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Katha books for children

Spring catalogue 2011

KATHAKAAR, Kathas Centre for Childrens Literature, was set up

in 1992 as part of Katha Vilasam, the Story Research and Resource Centre. It endeavours to initiate children into the colourful world of literature by publishing splendidly illustrated storybooks. Drawing inspiration from Kathas various activities with children, Kathakaar works with a pool of writers and illustrators, to nurture reading habits in children, and paves the way for their all round development. We showcase the many traditions of Indian storytelling in beautifully written, illustrated, edited and produced books that have gone on to win international awards.

books are cool!

BE A KATHA STORY AMBASSADOR! Love books? Convinced

that children should grow up reading? Welcome to the Katha Story Ambassador Programme! We offer you an excellent opportunity to share your passion with assistance of our beautiful books with friends, acquaintances and relatives at a place and time that suits you best! Or help us market our books through the internet. Start your own home-based business in books. Sign up now! And earn a commission plus loyalty points in the bargain! Write to us at to know more.

TEACHER TRAINING: Since 1990, Katha has been training


Presenting a sack full of stories, just perfect for the young readers. Also available with this, are a million ideas on classroom resources and aids. Find here Picture Books, My First Novels, The KathaIndica NonFiction Titles, the unique I Love Earth Colouring Encyclopaedia (to hit the stores by May 2011) and expect the child to be transported not just to a world of make believe but to one that is infinitely more beautiful, and yet within reach. Here are stories chosen with immense care and explored in-depth for their effect on impressionable hearts much before they take on the fine print of an adult world. Something that will remain and colour their years to come. Come; experience the magic of story, the magic of Katha

teachers. A research based story approach flanked by great books inspires the child-centric training that builds in teachers the ability to teach a curriculum for life or the KREAD WAY, the Katha Relevant Education for All-round Development. Designed and in use since 1992, the training includes STORY PEDAGOGY and Kathas reading matrix, RUCHI, to help your children to Read, Use, Comprehend Holistically and Intuitively.

THE I LOVE READING CAMPAIGN: Our 22 years experience and

expertise led to a Delhi Government invitation to take the Katha Campaign into 50 MCD Schools. ILR also works in 72 slum, street and tribal communities to impact more than 100,000 children. Supporters: UNESCO, UNICEF and the Delhi Government. Write to for more information.

Walk the Grasslands with Takuri

Nima Manjrekar and Nandita Hazarika Art by Maya Ramaswamy
Join the shy and super adorable Takuri on a tour of his undulating grasslands home, where the wind plays Chinese whispers and the crumbling leaves tickle your feet. Also meet Takuris friends - the lumbering rhino, the leaping florican, the bear who snacks on termites and many more strangely wonderful creatures. This holiday to the lush greens, pointing out the sights and sounds along the way, is sure to reveal some jaw dropping facts and some that will make you CHUCKLE! Age Suggestion - 2-5 Years
Pub: 2010 | pp. 32 | 9X7 ISBN 978-81-89934-48-4 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 978-81-89934-49-1 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA

Days with Thathu

Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Nancy Raj
A magically beautiful story about Malar and her grandfather. A laptime, bedtime, anytime story for you to share. Enjoy!


Age Suggestion - 8+ Years

Pub: 2010 | pp. 40 | 11 x 8.5 ISBN 978-81-89934-47-7 [hb] [eng] | Rs 250 ISBN 978-81-87649-86-1 [pb] [eng] | Rs 195 World Rights: KATHA

This book was a pleasure to read, a treat for the eyes and mind, a book full of information presented in an extremely readable format. Saffron Tree

The attractive pictures in the book support your imagination as you ride and play along with Malar and Thathu. Robin Age


For the Love of a Cat

Rosalind Wilson Art by Wen Hsu
A painter loves his cat as much as he loves painting. But when the starving artist is commissioned to paint a picture of the Buddha, he must choose between his art and his pet

Moon, Ramu and I

Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Harshvardhan Kadam
Slip into your invisible space suits for a swashbuckling adventure trip to the moon! Get set for this spellbinding story packed with action and fun.

The story imparts a subtle message of love and caring for all of Gods creatures and reinforces the fact that animals have feelings, too. Pulsating colours and brilliant execution with paper cuts-outs, against a background of soft water colours, the illustrations lend to the vibrancy of the story. A truly heart-warming story! Young India Books

Age Suggestion - 8+ Years

Pub: 2010 | pp. 32 | 11 x 8.5 ISBN 978-81-89934-50-7 [hb] | Rs 350 ISBN 978-81-87649-86-1 [pb] | Rs 250 ISBN 978-81-89934-52-1 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 250 World Rights: KATHA

Age Suggestion - 5+ Years

Pub: 2010 | pp. 32 | 8.5X11 ISBN 978-81-89934-58-3 [hb] [eng] | Rs 275 ISBN 978-81-89934-60-6 [hb] [hindi] | Rs 275 World Rights: KATHA

chitrakala winners 2009

p er U ala nn itrak or u R Ch 9 f tha 200 g K a ard ndin Aw utsta ivity O reat C

Mai and her Friends

Concept and Art by Durga Bai
One dark stormy night, Konda wanders far away from home and is lost. Her family, a young calf and Mai, set out to look for her, and thus begins an extraordinary tale of caring and companionship. With its unlikely heroes, the story is sure to be loved by children and parents alike.

chitrakala winners 2009

Katha recognizes exemplary childrens book illustrations and concepts by way of the Katha Chitrakala Award. Illustrators with that magical eye and a way with colours are invited to create the most wonderful books for Indian children. This is an international search for excellence the only one of its kind in India open to all illustrators, emerging or established, in India and abroad, word and image storytellers who can make a vital and significant difference to the world of childrens books.

Age Suggestion - 2-5 Years

Pub: 2010 | pp. 32 | 9X7 ISBN 978-81-89934-55-2 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 978-81-89934-56-9 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA

An interesting and inspiring tale about love, affection, helping and acknowledging. Literary Sojourn

tha K a akala or tr i 9f Ch d 200 ing r d a n Aw utsta ivity O reat C

Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Rajiv Eipe
A one-of-a-kind Dino loves taking children out for a ride until he bumps into a strange problem. What follows next is sure to leave you rollicking. With snazzy illustrations folding in the fun, this book is a must have for all you little dinofreaks. Age Suggestion - 5+ Years
Very classy and very stylish. Literary Sojourn

Ball Heaven
Diego Castellanos Art by Paula Bossio
Do you know where all the balls being tossed from player to player in curves and loops and straight lines finally go? Join the journey of one such ball to an intriguing new world.

K a Runn th e Aw a Ch r Up ard itra Ou 20 k 09 ala ts Cr tand for eat ing ivit y

Age Suggestion - 8+ Years

Pub: 2010 | pp. 32 | 7X9 ISBN 978-81-89934-57-6 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 978-81-89934-58-3 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA

Pub: 2010 | pp. 32 | 8.5X11.75 ISBN 978-81-89934-53-8 [hb] [eng] | Rs 295 ISBN 978-81-89934-54-5 [hb] [hindi] | Rs 295 World Rights: KATHA

A Lion in Paris
Beatrice Alemagna
Join the adventures of the young, curious and lonely lion as he leaves his sunny savannah and travels to the beautiful city of Paris in search of work, love and a future.

le rab ou on n Ho enti l of M nia s n on Bie strati 2003 Illu slava ti Bra

The Song of a Scarecrow

Suddhasattwa Basu
What happens when the scarecrow decides to leave his field one day? This wonderfully imaginative book helps the child to see that everything in our world has a role to play and we are all responsible for one another.

katha bestsellers

katha world library

Age Suggestion - 5+ Years

Pub: 2009 | pp. 32 | 8.5X11 ISBN 978-81-89934-27-9 [pb] [eng] | Rs 150 ISBN 978-81-89934-40-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 150 World Rights: KATHA

A great read, especially one you can enjoy with your child cuddled up next to you with a cup of cocoa. Parenting

Age Suggestion - 5+ Years

Pub: 2004 | pp. 32 | 10X8 ISBN 978-81-87649-56-4 [hb] [eng] | Rs 170 ISBN 978-81-89020-08-8 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 978-81-89020-71-2 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 90 World Rights: KATHA

An imaginative and thought-provoking book with interesting illustrations. The New Indian Express

Fledolin Upside Down

Antje Damm
All bats hang with their heads down but Fledolin he stands firmly on the ground! Read this upside down book and find out how its great fun to be topsy-turvy just like Fledolin!

