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M/s Ganno on Dunkerley& & Co. Ltd., #6-3-1111/16, Somajiguda circle, adj. lane to Kirtilaljewellary, K NishatBhag, Beg gumpet Hyderabad-500016

D Date : 23/02/2012

Kind Attn : Mr. Suresh V Koutge Sub :Quot tatiin

Item Code 85 Description of f Item Providing and fixing f at all heigh hts/ in all floors with all leads Coloured C Anodise ed Aluminium doors/ windows s/ partitions man nufactured from best extruded Aluminium A sectio ons confirming to o ISI, cut to lengt th, joints mitred and a corners grinded with joints water proof the t outer frame h corner angle and shutter frame stiffened with ded for in the fram me for fixing the strips or provid frame to R.C.C C Columns/ maso onry on sides, RCC lintels on top and P.C.C cills c or floor at bottom, the frame work fixed with standard enings all genera ally as per details s approved faste shown in drawi ings and specific cation with all the e sections pretre eated for removal of any rust and prevention of fu urther rust forma ation and coated with greasy ma aterials for non-a adherence of mortar or any other o sticky mate erials and this coat to be removed after installations of the subdividing frames s by tennoned an nd rivetted into frames all alum minium surface be e thoroughly cleaned free or r rust scale or dir rt and mill scale b by pickling surface es finished with anodised a dull ma att finishing 15MIC CRON thick inclu uding cost of pull and push plate es and fixtures for hinged opening gs (arrangement with w steel bearing gs wherever necessary), cost of labour for f fixing of mortice lever locks, aluminium handles, door fittings s like tower bolts s etc., supplied free f for fixing incl luding screws / bolts (Or these e materials measured separately elsewhere) where shutters are involved etc., complete, cost of providing and d fixing of glass of o selected glazin ng quality of thick kness and type o of glass specified d hereinafter or panel boards including nylon n or PVC or rubbe er lining of approved quali ity wooden groun nds, rubber gasket, aluminium glazing clips s, mastic etc., and fixing with alum minium glazing clips and also sna apon type with ho oles as per drawi ing and specifications provided p for sepa arately in the sub b items following g the main items of frame workfor r partition and do oor shutters as below: b NOTE: All l fitting works sh hall be carried ou ut as per I.S specifications including necess sary rivets, screw ws, lugs, scaffoldin ng, etc., complete e all generally as s per drawings. The T sizes of the components should confirm as per details in n drawings at all heights. Quantity Unit Quote Rate Quote Amoun nt

Providing and fixing Glass panes of selected glazing quality and thickness as specified below including providing and fixing Nylon / Rubber / PVC lining of approved quality and fixing with Aluminium glazing clips/ Aluminium beadings (Supply cost of Aluminium clips/ Aluminium beadings are measured in items 85a and 85b above for DOORS / WINDOWS/ PARTITIONS etc.,Using 9.5mm to 10.0mm thick Laminated glass






Supplying and fixing frameless curtain wall with 10mm thk toughened glass for a clear oepning of size as indicated in drawing with DORMA Universal Patch fittings. Wall connecting profile system as per DORMA Universal, consisting of base section, with bore holes (every 300 mm), including clamping parts with screws and gasket strips to be provided to fix glass to the side walls and ceiling as per Manufacturer's specification and direction of Engineer-In-Charge with all lead and lifts.






Providig and fixing Frameless Suspended Glazing with Spider Fittings. Design, Supply and Installation of frameless glazed faade suspended from the top of the opening provided with finishing/shading as per Architect incorporating glass panes as per approved drawing, clear float tempered / toughened and toughened/laminated fins as stabilizers used at each vertical joint to provide lateral stiffness against wind loading, deflections and other specified loads expected including frame work structural supports wherever necessary and hardware all other accessories in the glazing with all extrusions, fittings, suspension brackets, DORMA spider fittings of "PFF" series, "V" Series with 4,3,2,1 points spiders & FHB / FHAB M12 stainless steel bolts as per design.





The "PFF" Series Spiders shall have a curvilinear design to reduce stress concentration at transition points, Sleek & twisted arm design for higher torsional moment of resistance & better aesthetic features. The spiders shall be fastened to the fin glass with high tensile strength SS 316 Countersunk Allen bolts. The Flat head bolts for facade glass shall be of SS 316 with an outer diameter of 38mm and all necessary accessories. The "V" Series Spiders shall be with open web arm structure for higher section modulus & flexural strength Support Sturcture : The Intermediate Support Structure to be designed, provided as per structural drawing . The structure should be designed to hold the Forces & Reactions due to Wind Load & Self weight of the Complete Spider Glazing System. This structure should be feasible to accomodate the Fin Shoe Bracket & Fin Bracket as indicated in the dwg. The spiders shall be manufactured by investment casting process of grade SS 316 as per EN Norms

All screws, all weather elements such as flashing, coping, approved Dow Corning sealants, etc to make the system completely waterproof. All spider fittings should be designed to support the weight of the glass by direct bearing on the bolts wherein the structure should be designed as per the relevant codes and should be able to withstand the relevant thermal movements. Design calculations for the facade to be furnished for approval by Engineer-In-Charge with all leads and lifts.


Supply and fixing of structural glazing including necessary scaffolding using colour anodised aluminium sections of approved colour special Jindal sections 22736 for peripheral frame sections, section 22738 for intermediate verticals and horizontals in semi unitized system to form grids of size as per the architectural and site requirements and securily fixing the basic frame work onto the masonry with adequate and properly designed achorfasterners Fisher/Hilti make nut and bolts, etc. The frame work has to be finished to line and level, for providing single glazing with heat strengthened, soft coat temperable 6 mm thick reflective Saint Gobain of approved colour placed horizontally on to the sub frame Jindal 22740 and packing with suitable aluminium angle section to meet the same glass in line with spacer foam tape Norton and applied with architectural grade silicon construction sealant (UV resistant) of Dow corning 795 with requisite structural bite applied along the perimeter of each glass pane properl dull matt finished 15 MICRON thick including cost of putty , 230mm centres, missible deflecting of not more than 2 .

Cured glass panes along with sub frame may be fixed on to the main frame work with necessary thermal gaskets and adequate fasteners to line and level. Space for thermal expansions between glass modules shall be restricted to 18 mm and 20 mm for single glazing and baker rod placed between glass panes and covered with water proof rubber strips fixed on to the sub frame, the gap between baker rod and rubber strip & joint of curved panels to be provided with weather sealant Dow corning 789. The gaps around the peripheral frame work and the adjacent masonry/RCC shall be applied with Dow corning 795 or equivalent with requisite structural bite with a provision of 10% openable shutter etc., all as per th direction of Engineer-In-Charge.

Structural glazing of sizes as per the Architectural and site requirements of Saint Gobain-heat strengthened, soft coat 6mm thick reflective glazing of approved colour-cool lite STdeep green (ST 408) or equivalent in rectangular, triangular and curved shapes.






Supplying and fixing frameless 10mm thk toughened glass door with stailess steel handle for a clear opening of size as indicated in drawing with DORMA Universal Patch fittings. Wall connecting profile system as per DORMA Universal, consisting of base section, with bore holes (every 300 mm), including clamping parts with screws and gasket strips to be provided to fix glass to the side walls and ceiling as per specification, with heavy duty floor springs, side fixed panels and all necessary hardware complete etc., in all floors with all lead and lifts.

Fully glazed Sliding door(DORMA):





Terms &conditions : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. VAT @14% Is applicable 50% Payment has to be done in advance. 40% payment has to be done after 50% work is finished Balance Payment should be done within 10days after work is finished. Scaffolding is Your scope