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Explanation of historical 13 demands of Hefajzat-e-Islam Bangladesh

In order to end all confusions surrounding the 13 points demands and answer questions relating to them Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh has published a detailed explanation of the points and clarified its views. The Amir of Hefazat-e-Islam and the Director-General of Darul Ulum Hathazari Madrasa Allama Shafi presented this explanation in front of all press and media. He said, there is no room for misunderstanding and misconstruing our message. We devised these demands on 09 March in the National Ulema Mashayekh Conference where the most respected Islamic leaders and scholars contributed to points and approved them. These demands are crucial for preserving Islam in this country and preserving the independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh. No sensible person can possibly disagree with our demands. Allama Shafi expressed hopes that there will be no confusion after this clarification. Allama Shafi added that point 12 and 13 have been merged as they are conceptually similar and new content has been added under point 13 for its relevance. The explanation for the 13 points demands provided by Allam Shah Ahmed Shafi is quoted below verbatim: 1. Reinstate Complete trust and faith in almighty Allah in the constitution. Explanation: Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country where 90 percent of the population is Muslim. Complete trust and faith in Allah is the most essential component of the Islamic faith. The people of this country are devoutly religious. They wake up to the call of Morning Prayer every day. This was reflected in the Fifth Amendment of the constitution. The Fifth Amendment introduced Bismillah and Complete trust and faith in Allah as the most fundamental facet of the Constitution. But unfortunately the Grand Alliance led government, which is influenced by the extreme left, completely disregarded the public opinion and amended the Constitution to remove complete faith and trust in Allah. The government replaced complete faith and trust in Allah from the Constitution with secularism by enacting the 15th amendment. The government used its majority power to amend the Constitution and essentially drove the country toward a religion free state. By doing so the government simply made the dream of the extreme left come true. The government also attacked the faith of the Muslims of this country by leaning toward the extreme left. The people, including the scholars and people from all political background, forcefully protested this and have been protesting by way of strikes and other demonstrations. But the government is not listening to anyone. After that the government started to reshape education system according to secular principles, the result of which can already be seen. Anti Islamic ideas and statements were included in the text books. Young children have to read indecent materials about sex in the text. The government took many steps to eradicate the spirit of religion and sponsor cultural pollution. Atheism and anti religious activities have reached a dangerous level.

For these reasons the God loving people led by Hefazat-e-Islam took to the streets to reinstate complete faith and trust in Allah. Hefazat-e-Islam has put forth this as the primary demand for very logical reasons. Corers of people have already expressed their solidarity with this demand by way of supporting and participating in the 6 March long march. The people who overcame the obstacles placed by the government to participate in the meeting in Dhaka and the people around the country who supported this demonstration on 6 March expressed solidarity with the 13 points demands. These demands are now the demands of the God fearing people of this country and they are very logical demands. 2. The Jatiya Sangsad (national assembly) has to pass laws with the provision of death penalty as the highest punishment for maligning Allah, Prophet (pbuh), and Islam. Explanation: No country or society has ever supported the malicious slandering of religion. No one has the right to insult anothers faith. Yet we see a certain religious fanatics, extremist apostates, and atheists maligning religion. For this reason many countries have strict laws to punish this kind of people who maliciously incite hatred. But it is an unfortunate reality that the second largest Muslim country Bangladesh, where 90 percent of the people are Muslims, is infested with atheist and apostate fanatics who are continuously attacking Islam in the vilest manner. To punish these wretched wrongdoers the scholars and the God fearing people have long been demanding for the death penalty to be incorporated into a law against such malicious slanderous propagation. But no government has paid slightest attention to this important and fair demand. Recently the extreme obscenities by the bloggers related to the Shahbag movement have been exposed. These bloggers wrote the most disgusting and sickening slanders about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Prior to this the highest court of the country directed the government to take appropriate action against these crimes. But the government did not act. People like Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin insulted religion in various manners. The people ousted them from the country. Insulting religion has become a dangerous trend now. Atheists, apostates, and a few non Muslims haters of Islam are now carrying out this kind of activities in an organized manner. They are doing this using blogs, facebook, twitter and other social media. The God loving people of this country cannot accept this. So it has become absolutely necessary to pass a law making the death penalty the highest punishment for obscene insults of religion. To prevent any kind of communal violence and unrest in the country this kind of strict law is necessary as well. The holy Quran and Hadis mention in several places that death is the just punishment for atheists and apostates. It is not necessary to change the government structure or create an Islamic state for such kind of punishment. The way the Shariah regulates marriages, divorces, distribution of property similarly this law can be implemented. If there is a law against insulting the late President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman then it is only reasonable that there should be a law to punish those who insult Allah and the Prophet (pbuh) because crores of people love Allah and the prophet (pbuh). Why we have to demonstrate and struggle for this? The government should pass this law on its own accord and fulfill its duty as a government of Muslim people.