Kaleh and the Sing Song Castle

By Rizio Yohannan Raj Art by Anahita Taymourian
Do you know of a quirky crow who loves cheese but loves singing more? Do you too love to dream like Kaleh? Then come along and see how a simple song can take you a long way and make your dreams come true!

K a Runn th e Aw a Ch r Up ard itra Ou 20 k 06 ala ts Cr tand for eat ing ivit y

The book speaks of lifes fundamentals and is worth a try, if youre looking to boost your kids thinking power and imagination. New Woman

Age Suggestion - 5+ Years

Pub: 2010 | pp. 32 | 11 x 8.5 ISBN 978-81-89934-38-5 [pb] [eng] | Rs 150 ISBN 978-81-89934-39-2 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 150 World Rights: KATHA A simply delightful story. The narration is supported by colourful and vibrant illustrations. Parenting

Age Suggestion - 5+ Years

Pub: 2007 | pp. 24 | 11 x 8.5 ISBN 978-81-89934-01-9 [pb] [eng] | Rs 120 World Rights: KATHA

tha K a akala or itr 6f Ch d 200 ing r a nd Aw utsta ivity O reat C

The Famous Smile

Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Rashin Kheiriyeh
After several failed attempts, Agar Magar finally makes it big. Come, take a tour of the mighty river, the deep forest and the big town, as Agar Magar goes places, flaunting his sparkling, shiny teeth and his Famous Smile.

p er U a nn Ru th Nom rs 10 ncou Co

Daddoos Day Out

Prabhjot Kaur
Daddoo, the little frog, decides to do something different on her day out ... A lively book that celebrates friendship and introduces children to the world of animals, colours and sizes.

katha bestsellers

Age Suggestion - 5+ Years

katha bestsellers

Pub: 2007 | pp. 32 | 8X10 ISBN 978-81-89020-67-5 [pb] [eng] | Rs 150 ISBN 978-81-89934-28-6 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 150 World Rights: KATHA

Katha has a real soft corner for kids. Which is why it has created such a gorgeous picture book for children. Whats Hot, Times of India

Age Suggestion - 2-5 Years

Pub: 2004 | pp. 24 | 8X10 ISBN 978-81-87649-94-6 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 978-81-89020-13-7 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA

The story has illustrations in bright and bold colours that merge into each other to give an adventurous feel to the story. The language used throughout the story is very lucid and easy to understand. A great read-aloud book to share with a young child. The New Indian Express

One Lonely Unicorn

Meenakshi Bharadwaj Art by Sonali Biswas
An innovative book that introduces the concept of numbers through a story. Children will love the unicorn and her many animal friends!

R m un Ho a Co ner U no p n Bie urab cours nn le M 200 i Illu al of enti 0 Jap strat Asian on an ors 200 2 No

The Princess with the Longest Hair

Komilla Raote Art by Vandana Bist
This is the fascinating story of a princess who has the longest and most beautiful hair in the whole kingdom. Read on to find out about her journey to the mountains and all the people and animals whose lives she touches on the way.


ra P gem ma rize ent Co 198 ncou 9 rs



Make children learn counting by counting the animals in the forest. The one unicorn, the two birds, the three elephants... The Hindu

Age Suggestion - 2-5 Years

Pub: 2004 | pp. 32 | 10 x 8 ISBN 978-81-87649-96-0 [hb] [eng] | Rs 120 ISBN 978-81-89020-05-6 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 978-81-89020-98-9 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 120 World Rights: KATHA

A book that is sure to keep you glued to its pages. The Hindustan Times

Age Suggestion - 5+ Years

Pub: 2004 | pp. 24 | 10 x 8 ISBN 978-81-89020-06-4 [hb] [eng] | Rs 120 ISBN 978-81-89020-03-3 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 978-81-89020-14-5 [pb] [eng] | Rs 80 World Rights: KATHA

Free Mountain
Kaveri Chatterji Art by Shweta Mohapatra
Long long ago, all mountains could fly. They swam through clouds and skies so high. And then came a day when Find out what happens next in this story that comes alive with brilliant art. Wonderfully imaginative, ringing with music and rhythm, this book is sure to inspire every girl who dreams of flying!

Mo...aning Morris
Franz Hubner Art by Mario Kessler
A delightful little book that helps us realize that adapting to other people is easier than we think. And fun too!

for 2 to 5 year olds

for 2 to 5 year olds

Pub: 2004 | pp. 32 | 5X8 ISBN 81-87649-93-3 [pb] [eng] | Rs 65 ISBN 81-89020-09-9 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 45 World Rights: KATHA

Pub: 2010 | pp. 32 | 9X7 ISBN 978-81-89934-43-9 [pb] [eng] | Rs 120 ISBN 978-81-89934-44-6 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 120 World Rights: KATHA

A simple tale rhythmically told in a lucid manner Saffron Tree

Guess Who?
Geeta Dharmarajan Art by the children of Katha Lab School
This is a song that most of us have sung as children. Katha brings this old favourite back to life, with words that resonate in English. Enjoy!

The Magic Raindrop

Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Bindia Thapar
Wouldnt you love to read a story about something which is bigger than the Big, Bigger, Biggest that you have ever known? Come join us ... Step into a wonderland of magical raindrops and unbelievable kites, told by Geeta Dharmarajan and breathtakingly illustrated by Bindia Thapar.

The books like Guess Who? provide the much needed speed-breakers in our lives Literary Sojourn

Pub: 2010 | pp. 24 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-89934-45-3 [pb] [eng] | Rs 120 ISBN 978-81-89934-46-0 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 120 World Rights: KATHA

Breathtaking illustrations by Bindia Thapar are sure to keep the reader from putting the book down long after the story is done.The pictures in astounding colours bring the characters and the setting alive. The Hindu

Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 11 x 8.5 ISBN 81-89020-28-5 [hb] [eng] | Rs 150 ISBN 81-89020-27-7 [pb] [eng] | Rs 100 ISBN 81-89020-35-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 80 World Rights: KATHA

Enrique Lara Robayo and Luis Fernando Garcia Guayara
From the window of my room I see amazing things ... A book that can be read and enjoyed by everyone from the very young to the old!

Kuttan Series
Serene Kasim | Art by Sonal Panse

for 2 to 5 year olds

for 2 to 5 year olds

Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 5X8 ISBN 978-81-87649-88-5 [hb] [eng] | Rs 100 ISBN 978-81-89020-07-2 [pb] [eng] | Rs 70 ISBN 978-81-89020-70-5 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Leaves zooms into the colour and magic of nature The Hindu

Kuttan Follows a Butterfly

A little kitten that loves to play! Meet Kuttan and his brother Appu as they go hunting for adventure.
Pub: 2008 | pp. 24 | 7.25 x 4.75 ISBN 978-81-89934-09-5 [pb] [eng]| Rs 55 ISBN 978-81-89934-35-4 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 55 World Rights: KATHA

Kuttan Meets a Furry Friend

Pub: 2008 | pp. 24 | 7.25 x 4.75 ISBN 978-81-89934-10-1 [pb] [eng]| Rs 55 ISBN 978-81-89934-36-1 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 55 World Rights: KATHA

Kuttan the kitten is as playful as ever. Come along with him and his brother Appu as they make a strange new friend.

