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Aleister Crowley Illuminati Satanist or Occult Master

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Aleister Crowley is by far, the most known occultist in history. As with all information from the occult world, few know the actual truth about this very unusual and strange occultist. Like with rituals, grimoires and practical magic in general, few are educated well in the occult sciences and even fewer bother to find out the facts. Instead, finding it much easier to listen to rumors, and learn from pamphlet style education. The actual truth about this man is far more interesting than the lies and Hollywood style power attributed to him. I always like to separate the occultist from the actual person, and look at them separately. This gives a greater insight into the actual being, not just the lore of the person, we have come to know.

I also like to start off all my articles and books with the statement, I am shocked how uneducated, misinformed and lied to the general occultist is. Sadly, this statement can be made about all people and all areas of life. The truth is out there but, it is hidden from those that truly need to know it. The masses are happy with the Hollywood story information to be found on every street corner. It keeps them in a safe reality, a reality that requires nothing more than being a follower. This is the state of being that 99.9% of humans fight to be in. Cowardice is the rule for the human race. With this said, here is the truth about Aleister Crowley.

Aleister Crowley - The Man Mountaineer

I found it most interesting to discover that Crowley was a very accomplished mountaineer. He wanted to climb Mt. Everest but, it was not possible at the time he was active. Everest was not open to climbers until Sir Edmond Hillary achieved this sometime in the 1950s, when permission was given to him to climb Mount Everest. If permission was granted sooner, from 1900 1920, during Crowleys prime climbing period, it would have been Crowley that climbed Mount Everest first. He was certainly very capable of doing this. He had climbed several mountains that neared the size of Everest. Without going into his climbing accomplishments and failures, what does this tell us about him. Mountaineering is one of the most dangerous sports known. It entails not only great dangers, many of which come to light without prior warning, and these must be conquered, without the possibility of quitting or turning back. Mountaineering takes great courage and the highest of physical fitness. This coupled with his physical handicap of Asthma and chronic Bronchitis, shows the inner strength and steel mind determination he really had. Occultists in general, tend to be bookworms and lack physical abilities. This is one reason many seek out occult practices, their lack of physical power to protect themselves. I find this aspect of Crowleys personality, very telling and fascinating.

Crowleys father was a successful Brewer. He was one of the first fast food servers in the world. He had trouble selling his Beer to local Pubs so, he then decided to setup small serving stations in businesses and around town. Soon he was making lots of money offering fast drink and food, all of the finest quality available. This new business idea made him a fortune. Sadly, he did not live to a ripe old age, dying in 1887 of cancer when Aleister was only 12. Born Edward Alexander, (changed it to Aleister in his late teens) on th 12 October, 1875 in the town of Leamington, Britain near, Shakespeares Stratford-on-Avon. As most people would suspect, his mother and father were ultraProtestant fundamentalists, members of a racial cult known as the Darbyites. Every morning after breakfast, the family would read a chapter from the Bible. In early life, he wanted to follow in his fathers beliefs and become a warrior for Christ. Soon after his fathers death Aleister, was sent to a Darbyite boarding school in Cambridge. This religious school forever changed the course of his life, forcing him into hatred of Christianity and everything it stood for. Another boarding school would further shape his sexuality. What Crowley endured in these schools was far worse than any demon he would conjure in the future. The Darbyite boarding school in Cambridge was like too many religious schools, infiltrated by Illuminati Satanists, pretending to be good Christian Souls.

Aleister Crowley The Child

This is the problem with all Christian organizations. They are heavily infiltrated by Satanists, whom sole purpose is to destroy Christianity from within. They have done this extremely well. Few seem to understand this reality instead they leave their church and turn their backs on the path of the Christ. Christians need to seek out these Illuminati infiltrators and restore Christ back into the Church. The experiences he underwent at the hands of the headmaster, who was schooled in Illuminati satanic religious mania and sadomasochism, were so vile that his strong belief in the Darbyite version of evangelical Christianity was transformed into an undying hatred of the cult and anything Christian. The headmaster of the school in question was a former Anglican clergyman named d'Arcy Champney. Knowing that Aleister had a great hidden spiritual potential, he set out to destroy him, as well as bring him over to the Black Lodge path. The headmaster encouraged every form of tale-bearing. Informers were regarded as 'instruments of the Lord Jesus', and any story they told, however intrinsically improbable, was taken as the truth, as 'the Lord bringing to light that which was hid in darkness'. The result was inevitable; young boys sought the headmaster's favors by telling him of (imaginary) crimes committed by one or other of their contemporaries. One such informer was a boy named Glascott, who told d'Arcy Champney that he had visited Crowley in the previous' holidays and found him lying in a drunken stupor at the foot of the stairs. No attempt was made to check the story by, for example, asking Crowley's mother whether there was any truth in it. Instead the miserable boy, still only twelve years old, was subjected to a fearsome regimen of boycott and semi-starvation.

