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Evaluating Repetitive Structures in HR ABAP Programming

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Before writing this post I would like to thank Manoj kumar, ShivrajSinha, Santhosh Somasekharan, Amolkumar Patil, Vishal Jindal, Bijay Kumar Barik, Devi, who has referred in SAP SDN Forum . In many master data Infotypes, data is entered in table form. This, for example, allows you to enter up to forty different wage types and their amounts. By scrolling, you can enter up to forty wage types. The structure of the wage type line is stored in the Infotype structure P0008, and the individual fields are numbered from one to forty. This means that each field of the wage type table is defined. A loop offers a more streamlined method of evaluation. Here, one line of the repeat structure is evaluated each time the loop is executed As SAP consultant you might know the structures. But what is the repetitive structures?. The sentence it self explains that in a structure, some fields are available multiple times with the sequence number change, like fieldname01, fieldname02, fieldname03 etc… For example In Master data Infotypes we have: Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay) Infotype 0025 (Appraisals) Infotype 0041 (Date Specifications) Infotype 0052 (Wage Maintenance) If we look at Infotype 0008 below fields are getting repeated 40 times (Lower versions of SAP only 20 times like 4.6C). LGA01 – wage type1 BET01 – wage type Amount ANZ01 – Number EIN01 – Time/Measurement Unit OPK01 – Operation Indicator for Wage Types LGA02 – wage type2 BET02 – wage type amount ANZ02 – Number EIN02 – Time/Measurement Unit OPK02 – Operation Indicator for Wage Types Till LGA40 – wage type40 BET40 – wage type amount ANZ40 – Number EIN40 – Time/Measurement Unit OPK40 – Operation Indicator for Wage Types For the above scenario we have multiple wage types for one Personnel number for one particular period. Viz.. Basic Pay, House rent allowance, conveyance, special allowance, car allowance, salary exempt, salary non exempt (All these are wage types). For the above scenario wage types are stored in LGA01, LGA02, LGA03, LGA04, LGA05, LGA06, LGA07 , and its amount correspondingly BET01, BET02, BET03, BET04, BET05, BET06, BET07 . This is the brief overview about repetitive structures in SAP. Now as a technical consultant your job starts. How do you read the data form repetitive structure Infotypes. For example we need to select basic wage from Infotype 0008 and display in report. We are not sure in which field the basic wage is going to be stored like it might be in LGA01 or LGA02 or LGA03 or LGA04. Here my question is, are we going to check 40 time IF condition for each field (LGA01 to LGA40). My answer is No. We have syntax in ABAP by using that we can achieve out target very easily. Before going forward if you are new to ABAP HR, please go through the below Link: SAP ABAP HR Program code using LDB PNP Pre-built dashboards, reports, and metrics for supply chain. Learn how

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If the infotype has Onsite or Virtual Classroom Corporate Training HR Certificate Online Browse Our Catalog of Certification Programs to Find One Near You. Fields LGART and BETRG are required to read the repetitive structures. The example determines the wage type and its amount for particular Hire & manage Service Ind employees Get fast. Macros: You often only require the most recent or earliest Infotype record. In this case. will have internal table (we call as internal Infotype) with header with the structure of associated Infotype. the return code PNP-SW-FOUND = 1 is returned.Certificates. Declare Tables: PERNR and press F8 you will get standard selection screen.ibcllc. When a record has been successfully read. replace the SPACE parameter by the appropriate subtype number.DegreeLeap. SAP Training www. Tables: PERNR is used to get the standard selection screen as well work area. use one of the following statements: RP_PROVIDE_FROM_LAST Pnnnn SPACE PN-BEGDA PN-ENDDA. when we declare Infotypes. Request Info Now! converted by Web2PDFConvert. Infotypes: when we declare tables at the runtime of program will have work area the same .Certification Programs www. These statements make the most recent or earliest record in the PN/BEGDA to PN/ENDDA data selection period available in the structure Pnnnn for infotype nnnn. consistent HR Management from eCornell 100% Online. not all Infotype records. Free demo! The following Report shows you how to access these data fields. HR Hiring Software PeopleMatter. Data declarations: The required data declarations are first made at the beginning of the Report.eCornell.

com! Sap Online Training VirtualStudies. March 20th. « SAP ABAP HR Program code using LDB PNP Structural Authorizations in SAP HR with gotchas » 2 Responses to “Evaluating Repetitive Structures in HR ABAP Programming” Shelton Dagley Says: have already been following ur website around a few Looking For Employee payroll services? Find It Nearby With Local. 2010 at 3:48 am 1 2 sowmi reddy Says: hi please post output for every program so that we can understand the program clearly and at the same time please post answers for interview FAQs questions. 201 0 at 4:45 am and is filed under Programs.0 feed. May Get Advice On Sap Online Training. You can leav e a response. really enjoy your posts. Your Source For Online Education. Related Posts SAP ABAP HR Program code using LDB PNP SAP HR ABAP Interview Faq’s Personnel Administration (PA): Introduction on SAP HR module Useful Transaction codes in SAP HR module Macros in HR-ABAP programming What is Logical Database ? Infotype 402 and Payroll results This entry was posted on Thursday . do you know any other good blogs or perhaps forums that I might find out more? many thanks. or trackback from y our own site. btw i’m doing study concerning this issue. October 18th. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.Employee Payroll Services Local. 2011 at 3:11 pm Leave a Reply converted by .

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