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FASHION I expected the rebelliousness of the 1960s leaved us if even though was the naturalistic fashion in women.

At that time women were so sexy, so attractive, so tender in its natural appearance and at the same time with this determination to compete with men in all aspects of life. Then the friend was not so necessary, women also occupied his place, to walk pass fast with us, for sports and all other activities that contribute to the joy of living. But that could not last long, it was necessary to convert back the rebellion in submission. Worldwide began the "retro wave", as if the world was ruled by a single brain. The powerful conservatives, The 7, 12, 20 or the group mention by Daniel Eulin had to influence to put an end to that rebellion. They had to use science to this, especially the social sciences and hence had to arise the "retro wave", a forward movement. Technological progress, but social retreat. They quickly ended the rebellion; with the fashion later. Social science geniuses or perhaps the enterprises’ greed for profits made to producers of costume to put themselves beside the "hippies", as to legitimize them and there begin to distort them. The couturiers of the time, always supported by large producers and trade, presented their "artistic models!" according to all interests, like faded jeans that still remain on the market. I was hoping that the rebelliousness of the years 1960s should stop although it was only the naturalistic fashion in the woman. In this epoch the women were so sexis, so attractive, so tender in its natural aspect and simultaneously with this determination to compete in all the aspects of the life with the man. In that one then the friend was not so necessary, the woman also was occupying its place, to walk to rapid step with us, to go in for sports and all other activities that they contribute to the happiness of living. What is unforgivable is "kill-passions fashion” that makes women of plastic figure, doll, filled with colorful and artificial masks. And now, aesthetic surgeries, to correct the scorn themselves. I think that surgery for functional fixes, such as cleft lip, must be available to all and those aesthetics that are necessary in order not to differentiate too much from group to which one belongs, in such a way that our presence is not striking, but always with the commitment not to leave offspring, so that large defects not continue multiplying. If modernity has diverted the natural selection, then, society should ask itself towards the best adaptation.

Natural women with clothes hanging to revealing the grace of his female figure; a woman with a skin that does not diminish the sensitivity of our lips for makeup; that Botox has not diminished her lips sensitivity and with its natural color, there will always be who will excite with it; with his eyebrows populated at the best height, that nature gave it and that makes her angelic; the nails of his hands to screener the color of their skin; breasts without modifying to arising is not the fear of damaging them with our passionate caresses; pubic hair so exciting at first glance and that hide the inner lips, which in many cases are outstanding and that impresses some men not always positively.