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Squamosum cell papilloma Clinical information A 60 years old male was admitted to the hospital because of swelling on his right cheek, no ulceration GROSS EXAMINATION A papillomatous mass sprouting on the skin . 1 cm in diameter rubbery soft and brown. Microscope picture The tumor shows as a finger like projection of squamous epithel followed by projection of stromal tissues. Tumor cells are monomorf, showing pronounced acanthosis and varying degrees of keratinization. The basement membrane is intact, without tumor cells infiltration to the stromal tissue beneath the epithel. There are inflammatory cell and small blood vessels in the stromal tissues.

2. Squamosum cell carcinoma Clinical information A 70 years old male was admitted to the hospital due to chronic ulcer of the left foot for several years. The ulcer is elevated and looks reddish necrotic white with large necrotic areas. The ulcer was excised and sent to pathology laboratory. Gross examination The laboratory received a piece of skin with a fragile white brownish elevated ulceration mass. Poorly circumscribed. Microscope picture Skin ulceration tissue with solid keratinizing tumor, infiltration into surrounding dermal fibrous tissues was seen. Tumor nest are composed by polymorphic and atypical cells. The cell nuclei are hyperchromatic with some pathological mitoses. There are inflammatory cells such as polymorphonuclear leukocyte, lymphocyte and histiocyte in between of the tumor cells.

3. Adenoma of the thyroid Clinical information A 35 years old female wad admitted to the hospital due to the swelling on mid anterior side of the neck for almost three years. Excision was carried out and the specimen was sent to the pathology laboratory. Gross examination A soid mass of the thyroid gland. 3 cm in diameter. Encapsulated. Microscopic picture Benign epithelial tumor, follicular pattern with colloid material in the lumen of the follicle. The tumor is lined by complete fibrous capsule. Tumor cells are cuboids, uniform, and rare ore absent of mitoses. There is no tumor cells infiltration in the blood vessels and or capsule. 4. Adenocarcinoma of the large bowel Clinical information A 70 years old male suffered from anal bleeding in the last three month. He went to the hospital to see the doctor. He underwent left large bowel resection. Gross examination About 10 cm cut segment of the large bowel was received. In the middle f the bowel a poorly bordered ring type 4 cm mass was found. The lesion was chalky white with necrotic area and looks fragile. Microscopic picture Large bowel tissue with adenomatous epithelial tumor. Infiltration in the serosal layer. The tumor has tubular, papillar and solid pattern. Tumor clls proliferation represent a combination of columnar an goblet cells with atypic and polymorphic cells. The cells nuclei are hyperchromatism, with many pathological mitoses. In between the tumor cell nest, chronic inflammatory cell infiltration were found. 5. Mucinous cystadenoma of the ovary Clinical information A 40 years old lady was admitted to the hospital because of the swelling of the abdomen since 2001. An operation was carried out, and the specimen was sent to the department of pathology. Gross examination The specimen showed a cystic mass with abundant mucin production, without solid and necrotic area.

Microscopic picture Benign multilocular cysts are lined by tall, columnar, nonciliated cell with basally situated nuclei and abundant intracellular and extracellular mucin. There is no any tumor cells infiltration, and mitoses are absent.