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Richard V.

San Francisco, CA  Mobile: (415) 609-9857 

CAREER GOAL: Utilize my breadth and depth of experience in project management, professional services, strategic initiatives and new product introductions as a project manager or business development manager in a fast-paced, high growth and rewarding environment.

 Founded the Telecommuting Advantage Group (TAG) with the goals of providing a positive return on investment (ROI) for our clients while providing increased life-flexibility to employees and reducing traffic congestion and emissions. o Researched and developed a suite of online, interactive assessment tools with a team of I.O. Ph.D.’s that have been utilized by Northrop Grumman, the Cleveland Clinic and other Fortune 100 companies. o Developed a team of consultants and Industrial Organizational Ph.D.’s who worked with national public and large private companies delivering, on average, a 280% ROI. o Led the implementation of over 100 alternative commute and distributed work programs. Over ninety-nine percent of these programs are still in place. o Developed strategic relationships with grey-area competitors and complementary companies to augment TAG’s online suite of tools, marketing capabilities and service offerings. Developed staff training and managed project implementations in the software data security industry including standards, training and support. Led cross-functional Agile and Waterfall based implementation teams of locally installed and cloudbased multi-million dollar software systems in the healthcare, financial, telecommunications, utilities, high-tech and pharmaceutical industries with a focus on ongoing relationships and growth potentials. Managed internal, strategic initiatives concentrating on professional service process improvements, the certification of internal and partner personnel, standardizing technical requirements documentation and moving the transfer to support process into a business growth opportunity. Functional understanding HTML, Linux, Java, Perl, and the configuration of web-based and customized software systems. Thorough understanding of API and database applications. Led revision upgrades efforts for Fortune 100 companies in a cloud based environment. Expanded Hewlett-Packard’s inkjet post-production capabilities into Germany, France and Singapore, reducing product introduction time by 40% and reducing costs by 28%. Managed engineering teams responsible for a multi-billion dollar consumer electronics product line, a team of consultants and professionals as well as professional service teams. Led the development and implementation of HP Legacy and SAP systems in the supply-chain and order-fulfillment arenas. Ten years of field-study with a business anthropology professional, analyzing how personal propensities and technology impact decision making, collaboration and project complications.

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Professional Services Project Manager - Xactly Corporation
I was brought in to implement Xactly’s software and lead a new business initiative. This initiative was not pursued as a strategic initiative, leading to my departure from the company.

Directed cross-functional technical, sales and business teams implementing Xactly’s cloud-based SAAS software for large clients, including Walgreens, British Gas, United Health Care and Siemens. Responsible for managing the project, budget, resources, expanded business opportunities, technical
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Richard V. Albiero

