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RZ SUPPORTER create your personal holding system

The RZ SUPPORTER arm system makes operations safe and allows flexible adjustment of all parts so that fixation of accessories in any position is possible. The SUPPORTER holding arms feature a maintenance free mechanical articulation and are made of stainless steel which makes them fully autoclavable at 134 C. The RZ SUPPORTER is available as a single or double arm holding system. Due to its quick lock connection, all accessories can be attached easily and might also be exchanged quickly during surgery. In addition, the SUPPORTER Rider offers the attachment of further accessories for best retraction.

Rider System

SINGLE ARM SYSTEM* 170-910-001

DOUBLE ARM SYSTEM* 170-910-002 Universal Retractor holder (alternative)

I 170-910-030 Clamp Socket with insulated clamping lever for double and single arm system (not included, to be orderd searately)

Quick lock connection (standard)

Mix n Match:
Once the decision is made to have either a single or double arm holding device, a wide variety of retractors may be chosen from to meet your personal requirements.

* Instruments, lock connectors and accessories not included

Make your choice

170-910-002 Double Arm System

170-910-001 Single Arm System

+ 170-910-030 Clamp Socket for fixation on OP table

Quick Lock System

Easy attachment of retractors and accessories directly to the end arm connection

Retractors for Quick Lock System

Langenbeck Retractor, 135mm 170-910-100 170-910-101 170-910-102 30x16mm 40x11mm 50x11mm

Volkmann Retractor, 150mm 170-910-103 170-910-104 170-910-105 170-910-106 6 prongs, blunt 8 prongs, blunt 6 prongs, sharp 8 prongs, sharp

Israel Retractor, blunt prongs, 150mm 170-910-107 170-910-108 170-910-109 40x55mm, 4 prongs 55x60mm, 6 prongs 70x70mm, 6 prongs Doyen Retractor, 180mm 170-910-119 45x80mm

Accessories for Quick Lock System

I 170-910-050 Universal retractor + clamp holder

I 170-910-125 Supporter connection piece, for connecting of both arms with each other

I 170-910-040 Endoscope holder 8 - 10mm I 170-910-050 Universal retractor holder and also suitable to hold Rider retractors (RZ 170-910-111 to -118) I 170-910-045 Endoscope holder 2.7 - 10mm

Rider System
Attachment of additional retractors directly to the bar

I 170-910-110 Rider additional retractor fixation system

Retractors for Rider System

Fritsch Retractor, 250mm 170-910-111 170-910-112 35x40mm 40x50mm Langenbeck Retractor, 250mm 170-910-113 170-910-114 170-910-115 30x11mm 40x11mm 50x11mm

Middeldorpf Retractor, 250mm 170-910-116 170-910-117 170-910-118 16x14mm 22x21mm 30x30mm