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8m 25 6 3 6 400000 / 8 1 10-5 10 / 80 85 10 20 65

4000 5500 4mm Kyoritsu

CO2 78C12H26+ 1443O2= 936CO21014H2O 1 3.16kg CO2 3 / 7 m 25m 70cm


____ __ __ 8m27m

____ __ __ __ 2.5 2.5 ---- ___ ---- ___ ---- ___ ---- ___ ---__________ L ______________ L ________ L _____ L ______ 70cm 0.15 0.10cm 0.1 CO2 4 U ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 2

0.40 12 2000L 2.4 L 30 11 25 22 20 () 1 1 1 2 CO2 8 12 2000 ppm 0.2% 2 / 15 1213 25 18 36 50 18 22-25 18 Musk Melon Greenhouse Design Criteria Dimension 8m wide, 25m long Rows 6 rows A plastic removable roof inside the greenhouse

The end plastic change every year, the top plastic change every 3 years The long side of the glasses should always be facing the south The greenhouse should be at least 6m apart Boiler capacity 400,000 kcal/Hr Good for 8 greenhouses and 1 propagation house Boiler will only be used from Oct to May Heavy Oil is used as fuel for the boiler Annual usage at 100 kilo L/year Maximum Pipe temperature at 80 to 85 degree (when outside is 10 degree or below) Pipe temperature at 65 degree (when outside is 20 degree) Electricity average per month 4000 to 5500 kwh Glass for the greenhouse 4mm in thickness Structure aluminum glass frame with galvanized steel as frame Climate control system is made by Kyoritsu (China has a branch) Prefer to have a misting system and roof sprinkler system in the greenhouse CO2 system was converted from a car painting system A burner to burn kerosene 78(C12H26) + 1443(O2) = 936(CO2) + 1014(H2O) 1 kg of Kerosene can get 3.16kg of CO2 Air is mixed in a chamber and then blow into the greenhouse 3 water heating/cooling fans are in each greenhouse Layout and design Specifications Current design is 7m x 25m Approx. 70cm soil bed then 70cm concrete path --__--__--__--__-If design is 8m x 27m --__--__--__--__--__-Underground piping for heating All heating pipes are approx.. 2.5 in diameter and half (on the outside with radiator design) The inside heating pipe does not have radiator All heating pipes are connect together at the back of the greenhouse The pipes are rise above ground approx 2.5 ----___----___----___----___---l__________l______________l l________l_____l______ Water hose is designed in the middle of each concrete path - normal garden hose size The soil bed is 70cm in width made of plastic or aluminum. Drainage holes are on the bottom side of the bed. The bed are rise approx.. 15 cm above ground by concrete.

The bed depth is approx.. 10cm. At the bottom of the bed, there is a steel pipe approx.. 1 in dimeter for steaming to disinfect the soil. CO2 pipes are located at the back of the greenhouse approx.. 4 in diameter At gable end, every six glass panel, there is a steel u beam as support for the structure. After gable, every five glass panel. A cross steel support was setup on the side and the roof of the greenhouse both long and short side. Greenhouse section X X X ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Windows opening North side (short) Gable end, on the 3rd glass from the end After gable end, on the 3rd glass from the frame South side (long) Window opening starts from the 2nd glass to the 10th glass panel big window, skip 2 glasses and then start again Inside plastic roof, the side is the same height as the short side of the greenhouse, the top is in the middle of the greenhouse and is approx.. 40 cm higher than the side of the greenhouse (short side) Side window opening, same as the North side roof window orientation. Windows are up at the top edge of the greenhouse (under the gutters). The windows are approx.. 12 heavy oil tanks as storage each tank 2000L total 24 kilo L Musk Melon Growing Setup and Conditions Climate Control Morning 30 degree, Drop to 25 degree after 11pm, Drop to 22 at night Propagation 20 days from drop seeds Seeds drop right into pots Spacing down on carts, only 1 time spacing change 1 week will see germination Watering manual, 1 time in the winter and 2 times in the summer Fertilizer is already mix in soil. Once the fruit are set, top dress one more time. Top dressing will be applied between the two plants Dosing CO2 from 8am to 12 pm at 2000 ppm 0.2% concentration Removable plastic roof only on during night time to keep humidity and temperature

Planting 2 plants/m Plant stage 15 days will keep 12 to 13 leaves 25 days will see first flower (summer time flowering in 18 days) 36 days after flowering will cover the fruit with the white outside and dark color facing the fruit (protect the fruit) 50 days ready for picking Natural Irrigation water temperature is at 18 degree In Winter, need to heat up to 22 to 25 degree In Summer, remains at 18 degree Once picked, the fruit will be in room temperature