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Hail, Brothers of Earth; be welcome to this Sacred Mount. Today, humanity
is celebrating that the time has come, the connection of heaven with Earth
has begun and the vortex of the Divine Triangle is the first which reaches
the human Triangle vertex.
Our brother Melchizedek has taken possession of his chair in the middle of
the human Triangle.
Now we can say that the Spiritual Hierarchy is present on the Earth within
a process that is starting and it will change the human life in a radical way.
A call has been made (see appendix 1, page 25) and our brother has
already started a special work on the Earth.
He has called to the vertex of the human Triangle.



This call is for that part of conscious humanity who, having heard of the
call, has answered to it.
The next step is to formalize the net threads which shape the body of
manifestation from the Planetary Logos on the Earth.
The Logos calls (see appendix 1 pag. 25). and brings together the highest
humanity who will be guiding the fates of the spiritual family in the planet.
What was announced for so many centuries today is being culminated in
this sacred ceremony of Wesak 2007.
Today marks the beginning of a New Age of Light and it is the point in
which humanity has begun to awake.
All of you who have felt and answered the call have been invited to this
ceremony; today we bless them so that they can do consciously what was
indicated by their soul.
This is the moment we have been preparing ourselves for so long.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007




Greetings Brothers and Sisters from the Earth:

This is a special day.

Today begins a silent revolution. The spirit’s revolution.

Today begins the humanity’s transformation.

Something special happened at the full moon of May 2007, during the
Wesak Ceremony.

Those who were there witnessed it.

The Cosmic Christ spoke to all, disciples and guests. He spoke to all of
them and explained them that the times have come. What it was
announced as the new world so many times, what it was misunderstood so
many times as a world catastrophe or as the civilization destruction,
yesterday was clarified as the beginning of the hierarchy exteriorization

The divine triangle has made contact with the human triangle. The
progressive descent of God’s Kingdom to the Earth, at last, has touched
the human pyramid’s vertex.

The descending triangle lead by the Planetary Logos, at last, reached the
descending triangle lead by the disciples and advanced students from the

Finally the time for me to stay has come. Dwell I among a group of
disciples from the world. I am among you and I will work along with all of
you to create a better world where the spirit’s light can shine above all the
human difficulties.

A world where the freedom and the equality of all human beings can be the
priority for all.

The first call was made and its objective was the recognition from all of
you. It is the meeting from the soul with the spirit. It is the reunion of all
who, until now, have been walking and following an inner light, though
sometimes they suffered the darkness that prevails in the actual world.



Many ask: What’s next?

Today I answer to you. Next, you follow your heart. Next, you connect your
minds to your hearts in order for you to awake to the inner light where I will
be guiding you.

I do not come to work with sheep. I come to work with the disciples of the
world who are open to the spirit call. My indications will be given in an
inner way to each one who is capable to get it. That is why it is necessary
that each of you meditate profoundly. Wake up that inner voice.

In this moment, a worldwide movement coordinated by the different

planetary hierarchies has been spread. Although the Shamballa is
coordinating this process, we also are referring to all the earthly and non-
earthly organizations which are working on the Earth and that each of
them will be doing the task coordinately from their own plan, from their own

All without exception have received the call. All shall make a decision.

The Master Plan is being revealed little by little. Nobody has to look for the
movement leadership. This revolution will be inward. Each will receive
instructions from inward. The tasks made by the different groups of the
world will be obviously coordinated when they converge with their
objectives. Those who move away in an evident way from the common
objectives will be out of the plan. But those who, suddenly, coincide with
the causes impelled by the Plan will be recognized as participants of this

For this reason the call was for the recognition. Know who of you
answered; know who of you felt the call. Know among you.

The next step is to strength the inner link. The bond you have with the
spirit. It will be inward where the instructions will be given. In the outside
you only will know slight indications.

There will be a worldwide release each month that will complement what is
indicated internally. It will be a Light guide, dedicated to wake up and
clarify what it has to be clarified. Sometimes you will feel that this is for you
and sometimes you just feel that it is for others. I speak to the world and
each society has different necessities.



Love and compassion for some, firmness and discipline for others.

There will be a group of organizations working in order for the plan to take
place. I made the call to all of them. But not all of them answered to it.