Even if true, this seems a sin of the smallest kind. He was put on a diet of bread and water, no one was permitted to play with him and his fellow pupils were forbidden to speak to him. Even the Masters were forbidden to engage him in conversation save for instructional purposes. Glascott was an Illuminati satanic pawn placed in the school to work with the headmaster to seek out possible gifted Christians to corrupt. The headmaster was almost certainly involved in satanic sexual rituals with Glascott, as this is common practice of the Illuminati. This brutality continued for a term and a half until, threatened with the disgrace of expulsion, Crowley 'confessed' to the truth of Glascott's absurd invention and other equally imaginary sins that he had held a mock prayer meeting and that he had attempted to corrupt another boy. Eventually an uncle intervened and Crowley, by now physically and mentally ILL as a result of the tortures he had suffered, was removed from school, the next two years he was educated at home by a series of tutors, all of whom he found 'surpassing prigs' save for a certain Archibald Douglas, who won his pupils gratitude and admiration by introducing him to bridge, billiards and women. In 1891 he was sent to Malvern, a public school which he hated and where, so he said, 'sodomy was the rule' and his study mate actually made money by selling homosexual favors. Crowley told his family of this, he was removed from the school and sent to Tonbridge School, where his health broke down for a reason which, as he himself rather mysteriously expressed it, 'would have been my own fault or misfortune if I had been properly educated but in fact was the direct result of the vile system which . . . handed me over bound and blindfold to the outraged majesty of Nature'.

What actually happened was that, ignorant of sexual hygiene, he had caught gonorrhea from a Glasgow prostitute. More private tutoring followed until in the autumn of 1894, when he was sent to King's College, London, in order to study chemistry and other pre-medical subjects. He evidently changed his mind about a medical career for in October 1895 he went up to Cambridge University originally with the intention of learning Moral Sciences (that is, philosophy, psychology and economics) but rapidly switching to classics. Crowley's three years at Cambridge were happy ones. He had plenty of money, his father having left a considerable fortune in trust for him, and he was able to eat and drink well, have luxuriously furnished rooms, buy limited and finely bound editions of his favorite poets and spend each vacation either climbing in the Alps ( he was a good though unorthodox mountaineer) or engaging in winter sports. Throughout this period he maintained a vigorous sex life, at first fairly normal, conducted with the aid of prostitutes and girls he managed to pick up in pubs and cigar-shops, but extending into homosexual activities in which he played the passive part. This gives the reader a pretty good understanding of the formative years of his life. Critical years we all go through, that form us as persons. The horrible abuse at the hands of Christian authority figures and the introduction to homosexuality as a way of normal life, (as most British boarding schools do) formed him into the core being he was to become. In the end, no matter what path he would choose, whether that was occultism or anything else, he was a fervent hater of everything Christian, and a highly sexed, bi-sexual person with a love for drugs of all kinds.

None of this has anything to do with the occult per se, these are personal beliefs and likes, occultism, is just an outlet he chose for his core beliefs and compulsions. He could have been a plumber, and he still would have acted in the same manner. To understand why he chose occultism, we need to look at the Age he lived in. Something over looked by most authors discussing important topics. The Age or Era things happen in, are critical to the entire discussion of the topic.

Aleister Crowley The Era

All too often authors do not take into account the era or timeframe that events happened in. This is a terrible mistake that leads the reader into total misinformation. Everything needs to be understood in CONTEXT of when it happened. Without doing this, you will never fully understand what actually happened. Thinking in modern terms when trying to understand past events, is a horrible error most people make. This gives you a completely false understanding of the information given. Aleister was born in 1875, meaning he was 50 by 1925 and died in 1947. Sound was not added to films until 1930. America was still fighting Indians in 1875 and will continue to for 35 or more years. Anyone under the age of 50 has grown up in a time very different from the past and I am not talking about hundreds of years ago. World change was very slow until, about 1980. After 1980 with massive use of computer technology, the western world we live in changed dramatically. Those under 30 really know nothing of the past. Air conditioning and household refrigeration was not common until the 1960s. Before that, homes had Ice Boxes that large blocks of ice were placed into to cool foods. I could on and on to demonstrate how different basic life was just a hundred years ago.

The differences were more than just technological it was important mystical training, access to information and free time activities that, were really totally different. These differences created an entirely different social and occult society. There was only two ways of obtaining any type of information or training. One was from a book either purchased or from a library. This continued until the Internet Age changed this. The other was from an organization that trained you, thus memberships in organizations of all kinds were great. Clubs of all types flourished at this time in history. Mystical Orders were all the rage, and international in scope. There was no Internet or TV, and movies were just beginning to have sound, radio was popular and the main area of entertainment. Radio rarely offered any educational programming, all those there was religion broadcasts. In general, people got together in Clubs and groups. Society, particularly in Europe was very social with direct person to person contact. Books and writing was THE, medium of exchange of information. Those, this was costly for the masses, those educated with excellent reading skills, read large numbers of books and kept these in the family for future generations. Used books stores are fairly new in Europe even to this day. This was the way things were done until last 15 years or so. As my wife states, I travelled a lot and seen bookstores all over the world.

I always find it amusing to read how occult Adolph Hitler was. He is shown melting metal in an occult divination ritual. At the time of Hitler, mystical clubs were all the rage. Everyone, were members of these types of clubs. It was NOT considered occult as it is today. Nor were odd people involved in these Clubs. Common average people made up the membership, it was seen as a social activity and little more. People still held strong mystical beliefs. The divination Hitler is shown performing, is a common, fun practice done to this day in Germany, without a thought to its occult meaning. More like Easter egg making in America today, while in modern times this is considered occult, in that era, it was a common practice. No one thought of themselves as occultists or witches, this was plain old mysticism from an older age. Hitler put most occultists into concentration camps, including German Rune Masters and other Germanic magic practitioners. There is no evident of occultists being used by the Nazi. Himmler did mystical rituals with the elite SS, but sanctioned occult practices were NOT part of Nazism. Himmler himself turned away from Nordic mysticism and embraced Hinduism, because it offered a successful outcome, unlike Nordic mysticism that offered a change to new better society. This was also the Golden era of modern occultism. A rebirth of occultism was taking place in the United Kingdom. The Golden Dawn Magical Order was in full swing. This birth many Golden Dawn schooled occultists from educated society, namely, college educated writers, one of which was Aleister Crowley. Many other known classic writers, also wrote in this era.

