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GGGB Side Story: Bad Girls Found Out (Kim Miranda's Story) Written by: damselinvain Purely fictional.

Do not redistribute. No plagiarism. Note: I haven't finished editing this copy. Mispelled words and grammatical erro rs might be seen. Prologue. I'm a heartbreaker, and he's a heartbreaker too. Our story is not the typical boy meets girl thingy. Its rather boy uses girl. Sounds weird, right? I know. People say he's a jerk, well they're right. He's a player, hell yeah! He's a liar, sometimes. But aside from his bad attributes there is something about him that I found interesting, he look so gorgeous like my boyfriend-in-dreamland Edward Cullen. Okay, so much for that. Lets start our story. Anyway, I'm Kim Miranda and Clarence Perez is my boyfriend. Introduction. Its almost a month since I became Clarence girlfriend but until now he doesn't treat me as one. ~Oh lala! Damn you boy. Oh lala! Damn you boy~ Kim you need to keep your composure. You can't allow that guy to overpower you. Compose, compose, compose! No guy on earth can dump you, again. I'm the one who dump guys, I break their heart. There's no exception so that means I'll be the one dumping Clarence.

"Hoy babae anu bang iniisip mo?" Woah, I forgot that I was with Nof. "Ay, wala ka pa lang brain." I glared at her. "I'm not in the mood para makipag-asaran sayo. Pwede ba Nof humanap ka na ng boyfriend para may problema ka din. Ang unfair kung kame lang ni DK ang may love problem." I took my phone from my bag and dialed DK's number. 'The number you have dialed is unattended.' "That's why I don't like commitments. It'll just bring burden on my pockets. Sapat na yung fling-fling lang." I stared at her. She's busy playing her IPhone. Psh. She's like a kid, Temple Run. "Whatever you say, bitch. Asan pala si DK? Di sinasagot yung tawag ko. Unattended yung phone." "I really don't know." Nof has a point. Commitments are burden, especially when you're the only one who's doing everything just to maintain the relationship. But in my case, we're not really having a real relationship. He doesn't love me and I feel the same way, maybe. He didn't court me and I barely know him. He just kissed me torridly infront of a certain girl then voila, I'm his girlfriend. He used me to dispatched his ex-girlfriend. "Aren't you going to chase your so-called-boyfriend?" Nof suddenly asked.

I shook my head. "Nah. I'm really pissed because of that guy. Sinabihan ba naman akong whore." Nof put her hands on her tummy then laughed so hard. "HAHAHAHA! Whore? Ikaw? Well, pwede na. Ang astig pala nyang imaginary boyfriend mo eh." WTF?! Imaginary boyfriend? She still thinks that Clarence is a guy from my imagination. "He's no imaginary. He's real Nof. Wag kang bobo. Totoong tao yung hayup na yun. Tsaka hindi naman nya directly sinabe na whore ako." She tap my shoulders. "Directly or indirectly, its still the same. Whore ka daw. Wahahaha! Dapat talaga makilala ko na yang Clarence na yan eh." "Shut up. I'm not a whore. I'm just liberated." I depended myself. "Liberated your face. Shupi, shupi. Puntahan mo na nga yang Clarence na yan. Madame pa akong gagawin. Napopolute na'tong bahay namen, palage ka kaseng nandito eh." she threw a pillow on my face then she run just like a 3-year-old kid. "Pakyu ka talaga Nof. Dyan ka na nga. Madapa ka sana." I took my bag and headed out of her house. I was about to ride my car when Nof shouted something, "Kim let's play a game. Within one month dapat sabihan ka ng 'I love you' ni Clarence. If you lose you'll pay me 1 million, but if you win I'll pay you 1 million and I'll be your slave for a month. Ano deal?"

I smiled at her. I'm not going to lose Nof Salvador. Within a month, Clarence will be so inlove with me. "Deal." I shouted back. She's about to enter her house when I asked her, "Oy Nof may 500 peso bill ka ba dyan? Pautang nga muna. Mababawasan yung cash ko kapag ginastos ko eh. Tsaka wala na akong gas." 1st Chapter. "I can smell victory." She's smiling at me like she won the lottery. "In your wet dreams Salvador. Hinde pa ako nagsisimula kaya wag pakakasiguro." I pull few bills on my pocket and place my money on the counter. "Here's your change Ma'am." The cashier lady handed me my change. I smiled at her and muttered 'thanks'. "I realy think mananalo ako. Wala pa din kayong progress. Boyfriend mo nga, pero hinde mo naman alam yung number nya." I shot her my death glare. "I have his number kaya. Gusto mo tawagan ko?" "Go. Call him ng marinig ko naman boses nyang imagi-I mean boyfriend mo." I dialed Clarence number. Actually, it's my first time to call him. I feel a lit tle

nervous. 'Arrogant Boyfriend' Okay, don't you dare ask why his name in my contact list is 'Arrogant Boyfriend'. After a few rings he finally pick up the phone. "Who's this?" "You don't know me?" I ask irritated. Jesus, what kind of boyfriend is he? He doesn't even know my number. "Well, I'm your girlfriend you dumbass." I can hear Nof laughing so I glared at her. She just mouthed 'I'm going to win' to me and continued laughing. "Girlfriend? Oh, you mean the crazy girl who wears too much revealing clothes?" Nice way of describing me. "Fvk you Clarence. Hoy, ang kapal na mukha mong hayop ka. Anung crazy girl? Ikaw nga 'tong siraulo eh. Aba ikaw ang nagsabe sa harap ng model na yun na girlfriend mo ako kaya pangatawanan mo." I lose control of my temper and started to curse his name. "You're noisy." Then the line went dead.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Ayos pala yang boyfriend mo eh. Mananalo talaga ako." Nof said teasing me. "Shut up. Tinatawanan mo ako eh pareho lang naman tayo. Magkasing-ugali naman tong hayop na Clarence tsaka yung pinsan ni Ynna na si Kill." Nof is obviously shock with what I've said. I think I hit the jackpot. "You're really dating Kill?" I ask half-teasing her. Her face turns to red. She's blushing. "N-no. I-I'm not dating him." "Sabe ko na type mo yun eh." "Shut up Kim. Tigilan mo na nga ako ang isipin mo kung pano ka mananalo sa deal naten." She get so annoyed easily. Its really fun teasing Nof. "Wala akong maisip eh. Hinde tumatalab sa kanya yung seducing powers ko. Abnormal ata yung lalake na yun eh." Yeah, you heard it right. I tried to seduce Clarence in many ways but I always end up as a laughing stock. Damn that guy. I even invite him to my condo but he just ignores me. "Anu na ba mga nagawa mo?" Nof ask. "Edi nagpapasexy ako sa harap nya. Nako, halos sumayaw na ako sa harap

nya pero wala namang effect." "Try mo kayang maghubad sa harap nya. Malay mo maakit sa panget mong katawan at sabihan ka ng I love you." "Are you out of your mind? Anu ako whore?" Sometimes, I ask myself if she's really my friend. "Di ba sinabihan ka na nya na whore. Pangatawanan mo na lang kaya." "What kind of suggestion is that?" "Friendly suggestion. Slow mo talaga Kim. Tara na nga. Ubos na yang mocha frappe mo. Maawa ka naman sa straw." Nof drag me out of the coffee shop and we went to her house, as usual. "Nakakasawa na 'tong bahay mo Nof. Pati mukha mo nakakasawa. Palage na tayong magkasama, baka magkapalit na tayo ng mukha. Lugi ako dun." I take one step backward and run as fast as I could. I know Nof would chase after me, but I was wrong. She's not chasing after me rather she is just standing on that same place staring at me. "Stupid. May patakbo-takbo ka pa dyan. Akala mo naman hahabulin kita. I'll give you one good advice. If you want to win against me then just be your old self."

*Mall* Just be my old self? Tss. What does that mean? Nof, is kinda weird at times. Saying trivial things and acting like a matured woman. "Hey." Should I visit Clarence? I'm pretty pissed because of our lame phone convo several hours ago and I still haven't thought of any ways to make him fall in love with me. "Hey Kim." Nah, I don't want to see his ever glorious face. I'll just go shopping. "Hey Kim Miranda." I'll buy new clothes, new shoes and bags. Should I also change my hair style? "Clarence girlfriend." I stop and look at my back. A man wearing his cool smile was staring at me. "Uh, who are you?" I ask him. "Bryle Santos. Clarence's friend. We already met, but I guess you forgot about me."

He walk towards me and held his hand. I just smiled at him at take his hand. "Oh. Sorry 'bout that. I intend to forget people I just met once." "Oh that's too bad. I feel a bit sad, but it doesn't matter now. I'll introduce myself properly. I'm Bryle Santos." then he smiled at me seductively. I think he's flirting around me. "Kim Miranda. I need to go now. Magshoshopping pa kase ako eh." I turn my back at him and started walking. Bryle Santos, he sounds familiar. I think I already heard his name somewhere I can't remember. "I'll tag along with you." I didn't notice that he was already beside me. "Yeah, whatever." This guy is sort of annoying, but I can ask him few things about Clarence. I went to Kamiseta (a boutique) and tried few dresses. After trying them I went to counter and handed my credit card. Next stop, Maldita. I've been shopping for quite sometimes when I realize that I was with Bryle. "Uhm, hey hinde ka ba napapagod kakasunod saken? Pwede ka naman ng umalis eh." He just smiled at me and shake his head. "Sure?" I ask him.

"100%" I smiled at him and says 'thank you'. We went to few more shops, and now he's not just standing there watching me choose the clothes that would fit me but he's suggesting and helping me choose. We even went to Etude House* to buy light make-ups and every girl thing I needed. After that I feel like my stomach is protesting. "Gutom na ako. Tara kain tayo." I grab his hand and drag him to the nearest fast-food restau that I saw. "Seriously, you want to eat her at McDo?" He ask half-amused. I nodded and pull a 1000 peso bill from my wallet. "Masarap kaya dito. Di ka ba kumakaen sa mga ganito?" I ask him. "Hinde pa. First time 'to." I was a bit surprise with his answer. "Halata naman sayo eh. Anak mayaman ka eh." He laugh, "Ikaw din naman ah. The way you walk, talk and everything. Its

pretty obvious that you're a rich kid." I smiled at him, "Ikaw na yung next." "Hello Ma'am. Anu pong order nyo?" the cashier lady ask. "Uhm, bigyan mo ako ng dalawang chicken fillet with rice, pati dalawang crispy chicken burger and two large fries, two sundaes yung isa choco hot fudge the yung isa strawberry then strawberry Mcflurry. Pati pala cokefloat, make it large." then I gave her my money. Bryle mumbled something to me, "Andame naman nyan. Tayong dalawa lang naman kakain ah." "Ayos lang yan. Gutom ako, tsaka pwede naman itake-out kapag 'di mo naubos." We look for a vacant seat and waited for our order. "So, you're going to change your clothing style huh? Mga ganitong klase ng damit gusto ni Clarence na suot ng babae eh. Yung parang Ariza." I feel a bit annoyed when he mentioned Ariza's name. "Not really for him. I just got bored of my usual style. And also I'm here in th e Philippines so I should wear the not-so-liberated-style of clothes." "Rence is right. You're one unique girl."

Clarence told this guy that I'm unique. I smiled with that thought. "Can I ask you something?" "Uh-sure. Basta ba kaya kong sagutin eh." I'm about to say something when our ordered came. "Our food is for four persons." I ignored his comment. "Gaano katagal bang naging girlfriend ni Clarence si Ariza?" 2nd Chapter. "Gaano katagal bang naging girlfriend ni Clarence si Ariza?" I waited for his answer. It feels so uneasy. "Hmm, gaano katagal?" He took some fries and also my strawberry sundae. "Hey, akin yan. Yung Choco hot fudge ang sayo." I tried to get my sundae but he's way too stronger than me. "Fine, iyo na yan. Sagutin mo na yung tanong ko."

"On and off relationship." "Huh?" He smirk at me. "I said they had an on and off relationship. Childhood friends sila. They were even classmates from gradeschool up to highschool. Then nung college, Ariza took BS Communication while Rence took Civil Engineering. I think you know the reason why he took that course. Pero, actually he wanted to take up Photography but he can't and he has to follow his Dad's order." "Anlayo ng sagot mo pero ayos lang atleast nadagdagan ang alam ko tungkol sa kanya." He laugh and sip his cokefloat. "I think naging girlfriend nya si Ariza for abou t 6 years, pero like what I've said they had an on&off relationship. After Ariza graduated she became a model, pero highschool pa lang naman model, ramp model to be exact, pero yun nga pagkagraduate nya mas pinagtuunan nya ng pansin yung pagiging model. And look at her now, a successful model. An indemand model." He stop for a while then continued his story, "Ariza's dream is to be a top model. Well, apparently Clarence didn't like that. Ayaw nya yung pagmomodel ni Ariza kaya madalas yun ang pinag-aawayan nila. Ilang beses tinry ni Clarence na hiwalayan si Ariza, but Ariza will always go chasing after him." "He is really an arrogant man. If I were Ariza hinde ko na hahabulin yung ganyang klase ng lalake. Sayang sa oras." I was feeling really hungry after hearing Bryle's story. I munch my crispy chicken burger and my large fries.

"Arrogant? Maybe. But he has his reason for that. Oh, sayo na'tong strawberry Mcflurry." He gave it to me and flashed a smile, "Mukang gutom na gutom ka ah." Reasons? I'm a little curious about his reason. "Ayoko na kumain. Samahan mo ako sa Odyssey, Imma buy an album of Big Bang." "Big bang?" I nod, "Yeah, yung korean boyband. Crusk ko kase sila G-Dragon at Top. And I like Seungri's voice and also D-Lite and the awesome moves of Taeyang." He stares at me as if I came from another planet. I wave my hands infront of his face "Hello! Earth to Bryle, earth to Bryle." "I don't understand women." "Uh-whatever. Its the same thing as for me. I don't understand men too. Tara na." I grab his arm and drag him out of McDo and we went to Odysse. "Akala ko ba itatake-out naten yung pagkaen?" "Wag na. Bayaran mo na lang ako ng 1k para mabalik yung ginastos ko dun. Wala akong masyadong nakaen eh."

He gave me a do-I-really-need-to-pay-you-look. Bryle is a fun guy, he's outgoing and easy to be with. "Fine. You don't have to pay but next time you should treat me." I went on the stalls and search for the newest album of Big Bang. "So you're into K-pop." he was standing beside me, smiling. "Is smiling your habit?" I asked him. He shrug his head as a respond to my non-sense question. "I'm going to take this one." I showed him the album like a child showing his first ace test to her mother. "Will you pay it for me?" It was just a joke but still he took the album from my hand and headed to the the counter. 'How generous of him.' I said to myself. "Here." I was busy wandering that I didn't notice Bryle standing beside me, again. "Oh, thanks." "San naman tayo?"

I point the poster on one of the stalls outside the store. Its an advertisement for a contest. Sing&Dance contest. "You want to join that?" He ask curiously. "No. Stupid. Malamang manonood tayo." He grin at me, "But I thought you would like to audition." I used to perform infront of alot of people when I was in states, but people change. If only he was still with me, if only he didn't... Its been 3 long years but I still misses him alot. And remembering about that thing brings pain in my heart. "Tara dun tayo. Panuorin naten yung mga nag-aaudition." He drag me to audition hall. Alot of aspiring people were there. I used to be like that, full of hopes and dreams. "Dude, you're here." I ignored Bryle and focus my eyes on the guy dancing on the stage. "You're with her." It was a familiar voice. I tilt my head to look at the guy th at Bryle's talking to and I was right, it was my boyfriend. "What're you doing here?"