Humility does not demand that the sent one has to talk neither in our
language nor is dressed with my clothes nor comes from a certain planet.
Humility is the one which recognizes in Light the only not falsifiable

I do not pretend to convince no one; I come to work only with those who
felt the call.

There will be some, who recognized me immediately, and there will be

others who will want to taste the benefits to join. It does not matter, what it
does matter is that the Plan is given due to the time has come.

I am not asking for conviction, but if the spirit of one’s brother/sister feels
the call and the organization he/she belongs to not feels it, that will be an
indicator that it is time of looking for new horizons in agreement with the
spirit claims for itself.

I always will talk about freedom, because that has been the great sin of
humanity. I come to free a society that has enslaved itself in all the
possible ways. I will be implacable when I speak of freedom, so I make a
call to those who have joined us so that they fight for that freedom we will
be learning to live.

Today I leave you with a writing where I explain my view of the world; this
world I receive today and the one that I will work for. I am not going to
argue with anybody, because I do not force anybody to follow me. I do not
understand the controversy as a learning tool; I understand it as an excuse
to continue in the fight and the conflict.

Think about each and every one of my words. It is there where resides the
Light I look to promote.

Look for me in your inner self; I answer all your doubts inward, not outside.

My messengers can give their opinion, explain, or comment what they

think about these releases, it is within their right. They are free for doing



what they think it is more convenient. Just be aware that they will be giving
their opinion.

This will be the method of working. There is no better place for the
instruction than within the secret and sacred chamber that each of you has
near your heart. Look for me there. There will be no doubts for the one
who arrives there.

Stop searching in the outside.

I Am Melchizedek.





May 2007




By SMV Melchizedek

Full Moon of May 3, 2007


When the call comes from the spirit, the soul and the personality remain

When the force of the heavens speak claiming for its place on the Earth,
the oceans are opened, the lands shake and the man shakes because he
knows that the God’s kingdom approaches.

The world has been waiting for a long time for the wheel of cycles moved;
the gears of the great cosmic clock have marked the supreme hour for the
arrival of Light.

It is time for us to talk about a new world.

It is time for us to be opened for the conception of the new society.

You answered to the call. Many of you were called, many of you were
convoked, but only you answered.

This is for you.




The Earth is our home. It is everybody’s home, yours and mine. We must
protect and take care of it.
We must protect her from the unconscious ones who hurt it and also from
those who do it consciously.
But humanity has lived thinking that they are the owners of the world. That
the Earth was born in order for them to do whatever they want with it…
and that has been a great mistake.
The Earth has been given out, as if it was loot for a few, they have erected
walls to separate people, and they have raised artificial frontiers to
separate from each other, as if they were different. This is untrue.
The Mankind history is a continuous struggle in order for some to be
subdued by others, through the physical slavery first, then through wars to
subdue entire villages to pay tribute to others, then with ideas, in order for
the others to think like the powerful ones, and finally with the commerce, in
order to have some working for others; always looking for the submission
from each other.
The time for the man to be mature enough to understand that the freedom
is the highest good that God has given to each being of this creation has
come. Each one has the gift to choose their freedom and to live it as they
wish. But they have to learn how to claim that gift in order to learn how to
live it.
A slave has to learn how to live in freedom; otherwise he will always look
for a master to serve to and make responsible for his misfortune.
The human being has enslaved himself in many ways, politically,
commercially, culturally, economically, sentimentally, etc, etc.
The human being has not learnt how to live in freedom, even those who
proudly pretend to export their vision of freedom, only export their own
human limitations and miseries.
We are talking about freedom and that is why now I say to you who have
answered to this call, we will discover freedom in order for this world to be