All of whom knew Crowley and worked with the Golden Dawn system. Gerald Gardner, the founder of Modern Wicca, was thought to have had Crowley write his book on Wicca. Wicca is full of Crowley like sex practices.

The 1960s was the silver age of occultism forming a strong foundation of witchcraft. The 1980s started the bronze age of occultism with the rebirth of all occultism from the darkest evil to more white light systems, ending in the total rebirth and control of occultism by the Black Lodges and their Illuminati sponsors. Starting in 2013, there is a small powerful group of White Lodges trying to reclaim occultism, as well as bring occultism up to the next level of empowerment through proper occult science training in Guilds and Lodges.

This is called the Second Golden Age. The Great White Brotherhood is back, spreading real occultism to a select few that will understand it and use it for the betterment of mankind, and are willing to fight the Black Lodges.

Aleister Crowley Wealthy?

It appears Aleister was left about 17,000 Pounds in the late 1800s. This is a pretty huge amount of money, in todays terms, probably close to $300,000.00, certainly, a fine sum of money, yet probably not enough to last a lifetime, especially for a person with luxury tastes, and a passion for drugs and whores. If some of these funds were invested properly, he could have lived a much better life then he did. Aleister acted like and appeared to have little money for most of his adult life. The appearance of wealth opens a great many doors. People want to know you, be with you, further thinking they will be assisted by them in one way or another. This coupled to high quality traditional British education, gave Aleister creditability far beyond his actual skills. He was able to publish all him own writings, no publisher would. No matter how poor the work was, he was able to publish it, because he had the funds to do it himself. This included massive numbers of Poetry books. Aleister thought himself a Poet and Mountaineer above anything else. I will detail this area next. Writing being the main medium of contact in this era brought him into the public light. Not only could he indulge his Poetry fetish, he could indulge in all the decadence the rich are known for. In his young adult years, he never needed practical magic to assist him. In later years he did, but like most rich people, never really used it in a practical manner often. He was more concerned with creating a new human consciousness that would usurp Christianity.

This was programmed into his consciousness by the Illuminati Satanists that controlled him in his early private school years, building into his being the Illuminati agenda. Torture, like he was put through, is an old method of Illuminati conditioning. Having wealth allowed him to indulge in starting his own religion, as well as adding all the fun things he so enjoyed, like sex, drugs and all manner kinky magical and sexual practices to bend his mind, as well all those he worked with. If you write well and appear to have wealth, you will easily gain a following. I am amazed how easily people are controlled or believe in the most asinine things if it is written well and bound in a pretty cover. This Illuminati conditioned response is the lowest form of consciousness. It means only those from Illuminati controlled schools will be taken seriously. It is like stating since Jesus could not read or write, what he offers was of no value. He had the tools the Illuminati wanted, classical education and money of his own. His five year stay in America, during World War I, he appeared to already be broke, leaving behind him a string of bad checks. Like most clever occultists, he was somehow able to enthrall a small group of people, over his lifetime that, assisted him financially. He was also given additional money by some of his family. Interestingly, it was the United States that kept Crowleys work alive, long after Europe dismissed his work. If it was not for his American followers, it is likely Crowley would have been lost in occult history. His poetry never sold whatsoever and his occult texts never sold well either, during his lifetime.

A follower living in the United States published some of his works, and sent money to Crowley on a regular basis, this money often, keeping him alive. It is certainly true, that without his initial wealth, he would have never become a famous occultist, nor been able do anything he is known for. Everything he achieved was based on money. It was money that created the free time to write and publish his numerous occult and poetry books.

Aleister Crowley Poet

Above all else, he saw himself as a poet. If he was a successful poet, and there were many in his era. He would have probably never ventured into public occultism. This is so true of extreme characters in history. If Adolph Hitler was a successful painter, Nazism would have been very different, if Charles Mansion had become a successful song writer, there would not have been mass murders. This is true of so many people in history.

I am not a fan of poetry in general. Crowleys poetry is the typical droll, over educated dribble, his era is known for. In general, his writings are written in this poetic like verbiage that is hard to understand. The one comment I often read about his writings is, how the reader failed to understand him. Here again, credit is given to him because of his upper class education, no matter how impractical this writing is. A quality writer is a writer that, can communicate his ideas in the simplest manner, not in flowerly poetic language the writer only likes. Being the rich flop he was, not having to deal with the real issues of life like, making a living. He saw himself as great intellectual thinker producing poetry of a great master. But, at last, even he could not sustain the life of a poet. No one was willing to help a poet financially, that would require a kinky sexual occultism.

