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Migration Evaluation Report CONFIDENTIAL

Opulentus Evaluation Report

Mr.Shafeeq Ahmed
for Migration to AUSTRALIA Under the Australia Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) 25 Mar 2013 Evaluated by Opulentus Immigration & Consulate Services


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Shafeeq Ahmed. We have taken your information sheet submitted by you and the information in it to make this mandate and hope you have taken utmost care while filling up the same.. Pune.:: Australia IRR ::. Ireland Dear Mr. Mumbai..opulentian. We also took the prevailing rules set by the country you have chosen to immigrate for executing this IRR. when and where you can kick start your overseas career. This whole process of IRR is done to make sure that a Patron is given full freedom to analyze a lot of imperative things before a step like this which changes once life when taken. We respect the fact that you want to be assured before you start spending time and money and this IRR is exactly what we offer to someone like you to understand the whole process very closely and then take a call. UK. We have this Internal Review Report for you to analyze your probabilities and clarity on how..php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . Hyderabad. At the onset we would thank you for choosing for internal review of your profile to know the chances settling abroad. Ltd. Vizag. These rules change at regular intervals and we would recommend starting the process as soon as possible after you review the report. – India’s Super Visa Specialist. New Delhi. USA. Welcome to the elite club of Opulentus Overseas Careers Pvt. Bangalore. We thank you once again for choosing us and we look forward seeing your file for the full http://www.

With Best Regards Team "Internal Review Reports" Opulentus Overseas Careers Pvt.. Mumbai. Based on the information you have provided and consistent with the current AUSTRALIA Immigration customercare@opulentuz. Based on the details you have provided in the evaluation form and resume. New Delhi. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.Shafeeq Ahmed. please find your evaluation report below.. Ltd. Chennai. This is to inform you that you have cleared the basic requirements for entry to AUSTRAILIA under the Australia Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) program. Work Experience 15 15 http://www. Vizag. 2. Hyderabad.. our assessment indicates that your visa application for immigration is strong keeping in mind your age. Ireland Dear Mr.:: Australia IRR ::. occupation and work experience. Points 30 20 Your Score Your Attributes 30 15 30 Years Bachelor Degree (including a Bachelor Degree with Honours or Masters) Documents that prove you have worked in skilled employment for Pune. Bangalore.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . UK.No 1. USA. qualification. irr@opulentuz. service. Qualifying Factors Age Qualification Max.

Pune. Sponsorship 10 5 0 0 0 0 0 75 eight years Proficient English (a score of at least 7 in each of the four components of the IELTS test). Please http://www.Shafeeq Ahmed Your Nominated Occupation is ANZSCO Code & Job Description Skill Assessment fee 60 Points 75 Points Systems Administrator 262113 AUD 450 payable to ACS Hyderabad. UK. 4.opulentian. General .. Nomination by state or territory government (visa subclass 190 only) NA NA NA NA NA Australian Work Experience 20 Australian Qualification Regional Australian Study Community Language Partner skills Total Points Scored 5 5 5 5 Minimum Required Points Points scored by Mr. USA. Please Note: • All information printed in this report is correct and accurate at the time of printing – 25 Mar 2013 • Immigration & Visa rules & processes along with relevant fees continuously change. 7. 10. Ireland S.No 1 2 3 4 5 Age Factor Dob : 25-11-1982 Qualification Work Experience English Language Sponsorship Notes BCA . 8+ years of relevant work experience...Osmania University. State or Territory Government Nomination required. New Delhi.Proficient English. 6. Bangalore. Chennai. Australia IRR ::. Mumbai. Vizag. 8. English Language 20 10 5.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] .

detailed supporting documentary evidence must be provided for each factor. Vizag. New Delhi. Pune. Mumbai. substantiate your claim to If you have been awarded points for age / education / qualification / occupation / work experience / language / sponsor / income or any other factor in this evaluation report.[26-03-2013 00:40:29] .. USA.opulentian. Absence or lack of documentary evidence or providing misleading or fraudulent documentation may result in a hold / delay / rejection of your petition. UK. in this case. • OPULENTUS strongly advises its client to provide the Home Office / Assessing Authority / Immigration could adversely affect experience.. Chennai..:: Australia IRR ::.This • OPULENTUS does not process cases with fraudulent documents or fabricated work evaluation report is positive subject to you providing documentary evidence to the awarded points. Office with information which is truthful and accurate as anything that is contrary your application and the result. OPULENTUS will not be held responsible & is absolved of any liability. keep in touch with your consultant for updates. Bangalore. Ireland COUNSELLING to decide which country is best for you and your family EVALUATION to be sure whether to invest or not http://www. OPULENTUS will not be responsible for any changes that may occur after this date. monetary or otherwise. This report has been generated based upon the current minimum qualifying points criteria and as per the information provided by you.