a free men and women’s world from now on. Free from their heart and free
from their thought.
Human beings have built the world that we are inheriting now, but the
actual man and woman will be changed for the blessing of future
I speak with the responsibility of one who knows. I speak with the
conscious of the one who sees the future with the present clearness.
The call was for working.
That is why today I am calling you to work for this world that we will build
Free Thought
That is what I want to do with you, to give you the freedom in order for you
to think as a free man and woman, not as the slave who has learnt to think
like others wanted him/her to think. No.
That is why I am not going to tell you what to think, I am going to tell you
how to do it. I am not going to tell you what to seek; I am going to tell you
how to do it.
The human being has been someone else’s ideas recipient from the
beginning. He takes them and makes them as if they were his, then he
defends them as if they were his own creation. But the ideas spread as
virus. They infect one mind and then another and so on. And the
dependence spread as if it was a gust of wind.
Because originally the man was told that he was a sinner and because of
that a God was necessary in order to be saved from hell. And the fear of
something unseen began to spread making it real and creating mental
slaves of an unseen master too.
But the master was not intangible; the master was on the Earth. He was
behind institutions, behind groups that managed fear for their benefit.
Always it was easier to manage slaves than managing free men and
Then, there were who spoke of a spiritual world, and they created it
complete, with masters, with angels, with saints, with rewards and
punishments, and they called it the new religion, the new gospel, they



called it the new age and the dissatisfaction of the religious institutions was
changed to others. They left the previous slavery to follow a new, fresh one
and they spoke over and over again of what they did not like about the
previous one. And they felt like the new saviors. It was necessary to save
the world from halted religions, from the degenerate remains of a religion
that did not serve to guide a new man and woman anymore.
And again they were misled. They were in a game where the one-eyed
guided to the blind ones.
Some turned to the heavens and saw that it was their home. They felt part
of the stars and then the commanders sprung forth, space beings who
came to evacuate the Earth before the great cataclysm. And the fear of
man was brought forward again. And there were thousands who packed.
They sold their belongings and bought an imaginary ticket to a paradise
that did not exist but only in the mind of those who talked to them.
Then, they wanted to finish with the world and they still are doing it. There
always be a prophecy, there always be an interpretation, and there always
be a year that can exploit the fear of those who seemed to run away from
their home before fixing what the man itself destroyed.
We are all responsible, and I am not talking about you, I am talking about
all of us as humanity. We are responsible for the wars that have left karma
for the human family, I am talking about epidemics that have arisen as part
of the chemical tests that unconscious civilization have done for so many
years. We are responsible for building frontiers which separate men and
women from their brethren; giving to some more rights than to others. We
are responsible for creating the religions in order to seek for inner peace
when, in reality, they divide people in classes and cause war.
We have been separated by religion, languages, goods we have, frontiers,
and our way of thinking; we have divided in all possible ways and we have
not learnt the way to coexist and to make a true home for us to live in a
harmonic way as the nature does in every corner of a garden.
Free Heart
And the saddest thing of all is that man has been a slave of his heart.
From his childhood the human being seeks the safety in his mother’s arms
and the character of his father and what he gets are infallible formulas in
order to create a permanent dependence of his heart on other people love.



Men and women do not stop growing emotionally. Their education does
not promote it. They grow up to be dependent on others. They are grown
with the idea of looking for someone who loves them necessarily. They
make up a marriage ceremony in which they sign up a document and they
swear to love each other.
As if the heart can be forced to love.
And then, the being desperately seeks in his insecurity someone else’s
love so that can be saved from his solitude… because he never learnt how
to live and enjoy that solitude.
He never learnt how to love himself to be capable of loving someone else.
They understand themselves as a half of a human being looking for their
complement… and then, spend their whole life looking to be complete with
another non-complete being.
That is the tragedy.
Men and women of the future I see and that we are going to constitute is a
complete human being who knows how to be complete and loves in a full
way, with that love which enslaves, with that love that responsibly loves,
with that love that links to constitute entire families, that raise complete
children and contribute with the recognition that we are complete since we
are born and everything else is nothing but fears created by the ignorance
This is the time when we will start to build the new world, the new society
with the fresh Light of a knowledge that frees and allows thinking and
feeling from a platform free of fear.
Only the slaves of the thinking seek someone else’s approval.
Only the slaves of the heart seek love that comes from outside.
We will grow in order to think what it seems the right thing for us and feel
us full and pleased with ourselves, either we are with our family or alone.
The free man is part of a new world which many of thousand chosen
already belong to.
This is the invitation I make to you… it is your choice.




Man’s science has been growing and developing in a fast way giving no
time to humanity for questioning the moral implied in his science.

Man has been getting closer to the nature’ mysteries, but he has moved
away of the main reason of his investigation, the man itself.

The humanist science does not exist, it exists the capitalist science, the
war science, the fear science, the ambition science. These are the
sciences that exist.