3. The campaign and propaganda of the atheists, apostates, and Islam haters connected to the so called Ganajagaran Mancha must be stopped. And the atheists, apostates, and Islam hating persons or organizations that are trying to create discord in the country by publishing malicious and slanderous contents in any medium must be arrested and given exemplary punishment. Explanation: Even without taking religious sentiment into account such malicious and obscene slanders should not be accepted in the interest of keeping harmony and peace. This should not be accepted by any civilized society. Democratic principles do not allow for tolerating such extremity expressed in the most vile and pornographic language. These people have even surpassed the westerners. A sane Muslim person cannot even read these fully. We demand the arrest of these bloggers and their punishment. If this is not ensured then national and international conspirators might seize this opportunity to create havoc in the country which will eventually threaten the independence and the law and order situation of the country. 4. For the betterment of the country there is no other alternative to empowering the women. To achieve this we must ensure security, education, health, safe job environment, honourable living, and fair wages for the women. To secure our women in their homes and in workplaces and to prevent sexual harassment the overall security must be improved and women must be encouraged to dress modestly and encouraged to wear the hijab. And at the same time the mingling of men and women immodestly in the public places, harassment of women, open fornication and adultery, sexual harassment, all forms of violence against women, the tradition of dowry, and other forms of oppression on women must be stopped and dealt with strictly. Explanation: The atheist bloggers connected with the so called Ganajagarn Mancha did not stop at insulting and mocking God, the Prophet (pbuh), Islam, and the Muslims. They have openly waged war against the traditional practices of this society. Men and women are not only openly mixing in the streets but they are spending nights together in the streets under one tent. This is happening in Shahbag which cannot be accepted even taking into account no religious considerations. The culture nourished at Shahbag will threaten the safety of the women first. Hefazat-e-Islam included this demand to protect the women. Islam made the hijab mandatory to protect women from harassment and at the same time Islam created this wonderful balance by ordering the men to lower their gaze and maintain appropriate distance with unrelated women. So, there is no reason why women should not get out of their homes and go to work wearing hijab or wearing clothes that are not sexually provocative. Islam takes the safety of women very seriously. We are very clear on this issue. There is nothing to prevent women from getting out of their homes, receiving education, and going to work wearing the hijab or dressing in a manner that is modest. For instance if there can be separate colleges and schools for women then it should not be a problem to create separate workplaces for them.

5. Anti Islamic aspects and provisions in the Women Policy and in the Education Policy must be abolished and from the elementary stage to the higher secondary level the basic teachings of Islam must be made mandatory for Muslim students. Explanation: We demand to abolish all anti Quran and Sunnah provisions from the women policy including the equal rights law relating to abandoned property. We also call for withdrawing from the controversial UN SIDO treaty. Many Christian leaders including the Pope, and many Christian and Muslim countries expressed their opposition to this treaty. This treaty, if implemented, will destroy the family. This treaty gives legal right to sex outside of marriage. We want to say to the women that Islam ensures the dignity, rights, and safety of women in the best way. And the atheists treat the women as materials for hedonistic enjoyment. On the other hand the education policy adopted by the government minimizes religious education. Even though study of religion is included it is presented in such deceitful manner that it will end up making the students distant from religion. The wrong and misleading presentation of Islam in the 2013 elementary and secondary text books are completely unacceptable. Also the thoughtless sex education can lead to dangerous moral decay in the future. To save humans from the bestial nature religious education and religious minds are essential. We have been calling for the proper inclusion of religious teachings in all levels of education. Islam has always been against injustice, unfairness, bribery, corruption, drugs, gambling, falsehood, murder, fighting, and terrorism. Therefore, to create a healthy and ideal society there can be no alternatives to teaching religion.