Pune. Mumbai. Vizag.:: Australia IRR ::. Qualification Assessment.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . Payment of all expenses over and above the service fee is to be borne by the client himself.. Bangalore.opulentian. USA. SHARP DOCUMENTATION so that you can make use of the expertise we hold EMBASSY VISA DOCUMENTATION & INTERVIEW ORIENTATION to avoid last minute stress JOB SEARCH SUPPORT so that you begin marketing your profile right from India itself RELOCATION SUPPORT so that you are handheld until you reach your goal Full Service Deliverables Case officer. Medicals and Visa Fees etc. procuring any kind of certificates or any activity that is fraudulent or over and above the deliverables listed above.. New Delhi. Ireland http://www. OPULENTUS Service Fees does not include additional costs like IELTS Exam Fee. attestation of documents with any authority. Chennai.. as a point of contact for the entire process Documentation towards the Skill Assessment Application Filling of Application forms Upon approval from the concerned assessment authorities Submission for the EOI & state sponsorship Documentation process for Visa Application to DIAC Guidance on Family Visa documentation (if required) ** In case of Partner skills assessment to be done charges applicable accordingly Regular Updates on your case / the process PLEASE NOTE OPULENTUS will not assist with creation or fabrication of documents of any kind. Hyderabad.

We will fix one according to your budget Permanent Accommodation Assistance for those who have decided on a place and want a house to stay in... Temporary Accommodation Assistance: This will be a hotel you can stay in as soon as you arrive. If you're going somewhere you haven't been before. Immigration to Australia Other Services • Post Landing Services: Relocation & Settlement OPULENTUS provides a number of essential services for those who are relocating to a new country.opulentian. http://www. we can help make your move more comfortable & Australia IRR ::.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . • Our Relocation Services include Before you leave We can help you book your tickets.. purchase suitable health insurance that covers you and your family & purchase foreign exchange. After you arrive in the country our services include Airport Pick up: You will be picked up from the airport and dropped at the hotel / house.

Chennai. It is never a bad thing to hold an additional UK. If you are married and do not have children yet. Take a decision and advance your career right now. This ensures you stay close to the work place. Vizag. UK..:: Australia IRR ::. • Resume Zapper We will send your resume to employers / placement companies in a city of your choice for FREE. Why should you file your migration petition this month? Why should you not delay? Rules may change. You will get the benefits of substantial discounts in education when you are a Permanent Resident. MBA or Master Degree Program. Mumbai. You can invest in a new career. your kids born inside the country will become Naturalized Citizens automatically. Don't take the rules for granted. Pune. If you are not married. And then as you get older.. you ability to adjust to new surroundings also decreases. Hyderabad. this opportunity is for them too. Australia or Canadian Passport. Remember. You may not be eligible even a year later. Relocation Assistance A kit containing details you will require to settle into the new may also earn extra points for age! Your kids adjust better and learn faster when younger. Immigration rules are volatile and governments are always debating whether to close the door or whom to close the door on. If you postpone your decision. Bangalore. USA. You save time. You aren't growing any younger! Most countries have an age limit and it gets stricter as you grow older. Apply now .. You or your spouse may change your mind later and may miss on something good in your life http://www. it will improve your profile and get you a better partner. It is never a bad thing to hold a PR visa that allows you to work & live overseas. New Delhi. Ireland This is only for clients who are sure about staying in one Apply now when you are eligible! You may not be a few months from now.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . you end up in the same career junction even next year. It’s better to first find a job after landing in the city before you find permanent accommodation.

Apply for it now. Treat your migration petition as an investment for the future . Mumbai.. Check out if Special Offers . Avail of the benefits all your life. Hyderabad. Bangalore.yours and your children.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] .. Vizag. New Delhi. USA. Chennai. Pune.:: Australia IRR and for your children. watch it mature later.. Ireland http://www. UK.if there are any discounts applicable for this month.opulentian.

