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Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?

Submitted by: Michael Feher & Greg Winiewicz Nevada State College Fall 2013 Instructor: Karen Powell EDEL 453: Teaching Elementary School Social Science

Who are the People in Your Neighborhood in Your Neighborhood? Social Studies Lesson Plan

Summary of the Lesson Plan: This is a second grade social studies lesson in which students will learn about community helpers and the services they provide to the community by touring the imaginary town of Jollywood and meeting the community helpers who live there. Students will then make a book foldable to present to their class of which community helper they would most like to be when they grow up. Student Population: Second Grade. Students at all learning levels. Whole group reading, small group, individual. Materials: Objectives: Standard: G6.2.2 Describe neighborhoods and communities as places where people live, work, and play. G6.2.2 I can describe neighborhoods and communities.
Paper Plates

Pencils Construction paper Tissue paper Markers, crayons, colored pencils Copy paper A Hat for Ivan

Procedure: 1. The teacher will read A Hat for Ivan 2. The Teacher will Introduce the people from the town of Jollywood. The teacher will tell students that everyone in a community does a job. Students will watch a short video about five different workers in a community. 3. The teacher will ask students what job they would like to have in a community. The students will make a hat that goes with the worker in a community.. Students will write a short little story about their job choice in their community. 4. Students will present their books and hats to the class and tell why they picked that job. 5. Closure: Have the students tell what they liked about what the other students picked. Assessment:
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Who are the People in Your Neighborhood in Your Neighborhood? Social Studies Lesson Plan Teacher will assess students presentation of their hats and little books.

Which part of the lesson do you think will be the easiest for you to teach? I think that the easiest part will be my introduction of the town of Jollywood and the little video. Which part will be most challenging for you to teach? I think the most challenging part will be having the students make the hats. I might be able to have them bring in things from home to make the hats. (material, old hats to fix up, little pins) How will you follow up or extend this lesson? I will follow up this lesson by sending home an assignment to interview a neighbor about what they do for a job. Students can present their interviews in class the next day. What can you do for students who dont grasp the concepts? For students who dont grasp the concepts I can have students work with the teacher and a small group and practice writing good rules. Which part of the lesson, if any, do you think might need to change? I might want to have the students dress up that day to present their jobs to the class instead of just a hat. When you were writing this lesson plan, what was the most difficult part? The most difficult part of the lesson was finding an interesting lesson for the unit.

EDEL 453 - Spring 201

Submitted by: Michael Feher

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