"None of your bussiness." I answer with a cold mono-tone voice. He grin at me. "Join that audition." He commanded me. I smirk and walk passing him. I turn a 90 degree head tilt and say, "I'll win this contest for you, boyfriend." I emphasize the word 'boyfriend' and that makes few people to notice us. I wink at Bryle and make my way to the judges table. The judges stares at me as if they're asking me what do I need from them. I smiled at them seductively, "Am I too late for the audition?" The judge who was sitting in the middle shrug his shoulder and mouthed 'the stage is yours'. I flash my sexy smile at him and went to the stage. I ask one of the contestant if I could borrow his guitar and he lend it to me. "Mic test. Hello!" I smile at the thought of singing infront of people, again. "I'm Kim Miranda and I'm the last person who'll audition today. I'll sing Dear Lonely by Zia Quizon cause it express what I feel at this moment." I started to strum my guitar. Dear lonely, you hurt me You just came and knocked me down.. that's right Dear lonely, you tore me Say hello, it's been a while

And you're here to stay once again Oohhhh And I can't make you go away So I'll just beg you please don't stay Now filled with tears it's all because you're here And there you go again And there you go again And there you go again Dear lonely I say dear lonely Now are you happy Keep on messing with my life That's right What's the deal lonely Come face me Why'd you have to come at night You know it's not right Oohhhh And I can't make you go away So I'll just beg you please don't stay Now filled with tears it's all because you're here And there you go again And there you go again And there you go again

Dear lonely You're in my bed when i sleep And in my pillow you bring tears oooh I can't wait by the day that you will leave If i could only find a way to live in peace You wouldn't have to take control over me And I can't make you go away So I'll just beg you please don't stay Now filled with tears it's all because you're here And you are The rain outside, the wind at night The time when I turn off the lights Oh why just can't you leave me Or when will this get through And there you go again And there you go again And there you go again Dear lonely Ohhhh I didn't wait for the judges to say that I'm a good singer for I know that thing already, I headed down the stage but take a small glance at Clarence who sitting beside Bryle, who is wearing his all-famous poker face. Did I ever tell you that he looks like Edward Cullen? Yes, he has the same features as Edward, they're almost the same, I guess. Pale icy skin, perfectly built body, Adonis like face but there's one thing that is different, he does no t

posses a golden eyes but rather a brownish one. I know what you guys are thinking, Clarence is not a vampire. Definitely not. He looks like one, but he's not. And my story is not a fantasy for Pete's sake. My phone vibrated. Its a message from Clarence. His first ever text message to me. And it says, 'You're quite impressive, liberated girl.' 3rd Chapter. I hate these feelings. Its annoying and irritating. That stupid text message is bugging me for 3 days. What's so good about 'You're quite impressive, liberated girl.' thingy? Urgh. Reading this message gives me butterflies and I don't like it. "Any progress Kim?" I ignore her 'cause she knows the answer to her stupid question. "Oh. Still no progress, huh? I always knew that I would win." "Yeah, you'll win." I said dryly. Nof sat beside me. She patted my shoulder comforting, or rather teasing me. "I don't need your comforting skills." I said sarcastically. She glared at me, "Did something good happen? I mean, did he already says 'I love you' to you? You seem quite bothered."

She knows me more than anyone else. We may argue all the time but still she's my bestfriend. I smiled weakly, "He said that I'm quite impressive." I showed her the message that Clarence sent to me. "I feel weird. I don't know.." "Oh my gosh." I look at her, confused. "You're developing some romantic feelings for Clarence." She beam happily. I stared at her eyes. I'm developing an abnormal feelings towards that arrogant man? No way. I bit my lip. "How do I stop these?" Her eyebrows almost met, "What do you mean by that? Why would you stop those emotions?" She ask back. "Because I don't want it?" I said almost like a whisper. She shrug her head. "You're brain will never function well." "I know." Then I let out a sigh. ~Bubble Bubble Bubble Pop! Bubble Bubble Pop! Pop! (Ooh Boy) inneun geudaero saenggakhae bwa~ 'Unknown Number'

"Who's calling you?" Nof ask. "I have no idea." I answered. "Answer it. Go!" I push answer button then turn the loud speaker on. "Hello." "Uh-who's this?" I ask half-irritatedly. I heard him smirk from the other line. "You forget my voice? How could you?" Okay, who the hell is this guy? Maybe he is one of my many flings. But I don't remember giving my number to any of my flings, just to avoid sudden calls like this. "Oh, hey I'm sorry. I can't remember you but if I'm not mistaken you're the guy who was flirting with me last week at the Republiq, right?" He just laugh. I look at Nof who is sitting beside me. She gives me a you-gotthe wrong-answer look and signaled to end the call. I'm was about to hit the end call button when he speaks again. "I'm not one of your flings. I'm Bryle." Shoot. That was embarassing. How could I not remember his voice? Stupid Kim. "Bryle. Yes, how did I forget your voice?" I let go of a small giggle. A fake on e,

though. "Because you intend to forget them?" He said teasing. Nof is staring at me and mouthed 'Who's that guy?' to me but I ignore her, as always. "Why did you call anyway? And where did you get my number?" "Didn't Clarence told you?" He asked ignoring my questions. "Told me what?" I asked back. I glanced at Nof and she's now busy with her phone. "I'm having a victory party and you are invited." "Victory party? Wow, did your dog wins a beauty contest or something?" I heard him laugh again. "No silly girl. Its for me. You better come, aright? I' ll see you later at The Wall. Bye." then he ended the call. "Who's that Bryle?" Nof asked curiously "Clarence's friend." "What's his full name?"

I look at Nof with a weird expression. Is Bryle one of his ex's? "Bryle Santos." I said. Her eyes grow wider. She seems so shock. What's with Bryle? "Bryle Santos?" She ask with an amuse tone. I nod then her lips form a big smile. She pinch my arm and then she took her Ipad from her bag and she showed a picture of a familiar guy to me. "Sino naman yan?" I ask. "Duh, si Bryle Santos. Bulag ka ba?" I grab her Ipad and look closely to the picture. "Oo nga noh. Teka, bat may picture ka ni Bryle? Ex mo ba sya?" She just glared at me. "I can't believe you Kim. Wala bang tv sa bundok at hinde mo kilala si Bryle?" "Of course I know him. Bryle Santos, Clarence's friend." She shook her head and took her Ipad back. "You're impossible. He's not just Bryle Santos. He's an International F1 Car Racer and a notorious player. Got that?"

"Oh." Is all I can say. Nof tap my shoulder. "You better hurry. May victory party ka pang aattendan." Then she left me. *The Wall* I was inside the bar for almost an hour and I still hasn't found Bryle. Where the heck is that guy? I should try call-OMG. I'm soooo stupid, why didn't I call him? What's the use of my phone? Argh. I dialed his number and after 3 rings he answered. "Where are you?" He ask with a concern voice. "Uhm, here at The Wall. Where are you?" "Here too. Tell me where your location is and I'll find you." "I'm near the entrance. I'm wearing an animal-printed dress." "Just wait for me." "K." And then I end the call. I look around the bar. Dave's bar is bigger and more, uhm, and more fabulous. They have a big stage for band performers, I guess. Well, I kind of enjoyed looking around the bar that I didn't notice Bryle standing behind me.

OMG is all I can say. He's wearing an animal-printed coat and wearing a skinny jeans. He looks so hot. And when I say hot, then its totally HOT! Oh sh*t WHOREMONES! I think I like Bryle. Goood! I'm such a flirt. "Wow. We look like a couple." He said smiling. Don't smile Bryle. I don't want to have any crime records for raping a HOT guy like you. "Yeah." Words won't come out of my mouth. Its like they're stuck somewhere inside. "Come on?" He held his hand and without hesitation I take his hands. "Where are your guests?" I asked him smiling. He didn't answer. We went inside a room and there I saw his guests. Its a private room, I think. Its sound proof so we can't here the noise outside. "Its a private room that my friends rented." He whispered to me. We sit in a couch near the counter and the waiter gave us wine. "Bry, congratulations!" Bryle stand up and hug the girl who greeted him. And I was shock when I saw the girl, its Ariza Domingo.

4th Chapter. "I thought you're busy and you can't come?" Bryle asked Ariza. I must admit it, Ariza is beautiful. Her beauty is exceptional, one of a kind. N o wonder Clarence is in love with her. And admitting those things about her is hurting my damn pride. I wonder why Clarence broke up with her. She's beautiful, sexy, smart. In short, she's close to perfect woman and every man would want to have her. I'm lost with my thoughts that I didn't even realize that Bryle and Ariza were gone and I'm alone. They're so kind, leaving me without even saying it. So nice of them. "Tss." I heard a smirk. When I look back I saw Clarence standing behind me. He is wearing a plain white shirt and a beanie and yet he manage to be so handsome. "Pinapunta ka pa din ni Bryle?" "Kaya nga ako nandito eh. Good thing he called me." He just smirk at me. Urgh. Jerk. "Sluts are not allowed here." He grin then drag me to sit. I rolled my eyes. "I'm no slut. Kapal ng muka mo Clarence. Parang ang gwapo mo ah." Uh-oh. Wrong question. "Oo, gwapo ako. Kaya nga hinahabol mo ako, di ba?" Great. Someone's being conceited here. "FYI hinde kita hinahabol. Asa ka pa." He's getting in my nerves.

"Really?" He lean closer to me. OMG, is he going to kiss me? I'm not prepared. "You're not chasing after me? Does that means that you don't like me?" Our faces were an inch apart, one wrong move then I'll end up kissing him. "II d-don't like you." I push him away and turn my back. I can feel blood rushing to my cheeks. I'm blushing right at this moment and its all because of this jerk beside me. "Hinde mo pala ako gusto ha. Tsk." He said lamely. Damn it. Maybe Nof's theory is correct. I'm starting to develop some abnormal feelings for this jerk. I can't believe it, I'm falling for him. This i s a total disaster. "Rence." A soft voice called his name. I look back to see who called him and it was Ariza, his ex-girlfriend. She notice that I'm sitting beside Clarence. "You're with your girlfriend." She crack a smile, a fake smile. How pathetic. "Can we talk? In private." Clarence nod as a respond. He look at me and then he give me a peck on cheeks "I'll be back, babe." He just kissed my cheek. I felt blood coming back to my cheeks. He even called me 'babe'. "Damn you Clarence. Napakasama mo." I muttered to myself.

He's using me to get rid of Ariza. Damn it! How dare he? I'm gonna show him that nobody dares to pull dirty games on me. "You're idling again." "Bryle, andyan ka pala." I smiled at him. "5 minutes na akong nandito. 5 minutes na din akong nagsasalita mag-isa." "Sorry. Naiinis kase ako sa lalakeng yun eh." I shook my head and sigh heavily. He tap my shoulder so I look at him and he is smiling so I smiled back at him. "I think I need some retouch." I grab my purse and stand up. "When you go out of this room the cr is on left side, near the end corner." "Thanks." I followed Bryle's instruction and I found the cr. I'm about to enter it but something caught my attention. It's Ariza and Clarence hugging each other. I hide behind the door so that they won't be able to see me. Atlast, Clarence break the hug. "What happened to us Rence? We are almost there." Tears are coming out of

Ariza's eyes. "I'm asking you." Clarence didn't answer Ariza's question. He just stood there frozen. "This time, last year... everything was so different." Her voice started to crac k and she was now crying her heart out. "Its over. Just face it." Clarence says to Ariza. I can feel pain within his voi ce. Why is there pain in his voice? Is it because he still loves Ariza or is it beca use he feels guilty? "No! Clarence look at me. Look at me in the eyes and tell me that you love me no more." Clarence did what she said, "I fell out of love for you." She wipe her tears away and look straight at Clarence. "You are lying. Its about my job, isn't it? If you want me to stop modeling then I'll stop. Just please don't leave me. Rence, I love you so much and I'd be willing to give up my dreams for you." She held Clarence hands. "I don't love you anymore." Clarence said coldly. Ariza loosen her hands and Clarence turn his back at her and started walking. "Please don't walk away. Please tell me, you'll stay." Ariza's already begging. "I deserve to be happy, Ariza. My world doesn't revolve around you, anymore. I have her now and she's one person that I don't want to hurt. Please be happy, you deserve it too."

He went out something I out of love 'I have her

of the comfort room. I'm still hiding behind the door. I over-heard should have not heard. Ariza is so inlove with Clarence but he fell for her. He is inlove with someone else, but who is the lucky girl? now and she's one person that I don't want to hurt.' Is he reffering

to me? Nah, I don't want to jump into conclusions. He does not love nor like me. "Why are you hiding there?" My heart almost fell to the ground. "WTF Bryle?! I almost have a heartattack." "Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. But why are you hiding there?" I just smiled at him "I'm playing hide and seek?" Please don't ask anymore. "Oh. You're weird. Come on. Rence is already there and he's looking for you." I nod at him and we went back to his party. I saw Clarence sitting on the couch, alone. I wonder where's Ariza. "Ariza left already. She has some scheduled photoshoot tonight." Bryle whispered to me as if he read what I'm thinking. "Where did you go? I told you to wait for me." Clarence said coldly as soon as we reach the couch. He seems so calm, as if nothing happened. "Wala kang sinabe na intayin kita. Ang sabe mo lang saken 'I'll be back, babe.' Tss. Babe your face. Di ako baboy, sexy ko kaya." I stick out my tounge.

Bryle's laughing. "Ikaw lang Kim ang nakakasigaw ng ganyan kay Rence. Usually, yung mga babae nagpapaimpress kay Rence eh." I rolled my eyes. "Hinde ko na kailangan gawin yun. Yung mga babaeng yun nagpapaimpress kase gusto nila maging girlfriend ni Clarence, ako girlfriend na nya. Sya pa nga unang humalik saken. Sh*t, nachansingan ako ng hayup na 'to" I pointed Clarence. "Wala man lang ligaw-ligaw. Basta halik tapos instant boyfriend. Pasalamat sya at mabait ako. Iisipin ko na lang na nagchacharity work ako." Clarence grin at me while Bryle continued laughing. "Oh pano boyfie I need to go. Kita na lang tayo bukas." I face Bryle "Thanks for inviting me in your.. Uhm, birthday party ba 'to?" I asked him. Seriously, I forgot what kind of party is this. "Victory party." Bryle said with a smile. "Ah. Oo nga pala. Truck racer ka." "Car racer ako Kim. Hinde truck." He corrected me. "Whatever. Parehas lang yung pinapaandar ng gas." "Sabihen mo stupid ka. You don't know the difference between victory party and a birthday party or even the difference between a truck and a car." Clarence said with a smirk. Urgh, I'm taking back what I thought a while ago. I'm not developing any romantic feelings for Clarence. I hate him to bits and I swear I'm gonna make him fall in love with me. "Shut up Clarence. Alam ko yun, okay? Tsaka hinde ako stupid not even a slut. Liberated ako. I grew up in states so don't expect me to be a

conservative woman." "Tama na nga yan. Kayong dalawa, ganyan ba kayo maglambingan? Rence, wag mo tawaging slut si Kim, she bought alot of new dresses just for you." OH-EM-GEE! I pinch Bryle's arm. He look at me and I glared at him. "I told you that its not for him. Definitely not. Bat ko naman gagawin yun? Ano ko ba sya?" "Ano mo ako? Well, I'm your boyfriend." Clarence said with conviction. "Urgh. I hate you Perez. Masagasaan ka sana." I lose all my temper so I just run out of The Wall and get into my car and drive all the way to my pad. Clarence Perez watch out. I'm going to turn you head over heels to me. Just wait till that day comes and I'll definitely gonna break your heart. 5th Chapter. "Spell makapal ang face C-L-A-R-E-N-C-E. Argh. Grabe ang kapaaaaal talaga nya. Tinatawag nya akong slut tapos stupid pa daw ako. Napaka nya. Ang sarap patayin. Tapos hinde nya pa sinasagot mga calls ko even my texts." Okay, its been 1 week since that victory party and I'm here at Sara's pad. Girl bonding with my best girlfriends.

"Kim bipolar ka ba?" Sara asked with a serious face. "Hinde noh. Ano ba kayo? Naiinis talaga ako sa kanya. Ang kapal na muka ng hayup na yun. Ginamit nya ako para tigilan na sya nung model na plastic ang ugali. May pababe-babe pa syang nalalaman. Sooo kapaaaaal!" The 3 of them just laugh their hearts out. I rolled my eyes and throw them pillows. "Fudge ka talaga Kim. HAHAHAHAH! Palibhasa di ka pinapansin ni Clarence." Dk said smiling. "Bipolar ka nga talaga Kim. Kanina halos ipamuka mo samen kung gaano kagwapo yang Clarence na yan tapos ngayon nagagalit ka kase hinde nya nanaman sinasagot mga calls and texts mo. Bipolar." Sara added. "Look I'm not a bipolar, okay? He's just so-urgh. Nevermind. Basta I'll make sure na maiinlove saken yang si Clarence." You wanna know what I feel right at this moment? Fine, I'll tell you. I'm irritated and it sucks, BIGTIME. I hate Clarence but at the same time, I think I love him. Yes, you heard it right. I'm inlove with him but too bad he does not feel the same way for me. He's just using me to get rid of Ariza. How stupid. ----____-----Though I already know his reasons and Ariza's finally gone I still can't bring myself to break up with him. It may sound so weird but I really do love him and I'll definitely do anything just to make him fall in love with me, too. "Kim umamin ka nga samen, mahal mo na ba yang si Clarence?" Nof ask. "I don't know." I answered dryly.

"Anung you don't know? Duh. Dapat alam mo yan." -Sara "Eh sa hinde ko nga alam eh. Naguguluhan ako." "So ano DK the 2nd ka na?" -Nof "WTF?! Bat ako nadamay dyan? Anung 'da 2nd?" Dk asked angrily. "Hello?! Pareho kaya kayoo. Parehong inlove sa--" DK glared at Sara which stopped her from completing her sentence. "Hoy DK wag mong pandilatan yang si Sara. Di tuloy natuloy yung sinasabe." -Nof "Oo nga. Hoy Sara! Ituloy mo yung sinasabe mo. Kundi lalandiin ko yang si Dave." As if. I'll never flirt around Dave, he is still Nof's ex-boyfriend. Sara rolled her eyes, "Wala. Nakalimutan ko na yung sasabihen ko. Eto kaseng si Dana eh. Tsaka ASA ka pang magpapalandi si Dave. Aba takot na lang nya saken." Among the four of us, I must say that Sara has the almost perfect relationship. She and Dave rarely go into arguements. I sometimes envy her. I used to have that kind of relationship and I kinda missed that feeling when someone you really love cares about you. "Teka lang Kim base dun sa mga kwento mo may babaeng mahal si Clarence.