The investigation is not dome because of the investigation itself, but

because the man is afraid of being attacked, because the man aspires to
have more money and power, because “if I do not do it, someone else will
do it and then I will be subdued”.

We are living days of insecurity, man is afraid of man. Man is a slave of his
fear and that fear shapes all that they do.

Man has created a science which he wants to patent, this is, he wants to
take over what the nature was created. In the same way like man took
over the lands provided by the nature so generously and he called them
nations and built walls and charged taxes to be allowed to live there; now,
in the same way, he wants to take over the human genome to sell it to
those who want to have children with characteristics invented in labs by
manipulating genes and pretending to correct nature.

A lost moral in the middle of fear. Fear of suffering diseases created by the
man himself because of not following the guidelines of his human nature,
because of changing the food he eats besides what his bad habits makes
him lose. He adds vitamins to what already has but it lost them when was
processed to be packed. He created diets for human beings who lost the
habit of eating to satisfy the hunger and not to satisfy the palate. A
civilization that seeks to substitute the nature by thinking that they can
create in labs what the nature has taken years to create.

And the human being works in offices, in air conditioned spaces because
is not convenient to breathe the air of the cities, which is full of dust and



pollutants, and he regulate the room temperature in order to please his

body, because the clothes he wears do not allow the body to perspire and
that would create a bad taste in the society he has created. The nylon and
polyester, which are made in big labs, were not created for the human
body; that is why it is necessary to go to the gym and the spas, to give the
actual man and woman a feeling of health, when actually what they give is
a dependence on the artificial things which have a lack of the natural
energy provided by health and energetic life.

This is why the human being get terrified when hearing the term “global
warming” because he knows that his comfortable days will end, he will
have to get away from his comforts to not consume too much fossil fuel
that pollutes the world.

But all of this is nothing but a consequence of a long unconscious life, it

took a few generations who enjoyed a science without moral for the nature
to claim the man pretending to be God.

It is the time to create a new science; a humanistic science that

investigates man. A science that opens the possibilities of a new field, an
ethic science that looks for the good into the natural, a science that get
backs to man what it was taken away from him, one that sends the man
back to the nature, back to the natural, one that eliminates so much
electronics and gives him more spaces, that removes his focus on the
sexual and places it in the moderation of the highest. The balanced man
and woman are those who see themselves as part of a world extension,
those who live their freedom in the middle of a world that looks for its acts
transcendence and not for the fulfillment of the immediate.

We need a world that moves as to the values that transcend, that creates
for the future, one that does not think in terms of one single life.

That it does not research to modify what nature already gives to man, but it
researches how man can get closer to human nature.

That it looks for the reasons why the human emotions exist, that it looks for
the reasons of life, what it is behind the mystic feelings of human being,
what it is beyond death, that it looks for the way of making equal the
human being’s rights, that it stop using poor people as a guinea pig and
gives them the same opportunities of growing and developing, just as the
rest of people.



A science that looks for an explanation of the miracle of life, but not in
terms of genes and chromosomes, no; that was already answered by
nature and has been doing it from the beginning. A science that can
explain the reasons why the parents have to tale care of their children, and
why a child loves his/her parents so much. Why a parent is able to give
his/her life for children, why a seed grows until becomes a tree and then
more seeds become trees that continue growing and so on. Why the life is
that way, why all the species have to keep living. Who is the one that
impulse all this life in motion.

A science that sees beyond of its eyes; that brings to light what its
instruments indicate.

A science that goes to the root causes; that answers from the inside and
not from the norms that were imposed by the scientific method parents.

Only in that way we will be able to get closer to the true motivation of
science; that mysterious impulse that rises from the childhood and takes
us to discover how the world works… to satisfy the spirit… not a body that
wants to live more comfortable and more secure.




