. We are faced, without a doubt, with two very important incidents that occurred only a few kilometers away from each other...two encounters with UFOs involving the presence of amorphous entities, with reliable witnesses having very similar characteristics, being recorded thus within the global case histories of the phenomenon: the Estancia La Dulce in Necochea

The Humanoid Conspiracy and the Barrio La Serena cases, both of them occurring in the southeastern coast of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sources: • • • • Ecos Diariosde Necochea, provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Retorno a La Dulce, an investigation by Rubén Morales, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Revista Cuarta Dimensión Nro. 188, Dirección: Fabio Zerpa, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Research conducted by Guillermo Daniel Giménez.

The Amelia Case: UFO Contact in Necochea (Part One) By Guillermo D. Gimenez On February 4, 1988 a strange circle measuring over a meter and a half in diameter, covered in fungi, was found at a private residence located across from the Miguel Lillo Park of the city of Necochea. The grass within the circle was much darker and overgrown than usual. Mr. Basilio Lichowski, 63, noticed the strange circle in his summer home. “The first thing that surprised me was to see toadstools at this time of the year. Nothing like it had ever happened before, and I tore one out to show my wife, who pointed out how strange it all was.” The perfect outline of the circle should be stressed. According to Lichowski himself, “it’s as though someone had used a compass to draw it.”

The couple has spent summers in Necochea for over 20 years. They reported no strange sounds in the night, nor did anything unusual attract their attention. But things weren’t over yet. A few days later, six more circles having the same characteristics as the previous one, only larger – one of them was 5 meters in diameter – were found near the Sociedad Rural de Necochea’s stadium. Siblings Germán Exequiel and Pedro Enrique Dencheff were playing at the stadium – located on Avda. 59 and Calle 106 -- with their friend Claudio Messa. The first one noticed a toadstool that struck him by its sheer size, and attracted by

The Humanoid Conspiracy curiosity, and unable to believe what his eyes were seeing, summoned his brother Pedro and his friend Claudio. Pedro Dencheff noted: “Almost immediately, I realized they were forming a circle.” It had a diameter of nearly 5 meters, but that wasn’t all. There were lesser circles surrounding it, measuring approximately 4 meters.” The six circles discovered on 11 February 1988 in the Sociedad Rural’s stadium have similar characteristics. In all cases, the grass is much darker than in the rest of the premises, and the toadstools are in these areas. In both cases – Villa Balnearia and Sociedad Rural – we find very similar characteristics in the marks discovered. Some witnesses at the time were reporting “strange lights in the sky” over Necochea, in the beach and park area, as well as their vicinity. During the investigation I carried out on these events, I met Mrs. Amelia G., a neighbor of the Lichowskys and owner of the residence where the first incident occurred. That same morning, on 4 February, she had a bizarre dream: she was wakened in the early morning hours only to see two blond humanoid figures standing near her living room window. These two entities, wearing form-fitting, glowing outfits were then in her backyard, walking around as if conducting an investigation. When she woke up in the morning, she saw a strange circular mark that appeared out of nowhere in the backyard of the house next door, with many people remarking on the possible presence of UFOs. Recalling her strange dream, she went to the back of her home and was astonished to find that where the entities had walked in her dream, the grass was darker than normal. This was the start of the incidents that involved the UFO subject and paranormal phenomena (clairvoyance, telepathy, premonitory dreams, etc.) centered around Mrs. Amelia G. I kicked off my investigation with an interview. I found her to be an extremely sensitive woman at the center of strange events that involved her as the main protagonist. I’ve omitted her name and other information along with that of other persons involved in these strange events. Their information, however, is in my possession. Let us now listen to the protagonist of this mysterious incident. Q: What’s your name? A: Amelia G. Q: How old are you? A: 50 Q: Where were you born? A: In Quequén, a city close to Necochea Q: What day? A: 11 February 1949 Q: Are you married? A: Yes.