Sino naman yun? Ikaw?"-DK Me? I hope so. But nah I think its not me. For Clarence I'm just a bunch of nuisance. He never treat me as his girlfriend, well he always deny me infront of his friends. As what I've said he is using me to get rid of Ariza, but now th at I think about it why didn't he used the girl that she loves? Duh, stupid question Kim, ofcourse he loves the girl too much. "I have no idea." They were all staring at me "What? Hinde ako yun. Tsaka hinde ko din kilala kung sino yun." "Okay sabe mo eh." -Nof "Ay aalis na pala ako. Magkikita kame ni Andy eh." DK kiss each one of us and went away. Psh. "Kim hinde mo ba naisip na pwedeng ikaw yung tinutukoy ni Clarence na girl? I mean, ikaw lang naman ata yung dinedate nya di ba?" Sara's question struck me. Am I that girl? Is it possible that I'm the girl Clarence is reffering to? "Or maybe not." Nof added. I look at her, she is serious. "What if he just said that thing to get rid of Ariza? Ikaw na Kim ang nagsabe, ginagamit ka nya para lumabayan na sya nung Ariza. And now na wala ng Ariza na manggugulo sa kanya edi hinde ka na din nya kailangan." "Sa tingin ko may point si Nof." Sara said while smiling.

"Ewan ko sa inyong dalawa. Bahala kayo dyan. Pupuntahan ko na lang si Clarence." I grab my bag and went out of Sara's pad. What Nof and Sara said a while ago are somewhat distracting me. I want to believe in what Sara said but there is something about Nof's theory that brings pain in my heart. I went to my usual destination, mall. I'm gonna make sure that Clarence will fall in love with me. I park my car beside Clarence car. I went straight to his office but there is no sign of him there. Where's that jerk? I pull out my phone and dialed Bryle's number. 'Maybe he knows where Clarence is.' I said to myself as I wait for him to pick up. "Yo." Bryle greeted. "Hey! Uhm, do you know where Clarence is? I'm at his office but he's not here. Do you--" He didn't let me finish my sentence. How rude of him. "His parents came back from the states, so he must be at his house." "Okay. Thanks. Bye." I push the end call button and put my phone back to my bag. Clarence parents are here? Hmm, I know exactly what to do. If I can't make Clarence notice all my efforts then I'll just make his parents notice me. *Perez Residence*

Breath in breath out. I'm now infront of Clarence house but I'm having second thoughts about formally introducing myself to his parents. "Should I go in or not?" I asked myself for the nth time. "Tss. Why are you here?" A guy wearing a short and blue t-shirt standing behind me, looking straight at me. The famous smirk he wears everytime we see each other, the tantalizing brown eyes that captivates my heart, his perfectly built body that matches the color of his shirt. The guy I'm falling fo r, Clarence. "Staring is rude." I rolled my eyes and went near him and gave him a peck on his cheek. "Hi boyfie!" I greeted joyfully. "Wag mo akong tawaging ganyan. Anung ginawagawa mo dito slut?" "Tss. Walang man lang 'Hi girlfriend!' Anu pang gagawin ko dito? Malamang binibisita kita. Slow." I wrapped my arms around his left arm then I saw him smile a little. "OMG! You smiled! Wow. Marunong ka naman pa lang ngumiti eh." I beam happily. Then his smile fade and he grin at me, "Slow ka talaga. Wag mo nga akong hawakan." I did what he says because I don't want to be scolded by him. After that he went inside their house, without even inviting me. He is such a fine gentleman. ---___-I followed him inside, "Hoy Clarence! Bat mo naman ako--"

Uh-oh. Are they his parents? No wonder Clarence is so handsome. His mum is like a beauty queen, full of elegance while his dad doesn't look like a man in his 40's, he looks more of a 30 year old man. They were staring at me like I was some kind of criminal. I smiled weakly at them and his mother smiled back. "Clarence sino sya? She looks so beautiful. She reminds me of someone." His mum said while looking at me. Clarence look at me and grin, "She's my maid." Then he went to the kitchen, I guess. WTF?! I'm his maid? Oh damn you most Clarence Perez. "Ah. Hi-hinde po ako maid ni Clarence." I smiled at them. "Ahem, girlfriend nya po ako. I'm Kimberly Miranda. May LQ lang po kame kaya ganun sya." "Tss. Why are you still here, maid? Umuwi ka na. Tatawagan na lang kita bukas." He said cooly. "Clarence! You should treat her nicely. Ikaw yung lalake tapos ikaw pa yung sinusuyo nyang girlfriend mo. Be nice to her." His mum said. "Where is Cyriel? His girlfriend called us and she said that they're getting married." His dad asked. Waah! He sounds so scary. Cyriel? Is that Cyriel Perez they're referring to? Perez...

"Kapatid mo si Cyriel?" I whispered to Clarence. Instead of answering he just stares at me and grin. "Kaya pala magkamukha kayo." I blurted out. "Hija, is something wrong?" His mum asked worridly. I shrug and smiled at her. "Uhm, I think I need to go home." I kiss Clarence on his cheeks, "Bye boyfie! Bukas na lang kita kukulitin. Mukang magbobonding kayo ng parents mo eh." I face his parents and gave them my sweetest smile, "Its so nice to finally meet Clarence's parents. I really want to know you but I need to go now. I still need to attend my classes." Then I went out and ride my car. I took my phone out and texted Dk. I need to tell her the big news. Cyriel is getting married. 6th Chapter. ".... I heard them talking about Cyriel and Ynna's wedding. I was quite shocked when I overheard it though." I'm with Nof right now. I'm telling her the big news I heard.

"First you found out that Clarence and Cyriel are brothers then you overheard about the upcoming wedding of Cyriel and Ynna. Wow." I nod, "Yeah. Haha! Kaya pala medyo magkahawig pati na din magkaugali silang dalawa." Nof rolled her yes. "Duh. Magkapatid sila kaya talagang ganun. Slow mo din kase ngayon mo lang nalaman." Inirapan ko na lang sya. Eh anu bang malay ko na magkapatid pala sila Clarence at Cyriel. Sila Dk naman kase hinde sinabe saken eh. =__= "You know what Nof you're way more bitchy than me and Dk. Simula nung nagdate kayo nyang Kill na yan nagbago yung ugali mo. Well, bitch ka na talaga pero mas ka na ngayon." Nof is not a real bitch, well sometimes she is but most of the time she's the kind girl that everyone adores. "And oh, pinakilala din pala ako ni Clarence sa parents nya. Hinde bilang girlfriend kundi bilang katulong." sabe ko sabay pout. She stared right at me then burst into laughter. Her laugh echoed around my room. Nagroll eyes na lang ako,"Stop laughing. Nakakaines talaga yang lalake na yan. Kapag pinakilala ko sya kay Daddy ang sasabihen ko driver ko sya. Kaines. >______<" I'm really annoyed. Dinalaw ko na nga sya tapos ipapahiya nya pa ako sa harap ng magulang nya. Kapal ng mukha. Sa ganda kong 'to katulong lang

ako? Duh. "Epic talaga yang si Clarence. Magkakasundo kame nyan." Hinde ko na lang pinansin yung sinabe nya. Kinuha ko yung laptop ko at naginternet. "Close na pala kayo ni Bryle?" Tinitigan ko lang si Nof. Kame close ni Bryle? Well, medyo. Haha! "Friends lang kame. Nothing more." I know exactly what she's thinking. Psh. She thinks Bryle likes me. "Wala naman akong sinasabe ah." depensa naman nya. "You're not saying it aloud but it's exactly what you're thinking." I rolled my eyes and face my laptop. If didn't have the slightest idea of who Bryle is then maybe I'll come up with the same conclusion like Nof. For the past few days, Bryle is always checking me up. He send me sweet texts and emails and he calls me regularly. He is more like my boyfriend rather than Clarence. "I think he likes you." Nof said seriously. I shook my head, "I think he doesn't. He's a playboy just like Clarence."

I took out my phone and texted Clarence, even though I know that he will never reply. To: Boyfie Hoy! Anung oras ako pupunta dyan sa bahay nyo? Yes, I was invited to a dinner at his house. He even call me but he used their maid's phone. Urgh. "Dinner? Wow. Ininvite ka ni Clarence. May improvement naman pala kayo eh." mapang-asar na sabe ni Nof. She knows for a fact that Clarence never treated me as his girlfriend. "Oy nagmessage na sayo si Bryle." Inagaw ko yung laptop na hawak nya at nag-out na ako sa facebook. Hinde ko nga binasa yung message ni Bryle eh. Makikibasa kase si Nof. Hahaha. Chismosa pa naman 'tong babae na'to. "Maliligo na nga ako." I stood up and went to the bathroom. I took a quick shower since I already took a bath an hour ago. After that I took out all the dresses I bought. "Are you really going to wear these clothes?" dinampot nya yung beige na dress na pinili ni Bryle. "So ibabalik mo na yung old Kim? Haha. Eh mukhang nafall ka na talaga dyan kay Clarence."

'Anung mukha? Nafall na talaga ako kay Clarence.' I wanted to say those words to Nof but I choose not to. She'll just make fun of me. "Whatever. I need to impress his parents that's why I bought these stuffs." I reasoned out. "Palusot mo. Duh, obvious naman na mahal mo na yang si Clarence eh. Haha! Pero mukhang yang boyfriend mo walang feelings para sayo. Kawawa ka naman." she said teasing me. "Shut up. Falling inlove are for jerks. Psh. And I'm not the same old stupid gir l who believes in happy endings." Nof remain in silence. She knows everything about my past the same way I know everything about her past. We're bestfriends, though we don't act as one. "So you're finally over h--" I stop her from finishing her sentence. "Say anything but not that. I'm over him. Its been 3 years." I just wore a simple blue floral dress matching it up with my baby pink doll shoes. I wore my hair down and put on some light make-up. "Kim let's rearrange our deal." I turn around to face her. "Rearrangements of the deal? What do you mean?"

"I'll extend our deal. Within a year do not just make Clarence say the magic words, remember a guy may say 'I love you' to you even though they don't really feel that way, rather make him fall in love with you for real. You said i t yourself, Clarence is a playboy. He break woman's heart, and I believe that you're almost inlove with him, so you are not an exception. He can break your heart too." She pause for a few seconds, "You promised yourself that you'll never allow any man to dump you again, so before that thing happens make him fall for you and you do the dumping part if you'll be able to stop those feeling of yours. Make him taste his own medicine." After her long speech she went out of my unit. 'Make him taste his own medicine.' I smiled. I will definitely make him taste his own medicine. I'll win our deal and also Clarence' heart. *Perez Residence* Pagdating ko dun sa bahay nila Clarence nakasalubong ko si Ynna. Tss. Of all people I can bump into why her? Ofcourse nandito si Ynna kase sya ang fiance ni Cyriel. Psh. We used to be friends. Oh, past tense yan ah. Haha! She's the 'Queen of all Bitches'. "Magkakilala kayo ni payatot?" asked by a familiar voice. I turn around and see him leaning on my car, my Clarence. "Hi boyfie!" I said as I run towards him. I kiss him on the cheeks. Psh. No effects. Hinde man lang nagblush. "Sinabihan na kita na wag mo akong tatawaging ganyan." He glared at me. I rolled my eyes and stick my tounge out, "Eh gusto kitang tawaging boyfie.

Masama?!" Tinulak nya ako palayo. Bwiset na lalake 'to. Wala man lang kasweetan sa katawan. =____= He smirk, "Slut wag kang magsasabe kay Mommy ng kung anu-ano." then he went inside their house. Hinde man lang ako hinintay. How rude of him. "Anu naman kayang sasabihen ko sa parents nya? Ni hinde nga kame nagdadate." Sinundan ko na sa loob ng bahay si Clarence. The whole time na kumakain kame puro tungkol sa kasal yung pinag-uusapan nila. OP ako masyado. Si Ynna naman halatang masaya kase sya yung center of attention. Duh, pati pagblublush nakocontrol nya. Panggrammy pala 'to eh. Si Cyriel naman pinaglalaruan lang yung pagkaen nya at magaling kong boyfriend kanina pa ako sinisipa sa paa. Konti na lang talaga at sasapakin ko na'to. "Hija, don't you like the foods?" tanong saken ng Mommy nila Clarence. "I like them. I'm just full, I guess." I smiled at them then I felt Clarence kic king me again. "What the fu--" Napapikit na lang ako. Nakakahiya. Muntik na akong magmura sa harap ng parents Clarence. Bwiset na lalake 'to. Tuwang-tuwa pa sa ginawa nya. "Are you alright?" worried na tanong ule ng Mum nya. I glared at Clarence which is laughing silently. "Ah, yes."

"Ikaw Clarence kelan mo balak magpakasal." tanong naman ng daddy nya. Nasamid ako bigla si Clarence naman napatigil sa pagkain. "I'm done." biglang sabe nya then tumayo na sya at lumabas ng dining area. "I'll follow him." I said with a smile then I followed Clarence. He went to their garden. He's standing there staring at the sky. "Bwiset ka talaga Clarence. Anu bang problema mo at sinisipa mo ako kanina?" iritadong tanong ko habang lumalapit sa kanya. He grin at me, "Ang ingay mo naman." I was shock when he suddenly grab my left hand and hold it tightly. "Uy, naiinlove ka na ba saken? Haha. Tatalab din pala yung charm ko sayo eh." I joked. He just smirk and stared at me. "Ako maiinlove sayo?" He pause and scan me from head to toe. "Pwede din." I heard my heart skip a beat. OMG?! I can feel butterflies. "Ha-ha-ha-ha." I laugh nervously. I'm speechless, okay? Umurong yung dila ko sa sinabe nya eh.

"Psh. Yun lang sinabe ko tapos nagblublush ka na dyan." Bigla akong napahawak sa mukha ko. I'm blushing?! No way. I mean, I can blush but not infront of him. "Ch-che. Bwiset ka. Hinde ako nagblublush noh!?! Feeling mo naman gusto na kita." He then put his arms around my shoulders and pull me closer. "Gusto mo naman talaga ako eh, wait mali pala ako. Let me rephrase it, mahal mo naman talaga ako eh." I feel chills all through out my body. My blood is running to my cheeks. "Kakapa l naman ng mu-mukha m-mo. A-asa ka Clarence." I removed his arms around me then I push him. "Hinde kita mahal, baka ikaw mahal mo na ako. Dumadamoves ka pa dyan. Aminin mo na kase hinde ko naman ipagkakalat eh. Sa ganda kong 'to hinde ka maiinlove saken? Duh, stupid mo na lang kung hinde." He laugh hard. Its the first time I heard him laugh. "You're really something Kimberly Miranda-Perez." After that he went inside their house again. He left me astounded. 7th Chapter. "You're really something Kimberly Miranda-Perez." "You're really something Kimberly Miranda-Perez." "You're really something Kimberly Miranda-Perez."

"You're really something Kimberly Miranda-Perez." "You're really something Kimberly Miranda-Perez." "Shut up mind and let me sleep." Urgh. What Clarence said is still bugging me. Kung tatanungin nyo kung anu yung nangayare, well after nung pagkapasok nya sa bahay nila umuwi na ako. I didn't even bother saying bye to his parents. Duh, binubulabog nya masyado ang puso at isip ko. "Aaaaaaargh! Patulugin mo na ako Clarence. Magkakaeye-bags ako ne'to eh." I covered my face using my pillow. I was already on the verge of falling into my slumber when I heard my phone ringing. I got up from my bed irritatedly and went to my couch to get my phone. 'Bryle Santos calling...' WTF?! Hinde ba nya alam kung anung oras na? God. Gusto ko ng magpahinga. Kahit labag sa loob ko sinagot ko pa din yung tawag nya. "Hello" I said lamely. "Hey Kim!" he said joyfully. "Hey. Bat ka napatawag?" I ask him irritatedly.