Deep inside man there is an impulse to look for God. And this has caused
that human beings are victims of the religious institutions from the
beginning of times.
The human being, as God’s child, received the complete signals to come
back to Him. He was born with a map inside his own presence which
indicates the way back…
However, the man has learnt to see inside. From the first moment of his
born the man open his eyes and his priority is to survive, his parents raises
him to be as blind and deaf as them for his inner reality, man and woman
learn to live in the outer world… and they forget how to live inside.
And then… they have to look for a religion that reminds them what it is
inside their body, their mind, and their hearts. And the human beings come
to religions looking for those answers and they find only warnings and
Warning about how not to live, commandments about what has not to be
done and thousand or rules that only clip the spirit’s wings and fills it with
incomprehensible fears.
At the beginning the love fro God may attracts him to religion, then… it is
the fear of God that keeps within it.
Religions educate the people as if they were small children, inspiring fear
and restricting the mind’s reasoning that is enslaved when looking for
Few are the minds that dare to question the divinity of an institution or the
teachings of a sacred book without feeling a reverent inner fear about what
it may happen to them.
Is this the freedom they were looking for in their religion?
Men change and religions too. New ideas come up, new prophets who,
from time to time, raise their voice to make Light where the darkness is
And those good news fill the hearts with hope, it is not true that man has to



fight for his salvation. The only ones who should look for the salvation are
the religious institutions because the time has come for the human beings
to see the light again.
Enough of suppressing the hearts with the fear of an eternal condemnation
or world destruction! Enough of frightening those poor of spirit! The freeing
day is getting closer.
Religions have not carried out their job.
Each one of them struggles for surviving and, just as a supermarket item,
they have to advertise, as if attracting more people gave them more value
in what they preach.
The truth of spirit is clear and open to who sees it. It is not about arguing
what it is a truth without objections. Each knows what is perceived inside
and that is his/her truth. If that person wants to enrich by testing it, be
welcome to the interchange, if that person does not want to, it his/her right,
that is a freedom that each one possess to believe and feel what the heart
However, society does not understand it in that way. Thousand of people
exert pressure over the inhabitants in order for they to fulfill the religious
rituals. Thousand of parents make that with their children; many
governments put pressure on their voters in order for them to fulfill with
certain religion… And this happens in the so called democratic countries…
Is this what religion teach? It is not… but unfortunately, this is what
religions practice.
For this reason, religious institutions are bound to disappear. The prophets
will never disappear because they are the result of a humanity that is
getting closer to God and that understands better each time; however, the
institutions left after the prophet is gone, are the ones that degrade
themselves to become promoters of knowledge and a sacred truth on the
construction of ritual and dogmas which link the believer masses.
The new religion will be individual, as it is the God’s perception, in the
same way the art takes a painter to express in a unique and total way, in
the same way as the music is made by the composer following his/her
inner truth, in the same way the religion will be personal and unique for
each human being.
Let us wait and work in order for that to happen.




Man has created a society ruled by governments, sometimes elected by

people and sometimes elected by using weapons.

Man has not reached the height to rule himself. He cannot go to a

harmonic future. That is why man needs to have a government to rule and
tell him what to do.

A government is formed by human beings equally incomplete, with a

particular short view of what a people should be and with selfish personal
interests above people’s interests.

However, men and women of a town cannot aspire to more when they are
disconnected from the inner light shining.

The man who does not think of others cannot aspire to rule them. The man
who is not capable of feeling the need of people is not able to lead them.

Dictators as well as presidents have personal goals, they have personal

interests, the means they use to get the power will be different but their
inner beings are also yearning for power.

A dictator may has a bigger need of keeping his power by using fear and a
complete repression system over the people, but a president in a
democratic country comes up from a group of power which makes
alliances with other groups of power to get the vote of people… but…

Once he/she is in the power there are interests that need representation,
there are compromises to be paid, there are alliances to respect, and the

The people have to wait until all these debts are paid to finally receive the

This is why a reform is needed in the society governments. The so called

democracy is a flag already worn-out by a politic class that has taken over
many countries and prevents its evolution.

It is not possible that the world looks impassively how a president declares



war on a country only to gain votes and to pay certain economic interests
that take him to get the presidency in his/her own country.

The world is not working well when the United Nations are preys of
powerful governments that subsidize their social work programs.

But in the new society none of this can be allowed. The new man claims a
govern to be represented, to be consulted, to be the one that applies the
masses opinion and that does not bribe him with gifts given on campaigns
to forget his needs later.

The new human being will be ruled by his heart; he will be aware of his
responsibilities as a citizen and understand that his country’s maturity is in
the way he faces up to his future.

When a government makes decision without thinking of the next elections,

but thinking of the children generation who full of hope ask for a better
world to his parents where they can live in.