6. Erecting statues, lighting candles like the idolaters and the invasion of anti religious cultures must be stopped. Explanation: In a country of 90 percent Muslims it cannot be desired that statues of human figures and animals are erected and venerated by placing flowers at the altars of those statues. This practice has been increasing in an alarming rate. Islam has forbidden making and paying respect to inanimate statues. But we are not against art. In fact Islam encourages art that are beautiful and enlightening. Lighting candles and lamps is the culture of the fire worshippers. The so called Ganajagaran Mancha is trying to smuggle in this culture. They are attacking the sentiments of the Muslims by emulating the fire worshippers. If someone has this kind of ritual in their religion they are of course free to practice it when and however they want. But to order this from the Ganajagaran Mancha and make the entire young population to abide by its rules and to force them to embrace this culture is unacceptable. The God loving people of this country will not tolerate this. It is very logical to demand a stop to these kinds of activities.

7. Mocking Islamic attires like the Kufi, beard, and other Islamic culture in radio and television must be stopped. The disgusting practice of making antagonists in plays and in cinemas wear Islamic attires and thus creating anti Islamic feelings among the youth has to stop too. Explanation: The mocking of Islam in the media has increased dangerously. Characters of murderers, rioters, terrorists, and traitors are shown wearing Pajama-Punjabi, and kufi and beard. These are clear attempts to demean Islam and Muslims. This cannot go no in a country of 90 percent Muslims neither can it be termed as expression of free thought. The result of this can be seen now. The way the Shahbagis are attacking people with beard and kufi and elderly Muslims and the way they are attacking the Islamic culture is rarely seen even in non Muslim countries. So the logic behind this demand hardly needs to be explained.

8. Muslims must be able to freely go to the mosques, including the national mosque, and be able to pray and carry out other religious activities. Explanation: Currently the government is trying to control mosques and Madrasa for political reasons. Recently the gates of the national mosque Baitul Mukarram have been blockaded, police shot at the worshippers in the mosque, shot tear gas shell, harassed people, entered the mosque wearing boots, and humiliated the Muslims. There have been numerous instances of preventing religious conferences and talks by not giving permission to hold conference or even by taking away the microphones. This is a clear violation of the right of the Muslims in this country. The government cannot impose its political views on people.

9. The anti Islamic and anti Bangladesh NGOs and Christian missionaries across the country, particularly in Chittagong must be stopped. Explanation: The western Christian world has deep conspiratorial plans to implement in Chittagong. This is not a secret anymore. Mass conversions in the Chittagong hill areas have reached such epidemic proportion that it has become a threat for the countrys security. A few notorious NGOs are targeting poor areas where they are giving aid to convert Muslim children and elderly people to Christianity. This is very worrying indeed. Our demand is that government must identify these people by using its intelligence and expel them from the country to protect its security.

10. The Quadiyanis must be declared non Muslims and their propaganda and covert activities must be stopped. Explanation: The Quadiyanis are in deep conspiracy to convert the simple Muslims of this country to their fake religion. Golam Ahmad Quadiyani at times claimed to be the final messenger, at times Jesus (pbuh), and also claimed at times to be Imam Mahdi. His followers

now claim to be Muslims. Many simple Muslims have been deceived by this group. To stop them the government must declare them non Muslims and follow the example of other Muslim countries. This has also been a long time demand of ours.

11. Attacks, suppression, oppression, threats and intimidation, indiscriminate shooting and killing of God and prophet loving people, scholars, madrasa students, and imams must be stopped. Explanation: Scholars, madrasa students, imams, and God loving people have faced much oppression in trying to raise their fair and just demands. They have been intimidated by government brutes. The police shot them indiscriminately and carried out genocide. This must be stopped. This cannot go on in an independent and democratic country.

12. The arrested students, teachers and scholars be must be released and the cases against them must be withdrawn immediately. Explanation: During the movement of Hefazat-e-Islam to restore faith, creed, countrys security, socio-cultural values, and religion many scholars, imams, khatibs, and innocent people were arrested. They have been charged with false cases. Many people lost their lives and many were injured who are receiving treatment now. We demand the immediate release of the arrested and compensations for the dead and the injured.

13. The rights of the minorities must be protected. Measures must be taken to maintain communal harmony and peace. Explanation: Bangladesh is a bright example of communal harmony and peace. People of different faiths have lived happily side by side for centuries. To ruin this wonderful image of our country and spoil the peace a group of conspirators are exerting their best efforts. We demand that the perpetrators who attacked on the minorities and their places of worship must be identified immediately and be brought to justice. We urge the government to keep vigilant watch to ensure the safety of the Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and people of other faiths.