The Runaway Puppy

Sarang Dev Murthy Art by Bindia Thapar
Little Puppy loved to jump and wag his tail. And he loved to lick. He licked everything he could find. Then one day, he peeped out through the open gate of the garden And guess what happens next? A story that helps the child discover the joys as well as responsibilities of keeping a pet.

Kuttan thinks he is grown up now. Find out if he is able to handle his noisy little cousins who pester him with questions.

Kuttan Finds Happiness

Pub: 2008 | pp. 24 | 7.25 x 4.75 ISBN 978-81-89934-12-5 [pb] [eng]| Rs 55 ISBN 978-81-89934-36-1 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 55 World Rights: KATHA

Kuttan and the Shooting Stars

Pub: 2008 | pp. 24 | 7.25 x 4.75 ISBN 978-81-89934-13-2 [pb] [eng]| Rs 55 Pub: 2004 | pp. 24 | 10 x 8 ISBN 978-81-87649-61-8 [pb] [eng] | Rs 75 ISBN 978-81-89020-12-5 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA ISBN 978-81-89934-37-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 55 World Rights: KATHA

One clear and dreamy night, Kuttan sees a light streak across the sky. Arent you curious to know what it was? Find out in Kuttans fourth fascinating adventure.

The books are light and easy, and could well entice many children to the charms of reading. DNA

Pokiri Parrot & the Needle-nosed Ojha

Meenakshi Bharadwaj Art by Stephen Aitken
A smart white parrot called Pokiri is whisked away by the wicked needle-nosed Ojha. Can little Rajkumari save her precious parrot? A superb blend of magic and reality ... Join Pokiri, Rajkumari and the Ojha on a hair-raising adventure across extraordinary India. Real fun!

for 6 and above

for 2 to 5 year olds

Ma Ganga and the Razai Box

Geeta Dharmarajan | Art by Sonali Biswas
Pub: 2007 | pp. 32 | 9X7 ISBN 978-81-89020-84-2 [pb] [eng] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA Replete with factoids and trivia, this can also serve as a great geography primer for kids. Time Out

A delightful story that combines mythology and contemporary. A miffed Ganga, an awakened hill people together they once again spread Shivas matted locks the mesh of roots and branches holding back the topsoil from being swept away by the river.

The Magical Web Bridge

Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Sonali Biswas
A dreamer and a doer. Creative. Sensitive. Imaginative. Thats the baya! Fabulously illustrated by Sonali Biswas, this story by an award-winning writer for children vividly captures the spirit and joy of friendship and teamwork. A must read for bedtime, laptime or ... any time! Enjoy!

Teaching through story telling is often more entertaining and effective than laying down a list of dos and donts. The two books from Katha Ma Ganga and the Razai Box and Satyadas employ allegory to provide a charming yet instructive account of issues that affect us all. The Hindu

Pub: 2006 | pp. 32 | 8.25 x6 ISBN 81-89020-74-9 [pb] [eng] | Rs 80 ISBN 81-89020-97-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 80 World Rights: KATHA

A must have, this one. Recommended for non-sleepy times of the day, to ensure the proper impact of Sonalis visual tapestry, the big bonus of the book. Also, a definite plus is the well laid-out info at the back. The illustrator won the encouragement prize in the XII Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations. That says it all. Parenting

Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 10 x 8 ISBN 978-81-89020-18-7 [hb] [eng] | Rs 120 ISBN 978-81-89020-19-4 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 978-81-89020-20-0 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 80 World Rights: KATHA

A Jungle Safari
Geeta Dharmarajan | Art by Sonal Panse
Are you a lover of the wild and the myriad mysteries of the jungle? Do you thrill to its smells and sounds and long to trek through the meandering paths and lush greens? Come, join us on an elephant safari, and let Bhama take us through the deep, silent forests of Mudumalai in the Nilgiris, for an unforgettable experience!

Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Enrique Lara and Luis Garcia
A lyrical tribute to the earth and its amazing diversity, by Geeta Dharmarajan. With fun facts, information and superb, out-of-this-world artwork by Enrique Lara and Luis Garcia.

biome series

for 6 and above

Pub: 2006 | pp. 32 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 81-89020-39-0 [pb] [eng] | Rs 60 ISBN 81-89020-69-2 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

The narrative is snappy sustaining the thrill of all that the jungle has to offer. The Hindu

Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 8X10 ISBN 978-81-89020-40-8 [hb] [eng] | Rs 150 ISBN 978-81-89020-44-7 [pb] [eng] | Rs 120 ISBN 978-81-89020-66-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 80 World Rights: KATHA

Geeta Dharmarajan has a unique way of adding life even to the most boring subjects. If you read Earthsong, youll realize its not the environmental studies book you must have read in school. Or maybe it is, just a better one, a much better one. The New Indian Express

Autorickshaw Blues and Other Colours

Sadhana Ramchander | Art by Ragini Siruguri With help from Taposhi Ghoshal
This great book by a mother-daughter team is all about you! A refreshing look at the parent-child relationship, through poems.

Walk the Rainforest with Niwupah

Aparajita Datta and Nima Manjrekar Art by Maya Ramaswamy
Join Niwupah the Hornbill on a tour of his rainforest home, where the sights we see and the sounds we hear, the scents we smell and the creatures we meet, are like nothing weve ever imagined! Find out more about this strange and wonderful bird, too!

Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 10 x 8 ISBN 81-87649-89-5 [pb] [eng] | Rs 75 ISBN 81-89020-85-4 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA

Theres much fun to be had in the pages of this slim and accessible book. Papertigers

Authors Aparajita Datta and Nima Manjrekar, both wildlife specialists, have simplified the complex ecosystem of the rainforest, making it easy to understand and fun to read. Walk the Rainforest With Niwupah is a good introduction to the world of wildlife. The Hindu

Pub: 2005 | pp. 36 | 10 x 8 ISBN 81-89020-15-3 [hb] [eng] | Rs 150 ISBN 81-89020-16-1 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA

katha north east library

The Sky Queen

Mamang Dai Art by Srivi
The clouds form her silken white robes. Her sweat and tears are the running water and rain. Her voice rings out in the sweet songs of the birds and humming insects. She is Nyanyi Myete of the lovely, ever-changing natural world, the glorious celestial aunt of the Kojum-Koja. A superb retelling of an age-old classic folk tale from Arunachal Pradesh.

katha north east library

North East is one of the most culturally diverse regions in India. Each of the eight states has its own distinct range of cultures and traditions. A place renowned for its magical beauty and amazing diversity, the Northeast is home to more than 300 separate tribal groups, speaking a wide range of languages. These stories reiterate and celebrate the exuberance of North East.

Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 8.25X6 ISBN 978-81-89020-32-3 [pb] [eng] | Rs 80 ISBN 81-89020-82-X [pb] [hindi] | Rs 80 World Rights: KATHA

What strikes us most about Mamang Dais The Sky Queen is its bright colourful illustrations that are sprawled across the 30 odd pages of the book. The New Indian Express

First Sun Stories

Various Contributors
Sunrise stories ... Here is Kathas first collection of folk tales from North East India, lovingly retold and illustrated for children. The story of creation from the Ao people, a Khasi tale of how the peacocks tail got its golden spots, the story of the hornbill girl from the Meitis, the Tejimola legend of Assam ... and many more.

U Sier Lapalang
A Khasi tale retold by Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih Art by Maya Ramaswamy
Lapalang is a young deer in love with adventure. One day he sets off in search of something different. Not heeding his mothers words, not listening to the voice inside him. Beware! Beware of the land of the humans ... The tragic and unforgettable story of U Sier Lapalang is told and retold in the cloud land of Meghalaya. Katha is proud to bring this classic to you and your family in a beautifullyworded translation.