Our revolution is not a violent one. It is a revolution of lights; it is a

revolution of ideas; it is a series of changes came from the conscious of
people awakening.

It will not be with rewards that people who think will be conquered.

It will not be with money that the vote of a society who knows how to make
a decision and is aware of the problems to be solved will be gained.

It will not be with campaigns which disguise the candidates’ biography that
the best men and women to rule people who know what they want will be

This is why the human being must awake from inward. He must awake his

He must turn the television off and turn his inner reality on. What is he
missing to be happy? What is he missing to educate with wisdom to his
children? What does he need to meet his basic needs?

Let us ask: Do not the Earth gives enough food to feed the whole
humanity? Do not the Earth provides with enough wealth for the whole
humanity to be happy? Is there not enough space for all to have a home
worthy of a family?



The problem is not the shortage, the problem is the distribution.

The whole problem is that man created a society that allowed the wealth
was accumulated in a few. Now the system allows these few powerful
people to become more powerful, and the poor ones become poorer.

The actual systems that are practiced by society do not lead to equal
opportunities. It is necessary to create a new economy with humanistic
and social sense which truly looks for the human being well-being; that
exploits forests, but with an ecological sense; that builds cities, but
respecting the spaces needed by people; that creates jobs, but not to
make wealthier to some but to benefit society.

Businessmen as well as union leaders; religious leaders as well as

government leaders, all of them, most of time, look for keeping their
position at the expense of the principles wielded while they were trying to
get there.

However, the new society looks for something different. The new society
seeks to make aware of people who have been waiting patiently to be
changed. The seed has grown. The inner light, at last, begins to glimpse a
new future. The spirit looks the world where it lives in and, in a quiet way,
is preparing to take the hoe in order to plough in the hearts and minds the
grooves where the new seeds will grow.

The time for sowing has come.

It is not a violent fight, neither it is a fight; it is just a change, a radical one,

but a change.

How it is made a total revolution?

It happens only when the entire people wake up and see the light that they
had not seen before.

People in darkness could not make progress. However, people who

perceive in their minds a new reality begin a different way, and sooner or
later all their institutions change and being to reflect that new society that
was only a dream.

The spirit requires a new world. A world where ideas are bright, where
problems have a solution, where the weakest ones’ voices as well as the



strongest ones are heard, where there is no a distribution problem; where

hearts want to work and conditions are worthy of all; where the respect for
ideas and the tolerance for different opinions are the norm which rules the
social coexistence. This is the world we are going to build.

You may be asking to yourself how.

I answer to you… with the spirit’s light which is about to awake.




We could not finish this view of the world without talk about education. It is
there where the hope of people resides.
Mi heart trembles when I see the situation that deprives the world and
where the children, many times, are the most innocent victims of all this
It is a tragedy what it happens on poor countries where children work to
feed a family in which the father has gone, fell ill or died.
Children without childhood.
It is a tragedy when children are ill-treated by their parents who force them
to work in order for them to provide with what their parents cannot.
It is a tragedy when they change the education for a job.
It is also a tragedy when children receive an education to learn how to use
a gun, or a pistol, when in school they are taught to hate their parents’ and
their teachers’ enemies; when they scatter hate in children’s innocent
hearts. That is the tragedy of people ruled by violence and wars.
Entire people scarify their children to create soldiers who defend a land, a
religion, a way of life. This is a tragedy.
The world knows this and says nothing many times.
The world knows about the life in Africa and says nothing. It knows about
the miseries that cause the death of thousand of children without having
the opportunity to see a toy, to watch a television.
Truly I tell you that tragedies are written everyday, while in another part of
the world there are children who enjoy a movie.
It is a contrasting world.
Where is the solution for these problems? It is in the childhood.
It is in children education. There is the solution of the problems suffered by



