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[Q] How to become IFS officer (Indian Foreign services) Mrunal

[Q] How to become IFS officer (Indian Foreign services)

Gautam asked, i am planning to write cse in 2012 with optionals public ad. and anthropology. To opt IFS on what points should i concentrate more? and my doubt about job is about the posting place(india or abroad), for what period, in what(embassy or consulate or mea) and permanent missions/deputations to un and other such bodies ? Answer You dont have to concentrate on any specific thing to get IFS. Once you clear the prelims, youll be given the mains application form by UPSC. In mains application form, youve to give service preference (eg. IAS>IPS>IFS>IRS whatever you like) After you get a decent score in mains, youll be called for interview, finally your mains+interview marks are combined, and a merit list is prepared. Youll be allotted to a service depending on 4 factors combined, 1. Your preference in the mains form 2. Your merit number (+reservation if applicable) 3. the vacancies in the given service. 4. Medical checkup Thats all. Now, some people believe (and spread rumors) that to become an IFS officer (Indian Foreign services) 1. You need to select a specific optional subject (like political science & international relations), 2. You need to be Post-graduate from a specific stream or a reknowned college (DU, Stephens,Xavier etc) 3. You need to write the exam in English, you need to give interview in English etc.etc. None of above is true. All baseless rumors and lies. Let me quote Hindustan Times article

Last year (2008), a group of candidates with Hindi as their first language made the cut at the civil services exams, and were selected for the Indian Foreign Service (IFS).English is not their strong point and they answered their papers in Hindi, one of the language options available to a candidate. So, for the first time, English is being taught to these six or so young IFS probationers at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Delhi. In short, Exam remains one and same for everyone and every service offered by UPSCs civil service exam. Your selection basically depends on your service preference+ merit number. Same way to become an IPS officer, one doesnt need to be extremely physically fit athlete / State or national Sports champion / Post-graduate in forensic science or criminology. Your second question :Job profile of IFS: Copy pasting from another article put on this site: After the training at Mussoorie, the I.F.S. probationers are attached to the Ministry of External Affairs and have to become conversant in a major foreign language. During the second year they are appointed as Third Secretaries in and Indian Embassy/High Commission where that language is spoken. They spend another two years in the same Embassy as Second Secretaries. After two postings abroad, the I.F.S. Officers are posted in India in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) (Eg. Passport office or Indian Council for Cultural Relations or elsewhere in the Government of India). In the MEA, you will look after Indias political, economic and commercial work. In the Senior Scale and the Junior Administrative Grade the I.F.S. Officers are appointed as First Secretaries. In the Selection Grade I.F.S. Officers serve as Counsellors. In very small countries the Indian Ambassador would be in that grade. In the supertime scale, many I.F.S. Officers become Ambassadors of medium sized countries while others are appointed as Ministers in the large embassies like Washington and Moscow. In the Additional Secretaries Grade, I.F.S. Officers are made ambassadors in relatively big embassies of Deputy High Commissioner in London. The biggest Indian Embassies / High Commissions like Moscow, Washington and London are headed by Ambassadors of the rank of Secretary. At this level, some Ambassadors are non I.F.S. Officers like politicians, retired or serving I.A.S. Officers or retired Defence Chief. There are four to five Secretary level officers in the MEA the senior most being the Foreign Secretary. The content of an I.F.S. Officers work has improved immensely. The is considerable economic work to be done to promote trade and commerce. The career development in the service is extremely professional. Previous Posts
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[Q] How to become IFS officer (Indian Foreign services) Mrunal

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Reply to this comment @mrunal: nice reply i just wanna ask about the language of interviewwe choose it or it's the same as of our mains exam?

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Explained here on following link

Reply to this comment heyy mrunal!!! could you tell me if i have a caste certificate of obc signed and stamped by zila adhikari, do i need to verify the caste certificate from some higher authority before applying for upsc exam?

Reply to this comment one doubt ..y people r confusing indian foreign service with indian forest service by pointing it as IFS..i want to study indian foreign service..if we pass prelims will they ask for which category we have to apply like for indian foreign service or forest/

Mrunal Patel ||

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@Bharathi, For IFoS (Forest service) UPSC holds a seperate exam, in which only graduates from engineering and science background are allowed to sit. UPSC hold CSE (civil service exam) and in that one of the jobs offered, is IFS (Foreign service). So one cannot become Indian Forest service officer by applying in CSE.