Pub: 2005 | pp. 88 | 11X8.5 ISBN 81-89020-33-1 [hb] [eng] | Rs 295 World Rights: KATHA

Fourteen folktales from the Northeast. And each one of them so different yet so interesting. Some funny, some sad, but all sure to keep the reader engaged to the very end. The Hindu

The sad and unforgettable story of U Sier Lapalang is told in the cloud land of Meghalaya. It is the story of Lapalang, a young deer in love with adventure ... The Hindu

Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 81-89020-31-5 [pb] [eng] | Rs 75 ISBN 978-81-89020-79-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA

katha north east library

The Story of Shangmiyang

Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya Art by Suddhasattwa Basu
A little book about the gentle, BIG giant who sneezed up a storm ... A visual delight for children, superbly illustrated by Suddhasattwa Basu. This story is excerpted and retold from Yaruingam, a novel by Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya, eminent Asomiya writer and winner of several prestigious national awards like the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1961 and the Jnanpith Award in 1979.

On The Tip of a Pin was

Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Ludmilla Chakrabarty
Uncover the mystery of the Amazing Worm, and her incredible wormholes! Go zooming with the fastest underground dancer in the world. Hop into this sci-fi tale for a journey you wont forget.

for 8 and above

Pub: 2009 | pp. 36 | 8X10 ISBN 978-81-89934-26-2 [pb] [eng] | Rs 175 ISBN 978-81-89934-41-5 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 175 World Rights: KATHA

This delectable book, like an Asterix Comic or chocolate icecream is for all ages, moods and minds. And as for the price well, its Priceless! Bolo Kids

Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 8.25X6 ISBN 81-89020-37-8 [pb] [eng] | Rs 80 ISBN 81-89020-81-1 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 80 World Rights: KATHA

The colours add to the mood and highlight the magic of the drawings. Young World

Once Upon a Moontime

Presented by Mamang Dai Art by Nimret Handa
Two brothers create the world; a river wanders over the mountain; the dove sings a lullaby; a wayward sun tries to scorch the earth. Four delightful tales from Arunachal Pradesh on how the world came to be.

Each page of the story has delightful and beautiful life-like illustrations which grab your attention and transport you to an era gone by. A magical world about which we had only imagined unfolds in front of our eyes as we read each story ... The Pioneer

Pub: 2005 | pp. 32 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 81-89020-34-X [pb] [eng] | Rs 80 ISBN 81-89020-83-5 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 80 World Rights: KATHA

Hanumans Adventures in the Nether World

Madhavi S Mahadevan | Art by Srivi
The master magician, Mayil Ravana, has cast a stupendous spell! Hes kidnapped Rama and Lakshmana. Now, no one can ever find their way to the Lotus Kingdom to rescue the princess. But, wait! There goes Hanuman, the son of the swishing wind and a trusted friend of the princes, gliding across the bluest sky in search of the nether world. He dares through crashing waves, fire-sparks and mirror-demons to blow out the slithering flames under the sea. Slip into your invisible diving suits for a splashing, big adventure!

What Shape is an Elephant?

Rumi | Art by Feeroozeh Golmohammadi
What shape is an elephant? Is it round or crooked; is it straight or is it curved? These are questions that go much deeper than they appear. The story is a translation in prose of the original verse by Rumi, the great spiritual leader of Iran. With this picture book, Katha introduces Rumi to children for the first time in India.

for 8 and above

for 8 and above

Pub: 2005 | pp. 40 | 11 x 8.5 ISBN 81-89020-30-7 [hb] [eng] | Rs 200 ISBN 81-89020-29-3 [pb] [eng] | Rs 175 ISBN 81-89020-36-6 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA

A great read for young children, this creative and highly visual text can and should also be read aloud, by both children and adults, or even dramatized, to bring history and mythology alive. Parenting

The book introduces Rumi to the readers and is simple and interesting in style. The paintings convey a poetic rhythm, with the illustrations speaking as much as the words. The Indian Express

Pub: 2006 | pp. 32 | 11 x 8.5 ISBN 978-81-89020-48-4 [hb] [eng] | Rs 150 World Rights: KATHA

Ka: The Story of Garuda

Roberto Calasso Art by Suddhasattwa Basu Retold by Geeta Dharmarajan
The skies shook, then came rains of fire. Yet Garuda, the big, black eagle, pierced through the walls of heaven to snatch away the soma. He had to. That was the only way he could free his mother. With superb artwork by award-winning illustrator, Suddhasattwa Basu, this is a fascinating version by Geeta Dharmarajan, adapted from the original international bestseller.

Partap Sharma | Art by Vandana Bist
Kalu, the poor weaver, loves the beautiful Surangini, but only the wealthiest of eligible young men can ask for her hand in marriage. Unless Kalu with his deft hands, quick wit and unselfish love can produce something like a miracle An enchanting story about what we all value and seek in life love, trust, friendship and peace. This is an abridged version of the original book, The Surangini Tales by Partap Sharma.

Spread out your wings to read the fascinating tale of Garuda, the big black eagle who won the soma from heaven to free his mother. Based on Roberto Calassos bestselling novel. Educational Initiatives

Pub: 2004 | pp. 32 | 10 x 8 ISBN 81-87649-60-7 [hb] [eng] | Rs 150 ISBN 81-89020-04-8 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 81-89020-10-2 [pb] [eng] | Rs 80 World Rights: KATHA

A magic carpet, a story within a story, an enigmatic puzzle takes place before the story ends happily ever after, but with a strange twist. The beauty of the story is further enhanced by the illustrations by Vandana Bist. The Hindu

Pub: 2005 | pp. 40 | 11 x 8.5 ISBN 81-89020-41-2 [hb] [eng] | Rs 150 ISBN 81-89020-43-9 [pb] [eng] | Rs 120 ISBN 81-89020-65-X [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA


Bimal Kar Art by Neeta Gangopadhya
A story about truth and honesty compromised when material well-being arrives. The story showcases with sensitivity the exit of humane values with the advent of material wealth and prosperity.

first novels - BalKatha

Raj Kahini
Abanindranath Tagore | Art by Vikram Nayak
Do you hear the swish of dry desert winds, the clash of swords ...? Come, enter the world of high intrigue, valour and courage in these timeless tales of Rajasthans queens and kings.
Pub 2004 | pp. 200 | 6.75x4.5 | ISBN 81-89020-52-8 [pb] [eng] | Rs 120 Nine picturesque tales that youll never forget from the master storyteller. Though a painter, Abanindranath Tagore loved writing for children. Perhaps that is why his uncle Rabindranath Tagore had urged him to write. When Abanindranath finally did, these unforgettable stories were born. Now, for the first time in English from Katha. School Planet

for 10 and above

The Myna from the Peacock Garden

Naiyer Masud
Pub: 2006 | pp. 40 | 9X6 ISBN 978-81-89020-68-4 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95 ISBN 978-81-89020-72-9 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 95 World Rights: KATHA While the charcoal sketches bring to life the humble life and household of Raghunath, the story, originally written in Bengali, is about the decline in human values as one falls a prey to greed. As the prologue to the book describes, it is a story exploring truth, falsehood and everything in between. The Hindu Falak Ara a little girl wanted this precious ornament of the sky to adorn her lonely world. Does Kale Khan receive the royal pardon for his unusual crime? Set in the times of Sultan Wajid Ali Shah in the historic and beautiful city of Lucknow, this is a poignant and unforgettable story of a fathers love for his daughter, delightfully illustrated. From the pen of one of the finest storytellers writing in Urdu today. Pub 2005 | pp. 88 | 6.75x4.5 ISBN 81-89020-45-5 [pb] [eng] | Rs 95

The Mountain of the Moon

Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay Art by Suddhasattwa Basu
The lurking danger, the mystery that shrouds it, the places you cannot run away from or hide in. Discover the magic and mystery of Africa created by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay. A must read for all those who dare to dare, dare to dream.

