1- Four years ago Julian works in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the

world. At first it took some getting used to the environment and work rate. Discovered and isolated the mutation seventh generation of a previously unknown virus, which still easy to spread and highly contagious, could end the lives of millions of people around the world. He doesnt discovered the active ingredient but it destroys. DISCOURSE MARKER: but FUNCTION: contraste IDEA 1: penso que descubrió un ingrediente IDEA 2: pero había descubierto lo que destruía al virus

2- A man walking with his 6 year old son for a place crowded when the child was pulled to the floor on
a candy wrapper he had bought seconds earlier. Then stopped walking and severely scolded the boy, forcing him to pick up the paper and place in container for disposal that was there.Some minutes later, as they walked back to his house by a side street, the man threw the sidewalk cigarette box was empty such as the child did.

DISCOURSE MARKER: such as FUNCTION: ejemplificacion IDEA 1: el niño tiro una basura y lo regaño su papa IDEA 2: el papa hizo lo mismo que el niño porque tiro la cajetilla de cigarros

3-One September afternoon I bought a bottle of red wine that was lonely on a shelf in the
corner supermarket. For the thick overlying dust that I assumed had been several years since it was packed, but when he said harvest Tannat 2011, shrewdly deduced that there were unreconciled to cleanliness. DISCOURSE MARKER: assumed FUNCTION: hipotesis u opinion IDEA 1: ve una botella de vino en un rincón IDEA 2: supone que es de hace varios años

4-He paced back and forth, their black stripes seemed confused with the bars of the
cage. Now and then his eyes looked, briefly, mine. Sometimes long yawn, opening his huge mouth with long, very white teeth, move that ran me just to see how your teeth could easily close around my throat, but the tiger seemed to forget something very important: the iron bars that separated us. Then after a few minutes got bored and left licking his whiskers, drawing with his tail graceful figures in the warm air of the evening. Therefore I was somewhat sad and dejected, in the overwhelming loneliness of my cage.

DISCOURSE MARKER: Therefore FUNCTION: deduccion IDEA 1: el tigre no parecía estar bien parecía triste IDEA 2: le produjo una sensación de tristeza

5- He felt his pulse rose in the same way he leaned his body an energy that was not long
ago, but I knew very well. That sense of freedom and power that seemed to convince him to invade could reach any goal you propose.From a cloudless sky the sun gave life to his shadow, moving at a good pace, slipped on the yellow grass flanking the narrow winding road that ends up being lost between Mount announcing the first eucalyptus, now see him go . DISCOURSE MARKER: in the same way FUNCTION: comparación IDEA 1:se daba cuenta que sus pulsaciones aumentaron IDEA 2:su cuerpo se recargaba de una energía que no había sentido

6- The idea that I was good Capra's book could be summarized as follows: we are all
connected, somehow, to everyone. That is, we are all One therefore not yet decided what to do with pigeons. If everything and everyone is connected, I think it would be more humane to buy a couple of yards of wire mesh to cover the mouth of the chimney. It is better to kill evict because, perhaps, would be killing something of myself. DISCOURSE MARKER: therefore FUNCTION: conclusión IDEA 1: dice que todos somos uno que estamos conectados de cierta forma IDEA 2: que no sabe qué hacer con las palomas que se refiere a su libertad.