"Uhm, nothing. I miss you that's why I called you." Woah! Did he just said that he misses me? "You miss me?" I ask confused. "Yep. And I'll surely miss you bigtime. Matagal akong mawawala eh." Mawawala? Is he going to die? OMG?! Poor Bryle. T.T "Are you dying Bryle? Aw. I'll miss you too." I said with a sad tone. I heard him laugh from the other line. Jusko, baliw na talaga 'to. Kapag magkausap kame palage nya akong tinatawanan. "I'm not dying silly girl. May race ako next month so I need to practice. We'll be having a series of training in Singapore, dun din kase yung venue nung race." Haha. Ako na OA. Eh kase naman kung maka 'I'll miss you' parang mamatay na. "Sorry naman. Akala ko may malalang sakit ka na eh. Hahaha!" "Sira ka talaga." "I know. Ay, bat mo pala ako tinawagan ng ganitong oras?" I was yawning while asking him. "May advance victory party kase bukas. I'm inviting you kaya ako tumawag." Advance victory party? Wow. Conceited din pala 'tong si Bryle eh, mas nga lang ang gwapo kong boyfriend. Ay, naalala ko nanaman yang Clarence na yan. >_____< Kinikilig na ewan pa din yung nararamdaman ko.

"Ah-eh kasama ba si Clarence?" tanong ko sa kanya. Honestly, I don't want to see Clarence for now. I'm still embarassed for what he have done a while ago. Urgh. I blushed infront of him, twice. "Yep." he answered cooly. Should I go or not? I'm doomed. Hinde ko alam kung dapat akong pumayag o hinde. Kapag pumunta ako magkikita kame ni Clarence pero kapag hinde naman ako pumunta baka magtampo 'tong si Bryle. Hinde pa nya ako bigyan ng pasalubong. ---_____-"I'll come. See you tomorrow." then I ended the call. I don't care if I'll see Clarence tomorrow. I have to start my plan to make Clarence fall for me. After that I went back to bed and focus myself on sleeping. The next morning... I woke up early as my usual style. I didn't have the chance to have a perfect sleep because Clarence is bugging me in my dreams or rather nightmare. I got up from bed and do my morning rituals then after that I took some yogurt for my breakfast. I was half-way done when I heard my cellphone ringing. OMG?! Clarence is calling me using his own number. How did I find out that he's the caller? Simple, his ringing tone is different from the others. I run back to my room and took my phone and push the answer button.

"Hello?" I said with a yawn. Kunwari kagigising ko lang. :P "Tss." then he smirk. Jusko, pati ba naman sa cellphone magiismirk pa din sya?! "Hinde mo man lang ba ako sasabihan ng good morning? Ginising mo kaya ako." mataray kong sabe. "Ang ingay mo talaga." sabe naman nya. My ghaaad! Kelan ba magiging sweet saken si Clarence? Puro panlalait at pang-aapi ang nakukuha ko sa kanya eh. Para syang si Nof. "Bat ka ba kase tumawag?!" pasigaw na tanong ko. "You don't need to shout slut." he said calmly. "Whatever Clarence. Ibaba ko na 'to. Sayang energy ng phone ko, wala ka namang sasabihen na matino eh." I was about to end the call when he said something that caught my attention. "Why did you left the house last night without even saying bye to me? Ang girlfriend hinde umaalis ng walang paalam." Woah! Did I hear him correctly? 'Ang girlfriend hinde umaalis ng walang paalam.' 'You're really something Kimberly Miranda-Perez' Shit. Nagflashback lahat ng nangyare kagabe.

"E-eh ka-kase pumasok ka bigla s-sa ba-bahay nyo eh." pagdadahilan ko. Anu ba 'to nabubulol ako. "I'll pick you up before 6. Wear something nice and innocent like what you've wear last night. You look pretty decent with those kind of styles. Ibaba ko na 'to. Ambaho ng hininga mo eh." tapos pinutol na nya yung tawag. Aaaaaargh! Andun na eh. Kinikilig na ako tapos bigla nyang sasabihen na mabaho yung hininga ko. Duh, nagtoothbrush na kaya ako tsaka paano naman nya maamoy kung mabaho nga eh sa phone lang naman kame naguusap. Stupid jerk. I still have plenty of time to waste before I could see Clarence. Pff. I keep myself busy by choosing the right dress to wear for my date with Clarence later, he didn't say that its a date but I assume it is. Wait, I forgot Bryle invited me to his party later and Clarence said he's picking me up. Uh-oh. I hurridly took my phone and dialed Clarence number. 3 rings, 4, 5, 6, , atlast! After 7 rings he pick up. "Why did you call? Sabe ko susunduin kita mamaya, di ba? Ganyan ka ba kaexcited na makita ako." dire-diretso nyang sabe. Psh. Sapakin ko kaya 'to? "Wag ka ngang feeling Clarence. May sasabihin lang ako sayo." Hinde sya nagsalita. Haha. Napahiya kase. "Ininvite kase ako ni Bryle dun sa party nya mamaya kaya hinde tayo pwede magkita." I heard him smirk on the other line. "Tss. Ikaw pala yung feeling eh. Akala mo ba magdadate tayo? Asa ka. Susunduin kita kase sabay tayong pupunta sa party."

O-okay. Ako na napahiya. Haha! Aba, akala ko talaga magdadate kame eh. Magsasalita na sana ako kaya lang binaba na nya yung call. Siraulo talaga yun. After our senseless phone convo I went to my favorite salon. I need to look pretty infront of Clarence. I decided to change my hairdo. Goodbye straight hair, hello curly one! I also dyed my hair from sexy blonde to cool brunette. I went home and waited for the left hours to pass. Its already past 6 when he came. Psh. "Ang galing ng six mo ah." I said sarcastically. He ignored me and started the engine. Hinde man lang nya napansin yung new look ko. Bwiset na lalake 'to. "You look different." Nagulat naman ako sa sinabe nya kaya napatingin ako sa kanya. Diretso lang yung tingin nya. Napansin pala nya. Hihihi ='''> I smiled and kiss him on his cheeks. Tss. Hinde man lang ako pinansin. "Tss. Walang effect dapat pala sa lips kita hinalikan." mahina kong sabe. Ngumisi lang si Clarence at nagmaneho hanggang sa makarating kame dun sa venue ng victory party ni Bryle. "Dude! Akala ko hinde ka pupunta." inakbayan ni Bryle si Clarence. "Oh who's this pretty girl? New friend?"

I rolled my eyes and smiled at him. "Duh. I'm Kim Miranda. The prettiest girlfriend of this jerk." Bryle's eyes grow wider. "Kim? Wow! You look beautiful. Bagay sayo yung new look mo." Bute pa si Bryle napansin yung new look ko. =___= Bryle suddenly hug me. I was shock but then I hug him back. "Thanks for that compliment Bry. Bute ka pa napansin mo." Bigla akong hinatak ni Clarence. "Pumasok na tayo." he said coldly. Nauna syang pumasok. Problema nun? PMS nanaman. Psh. Si Bryle naman nakangiti ng nakakaloko. Inirapan ko sya, "Wag ka nga ngumiti dyan." tapos pumasok na ako. When I entered the bar Clarence is sitting on the couch. He is surrounded by alot of girls. I went near them and push the flirt girls away. I glared at them and sit beside Clarence. "Rence who is this girl ba?~" maarteng sabe nung babae mukang palaka. "Oo nga. Akala mo naman kung sino." sabay irap saken nung babaeng mukang manok. "And look at her attire." then she look at me from head to toe. "This is a party for pete's sake not a Sunday mass."

Could I spank this flirty girls? Duh. What's wrong with my dress? I look beautiful and they look like a slut. I'm wearing an off-shoulder white dress matching my yellow heels. "Will you sluts dissappear forever?" I said then I rolled my eyes. "May paguusap an kame ng BOYFRIEND ko." I emphasize the word boyfriend. They all left annoyed. So what?! Ako naman talaga ang girlfriend eh. Pinakilala pa nga ako sa parents nya eh. Humarap ako kay Clarence, "Hoy Clarence! Pwede ba kung makikipaglandian ka sa ibang babae wag mong gawin sa harap ko. Naiinsulto ako eh. Bwiset!" tumayo ako at iniwan sya dun. I went to the bar counter and ordered a martini. I feel so annoyed and irritated. Argh. "You seem quite annoyed. What's wrong?" I look at my side and saw Bryle smiling at me. "Yeah. Si Clarence kase eh. Lumalandi sa harap ko. Nakakaines. Bute sana kung ako yung nilalandi nya." then I drink my martini. He laugh then put his arms around me. "Ganun talaga yun. Mga friends with benefits nya yung mga babaeng yun. Masanay ka na." I look at him and give him a smile. "Well, ayokong masanay na ganun sya. I'm his girlfriend now so wether he likes it or not he has to change for better. Ayoko ng may kahati. Selfish ako pagdating sa mga ganitong bagay." And with that I left him and went back to Clarence which is having his make

out session with some girl. Argh. Parang nagdilim yung paningin ko. Ang kapal talaga ng mukha nya. So talagang kapag wala ako sa harap nya makikipaglandian sya sa ibang babae?! Patayin ko na kaya? Grr. Lumapit ako sa kanila at hinatak yung buhok nung babaeng mukang impakta. Haha! Oo muka talaga syang impakta. Eew. Maghahanap na lang ng kahalikan 'tong si Clarence yung mukang impakta pa. "Ouch.. What's wrong with you?" inis na tanong nung babae. "What's wrong with me?" then I laugh evily, "Well, nothing. Its just that you're kissing my boyfriend." "Your boyfriend?" she said then she look at Clarence and look back at me, "Girlfriend ka ni Rence? Nagpapatawa ka ata eh. Ayaw ni Rence sa commitment tapos girlfriend ka nya." I laugh again. "Duh. I'm not kidding. I'm his girlfriend and I've already met hi s parents. So you.." then I point her "old-looking slut, stay away from him. He's mine." I push her aside and bent a little to kiss Clarence on his lips. I'm kissing him torridly and he is kissing me back. I can feel his hands roaming around my body. I hold onto his neck to deepen our kiss. I didn't mind if people are staring at us. I sat on his lap and kiss him more. His hands are on my waist, pulling me closer to him. Kissing me intensively. Then, his kisses are going down from my jaw to my neck giving me lovebites. As if he is marking his territory. I'm getting carried away and if I don't stop him, and also myself I know where this erotic make-out scene is going. I cleared my mind and push him away. He was surprise with what I did. I

stood up and sit beside him. "Oh nakita mo naman malanding babae. Ako ang girlfriend ni Clarence kaya kung pwede wag ka ng lalapit sa kanya." mataray na sabe ko dun sa babae na mukang sasabog na sa sobrang ines. Humarap ule ako kay Clarance, "At ikaw naman. Tigil-tigilan mo yang kalandian mo. Ako na ang girlfriend mo kaya pwede wag ka ng mambabae." "Wow. Iba ka talaga Kim." sabe naman ni Bryle. Obviously, we were surrounded by alot of people including Bryle. "I know right." then I flash him a smile. "Pareho kayo ni Ariza. Inaaway din nun yung mga babaeng nagfliflirt kay Rence kaya lang hinde nya talaga macontrol 'tong si Rence kaya sa huli pinabayaan na lang nya." WTF?! He is comparing me to that model? Inirapan ko sya, "I'm different from that model. Kung sya hinayaan lang na landiin si Clarence na kung sinu-sinong babae well ako hinde. Like what I've said a while ago, I'm a selfish girl and I don't intend to share what's mine." humarap ako kay Clarence na nakangiti lang, "Kaya ikaw wag na wag ka ng titingin, hahalik o hahawak ng kahit sinong babae. Ako lang ang pwede mong tignan, halikan at hawakan." then I kiss him on the lips and went out of the bar. BRYLE'S POV ".... ako lang ang pwede mong tignan, halikan at hawakan." after saying

those things she went out of the bar. She's a real amazing girl. "Possesive." Rence said while smiling. "She's different from all the girls I've known." I said to him. "I know." matipid naman nyang sabe. "Did you know that Ariza is leaving the country within this month?" I ask him. Alam kong mahal nya pa din si Ariza at ginamit nya lang si Kim para layuan na sya ne'to. He knows how Ariza's mind is working. Kapag hinde sya gumawa ng paraan para iwanan sya ne'to malamang isuko na lang ni Ariza yung mga pangarap nya. "Let us not talk about her." he said coldly. "Fine. But you should atleast talk to Ariza before she leaves this country." He nod and drinks his wine. "It seems like you're interested with Kim." I look at him and smiled. "Not just interested. I like her and I want her." "But you can't get her. She's mine." "Really? Then should we make some bet?" Rence look at me with an intense look. "Within a year maaagaw ko si Kim sayo." inabot ko yung kamay ko.

"Deal." kinuha naman nya. Nashake-hands kame. "Kung maagaw mo sya." I smiled evily. "Ofcourse. Be prepared Rence. Basta sa babae wala akong kaibigan." 8th Chapter. Pagkatapos nung make-out session namen dun sa victory party ni Bryle medyo nagbago yung pagtrato saken ni Clarence. Medyo mas maayos na yung pakikitungo nya saken. He's kinda sweet, in his own little way. >/////< Inaaya na nya akong magdate pati din sumama sa ilang bussiness meetings nya. Napapadalas din yung pagdalaw ko sa kanya sa bahay, kulang na lang tumira na ako dun. Nalaman ko din na tinulungan nyang makausap ni Dk si Cyriel. Ang bait ng boyfriend ko. =)))) Mukang mananalo na ako sa pustahan namen ni Nof. Speaking of that girl, I heard that she's dating Andy but if I'm not mistaken she is also dating Kill Henares. Psh. Malandi talaga yun. =___= "Are you still attending your classes?" I was starled with Clarence question. I look at him and smiled sweetly, "Oo naman. Wala lang kameng prof para sa next class namen kaya umalis na lang ako ng school." I explained to him. Pinagpatuloy nya na yung ginagawa nya. Kung nagtatanong kayo kung nasaan kame, well nandito kame sa office nya.

"Oh. Bryle texted me last night. Sabe nya nakauwi na sya. May victory party nga ulet eh." Napatigil si Clarence dun sa ginagawa nya at lumapit saken. Umupo sya sa tabi ko. "Stay away from him." he said with a commanding tone. "Why should I? Bryle is kind to me." I ask him half-teasing. I think he is jelou s and I'm loving it. He look at me with a death glare. "Stay away from him or else." "Or else..." I ask with a seductive smile. He lean closer to me and cupped my face and kiss me fully at the lips. I put my arms around his neck to deepen our kiss. "I don't intend to share things that I own. So you better stay away from him." he said after he break our kiss. "Possesive boyfriend." I muttered under my breath. "And so are you." he said with a smile. I was about to kiss him again when my phone started to ring. I took it out and saw Bryle's name flashing on the screen. 'Bryle Santos calling....'

I push the answer button. "Hello?" "Kim, I missed you." he said with a sweet voice. I look at Clarence which is staring at me. Should I tease him a little? "Aw. I missed you too, Bry." I answered flirtingly. Nagulat ako ng biglang inagaw ni Clarence yung phone. "Bryle we're having our make-out session the moment you called. So that means, you're disturbing us. Bukas mo na tawagan 'tong girlfriend ko or siguro mas mabute kung wag mo na syang tawagan. Hinde ka naman mananalo saken eh." then he ended the call and give my phone back to me. "You're that jelous? Wow. Ang Clarence na palage akong sinusungitan at nilalait nagseselos sa kaibigan nya?" He gave me his famous smirk and went back to his working chair. "Clarence~ Date tayo.. Pleaseee..." Hinde nya naman ako pinansin. Nabadtrip ko ata. Haha! =)))) Magshoshopping na nga muna ako. Tumayo ako at inayos yung damit ko. Nakadress pa naman ako tapos nagmamake-out kame ni Clarence. Hahaha! Ang landi ko talaga, mana na ako kay Nof. Jk. Mas malandi talaga ako dun. Normal lang saken ang makipagmake-out. Pero simula nung naging boyfriend ko si Clarence, hinde na ako nang eentertain ng mga hot men on the rack.

"I'll go shopping. Babalik na lang ako kapag good mood ka na. Bye boyfie!" Hinde ko na inintay na magsalita sya saken kase baka abutin pa ako ng 1 year. Namasyal na lang ako sa mall. Kahit na sawa na akong mamasyal dito wala naman akong choice. I went to my favorite shop and buy everything cute to my eyes then I saw Ariza. I have second thoughts of wether approaching her or not. In the end I decided not bacause we're not that close and I barely know her. I turn my back and started to walk out the store when she called my name. "Kim!" napalingon naman ako sa kanya. I smiled at her and waved my hand. "Hi!" She went near me and flashed her fake smile. "You're Rence's girlfriend, right?" Duh. Kelangan pa ba nya yung tanungin? Psh. Plastic pala talaga 'to eh. Hinde talaga kame magkakasundo. "Yes. Baket mo natanong?" She smiled again. "Are you two for real?" Napakunot yung noo ko sa tanong nya. Are we for real? Malamang. Tss. Sabunutan ko 'to eh. "Oo naman. He introduce me to his parents already."