Parthibans Dream
Kalki | Translated by Gita Rajan | Art by Srivi
A classic by Kalki, the book traces the fall and the final realization of the illustrious King Parthiban Cholas dream of an all-powerful Chola empire and the exploits of the even more illustrious Pallava king, Narsimhan Varman.
Pub: 2006 | pp. 240 | 6.75 x 4.5 | ISBN 81-89020-64-1 [pb] [eng] | Rs 150

Pub: 2003 | pp. 152 | 8X5.5 ISBN 81-87649-30-5 [pb] [eng] | Rs 150

first novels - BalKatha

Battling Boats
Various Authors | Cover illustration: Tapas Guha

Teen Readings
Dip into a mix of unforgettable short fiction that is sure to enchant, amuse and provoke. These books from the Pocket Plus series present an eclectic collection of stories in reader friendly translations. Fine short fiction from across India, this collection is a sure way of knowing India through her stories.

first novels - BalKatha

Share the spine-tingling adventures of the brave, young heroes of this book. Rediscover excitement, mystery and thrill in this wonderful collection of stories by master storytellers from the much-loved childrens magazine Target, edited by Rosalind Wilson.
Pub: 2000 | pp. 112 | 8x5.5 | ISBN: 81-87649-03-8 [pb] [eng] | Rs 75

Ghost Stories The Nose Doctor

Various Authors | Cover illustration: Suddhasattwa Basu
Do spaceships and genies stir your imagination? Why not solve a mystery with detective Dee Kay? Come! Get set for these spellbinding stories packed with action, fun, adventure. From the marvellous childrens monthly, Target, edited by Rosalind Wilson. And plunge into worlds you have visited only in your dreams!
Pub: 2000 | pp: 144 | 8x5.5 | ISBN: 81-85586-93-4 [pb] [eng] | Rs 75

Various authors
Pub 2006 | pp. 64 | 6.75x4.5 ISBN 81-89020-53-6 | Rs 75

The Verdict
Various authors
Pub: 2006 | pp. 136 | 6.75x4. 5 ISBN 81-89020-60-9 | Rs 95

Night of the Third Crescent

Various authors
Pub: 2005 | pp. 144 | 6.75x4. 5 ISBN 81-89020-51-X | Rs 95

Grinny, the Green Dinosaur

Various Authors
A collection of delightful stories from the popular childrens magazine Target, edited by Rosalind Wilson.
Pub: 2000 | pp: 144 | 8x5.5 ISBN: 81-87649-02-X [pb] [eng] | Rs 75

The Bell
Various authors
Pub: 2006 | pp. 144 | 6.75x4. 5 ISBN 81-89020-63-3 | Rs 95

Bhikus Diary
Various authors
Pub: 2005 | pp. 136 | 6.75x4. 5 ISBN 81-89020-59-5 | Rs 95

The Carpenters Apprentice

Various Authors | Cover illustration: Jagdish Aich Roy
Rediscover an extraordinary world of words with stories from Target the much-loved childrens magazine, edited by Rosalind Wilson. An enthralling collection put together in a new volume by Katha, with delightful, vintage illustrations. Ideal for curling up with on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Pub: 1999 | pp. 136 | 8x5.5 | ISBN: 81-85586-94-2 [pb] [eng] | Rs 75

Lucoses Church
Various authors
Pub: 2005 | pp. 120 | 6.75x4. 5 ISBN 81-89020-50-1 | Rs 95

The Dragonfly
Various authors
Pub: 2005 | pp. 176 | 6.75x4. 5 ISBN 81-89020-62-5 | Rs 95

Hindi Easy Readers

Heres an exciting new way to fun learning. Easy readers are cornucopia of fun with an amusing dose on the language, acquainting young learners to new words and nuances of Hindi. The series comes with teaching resources and lucidly communicate new ideas and tested methods, invaluable to educators.

Ek Tha Mota Raja

Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Sujata Singh
Pub: 1992 | pp. 16 | 9X7 ISBN 978-81-85586-08-3 | Rs 50

Hindi easy readers

Hindi easy readers

ed nd me RT m o E or c Re y NC ell f b ng C ols adi ho Re all sc

Hulgul ka Pitara
With its subtle sense of humour and word play, the I will read myself Hulgul Stories are a series of wonderful fun-filled books. Also available with these books, is a set of flash cards to add that magical spin while reading. All in all, an enchanting fun-learning galore!

Gilli Gilli Gola

Charu Anand | Art by Suddhasattwa Basu
Pub: 1992 | pp. 16 | 9X7 ISBN 978-81-85586-06-3 | Rs 50

Art by Damyanti
Pub: 1992 | pp. 16 | 9X7 ISBN 978-81-85586-07-6 | Rs 50

Adha Raja Adha Ojha

Charu Anand | Art by Suddhasattwa Basu
Pub: 1992 | pp. 16 | 9X7 ISBN 978-81-85586-05-5 | Rs 50

Udan Chhoo....
Geeta Dharmarajan Art by Taposhi Ghoshal
Pub: 1992 | pp. 16 | 9X7 ISBN 978-81-85586-07-6 | Rs 50

The Katha Tamasha! Easy Readers

Easy readers takes children from 60 to 600 words of reading fluency in Hindi. The 600 words Katha has chosen are story-based and a combination of easy and difficult words for which a child will have to use her intuition, adding to the creativity of children and fuelling their interest in reading. Teachers who have been working with stories in Katha Schools over the last 10-15 years, chose the stories which enhanced reading in their children, took these stories to children and these 11 stories were chosen.

Hindi easy readers

Jadui Martbaan
Mala Marwah
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-89-7 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Shanno aur Uske Sau Haathi

Geeta Dharmarajan
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-94-1 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Kamal se Bhara Aakash

Shanti Krishnaswamy
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-87649-64-9 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Hindi easy readers

Baagh ka Panja
Shanti Krishnaswamy
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-88-0 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Kaash Ek Beta Mera Bhi Hota

Geeta Dharmarajan
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-91-0 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Kaveri D
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-87-3 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Jishnu ki Chaturai
Meenakshi Bharadwaj
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-96-5 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Abu aur Badi Hawa

Shanti Krishnaswamy
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-93-4 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Charu Anand
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-90-3 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Kokila ka Mast Matka

Geeta Dharmarajan
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-92-7 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Aisa Bhi Hota Hain

Vibha Kaul
Pub: 2007 | pp. 28 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89020-95-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 75 World Rights: KATHA

Mahasweta Devi | Art by D Sharma
Ketu is worried. He has been ordered by the village chief to cut down the tree of Arjun. This ancient tree is the last existing symbol of the old jungles. Will Ketu be able to save the tree?
Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-63-2 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Panch Parmeshwar
Premchand | Art by Atanu Roy
Based on the ideas of trust and friendship, and the responsibility that comes with social standing, this is one of Premchands most famous stories.
Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-64-9 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

hindi for neo-literates

hindi for neo-literates

Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-02-1 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Stri Ka Patr
Rabindranath Tagore | Art by Atanu Roy
A womans brave struggle to break free from the restrictive demands of customs and traditions.
Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-45-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Maitreyi Pushpa Art by Moti Karan & Satya
A powerful portrait of a woman who dared against societal odds to be true to herself.

Jaywant Dalvi | Art by Sujata Singh
A sensitive portrait of a grandmothers emotions, and the tough decisions she takes in her twilight years.
Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-56-4 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Do Haath
Ismat Chughtai Art by Suddhasattwa Basu
The village is anxiously awaiting the army mans return, to watch the fun. With caustic humour, this story bares societys hypocrisy.
Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-65-6 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Samudra Tat Par

Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-55-7 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-54-0 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

O V Vijayan | Art by Swapan Sarkar

Steeped in emotions, touching the very depths of human relationships, this is the story of a fathers selfless love.