Reply to this comment Mrunal, you say that the person will "have to become conversant in a major foreign language". Is this language decided by the Ministry, or do you we have any choice of languages? For instance, I am fluent in French, and I'd like to use it as my preferred language.

Reply to this comment its completly based on your interst

Mohar Bose
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[Q] How to become IFS officer (Indian Foreign services) Mrunal

i want to know can i be posted in middle east if i ask for posting there? like doha or dubai? is it possible??? like i am planning to start learning arabic too.

Reply to this comment Dear Mrunal, i've cleared prelims & have few questions before filling mains form. pl take time to reply my queries. 1. Do we need to fill another form for interview in case declared successful in mains exam or would we be interviewed on the basis of info we provide now? Asking this because i feel i need some more time to ponder over the interests & hobbies i wish to declare considering that in interview i'll be judged on variety & depth of my interests. 2. Do i need to enclose attested copies of certificates of awards/scholarships/sports achievements also alongwith certificates of age & educational qualifications? 3. in case i choose english as medium of my mains examination and hindi as my interview language do i need to speak entirely in hindi or if a couple of english words/sentences be permissible? can it prove to be any kind of disadv.? 4. I come from Haryana & know nothin much abt services other than IAS, IPS & IFS. Wht specific factors, u suggest, to consider before fillin pr

Mrunal Patel ||

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@Ninaad, go through the discussions at following forum and you'll get all your answers

Reply to this comment I am planning to appear for the CSE 2012. Can someone please guide me how do I go about it (step by step if possible) where to collect forms? what documents? etcthanks

The Question Mark

Reply to this comment Is it true that there are very few IFS positions available each year? And if you give IFS as a preference, they will not consider you for IAS etc because you gave IFS as perference, even if your rank is good?

ankita agrawal
Reply to this comment pleas tell me about all pre and mains syllabus and how to select subjects for ifs (indian forieng services).

Reply to this comment Dear Sir Pl z give me details of INDIAN FOREIGN SERVICE COLLEGES..

harshna prasad
Reply to this comment sir i wnt some information about job profile of indian foreign officer and the exam pattern or study material for cse .

Reply to this comment ive no exprience in any field after my graduation but do i have the eligibality to appear for it

Reply to this comment yes any one can appear in UPSC civil service exam, if he is a college graduate and within the age and trial limit.

griva vyas
Reply to this comment ur answer is very good:)bt i want 2 ask 1 quest i.e. from where i can do the ifs exam preparation class so that i can score good marks.whats d procedure:)

kokil kumar mahanta goswami 3/7


[Q] How to become IFS officer (Indian Foreign services) Mrunal

Reply to this comment I would like to know about the latest study kit or preparation for various upsc exam (like ias, ifs, ifs,irs, scra.)

Reply to this comment i find your site extremely user-friendly and effective. i recently made up my mind to sit for the ifs exam next year. do you think i will be able make through the prelims in this span with the study material on your site as a guide-will it be enough? if not, what else do i need to resort to as i dont want to leave any gaps as far as my prep is concerned.also i dont want to confuse with too many reference points. please advice on that and put in the links that will suffice without landing in a soup. kindly answer to that. looking forward to your reply ASAP. thanks

Reply to this comment To become IFS (Foreign Service), youll have to appear for UPSC Civil Service Exam. Start with this article:

Reply to this comment As per CSE-2011 results what is the last rank in general category for getting into Indian Foreign Service?

Reply to this comment In i get job in india foreign service. Can they send to abroad for service like america europe south america mexico. Should i know their local language If i know language like spanish, Would they send me in mexico at which spanish language is used.

Reply to this comment 1. yes 2. during IFS training theyll teach you foreign languages.

Reply to this comment What particular should we choose to become an IFS officer? Can a ecology and computer student become an IFS officer ?

Reply to this comment Hello Mrunal,I have done my graduation in BA English Literaure and i want to know how can i start my preperation for IFS exam,when i can apply for it.what to study for prelims and after that for mains.pls give me a reply.