Do not hide the problems from your children, do not describe a world that
does not exist, make them see the contrasts and let them participate with
ideas to solve these problems.
A child grows up knowing about the problems that affect the world, he/she
has a time to think out solutions that can be ready when he/she is old
enough to practice them. Humanity counts on you to solve its problems.
The greatest heritage of society resides in its children.
But, for this, we require a new way of education.
And to educate in a different way we require a new kind of teachers.
Teachers who can see the potential of what they can do. That they do not
see children as helpless or as beings who do not know to do anything and
that they are teaching to them.
They have to see children as the seeds of the great men and women that
they will be in the future. They need to educate them having in mind that
the one who is playing now can be the great leader who will solve the lack
of water in the future.
They have to see the future leaders; they have to see the great scientists,
the great rulers, and the religious leader who will guide people to new
horizons unknown to us.
The magic of ideas comes true when a teacher see with love to his/her
students and respects the being that is growing up.
The magic of teaching unleashes when a teacher see through a little girl’s
sweet face a great lady who may run universities in the future.
Schools are the temples where the children’s spirit is created.
But the teachers are the great dreams sculptors; they are the great writers
who teach how to write futures on the children minds.
For this reason, teachers must be respected and have an essential place
in society.
For this reason, children are the hope of a future that humanity expects
and needs.
The one who teaches with love, finishes forming what a family give in its



And if we understand that the responsibility of teaching does not reside
exclusively in schools, but also at home, and each parent understand
his/her function as trainer, until then society will be so close to understand
the importance of education and it will be spreading a promising future for
Education does not end when the school is ended up; education is a so
important discipline as well as sports that strengthen the body; education
strengthens values, and these values support us when life gives us
That is the function of education and that is the humanity’s hope.
In the new education human beings will promote transcending values; they
will understand that it is important to fight for building a heritage for the
family, and for building a heritage for humanity. Education must emphasize
on the importance of goals looked for humanity.
The child has to feel responsible too for what happens on distant places;
he/she have to feel with the ability to solve the world problems; the child
has to feel part of the world in order for his/her ideas can really have that
scope and when he/she is older do not see them as other people
The world has contracted. Now all the problems are ours; nature makes
the air and water flow in every nation of the world and the air that is now
breathed in Mexico was breathed in South America yesterday, and maybe
tomorrow will be in Asia.
In the same way, the water that today falls as rain over China, sooner or
later will be back to America or Australia. The world is linked in many
senses and, in the same way, children minds must join for an education
that makes them feel as a great family where all can help each other.
This is the hope of education. An education that shapes the beings who
will create a new humanity.
With this we finish this partial view of the world. In future releases we will
talk about how a path to Light must be.





Ceremony of Wesak 2007, Friday, April 27th, 2007

For a long time the world has been waiting for a call, for a long time the
heralds of the light have been coming announcing my arrival. The supreme
cosmic gear has turned once more in the sacred spiral, and the time now
is arrived.

I have come to say to them that I already am among you.

There is a plan that little by little has come revealing. Little by little the
small sparks of light represented by each one of the servants has been
making their work. Little by little it has been formed a thread that weaves
the minds and the hearts of all those that have dedicated their life to serve
humanity. And this thread without haste and with much diligence has
formed the network of lights that was required for my arrival.

All the schools and groups of the world knew that it had to come, all waited
for me to arrive, all had received in their internal law the call of the star of
Bethlehem, again the star of the announcement had ignited and those of
open mind and ignited heart of those who caught the warning. Today I
make the first call.

The plan has had to happen through many tests, not because there have
been opposite spirits, not because it has had to overcome obstacles, no,
the Plan has taken into account all that and there is no force in the
universe that can be against the light. No, the obstacles that the Plan has
had to overcome are those that the own servants of the light have put in
the way.

The schools, the leaders and the groups on watch of the world, have often
not recognized that “their plan” is not “the Plan”, that “their truth” is not “the
TRUTH and that they are not the only ones who are going to save to the
world. The moment of the Great Communion of lights approaches but this
first call is only for waking up the conscience of those they have been
waiting to me.



For all those that already “knew” that I was here, for all those that had
perceived this moment, for all those that they looked for to me, today I
announce to: I already am here.

I have wanted to wait until this festival of Wesak to make this call. The true
disciples “know” that in the sacred valley of the Wesak the Plan will be
revealed in its essential parts.