:: Australia IRR ::. http://www.opulentian.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29]

case specific Note: All costs are subject to change without notice http://www.opulentian. it must be from a test sat no more than 12 months before making your application Finances to shown for State Sponsorship will vary from State to State and territory to territory. Payable only after a successful skills assessment and sponsorship. UK.5) based on all four components. 8900 Migration Application fee . Vizag. Chennai. New Delhi. Cost Rs.AUD 4250 You must provide one of the following: your IELTS TRF Number to show you have a band score of at least four and a half (4. Ireland OPULENTUS SSV Services & Costs Full Service Skill Assessment Processing & Report from Appropriate Assessing authority Submitting EOI Invitation and Selection Complete Migration Processing with DIAC Updates & Follow up with the Consulate Visa Interview Preparation * Additional 12. Hyderabad. this will be App AUD 10000 to AUD 15000 as Liquid cash.:: Australia IRR ::..AUD 3060.36% of Service Tax is applicable on the actual amount.70000/- Additional Cost IELTS exam . USA. English Tuition Fee for dependants (age 18 and over) in case they don't satisfy English requirements .. Important: If you are using an IELTS test to show functional English. State Sponsorship Application (If applicable ) : AUD 200 to AUD 275 (Please note most of the states do not charge for sponsorship ) Fixed Asset to be shown will be from AUD 15000 to AUD 25000 Medicals / Registration .Rs..php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] .com/intranet/index. Bangalore. Pune. Mumbai.

Allows certain family members to be added before the application is decided. Hyderabad. This visa uses a points test to select visa applicants with characteristics needed in the Australian labour market. Australian permanent residents can: live and work in Australia on a permanent basis study in Australia at school or university http://www. Invitation to apply. UK. Nominate a skilled occupation from the relevant skilled occupation list.opulentian. USA. New Delhi. Ireland Skilled . Other standard requirements including health and character.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] .. Allows visa holder to live and work anywhere in Australia. Chennai. At least competent English. Requirements : Nomination by a state/territory government. This visa allows you to migrate to Australia if you have good English language skills and have skills and qualifications in an occupation in need in Australia.. Under 50 years of age. Meet points test pass mark. Bangalore..:: Australia IRR Mumbai. Vizag. Pune. Hold a suitable skills assessment.Sponsored (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 190) Permanent visa for skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory government.

Chennai. UK.including a step-aunt or uncle State and Territory governments who may offer nomination are: **Every state and territory has its own Occupations list based on the requirement. Ireland Skill Select (w.f July 2012) : Skill Select is an online system that enables skilled workers interested in migrating to Australia to record their details to be considered for a skilled visa through an Expression of Interest could be found and nominated for skilled visas by Australian or they could be invited by the Australian (EOI).:: Australia IRR ::. Government to lodge a visa application. Bangalore.opulentian. receive subsidised healthcare through Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) access certain social security payments (subject to waiting periods) be eligible for Australian citizenship (subject to the residency eligibility criteria) sponsor people for permanent residence You or your partner must be related to your sponsor as one of the following: a non-dependent child -including a stepchild a parent .. http://www. New Delhi. South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia New South Wales Queensland Northern Territory Australian Capital Territory Hyderabad. USA. Intending migrants employers or state and territory governments. Vizag..including a step-sibling a niece or nephew .including a step-niece or nephew an aunt or uncle ..e.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . Pune.including a step-parent a brother or sister .

. on the basis of this result and points score. EOIs are selected for skilled migration program is not dominated by a issued for that Once this limit is reached. you may receive an invitation to lodge a visa application. family sponsored or state/territory sponsored visas. migration. EOIs that will then remain in Skillselect for a maximum of two years. with no involvement of the department's One can update your EOI at any time prior to receiving an invitation. The Australian Government will be able to manage who is able to apply for skilled to apply and in what numbers. your ranking for some visas.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . Invitation and Selection Depending on what type of visa(s) you want to be considered for. but will not be eligible to receive an by the department at any time. Skill Select will ensure the skilled migration program is based on the economic needs of Australia. or an Australian employer may contact you to discuss a job opportunity. Skill Select will also help address regional skill shortages. no further invitations for that particular occupation group will be program year.:: Australia IRR ::. the Department of Immigration and Citizenship expects to significantly reduce the time taken to process a visa application. then SkillSelect will update your ranking and Once you have completed your EOI. You may wish to do this if you have gained new work experience.opulentian. This will be of particular benefit experiencing regional skill shortages and state and territory governments regional Australia attempting to settle migrants in based on your EOI Submission: Once EOI is completed the system will give you a points score and results claims. do not comply with the terms and conditions of SkillSelect can be removed Incomplete EOIs will also be stored for two years. when they are able As a result. Invitations would then be issued to other EOIs even if they are http://www. This means there will be a limit on how many migration from an occupation group. If you provide updated score or your ability to make a complete EOI against a ability to be considered for an invitation English language ability information which changes your points automatically. along with your time of submission becomes The ranking process will be an objective and automatic process staff. Skill Select allows intending migrants to indicate to employers they are willing to live and work in regional Australia. This ensures that the skilled small number of occupations. you will receive a confirmation notification from SkillSelect. visa. Occupation ceilings An occupation ceiling may be applied to invitations issued under the independent. gained a higher qualification and/or improved your and/or changed your family composition. Your EOI invitation.

