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Name : Ari Susanti NIM : 10004127/B2

School Subject Class/Sem : SMPN 2 Girimulyo : English : 1-2

Competence Standard : To express the meaning of very simple short functional and essay written text in the form of descriptive or procedure for the environment. Basic Competence Reading a loud meaningful simple short functional and essay written descriptive text with words, stress and intonation correctly. Indicators Students are able to find spesific information in the descriptive text. read the words, phrases and sentences with correct intonation clearly. Reading aloud properly descriptive text. Kind of text : Descriptive text Skill : Reading Time Allocation : 1 x 20 minutes Objectives: At the end of the teaching and learning process, students are able to: - Identify the detail information in descriptive text - Identify the characteristic of descriptive text - Identify the generic structure and language feature of descriptive text Material Teaching method : Monolog text in the form of descriptive : CLT

Steps of the teaching and learning Opening Sessions - Greeting - Do the apperception - Draw the setudents to the topic will be discussed patiently Main Activity - Teacher tells about text descriptive - Teacher asks the student to do the task. - Prepare 4 reading text with the same content, but different words are omitted. - Divides students in groups. - Give each group reading of the text that has been prepared. - Give time each student in the group to read in turn. Ask the students who did not get a turn to read, to listen and write words they hear emptied appropriate. - After members of the group gets a turn to read, appoint one person who confidence to read the results in front of the class.

Closing sessions - Lead the students to make a conclusion concerning to a descriptive text patiently - Ask the students to be confident in trying to do the task. - Ask the students perception on the teaching and learning has been done - Give further exercises for HW - Close the meeting by saying leave taking. Learning source Process Evaluation Technique Form Instruments : relevance book

: jigsaw : essay test : fill the blank paragraph and brainstorming.

Identify the word phrase Identify LF Identify the characteristic of descriptive text Simple descriptive text

Scoring Correct answer gets 10 score. Responding to the text : 1. Wrong respond : 5 2. Good respond : 15 3. Total score : 20


Yogyakarta, .2012 Apprentice Teacher,