Rajinder Singh Bedi Art by Sujata Khanna

Adored by all, one day Bhola stuns everyone with his innocence and courage.

Jaishankar Prasad | Art by Tapas Guha
History has many examples of brave women who loved their country and fought for it. One such selfless woman illustrates the extent of this love.
Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-16-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Gurbachan Singh Bhullar Art by Taposhi Ghoshal
Between taking care of her field and bringing up her son, innocent, nave Aso has a huge burden to shoulder. Will she be able to do it alone?
Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-18-2 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Paro Ki Kahani
Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-17-5 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Pub: 2004 | pp. 20 | 9 x 7 ISBN 978-81-85586-62-5 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 50 World Rights: KATHA

Sugra Mehdi | Art by Subba Ghosh

Paro loved being outdoors, going into the fields and cycling fast! Heres the story of a young girl who wanted to live life on her own terms.

Pudhuvai Ra Rajani Art by Sarda Natarajan

Are only human beings entitled to curse? Or are gentle creatures like butterflies equally sensitive? Read this story and decide for yourself.

Yuvakatha Hindi Series

hindi for young adults

Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi
Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89934-08-8 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

hindi for young adults

Eleven gems handpicked from ten languages. Unusual, enchanting, unforgettable short stories from master storytellers. Now retold in illustrated, reader-friendly Hindi translations, with interactive exercises for classroom teaching. The best way of enticing young readers to the best of Indian fiction in translation, of knowing India through her stories.

As you sow, so shall you reap. Big mouthfuls often choke. All these were just aphorisms for me. But thanks to those irresistible, mouthwatering jalebis, I learned quite a lot.

Ram Swaroop Kisan
Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89934-17-0 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Tansukh was a cattle broker. But his trade pricked his conscience. And when he got one chance to amend his wrongs, , what did he do?

A wry, hilarious and satirical take on the GATT Treaty and its implications for India, told from the point of view of one farmer affected by it.

Shoonya Sawal
Bibhas Sen
Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89934-16-3 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Away from home and family, a soldiers life is full of hardships, and a soldier is harsh. But somewhere inside him hides a child, a father, a human being. A simple, poignant story.

Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-87649-79-3 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Dagadu Parab ka Ashwamedh

Jayant Kaikini
Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-87649-46-5 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Mounted on a willful, whimsical mare, Dagadu, the unwilling bridegroom sets off to marry. But little does he know that fate will take him on such a merry ride. A hilariously ironic, surreal suburban tale.

Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay
Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89934-18-7 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Sometimes, it seemed as if hed just imagined the whole thing ... An old forgotten medal from another time has a dark story to hide dare you read and find out?

Adolescence comes tumbling with umpteen doubts and questions, finding the answers to which pose many a profound dilemma. A gently funny coming-of-age story.

Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-87649-47-2 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Devoting a lifetime to love of the Lord in the cold isolation and silence of a church; or the comfort and warmth of his mothers kitchen? Can a nine year old boy resolve such a dilemma?

Lukose ka Girjaghar
Susan Viswanathan
Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89934-14-9 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Pinti ka Sabun
Sanjay Khati
Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89934-15-6 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

The mere arrival of a soap turned my whole life upside down. But even as the soap cast its intoxicating spell over me, perfumed my body, my heart remained dark as ever.

Bhiku ki Diary
Meena Kakodkar
Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-87649-65-6 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Come, peek into Bhikus diary and catch a glimpse of his life. It will make you laugh, make you cry. A simple tale as lucid as life.

A thrilling, heart-warming World War story of exemplary courage on the high seas. Can little Ondina and her crew take on the might of two Japanese warships many times her size and strength, and fulfil her dangerous mission?

Fauladi Irade
Pub: 2008 | pp. 40 | 8.25 x 6 ISBN 978-81-89934-07-1 [pb] [hindi] | Rs 65 World Rights: KATHA

Katha is back with that rare commodity stories in Hindi that will make kids want to turn the page themselves. Time Out

The book tingles and tickles with its words, captivates and enthralls with its illustrations. On the Tip of a Pin reviewed by bolokids The illustrations are lovely, the storytelling flows naturally and the production quality is excellent. A lion in Paris reviewed by Live Mint Worthy successor to old Katha favourites. On the Tip of a Pin reviewed by Live Mint Through the creation of appealing and approachable reading material such as this book and their other educational endeavors, Katha is effecting its mission across India and helping young people find the wormholes, or shortcuts, to create lasting change for generations to come. On the Tip of a Pin reviewed by Papertigers Siruguris candid drawings of happy, dark-haired children (including one of her little sister biting the bottom of her ice cream cone), and of the crowded autorickshaw on its way to school add much to this fun-filled teamwork. Kudos to both mother and daughter for bringing this creative project to life with so much gusto. Autorickshaw Blues and Other Colours reviewed by Papertigers A prize book at a super price! Mai and her Friends reviewed by Young India Books The simple but quirky drawings let kids discover what its like to see the world from a bats perspective. Fledolin Upside Down reviewed by Time out Mumbai Cleverly designed, the picture book is sure to keep kids entertained for hours. On the Tip of a Pin reviewed by Time out Mumbai A certain depth and creativity is what sets these books apart from the rest. World Series reviewed by New Woman Kuttan the Cat is much like his young readers curious, full of life, and ready to step out into the big wide world. Kuttan Series reviewed by DNA Katha, one of Indias finest childrens book publishers, has brought out some wonderful gems on environment oriented childrens books. Walk the Grasslands with Takuri reviewed by Literary Sojourn The story with its view of life in a small pond and the larger forest can be used as a supplementary reader in the classroom. A book that can be read and enjoyed by everyone, from the very young to the very old! Daddoos Day Out reviewed by The Hindu A wonderful blend of simple text and beautiful pictures, Ma Ganga and the Razai Box, brought out by Katha, is author Geeta Dharmarajans timely gift to the kids. It tells them about mythological and environmental issues concerning the holy river and more importantly about something that everyone has apparently overlooked - that Ma Ganga is miffed. Ma Ganga and the Razai Box reviewed by Young World, The Hindu A very likeable rendition of the Ganga saga for children ... The tone, the discussion, the notes at the end all function and exercise their weight at just the right pithc. Thoroughtly recommended. Ma Ganga and the Razai Box reviewed by Parenting


I am Aan Meenakshi Bharadwaj | Art by Christopher Corr | Translated from the Tamil Deep in the jungles of the Western Ghats lives a baby elephant called Aan. His mother and brother and sister all dote on him. Growing from a pampered baby of the herd to an adult, Aan learns many invaluable lessons. His journey from the magical world of childhood to the tough adult one is an exciting voyage of self-discovery. Gijjigudde and the Fireflies Gopini Karunakar | Art by Atanu Roy | Translated and Retold from the Telugu The golden sparrows complain to the gods that their homes have no light. Men light lamps, owls have eyes that shine. But sparrows have no way to get through the night. The gods feel sorry for them and let them collect moondust when the moon rubs against the sky. With nests of moondust, the sparrows catch fireflies who happily light up their homes. Unnikatha M Mukundan | Art by Poonam Athalye | Translated and Retold from the Malayalam Unni, the narrator, is a talented storyteller. He regales his grandmother with colourful tales, weaving a magical web. The Shepherd Vijaydan Detha | Art by Sanjay Jangid | Translated and Retold from the Rajasthani A dash of folk, a drop of history, a dollop of wisdom, an ounce of simplicity and loads of fun. A remarkable folk tale elucidating simplicity of the mind and the heart can open up the treasure trove of the entire universe a treasure that grows larger with sharing. Oh No, Not Again! Geeta Dharmarajan | Art by Rajiv Eipe What happens when the famous cricketer of Dhamdhoom Nagar, Her Most Royal Highness of Dhamdhoom and owner of the Best Cricket Pitch in the World, Banu, loses her temper? Find out for yourself in this mad mad story ... Laughs guaranteed! Haiku! Kala Ramesh | Art by Surabhi Singh Katha presents a lovely compilation of highly evocative and wildly creative haiku poems that will light up your childs imagination. With fragments of colorful world of nature, animals and livelihood, the book would be a fabulous introduction to this form of poetry, and will conjure immersive mindscapes that no reader will soon forget. The distinctive 3-dimensional structure of the book is fun to hold and to read. Also comes with this book, an exciting and engaging scrap book. The Old Man Who Wouldnt Listen Nonda Chatterjee | Art by Siddharth Tripathi He was laughed at, scolded for his obstinacy, called names. But the old man would not change his ways,nor part with his companions. With pockets of suspense, this beautiful story - our first graphic novel! - exemplifies that life is impossible without a little help from friends.

