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A Day at Petrosains By Anis Farhana

5 March of 2012, an educational field trip was organized for students of Secondary Five to the Petrosains, KLCC. The main objective of the trip is; to complement topics covered in the course of study during the year. Petrosains is a Science Discovery Centre that tell the story of science and technology of the petroleum industry. Without ignoring the general sciences, Petrosains also exhibits the science of petroleum. This is a fantastic place to explore and gain information for anyone with the interest in geology or oil and gas as their career path. The order of the exhibits in Petrosains discover the progression of the petroleum industry and how the quality of life has tremendously improved by the advancement of science and technology in the industry. One of the most interesting places that we went is Petrosains Geotime Diorama that displays realistic models of prehistoric animals and plants, and a volcano. The features delighted us especially the "Singing T-Rex" which a T-Rex model sang a welcome song and few of my friends started to dance to the song. I find it difficult to accept that dinosaurs really existed. We learned a lot about earthquakes, fossils as well as petroleum. The Molecule Nano World is another fascinating area that took me on a trip to the world where molecules, polymers and atoms rule. I discovered that there are various things that our naked eyes cannot observe. With the help of technology, human were able to explore more on the study atoms and molecules. These discoveries make learning science at the Science Discovery Centre exciting. In conjunction with Petronas as a main sponsor of Formula 1 motor racing, there is a Speed section in the museum where there are some racing simulators and various machines to test your reactions, power-to-weight ratio, speed of karate chop, downhill skiing skills, jumping ability and lots

more. Even though, you have to pay to try the racing simulators but it is worth your money. At the end of the field trip, we went for a ride at the Dark Ride which is basically an oil drop shaped ride that at its final ride brought us through a video display portraying Malaysias transformations and its advancements into the new millennium. I found that many activities at the Petrosains Centre could entertain me for several hours. Various interactive exhibits are used at the Petrosains centre to make participants fully understand what is going on in the science and technology world. I hope that Petrosains will always maintain the quality of their equipments. As a conclusion, Petrosains gave me a lot of useful knowledge as well as valuable experience despite of the expensive entry fee. It was very educational and I hope that we will have another opportunity to visit Petrosains again.