The department's staff will not be involved in the selection process. USA. Ireland About Australia http://www.opulentian. When you submit an EOI for one of these visas. Chennai. Vizag. them. lower ranking. Pune. you will then receive territory you wish area. subject to occupation ceilings. If you are points test. Independent and family sponsored visas Invitations will be issued automatically to the highest ranking EOIs subject to occupation ceilings. a state or territory will not be able to occupation has reached its occupation ceiling. New Delhi. Invitations will be every month. You can select one state or territory.. you will be asked to select which state or to live and work..:: Australia IRR ::. For the state nominate you if your nominated and territory sponsored visas. State and territory governments may do their own assessment of people before they nominate nominated by a state or territory and you have indicated that you meet the an invitation. Mumbai. indicate if you are prepared to live and work in a non-metropolitan You will also be asked to or any state or territory.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . Bangalore.. issued regularly. You will be able to view the occupation ceilings on this website when SkillSelect is introduced. UK. such as State and territory sponsored visas State or territory governments will locate and select skilled workers that they want to nominate.

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and has the lowest population density per square kilometre. Aboriginal languages (plus numerous other European. Australia has 16 world heritage listed properties with its historic http://www.930 sq km 22 million Canberra Sydney English. Chennai. Vizag. 0.617. US and the Major products/industries Minerals. Commonwealth of Australia 7. UK. Mumbai.. crystal blue waters. amazing ancient rock formations and pristine rainforests.opulentian. USA. New Delhi. New Zealand.:: Australia IRR ::. China. Full country name Area Population Capital city Largest city Languages Religion Government Major trading partners EU. South Korea. Bangalore. 1% Buddhist.5% Jewish Federal Parliamentary Democracy Japan. ASEAN.. 1% Muslim. Ireland Living in Australia Australia is a natural wonderland of beautiful beaches. oil. coal. tourism.Arabic and Asian languages) 75% Christian. cereals.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] .. wool. gold. Pune. meat.

. The average temperature ranges from 23-26 degrees Celsius above the Tropic of Capricorn with the southern areas more temperate although subject to variations. Australia enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world having excellent transport systems. Ireland http://www. The Northern Territory alone has 20 national parks. Vizag. mountain ranges and the vast tracts of the Outback. Services Costs in Australia You'll certainly not be short of space in Australia. bustling cities. It's the sixth biggest country in the world. UK. cosmopolitan restaurants. you're certainly not going to be lonely as Australians are among the most friendly and gregarious people in the world. cafes and shopping complexes and excellent health care services. Population density is a whopping two people per square kilometer.. safe. Lifestyle & Culture Australia is a friendly. And the fact that Australia is the driest continent on earth make the land a great all-year destination. it's a country of boundless scenic beauty. New Delhi. from 7000 miles of unspoiled beaches to tropical rainforests. Australia also has lush river valleys and landscapes.opulentian. The climate facilitates a healthy. Mumbai. Australia’s climate is second to none. As well as monumental scenery. Chennai. Australia has a very low crime rate and very strict gun laws meaning it’s a very safe environment in which to learn and travel. active lifestyle and makes it a perfect place to live.. Australia has a wide range of climates but generally no extremes.:: Australia IRR ::. multicultural destination. Bangalore. The natural beauty of Australia is quite simply inescapable. Australia is a country of staggering diversity. townships. Much of Australia's exotic flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in the world and the lifestyle is one second to none. Tourists from all over the world come to Australia to take advantage of its world-class education and to enjoy its friendly hospitality and cultural diversity. USA.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . vivid landscapes and exotic flora and fauna all adding to its unique appeal. but don't worry. Pune. and then there are world heritage sites like the Great Barrier Reef and remarkable landscapes like the border ranges comprised of extinct and eroded volcanoes stretching across the borders of Queensland and New South Wales.