"Really? Pinakakilala ka na nya kela Tita? Wow. Sabe ni Rence saken before ako lang ang ipapakilala nyang girlfriend sa parents nya." Is she bragging their past to me? Duh. Its not gonna work. I'm not a bit annoyed, well kidding maybe a little. "Well, you said it yourself. Before, its all in the past. Ako na ang girlfriend kaya kung anu man yung sinabe nya sayo kalimutan mo na." then nagfake smile din ako sa kanya. Alam kong naines sya dun sa sinabe ko. Like I care?! Kung si Ynna ang 'Queen of all Bitches' then etong model na 'to naman 'Queen of all Fakes'. "Ayokong magyabang sayo pero kilala ko si Rence, hinde ka nya seseryosohin. Iiwanan ka din nya at babalik din sya saken kaya wag kang papakasiguro na magtatagal kayo." mataray na sabe nya saken. I smiled at her, "In your dreams Ariza. Hinde na babalik sayo si Clarence at mas lalong hinde ko na sya ibabalik sayo." I look at her expression, she's irritated and annoyed. "I have to go now. May date pa kase kame ni Clarence. Ciao!" Tumalikod na ako at lumabas ng store. ang yabang nyang babae akala mo maganda, well maganda sya kase model sya pero DUH mas ako. Hahaha! Para mawala naman yung ines MCDO. When I feel irritated Pampawala ko yan ng stress. kahit kain ako ng kain sexy "Kim.." na nararamdaman ko pumunta na lang ako sa and annoyed I spend my time eating. Hahaha! Bute na lang mabiles ang metabolism ko kaya pa din.

Napalingon naman ako dun sa tumawag sa pangalan ko. Si Bryle pala. Nagsmile ako sa kanya. "Hi Bryle!" Tumayo ako para ihug sya pero nagulat ako nung bigla nya akong halikan, sa lips. Mga 30 seconds na siguro ang nakalipas bago bumalik yung senses ko tsaka ko tinulak si Bryle. Napahawak naman ako sa lips ko. Yuuuuck. Namanyak nanaman ang lips ko. =_____= "Hoy Bryle! Baket mo ako hinalikan?! Alam mo naman na girlfriend ako ni Clarence, di ba?" ines na tanong ko sa kanya. Ngumiti lang na nakakaloko si Bryle at hinatak ako para umupo. "Alam ko pero gusto kita kaya aagawin kita sa kanya." What the heck?! Si Bryle gusto ako? Well, maganda kase talaga ako kaya ganun pero si Bryle Santos, ang sikat ng F1 car racer na isa ding playboy may gusto saken. Wow. "Hinde ka man lang ba magrereact sa sinabe ko?" tanong nya habang nakasmile. "Anung reaction ba ang gusto mo? Magtatalon ako o kaya naman magthank you ako sayo? Duh. Hinde ko gagawin yun. Sanay na naman ako na madameng lalake ang nagkakagusto saken." sabay subo nung fries ko. "Tss. You're really unique and I really like you." I smiled at him and says, "I know. I like you too."

9th Chapter. "I know. I like you too." Bryle flashed his smile and hold my hands. "You like me too? So pwede kitang ligawan?" "Bryle! That's so ridiculous. I like you as a friend. Duh, may boyfriend na ako kaya bawal na akong magpaligaw." Nagbago yung expression face nya. Halatang dissappointed sya dun sa sagot ko. Duh, as if naman papayag ako na ligawan nya. Bute sana kung wala silang connection ni Clarence eh kaya lang friend sila. "Sabe mo gusto mo ako?" tanong nya sabay pout. Wth?! Nagpapacute ang isang Bryle Santos saken. Kadiri. XDD "Oo gusto nga kita pero hinde katulad ng iniisip mo." paliwanag ko naman sa kanya. "Tss. Mukhang mahihirapan akong agawin ka kay Rence." "Ha?! May sinasabe ka ba?" tanong ko sa kanya. May binulong kase sya eh. Umiling lang sya. "Teka, bat pala andito ka? Di ba magkasama kayo ni Clarence? Nung tumawag nga ako sayo sinabe nya na nagmamake-out kayo

eh." "Oo nga eh. Istorbo ka Bry, mukang nabadtrip pa kaya iniwan ko muna." Ngumiti nanaman si Bryle tapos hinila nya ako papaunta dun sa Odyssey. "What are we doing here?" I ask him. He grin at me then hand me something. "Waaaaah! You're gonna buy me an album of Big Bang?!" Tumango lang sya then pumunta na sa counter at binayaran pagkatapos inabot na nya ule saken yung album. "Thank you Bryle!" then I kiss him on his cheeks. He look shock when I did that. "Are you really like that?" he suddenly ask. "What do you mean?" I retorted back. "Nevermind. I have to go now. Kita na lang tayo. Bye Kim." then he went away. BRYLE'S POV Kim is acting weird today. She's not her usual self, the conceited bitch Kim

that I know. She seems anxious. I bet something happened to her. "Kuya Bryle?" a familiar voice called from my back. I look back and saw a girl wearing her cute innocent smile. She went near me and gave me a tight hug. "Kuya Bry! I miss you." she said sweetly. "Cheska?" I ask confused. She gave me her smile again. "Yes it's me. Cheska Foley, the one and only." "Wow. You look prettier than ever." I said then gave her a big hug. "How are you? And how's Tita Catherine?" "I'm fine and so's Mum. Hey, who's that girl you're with?" "Girl? Oh, you mean the girl I'm with a while ago." she nod so I continued, "She is Kim Miranda, my friend's girlfriend" Her eyes grow wider, "Kim Miranda? You mean Kimberly Joyce Miranda?!" "Yes. Wait, how did you know her name?" I ask confused. "Kuya Bry, she's Kuya Carl's first and last girlfriend. She's Ate Joyce." She is the great Joyce?! Joyce Miran-, shoot how could I not notice her surname. Kimberly Joyce Miranda, the girl that Carl swore to love forever.

"Cheska I need you to do me a favor.." KIM'S POV Nung iniwan ako ni Bry naisipan ko na lang na bumalik sa office ni Clarence. Pagdating ko naman dun nakaupo pa din sya sa working chair nya. Psh. Di ba sya napapagod na magtrabaho? "Hoy Clarence! Magdate nga tayo, maging mabaet na boyfriend ka naman saken!" pasigaw na sabe ko sa kanya. Hinde naman ako pinansin. Dedma lang sya at pinagpatuloy yung ginagawa nya. "Clarence Perez!! Magdate na tayooo! Bumabalik ka nanaman sa pagiging masungit at arogante mong ugali. Nakakaines." sabay pout. Simula ng naging boyfriend ko 'tong si Clarence unti-unting bumabalik yung dating ako. "HOY PEREZ!!! HINDE MO TALAGA AKO PAPANSININ?!?" nakasigaw na talaga ako. Naiines na ako sa hinde nya pagpansin saken. Well, date naman hinde nya talaga ako pinapansin pero simula nung medyo naging sweet sya saken syempre nasanay agad ako kaya naiines akong hinde nanaman nya ako kinikibo. "Clarence... Uy. Clarence Perez... Boyfie ko..." lumapit ako sa kanya. "Wag ka ng magsungit dyan at baka halayin kita." Hinde nya pa din ako pinansin at nagsmirk lang sya. Urgh. Nabibwiset na ako. Konti na lang pipitik na talaga ako. Compose Kim~ Compose Kim~ Woosah!

Inalis ko sa harap nya yung mga papel na binabasa nya at umupo ako sa lap nya. "Clarence pansinin mo na ako. Wag kang maarte dyan. Girlfriend mo ako kaya dapat pansinin mo ako." I kiss him on the lips, smack though. "Pwede ba wag ka umupo saken. Dun ka sa couch umupo. Busy ako kaya wag mo akong guluhin." then tinulak nya ako. Sya na talaga ang pinaka bwiset na lalakeng nakilala ko. "Fine. Aalis na lang ako." inayos ko na lang yung damit ko at lumabas na ng office nya. Papunta na sana ako sa parking lot pero may nakasalubong ako. "Cheska?" Lumapit sya saken at niyakap ako. "Ate Joyce! I miss you. How are you?" I hug her back. "I'm fine, I guess. How's Tita Cath?" I ask. "She is definitely fine. You look gorgeous Ate. I'm sure if Kuya is--" I stop he r from completing the sentence. "Cheska let us not talk about your brother." I smiled weakly. "I still feel a bi t sensitive when it comes to him." "Oh. I'm sorry Ate."

"Its alright. Come on let's go to my house you have alot of stories to share." Pumunta kame sa bahay ni Dad. BRYLE'S POV I went to Sandra's house. Sya lang ang kakilala ko na pwede kong kuhaan ng mga impormasyon kailangan ko. "Bryle bat napadpad ka ata dito?" she said then throw herself towards me. She is my bestfriend and one of my ex. Sandra Polonio, a full-time model like Ariza. I smiled at her then kissed her lips. "May itatanong kase ako sayo." "Ikaw talaga Bry. Naalala mo lang na bestfriend mo ako kapag may kailangan ka eh. Sinong babae nanaman ba ang target mo?" She knows alot of things about me. Sya ang napagsasabihan ko ng mga secrets ko. Safe kase sa kanya. "Dun tayo sa loob mag-usap. Wala ba si Paul?" Umiling lang sya kaya pumasok na kame. "So anu ba yung itatanong mo at napasugod ka pa dito sa bahay ko?"

"Siguro naman naaalala mo pa si Carl." paguumpisa ko. Tumango sya kaya pinagpatuloy ko na yung tanong ko, "... may balita ka ba tungkol dun sa girlfriend nya?" "Hmm.. Bat mo naman tinatanong yan?" "Sagutin mo na lang Sandra." "Oo na pero dapat iexplain mo saken kung baket, ha?" Tumango na lang ako, "Well, ang alam ko yung Joyce nagmigrate dito sa Pinas. Yun lang yung nakwento saken ni Mommy eh alam mo naman yun hinde hilig ang magdaldal." "Nakita mo ba personally si Joyce?" "No. Sa picture nakita ko na pero sa personal hinde pa. Baket mo ba kase sya tinatanong?" Should I tell her? Tss. Ofcourse I should, she's my bestfriend and my secret is safe with her. "Hinde sinasadya na makilala ko sya. Ni hinde ko nga alam na sya pala si Joyce eh, yung first name kase nya ang ginamit nya dito." "Panu mo naman sya nakilala?" "She is Rence' girlfriend and I figured out that she's that Joyce because Cheska told me so."

10th Chapter. Cheska and I had a nice time together, though we cried alot because of some stuffs. We had a memorable girl bonding. We enjoyed watching chick flicks and coloring our toenails. I missed her alot, and also my bff's in US. She spend a night on our house then the following day she went home, or rather she went to the hotel she's staying in. I don't feel like visiting Clarence today. I feel lazy, all I want to do is to l ay down on my bed. I'm on my way to my slumber when I heard my phone ringing. Urgh. I went to drawer and took my phone. I saw Clarence' name flashing on the screen. I immediately push the answer button and place the phone on my left ear. "Hello...." I said lamely. ".............." Hinde ba sya magsasalita? Tss. Sayang sa energy. =________= "Kung wala ka namang sasabihen saken then ibaba ko na'to. Galit pa ako sayo kase dinedma mo ako kahapon." mataray na sabe ko. "............." Hinde pa din sya nagsasalita. Psh. Tatawag lang ba sya para inisin ako?! Wow

ha, effective. "HOY CLARENCE HINDE KA NA NAKAKATUWA!!! KUNG WALA KANG BALAK MAGSALITA EH IBABA KO NA'TO!!!!!" "Ang ingay mo talaga, slut." then I heard him chuckled from the other line. "Fvck you. I'm hanging up, jerk." I said angrily. Grr. "Tss. Nandito ako sa sala nyo. Bumaba ka na dito." "Eh anu naman kung nandit--HUWAAAAAAT?!?! Nandito ka sa bahay?! OMG!?! You wait for me, pababa na ako boyfie!!!" then I end the call. Nagmadali ako sa pagbaba at nandun nga ang gwapo kong boyfriend. >/////< He's wearing a simple shirt and pants. He looks so hoooooot! =)))) Parang gusto ko syang halayin. XDD Lumapit ako at umupo sa tabi nya. "How did you know that I'm here?" I ask to start a conversation. "I went to your pad but the guard told me that you didn't came home last night." he answered simply. "Oh. Eh bat mo ba ako hinahanap? Namiss mo siguro ako." I joked but then he grab my hands and said something that made me blush. "Oo eh. Namiss kita lalo na yang lips mo." then he gave me one kiss on the

lips. "Tara date tayo." Si Clarence yung klase ng lalake na magaling mambola, natural sa kanya yung magpakilig ng babae kase isa syang playboy. Hinde ko alam sa sarili ko kung baket sa kanya pa ako nainlove. Madame naman akong manliligaw pero sa isang lalake na arogante pa ako nagkagusto. Sya lang ule ang nagparamdam saken na masarap ang magmahal. "San mo naman ako dadalin? Kapag nagdadate tayo dun lang naman sa condo mo. Psh. Date sa kama o kaya naman sa couch, sawa na ako dun." reklamo ko sa kanya. Totoo yung mga sinabe ko. Kapag inaaya nya ako sa date dun kame sa condo nya madalas pumunta. Tss. Wala man lang kasweetan sa katawan 'tong si Clarence. Magpasalamat na daw ako at sa condo nya kame nagdadate yung iba kase nyang mga babae sa mga hotels or sa clubs nya dinadala. "Alam ko na kung saan tayo pupunta." Tumingin lang sya saken. Nginitian ko sya ta hinatak palabas ng bahay. Sumakay kame sa kotse at tinuro ko sa kanya kung saan kame magdadate. "Dito mo ako gustong dalin?" tanong nya saken nung makarating na kame sa park. "Yup, here. I love strolling here." I said with a smile. Hinila ko sya at pumunta kame dun sa playground. "Clarence dun tayo sa may hanging bridge."

Hinila ko na lang ule sya. Pumwesto sya dun sa kabilang side at ako naman dun sa isang kabila. =)))) Habang naglalakad kame napansin kong napakastiff ni Clarence. Parang natatakot na ewan sya. Haha! Bading ata 'to eh. At dahil naughty girl ako nakaisip ako ng kalokohan. Patalon-talon ako habang naglalakad papunta dun sa gitna. "Pwede wag kang tumalon!" pasigaw na sabe ni Clarence. Takot ba talaga sya? Haha. Nakakatawa naman 'tong lalake na'to. Ang yabang-yabang tapos takot dito sa hanging bridge, ambaba lang naman ne'to. Pambata nga to eh. "Eeew Clarence. Takot ka dito? Pambata lang 'to ah." pang-aasar ko sa kanya nung na sa may gitna na kame. Naghohop pa din ako. "Tss." Patuloy pa din ako sa paghohop na bigla akong maout of balance kaya muntik na akong mahulog, bute na lang nahawakan ako agad ni Clarence sa waist. "Takot pala, ha? Tss." then he gave me his famous smirk. Nagblush naman ako bigla kaya napaayos ako ng tayo. Inalis ko yung kamay ni Clarence na nakahawak sa waist ko then tumalikod ako. "Psh. Magblublush ka lang tapos tatalikod ka pa." he said.

"Eh kase ang landi mo eh." I retorted back. Hinawakan nya bigla yung kamay ko at iniharap nya ako sa kanya. Nakangiti pa sya ng nakakaloko then booom! His lips is crushing mine. We were kissing for a long amount of time when we realize that kids are staring at us. Bigla akong na concious kaya tinulak ko ng mahina si Clarence. Bumaba na kame nung hanging bridge at hawak nya pa din yung kamay ko. >////< Clarence how can you manage to make me smile without doing real efforts? Nagswing, nagsea-saw at nagslide kame. Paulit-ulit lang kameng dalawa pero hinde kame nagsasawa. Si Clarence nakikipaglaro pa dun sa mga bata. Nakakatuwa syang panuorin, halatang masaya sya. Nung medyo nakaramdam na kame ng pagod pumwesto kame dun sa may damuhan. Umupo ako dun sa ilalim nung malaking puno nagulat naman ako kase si Clarence biglang nahiga sa lap ko at hinawakan nanaman yung kamay ko. "Maganda pala yung kamay mo." pabulong na sabe nya pero sapat para marinig ko. "Maganda kase ako kaya maganda talaga yan." "Oo na. Mayabang ka din talaga eh." then pinaglaruan nya yung mga daliri ko. Feeling ko sasabog na ako sa sobrang kilig. Bat ba ganito si Clarence saken ngayong araw? Mamatay na ata to eh. Joke. =))))) Wag muna Lord, itatanan ko pa sya.