The Humanoid Conspiracy Q: Any children? A: Yes. Three, two girls and a boy Q: What is your current profession? A: Middle school teacher. Q: What happened to you in the early morning hours of 4 February 1988 in Necochea? A: I had a strange dream. I saw two blond men in tight-fitting uniforms standing beside my living room window. Later, in the same dream, I saw them standing in the backyard. Q: What were the beings like? A: Well, they were tall people, normal, similar to us. Two straight haired blond males, standing between 1.70 and 1.80 meters approximately. They wore very close-fitting, glowing outfits. The fact is that they’d go completely unnoticed among us if they wore normal clothes and not those silver coveralls. They features were perfectly human. Q: How long did this last? A: I can’t specify the dream’s duration. Q: When you woke up in the morning, what happened? A: When I woke up I could feel a buzzing in my head, and a sense of nausea. We noticed that the clock had stopped at 2:15 a.m., and the cat had been frightened out of the box where she normally slept, hiding under the blankets in my son’s bedroom. Later on, upon going outside, we saw a lot of people clustered around the neighboring property. There was a 2 ½ meter circle with overgrown grass and a profusion of toadstools that weren’t there the previous day. What’s interesting is that when I touched the grass, all of my malaise vanished like a balloon going pop. Q: What did you think happened? A: At the time I didn’t associate one with another, but as months went by and dream repeated, with the added detail of flying saucers on occasions, craters like those of volcanoes, from which men emerged, I started to think everything was connected. Q: What changes have you undergone since then? A: From that day on, I’ve become much more focused, religious, aloof and serene. I also started having visions of things to come, which later came to pass, and hearing a voice in my head warning me of hazards, or urging me to correct bad habits or unwholesome feelings. Q: Did these paranormal powers cause problems in your daily life? A: They certainly did, because my family did not adapt to the change in my personality and they found it hard to believe what I told them, to the extent that I was advised to go see a psychiatrist, thinking that it was an obsession of mine that would do me harm. I had a certain measure of fear, but I was also curious to see what would happen. When I went to bed, I would speak to them, asking them who they were and what they wanted. At the same time I asked for their protection and to make themselves visible. I also began meditating to try and connect with them, whatever they were. Because at times I believe that it was those entities, and at others I thought it was Jesus. Q: When did you decide to request professional help? A: A year later I decided to seek professional help, since my request for their identification went unanswered, and my family was very insistent and worried. I was also becoming concerned. Q: What is the psychologist’s name? A: Maria Lujan D. Q: Do you still see her? A: No, not anymore. Q: What conclusion did you reach? A: She studied me in detail and concluded that it was neither imagination nor fantasy on my part, but something real that went beyond her knowledge. She advised me to become a researcher of my own

The Humanoid Conspiracy phenomena, resorting to books, publications, people who were knowledgeable about the subject, and pursue meditation until the matter was settled. Q: Have you seen lights in the sky again? A: Yes, like fireballs, flying over the house once, over the trees of Parque Miguel Lillo, twice more over the sea. One evening, my son witnessed one making the sign of the cross at two in the morning in the sky. Q: How did these UFOs behave? A: They crossed the sky rapidly like red fireballs, except for one that was white and moved slowly over the sea, high up. Q: Did anyone else see them? A: My son and daughter once, and a friend. Q: Do you remain in telepathic contact with the ufonauts? A: Telepathic contact and images. At times I feel like I’m about to fall asleep inside a tunnel. When I wake up I recall fragmentary scenes. For example: an expanse of water, and I say with astonishment: the oceans of Venus! On another occasion I remember standing in front of something very large that shines like a diamond and I exclaim: God! I also remember seeing an immense orange sun. But the most remarkable thing was that I once felt myself leaving my body, and was with my son, who told me to move away from all these things, and I replied: “You get away while you still can. I’ve seen the light, and those who’ve seen the light cannot turn away from it again.” Q: What more have they told you? A: They’ve taught me things and say they protect me. I found out who they were, because after insisting about their identities and where I could meet them, they pointed out a place 5 kilometers away. When I went, I found the imprint of a flying saucer. I then began calling them “extraterrestrial brothers”. From that moment on, things became more simple and clear. They have told me many things. The Sioux were brought from Mars to Earth, Gypsies once dwelled in Lemuria, and after living in many lands, the survivors settled in Hungary. I’ve also been given teachings of universal love and morality. I’ve spoken with Kuthumi several times. One time, when a person questioned what I said, Kuthumi spoke these words: “Does that strengthen your faith? Does it lessen it? The stone cast away by the builders is today the cornerstone, and that stone is faith. Kuthumi speaks.” When I was invited to speak on radio, I talked to my “brothers” and asked them for proof to show people that what I say is true. “Señora Nada” answered me in these words: “It is seemly for you to want to set our seal on it. We will support you. After they read the books, a chat with you will be clear.” On another occasion, I had a headache and asked them to heal me. They replied: “This is Hilarion from Mount Mebo – lightning and flames. Lightning and flames.” (twice) The last time, I spoke with Korton and among other things he asked me to: “Ask for the pillar of knowledge.” I was also told that the heart of Mary Mother of Jesus loves all sons equally, the good and the bad. Q: So what happened to you within the circle? A: It was in December 1989. When I stepped inside the circle I became dizzy, and felt as though I was about to lift off. My feet were about to separate from the ground. Q: What were their names? A: Hilarion and Nada. Kuthumi and Kortan. Q: Where are they from? A: Hilarion and Nada are from the White Brotherhood. Kuthumi is a world teacher and Kortan is the Chief of the Universal Communications Center on Mars. Q: Why do you think they chose you? A: One time I asked them why they’d chosen me, what they wanted from me, and I received a reply full of love and authority. “Kuthumi speaking. We choose whom we want and you will know in due time.”