the World Competitiveness Yearbook remarked that Australia is the third best worldwide country when it comes to low cost of living Language An average family of four would expect to spend around 500 euro every month for food and drinks. you will never be far from a game of one kind or another.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . theatre. In 2004. Australia has some of the least expensive cities in the world. The culture and customs consists of a rich tapestry of nationalities including traditions. Arabic. And even if you're not quite in that league yourself. Migrants can expect nothing less when it comes to rent space. ballet. education. Brisbane and Melbourne. The indigenous 'Dream time' forms the base of tens of thousands of years of spiritual aboriginal art and culture. the cost of living is even lower. All of Australia’s major cities made it in the top 30 best places for expatriates.. Compared to any other place in the United Kingdom. Australia really is a country where you will experience all that life has to offer. The economy is somewhat influenced by Western culture but the per capita gross domestic product (GDP) when it comes to the purchasing power of the country is higher compared to the United Kingdom. transportation. On the world stage. Worldclass sporting prowess in rugby and cricket is also close at hand. myths and folklore. It is home to wonderful cinema. Language In Australia over 200 different languages and dialects are spoken. as it depends on an individual’s circumstances and lifestyle.. all of the cities and provinces in Australia significantly offer much cheaper living conditions not to mention the added financial and educational benefits provided to every citizen. Greek. The most commonly spoken languages (other than English) are Italian.:: Australia IRR ::.. http://www. opera and rock-n-roll. Cost Of Living It’s difficult to calculate an average cost of living. commodities and leisure. Australia has made a huge contribution to culture and sport. legends.opulentian. including 45 indigenous languages. Usual meats in Australia are either lamb or beef which is acquired and processed locally. Some of the notable cities that boast quality living and expenses are Adelaide. Fish is generally cheap but cities located near the sea and ocean will charge more for their catch. Vietnamese and Mandarin. In Western Australia. indigenous music and dance.

Victoria is still considered as the most fashionable place in Australia. Citizens equally wear traditional and modern fashion wear.. UK. Ireland What would cost more are imported products like cereals. New South Wales offers rock oysters and Illabo milk-fed lamb. 2009.opulentian. especially clothes made from local Chinese material. Bangalore. The clothes and accessories designed by local designers are expensive since most are created for exportation purposes. South Australia is known for its scallops and tuna while Queensland has great fruits like Bowen mangoes and papaya that are commonly exported. The products are still made available to locals if they want to and can be purchased after fashion festivals and publicized catwalk several designers can be found in most of the major cities.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . the average costs for casual clothes are as follows: http://www. beef for world-famous steaks and some exotic products like kangaroo meat and King Island cheeses. beer and imported fish. Everything that is acquired locally is very affordable. Although the locals typically prefer a more casual appearance. Clothing and Accessories Cost in Australia Locally made Australian clothes and items are cheap while imported ones are expensive.:: Australia IRR ::. biscuits. Hyderabad. chiffon and velvet are some examples that are still used to make shawls and coats. New Delhi. Chennai. ostrich and emu meat. As posted on Australia Expat Forum last January 24. People can find several products available. Australia also doesn’t lag behind when it comes to modern fashion. there are several cheap items in flea shops and bazaars like bead necklaces and bracelets as well as wooden earrings and anklets that all have aboriginal roots. Victoria offers Meredith lamb and Gippsland beef. USA. Other exotic food products are crocodile. The Australian fashion industry is doing very well which is why the country is known worldwide for textile and ingenious creation of design. Vizag... Pune. shark. Australia is widely popular for exporting milk. Mumbai. In terms of local accessories. Silk. A lot of the preferred cut and color of Australian clothes today stemmed from Chinese culture brought by early migrants during the 1800s.

