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SVKMs NMIMS UNIVERSITY Course : Distance Learning Subject: Consumer Behaviour Time : 3 hours NB : Year : 2007-2008 Marks : 100

1. Attempt any 5 Questions out of the 8 questions 2. Answer to each new Question to be started on a fresh page 3. Figure in brackets indicate full marks 4. Answers must be precise and written in points 5. Give relevant examples wherever possible Define consumer behaviour and the decision process. Describe in brief the effect of internal determinants and external environment on the decision process. (20) What are the applications of consumer behaviour in marketing? (20) Define reference groups and their types. What are the applications of reference groups in marketing? (20) Explain the importance of any two of the following statements in the light of your study of consumer behaviour (give suitable examples) a. Professional marketers must state only realistic product claims. (10) b. Professional marketers must guide consumers on product use. (10) c. Professional marketers must sell solutions instead of products. (10) d. Professional marketers must assure even after the purchase is over. (10)

Q 1. Q 2. Q 3. Q 4.

Q 5. The Mittals are a nuclear family of two. Vallabh Mittal, 29, is a Branch Manager of a multinational bank. Vaishali, 26, is a Software Engineer with a multinational software firm. The couple got married last year. Vallabh is a highly ambitious young man with a taste for finer things in life, while Vaishali is comparatively reserved and more cost-conscious in her choices. Analyze the buying behaviour of the family with regard to any two of the following decisionsa. New car for the family (10) b. Holiday package for Europe (10) c. Insurance policy for the family (10) Q 6. You are the Business Development Manager of an Engineering company that has developed a highly advanced machine for packaging of pharmaceutical products. The machine saves a lot of time and cost involved in the packaging as it is faster compared to other machines, it consumes lesser electricity and requires lesser manpower. One of your clients, N.K. Pharma is a 1200 crores pharmaceutical company having its head office in Mumbai. The company has six manufacturing units, one in Tarapur, two at Vapi, one in Nagpur, one in Chennai and the newest one at Baddi in Haryana. Each unit is led by a Factory Manager, who reports to the GM Production who sits at the head office. The GM Production, GM R &

D, GM Marketing, and G.M. HRM report to the COO. The Accounts and Finance functions report directly to the COO. The COO is a 36 year old enthusiastic leader who enjoys immense trust of the MD (who is also the founder of the organization). The company sells through a network of 400 Medical Representatives spread all over India. Analyze the buying behaviour of this organization with respect to your product. (20) Q 7. Analyze the following campaigns based on your study of Consumer Behaviour a. Lux surat bhi hai, khoobsurat bhi hai (10) b. Tata Safari Dicor Reclaim your life (10) Q 8. Your organization sells 100 cc motorbikes. Analyze the post-purchase behaviour of your consumers and the actions you would take to cope up with the same. (20)