Aleister Crowley - Sexuality

As much as homosexuality is born into a person, it can also be created in a person, or at least bi-sexuality. I have seen this happen to numerous persons who were in prison for a number of years. Even after returning to normal life and normal sexuality, these people had developed a taste for homosexuality out of their person experiences. Aleister was certainly exposed to or forced into homosexual practices in boarding school. He clearly states this. He also found it to his liking. Any person that is highly sexual will find bi-sexuality very convenient. Having the opportunity for sex with either sex makes it easy to obtain a sexual partner. It has always been easier to find homosexual partners than heterosexual ones. His further sexual compulsions are, demonstrated by his constant use of prostitutes for personal and magical pleasures. Sexual practices as a part of magic, or as a magical system, is thought to have been a major part of occultism, it is why a lot of people were drawn into witchcraft and Wicca. There are many statements made in Church documents. Stating as to the obscene nature of pagan rituals. Everything of a sexual nature was destroyed by the Church, around the world, from Europe to the Americas. It appears sex was a common form of magic, and used widely in most pagan rituals. Since everything was destroyed, it is hard to know how vast the usage was. Fertility, phallus worship is a common theme in magic and paganism, around the world, India being a main documenter of sexual religious magic practices.

In modern times, magical sexual practices are rare, outside of the sex cults started by Crowley like, the OTO. Most Wicca Covens have removed the sexual rituals. Ritual magic, witchcraft, and voodoo rarely if ever use any type of sexual practices now. With the advent of AIDS, and female dominance of witchcraft, sexuality is a thing of the past. Crowley was obsessed by sex. His wealth allowed him to indulge in all manner of decadence, as the rich, so like to do. Finding the Golden Dawn System boring and too complicated for basic magic, Crowley added Thelema instead. A religion he invented and channeled, that just happen to fit into his sexual desires. It was a combination of many traditions, drawing heavily on ancient Egyptian practices. This is not the place to detail Thelema and what it is all about. No matter what Crowley got involved with, you could count on it having strong sexual practices involved in it. I always find it amusing when the OTO tries to draw in members and only details their spiritual practices, totally omitting their Crowley based sexual practices, including homosexual. Read my article on the OTO and Knights Templar for further information. Crowley used the Golden Dawn system for over ten years. Not having to really manifest anything to sustain himself, or to deal with common life, ritual magic was boring. Lets add drugs and sex, magic rituals would be much better. Oh, lets not forget animal sacrifice, he was very fond of this practice.

Calling it Sex Magic is really not correct. These so-called sex magic rituals involved huge amounts of drugs and often animal sacrifice. What a nice cup of tea he made. The practice he used most often was, the eating of his cum mixed with that of his partner or drawing in the energy from cum left in his ass. He wrote a diary on this subject matter detailing his experiences. These practices were used by him for practical purposes like, money drawing. He was often in need of cash, and used these methods to generate some. It failed to draw much. I will look at his magical successes and failures, later in this article. This practice comes from the Tantric tradition of India. Like most of Crowleys ideas, there was not much new to them, mostly a new spin on old teaching, a spin that filled his sexual needs and his compulsion to rid the world of the Christian curse. I should state, this is the case with almost all teachings, they come from another source, and spun together with a few new ideas or interpretations. This is true with physical products as well. Is one Cell Phone really, different from another? Sex magic, in general, is highly overrated. Thinking that sex and sexual fluids hold great energy is just not true, for most magical practices. If it were true, I think everyone would have everything they wanted. The belief of it having great power comes from the idea, of it creating life. There is an energetic factor to sperm but, creating life requires a whole series of chemical responses over a long term. Raising the Kundalini through sexual practices is something completely different. This usually involves building energy through sexual practices that require you not to orgasm. Something Crowley certainly would not have practiced. The miracle of human birth is far from a miracle.

There are billions of humans on the earth, creating life is easy and involves compulsive needs that creates terrible over population. Sex magic like, animal sacrifice energy is extremely difficult to control and channel to a desired goal. Sexual orgasm is a mental state. If a person is not turned on it is usually impossible to achieve an orgasm. To think that Crowley or anyone else can orgasm while thinking of a magical goal, is pure fantasy. Crowley did not practice sex magic alone. It always involved his first great love, DRUGS. Strong drugs of all kinds. As everyone knows, it certainly is difficult to get groups and especially women sexually aroused without drugs. Teenagers know this. That is why alcohol plays such an important factor in beginning sexually, as well as future sexuality. This is also why he used prostitutes so often. His great magical power failed to produce the power needed to control women sexually. To be fair, this probably takes the strongest powers known to achieve. (ha!) Strong narcotics were legal in the United Kingdom until 1920, when a law was pasted outlawing them. Crowley used all kinds of drugs, included heroin, cocaine, opium, hashish, and the hallucinogenic cactus mescaline, to name a few. Crowley was a hopeless drug addict for most of his life. For drugs to assist magical practices they need to be used in an extremely disciplined manner, few are able to do. The way Crowley used drugs and had others use drugs was way past having magical benefits. Drugs and magic is a subject unto itself, as is sex magic. See my articles on these subjects as well.

In his sex magic system, there was a lot of use of sexual fluids. The male semen or the combination of male and female fluids, usually just the lubrication fluids from the female, Crowley appears to not have been able to make very many women orgasm. This elixir was to empower and activate sigils to manifest anything you desired, by just anointing the sigil with the Elixir, or eat the Elixir to empower yourself directly. Here again, if magic is that easy, we would have everything we desire. Some claim success with this method but, like with most occult claims, they seem not to able to be repeated. Taking drugs and humping with the trappings of occultism, including blood sacrifices and drinking, may seem like good old fashion occult fun but, hardly counts as a serious occult practice that manifests anything of value. It sure is one hell of a Saturday night party! These practices move far away from traditional Tantric practices of India. This is nothing more than debauchery at its highest level that some rich decadence persons of his era practiced. Sex cults like the OTO with their occult trappings and fake connections to ancient orders, are nothing more than sex clubs, usually for homosexuals. The OTO is based in San Francisco, California, that tells volumes about its sexual preferences. The OTO and similar sex clubs have almost NO female members. Its a boys club for those seeking homosexual fun. To connect it to Templarism is revolting! If you want to think sexuality, is the way to the divine. That is your personal choice. It is also your personal path if, you choose to follow it. In regards to magical success, there is little to no proof it works, for that matter there is no proof it works as a spiritual path either.