"Mukang enjoy na enjoy ka na maglaro dito ah. Parang hinde ka pumupunta sa park" mapang-asar na sabe ko. "Hinde nga." dry na sagot naman nya. Nagulat ako sa sagot nya kaya naitulak ko yung ulo nya, ayun bumagsak tuloy sa mga damo. "Sorry. Nagulat ako sa sinabe mo eh. Totoo ba yun?" "Oo. My parents are too busy to bring us in such place." I feel sorry for Clarence. My parents are also busy working but they always find time to play with me. Poor him. I should make this day memorable for him. "Wag mo nga akong tignan na parang awang-awa ka saken." cold na sabe nya sabay iwas ng tingin. "Sorry naman. Naaawa kase ako sayo eh. Sila Mommy kahit busy may time pa din sila na dalin ako sa mga ganitong lugar. Kaya ka siguro babaero at arogante." "Tss." tumayo sya at pinagpagan yung damit nya. "San ka pupunta boyfie?" "Maghahanap ng banyo. Sama ka?" nakangising sabe naman nya. Loko 'to ah. =)))

"Yuck. Ayoko nga, wala namang bathtub dyan sa mga public cr's eh. Mahihirapan lang ako." Inisnob nya lang yung sinabe ko at nagsimulang maglakad palayo. Ako naman tumayo na din at pumunta dun sa may swing. Memories flashed back into my mind. How I missed being with him.. If only he didn't.... I still can't bring myself to accept the mere fact that we can no longer be together. But then I realize one thing, I'm still a prisoner of the pa st and even though I want to give my whole heart to Clarence, I know I can't cause he doesn't feel the same way and I don't want to be unfair to him. "Oh." sabay abot saken ng ice cream. Nakabalik na pala si sya hinde ko man lang namalayan. Naalala ko nanaman kase si Carl. There is still a part of my heart that belongs to Carl. I smiled weakly, "Thanks." He sat on the other swing. We both watched the children happily playing. "Clarence alam mo ba na naiines ako sayo?" seryosong tanong ko sa kanya. Ngumiti lang sya atsaka tumago. "Naiines ako sayo kase ginamit mo ako para layuan ka ni Ariza. Tapos yung ines napalitan ng pagkachallenge kase ikaw lang yung nakilala kong lalake na hinde pumapansin sa ganda ko." tumawa ako ng mahina then humarap sa kanya, nakaharap din sya saken, "then yung pagkachallenge napalitan nanaman. I like you Clarence, I really do. Despite the fact that you are a

playboy, jerk and arrogant I still like you...." Kung alam mo lang Clarence, mahal na kita pero hinde ko pa pwedeng sabihen sayo. May mga bagay pa akong dapat tapusin atsaka dapat ikaw ang unang magsabe ng magic words saken para manalo ako sa pustahan. I gave him my most sincere smile, "But I'd understand if you don't feel the same. Alam ko naman na laro lang 'tong sa ating dalawa eh. Our relationship doesn't really exist." Tumayo ako at lumapit sa kanya. Bale nakaupo sya sa swing tapos ako naman nakatayo sa harap nya, "Clarence mahal mo pa ba si Ariza?" Hinde sya sumagot, nakatitig lang sya saken. Mahal pa nga nya. Masakit pero dapat tanggapin ko yun, pareho lang naman kame eh. May mahal pa din akong iba, ang pinagkaiba lang namen, ako mahal ko na din sya pero sya hinde. "Wag ka na ngang sumagot. Boring mo kausap boyfie." bumalik na lang ako dun sa swing. "Kanta ka nga." malamya nyang sabe habang nakatingin saken. "Ayoko nga. Mahal talent fee ko Perez." sabay irap. HAH?! Akala nya ah, kahit mahal ko sya hinde ako papayag na utus-utusan nya lang ako. "I'm a rich person Kim. Kaya kitang bayaran kaya kumanta ka na." I cleared my throat then start singing. (Give Your Heart a Break) -Acoutis version

"The day I first met you You told me you'd never fall in love But now that I get you I know fear is what it really was Now here we are, so close Yet so far, haven't I passed the test? When will you realize Baby, I'm not like the rest Clarence mahal na kita at hinde ako papayag na bumalik ka kay Ariza. Don't wanna break your heart I wanna give your heart a break I know you're scared it's wrong Like you might make a mistake There's just one life to live And there's no time to waste, to waste So let me give your heart a break Give your heart a break Let me give your heart a break Your heart a break Oh, yeah yeah" I know that you still love her but that doesn't matter to me now. I'll make sure you'll forget about her.

"Don't wanna break your heart Wanna give your heart a break I know you're scared it's wrong Like you might make a mistake There's just one life to live And there's no time to waste, to waste So let me give your heart a break I will definitely make you mine, Clarence Perez. Just give me you heart and I'll treasure it forever. Cuz you've been hurt before I can see it in your eyes You try to smile it away Some things, you can't disguise Don't wanna break your heart Baby, I can ease the ache, the ache" Listen carefully to these song and you'll find out that I'll never break your heart. "So, let me give your heart a break Give your heart a break Let me give your heart a break Your heart a break There's just so much you can take Give your heart a break Let me give your heart a break Your heart a break

Oh yeah,yeah I look straight to his eyes and smiled sincerely. The day I first met you You told me you'd never fall in love" "Are you really not gonna break my heart?" 11th Chapter. BRYLE'S POV "I think Ate Joyce is in the stage of moving on. She's still a bit affected when I tried opening about that as a topic, there's still pain in her eyes but she said that she's inlove with his boyfriend." Kasama ko si Cheska at Sandra ngayon dito sa bahay ko. I need them both to make Kim mine. "...but don't worry Kuya Bry. If there is a guy that I want Ate Joyce to be with that would be you. I know Kuya Carl would want the same thing." she said smiling. "Thanks Cheska. You don't have to worry, aagawin ko si Kim kay Clarence."

"Anyway Bry, here's the information you asked me to look for. Everything about her is in there." Sandra handed me a brown envelope containing info's about Kim. "Thanks Sandra." I stood up and gave her a peck on the lips. Cheska seems quite shocked with my action towards Sandra. "Cheska, Sandra is one of my ex girlfriend." I said cooly. "Really? Ate Sandra became your girlfriend? When?" she asked curiously. "That was so yesterday Cheska. Haha! We were just bored so we decided to date. Believe me after 2 weeks I broke up with him. Nakatanggap ako ng mga death threats mula dun sa mga so-called-fans nya." then she rolled her eyes. "Ouch. Ansakit naman nun Sandra. Parang hinde ka naging masaya nung tayo ah." sabay act na parang nasaktan. Binatukan naman ako ni Sandra, "Hoy Bryle! Tigilan mo yang kabaklaan mo. Eew. Anung naging masaya? Kung ikaw kaya padalan ng death threats sa bahay nyo magiging masaya ka ba?" maarteng tanong nya. "OMG! I can't believe it Kuya Bry. So naging girlfriend mo din pala si Ate Sandra." dagdag naman ni Cheska sa nakakatawang Tagalog-accent. "Its true Cheska and I regret it." "Tss. Bat ba kase pinag-usapan pa naten yan eh." reklamo ko sa kanila.

"Stop whining Bry. Hinde bagay tsaka ikaw naman nag-umpisa eh." "Oo na. Anyway, may naisip na akong plano." Silang dalawa ang kasabwat ko para maagaw si Kim kay Clarence. "Anung plano?" "What plan?" sabay na tanong ni Cheska at Sandra. I gave them a devilish grin, "Cheska you have to convice Joyce to join that training you are in." "That would be hard Kuya Bry." she said then sigh. "You can do it Cheska, I trust you. Ibabalik naten yung dating Joyce. Yung Joyce na minahal ng Kuya Carl mo." "Okay I'll try but I won't promise anything." then she smiled weakly. Tumingin naman ako kay Sandra na busy sa phone nya. Inagaw ko yun sa kanya. "Bryle!!! Ano ba?!? May kausap pa ako!!!!" pasigaw nyang sabe. Tss. Etong babae na'to, kitang may pinag-uusapan kame tapos makikipaglandian dun sa boyfriend nya, eh mas gwapo naman ako dun. =_________=

"Paul kasama ko si Sandra kaya wag ka munang umextra." tapos inend ko na yung call at binalik sa kanya yung phone. Kung nakakamatay lang yung mga mata ni Sandra, malamang patay na ako. "May pinag-uusapan kase tayo tapos nakikipaglandian ka kay Paul. Hinde ba kayo nagsasawa sa isa't-isa? Nakakasuya na kayo." Lumapit sya saken at bigla akong sinapak sa mukha. "Aray!" "Bagay yan sayo. Kapal talaga ng face mo Bry. Pasalamat ka at bestfriend kita kaya nagtitiis ako dyan sa ugali mo." tapos umupo na ule sya sa tabi ni Cheska. Psh. Si Cheska tumatawa. Hay nako. =__________= "Edi thank you. Tss. Ikaw pala Sandra ang magiging personal teacher nila Cheska at Kim." "Personal teacher? The fvck Bry. Model ako hinde teacher." napareklamador talaga ni Sandra. Panu kaya sya natitiis ni Paul? HAHA. Amazona 'tong babae na'to eh. Di ako makapaniwala na model 'to. "Malamang tuturuan mo silang maging magaling na model. Yun ang una nilang gagawin, ang magmodel." "Panu mo naman nalaman?" tanong ni Sandra. "Si Ate Brielle ang organizer nyang event na yan."

"Ate Brielle is the organizer? Wow. I missed her so much, I'll go to her house later." masayang sabe ni Cheska. "Kaya naman pala eh, Ate mo ang organizer. Oy may talent fee ako ah." sabe naman ni Sandra. "Oo na. Alam ko naman na maniningil ka eh." "Dapat lang na maningil ako. Ihanda mo yung black na sports car na ginamit mo kahapon, yun ang ibabayad mo saken." "What?!? Bat naman yun??! Hinde pwede. AYOKO." pagtanggi ko. Siraulo na talaga 'tong si Sandra. Kabibile ko lang nung sports car na yun tapos hihingen nya saken. Loko 'to ah. "Eh?! Ayaw mo? K, madali akong kausap. Hinde kita tutulungan dyan sa plano mo tutal masama naman mang-agaw ng girlfriend ng ibang tao." "Oo na. Payag na ako pero wag yung itim, dapat yung blue o kaya yung red na lang." pagsuko ko kay Sandra. Hinde talaga ako nananalo kay Sandra, amazonang model. Tss. "Okay. Gusto ko din naman yung red eh. Ihanda mo na yun ah, gusto ko before this week end na saken na yung susi nung kotse." "Kuya Bry how 'bout me?"

Napasigh na lang ako. "Ipagshoshopping na lang kita." Isa pa 'tong si Cheska. Mamumulubi ako sa kanilang dalawa. =_____________= Kung hinde ko lang gusto yung si Kim, baka hinayaan ko na lang na manalo si Clarence dun sa pustahan namen. Oh, nagulat kayo? Oo gusto ko si Kim. Nung una talaga gusto ko lang syang agawin kay Rence kase interesting syang babae pero nung malaman ko na sya si Joyce, bigla akong nagkagusto talaga sa kanya. I like her and I want her so I'll take her away from Clarence. I'll make her my girl. ARIZA'S POV "Mikey please just give another 30 minutes, alam kong dadating si Rence. Hinde nya ako matitiis." nagmamakaawang sabe ko kay Mikey, manager ko. She sigh heavily then look at me, "Dalawang oras na tayong nagiintay sa kanya Ariza. Just let him go, may girlfriend na nga sya di ba? Stop your stupidity and move on." Napatayo ako na ikinagulat nung mga tao. Nandito kame sa isang coffe shop na malapit sa airport. I'm waiting for Rence to come before I leave this country to pursue my dreams. "No! I'll wait for him 'cause I belive that he will be here. He promised me that he'll come." matigas na sabe ko sa kanya. "Ariza I know how much you love him but can't you see? He has moved on. May mahal na syang iba. Wag mong ikulong yung sarili mo sa mga pangako nya."

I don't believe her. I know Rence still loves me, its just that he feels like he is being a burden to me. He thought that he stole all my dreams away from me. "He still loves me. I know that Mikey. Ako ang mahal nya at hinde yung Kim na yun. Ako lang ang babaeng mahal nya at dapat nyang mahalin." Napasigh na lang ule si Mikey. "Just another 30 minutes. Kapag wala pa sya after 30 minutes aalis na tayo. Almost 3 hours na lang bago yung flight mo kelangan pa nating magprepare." I smiled at her then nod. I take my seat and wipe the tears that slip from my eyes. "Ariza..." That sweet manly voice. That very familiar voice. How I miss hearing his voice. I look back and saw Rence standing 5 inches away from our table. I take a stand and throw my arms around him. "I knew you would come...." hinde ko namalayan na umiiyak na pala ako. "Rence I missed you so much.." I said between my sobs. "Umupo muna tayo. Wag kang umiyak, madaming tao na katingin sayo." Inalis nya yung pagkakayakap ko sa kanya at hinila nya ako sa table namen. "I'll leave you both for a while. I'll be back after an hour." Mikey said then smiled at me. I mouthed 'thanks' to her then she went out of the shop.

"Rence alam kong hinde mo ako matitiis." I said smiling at him. I miss seeing his handsome face, I miss hearing his manly voice. I miss his hugs, kisses and touch. I miss him so much. "Hinde ako magtatagal dito. May inaasikaso akong trabaho Ariza. Pumunta lang ako dito para magpaalam sayo." dirediretso nyang sabe. Hinde ko pinansin yung mga sinabe nya instead nagtanong na lang ako, "Rence bakit ka ba talaga nakipaghiwalay saken?" "I told you the reason already. I don't want to hurt you twice by saying those words so stop. Move on Ariza." cold nyang sabe. "I don't belive you Rence. Alam kong nagsisinungaling ka lang saken. You don't love her because I know that you still love me." I said with conviction. "I love her so forget about me. Wag mo ng ipilit Ariza. Tapos na tayo, wala ng patutunguhan yung relasyon naten. Tumigil ka na." My tears started to fall down again. "No, you're lying Rence. Alam kong dahil lang 'to sa trabaho ko. Rence hinde mo kasalan kung baket ko tinanggihan yung offer saken, its my personal decision. Its my choice to reject the offer." Hinawakan ko yung kamay nya pero agad din naman nyang inalis yung pagkakahawak ko tapos iniwas nya yung tingin nya.

"Its not that. Wala na talaga akong nararamdaman para sayo." he then look straight into my eyes, "Hinde na kita mahal Ariza." Parang gumuho yung buong mundo ko sa sinabe ni Clarence. Sya lang ang lalake na minahal ko, at sya lang ang lalakeng mamahalin ko. Mahal na mahal ko sya pero hinde na nya ako mahal. "I...I love you Rence. Please always keep that in your mind. I'll reach my dreams for you so be happy." tumayo na ako at pinunasan yung mga luha ko at lumapit kay Rence. I lean down and kiss him on his lips. "I love you so much.... And I'll love you as long as I live." I gave him a sincere smile then hug him for the last time. "Thank you for everything. Pagbalik ko dito ibang Ariza na ako at sisiguruhin ko na mamahalin mo uli ako." Lumabas na ako ng coffe shop at tinawagan si Mikey. Clarence Perez pagbalik ko sisiguraduhin kong ako na ule ang babaeng mamahalin mo. KIM'S POV "So ano ng meron sa inyo ni Clarence?" tanong ni Nof. I'm with her today. Wala daw syang date ngayon kaya magkasama kame. "Edi malanding ugnayan. Duh. Kame kaya Nof. Anung tanong ba yan?" nagroll eyes na lang ako at nilabas yung ipad ko. Makapaglaro na nga lang ng temple run. =)) "Alam kong kayo but what I mean is anu nang lagay ng relationship nyo. May gusto na ba sya sayo?"

I smiled at her. "He said he's willing to love me." "Oooh. Wow. Edi kayo na. Tss. Dyan ka na nga. Lalandiin ko na lang si Kill." tumayo na sya at lumabas ng pad ko. Bwiset na Nof 'to. Tinawag kong sya para may makwentuhan ako ng tungkol sa lovelife ko tapos iiwanan nya lang ako. How nice. =_______= Bestfriend ko ba talaga sya? Parang hinde eh. Maliligo na sana ako ng biglang magring yung cellphone ko. Kinuha ko yun at tinignan kung sino yung tumatawag. 'Boyfie <3 calling....' I push the answer button and turn the loud speaker on. "Hello boyfie!" I greeted him happily. "Ang ingay mo naman." Haaaaay. =___________= Ang sweet talaga ni Clarence. Tss. "Bat ka ba kase tumawag?" "Magkita tayo ngayon. Punta ka dito sa bahay, dito ka na matulog. Sige, bye." "Huh?! Dyan ako matu-toooooooooooot." Ay anak ng pating, binaba na nya

yung call. Argh. Clarence bat ba kita minahal? Ang sunget mo naman, tska mayabang. Naligo na lang ako pagkatapos inayos yung mga damit na dadalin ko sa bahay nila Clarence. PJ ba o nighties? Nighties na lang para maakit ko lalo si Clarence. Bwahahahahahaha! :D Pagkatapos kong magayos ng mga dadalhin ko tinext ko na ang magaling kong boyfriend. To: Boyfie <3 On the way na ako. =)) Hihihi. Tinago ko na yung phone tapos lumabas na at pumunta sa parking lot. "Joyce..." 12th Chapter. "Joyce...." Napalingon ako sa likod ko at nagulat sa nakita ko. "Tita Catherine?"

