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ZS1JHG Multiband Longwire

66 feet (20.12m) of insulated wire about 1/1.5 mm diam. Connect 66 ft long wire to a 4.1 Balun and then use a short length of coax to Transceiver. The Counterpoises are connected directly to the 4.1 Balun. Do not use a ground earth. Tested using a 4.1 Moxon voltage Balun and an MFJ 259B SWR Analyser Freq Mhz C/poise length SWR 50ohm coax
10m 5.2m 3m 1.8m

SWR 75ohm coax 1.7 1.4 1.3 1.5 ***



7050 14200 21200 28500 Notes

32.7ft 17ft 9.8ft 5.9ft

2.3 1.1 1.2 1

133 54 56 49

0 0 0 3

To obtain a lower SWR on 7.050 use RG59 (75ohm) coax to connect to TX On other bands RG58 ( 50ohm) must be used. *** Calculated SWR using RG59 coax on all bands from TLW program by Dean Straw QST Tech editor The counterpoises must run away from the TX operating position to minimise capacitive coupling with the operator. Note these are hot with RF so ensure suitable insulation at ends of counterpoises. The counterpoises can consist of one length of 17 ft , 9.8 ft and 5.9 ft. Joining these all together with suitable couplers will give 32.7 ft

66 ft C/Poise

4.1 balun coax 50 ohm (for 40m coax 75 ohm)