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= iii Metalwork and Machining Hints and Tips lan Bradley Special Interest Model Books HOUNSLOW LIBRARIES Spocial Interest Model Book a PO. poxaer (02298171 Dart “skews 169-2006 ese cans a ist pubishad by Argus Books Td 7088 Reprint 1990, 1004, 1997, 2000 ‘This etion published by Special interest Medel Books id. 2006: (© Special ntorest Model Books Ld. 2008 ‘Tha ight ofan Bradley tobe iontiod asthe Author ofthis work has bon aseortaby him naccordance wih he Copyright, Designs are Pants Fights ‘eto 1988, Alights reserved, No part of this book may be epreduced in any frm by pnt protegrapry, merotlm or any other meane without witlen permission fro the pubishor. isaNo.es212-947.0 EAND-78085242.04741 on =peciainterestodeboks Pte and bound in Great ita by Bis is, King’s Lyna, Novo. CONTENTS aerace CHAPTERS ShatCol CHAPTERS Gutamps (CHAPTER'S Suracs Gauges and fule Hotere OHNTERS Mating Sood! Mus CHAPTERS Hand Turing Toole GHPTER 10 TheWobbior HAPTER 11 Cone Hardening GHAPTER 12 Machining Sauare Matava GUSTER Croreningis OweTeR a Feat CHAPTER TS Seremincks sseuesseuszscied