Hic!copotAmus Geeta Dharmarajan | Art by Rajiv Eipe A quirky tale of a hiccupping Hippo plopping into a pond because of its unstoppable hiccups. The book comes with the perils of being highly entertaining, giving you uncontrollable giggles, and a very rumbling, grumbling tummy! Razia and her Pink Elephant Mukul Dube | Art by Fahad Faisal Offering the best of fun fiddled narration, the story of Razia and her elephant Sarasvati and her carrot taster Uncle Sher Singh and his best friend Natasha - the worlds fastest courier pigeon. The story, with its subtle sense of humour and word play, is sure to send kids into fits of giggles. When In Delhi Jayanto A beautifully illustrated book on Delhi the capital city of India, chockful of fun and frolic by one of Indias best cartoonists. Places. Monuments. Peoples. The amazing cultural and linguistic diversity Delhi is home to! I am Najar-am-Radh Geeta Dharmarajan | Art by Vandana Singh The tamarind tree is the best storyteller in the whole wide world. How did the tree earn this special gift? Therein lies an enchanting tale. Elephant in the Tree Written and Illustrated by Mallika Nagarajan With its quirky characters, unusual use of language and skilful blending of fantasy and reality, comes this remarkable story about a little girl who finds an elephant in a tree and journeys with it into a new world that will change her life forever. The dream-imagery that permeates the story promise to surprise and delight your child, while the social message will educate her about the environment. How to Weigh an Elephant? Art by Wen Hsu Not very long ago, there was a king. The king wanted to find out the weight of his favourite elephant. His ministers tried his pundits tried the vegetable sellers tried the jewelers tried But to no avail. How would the king find out the weigh of his elephant? Stress your grey cells till you lay your hands on this one. The World Around Us This unique series for 6-12 year olds, with imaginative narration and beautiful illustrations, gives young learners a dynamic space to grapple with issues of extreme importance like sustainable environment, global warming and sustainable consumption. Also available with this series, are a million ideas on classroom projects and discussions. I Love Earth Series - A colouring encyclopaedia of earth for preschoolers We need Earth-carers! And who better than your son or daughter? Experts say that the sooner a child learns to find out more about the world around them, the better it is for everyone. After all, we do want our children to have as nice a world as we have had, dont we? Kathas new series, the I LOVE EARTH! set is a colouring encyclopaedia that gives preschoolers the larger picture in fun ways.


Illustrators at katha

They are the ones who can launch colours into a thousand myriad forms. They make the stories alive. They make you turn pages. They make you gasp in awe at the sheer beauty of the images melting through their pens, pencils and brushes. They are the illustrators at Katha, the artists of many images.
Anahita Taymourian - is an Iranian graphic artist, painter and interior designer. Her illustrations in the book Kaleh and the Singsong Castle published by Katha, won her the Runner Up Prize in the Katha Chitrakala Contest 2006 a search for excellence and innovation in illustrating and writing for children. Bindia Thapar - is a trained architect. She loves to illustrate and has been a designer and illustrator for various publishing houses. She is a visiting lecturer at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, and is deeply committed to peace and environmental issues. She lives in New Delhi with her daughter. Christopher Corr - is an international name in childrens book illustrations. He was born in London and studied at The Royal College of Art. He works in a traditional way, paint on paper, usually gouaches on hand-made Italian or Indian paper. His round the world travels provide much inspiration for his work and he says that India is where he discovered colour. Harshvardhan Kadam - is a versatile young artist who enjoys experimenting in various media. He holds a wanderers paint brush and has recorded several of his journeys in his unique style. He has also done graphic novels which were critically well received. His preference remains working in real media but he enjoys painting digitally too. The traveller also has a keen eye for photography and this vibrancy of perspective can be seen in his work. Ludmilla Chakrabarty - was born in Russia. After her marriage, Ludmilla is pursuing a career here in India as an artist and a book illustrator, as well as a writer of childrens stories. Mario Kessler - He began to draw and paint while in school. He likes painting animals for children. Mario has illustrated Mo...aning Morris by Franz Hubner, for Katha. Maya Ramaswamy - has recently brought together her two greatest passions: painting and wildlife. A creative artist with a talent for cartooning, she loves watching wildlife and visits the forests whenever she can get away from Bangalore. Nancy Raj - is childrens book artist and designer with an M.A in Fine Arts. She enjoys capturing people, their emotions and involvement in daily life, through quick sketches. She likes to spread energy and laughter through her pictures which is why she revels in doing comic strips and caricaturing family and friends. She loves spending time with children and her pet dog. Neeta Gangopadhya - A post graduate from the College of Art, New Delhi, Neeta Gangopadhya has illustrated several books for children. She has represented India at the Biennial of Illustrations, Bratislava in 1995. Her illustrations are included in the book Once Upon a Time in India, which has been nominated for the IBBY Honours List in 2006. Nimret Handa - She has been writing and illustrating her own nature columns over many years. She also does travel writing, features and book reviews. Nimret has illustrated Once Upon a Moontime by Mamang Dai, for Katha. Paula Bossio - studied graphic design at the University of Jorge Tadeo Lozano. She teaches illustrations in a Colombian university and loves illustrating books for children. Apart from winning the Runner-up prize for this book in the Katha Chitrakala Award 2009, Paula was also the Runner-up in the 13th Noma Concours. Prabhjot Kaur - has written and illustrated Daddoos Day out for Katha, and it won her the runner-up prize in the 10th Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations. She is presently in England working as an illustrator. Rajiv Eipe - studied Fine Arts at Sir J. J. School of Art before he went to study Animation Film Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Rajiv lives in Mumbai where he mainly does animation and graphics for television, and secretly wishes to drive a taxi for a living. Rashin Kheiriyeh - is an Iranian illustrator. Her illustrations for the book The Famous Smile published by Katha won her the Grand Prize in the Katha Chitrakala Contest 2006 a search for excellence and innovation in illustrating and writing for children. Shweta Mohapatra - is a graduate of National Institute of Design, NID, Ahmedabad, and the Pont Aven School of Contemporary Arts, France. Currently visiting faculty at NID, shes worked for the Childrens Film Society of India and Sesame Street India. Sonal Panse - is a freelance artist and writer based in Nashik in Maharashtra. She does realistic, imaginative and abstract artwork in a variety of media. Her work has been featured in publications in India, Australia and the United States. She has also exhibited her paintings in London and Mumbai, and is currently working on a novel. Sonali Biswas - is a freelance illustrator based in Delhi. She is the recipient of The Chitra Katha Award 2003 for Outstanding Illustrations for The Lonely Unicorn, a story-counting book published by Katha. She has also received the runner-up award from Noma Concours for Childrens Book Illustrations in 2000 and an honourable mention at the Biennial of Asian Illustrators, Japan in 2002. Srivi - is a writer, illustrator and visualiser. She did her Bachelors and Masters from Stella Maris College, Chennai, India and majored in creative painting, art history and graphic design. A gold medalist with a commitment to the visual arts and childrens association with visual art, Srivi has illustrated several fiction and non-fiction books for children. Stephen Aitken - has been writing and illustrating childrens books for over 20 years. He is also a botanical illustrator and has served as the Managing Editor of Biodiversity: Journal of Life on Earth. He left his homeland Canada to come to India and live in the Himalayas, where he maintains a studio. Aitken is a member of the Picture Book Artists Association and the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators. Suddhasatwa Basu - is a renowned illustrator, painter and maker of animation films for television. For The Song of a Scarecrow, a picture book written and illustrated by him, he won the Katha Chitrakala Award 2002 and received an honourable mention at the Bienniel of Illustrations 2003, Bratislava. He has also illustrated Ka: The Story of Garuda for Katha. Vandana Bist - She has a degree in Fine Arts from the Delhi College of Art and has specialised in illustration. In 1988, she was awarded the encouragement prize in the Childrens Picture Book Competition organised by the Noma Concours Foundation, Japan. Her works have been exhibited in Japan and Bratislava. Since 1986, her writings and drawings have been published in various childrens magazines and books. Her first book is A Ticket to Home and Other Stories, a collection for children (HarperCollins, 1994). Surangini is very popular among children. Wen Hsu - was born in Taiwan and two years later moved to Costa Rica, where she grew up. She holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Costa Rica, as well as a BFA with honors in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. Wen has previously illustrated books for children in Costa Rica and Guatemala, as well as other books in the USA. She was granted the NOMA Concours Grand Prix in 2008.

