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TURBINE INLET COOLING ASSOCIATION Bibliography of Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) Publications Updated: May 18, 2010 Please send

corrections or additions to: J.S. Andrepont The Cool Solutions Company Key to TIC Publication Content Applications and/or Case Studies A Design, Technology, and/or Performance Issues D Economics, Business, and/or Market Issues E Operations and/or Maintenance Issues O Publication Title (Publication Reference) Go-to-Market Strategy for Inlet Air Cooling Diesel ( & Gas Turbine Worldwide , June 2009) Supporting Renewable Power Generation with Energy Storage - supply-side and demand-side storage that is practical and economical (Proceedings of Electric Power, Rosemont, Illinois, May 2009) Hybrids in Inlet Cooling - Innovative concepts seek to marry evaporative cooling and inlet chilling technologies (Turbomachinery International , Vol 5, No. 2, pp 18-20, March/April 2009) Content Primary Other D E D D D D A D D A D A, D E, O E, O E A D E E D E

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Author(s) language (if not English) Gailloreto, S. Andrepont, J.S. Robb, D. Schlom, L.A. and Bastianen, M.V.

Increasing Power Output of Gas Turbines Using Evaporative TechnologiesEnergy-Tech ( , pp 33-38, June 2009) Turbine Inlet Cooling: An Energy Solution That's Good for the Environment, Rate Payers and Plant Owners (POWER-GEN Punwani, D.V. International, Orlando, Florida, December 2008) Liebendorfer, K.M. and Bulk Air Cooling - The Optimum Solution for Turbine Inlet Air Chilling (presented at POWER-GEN International, Orlando, Furlong, J. Florida, December 2008) Voeller, D. and Bastianen, Turbine Inlet Cooling with Indirect Evaporation: With Greater Density Comes More Power Energy-Tech ( , pp 32-36, October M. 2008) Impact of Turbine Inlet Cooling Technologies on Capacity Augmentation and Reduction in Carbon Footprint of Power Punwani, D.V. Production (Electric Power, Baltimore, Maryland, May 2008) Technologies and Economics of Turbine Inlet Cooling Applications for Cogeneration (presented at the Midwest Cogeneration Punwani, D.V. Association Meeting, Countryside, Illinois, May 2008) Less Moisture Can Mean More Mass - Indirect Evaporative Cooling in Small-scale Applications Power ( Engineeing , Vol. 112, Blankinship, S. No. 8, pp 62-64, August 2008) ASHRAE TC 1.10 Cogeneration Systems Combustion Turbine Inlet Cooling (ASHRAE Handbook - HVAC Systems and Equipment, Chapter17, pp 17.1-17.6, 2008) 1500-MW Plant in Philippines Adds Over 60 MW with Evap Inlet Cooling Gas ( Turbine World pp 30-32, NovemberDecember 2007) First Application of Power Augmentation w/ Inlet Cooling on Syngas Combustion Turbine (to be presented at POWER-GEN International, New Orleans, Louisiana, December 2007) Applying Wet Compression for Turbine Inlet Cooling Diesel ( & Gas Turbine Worldwide , July/August 2007) The Use of Ejector Refrigeration Systems for Turbine Inlet Air Cooling: A Thermodynamic and CFD Study (ASME ES200736044, Proceedings of Energy Sustainability, Long Beach, California, June 2007) Economic and Environmental Benefits of Bulk Air Cooling: A New Technology That Allows the Flexibility of Evaporative Cooling and Mechanical Chilling (ASHRAE Annual Meeting, 2007) Application of Fogging and Wet Compression with a Feed Back Control System (presented at POWER-GEN International, Orlando, Florida, December 2006) Turbine Inlet Cooling System Comparisons Energy-Tech ( , pp 36-37, August 2006) Inspecting the turbine inlet - Foreign object damage decreases availability Turbomachinery ( International , Vol 47, No 4, pp 26 28, July/August 2006)

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Farmer, R. Shepherd, D.W. McNeely, M. Al-Ansary, H.A. Liebendorfer, K.M. Shepherd, D.W. Kraft, J.E. Kemmerling, J.