Housing Costs in Australia Australia is in need of more immigrants.800 (£199.200) $421. Most Australians prefer having a house and lot in suburban neighborhoods.300 (£205. UK. USA.500 (£215. Almost 10% of the country’s per capita GDP goes to the health sector. Bangalore. Mumbai.000 (£105.400) $388. On average. http://www. Australia also gives importance to education and every individual up to 17 years of age is ordered to stay in school. New Delhi. Renting apartments and condominiums are not common practice compared to the United Kingdom. and this is the reason why there are several housing options available for everyone’s comfort and preferences.800) $488. Pune.000) $503.800 (£144.200) Utilities are very affordable and some states provide free clean water to residents.200 (£158. Giving an initial deposit and applying for a bank loan is common practice. Chennai. Generally. Health services are subsidized and all medical services. Ireland Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Canberra Perth Darwin $528. pharmaceuticals and health institutions are provided financial assistance. Services Costs in Australia The Australian government gives national health policies to all citizens and immigrants.opulentian. A typical family will have a bill of around 100 AUD every month for electricity and water consumption.. Public housing is also offered for lower class citizens. People can choose from single room apartments to small houses with yard space to huge areas or condominiums downtown. Housing in major cities will generally cost more compared to living out in the province and Part of their income automatically goes to rent.000 (£171.300) Hobart $258.:: Australia IRR ::. Vizag. middle class citizens get to buy their own house and lot after eight years.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . a family of four will spend around 600 AUD every month for rental or mortgage.200 (£162...700) Melbourne $398. Land is very much in excess in comparison with the actual number of residents in any given state. Technology and professional training is generally up to date.200) $355. Hyderabad.

Mumbai. Medical Practitioners and Nurses. Chennai. Some Electro technology and Telecommunications Trades. USA. Finance and Human Resource Professionals have employment spread across many industries.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] .opulentian. Bangalore. Hyderabad. Ireland About Australia http://www. Public schools are free with additional allowances provided to students. Vizag. JOB OUTLOOK in Australia The occupational cluster with the largest projected employment growth is Careers and aides. such as Careers and Aides. New Delhi. Pune. Construction Trades. and Education Professionals also have strong projected growth. Medical Practitioners and Nurses are employed mainly in one industry (Health Care and Social Assistance) while others. including Business. Students can also opt to study in private institutions and universities provided that they pay back their tuition once they start working..:: Australia IRR ::. The costs are partly or wholly subsidized by the government.. UK..

Hyderabad. Mumbai. Ireland http://www. NCVER data show the average annual salary for graduates with a qualification through VET who were in fulltime work six months after completing their training was as follows: Diploma or higher ($56 600) Certificate IV ($55 400) Certificate III ($47 500) Certificate II ($44 200) Certificate I ($43 000). Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) figures show the median annual starting salary for all Bachelor degree graduates aged less than 25 years and in their first full-time job in Australia increased to $ the largest jobs growth is expected to be for Professionals (385 000).. followed by Technicians and Trades Workers (240 100) and Community and Personal Service Workers (218 100).opulentian. New Delhi.000 in 2012 from $50. USA.. UK. Vizag. Over the five years to 2015-16. There are also expected to be large numbers of new jobs for Managers (143 600) and Clerical and Administrative Workers (115 900).php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . Pune.. Chennai. The five highest starting salaries were for Dentistry ($80 000) Optometry ($79 000) Earth Sciences ($73 000) Engineering ($63 000) Medicine ($60 000) In 2012. Bangalore.:: Australia IRR ::. Services Costs in Australia There are 19 broad industries in Australia.000 in 2011.

.3 million over five years to train and retain a high quality early childhood education and child care workforce.:: Australia IRR ::. the Government is committed for supporting. In this context. for graduates with a qualification through VET who were in full-time work six months after completing their In this context. training and retaining experienced and qualified early childhood education and care professionals. the highest average salaries were in the fields as mentioned below: Education ($65 500) Engineering and Related Technology ($53 400) Health ($50 300) Agriculture.php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . Environmental and Related Studies ($48 600) Management and Commerce ($48 500). In 2012. The package includes: The removal of TAFE fees for child care Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in Children's Services Additional early childhood education university places HECS-HELP debt relief for early childhood education teachers working areas of high disadvantage http://www. The Australian Government recognizes that a well trained workforce is essential in delivering high quality early childhood services and achieving the best outcomes for children.. the Government has committed $181..

php/processing/preview_irr/20063/30168[26-03-2013 00:40:29] . Mumbai. Ireland http://www.:: Australia IRR UK.. Pune. New Delhi.opulentian.. USA. Hyderabad. Chennai. Vizag. Bangalore.