The Humanoid Conspiracy Q: Do they speak to more people in Necochea? A: I understand that they do. Q: Are they preparing more people? A: I can’t say so for sure. Q: How? A: Neither the means nor the methods. Q: Why are UFOs seen so regularly at Miguel Lillo Park and in Punta Negra, on the shores of Necochea? A: Many people who study the subject believe, or perhaps know, that there is a great source of power in those areas. Q: Are they there? A: So they say, and while I have no reason to question it, I have not received confirmation that there are ships permanently there. Q: What happened to you at Punta Negra on January 1990? A: At Punta Negra in January, as part of an observation and research expedition, I saw lights appearing and disappearing, racing across the sky at great speed. Q: Have they given you definite proof of their existence? A: Not yet, although I have Señora Nada’s word on it. But I have no doubt, because I’ve ascertained everything they’ve told me. I’m in them, they’re in me. And I’ve sworn them loyalty and fidelity. Q: Are you going to have physical contact with them? A: I’m sure of it. They’ve told me time is not yet right. I must be well prepared. I’ve already chosen the site. Q: Here in Necochea? A: Yes, it’s in Necochea. Q: When will contact take place? A: I don’t known the day or the time, nor how long I’ll have to wait for that moment. Q: Finally, what message would you give us? A: It is important to say that they’ve expressed a great concern for human conduct, that our task must be to improve every day and aid others to improve themselves. They also state that all men have the responsibility to rule and co-rule, committing themselves to the task of rebuilding the country in this critical hour. And with those words, I took leave of my witness, having made her recall much of her experiences. To date, there are new events and new strange happenings. There is much more to be researched and investigated. Research isn’t over yet. The case deserves it. The Amelia Case: UFO Contact in Necochea (Part Two) By Guillermo D. Giménez 1989 was a fruitful year for UFO sightings in the city of Necochea and throughout the region. We can also mention an abduction incident – a CE-3 – involving a person from the neighboring city of Tres Arroyos. There was also a sighting of a large UFO over the Necochea Aerodrome in October of that year. It was described as a “large circle, very shiny, from which hung something akin to a tail. It hovered over the pine trees for a few minutes and very near the house,” said the person in charge of the local aerodrome’s facilities, who preferred to remain anonymous. “It was really a very white light, very powerful, as though surrounded by many smaller stars, also bright.”

