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Printable Activities

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awesome printables for preschoolers 1 like10 repins

The Princess and the Tot: What's on the Tray? Aug. 1-5 4 likes23 repins

Monogram Place Cards - Free Printable (Can be Used as Gift Tags Too) 2 repins

The Activity Mom: Family Conversation Starters (printable) 6 repins

The Activity Mom: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Dice Game (printable) 2 likes7 repins

The Activity Mom: Clifford Dice Game (printable) 8 repins

Printable Story Cards - teach collaborative storytelling 2 likes14 repins

The Activity Mom: Collection of Sequencing Cards (printable) 6 likes18 repins


templates for superhero logos 4 likes17 repins

chameleon matching - printable- based on the book A Color of His Own 4 repins

The Activity Mom: Bible People (printable) 3 likes18 repins

Printable Lunch Box Jokes - Round-Up (250+). Great for early readers too! 1 like13 repins

lunch box jokes 2 likes11 repins

Website where you can type in text and it will turn it into a shape! (Writing/Publishing center)

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Keitha L This is so much fun! I just made a maze for my son.

Printables - 101 Pretty {free} Printables - 3 likes21 repins

Countdown Printable 2 likes4 repins

The Activity Mom: Free Angry Birds Printables 2 likes12 repins

FREE printable giant shape board game with an action for each space you land on! Great for winter time if you're stuck inside all day! 2 likes31 repins

Website full of FREE classroom resources to download... no sneaky tpt stuff! # Pin++ for Pinterest #

6 likes17 repins

Creative and Curious Kids!: Puzzle Activity 3 likes20 repins

The Activity Mom: States Activities (printable) 1 like12 repins

{free} Pinkalicious Pack with 40 pages of learning activities for kids 2-6 years old from www.livinglifeint.... 3 likes16 repins

blank game boards (printable) 1 like17 repins

Transfer PDF worksheets to your iPad for kids to work on! 3 likes10 repins

DISNEY PRINCESS Printable Mask 2 likes28 repins

The Activity Mom: Summer Bingo (printable) 1 like9 repins

My Paper Heroes

1 like10 repins

You never know when you will need a state outline for a craft project...Free printables for each state and hearts to put over the city where you live. 1 like18 repins

Story Cubes 3 likes17 repins

The Activity Mom: 2 free, dinosaur themed printables 3 likes10 repins

20+ {free} Reusable Car Games Pack!! No more I'M BORED!! 1 like26 repins

Zoo-Themed Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten, including free printables, from The Preschool Toolbox at Squidoo 3 likes19 repins

Scavenger hunt cards 1 like24 repins

Printable License Plate game for a road trip 1 like14 repins

create a custom map of the states you've traveled to (printable) 1 like11 repins

Printable Farm Theme Pack 1 like16 repins

Summer theme - camping - free printable 1 like11 repins

summer theme - ice cream - free printable 2 likes24 repins

Summer theme - popsicles - free printable 2 likes20 repins

Printable License Plate Game and a lot more road trip printables. 16 repins

{free printable: rhyming word cards} 2 likes26 repins

robin themed printables 3 repins

Butterfly Matching Cards 2 likes10 repins

4 Supermarket BINGO cards to keep the kids entertained. Free PDF 2 likes15 repins

beach themed printable activities (free) 3 likes36 repins

Cookie Sheet Activities 3 likes24 repins

Sorting Trash - An Earth Day Lesson 1 like22 repins

Peeps Themed Printable Activities 1 like18 repins

Picky Eaters Chart from The Activity Mom (free printable) 14 repins

The Seasons 2 likes25 repins

m&m printable flower pattern 2 likes6 repins

60 spring printables 3 likes25 repins

Mini Pencil Unit from 2 Teaching Mommies 1 like5 repins

hand washing steps and song (printable) 1 like17 repins

outer space themed printables 2 likes20 repins

pretend play printable pasta box 6 repins

This is the best kept secret for making easy, quick, inexpensive felt board accessories! From The Activity Mom 2 likes16 repins

printables - great for felt boards 4 likes14 repins

fish for letters, numbers, colors, or shapes (printable) from The Activity Mom 3 likes26 repins

roll and write printable 2 likes10 repins

compound word card game (printable) 3 likes13 repins

Free Montessori printables 2 likes23 repins

Planets Cutouts 4 likes20 repins

Number Race Dice Game (printable) from The Activity Mom 4 repins

Fun matching game to play during the Super Bowl, from @Kristina Buskirk 2 likes3 repins

free personalizable printable 2 likes8 repins

free kinder printables, lego theme 23 likes1 comment169 repins

Brooke Mahaffey @Jill Taulbee

Dinosaur Pre-K/Preschool/Tot Pack! 30 pages of FUN and EDUCATIONAL preschool activities for your kiddos! 3 likes27 repins