Reply to this comment Start with this article:


Reply to this comment Theyre given extra salary depending on the cost of living of a particular country.

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[Q] How to become IFS officer (Indian Foreign services) Mrunal

Thanks Mrunal,i wnt to ask 1 more qstmy mother tounge is malayalam and am not that much fluent in english,then how can i manage this situation,can i write xam in malayalam..and what about the interview?pls help.

Vijay Dinanath Chauhan

Reply to this comment u can give interview in malayalam. theyll arrange 4 a translator during interview.

Reply to this comment thanks for the help.

Reply to this comment thanks..

Farhad golam
Reply to this comment please ,tell me what type of question they give in exam .?and which language?


Reply to this comment For commerce student according to UPSC rules, IFS=Indian Foreign Service=yes he can apply IFoS=Indian Forest Service= No he cannot apply.

sally jacson
Reply to this comment well i wanted to ask that can i choose place for going forign. i also wanted to know that how much money do we get being an ifs

Reply to this comment sir , i am loganathan, i am doing bsc(computer science) final year , i ask to you i am eligible for IFS examinations. and how can i first apply this examination pls tell him sir

Reply to this comment sir , i am loganathan, i am doing bsc(computer science) final year , i ask to you i am eligible or not for IFS examinations. and how can i first apply this examination pls tell him sir

sunil mehta
Reply to this comment please some body reply suppose one clears upsc exam and alloted indian foreign service(IFS) and he has attempts left to sit for upsc exam will he be able to write the exam undergoing the training for ifs and so oon till he has attemps left . sunil 07381102756 bhubaneswar odhisa mrunal sir please reply

Reply to this comment It is clearly stated in notification that A candidate who is appointed to the Indian Administrative Service or the Indian Foreign Service on the results of an earlier 5/7


A candidate who is appointed to the Indian Administrative Service or the Indian Foreign Service on the results of an earlier examination and continues to be a member of that service will not be eligible to compete at this examination. By appointment they mean the order you will get after final service allotment around JULY few months after final rank list You can attempt again for all other services but not IAS or IFS

[Q] How to become IFS officer (Indian Foreign services) Mrunal

Reply to this comment i want to know about ifs what must be aligiblity where is its istitute can i do this service after graduation because i am doing graduation i have histoy.political. English i like be ifs please help me this is my mobile no 9805827008

Reply to this comment To become an IFS officer, Youve to apply for UPSC civil service exam after youve completed the graduation.

pooja sharma
Reply to this comment hello sir,i am doing bsc mlt .am i eligible for ifs exam and from where i get the stdy material for the preparation of exam

Reply to this comment I am doing LLB(Hons.)IPR,I am interested to chose the Law along with International relations/Public Administration as the optional subjects in the mains exam UPSC (preferably IFS)? Whether the Law subject will be scoring or not ? Kindly suggest proper subject combination with law to get good score of marks. regards

Reply to this comment what subjects do we have to study to become an I.F.S. Officer?

Reply to this comment what is the cut off % of lal bahadur shastri national academy of administration,Mussoorie?

Reply to this comment sir, i am in class 11 ,wants to become an IFS officer could you help me sir , what will be the best stream after class 12 ?

Reply to this comment Abhipsha ji, You should choose a stream which you like. Taking a stream keeping in mind UPSC is a good thought but it is not the totality in it. After your graduation, you should at least have a backup plan, because UPSC is an Unknown Territory. I am not trying to shake your confidence but still, being realistic is fairly good!

Reply to this comment dear Mrinal, thasnks for valuable info. i have a query what is the last rank required in CSE Mains to get IFS rank in general catagory?

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[Q] How to become IFS officer (Indian Foreign services) Mrunal

hello sir, I am veterinarian, doing masters & get selected in ifs, how i should prepare for interview, this is my first attempt and i never face interview. please give some suggestion if i join some coaching.

Reply to this comment what course can i Select for +1 if i wish to take IFS ie;which course is best to take? I am currently doing 10th CBSE and I expect Full A1 I am fluent in English and have been 4 times the knight of the English order of our school I am thinking about moving to state syllabus in +1 because of financial problems