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Business Crisis and Continuity Web Site Review and Critique

Assignment Instructions You are required to spend at least two hours reviewing Business Crisis and Continuity Management Web Sites and to provide four one half to one page critiques of four different Web Sites (one page on each) due at the start of course session four. Your written reviews and critiques can include no more than two of the below listed Web Sites. Please note that many of the listed Web Sites provide links to other related Web Sites. The format of the review and critique of each Web Site is: The title of the Web Site; the URL of the Main page of the Web Site; a one paragraph summary of the content of the Web Site; and one or two paragraphs stating your opinion of the quality of the content and its usefulness to you as a student attempting to learn about Business Crisis and Continuity Management and/or private sector issues for security and preparedness. Business Crisis and Continuity Management Web Sites ( Current as of 08/22/08) and link to Business - General readiness - University of Florida: The Disaster Handbook. Very comprehensive information of all hazards preparedness and response. Multiple links to other resources. - Stargazer - “An on line service for social good.” Lots of resources for preparedness and response. - Continuity Central with links to numerous resources and BC tools. - The Business Roundtable’s Partnership for Disaster Response – “A comprehensive clearinghouse for information to help the business community better prepare and respond to disasters.” - FEMA Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program - TVF&R Emergency Preparedness Resources for Businesses links to multiple resources and sites - Institute for Business Continuity Training Resource List - State of Oregon: Enterprise Business Continuity Web Site

globalcontinuity.pdf?src=nfpa .ibhs.Intel BC Information for our Suppliers – Canadian Center for Emergency Preparedness http://www.htm .com/ . .org/ .riskinstitute.ASIS International Business Continuity Guidelines .drj.NFPA 1600 Summary and Explanation .org/business_protection/ Associates – Click on Links to Industry Web Sites and just about anything else – you can spend hours on this web site .com .org .com/ .Institute for Business and Home Safety Small Business Protection http://www.Global Continuity – Requires you to register but worth it .crisismanagement.NFPA 1600 Standard on Disaster /Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs http://www.Public Entity Risk Institute .praxiom.The Terrorism Knowledge Base http://www.disaster-resource.drii. – Click on Crisis Management http://www.Disaster Recovery Journal .DRI International – Click on Professional Practices and DRI International Glossary of Terms http://www.Lexicon Communications Corp.BCP Handbook http://www.Disaster Resource Guide On Line – Click on articles and articles under articles for a list of reference articles Contingency Planning Magazine Articles – Michigan State University Disaster ecovery Planning Site with lots of resources and links .Business Contingency Planning http://www.ccep.contingencyplanning.

com/ .thebci.Private and Public Businesses Inc.vaemergency.Make a personal and family plan RICHMOND. The Virginia Business Emergency Survival Toolkit features information and resources to help businesses prevent and reduce disaster-related losses. .e911. The Business Continuity Group http://www. http://www.Continuity Systems Limited .Survive.Governor Mark .Business Continuity Institute http://www.seattle. . online resource designed to help Virginia businesses prepare for and recover from .The Lukaszewski Group http://www. Seattle Project Impact: Building a Disaster Resistant Community .co. Warner announced a new. Va.