E A, E, O A, E, O

D A, E, O A, E

Solutions and NeedsEnergy-Tech. J. Schweiger. September 2005) Cooling the Hot Desert Wind: Turbine Inlet Cooling with Thermal Energy Storage Increases Net Power Plant Output by 30% (ASHRAE Transactions 2005. flexibility to aeroderivative GTsPower ( . pp 19-21) D E E D O E E E D E O E A D E A D D O A D E D D D D D D D A.S. O A.Players argue issues. ( August 2004.. No 2.M. O A. D A. E. K. No 2.V. D. and even better with. pp 52-57.V. Jolly. D. April/May 2004) Chiller Technologies for Turbine Inlet CoolingEnergy-Tech ( . pp 545-550) Wet compression adds power. S. Kalyanaraman. Punwani. O D D. pp. pp 8-11) Thermal Energy Storage Technologies for Turbine Inlet Cooling (Energy-Tech . S. R. E. Emissions and Reliability from the Application of Wet Compression on Combustion Turbines (presented at POWER-GEN International. Vol 110. J. July/August 2006) Energy Storage: Not Just R&D Nor Necessarily Expensive (Power Engineering. Andrepont. Part 2. Mercer. J. Florida. Liebendorfer. J. Shepherd. pp 1-16) Hybrid Systems & LNG for Turbine Inlet Cooling E ( nergy-Tech . Jolly.V. Hurlbert. Vol 110. Vol 149. pp 64-68.. E E A E A. December 2005) Impact of Heat Rate. D A. E O A. D. D. Second Quarter 2004) On-Site and Maintenance Depot LM2500 Operation and Performance Enhancement Gas ( Turbine World . No 4. O A. O E . et al. and Fraser. Orlando. pp 19-20) Turbine Inlet Cooling Case Studies and Buyers Guide (A Supplement to Energy-Tech . duct firing (Power Engineering.Phase 2 Report (Proceedings of POWER-GEN International. August 2004. M. May 2006) Air conditioning for gas turbines .S. and Andrepont. C. May 2006) Maximizing Power Augmentation While Lowering Capital Cost per MW via Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) (Proceedings of Electric Power.M. pp 19-20) A Perspective on the U. O A. D. pp 47-61.. Orlando.C. and Hurlbert.S.S. K.When the weather's hot. P. Nevada. just when you need it the most (Power Engineering . Punwani. December 2004. Session 11C. Andrepont. Hurlbert. Florida. Andrepont. Session 11C. October 2004. Vol 47. Vol 149. Punwani. et al. February 2006) Combustion Turbine Plant Power Augmentation Using Turbine Inlet Cooling with Thermal Energy Storage (Proceedings of POWER-GEN Inetrnational. pp 56-58. C. Graef. March-April 2006) The debate over inlet air cooling . D A D D A.V. D. Andrepont. C.M. pp 40-44. No 5. Green Megawatts Turbomachinery ( International .S. J. and Punwani. Florida. Vol 7. December 2005) Unearthing Hidden Treasure . O E D.S. and Hurlbert. May 2004) Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling . Beating the Heat with Inlet Cooling Power ( .E.M. C. Kraft. and Andrepont. et al. Georgia. J. December 2005) Turbine Inlet Cooling for Power Augmentation in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems (Proceedings of POWER-GEN to add a few percentage points to efficiency Cogeneration ( and On-Site Power Production .W. Las Vegas. Y. Vol 111. October 2005. Vol 108. T. E. No 5. E.V.V.V. Session 11C. E. Las Vegas. D.S. Flin. May 2005) A Time for Change? Gas Turbine Flaw Creates Opportunity for Low Cost. Punwani.M. E. Farmer. et al. O A. Las Vegas.Check Your Design PointPower ( Engineering .2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 Reitenbach. pp 18-19) Chiller Technologies for Turbine Inlet Cooling.M. Punwani. December 2004) Operation and Maintenance of Wetted-Media Evaporative Coolers Energy-Tech ( . Punwani. Electric Power Industry: Problems. October 2004. Hain.810) Turbine inlet cooling benefits plant owners and the environmentPower ( . Tillman. D.B. C. E D D. J. March/April 2006) To Cool or Not to Cool .Turbine inlet cooling enhances the economics of combined-cycle systems without. D A. J. such as the impact on blades and surge margins Turbomachinery ( International . J. pp 23-25) Comparison of Power Enhancement Options for Retrofit to Combined Cycle Power Plants . E. Atlanta.. Nevada. Salat. D. pp 19-21) Wet Compression Technology for Combustion Turbines (Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide. No 2.Part 2Energy-Tech. December 2004) Increasing Gas Turbines' Output and Efficiency by Optimization of a Fogging Air Cooling System Using CFD Analysis (Proceedings of POWER-GEN International. April 2004. Nevada. March/April 2005. D. May 2004) Recent Experience Indicates Wet Compression Meets Expectations When Done CorrectlyCombined ( Cycle Journal . November 2005) Turbine Inlet Cooling Operation & MaintenanceGenerators ( & Turbines supplement to Energy-Tech . Hurlbert. there's gold in those combustion turbines. G. pp 18-23. Andrepont. E A.S. Orlando. December 2004) Application of Wet Compression for Aeroderivative Combustion Turbines (Proceedings of POWER-GEN International. ( June 2004. No 7. E. pp 12-14. R.

