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465 Prostitution
I. What is Prostitution?

A. Performance of sexual acts with another person in return for the payment of a fee 1. Usually performed by women for men, sometimes men for men 2. Most prostitutes are willing to engage sexual acts with anyone who will pay them, but some have been known to impose hygienic, age, health, and racial or ethnic criteria. B. Model or prostitute? 1. Person performing sexual acts in exchange for gifts or future favors. 2. Person who performs sexual acts for a movie or magazine. II. History A. Known as the world's oldest profession 1. Street-walking harlots 2. Courtesans - women for royalty B. Ancient societies 1. Egyptian and Babylonian a. Sexual relations with priest will bring one closer to God. 2. Greek a. Hetaerae (good friends) - high class prostitutes living in their own district were for pleasure b. Concubines - for daily care c. Wives to bear legitimate children and guard household. 3. Rome a. Regarded with indulgence, had to wear distinctive clothing and have red or blonde hair C. Old testament and early Christianity 1. Strongly against 2. Jewish fathers were not to allow their daughters into prostitution 3. It was a necessary evil 4. Leviticus 19:29 D. Modem history 1. Many attempts to stop it 2. It is continuous because: a. Right price b. Sells quickly c. Emotionally uninvolved d. Caters to those who are physically unattractive

Solicit business to people walking by 2. 2. Need large sums of money to support drug habits Excitement of illegal. 5. Operate from home. Financial a. Kinds of prostitutes 1. Hazards 1. C. Only certain locals from where prostitutes work 2. 4. Two trends regarding state involvement 1. The Law A. 3. Street-walkers a. Decriminalization a.III. Pros: . Legalization a. night life. usually have roster of regular customers Pimps a. Take much of what prostitutes earn b. Possibility of arrest Venereal disease Mistreated by customer Exploited by pimps Forced into underground crime Become "social outcast" making it more difficult to return to a normal life IV. then encourage them to pay for sexual relations Call gifts a. Bar gifts a. Bail them out of jail B. Attractions 1. Government control b. freedom from supervision 2. Most can't earn that much in other lines of work b. Removal of criminal penalties for prostitution b. 6. The World of Prostitution A. Entertain men in clubs. Mandatory medical examination d. 3. Licensing c. 4.

S. Public solicitation outlawed a. except in one county in Nevada a. Would encourage more to become prostitutes 3). Laws in other countries 1. Laws violate standards of equal protection C. Nuisance b. The immorality of prostitution justifies it as a criminal offence 2). Hand in hand with other crimes such as assault and theft B. No one can rent to them . Constitutional questions raised 1. Illegal in all of U. fined. Cons: 1). The women there are fingerprinted and carry I.S. Enforcement of laws banning prostitution is intrusion into areas of private behavior 2. Offensive 3. End process where prostitutes are arrested.S. Reduction in police corruption involving payoffs to law enforcement personnel c. Illegal to live off earnings of a prostitute a. Free police and courts from victimless crime and allow cops to work against serious threats to public safety 3). released back for work 2). 1. favored decriminalizing prostitution a. Public opinion poll showed half of U. More men than women favored D. In many European countries prostitution is not a criminal offence 2.1). Laws in U.D. cards 2.