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An online survey on Impact Evaluation of Social Media Advertising

I (S. Raghuram) pursuing my research (PhD) on the topic Impact Evaluation of Social Media Advertising and hence am interested in doing a survey to find out the impact of social media advertising. This research evaluates the impact of Social Media Advertising on different segments of markets (collection of customers and prospects) and highlights the ways in which marketers could get productive models for utilization of social media for advertising and marketing activities. Kindly share your valuable opinions through this survey and help me in bringing out a valuable result. Part-1: Demographics 1. Name: V.Shivaji 2. Age: 32 3. Gender: Male 4. Educational Qualification: B.Com 5. Profession/ Occupation: Jr.Assistant 6. Location: Hyderabad 7. E-mail ID: Part- II 8. Do you have account in any of the following social media network? (Yes/ No) _Yes_____________

9. How long have you been a member of any social media network a. Above 5 Years c. 3 Years e. < 1 Year b. 3-5 Years d. 1-3 Years < 1 year

10. Tick the social media network in which you have account a. Facebook b. Twitter

c. Orkut d. Linkedin e. Hi5 f. Ning g. Others please specify _________________

11. Do you have more than one social media account ( Yes/No) __YES_____ if so how many__

12. Among the following for which purpose do you mostly use social media? a. Increasing network b. Sharing Ideas c. Improving knowledge d. Entertainment e. Communication f. Mass mingling (community/groups) g. Other please specify _______________

13. How much time do you spend on your social media network in a day? a. 1 hour and above b. 30 mins 1 Hour

c. 0-30 mins

14. Explain proportionate time spend by you on the following activities in your social media networks Write 3 for Extensive time

Write 2 for Considerable amount of time Write 1 for Very less time a. Commenting on Photographs b. Commenting on Others Status c. Chatting d. Uploading Photographs e. Playing games f. Watching Videos g. Making Friends h. Sending invitations i. Organizing events j. Using Various applications/tools k. Creating groups l. Uploading Videos m. Writing messages n. Reading Notes o. Commenting and Maintaining on blogs p. Bidding & Gambling ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

15. Do you think Advertisements in the social media networks are really helpful to the Social network members (Yes/No) ________ 16. Suggest three priorities of yours towards the domain of ads you prefer on social networks. (Crash discounts, Best price sales, New arrivals, Automobile ads, Education oriented courses, Garments ads, Cosmetics ads, Boolean and share prices related news, etc.) 1.___________________________________ 2.___________________________________


17. Explain Your level of Satisfaction on the below mentioned attributes related to advertising through Social media Write 5 if you are Highly Satisfied Write 4 If you are Satisfied Write 3 if you are Neutral (Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied) Write 2 if you are Dissatisfied Write 1 if you are Highly Dissatisfied

Informativeness of Advertisement Relevance of Ad Accessibility of Ad Credibility of Ad Sharing mechanisms through Ad Tools and applications availability Payment mode for Ad Viewership limits Attractiveness of AD Ad Guide Utility Data Security Flexibility in Creating Ad Technical issues(Browsers, Active X controls etc.,) Overall satisfaction

Level of satisfaction

18. What is your frequency of purchase of Goods/ Services advertised in social media networks? a. Whenever there is satisfactory offer (more than 5 times) b. Whenever it is essential to buy (3-5 times probably) c. When it is unavoidable (1-3 times) d. Only once as a trail (1 time)

e. Never through social media ads

Suggestions Requested ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ *************Thank you very much for sharing your valuable opinion***********