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FACULTY OF GENERAL MEDICINE: Pathology with Forensic Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology (1) ENGLISH MEDIUM COURSES Clinical Pediatrics The following courses Diseases are available General Pediatrics Infectious Pediatrics with Nursing Immunology and Allergology 1. General Medicine Pediatric Surgery 2. Pediatrics Hospital Surgery 3. Dentistry Internal Medicine Physiology 4. Pharmacy Pharmacology 5. Nursing Microbiology 6. Aeronautical Engineering Endocrinology and Clinical Pharmacology Biology 7. Computer with Parasitology Engineering and Genetics Cell Histology and Embryology 8. Biology, Computer Sciences Social Medicine and Public Health 9. Information Technology Civil Defense FACULTY OF DENSITRY: Topographical Anatomy and Operative Surgery Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Neurology English medium of instruction: Pediatric Dentistry Orthopedic Dentistry Therapeutic Dentistry Pediatric Surgery Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Internal Medicine With Physiotherapy Foreign Languages FACULTY OF POST GRADUATE EDUCATION:

STUDY IN UKRAINE TODAY ST. KRUSHELNETSKOI 18 OFFICE 502/1 +380633534065,+380631020555Ternopil city ukraine FACULY OF NURSING: Propedeutics of internal diseases and nursing


10. Telecommunication engineering FACULTY OF PHARMACY: 11. Electrical Engineering 12. Business Administration Organization and Economics of Pharmacy 13. Economics Technology of drugs and bio-pharmacy 14. Accounting & Audits Toxicological and Analytical Chemistry Biochemistry 15. Hotel & Tourism Management Pharmacology and Organic Chemistry 16. International Relations Inorganic and General Chemistry 17. MBA and Botany Pharmacology
Biophysics Philosophy Ukrainian Study Bioethics

THE FACULTY OF MINING INDUSTRY: Mine Ventilation Labor Protection Exploitation of Minerals Mining Geomechanics Descriptive Geometry History THE FACULTY OF MINING & ELECTRONICAL MECHANICS: Minerals Concentration Mining Electrical Engineering and automation Mining Transportation Mining and Lifting devices Mining Machines Mining Hydro-lifting Devices and Hydraulics Higher Mathematics Theoretical Mechanics THE MECHANICAL FACULTY: The Machine-Building Technology The Metal-cutting Tools and Instruments The Basics of Machine Designing Mechanical Equipment of Ferrous Metallurgy Plants Resistance of Materials Metal-cutting Machine Tools & Systems (M) Technology of Machine-building (D) Technology of Machine-building (M) Welding (B) Welding Technology & Equipment (D)

Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinthology Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Eye Diseases Skin and Veneral Diseases Clinical Diagnostics Neurosurgery Oncology Endoscopic Surgery Pharmacy Organization and Economy with a Course of Medicine Technology FPE Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pediatrics and Neonatology Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Nuclear Medicine FPE Therapeutic Dentistry FPE Therapy FPE Family Medicine Urology Surgery FPE Rehabilitation and Non-Traditional Medicine Medical Informatics Maxillofacial Surgery FPE THE FACULTY OF MINING & GEOLOGY: Construction of the mines and the underground structures Geology Geoinformatics and geodesy Minerals Prospecting Technology and Machinery in Geologic Prospecting Mine Surveying MARITIME FACULTIES: Faculty of automatics Faculty sea ship navigation Faculty ship navigation and operation of the specialized courts Ship mechanical faculty Electromechanical faculty Faculty of radio electronics Faculty on job with the foreign cadets

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