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Full text of Patton Boggs statement on Chevrons proposed complaint:

"Chevrons proposed complaint against Patton Boggs is perhaps the starkest example yet of how Chevron will use its limitless resources to intimidate and harass anyone that dares to help the Ecuadorian Plaintiffs in their 20-year battle for justice. This cynical strategy will not work. We are proud that we have helped the indigenous and farming communities that have been so adversely impacted by Chevrons actions. Patton Boggs has acted conscientiously, ethically and in good faith at all times since becoming involved in this case in 2010, and will not be intimidated by Chevrons scare tactics. We will continue to zealously represent our clients and will not stand by idly and allow Chevron to disrupt our work and tarnish our reputation. We will defend ourselves in this case, and we are confident that the world will see through Chevrons increasingly transparent efforts to divert attention from its liability in Ecuador and from the suffering of the Amazon communities."