Ejemplo de tarea de comprensión lectora (Reading)
Read the following text and answer the questions below.

Student life For those who are new to the city, Glasgow is a wonderful place to explore, to try something new, develop your skills and get an excellent education. Those students already living in Glasgow will know what a great city it is, but will now get to experience it from the perspective of a new student.

Glasgow is one of the most exciting cities in the UK and has one of the largest student populations. You will find something to cater for every taste, be it dancing until 3am, shopping for the latest fashions, sampling some of the local music, or relaxing in one of the many coffee shops.

The University offers many opportunities to get involved in student life.

Join one of our two Student Unions, both offering endless hours of entertainment. Become a member of a club or society or start your own – an ideal way to make new friends. Make a difference by standing for election in the Students’ Representative Council. Become a Student Ambassador and assist at Open Days and Campus Visits.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your time at university as fulfilling and exciting as possible. Life at the University of Glasgow is more than just getting a degree.

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3.1. D. A representative or promoter of a specified activity: 3. adverbs): Example: A large town: A CITY 3. Horrible city C.4. adjectives.1. Electing the Students’ Representative Council 2. To help by doing a share of work or by providing money or information: 3. Student Unions allow only members at their events 2.Being a candidate in an election (Brit): .2.4. Example: Glasgow is a _A__. verbs.4. Getting involved in student elections D. Students who want to get more involved in university activities D. An academic rank conferred by a college or university after examination or after completion of a course: 3. To give what is needed or required: 3. A word which describes the feeling of happiness or satisfaction by fully achieving one's potential: 3. Students living in Glasgow have nothing new to discover about student life 2. Great city B. Find a word or phrase in the text which matches the following definitions (they can be nouns.6.3. Are the statements TRUE. you can make a difference by: A. Students from Glasgow who are new to the university C. Becoming a member of a society B. Local dance classes and relaxing cafes 1. Students who are new to the city B. Night life and shopping for the newest fashions D.Which of the following can students do to get involved in student life: A. 3.5. Going to cafés and playing in local music events B. or NOT GIVEN? Example: Glasgow is an excellent place to explore art and nature.Who is the article for? A.2. Organising campus visits C. C.According to the text. Choose the correct answer according to the text. Shopping until late and listening to local music C. Little city D. Beautiful city 1.3. All new students 1.2. A. B. Glasgow is a popular destination for students because of its location 2. NOT GIVEN.What activities are mentioned? A. FALSE. There are more ways to have a fulfilling student life other than those mentioned in the text.1. Create a club or society Join both student unions Become an entertainer Start your own band 1.1. 2.

EXAMPLE: This method grew out of Bogota in the ….A.)_________ who assist with the (3.1. When does the baby kangaroo leave his mother’s pouch? It stays in this built-in baby carrier until it… 1.FALSE. TRUE/FALSE. Radio Broadcast. TRUE/FALSE. get special attention from the (3. WHY? . Answer true or false and justify your answer in one sentence.3. a) one newborn in twenty c) a newborn in twenty b) one newborn in twelve d) a newborn in twelve 3. Babies who (3. a) 1960s b) 1970s c) 1990s d) 1980s 2. The traditional way to carry a baby is in front. WHY? Vocabulary: joey: baby kangaroo. What is another name for the “Kangaroo mother care”? It is also known as … 2. 4. EXAMPLE. THE MOTHER’S HEARTBEAT ALSO HELPS 4.Ejemplo de tarea de comprensión auditiva (Listening) Saving Preterm Babies with an Idea from Nature. The mother’s body heat is the only thing that helps the baby. This method of contact provides two kinds of warmth. Answer the following questions by finishing the sentence.1.2.2. WHY? 4.1. . In west and central Africa … dies. breastfeed: feed a baby with milk.) __________.O.1) WEIGH less than two kilos. (V.2. Choose the right option to fill in the blank in these sentences. pouch: bag animals have. EXAMPLE: Why is the new way of taking care of babies called “Kangaroo mother care”? Because it borrows from the way mother kangaroos CARRY THEIR YOUNG IN FRONT IN A POUCH 1. 22 May 2009) 1. TRUE/FALSE. Fill in the gap with the word you hear.

I'm anxious to know what happened after I left. or an action film You don't feel like going to noisy bars You're tired . You have ten minutes to prepare your part of the role-play separately. making sure you answer the questions your friend asks you. You feel like going out. so come to an agreement on what to do and where to meet.Ejemplo de tarea de expresión escrita (Writing) Write a reply to this email (200 words). taking the following into consideration: You feel like going for a walk You'd like to go to the cinema (you've already seen Men in Black III) You'd like to play cards in a bar ARRANGE TO MEET TONIGHT. I'm looking forward to your visit to Dublin this summer. with only a short delay in the flight. Then you will be asked to develop a conversation with you partner during the speaking test. (your name) I'm writing to let you know that I arrived safe and sound last night. a French film. Although you're coming for only a week. First I wanted to thank you for letting me stay with you – I had a wonderful time. so come to an agreement on what to do and where to meet. Hello ___________. ARRANGE TO MEET TONIGHT-Student A You run into 'B' in the street. You feel like going out. What are your plans for the rest of your trip after you leave here? Thanks again for being such a good host and unofficial tour guide! Robin Ejemplo de tarea de expresión oral (Speaking) Role-play. taking the following into consideration: You'd like to see Men in Black III.Student B You run into 'A' in the street. Did Ana move out of the apartment? Did she explain why she was angry? Tell me everything. we can do a lot.

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