This is just another one of the false paths the Illuminati hide behind to draw in and mislead people. Sexuality is a great tool to use, to bend you into their reality and control you. All part of the Illuminati Crowley plan.

Successful magic involves a core ability, to concentrate, mediate and visualize, coupled with proper occult science training. Sexual practices are only a tiny part of practical occultism. It may seem like an exciting fun way of manifesting but, it is better left to just the fun of orgasm and not magical manifesting. This has been proven after years of detailed research into this area of the occult sciences. The Occult Sciences are all about what works, not what is fun or fantasy but, what works. A powerful Magus has all the sex they desire, they have no need to try and use it magically.

Aleister Crowley His Magical Practices & Books

Crowley was first schooled in the Golden Dawn and Masonic systems. This was his core understanding of occultism. This furthered mixed with Indian Mysticism, Egyptian Magic and anything else he could copy. This was the era of fascination with Egypt. The Golden Dawn stated they based much on Egyptian mysticism in their system. Like, most of western occultism and mysticism, it all goes back to Egypt and Ancient Greece, whom borrowed almost everything they knew from the Egyptians. Greece occupied Egypt for over 400 years! You can obtain a great deal of knowledge in that span of time. After becoming bored with Ritual magic, as most people do, the involved long practices of Ritual magic, may have worked in a slower world without TV, Internet, and Starbucks but, even then people tried of the long complicated rituals. Crowley needed to indulge his strong fetishes, his need for mind bending sex and strong drug use. This became is magical tradition of, sex, drugs and rock and roll, so to speak. He mixed in ritual magic, and bit and pieces of a bunch of systems with a large dose of Crowley invented systems.

His Book of Law, became his Bible and magical guide. Like most of his books, they are written in the poetic Crowley style, confusing, boring and difficult to use.

The Law Book is written in a Bible like style, since this was his new Bible.

His overeducated 1890s writing style coupled with his belief of being a great poet, makes most his writings boring to read with the 1880s pseudo-intellectual British higher education style that is, so outdated to the modern reader, that few understand it period. His did write several excellent practical magic texts. One is Magick without Tears. This book gives the student a basically good overview of Ritual Magick . Of course, he adds child sacrifice and blood drinking along, with all the other dark magic practices he liked to add to his books. The information contained in this text, were mostly obtained from his Golden Dawn training. Crowley was known for taking private Order teachings and releasing it in books to the public.

In general, good luck reading most of his books. It is not the content that is the problem, it is the terrible writing style, that bores the reader from page one. A master writer takes complex ideas and makes them easy to understand and follow. This is especially correct with any how to text. If you really understand your subject matter, you should be able to detail it to others so, they are able to understand it as well. This is a writing art form that few have mastered. No matter how well they have been educated. I think this form of writing cannot be taught, it is an inner ability to understand the subject matter at a Magus level. Teaching others anything, requires an understanding beyond school training. This is why school systems fail so often to teach students beyond book level memorization. Most teachers know nothing about teaching, they only know about the subject matter (I think). Crowley was just another of millions, of bad teachers the higher educational system produced.

Beyond the bad writing style and the terrible poetry no one wanted to buy, Crowley never really offered the occult public anything knew. He gained attention by telling everyone what a bad ass he was. Yet, this was all talk, as he never really achieved anything. All the books he wrote were self-published. He had enemies by the hundreds that were never affected by his magic. He never established any lasting Order of his own, instead, hanging onto to the OTO that he did not establish, but achieved making it into a Sex and Drug cult that still is active today. I guess this is what he left. His books remain in the public view, because this is the poster boy of, Illuminati occultism. His objectives of destroying Christianity and make himself a God, is what the Illuminati believe in. The ULTRACHILDICE statement he is so famous for, 'Do What Thou Wilt', shows the low level occultist and man in general he was. This is like stating, I want all the toys in the sand box. Thinking only about self and selfgratification, as well as partying all the time with sex and drugs, is nothing new. Nor, is it a high state of consciousness. This attitude along with his wealth, obtained from an ultra-conservative Christian father, allowed him to act in this manner, along with treating people extremely badly. Lets not forget him wanting to live forever as a god so, he could have sex and drug parties forever. Is this how a great occultist thinks?

Aleister Crowley The Jokester

Many writers state that Crowley was just joking, when he wrote or stated things of a satanic or evil nature. This was just his dark British humor, a way of getting attention. That of course, he would never sacrifice children or human beings and all the talk about how he was the Devil, the Anti-Christ or the Great Beast 666, was just his way of shocking people, to get known. This comes from his time spent in America hiding from World War I in Europe. To make money, he wrote for a pro-German newspaper in New York City. He states he wrote in such an outrageous manner that it could do nothing but, assist the Allies in the war. Of course, the great powerful Beast needed money and this was the only job he could get. I guess the publishers of the newspaper were too stupid to see this. Crowley also used the typical Illuminati methods of stating complete opposites, to confuse the public. First coming out as the Great Beast 666 and towards the end of his life stating, he was just a Poet and Mountaineer. Going so far as to sue a past student that called him a Black Magician, in a book she published. Here again, the Powerful Beast failed to manifest, he lost the legal case. All this was not Crowley joking but, the usual Illuminati method of disinformation. If he thought that talking about ritual murder and how evil he was, would help his occult image with the general public, he must have been drugged out of his mind. Since he was, wasted most of his life, maybe he did.