The world waited for hundreds of years for this moment to arrive. The
“sacred traditions of the humanity”, the “guardians of the four points”, “the
guides of the 4 root races”, “the embodied of the 7 rays”, “the people in
charge of the terrestrial vestibules”, “the seeded ones of stars”, “the
observers”, “the guides of the schools and religions of the world”, “those
that take care of to the fallen ones”, “the Legionaries”, “the authentic true
Essenians”, “Millenarian Gnostics”, “ The authentic races”, “the
Mahachoanes”,” the mysterious Agartha”,” the Siloé Star “,” the Golden
Dawn “, “the followers of the prophecies”, “those that the guardians take
care of”, “the children of God”, “the virgins of the light”, “the supreme
Egyptian order”, “the hands of Maitreya”, “the true Christians”, “the
Masons”, “the guardians of the magnetic centers”, “the legions of Ashtar”,
“the Jews”, “those who wait in the shade”, “the laces of love”, “the
cultivators of the light”, “the spirits of the mountain”,” the Great one
Universal brotherhood “, “the Church of the Only one”, “Those of the cross
on the Golgotha”,” the Secret Brotherhood of the Vatican”, “the brothers of
Christ”, “the new Buddhists”, “the Walkirians”, “ The Crusaders and the
guardians of the Ark” and all the others that have listened to my voice
announcing me, knew that the call was about to be made.

Today it is the day of the first call. There will not be many of them. The
network of lights is formed and I have come to use it. My Order is already
working, this is the first time that I give a public announcement, do not get
confused, never I have been before the public, until now I have made no
public announcement, I do not give courses, I do not heal, I have no
interest in anything economic, do not fall into confusion. This it is the first
call that I do openly make and I have used the network because this it is
the instrument that we granted to the humanity so that it could used at the
moment that was assigned for the arrival of the light.



Those who feel that the call is for him or her, only answer to it. Nothing
else is requested. In this first call it is only requested that it is given an

Where is my Order? It is in some place of America.

Who makes this call? I do, through the 15 organizations that compose this
first contact. But for that they doubt in answering to it, I only request from
them that they follow their heart.

Since when have we been working? We have been reuniting ourselves for
10 years, but spiritually I have been doing it with many of you for
hundreds of years.

This is the first call for Recognition. Those ho feel the call of the light,

Wesak will be a crucial moment; answers will be given for all those that
have doubts. The true disciples and students of the light will know to
recognize to me when they see me in that magnanimous meeting. Ask
your doubts there and all of them will be answered in the heart.

This it is the first call, the call of the Recognition. Those who feel the call,
respond. Use the same one medium by which they received this

V.M. Melquizedek.






In 1997, the Superior Hierarchy of the planet called upon a group of 7

brothers/masters, representatives from several spiritual currents
(Rosicrucian, Masonry, Inca, etc.) in order to participate under the
guidance and presence of the so Sublime and Divine Master, Director of
the Spiritual Hierarchy: the Cosmic Christ and the Sanat Kumara the so
Venerable Master Melchizedek, in the establishing and exteriorization for
the highest intentions of the Almighty.

During this time, the Superior Hierarchy has instructed and has developed
some important programs and works for the Planetary Hierarchy.

The Order of Melchizedek under the guidance of the hierarchy develops

and projects works in several areas:

The developing and education in the several phases of the Royal Initiation,
• The Human Initiation
• The Planetary Initiation
• The Cosmic Initiation
• The Work of the planet’s Geo-magnetic points keepers.
• Training in several energetic healing areas
• The net of servers of the world
• The spreading of the wisdom teachers’ teachings
• The spreading of the real initiation traditions in the world (at the
present, more than 15 initiation orders)
• Other activities of initiation nature



The Governing and Coordinator Body of our activities from the Order of
Melchizedek is the Honorable College of Ancients, formed by several
Masters from different traditions of initiation.
Some of them are:

• The Ancient and Traditional Order “Místika Inkaica de Goanakauri”

• Divine Order of the Bodhisattva Kwan Yin.
• Divine Order of the Cosmic Mother
• Solar Life School.
• Brotherhood Siloé Star
• Archangel Michael Order
• Divine Master Servers Order
• Divine Master Cosmic Christ Order
• Kwan Yin’s Divine Reiki Order
• Sacred Valley Order
• Maya-Aum Order
• Metatron from the Angelical World Order
• Mesoamerican Order of Master Kocona
• Center of Spiritual Studies, ORO-MU
• The Solar Masonry of Royal Initiation Sovereign Order

Besides to this first group, there are Civil and Cultural Organizations added
to the new dynamic of exteriorization of the real planet’s superior hierarchy
whose names are not mentioned.




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