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A worldwide search for excellence in childrens book illustrations. For ideas that are fresh, irresistible, enduring And can inspire children to be lifelong readers! Runner-up Prize and lots more

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A Award 2010-11


Katha announces
A Search for Excellence in Writing and Translating for Children




Carrying forward the legacy of Katha Prize Stories, Katha announces the Balkatha Prize Stories and invites all the word storytellers to be a part of this search for excellence in writing and translating for children. The idea is to encourage, foster and applaud quintessential Indian writings in translation or otherwise, wrapped in a certain magic that communicates a culture, a way of speaking that belongs to a special little place. And giving them to the children to grapple with the uniqueness of these cultures, to make live these stories. If youre in love with a language, are moved by the idea of giving diverse images and narratives to children and want to tell your story, we welcome you to be a part of this contest.

Grand Prize: Rs 100001, a citation and publication by Katha

The Katha Chitrakala Award recognizes exemplary childrens book illustrations and ideas that are fresh, powerful and unique, and have the potential to keep young readers engaged and turn them towards lifelong reading. The contest is open to everyone worldwide. You can illustrate your own story, team up with a writer, or write to or for a Katha story to illustrate.

Grand Prize: Rs 15,000
A citation and publication by Katha

Last date for submission of entries: 14th January 2011

Laureates chosen for the final round will be announced in February 2011. Their names will also be posted on www. All laureates will be invited to submit their complete artworks, story and layout to Katha by 30th June 2011. From these the teams for award of Grand Prize and Runner-up Prize will be chosen. The awards will be presented to the Grand Winner Team and the other laureates at a gala ceremony at Delhi. For more details, please write to or visit our website

Runner up Prize: Rs 6,000 and lots more

A Grand Prize Winner will be chosen from each category and their works will be published as picture books. The Runners up in each category will be published in the Balkatha Prize Stories.

Last date for submission of entries - 30th March 2011

Entries can be e-mailed to or Entries as hard copies can be dropped at: Katha, A3 Sarvodaya Enclave, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110 017

The Chitrakala Collection

Winning works from among the entries will be released as books.

The Katha bookshop promises to be a magical place for kids to let their imagination run wild. Time Out

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Katha books focus on creativity in classroom and provide loads of ideas for individual and group/team exercises. The Katha methodology is backed by hands-on research and develops a lifelong ruchi or taste for reading in children. Drawing from the vast storehouse of Indias narrative fiction, Katha brings translations from 21 Indian languages, creating space for culturally distinctive childrens literature and giving young minds diverse images and ideas. Be magicked away to a fantasy world of colours and ideas. The Kathas STORYSHOP is open now! With a mouth-watering spread of many-flavoured feast of good reads, the StoryShop is bustling with stories, stories laughing and talking, stories stitched and woven into beautiful gifts lovingly crafted by the women from the marginalized sections of the society, women with dreams, women who believe they can. Stories painted on walls, stories peeping from doors and windows, hanging from the ceiling. Stories encased in books and more books ... Stories for everyone, from the very young to the very old. Catalogues are great, but as a teacher/parent you would want to hold real books before you order them. Thats why Katha offers a special School Display Service to schools and libraries in Delhi. Talk to us on the topics or themes for the kind of books you want and well do a special book display at a time that suits you. Katha can also provide the KREAD PITARA, a Curriculum Resource Box, with multiple copies of particular books for use in class, or with a range of books specific to a grade or topic. Also available are sets for primary school-goers learning Hindi. We supply books and specialized teaching/learning modules for environmental science for primary schools on invoice. Email your order with your schools choices. Our terms are POD for doorstep delivery. Special discounts on multiple copy orders. Information, including prices, is subject to change without notice.

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Make your little ones birthday special at the Katha StoryShop. With a multitude of games and activities and an exhaustive range of goodies and return gifts, the StoryShop promises to be a packet full of surprises. To know more, please write to us at


To celebrate 22 years of publishing for children, Katha launches the BY US FOR US SERIES, to showcase the creativity of your talented children! We invite your school to create a picture book for 4-8 year olds for the KATHA CHILDRENS BOOK AWARD. Shortlisted schools will be invited to work with our editors and designers to make a picture book that will be sold in India and internationally. If your school wants to participate, write for guidelines and registration form to

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Katha believes that children read and learn best in a print-rich environment. So weve loosely put together books that encourage children to push the envelope at each grade level. For more details, write to us at

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Our journey began with one volunteer and a magazine for children, Tamasha! In 1990, we started the Katha Khazana experiment in one of the largest slum clusters of Delhi: To provide quality education to children living there. Today, with 108,000 children and work in 75 slum, street and tribal communities, Katha is making dreams of children possible. Caring individuals like you have helped us in providing our children the best education possible. A small donation of time and resources. Or just Rs. 250/month/child in a community school or Rs 450/month/child in our Lab School. Write to:

For all enquiries: Mail us at Or write to us at A3, Sarvodaya Enclave, Sri Aurobindo Marg New Delhi 110 017, India Phone: [91 11] 2652 1752, 2652 4350, Extn 24 For more details, you can visit our website,

Set up in 1988, KATHA is a profit-for-all voluntary organization that works in the areas of education, publishing and community development. Our books are award-winning favourites with children, parents and teachers.
Katha Schools: Where Learning Matters ... In the slums of Delhi, educators help a community rise out of poverty. Richard Hanzelka in his book, Educational Leadership: Educating the Whole Child An example of how a private school can achieve a transformation in hugely disadvantaged settings is Katha in Delhi. Brian Caldwell, Jessica Harris, in their book What We Have Learnt From Outstanding Schools Around The World Govindpuris Katha Public School, set in former block of one-room dwellings, is showing how it can be done ... The school is a haven of creativity and child friendly learning. Brendan OMalley, UNESCO The pupils at the main Katha school are given opportunities that many British school children would envy ... The Independent, UK At Katha School in the slums of New Delhi, 10 year old students can edit a newsletter that will surprise interns at established newspapers in terms of coherence, design, aesthetics and general quality. UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development The Katha School is an example of the kind of learning environment that Indias National Curriculum Framework 2005 is trying to move toward. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, USA

Publishing Proposals: Write to with your manuscripts or your book idea. For Review Copies: Please contact our Media Cell at Volunteering Opportunities: Want to be a Friend of Katha and help us find stories/translate/edit/ organize workshops, kindly contact us at
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