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 How to quickly find the most profitable keywords in 15 minutes or less…(Even if you’ve never researched this market before and are completely “clueless” about where to start!) (Starts on page 4 inside…)  Exactly where to look to find out which ads are making the most money for your competitors… (Hint: This comes straight from the Internet’s smartest and biggest advertisers. ) (Answer on page 8…)  2 secret icons: Discover where they send their traffic and which keywords are really making them money now… (See pages 11-12)

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etc. we also showed you step-by-step methods for finding the most profitable competitors in your market. we’re going to assume in this lesson that you’ve already gone through Lesson #1 and have a list of your top competitors. in order to determine their profitability!  Here’s a simple. these methods work for ANY business that is marketing online! (Brick-and-mortar. which showed you how to reveal your top competitors. (Did you miss it? You can download it here.000 keywords that KeywordSpy tracks for you on a daily basis. affiliate marketing. step-by-step process to actually use your KeywordSpy Free Trial Membership to uncover the most profitable keywords that your competiors are bidding on.) And we also mentioned why this process is so powerful and efficient: You’re “using” OPM (“Other People’s Money”) to perform complex market research to find the buyers in your market. online retail. If you haven’t done that yet.com.All Rights Reserved. you’ll w ant to do that quickly. So let’s get started… Revealing your competitors’ most profitable keywords… First of all. For additional information visit KeywordSpy. and discover what they’re doing profitably right now. we’re going to focus directly on those 125. so that you can work directly with that list in this lesson. (Note: For this step-by-step walkthrough. . we’ll just continue working with the same sample competitor URL that we worked with in Lesson #1) © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . Today. You’ll be using your competitor list to find the most profitable keywords – keywords that your competitors have invested time and money with.000.) As we mentioned earlier. ecommerce. In your guide.Page |3 FINDING BUYER KEYWORDS… Welcome back! You should have already received Lesson 1 – Competion Spy.

You have instantly revealed the Top 15 keywords (based on ROI value) of your competitor! © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . .Page |4 Just follow these simple steps: Step 1: Login to your Keyword Spy Free Trial Account.All Rights Reserved. Step 2: Type in the Competitor URL and select the Domain radio button and relevant Geo Targeting from the drop down menu. Step 3: Click on the PPC Keywords tab.com. For additional information visit KeywordSpy.

Specifically. Next.com. But for now.Page |5 See how easy that was? Let’s take a quick look at what we can learn from this information… Analyzing your competitors’ most profitable keywords… To make this really easy to understand. . we can see the Google Monthly Search Volume (Broad Match): © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . For additional information visit KeywordSpy.All Rights Reserved. we can see the ROI value of this keyword: You’ll remember that we discussed ROI value in the orginal Fast Start Guide. we talked about how to adjust the “ROI Settings” in the Account Tab. just make a note of the highest ROI value keywords. there is also a good description of how the ROI value is calculated. Don’t worry about this too much right now…we’ll discuss this more in a minute. we can see the actual “keyword” they are bidding on in the first column: Next. On the Account Tab in your KeywordSpy Membership. One important thing to remember: The ROI value for a keyword can be different than the ROI value for an ad. let’s just walk through the information step -by-step so that everything is “crystal clear”… First of all.

Finally. we have the “raw” data that reveals why the ROI value is High or Low: © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ .All Rights Reserved. The next two columns tell us how many other ads are profitable (High ROI) and also how many ads are for Affiliates. . We’ll talk about this a little bit more in a minute. Let’s move on for now.Page |6 Next to the Volume column. Putting those three metrics together gives us great idea of whether or not this keyword is generating profits for our competitor. For additional information visit KeywordSpy. The ROI value gives us a good idea of how long our competitor has been continuously bidding on a keyword. you have an Estimate Cost Per Click (CPC) amount: Think about this for just a moment.com. The CPC value gives us a good idea of how much our competitor pays for each click. The Volume value gives us a good idea of how many times the competitor’s ad is displayed each month.

the competitor has been displaying ads for this keyword for nearly 2 years. 26. we’ve certainly uncovered some incredible information.com. © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . they have presented their ad for the keyword “picture t shirts” on 67 7 days. keywords are matched with ads in an ad position…which determines how many times they get clicked. That’s because keywords are only the first “piece of the puzzle”. which is why it’s called. and was most recently seen (at the time of this search) on Aug.Page |7 In this example. . For additional information visit KeywordSpy. 2011! Let me ask you three questions…  Do you think they’ve spent money on the ads for this keyword?  Do you think they would continously bid on this keyword (677+ days!) if it wasn’t profitable?  Do you think this keyword is making them money? And my final question:  Do you see how easy it was to use KeywordSpy to find their profitable keywords?  (Keep in mind that in order to have 2+ years of daily keyword data. But it’s still not 100% complete. 11. Their ad was first seen on Aug. “The Marketing Time Machine”) But we’re not done yet…not even close… Revealing their “Keyword/Ad/Position/Page Secrets”… At this point. 2009. you’d have to “go back in time” to get it…unless you tap directly into Keyword Spy’s massive database (51+ Terabytes) .All Rights Reserved. In PPC. continuously! Out of 746 days. Remember that I mentioned earlier that keywords and ad copy often have a different ROI value.

you’ll notice that you have instantly performed a Keyword search on the desired keyword: Step 2: Click on the Ads tab. I’ll bet you’re thinking: “But can you really get their ad and position data specifically for their best keywords?” Yes.All Rights Reserved.Page |8 And ads that are clicked are ads that money is being spent on. © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . . For additional information visit KeywordSpy. you sure can! Just follow these simple steps: Step 1: Click on the specific keyword you are interested in. and also what position that ad normally shows up in. So it’s also important to know what ad copy is being triggered when a specific keyword is being searched. After you click that link.com.