based on the lack of ROI and solid assessment tools associated with successful and sustainable telework programs. compressed workweek. Seattle.Enterprise Software Security .D. and allow the prioritization of software vulnerabilities. including a suite of online assessment tools. ABN-AMRO (Harris Bank). implementation processes and escalations. Key customers included Wells-Fargo (wholesale). mobile work and distributed work programs. Responsible for hiring. Developed the budgeting and processes for the expansion to include new product introductions and strategic client relationships. eWork and Live-Ops that led to the offering of complementary products and new marketing efforts. TAG was headquartered in San Francisco with satellite offices in Washington D.. Coordinated API and database configurations with the IT and Engineering teams.  Led the company’s public program segment strategic efforts and was awarded 11 of 13 major public projects across the country over an eight year period.  Grew TAG’s revenue from two core business segments. Devised unique project plans and led staff training in order to reach goals in the most cost-effective manner (in house or partner) while retaining an extremely high level of customer satisfaction.     Founder / Chief Executive Officer .Telecommuting Advantage Group (TAG) I founded TAG in July of 2000 based on a successful telework program I had initiated at Hewlett Packard. Albiero Page 2 .  Created. developing new customer success processes and developing a new support ticket intake and prioritization process.’s and IT professionals. reducing Fortify’s support costs.D. edited and published multiple white papers and articles on the history of remote work. such as Citrix Online. Executed a new Project Implementation Management plan for the Professional Services group. Led development of the “Fortify Dashboard” to provide tangible data of the benefits of Fortify’s software. The dashboard was evolved into a tool that allows clients to monitor their own programming effectiveness. telework implementation strategies and overcoming typical organizational barriers to telework.  Developed and led both in-person and web-based seminars and workshops and have spoken professionally with peer groups and senior C-level executives. Nova Scotia and TD Bank. Recruited for strategic projects by senior management to help build out the Support and Services organizations. Developed new processes and documentation for the Professional Services group including the Requirements Document. on-line based company.  Led social media marketing strategy to promote TAG’s online tools and services through Facebook.C.  Designed and executed my departure from TAG in coordination with a team of consultants. Developed a pricing model around the certification program for 3rd-party implementation and support partners and strategic Fortify clients.  Led the development of strategic relationships with companies. Managed up to eleven projects and project teams simultaneously. create expectations for resource requirements. LinkedIn and Twitter to build customer relations and new business. Richard V. remote work. IO Ph.Fortify Software    Designed the Fortify SCA certification program and led a team of developers and customer service representatives to implement a three-tiered program targeted to both customers and third-party software security consulting firms.  Evolved TAG’s business model from an emphasis of “boots on the ground” to a virtual.  Implemented over 100 successful telework. public agencies and private companies with a national team of seven consultants and three Industrial Organizational Ph. Customer Success Lead . virtual work. Ran the in-office Fortify operations group.’s. consisting of 28 support personnel during the transition period after Hewlett-Packard’s purchase of Fortify. Comcast. and Atlanta.    issues and the overall customer relationship.

Santa Clara University. Formulated a value add pricing structure within the inkjet and supplies segments that increased the company’s net margins while allowing resellers to maximize their own infrastructures more effectively. Marketing. Office Depot) by 38%. one of three markets selected out of twelve for a project pilot. and Internet application groups responsible for an average of 16 new products per month. Kellogg School of Management. and personnel skills needed to maintain #1 market share and profitability. Developed a consignment capability that allowed the development of alternate channels as well as the utilization of the company’s financial leverage as a competitive advantage.000 inkjet peripherals internationally per month. Directed a distribution efficiency team that created savings of over $3 million annually for customers.  EDUCATION     Industrial Engineering. Chicago. University of Wisconsin.g. IL. Led the expansion of SAP into procurement. including Wal-Mart. Best Buy. IT. operational assets. COMMUNITY   Drawbridge. Fourteen year volunteer and facilitator. MBA. New Product Introduction Lead    Led a cross-functional team for inkjet printers and supplies that included Engineering. Best Buy. Madison. Graduated in the top 5% of my class. distribution and logistics program for HewlettPackard’s inkjet printer division that supported the growth from 23. Currently on the board of directors and responsible for fundraising efforts. planning and distribution. WI. Developed a “Capability Leverage” tool that identified how cross-functional projects can benefit multiple operational groups and prioritize projects and resource allocation.Future Capability Team Manager HEWLETT-PACKARD. International Distribution and Logistics Org. Responsible for identifying organizations with suitable job-types and cultures associated with the hiring of people with disabilities. Conducted a market analysis of the San Francisco Bay Area for the HP Supplies Vending project. Richard V. Strategic partnership development and product pricing.000 to over 700. All seven team members were promoted within HP. Completed the project on schedule (14 months) and under budget ($15 million) with a team of three consultants and nine HP employees with four HP Legacy systems phased out during the project. Emphasis in Marketing and Finance. As a result. Enhanced the post-production customization line and increased reseller specific promotion abilities and increased printer sales to the top-five resellers (e. SAM Information Technologies and Business Process Lead   Designed and implemented the end manufacturing. the order to delivery cycle was reduced from 21 to 5 days. Project Hired. Albiero Page 3 . Managed the development budget responsible for the personal and professional development of team members. Finance.      Charter member of the Future Capability Team whose objective was to identify the information systems. Office Depot and OfficeMax. PMP Certification studies completed but have not yet taken the test.