Fish Cracker Activities 1 like22 repins

pooh themed preschool printables 3 likes18 repins

early explorers preschool pack 4 likes22 repins

food classification printable using dollar spot erasers 3 likes20 repins

astronaut to earth activity 1 like9 repins

Spiral dot boxes, just print, cut, paste and you're done :) 2 likes10 repins

batman preschool pack 1 like7 repins

Recycling printables. Earth Day fun!! 1 like17 repins

states book (printable) 2 likes24 repins

Link to free printable memory game 1 like7 repins

Don't know if this has been pinned here or not, but it looks like fun. The kids could have a great time decorating their village? And I bet you can make additions, etc. Printable house... can create a whole town! 1 like11 repins

Dora 12 repins

free printable 1 like22 repins

free printable 1 like16 repins

18 Candy Land games to use during word work, math & literacy stations! 1 like26 repins

Following Directions Boards - Print, laminate, add Velcro, and give directions. Can also use for answering "where" questions. 1 like12 repins

fishing for letters, numbers, shapes, and colors 6 repins

some printables that will help teach children what can and what can NOT be recycled. 7 repins

printable number rhymes 1 like10 repins

File Folder Heaven was created by a Special Education teacher, for teachers, parents and all people working with, preschoolers, early elementary students and students with Autism and other disabilities. File Folder Heaven offers a wide variety of printable file folder games, printable books, preschool activities and Autism tasks that provide children with hands-on opportunities to practice basic reading, math, science and social studies skills. To download our free file folder games, preschool activities, adapted books or Autism tasks collection, click on a "Category." 16 repins

Roll a Rainbow printable 3 repins

S blends Freebie 3 repins

road trip bingo 18 repins

Variey of clothespin games; most are printable by gifrancis 18 repins

dr seuss matching

11 repins

printable word hunts 3 repins

4x6 x-ray pictures. Print them, laminate them, and use them in the science center! 1 like20 repins

learning with legos 1 like24 repins

I found these printable cards of all the states and I'm going to make two sheets with the capitals on them to put in a file folder. Then the states card will be in an attached bag and the kids can match them up with the right capital. 14 repins

dr seuss unit @starla Harlow 4 likes26 repins

rhyming cards printable 11 repins

printable, free abc scriptures 1 like23 repins

Letter E counting clothespin game 2 likes3 repins

I Have, Who Has? rhyming cards 1 like14 repins

Monthly theme word posters 12 repins

Fall patterning 18 repins

Preschool Lesson: Space. With printable flashcards, games and songs. 20 repins

Months of the Year song cards 1 like10 repins

Toddler grocery list 1 like18 repins

Weather Words Concentration 8 repins

PRINTABLE Menus for Playing Restaurant 5 likes25 repins

Dinosaur sequencing. 1 like9 repins

Sequencing 1 like20 repins

apple sequencing 1 like10 repins

Free Printable Sequencing Cards 1 like11 repins

Apple tree sequencing pictures#apples 14 repins

{road trip bingo printables} 1 like5 repins

Free download... I like this idea for when we start teaching how to tell time. 6 repins

United States BINGO game (download free call cards and six game cards) 14 repins

love this printable for learning your phone number and practicing dial. there's a version with area code as well. 2 likes28 repins

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly printable 1 like9 repins

lunchbox jokes for boys 1 like6 repins

planets printable 1 like7 repins

Lego Math Printables 2 likes1 comment13 repins

Lisa Kreiger love it!!

Lego Counting Mat Printables 1 like12 repins

How many in a dollar? printable! 1 like17 repins

Lots of fall ideas and printables 7 repins

Fun nature scavenger hunt - botany 1 like9 repins

Spooky movement cards 15 repins

lego bingo? 5 repins

Printable pattern cards for the beads that are currently at the Target Dollar Spot! 10 repins

sight words 1 like7 repins

favorite alphabet books to print 6 repins

fishing for letters, numbers, colors (printable) 5 repins

Brown Bear Color Spelling Cards 1 like12 repins

Preschool Printables - How Many? 14 repins

cute robot alphabet 5 repins

Toddler charades free printable 6 repins

free printable alphabet art 1 like3 repins

Montessori-Inspired Astronomy Activities 2 likes8 repins

Magnetic Letter Matching 1 like16 repins

Tons of "Printable" Literacy Centers 11 repins

dog printables 8 repins

planets printable 2 likes9 repins

Weather Cards 9 repins

Astronauts to Earth printable game boards from 4 repins

star constellation lacing cards 1 like7 repins

Color Game (Printable game board included) 14 repins

super hero dice game 8 repins

Addition and Subtraction card game 1 like6 repins

free chore stick printables. 1 like11 repins

Print, place in a frame, and write on the front with a thin dry erase marker - 1 like5 repins

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly printable 1 like7 repins

Printables by doodlemonkeyprints 3 repins

printables! 1 like5 repins

printables 7 repins

princess learning activities 1 like2 repins

Play Kitchen Recipes 2 likes15 repins

Word Magnets (printable) 2 repins

Super Hero Grid Game (printable) 5 repins RepinLikeComment

seasons activity. place pictures beneath correct seasons. 1 like16 repins