Many Illuminati fooled modern writers state, Crowley was just a big jokester. What he stated and wrote were, all just stories he made up about himself for publicity. It was just his cool British sense of humor. The early writers that wrote about him and KNEW him personally never talked about this. Links to the two best biographies on Crowley will be placed at the end of this article. You can read the entire books for yourself, free online. None state it was all a joke. The situations, books etc., listed in my article are all about real happenings not, made up silly jokes, ignorant researchers covering up for Crowley and pushing the Illuminati agenda state, Crowley may have made up stories about himself for Pub chats, but I fail to see any of his stories have any real value. Crowley, no matter what you think of him good or bad, was a serious occultist. He was a student of the Golden Dawn for years. He was not asked to head the OTO because he was a joker. His several good books, as noted above, shows a real understanding of what he was taught at the Golden Dawn, and ritual magic in general. I can see how researchers, after reading the rest of his terrible books, could think it was all a joke. His porno poetry, along with the rest of his terrible poetry that he wrote tens of thousands of pages of, could be looked at as silly junk no serious occultist would write. This of course, is a personal opinion that has nothing to do with Crowley the occultist. People are NOT one dimensional. That is why I stated at the beginning of this article. I like to separate the man from the occultist. The fact that he called himself the Great Beast 666, the Anti-Christ was no joke, he meant it. And thought he was it.

There were numerous eye-witnesses to his debased practices, and terrible drug use. If everything he stated was nothing more than a joke, than he should have no followers today whatsoever. After all, it was all a joke. There is little value to most he wrote. I agree to this in terms of content but, not in general. I am not sure what jokes people are talking about. He certainly used large quantities of strong drugs, was involved in all kinds of sexual practices and often made blood sacrifices. Crowley often sacrificed animals large and small. With his travels to primitive countries in the era that he was active, he could have even practiced human sacrifices without others knowing. Of course, to claim this, beyond a few references to it in general, would have been beyond even what Crowley had the balls to state. This does not mean that he did not do it. After all, this would not be against his basic philosophy of, do what you want, is the only law. This is not a person to laugh at. His agenda is clear. It is directly connected to the Illuminati agenda, whether he consciously knew it or not. He was a willing dupe for everything the Illuminati wants to bring to world. His new found modern image is distorted into a freewheeling occultist, just seeking freedom from evil Christian control. His slogan is seen on t-shirts and stated by many ignorant fools from rock stars to occultists. The fact that his books are still available today shows the impact he made and will make in the future. Sadly, this is not a good impact. The entire occult world is a terrible mess with confused and ignorant students leading themselves down a path to destruction. The occult sciences are such a powerful path, that the Illuminati will no longer allow just anyone on this path to succeed.

They will lead you into their controlled occultism to be used as their dupes, for their purposes.

Aleister Crowley His Magical Power There is no law beyond do what thou wilt.
I hate movie reviewers that review a comedy movie in the same manner as a drama or action film. Here, like understanding the era something took place in, to fully understand what was correctly happening, we need to look at Crowley as a man and an occultist, to judge him in general. As a general person, his life was poor. He never had a quality relationship, had few friends and never really was successful as a poet. He had few real friends and appeared to treat most people he worked with or had relationships with very poorly. After playing for many years with the money left him, he had to live on very little, dying with nothing. To his credit, he was able to get a few followers to support him. His books were sold in America by a supporter, which gave him a small income. He did not want to teach occultism for a profit, as stated in one of his books. Even those I find this strange as he sold books for a profit. I do not think there were very many people interested, at the time, in learning from him. His baby the OTO, certainly never helped him at the end of his life. To add to his personal failures with relationships and people in general, he was a financial failure.

At no time in his life did he generate any major sums of money. It is hard to find anything positive about his life. It appears there were a few years when he was happy. I time when he had money and could live pretty well. He seemed to have never assisted anyone. He completed some occult research into classic occultism. I guess you could say his large number of books on occultism and the many hundreds of poetry books left the world something. As with many great and unusual people, he is more popular today, than in his own era. Without Crowley, the OTO is lost in the same old teachings, it always had. Without Crowley, there really is no OTO. I guess that is a kind of an impact. His books for one reason or another will stay occult classics. He will always be the most famous occultist of all time. This is how the Illuminati wants, the occult to appear. Crowley discredits occultism far more, and he ever helped it. Whether myth or reality, his Dark Lodge occultism will forever BE occultism to a lot of people. Occult beginners will still seek out his writings, thinking there are secrets to find in them. Occultists will be told more and more to see him as a, misunderstood genius. Many occultists (and people in general) want to believe there is a great hidden power in sex and drugs. It makes occultism very attractive. Your average occultist is an odd person, a social misfit, a maladjusted person seeking a path that general society sees as evil. To follow this path requires constant conflict with family and society in general. It ultimately is a dangerous path filled with hidden trap doors, waiting for you to venture over them. These doors will them open, dropping you into sewer slim, of low level occultism of the Crowley type.

