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The Governing vessel




Lumbar Shu


On the midline, in the sacro-coccygeal hiatus.


The primary clinical use of Yaoshu DU-2 is to treat pain of the sacrum and lumbar region, especially when it radiates

to the hips and down the legs.


According to the Essential Questions 26 Yaoshu DU-2 is one of the ‘eight points for draining heat from the extremi- ties’ (although in fact only seven are listed) namely Yunmen LU-2, Jianyu L.I.-15, Weizhong BL-40 and Yaoshu DU-2,

sacro-coccygeal hiatus


• Stiffness and pain of the lumbar region: Yaoshu

Yaoshu DU-2


and is indicated for ‘injury by cold with ceaseless heat in the four limbs’.

DU-2, Weizhong BL-40, Yongquan KID-1, Xiao- changshu BL-27 and Pangguangshu BL-28 ( Great Compendium). • Stiffness of the lumbar region and back with inability to bend to the side: Yaoshu DU-2 and Feishu BL-13 (Great Compendium). • Cold wind painful obstruction that is difficult to cure: Yaoshu DU-2 and Huantiao GB-30 (Ode of Xi- hong). • Numbness of the legs: Yaoshu DU-2 and Fengfu DU-16 (Thousand Ducat Formulas). • Malaria: Yaoshu DU-2 and Dazhui DU-14 (Supple- menting Life).




The sacro-coccygeal hiatus is located in-between the cor- nua of the sacrum and coccyx, in the depression inferior to the fourth sacral spinous process if this is palpable. Note, however, that the sacro-coccygeal hiatus may sometimes extend as high as the level of the third sacral foramina.




Oblique superior insertion 0.5 to 1 cun.




Benefits the lumbar region and legs Dispels wind-damp




• Pain of the sacrum, pain of the lumbar region and hips with inability to flex and extend, lumbar pain ra- diating to the foot, cold painful obstruction with numbness of the leg. • Irregular menstruation, red and white leucorrhoea, dark urine, haemorrhoids. • Warm malaria with absence of sweating, epilepsy, injury by cold with ceaseless heat in the four limbs.