The Netherlands) Gas Technology Institute Absorption Chiller Application Brief: Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (Gas Technology Institute. G. Vol. Texas (ASHRAE Punwani. 107. Transactions. 1) Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (CTIAC): Benefits. Online Version) None the Worse for Wear . K. A New Approach to Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (ASHRAE Transactions. November 26. Pt. (Proceedings of the 2001 International Gas Research Conference. Texas A&M University) Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (CTIAC): Benefits and Technology Options in District Energy Applications (ASHRAE Andrepont.T. Liebendorfer. Ano 2. J. pp. R.S. D A. GTI-00/0140. MacDonald. et al. et al. Punwani. GTI) Des Plaines. February 2004. et al. O D A. 892-899) Guimaraes.V. December 2002) Mercer.V. J. W. Vol. 107. p. opcoes de technologia e applicacoes (Parte Portuguese final. R. Amsterdam. Florida. December 2003 ) Comparisons of Power Enhancement Options for Greefield Combined Cycle Power Plants (Proceedings of POWER-GEN International. The Netherlands) Parametric Analysis of Existing Gas Turbines with Inlet Evaporative and Overspary Fogging (ASME Turbo Expo 2002. Climatizacao. 52-69. S. J. October 2001) Absorption Chiller Application for Power Generation: A Case Study for a 316 MW GT Cogen Plant in Pasadena. Nevada. D. Session 13B.V. M. Punwani.S.M. Stewart. Resfriamento de ar de entrada da turbina de combustao (CTIAC): beneficios. E E E. p. E. Boost gas turbine performance by inlet air cooling Hydrocarbon ( Processing . O'Hanlon. ( June 2003.. J. Reitenbach. Pt. et al. Portuguese Climatizacao. E. pp 20-23) Methodology and Case Studies of Enhancing the Performance and Economics of Gas Turbine Power Plants (Proceedings of POWER-GEN International. p.A Powerful Means of Enhancing Combustion Turbine Capacity (presented at POWER-GEN Internationa Jolly. June 3-6. E A. pp.. 3. Brazil) Andrepont. E A. E A. J. Tillman. Vol. J. Sao Paulo. Amsterdan. 6. Numero 9. O O Turbine Performance-Enhancement Options Boost Power Plant Output. The Netherlands) Demand-side and Supply-side Load Management: Optimizing with TES for the Restructuring Energy Marketplace Andrepont. Portuguese Climatizacao. D. Las Vegas. 1. Transactions. J. O D.. R. (Proceedings of the 24th National Industrial Energy Technology Conference. E. Kraft. C.E D. Pt. et al.E. Las Vegas. One-Stop Shop for Inlet Cooling Systems (Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide. J. Jolly. S. Illinois) A. D A. pp 18-27) Wet Compression . M. February 2004) Inlet Air Cooling Optimizes Plant FlexibilityDiesel ( & Gas Turbine Worldwide . December 2003) Emerging Opportunities in Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (Frost & Sullivan Report. J. Sao Paulo. Locations (ASME Turbo Expo 2002. 107. E. Georgia) Andrepont.. Nevada. p. T. Sao Paulo. et al. E. Nevada. June Bhargava. J.S. Vol. pp 77-84) Cool Your Jets! Evaporative Cooling & Wet Compression TechnologiesEnergy-Tech ( .2004 2004 2004 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 Dharmadhikari. 28-36. Resfriamento de ar de entrada da turbina de combustao (CTIAC): beneficios. 2004) An Introduction to Turbine Inlet Cooling Energy-Tech.S. Resfriamento de ar de entrada da turbina de combustao (CTIAC): beneficios. Technology Options. 2003) GT Inlet Cooling Boosts Output on Warm Days to Increase RevenuesCombined ( Cycle journal. RPA Editorial. 1) A Hybrid System for Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling at a Cogeneration Plant in Pasadena. June 2002) Inlet Fogging of Gas Turbine Engines: Clamatic Analysis of Gas Trurbine Evaporative Cooling Potential of International Chaker.. Document No. opcoes de technologia e applicacoes (Parte 1. Summer 2003) Commissioning Turbine Inlat Air Chilling Systems (ASHRAE Annual Meeting. C. Farmer. S. D. Session 9C.E. D A D. S.V. ( December 2003.S. E. Brazil) Elliott. Orlando. Fourth Quarter 2003.S. 107.E . Jr. Numero 8. and Pasteris. Chilled Air Takes Weather Out of Equation D ( iesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide . Association of Energy Engineers. 51-57. January-February. E A. 2003) D D A D E E D E D O D D D D A D A D D A A D D D D A D A A A. Ano 2. and Applications for District Energy (Energy Andrepont. Brazil) Andrepont. Elliott. E. Atlanta. D. Vol. 1) Condensation and Icing in Gas Turbine Systems: Inlet Air Temperature and Humidity Limits ((ASHRAE Transactions. Pt.M. E D. J.. O D. J. 98. RPA Editorial.A.S. opcoes de technologia e applicacoes (Parte 2.S. E A. Numero 10. O A D A. O A. 34-41. and Cloyd.Fogging Inlet Power P ( ower . December 2003) Performance Enhancement of GT24 with Wet Compression (presented at POWER-GEN International. D. EfficiencyEnergy-Tech. Ano 2. and Andrepont. Las Vegas. Amsterdan. Andrepont. RPA Editorial. No. TX Punwani. Engineering. September 2003) Evap Cooling and Wet Compression Boost Steam Injected Fr6B Output Gas ( Turbine World . 301-305.

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