you’ll remember that this is the competitor we were performing research on. While you may not realize it just yet. Their ad happens to be the #1 ad listed. which is why a specific ad can have a different ROI value than the keyword that triggers the ad. we won’t go into too much discussion on the ads themselves.All Rights Reserved. you’ll want to take a look at the ad they’re currently running: Remember. In this lesson. Next. we’ve got the final pieces of the puzzle that will reveal the exact “Profit Formula” for this (and any other) keyword! Here’s how to put it all together… First. but it is important to analyze these ads to determine why they’re working well for your competitors. For additional information visit KeywordSpy. but a keyword can have many different (tested) ads. (In this example. keywords and ads go together in PPC. . we can finally see the Ad ROI value: © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ .Page |9 Step 3: Find the Competitor URL in the Ad Copy column. but it could have been in any position on this page.) That’s it.com.

All Rights Reserved.2.5% clickthrough rate.P a g e | 10 Important!: Since the Ad ROI value is calculated using the same formula as the Keyword ROI value. you can be sure that these ads are being clicked consistenly. one important thing to remember is that most affiliates have lower profit margins because they only receive a small commission of the sale. The next column we see. in most cases. © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . When an advertiser has consistently (See Avg. Postion) advertised in positions 1-3.com. Tests have shown that even a “mediocre ad” in positions 1-3 can achieve a 1. However. which makes this an important metric to track for profitable keywords. Also. It instantly alerts you to your most agressive competitors so you know exactly who you should be paying attention to. . ad positions 1-3 have the highest CTR%. you can see if the ad has triggered the Affiliate “flag”: We cover this metric extensively in Affiliate Boot Camp. Next. you should assume that any difference between these two values reveals that the competitor has tested multiple ad combinations! That’s another very important benefit of KeywordSpy’s massive 51+ terabyte database with over 2 years of keyword and ad tracking data. Ad Position. so we won’t spend time here to discuss it in depth. For additional information visit KeywordSpy.5% . is quite important: Remember that the first search result page has between 8-10 ads being displayed.

only the search engines are making money from the click…the advertiser still has some selling to do. For additional information visit KeywordSpy. 2011 (at the time of this search). this Ad copy was first seen on May 5.P a g e | 11 And. and you know the monthly search volume of the keyword. then you can be sure that these ads displayed consistently in ad positions 1-3 are being clicked on.com. Next. Just click the “info” icon: You’ll notice all of the specific ad details. you can get this info very easily in KeywordSpy as well. if you know that an advertiser has tested their ads (see previous ROI value difference). Finally. . we need to know where the visitor landed AFTER the click…after all. 2011 and has been seen 111 days out of 114 days. to determine exactly WHAT and HOW the advertiser is making money on these clicks! And those are the final “puzzle pieces” we needed. we have the raw Ad Duration metrics that directly relate to the Ad ROI value: In this example. 26.  Surprisingly.All Rights Reserved. It was last seen on Aug. © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . as well as the Landing Page URL as well: You can visit that Landing Page URL directly.

Once we know who they are. . we quickly determined who our biggest competitors are. For additional information visit KeywordSpy.com.P a g e | 12 Hot Tip: You can also click the “List of Keywords” icon in order to see any “Keyword/Ad/Landing Page Clusters”…Combinations of key words that are also profitable with the same ad copy and landing page… Example: Putting It All Together For Faster Profits… Amazing. © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . it’s just a matter of figuring out what they’re doing well. isn’t it? Let’s do quick recap on what we have discovered so far: In Lesson #1.All Rights Reserved. and what overall strategy they are using to make money.

) With help from the KeywordSpy database. For additional information visit KeywordSpy. By revealing the Ad Copy. you learned how easy it was to use Keyword Spy to reveal your competitors’ top performing keywords. and how they have made them profitable! And in the next lesson. Ad Position.com. which keywords they have spent money testing. it was just a matter of putting together the rest of the “puzzle pieces” to determine exactly how these keywords are profitable.All Rights Reserved. we’re going to talk about how to find the hottest ads and headlines to begin testing in your own marketing campaigns… Lesson #3 is called “Revealing The Most Profitable Ads”  How to quickly find the most profitable ads in 15 minutes or less…(Even if your competitors’ are trying to HIDE their ads using “sneaky” tracking links and redirect URLs…) (Starts on page 4 inside…)  The best way to find profitable ad copy if you’re selling information. do you see how easy that was? You were able to discover exactly who you should be watching closely. Once you knew what those keywords were. . you discovered valuable information that reveals the “HOW” behind the most profitable keywords. It’s always a good idea to actually participate in the sales process when possible.P a g e | 13 In this lesson. and Landing Page values. (And also…the best way to find profitable ads if you’re selling a service or a physical product ) (Begins on page 6…)  A little-talked about way of finding the most profitable advertisements from companies you never knew existed… (See page 7…) © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . (Quick Note: It is important to realize that the entire sales funnel of your competitor ultimately determines how profitable they will be…which we talk about at l ength in Affiliate BootCamp. to reveal each and every step in the sales funnel.

Ready to go Pro? One of the instant advantages of upgrading your KeywordSpy Free Trial account to a Pro Membership is the ability to Filter and Export 1.) and Export up to 14. The KeywordSpy Team P. .=.com.S. etc.357 keywords just for this one competitor!: © Copyright 2011 KeywordSpy™ . you would be able to Filter by ROI values (<.P a g e | 14 Until then. In our example case study.000’s of profitable keywords quickly .>.All Rights Reserved. For additional information visit KeywordSpy.