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Tweets from Abduallah Al-Hadidi Translated from Arabic Police cited the following tweets to support the penal

code charges of presenting information from a hearing in bad faith.

Document: PicsArt_1365421359997 Why is there no investigation in regards to the torture of Salem Sahouwa, Ibrahim Yasi and Mohammed Abdul Razzak, although it was mentioned in court? # Violations _ despite_ trial # trial_free_Emirates Why are there no investigations in regards to the torture of Rashed al Roukn and Abddallah al Hajiri and D. Ahmad al Zaabi although it was mentioned in court? #violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates Detainees were even restrained to talk to their lawyers? # D_Mohamad_al Roukn tries to give a paper to his lawyer and was prevented? #violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates Why arent detainees given enough time to address their questions to the witnesses? It is the legally guaranteed right of defence #violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates Document PicsArt_1365421401305 Why did they only let two members of the family into the court room and around 200 chairs were empty? #violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates Why is solitary confinement practiced against of Sin 11 M Sin 5 Sad even though this is contrary to the law of penal institutions #violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates They handcuff even from the court room to the bathroom, they are putting on handcuffs even on death beds#violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates There is discrimination against 6 of the# detainees_emirates by putting 2 of them in jail and sending away the other 4 to an in humane old prison#violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates

Document PicsArt _1365421319292

Siege is practiced against #detainee_emirates they did not receive any documents or papers prior to court which were taken for security reasons#violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates The judge decided handing in the case to every accused and his decision was not applied and they ask why there is no answer #violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates Tweet via @Ibrahim alRachoudi Now... The emergency bus arriving to arrest the women protesting in # protest_post second Tweet via @Oum Ammar al Rachoudi Urgent All the sisters protesting have been arrested # protest_post second they are 11including children till when is going to last this series of arrests? Document PicsArt_1365421270501 In the area of Razin after a visit to father and it rained goodness and mercy..God Bless you my father and #detainees_Emirates may he reveal his blessing and mercy on you @2Omte: video of the story #protest_post(second) on Tuesday 1434:5:h7 for more follow l @e3teqal @fdw6bladh prevention of Ahmad al Ristmani, Ali alKhaja and Khalifa al Naime from addressing their questions to the witnesses!! Thought is the motivation of behavior if you want to establish thought look to the behavior of the owners of thought (its a saying sorry if its not very accurate ) Siege of the mind gives it weight and allows its publication. Document PicsArt_1365421179679 The law of penal institutions assures that the accused has to appear in his civil uniform and not the one of prison #violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates They are not allowed to meet in groups and discuss their defense especially those who have legal background are isolated from the group #violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates They are under siege they know nothing of the outside world no television, no newspapers no books #violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates The siege continues the lawyer didnt meet with anybody since he received the documents of the casenContact is restricted to 5minutes a week#violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates Document PicsArt_1365421228802

3.They refused more than 15 lawyers from the Gulf or international lawyers the right of defence they were either not allowed to enter the country or the courtroom even though the law allows it#violations_despite_trial # trial_free_Emirates 2. They refused that anybody from civil society and the international observers even though they did all the measures necessary they refused more than 15.. # trial_free_Emirates 1. Who is directing # trial_free_Emirates? The primary principles of a fair trial is that it is public, they are restricting the presence of family# trial_free_Emirates without any reason I received a call from an employee (its a female) in the supreme federal court and told that security is going to stop me from attending the sessions Document PicsArt_1365421121884 6. Our local media dealt with # trial_free_Emirates like a trumpet that doesnt listen nor reacts even though heard about the torture didnt mention it nor investigated 5.The biggest proof that some of the media is biased (bought) is the obvious breach of law by publishing the name of the #detainee_emirates # trial_free_Emirates 4. Were allowed to attend some of the biased media and tens of the foreign media that work in the state were refused entry # trial_free_Emirates