Lumapit sya saken at niyakap ako. "Joyce I missed you. Kumusta ka na?" "Tita ikaw nga. Kelan ka pa dumating, teka kasama mo ba si Cheska? Nagkita kame last Saturday, dun pa sya sa bahay natulog pero hinde naman nya nasabe na kasama ka nya." She smiled at me, that same smile that Carl always have. "I'm with Cheska hija. Kaya lang mas nauna syang pumunta dito. Hinde nga din nya nasabe saken na nagkita na kayo eh." Natawa naman ako. Si Cheska talaga. "Baka naenjoy ang pamamasyal dito Tita. Wait, where's Uncle Sam? Isn't he with you?" "Wag tayo dito mag-usap. I saw a coffe shop nearby. Dun na lang tayo magkwentuhan." Since malapit lang naman yung shop naglakad na lang kame papunta dun. Relaxing yung ambiance nung shop, may pagkavintage yung dating tapos may tumutugtog ng mga 80's songs. Umupo kame dun sa table sa may end corner. Umorder muna kame bago nag-usap. "So Tita asan na si Uncle Sam? Hinde ba sya kasama?" "He's not with us. May work pa sya, alam mo naman yun parang daddy mo din." then she take a sip of her hot coffe. "Oh. How long are you planning to stay here?" I take a slice of my

cheesecake. "Maybe 2 to 3 weeks but Cheska will be staying here for a year, I guess." "Really? How 'bout her studies?" "She have some kind of training here, she asked permission from his Dad kaya I agree na din." I smiled at her. Mabait talaga si Tita Catherine, spoiled nga masyado sa kanya sila Carl at Cheska eh. "Don't worry Tita babantayan ko si Cheska para hinde ka masyadong magworry." "Thank you Joyce. You're still the same." then she smiled sweetly at me. "No problem Tita. Family ko na rin kayo kaya dapat lang na bantayan ko si Cheska." "If Carl is only here I know he would be so proud of you..." her smile fades. "I know Tita. I've been a rebel girl when he left me but then someone made me realize that I have to move on and be happy and continue living." "Is that so? Well, tell him or her my regards for turning you back to your old self." I take a sip of my mocha frappe, "I will Tita."

"Anyway, do you have a boyfriend already?" I was startled with her question, "Uhm... Yes, may boyfriend na po ako." I can't look straight to her eyes. It feels awkward. Narinig ko sya na tumawa ng mahina, "Hija, are you feeling awkward?" napatingin naman ako sa kanya, nakangiti lang sya saken, "I'm happy kase nakapagmove on ka na. Kung nasan man si Carl sigurado akong ayaw nyang makitang malungkot ka, I'm sure na masaya sya kase nakahanap ka na ng lalaking mamahalin. Basta no matter what happens, you're still my most beautiful dauther-in-law" natawa nanaman si Tita, "...kahit na hinde kayo kinasal." I couldn't say anything to her but I''m happy with what she said. "Thanks Tita. Bat pala napadaan ka sa may building ng condo ko?" "Oh. Actually, I'm looking for a unit for Cheska. Alam mo na mag-iisa sya dito sa Pinas kaya hinde naman pwedeng nandun lang sya sa hotel magstay." Then an idea struck me. "Tita, Cheska could live with me. Mag-isa lang naman ako sa pad tska may extra room dun. Para naman makapagbonding pa kame at the same time mabantayan ko sya." I offered her. "Sure ka ba na pwede? Baka makagulo lang si Cheska." I shake my head, "Tita I'm positive. Cheska will be safe if she would stay with me. Dun na lang sya, please. Pretty please.." I pleaded.

She sigh then smile brightly, "Fine. Dun na lang si Cheska sayo, tama ka naman mas safe kung magkasama kayo atleast mababawasan yung pagwoworry ko sa kanya. Thank you Joyce." I smiled at her and says, "Welcome Tita." Nung naubos nanamen yung mga inorder namen nagdecide na kame na umuwi. Hinatid ko si Tita dun sa hotel na tinutuluyan nila ni Cheska, sa hotel nila Andy. After nun bumalik na ko sa condo ko. Pababa na sana ako ng kotse nung biglang nagring yung phone ko. Naiwan ko 'to nung nagpunta kame ni Tita Catherine sa coffe shop. Kinuha ko yun at tinignan. 45 missed calls 30 messages Nung chineck ko kung kanino galing yung mga calls at messages, naalala ko yung dapat na pagpunta ko kela boyfie. Yung 44 missed calls galing kay Clarence pati na din yung 30 messages. Tapos yung isang missed call from Bryle, bat kaya yun tumawag? Anyway, binuksan ko na ule yung engine at nagdrive papunta kela Clarence. Tinawagan ko pa nga sya eh. "Hoy slut asan ka na?!? Sinabe ko sayo na pumunta ka dito di ba?!? Bat wala ka pa?!?" pasigaw na tanong ni Clarence nung sinagot nya yung tawag ko. Di man lang ba nya naisip na baka may nangyaring masama saken? Tss. =_______________= "Sorry boyfie. Nakita ko kase si Tita Catherine eh kaya nakalimutan ko na pupunta pala ako sa inyo. On the way na naman ako eh. Wag mo na akong sigawan."

Hinde na sya nagsalita pero hinde din naman nya pinapatay yung tawag. At dahil sa nagddrive ako niloud speaker ko na lang yung call then nilapag ko yung phone. Uubusin ata ni Clarence yung load ko eh. "Boyfie nandito na ako sa labas ng bahay nyo. Ayiee! Kinikilig na yang boyfie ko. Teka lang ibababa ko na'to. Sayang yung load ko." Inend ko na lang yung call tapos bumaba na ng kotse. Kinuha ko na yung mga gamit ko at pumasok sa bahay nila. Nakaupo si Clarence dun sa sala nila habang nanonood ng tv. Lumapit ako sa kanya at umupo sa tabi nya. "Hi boyfie!" "............." "Ahem, sorry na. Nakita ko kase--" Hinde ko na natapos yung sinasabe ko kase bigla nya akong hinatak para yakapin. "Ang ingay mo. Inaantok na ako kase ang bagal mong magdrive." then he burried his face on my neck. Sh*t. Clarence is putting hickeys on me. "Kuya dun nga kayo sa kwarto." Natulak ko bigla si Clarence kase nagulat ako. Si Cyriel nandun at nakita ang

kalandian ng kapatid nya. "Tss." Inismidan lang ni Clarence si Cyriel at hinatak ako patayo. Dinampot nya yung mga gamit ko at hinila paakyat sa kwarto nya. Eto ang pangatlong beses na nakapasok ako sa kwarto nya, madalas kase dun lang kame sa sala kapag nadito ako sa kanila. Nagpupumilit lang ako pumasok dito sa kwarto nya. Malaki yung kwarto nya, malinis din para sa isang lalake. Bakla ata 'to eh! Hahaha! Joke lang. Gwapo kaya ng boyfie ko. =____= Madaming libro sa kwarto nya at meron ding gitara. Nasa may banyo si Clarence, magpapalit na daw sya ng pantulog. Tss. Arte, dapat dito na lang sya sa harap ko naghubad. Nakita ko na nanaman yun eh. Hahaha! XDDD Kinuha ko yung gitara at umupo sa kama nya. (Jump Then Fall-Taylor Swift) I start strumming the guitar. "I like the way you sound in the morning We're on the phone and without a warning I realize your laugh is the best sound I have ever heard I like the way I can't keep my focus I watch you talk you didn't notice I hear the words but all I can think is we should be together"

Napansin ko na nakatayo sa tapat ng cr si Clarence. Tapos na syang maligo. Sayang sisilipan ko pa naman. Joke. Hehehe. =))) "Every time you smile, I smile and every time you shine, I'll shine for you Whoa oh I'm feeling you baby Don't be afraid to jump then fall, jump then fall into me Baby, I'm never gonna leave you, Say that you wanna be with me too Cause I'm gonna stay through it all so jump then fall" Clarence is smiling at me so I smiled back. Hah!?! Inlababo na 'to saken, eto na ang pangalawang beses na hinaharana ko sya. Wahaha! "Well, I like the way your hair falls in your face You got the keys to me I love each freckle on your face, oh, I've never been so wrapped up, Honey, I like the way you're everything I've ever wanted I had time to think it oh-over And all I can say is come closer, Take a deep breath and jump then fall into me" Umupo sya sa tabi ko at nakatitig sya sa saken. "Every time you smile, I smile And every time you shine, I'll shine for you Whoa oh I'm feeling you baby Don't be afraid to jump then fall, jump then fall into me Baby, I'm never gonna leave you, Say that you wanna be with me too Cause I'm gonna stay through it all so jump then fall" Haaaay Clarence! Kalimutan mo na yung model na yun at ako na ang mahalin mo.

"The bottom's gonna drop out from under our feet I'll catch you, I'll catch you When people say things that bring you to your knees, I'll catch you The time is gonna come when you're so mad you could cry But I'll hold you through the night until you smile" Ako nga tumalon na sayo eh, dapat saluhin mo na ako. Clarence Perez, ako na ang girlfriend mo kaya dapat kalimutan mo na yung model na plastic na yun. "Whoa oh I need you baby Don't be afraid please jump then fall, jump then fall into me Baby, I'm never gonna leave you, Say that you wanna be with me too Cause I'm gonna through it all so jump then fall Jump then fall baby Jump then fall into me, into me" Andaya naman ng life. =((( Ako nga nakamove on na kay Carl eh, well medyo nakamove on na. May onting feelings pa din ako para sa kanya kase sya ang first love ko pero si Clarence, wala pa din. Si Ariza pa din ang mahal at ako naman 'tong si tanga pumayag na maging rebound. Kadiri lang, ha? Ang ganda ko tapos rebound. Pagtatawanan ako ni Nof kapag nalaman nya 'to. "Every time you smile, I smile and every time you shine, I'll shine And every time you're here Baby, I'll show you, I'll show you you can jump then fall, jump then fall, jump then fall into me, into me Yeah" Nung natapos ko na yung kanta nilapag ko yung gitara nya sa kama at humarap sa kanya.

"Hoy Clarence! Ako na ang girlfriend mo kaya dapat wag ka ng titingin sa iba, tsaka kalimutan mo yung si Ariza kase nagseselos talaga ako dun." Hinawakan nya yung kamay ko, "Sige gagawin ko yung gusto mo basta palagi mo akong kakantahan." "Aba! Sobra ka naman. Baka mawalan ako ng beautiful voice noh. Pero pwede kitang kantahan wag nga lang everyday. Mga twice a week lang." He smiled at me and leaned closer and close the gap between us. We shared a passionate kiss. "I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda." 13th Chapter. "I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda...." "I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda...." "I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda...." Ay potek na yan. Paulit-ulit nanaman. Deja vu? Hahaha. Nagkaganito na din ako eh, after nung first ever dinner ko dito sa bahay nila. Amp talaga 'tong si Clarence. Pinapakilig ako ng bongga. Hirap tuloy makatulog. Una, katabi ko sya dito sa kama nya. Dapat pala talaga dun na lang ako sa guest room nila. Pangalawa, nagpapaulit-ulit sa utak ko yung sinabe nyang nakakakilig.

"I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda...." "I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda...." "I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda...." Haaaaaay Clarence! Patulugin mo na ako. Ayokong magmukang zombie mamayang umaga. =_______= "I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda...." "I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda...." "I like you Kimberly Joyce Miranda...." "Oo na! Gusto mo na ako. Wag ka mag-alala gusto din kita, ay mali mahal na pala kita. Bwiset ka Perez, kinikilig ako ng sobra kaya hinde ako makatulog!?!" napasigaw na ako dahil sa sobrang frustration. Nawala sa isip ko na katabi ko pala si Clarence. Naitakip ko yung unan sa face ko. Naramdaman ko naman na umupo bigla si Clarence. Shooot. Narininig nya yung sinabe ko. >___________< Kill me Lord! Pleasee..... "Tss. Mahal mo na pala ako, ha?" mayabang na tanong nya. Tinggal ko kagad yung unan at binato sa muka nya. "Kapal mo Clarence. Wala akong sinabeng ganyan. Wag kang feeling." "Deny-deny ka pa. Sinigaw mo na nga eh." Hinatak nya ako pahiga. Yung braso nya yung unan ko. Waaaaaaah! Kinikilig talaga ako. >////////<

"Matulog ka na. May trabaho pa ako bukas kaya wag kang maingay." "Panu ko makakatulog eh kinikilig nga ako?!" tanong ko sa kanya. "Tss. Halikan na lang kaya kita para makatulog ka?" "Sira ka Perez. Kapag kiniss mo ako edi mas lalong hinde ako makatulog." "Date naman nakakatulog ka na katabi mo ako ah. Dapat nga mas hinde ka makatulog kase may nangyare saten nun eh. Tss. Gulo ng utak mo ah." Siraulo talaga 'to. Hahaha! Ipaalala daw ba yung mga ganung bagay. Pero may point naman sya, nung mga time na yun nakakatulog kagad ako ni hinde ko nga napapansin yung presence nya sa tabi ko eh. "Malamang pagod ako nun. Duh, nakakapagod kaya yung ginagawa naten. Tsaka iba yung noon kesa sa ngayon. May feelings na ako para sayo kaya nahihirapan akong makatulog na katabi ka." Nagsmirk sya, "Edi inamin mo din na gusto mo na ko." Umupo ako at hinarap sya, "Talaga namang gusto kita eh. Sinabe ko na nga sayo nung nagdate tayo sa park eh. Slow mo boyfie.." sabay tawa. "Tss. Bahala ka nga sa buhay mo. Matulog ka na, baka rape-in mo pa ako eh." tumalikod na sya. "In your wet dreams. Baka ako ang rape-in mo." then humiga na ule ako sa tabi nya.

"Asa ka slut." "Slut your face. You said you like me just a few hours ago." Hinde na sya umimik after nun kaya tumahimik na din ako. I focus myself on sleeping. Zzzzzzzzz. The next morning.... Dilat. Pikit. Dilat. Pikit. Dilat. Pikit. OMG!?! Baket magkayakap na kame ni Clarence?!? Waaaaaah! Kinikilig tuloy ako. >/////////< I tried to push him but he just pull me closer. I can feel his abs. Drools. @__@ "Cla...Clarence.. Gumising ka na." I said to him. "Shut up and sleep." he said with a husky voice. Langya, nangseseduce ata 'tong si Clarence eh. Psh. Pag sya nirape ko, wag syang aangal. "Gumising ka na. Umaga na oh."

He broke our hug then he stood up and went to the bathroom. "Wala man lang good morning." mahinang sabe ko. Tumayo na ako at umupo dun sa couch nya. Iintayin ko pa syang matapos gumamit ng banyo bago ko makagamit, pero pwede din naman na sa guest room na lang ako mag-ayos ng sarili. Lumabas na ako ng kwarto nya at pumunta dun sa guest room. Pumasok na ako agad sa banyo. After 45 minutes tapos na ako. Fresh na fresh na ule ako. Lumabas na ako ng guest room at bumaba na. Nakita kong nakaupo na si Clarence sa sofa nila at nagbabasa ng dyaryo. "Good morning Clarence!" bati ko sa kanya. Tinignan nya lang ako tapos naggrin sya. Problema ne'to? Parang kagabe lang ang landi-landi nya eh. Bwiset. =____________= Nakakawala ng good mood. "Uuwi na ako. Baka hinahanap na ako ni Daddy eh." Dedma pa din sya kaya lumabas na ako ng bahay. "Bwiset. Anung problema nun? Kagabe akala mo hari kung makarequest na kantahan ko sya palage tapos ngayon ang sunget nanaman. Tatanda ako ng maaga dahil sa kanya eh." Pasakay na sana ako ng kotse nung biglang nagring yung cellphone ko.