The Humanoid Conspiracy The object subsequently went behind the hill (in a North-South direction). The UFO, according to the eyewitness accounts, was no less than 200 meters from the dwelling. But there were three incidents that occurred in THE SAME PLACE on different dates, featuring the SAME WITNESSES within a time frame no greater than a month and a half. Both protagonists are specialists in computer science and we are identifying them as D.P and D.B. – their names are being kept in confidence at their request, and they are strongly related to the Amelia G. Case. The first of these incidents occurred on Sunday, 1 October 1989; the second on Wednesday, 22 November and the third on Monday, 11 December 1989. All three incidents share the same characteristics: circular objects, always a UFO in each observation, very bright and red and white in color, hovering over Miguel Lillo Park, over the sea and in the vicinity of Punta Negra, some 15 kilometers distant from the city of Necochea and along the coastline. The incidents took place between 21:30 and 23:00 hours. “It will appear three times as a signal,” we read in one of the messages received. Both witnesses now work alongside Amelia G. with the same goal. Getting ready for the “encounter”. They all met by “sheer chance.” They know that they have the same mission – that these events are linked and that they will have more evidence, as the sign showed them that there was no chance involved in all this. They accept the strange, paranormal events naturally. Premonitions, UFO sightings. Preparation for widespread contact? March 1990 Guillermo – They told me to “seek out the names”. For what? “To convey the news”. What must I do with them? “Train them.” But how? It’s so odd. They have applied a “tensor ray” on me (according to them) that acts on the pineal gland and the hypophysis (also known as the pituitary). This week, at the request of Dr. Vicente García Croce, from Necochea, I submitted to a glandular study due to my thyroid problem. Upon seeing the results, he told me that the hypophysis was more accelerated than normal, but that I shouldn’t worry since it wasn’t something extreme. I think it has to do with the tensor beam. What do you think? – Amelia Thursday, 22 March 1990 Faced with doubts about these events, D.B. requests greater proof. And so it was that he came to see two strange white lights over the sea, one greater than the other. Both subsequently vanished before the larger one reappeared, but now it was sky blue. Also seen in the sky and over the beach area was a circular red object heading toward Costa Bonita, emitting bright flashes.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

D.P. receives a clear telepathic message in his home, hours later. That very same evening, another person involved in the subject experiences a strange dream. In the dream, he is taken aloft in a UFO by these beings, and can see Amelia G. inside the object. That same night, Amelia G. is taken aboard and “consecrated” by the beings with who she is in contact. April – May 1990 On Sunday, 29 April, a mothership is seen on the Necochea coastline. Dozens see how the “flying cigar”, in their own description, flies over a Cessna 152 and over the “Adamastos”, a merchant vessel with Cypriot registry, which had run aground 150 meters from Quequén’s Costa Bonita resort. The large, silvery UFO flew very slowly without making any sound whatsoever; vanishing from sight after it entered the sea in a southerly heading. This occurred around 17:00 hours. “It appeared as quickly as it vanished,” said Stella Maris Perviú and Jorge Enrique Gondo, among the witnesses to the phenomenon. The object finally vanished by sinking silently into the ocean. A few kilometers away, and at the same time, again in the vicinity of the Necochea Aerodrome, pilot Leonardo Ruggiero – aboard a Piper PA 12 – sees another flying object over the area. “I don’t know what it was. I can’t even say that it was an object. But when I heard that it had been seen in the vicinity of the ship, perhaps it was the same thing – a UFO.” On Saturday, 19 May, many Necocheans witnessed several UFOs over the city, particularly in the coastal area, and also over the Punta Negra area (over Miguel Lillo Park and the sea, at various points along the coastline). That same evening, a fleet of UFOs was seen over in neighboring Tres Arroyos. New Messages Received: “There is a lead group later on”; “We are going to support you”; “The time grows near...” Summer 1991: Among the new sessions with Amelia G., she tells us about her new experiences of a telepathic nature and UFO manifestations in the city of Necochea and La Plata. For the latter, she has numerous witnesses who corroborate the sightings. Current events: A number of sightings have occurred from those years to the present. They take place in the same habitual location. (See: "El Incidente de Necochea, Análisis de un Contacto", "Extrañas Huellas en Necochea", "Fenómenos OVNI en Necochea", "Incidentes en la Costa Atlántica: Observaciones OVNI en Necochea y Quequén", "Enero 2003: Presencias OVNI en Necochea" – all by Guillermo D. Giménez). Amelia G. still lives in the cities of Necochea and La Plata.

The Humanoid Conspiracy

As we can see, the messages, telepathic communications, strange dreams and UFO sightings – the latter that are perfectly verifiable – are ongoing. UFO manifestations repeat in the city of Necochea (Prov. of Buenos Aires, Argentina). In various locations of the same area (central region, coastal region, Miguel Lillo Park, Quequén River, Quequén beaches, etc.) and all seasons up to the present, with various types of witnesses (professionals in a variety of fields, housewives, fishermen – both on the coast and in the Argentinean Sea itself – photographers, tourists, students, etc.). In some cases there is photo and video evidence to corroborate it all. Does this go to prove the authenticity of the events that occurred? Research is ongoing, and the events are as well.

The Humanoid Conspiracy