Few will find dedicated true occult guilds to train them properly. Illuminati occultism of the Crowley kind is what most will find. Reading through all his books, I find a fair amount of interesting occultism. Of course, it all has to be filtered through proper Occult Guild training to have value. In all, there is nothing new in his writing for the experienced occultist, just interesting reading, in some cases. People like to point out the hidden meanings in the writing, only understand by a few intellectual occultists, whom are above the masses. We cannot look at just a few of his better books or information. We need to see him in total. Adolph Hitler did good things too! He built the Autobahns and designed the VW bug. But, following him would probably have you ending up in a concentration camp and being burned alive. If his occultism was the new way, then why did those close to him often killed themselves or went insane, similar to the same things those close to Hitler did.

His Magical System Success and Failures

In practical occultism, success is valued above all else. There are a lot of crazy systems and practices. Everything in life and in occultism is still based on Universal Law. This is generally explained as what is Universally right to do. Any practice is okay, as long as it does not hurt or harm others. Others, includes everything in life, including animals. Success without this understanding is valueless and empty. It only fulfills those of the lowest character and intentions, like those in the Illuminati. Without going into details on any of his practices, whether good or bad ones, I see evidence of very little success. In magic, success is the bottom line. Without success, without molding life into your desired form, magic is nothing more than a worthless game. It does not matter that sex, drug or sacrifices were used, it all amounted to nothing. We know a great deal about his life. When you look at his life, his successes and failures, failures far out weight his successes. That means, the magical systems he used to manifest, DID NOT WORK. IGOS has been researching magical success rates from all traditions for over 30 years. IGOS is the only occult organization to ever do this. That is why we are not only a Guild but, a College and Research Society. This is all part of serious occultism you will see nowhere else. Other organizations are only interested in profit, along with furthering what they already know.

Occultists fear learning that something they are doing or have been doing for a long period of time is worthless. A true occult scientist is, always seeking truth, truth that manifests into physical reality. Not into old fashion mythology, based only on their ego. Thinking that any tradition, especially, the occult sciences, has a pure root of knowledge is a fools path to destruction. Even Crowley stated that, you did not need the exact ritual from ancient times to be successful. That understanding, the basis of the ritual is all that is required. Crowley had many enemies that he never affected. Including, John Bull, his greatest public critic. The rumor that he killed Mathers is just that. What appears to have happened is that Mathers affected Crowley extremely strongly, to the level that a servant tried to kill his wife. In this case Crowley was able to protect himself but, nothing more. Mathers died 15 years (about) later. Hardly, can this be associated with Crowley. Mathers did die after a fight with Crowley of a serious flu that was causing a great many of deaths at that time. That year, 1918, 50-100 million people died of the Spanish Flu. It is hard to credit Crowley with assisting Mathers death with this terrible illness spreading across Europe at that time. There are many strange things about Mathers death. Including that it appears, there was no grave or legal recognition. If Crowley had the power, why not cause this earlier in their relationship. It certainly would have fitted into his belief system. Mathers was another person Crowley treated badly, after Mathers assisted Crowley greatly, and this even after Mathers tried to appoint him head of the Golden Dawn in England.

When Mathers was stopped from doing this by the local London Police and Courts, Crowley saw no value in his friendship any longer. Where was his great powers here to affect Police and Courts? Crowley went so far against Mathers, as to declare himself head of the Order over Mathers and even pirated a translation Mathers made of Geotia! Such a British gentleman he was.

There are numerous instances where Crowley failed to manifest in his favor, many of these court cases, for him and his associates. Why would you let John Bull of the London Times, liable you time after time, without sending him a strong message that you would not tolerate this. Why would you let public law suits be ruled against you? Crowley wanted to be taken seriously in later life, but without proving magical power, or at least showing that things tended to happen in his favor, why would occultists take him seriously. The general public thought of him not as a jokester but, as a JOKE! It is difficult for me to understand why he has so many followers to this today. I guess sex and drugs is strong pull for anyone, especially occultists. The fact of noted occultists being complete failures is nothing new. This holds true in the present as well. It is interesting that people believe what occult experts state without looking into what they have achieved. Few real occult masters will publicize their abilities and practices. This is just not smart in any manner, a true occult scientist, works in the shadows, manifesting his will without anyone else knowing.

This is why there are so few occult Orders and Guilds known to the general public. Of course, to assist occultism in general, a few Guilds must be open to a select few that seek the Great Path. Those that talk the toughest usually have the least abilities. The classic great occultists of the past, that wrote all those grimoires on finding treasures, controlling others, gathering great wealth, opening locks, winning at gambling, protection etc., etc., were generally failures that were killed, or imprisoned. In the end, it was always the superior army that won the day not, the greatest wizard. This whole topic opens up a can of worms that needs to be answered in detail. It is a very crucial area of occultism, few discuss. I have devoted an entire article to this important subject. Read my important, name telling article.

To be fair, people expect way too much of occultists. People expect you to act like a god, that everything in your life must be perfect. This is not in the character of most occultists. Most occultists are people that do not fit in, that do not follow basic society norms. Because of this, they do not put energy into lifes common important needs. Occultists live in a different reality. And will not work on the important boring, day to day reality the rest of the world does. This usually causes them great personal failure. Even when these occultists are assisted by others, they usual refuge do what it takes to manifest, what is needed in the common world. You also cannot micro-manage your life. It is impossible to spell everyone in your life. I remember a phone call from a person complaining about a letter lost in the mail.

