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Gwen Jake Paster Weng Manlangit Fields: Photography, Videography Skills: Photo Editing, Video Editing Background: Mr.

. Manlangit is a student of University of Minadanao taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. When he was in college, he worked part-time as a photographer. He was a fashion photographer for 4 seasons of Philippine Fashion Week. He is an expert in wedding photography. One of his sessions was with the wedding of Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer. He worked in several studios including Lito Sy, Runway Medium: Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas or Final Cut for videos Adobe Photoshop for photos Subject: Wedding, Fashion, Glamour Style: Traditional/Classic Portrait, Lifestyle Portrait, Contemporary Portrait, Conceptual Portrait Art Process: Pre-production: Consider the fashion style of his models, especially the clothing and makeup. Also, lighting should be appropriate per concept. Production: Let the models express themselves. The rest depends on Mr. Manlangits concept of beauty. Post-production: Mr. Manlangit does not edit much of the models. He is more focused in editing the environment which will make the models stand out. Studio: Imagine Fotofun, Door #3 JM Bldg., Gov. Sales St., Davao City

Price: Wedding Php 20,000-Php 100,000 depending on the locations, the concept and whether it includes videography. Role of Art: Art, for Mr. Manlangit, is an instrument of expression. Without it, there will be no photographs that will capture every second of a history. That is why, artists, like him, should never stop learning, they should continue upgrading their skills.

ANALYSIS: Mr. Manlangit, for us, is an artist. Even though his creations are in fixed price and his works are not publicly displayed, he has eyes for artistically beautiful photographs. When he showed us his works, we were in awe for the magnificence of real pictures. Nowadays, pictures are often edited too much which brings the scene unreal. Instead of finding photoshopped works, Mr. Manlangits fi nished works are truly genuine and flawless. For someone who is in the field of digital media, he is one of those old-fashioned photographers who rely mostly on the subject and not on his editing software. Another thing that makes him an artist is his style of making his models stood out even though the background and surrounding will make one breathless. We noticed that all his works contains breath-taking scenes from the nature but not as focused as were the models. His eye for a magnificent photograph makes him an artist.

COMMENTS ON HIS WORKS: A photograph is a paused memory we can never bring back again. Seeing Mr. Manlangits works, you will feel like you were part of the celebrations where he took the pictures. Everything was caught and placed into a photograph. The scenery and the smiles of the people that were in the pictures he took were all very genuine and unique. The wedding he captured has shown the moments of wonderful love stories and uniqueness in every relationship. Every photo is beautiful and captivating.

Humanities 1 Summer 2013

Submitted by: Carl Michael Chua Arlene Adrianne Go Merry Chimera Oraiz Renz Garret Platon Guila Rose Rubis IT2B/11:00-12:30

April 30, 2013

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