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Analyzing the 10 given issues. Mind maps and visual research are done to help narrow intended issue. Narrowing down design issues to 2. Research on existing campaigns to support hypothesis. Breaking down the 2 design issues further, observational research if it happens in daily life. Research and more research. Roughly attempt to do design proposal for DRM. Consultation with the lecturers (Studio and DRM). Re-consideration of issues and hypothesis. More research. 7 Days project brief. Group discussion, mind maps, followed by execution. Finalizing Design issue & Hypothesis. Consultation with lecturers again, this time with a green light. 7 Days project final outcome. Posting the outcome to YouTube and presenting the outcome to everyone else. Brief for Countdown Project. Observational and online research about anything and everything for inspiration. Brief for Lasalle X Curtin exchange programme. Contacting partner from Curtin (Alfred) + introduction of schools. Mind maps and group discussion for Curtin project outcome with Yohana. Further discussion with Alfred on Facebook. Posted VLOG on YouTube about the Countdown project to gain inspiration from public responses. Posted VLOG on YouTube about the Curtin project to keep track on the updates for Alfreds convenience. Brands research for studio project and working on creative briefs for better referencing and documentation. Working on DRM proposal draft. Consultation with Joselyn to further improve on design proposal. Doing up studio scamps for issue 1: first brand being TOM N TOMS Coffee and second being Artease. Doing up studio scamps for issue 2: First brand being X-MINI and second brand being Ritter Sport. Going around Arab Street, Little India and Chinatown with Yohana to take photographs for the Lasalle X Curtin Project. Coding and finalizing the design outcome for Lasalle X Curtin project. Launching it on

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Finalizing the four brands digital scamps for studio class critique. Sketching of countdown project and editing the colors on Adobe Photoshop. Finalizing Countdown Project outcome. Finalizing Design proposal for DRM. Execution for studio class critique. Class critique and formative feedback. Refining of chosen design issue and hypothesis out of the 2, further research before drafting SOI. Preparation for oral presentation: the PowerPoint slides and content. Practice of speech in front of the mirror. Oral presentation. Research on un/successful existing integrated campaigns online and offline. Research for brands to work on for the integrated campaigns of chosen issue. Decided on Teenage and Mentos. Working on the SOI for both brands. Mindmaps to figure out the BIG IDEA. Coming up with digital scamps for both brands, furher planning of execution through storyboarding. WORK-IN-PROGRESS Finalized project outcomes. Assessment week: doing up process chart, ad plan, refined scamps, design workshop booklet Holiday: doing up User Testing Fine tuning the semester 1 works and design issue / hypothesis statement Brief for D&AD Awards 2013. Decided to do DARE brief from Department of Health. Research on Department of Healths background and anything related to the brief online. Mind maps and writings of idea. Drafting the SOI for D&AD2013, Department of Health & DARE brief. Consultation with Shannon, received formative feedback of 50% of the work. Working on digital scamps for the Dare Diary. Working on Dazed & Confused D&AD 2013 brief for Design workshop. Submission of Dazed & Confused. Heineken brief from IRIS, round-table critiques session. Working on 2 other entries for Dazed & Confused. Consultation with IRIS about chosen insights and big idea for Heineken. Drafting of Heineken SOI.

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Submission of Dazed & Confused. Preparing for W.I.P, revamping of CPJ and SOI. Finalizing idea for Heineken, curveball. Doing up Dare Diary case study video. Submission of D&AD 2013 entry (Dare Diary). WORK-IN-PROGRESS Improving on the Dare Diary campaign, planning of AD PLAN Refining project execution for Dare Diary, doing up the case study video. Refining idea for Heineken Campaign, planning of AD PLAN Project execution for Heineken, doing up the case study video. Finalizing presentation boards for both campaigns. Conduction of user test. Working on Process Chart. Finishing up CPJ and final tune of SOI for both campaigns. Finishing up user test info-graphics and semester 1 .pdf, last check for everything before sending to print.