This was not a generally important letter but, it was important to the person that sent it.They complained, I was not powerful enough, if I had mail lost. Very few letters were ever lost. And I never took the time to spell the Post Office for that reason. If I Spelled everyone that I dealt with, I would have time for nothing else. But, when it comes to important situations, like court cases, I never failed to obtain positive results. Crowley seems to have failed here in most cases. Yes, he wins some law cases but, 95% more loses than wins. Further, if you are up against huge organized enemies, like in war or organized criminal Satanists like, the governments, it will be difficult to win the war. Even those winning battles should be the rule, for a skilled occult scientist. One of the major reasons most occultists are failures is, that they lack the interest and know how of the common financial world. Few are in positions that magic will assist them past extreme basic survival. Occultists are generally not business men, lawyers, doctors, and stock brokers. Occultists need to seek these people out and work with them for mutual benefit. But, most common based people see magic as nothing more than silly superstition. Many believe the common propaganda, that occultism is devil worship. Tracing Crowleys life is seeing one failure after another, in the bigger picture. In his mind, and that is what counts, I think he considered himself successful. He wrote what he wanted to from poetry to magic. And he was able to basically have the drugs and sex he wanted for most of his life. His goal to usurp Christianity, bring in a new era, and seek his brand of gnosis, was a failure. The reality that he is still known and followed to this day is fascinating, in its silliness.

But, he left a legacy, for whatever that is worth. Of course, this was not without the help of a much greater power. That controls all. Crowley and his continued presents, is all part of a much bigger picture. Success great and small is all under the control of the Illuminati. Those with quality positive occult knowledge to offer others are attacked and put out of business. Crowley is remembered because he is a tool of the Illuminati, Crowley is the failure the Illuminati want all occultists to emulate. Few people can enter the world of kinky sex and strong drug use, and escape without the Illuminati controlling or using them. It is all part of their grand plan. All successful occult, metaphysical businesses are successful because of Illuminati assistance. The long line of excellent positive occult business failures proves this reality. As difficult as this is to comprehend, it is the ultimate reality, all need to understand. Some people like to state that Crowley offered a path to gnosis. A spiritual path, that was hidden from the masses purposely, that the select few would find the hidden truth within his books. His life certainly had little to no spirituality in it. His silly goal of destroying Christianity, making his religion the prominent one, was a complete failure. His OTO teachings serve a tiny group of mostly homosexuals that have achieved little, in almost one hundred years of operation. Since Crowley, was bisexual, everything he wrote, will have that influence in it, whether the reader knows it or not. I frankly doubt the average person can handle bisexuality in general, not to mention as a path to gnosis. I can find nothing in his life of a spiritual nature, nor any spiritual acts be did.

To think that sex and drugs is going to lead you to gnosis is a folly many want to undertake. After all, it sure would be fun. Sadly, few wholly pleasurable paths lead to gnosis. I also find it incredibly difficult to learn a spiritual path from the Great Beast 666, unless that path leads to Satan. You cannot have it both ways. To be looked at as a great spiritual leader, with a new way, the great poet. And then call yourself the Great Beast 666, the wickedest man in the world and be taken seriously.

Aleister Crowley In The End

No matter what people want to make him, in the end. Crowley clearly stated whom he was guided by. His guardian angel was Aiwass, he contacted this spirit through the use of Abramelin. Crowley clearly states this spirit is Satan. Like so many wronged Christians, he ran to Satan as some kind of punishment to God. I am always fascinated by those that worship Satan yet, do not believe in the Bible. Satan is a Bible based entity, to believe in Satan, is to believe in the Bible. This entity was attached to him by the Illuminati, during his days at the Darbyite boarding school. The Illuminati loves infiltrating ultra-conservative Christian schools and organizations. Ever wonder why there are so many religious scandals, why Minsters give into the lowest sexual urges? They have been gotten to by an infiltrator. The Illuminati particularly enjoys corrupting children. Sadly, the religion these people follow is never enough to stop them from easily being corrupted. Most people welcome the chance to be corrupted for a little money or a little fun. Most of his magical practices were of a dark satanic nature. The silly fluffy stuff he wrote between orgies, animal sacrifices and drug taking was his inner being trying to escape the demon that was attached to him since childhood. Sadly, he could never escape a demon he grew to love so well, the demon of lust, drugs and immortality. Thinking you can become a god, is the lowest form of thinking there is. God is a concept that is far beyond the understanding of mankind.

Even the greatest mystics and philosophers, stay away from explaining god. Trying to become god through sex and drugs is just plain stupid!

The Guild has a researcher dedicated to Aleister Crowleys writings, trying to locate anything that has a value from it. While he wrote some basic good information, it is nothing worthy of greater study, it has all been stated before. Trying to make sometime out of his poetry, is something else we have failed to do. Here again, this poetic dribble has little value in the occult sciences. Those seeking to learn ritual magic are best to consult the huge library of information from the Golden Dawn. You can certainly follow the Crowley path to nothingness and failure, if you are so inclined to. In the end, he worshipped Satan and was an Illuminati controlled occultist, fulfilling their objectives. He has nothing to offer the serious occult scientist, other than casual reading on a rainy night. One of the greatest problems an occultist faces is, being misled into worthless dangerous occult systems that enslave rather than liberate. Crowleys practices enslaved him it did not free him from Christian dogma. He just replaced his dogma for theirs. He became, as I seen so many time before, a born again occultist, exchanging old god names for new ones that made his fetishes right and grand.

Those interested in reading about his life in detail, can follow the links below. You can also check out my Aleister Crowley Collection on for many books detailing his practices. The Guild has nothing to do with actual material or the hosting.

Excellent documentary detailing the life of Aleister Crowley can be found at the link below.