'Bryle Santos calling....' Tinitigan ko muna at pinag-isipan kung sasagutin ko yung tawag nya, sa huli sinagot ko din naman. "Hello." "Kim good thing you answered it. I missed you." "I missed you too Bry. Sorry kung hinde ko nasagot kahapon." "Its okay. How are you? Kita naman tayo." "I'm fine, I guess. Sige kita tayo ngayon. Samahan mo akong magshopping." "Sure. See you later." "Okay. Bye." Inend ko na yung call at sumakay na ng kotse. Bahala ka Clarence, kung ayaw mo akong pansinin edi fine. Magdadate na lang kame ni Bryle. =____________= Sabe nya pa naman saken gusto nya ako. I start the engine and was about to drive when suddenly someone tap the window. Its Clarence, looking so furious. He pull out his cellphone and type something then I feel my phone vibrates. From: Boyfie <3 Open your car. NOW! Mukang galit nga sya kaya sinunod ko na yung utos nya. Pagbukas na pagbukas ko bigla nya akong hinatak pababa ng kotse at papasok sa bahay nila. "Hoy Clarence magkikita pa kame ni Bryle kaya bitiwan mo na ako." sabe ko

sa kanya habang tinatanggal yung pagkakahawak nya sa kamay ko. "Shut your mouth or I'll kiss you." then he showed his death-glare to me. I shut my mouth and let him drag me up to his room. I'm scared. Pagkapasok namen ng kwarto nya tsaka nya lang ako binitawan. Hinawakan ko yung left wrist ko. Namumula na kase ang higpit ng pagkahawak saken ni Clarence. "Dito ka lang sa bahay. Wag kang aalis." sabe nya saken. "Bat naman ako magiistay dito? Asawa na ba kita?" pagtataray na tanong ko sa kanya. "Not yet, but if you want we can get married today. Kahit dun na lang sa Mayor's office pwede na saken. I'll change your surname from Miranda to Perez, just say it." Natahimik ako sa sinabe nya. "Tss. Dito ka lang sa bahay ko kung ayaw mo pang mapalitan yang Miranda ng Perez." O//////////////////////////////O Then he went out of his room. I was astounded with what he has said. ANONG SINAB NI CLARENCE?

14th Chapter. Paglabas ni Clarence ng pinto agad din naman akong sumunod sa kanya. So, kapag lumabas ako ng bahay nila magiging Mrs. Clarence Perez na ako? I like that idea. Akala ba ni Clarence matatakot ako sa sinabe nya? Asa pa sya. Mas mapapadali ko syang mapainlove saken kung mag-asawa na kame. Bumaba ako sa sala nila at nakita kong kausap nya si Cyriel. Mukhang seryoso yung pinag-uusapan nila kaya nagstay muna ako dun sa stairs. "Hinde ka man lang ba magthathank you saken lil bro?" Umismid si Cyriel at tsaka tinapik yung balikat ng Kuya nya, "Di ako magthathank you sayo KUYA!" lumigon saken si Cyriel then humarap ule sa Kuya nya, "Kung maglalandian kayo ng girlfriend mo, wag dito sa sala. Dun kayo sa kwarto mo. Tss." After nun umalis na si Cyriel, si Clarence naman nakatayo lang dun kaya naman lumapit na ako sa kanya. Pinulupot ko yung kamay ko sa braso nya, bigla syang napatingin saken. "Hoy! Dito ka lang sa bahay. Subukan mo lang umalis dito, bukas na bukas din magiging Mrs. Perez ka na." sabe nya habang nakangisi. Puro sya ngisi, aso ba sya? I rolled my eyes heavenward, "So papakasalan mo ako kapag lumabas ako ng bahay nyo?" I flash him my naughty smile, "Paano ba yan gusto ko ng maging Mrs. Perez, edi dapat lumabas ako?" "Tss. Talagang gusto mo ng maging asawa ko ah." nakangiti sya ng nakakaloko.

"Oo, gusto ko na. Kasi kapag asawa na kita mas madali kang maiinlove saken." "Ilang taon ka na? Nasa legal age ka na ba?" "19 na kaya ako Clarence. Nasa legal age na ako, pwede mo na akong pakasalan." Tinanggal nya yung kamay sa may braso nya tapos lumakad papunta sa may pintuan. Iiwan nya lang ako dito?!? Sinusubukan nya talaga ako. Hah!! Akala nya ba magpapatalo lang ako sa kanya? No way! "HOY CLARENCE! ANO PURO KA LANG PALA SALITA EH! TINAKOT MO PA AKO TAPOS HINDE MO NAMAN PALA KAYANG GAWIN. TSS. BADING KA ATA EH." napalingon naman sya saken. OMG! Parang murderer yung mga mata nya, "Hehehe. Joke lang boyfie. Alam kong hindi ka gay. Sige, kung ayaw mo akong pakasalan eh si Bryle na lang ang hahatakin ko papunta sa Mayor's office." Tumakbo ako at nilagpasan lang sya pero nagulat ako ng bigla nya akong hatakin at buhatin. Binaba nya ako sa sofa at nakapatong sya saken. I can smell his perfume. Ang bango nya, ang sarap nyang amuyin. "Clarence.... Are you going to rape me? Kung oo, wag naman dito. Doon tayo sa room mo, ako pa maghuhubad sa sarili ko." Tinitigan nya muna ako bago tumawa ng malakas. His laugh echoed around the house. Eto yung unang beses na narinig kong tumawa si Clarence. "Bat ka tumatawa? Tss. Nagsusuggest lang naman ako eh." sabe ko sabay pout.

Tumigil na sya sa pagtawa at bigla akong hinalikan, tho smack lang yun pero alam kong nagblush ako dahil dun. >///< "Alam mo nakakatawa ka talaga Kim..." Napatingin ako sa lips nya, parang gusto ko syang halayin. Hahahah! "Clarence wag ka ng pumunta sa trabaho mo, nandun naman si Cyriel eh. Magdate na lang tayo." Hala?! Bat ko yun sinabe? >__< Nawawala na ako sa katinuan. "Hmm.. Akala ko ba magpapakasal na tayo?" sabe nya habang nakangiti ng nakakaloko. Napagulp naman ako sa sinabe nya. "Ah... Hehe. Pwede din, pero pwede bang magdate muna tayo sa kwarto mo bago tayo magpakasal?" tanong ko naman. Nararamdaman ko yung kamay nya sa loob ng t-shirt na suot ko. "Prehoneymoon? Hmm... Not a bad idea, tho I would want to get married first." O///////O Kinikilig ako ng bongga! Waaaaaaah! Clarence, why are you doing this to me? Natetempt ako sa lips nya, gusto kong halikan. "Are you asking me to marry you?" Hinde ako nagaassume, pero di ba dun sa sinabe nya eh parang sinabe na din nyang gusto nya akong pakasalan? I saw his lips form into a smile. A seductive smile. "You said you want to get married? Okay lang sakin yun, papakasalan na kita ngayong araw."

Gulp. Parang gusto ko ng bawiin yung mga sinabe ko kanina. Mukang seryoso na si Clarence eh. "Jo-joke lang pala yun... Hehehe. Pasok ka na sa office mo, dito lang ako." sabay iwas ng tingin. Narinig kong tumawa sya tapos binaoon nya yung mukha nya sa leeg ko. He is kissing my neck, nonstop. His lips and his tounge is making swirling patterns in my neck. Sineseduce ako ni Clarence. >//< "Pakasal na tayo Miranda.." Eh? "Anong sabi mo?" Pinagpatuloy nya lang yung paglalagay ng hickeys sa leeg ko. Anu daw sabe nya? "I said let's get married." Teka, parang nabingi ata ako. Anung sabe nya? "Huh?!" Tumigil sya sa paghalik sa leeg ko. HANUBAYAN!! Bitin pa ako eh. "Ang sabi ko pakasal na tayo." Tumayo na sya at hinila din ako patayo. Ang lapit ng mukha namin sa isa'tisa. Naaamoy ko yung hininga nya. Ang bango. =_____= Manyak ko na. Eew. "Gusto mo akong halikan noh? Tss." bigla syang naglean tapos nakadampi na

yung lips nya sa lips ko. Syempre nung una nabigla ako pero hinde nagtagal nakarespond na ako sa halik nya. I intertwined my hands over his neck and pulled him closer to deepen our kiss. We're kissing passionately. I'm loosing my breath but I can't stop kissing him. Lord, I'm madly inlove with this man. "Let's get married, today...." he then parted our lips and look straight to my eyes. I smiled at him then nod once. He smiled back at me then pull me closer to him and kiss me on the lips. After 30 seconds he stop and hold both of my hands. "Hindi naman siguro ako hahabulin ng daddy mo habang may hawak na itak kapag nagpakasal tayo di ba?" Natawa naman ako sa sinabe nya, "Hindi yun magagawa ni daddy kung hind natin sasabihin sa kanya." "Sharp mind." tapos ngumiti ule sya. Pakshet! Killer smile. Mamamatay na ata ako eh. Inayos nya yung suot nyang suite, nagulo kase ang landi nya. Then hinawakan nya ako sa left hand ko at hinatak ako papunta sa kotse nya.

AFTER 1 HOUR.... "Clarence san ba tayo pupunta?" inis na tanong ko sa kanya. Tinitigan nya lang ako saglit tapos nagfocus na ule sa pagdadrive. Seriously, nakakaines na 'tong si Clarence. Nagtatantrums ata 'to eh. Bwiset. "Saan mo ba kase ako dadalhin?!?!" pasigaw na tanong ko. Bigla nyang tinigil yung kotse at tumigin saken. Yung mga tingin na parang papatay ng tao. Huhuhu T___T Natatakot ako sa kanya. Jusko, wag naman sana nya ako itapon kung saan. "WAG KANG MAINGAY MIRANDA. PUPUNTA TAYO NG SIMBAHAN KASE MAGPAPAKASAL NA TAYO!!!" Natameme ako sa sinabe nya. Nagsmile ako ng pilit, "Hehe. Sorry naman boyfie.. Di mo naman kase sinabe na magtatanan na tayo eh. Sige, magdrive ka na ule." Napasigh na lang sya at pinagpatuloy na ang pagdadrive. Seryoso pala talaga si Clarence na papakasalan nya ako. Wahahaha! >//< Magiging Mrs. Clarence Perez na ako within this day. Magpapafiesta ako mamaya. "Wag kang ngumit dyan. Para kang timang. Tss." Hinde ko pinansin yung sinabe ni Clarence. Nilabas ko na lang yung iPod ko at sinaksak sa tenga yung earphones. Makikinig na lang ako sa music.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...... Pagdilat ko ng mata wala na si Clarence sa tabi ko. Mag-isa na lang ako sa kotse. Saan ba nagpunta yun? Teka, gaano katagal ba akong nakatulog? Tinignan ko yung relos ko. Christ, 4:30 pm na. Asaan na ba yung boyfriend ko? Tsaka asaan ba kame? *flashback* "WAG KANG MAINGAY MIRANDA. PUPUNTA TAYO NG SIMBAHAN KASE MAGPAPAKASAL NA TAYO!!!" *end of flashback* Biglang nagflashback yung sinabe ni Clarence kanina. Edi nasa simbahan kame? Bumaba ako ng kotse at tinignan kung nasaang lumapalop kami ng Pilipinas. Okay, nasa tapat nga ako ng simbahan pero asan na yung mapapangasawa ko? Tumakas na ba sya? Runaway groom? O___O Naglakad-lakad muna ako habang hinahanap na din ang groom-to-be ko. Odiba?! Feel na feel kong tawaging groom-to-be si Clarence. >:D< Bibili sana ako ng maiinom dun kay manong vendor ng biglang may humila saken. Napaharap naman ako dun sa humila saken. He is an angel, an angel with two horns. Joke. =))) Si Clarence yung humila saken. "Saan ka pupunta?" tanong nya saken.

"Kay manong vendor." sabay turo dun sa manong na nagtitinda. Napatingin din si Clarence dun sa tinuro ko tapos napansin ko na kumunot yung noo nya. Problema nya? "Tss. Type mo yun? Wala kang taste." Anung sabe nya? Wala akong taste? Argh. BV talaga 'tong lalaking 'to. Tinangal ko yung kamay nya na nakahawak saken tapos pinalo ko sya sa dibdib. "HEH!! KAPAL NG FACE MO CLARENCE!!!! OO WALA AKONG TASTE KASI SA DINAMI-DAMI NG LALAKENG NAIINLOVE SAKEN IKAW PA ANG NAPILI KONG MAHALIN!!! ALAM KONG WOMANIZER KA, PERO NIRISK KO YUNG PUSO KO NUNG PINILI KITANG MAHALIN!!! NAIINIS NA AKO SAYOOOOO! ARGHHHHHH!!!" Pinapalo ko pa din sya sa dibdib tapos naramdaman kong tumulo na yung luha ko. Asar, naiyak pa ako sa harap nya. Tss. Si Carl nga never kong iniyikan, maliban na lang nung nangyare yung aksidente. Tapos itong si Clarence iniiyakan ko dahil lang sa inasar nya ako. Grrrrr. Nakakaines sya, swear! Napatigil ako sa pagpalo sa kanya nung bigla nya akong yakapin. "Tss. Don't cry Kim. I'm just teasing you, oright? Don't take it seriously, sweetheart. Magpapatali na nga ako sayo oh." Dapat nahihiya ako kay Clarence ngayon eh. Sinabi ko na kasi na mahal ko sya. Dapat hindi ko titignan kasi nga nahihiya ako pero imbis na mahiya ako

eh kinilig na lang ako sa sinabi nya sakin. "Madami ring babae ang naghahabol sakin, isama mo na din yung mga bakla na nakikihabol din pero sa dinami nila ikaw ang napili ko....." iniharap nya ako sa kanya. Hawak-hawak nya yung dalawa kong kamay tapos nakatitig sya saken, "Ikaw yung napili kong babae na pakasalan kase malaki ang tiwala ko sayo. Hinde mo sasaktan yung puso ko katulad ng ginawa ni Ariza... I like you alot, Kim. I really do, so please marry me...." Napaiyak nanaman ako, pero hinde dahil sa ines kundi dahil sa masaya ako. Masaya ako sa sinabe ni Clarence. Masaya ako kase ako yung pinili nya, masaya ako kase gusto na nya ako, masaya ako kase gusto nya akong pakasalan. "Nakakaines naman 'to. Papakasalan mo pala talaga ako tapos hinayaan mo lang na ganito yung suot ko. Tss. Nakaskinny jeans tapos t-shirt lang ako. Ampanget ko, ikaw kase eh." Natawa naman bigla si Clarence. Pinunasan nya yung mga luha ko tapos niyakap ako. "Okay lang yan. Hinde pa naman formal wedding 'to eh. Wala tayong bisita, ako, ikaw at yung pari lang." "Boyfie.... Dapat may grand wedding tayo within this year ah." He broke our hug and hold my right hand. "Kapag alam ko na sa sarili kong mahal na kita, papakasalan kita sa kahit saang simbahan na gusto mo. Sa ngayon, tama na muna 'to. Tara na." Tumango lang ako at ngumiti. Ngumiti din sya at hinatak ako papasok sa simbahan. Doon kame sa mini chapel sa loob ng simbahan dumiretso. Nasa may altar na yung pari na magkakasal samen. Lumapit kame dun ni

Clarence. "Wala ba kayong witness?" tanong nung pari. "Wala po. Kaming dalawa lang eh. Kelangan ba nun?" tanong naman ni Clarence. "Ako ang witness, Father." Napalingon kame ni Clarence dun sa nagsalita. Isang gwapong lalake na may suot na salamin. Sino ba sya? "Tss. Anung ginagawa mo dito?" tanong ni Clarence dun sa lalake. Kilala nya ba yun? Malamang, kinausaup nga nya eh. Anu ba yan ako din ang sumagot sa tanong ko. Tss. =_____= "Nakita kase kita dito, dude. Sinundan kita kase nacurious ako kung bakit nasa simbahan ka. Hinde ka naman kase nagsisimba eh." sabay tawa. Umismid lang si Clarence at humarap ule kay Father. "Sya na lang po yung witness." "Kilala mo ba sya Clarence?" bulong ko sa kanya. "Oo. Si Karlo Enrique yan, pinsan ni Bryle." HUWAAAAAAT?!? O___________O Pinsan ni Bryle yang gwapong nilalang na yan? HUWAAAAAW!~

Nakita kong tumayo sa may side ni Clarence yung Karlo. Ngumiti ako sa kanya at ngumiti din naman sya. Gwapo naman nya. Hahahaha! Ang harot ko talaga, mana ako kay Nof. "Hmm.. Kaya pala hinde ko namukaan yung kasama mong babae, hinde pala sya si Ariza." Bigla akong napasimangot sa sinabe nya. Bakit ba kelangang imention yung pangalan ng model na yun?! "Tumahimik ka na nga lang dyan. Father, simulan na po natin." Ngumiti lang si Father samen at tsaka nagumpisa. "Do you, Clarence Perez, take Kimberly Joyce Miranda as your wife. In sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in times of failure and in times of triumph. And promise to love each other as long as you two shall live?" Clarence took a glance at me then smile before saying, "I do." Tumingin naman saken si Father, "Do you, Kimberly Joyce Miranda, take Clarence Perez as your husband. In sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, in times of failure and in times of triumph. And promise to love each other as long as you two shall live?" Questions run through my mind. Tama ba 'tong ginagawa namin? Hinde ba magagalit parents namen? Kakalimutan nya na ba si Ariza? Mamahalin na nya ba ako? Madaming tanong pero hinde ko na lang yun pinansin. Life is like a gamble. Sometimes you have to risk something just to gain something in return.

"I do." then I look at Clarence and whispered, "I love you..." I hope you can hear it. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Hinapit nya ako sa bewang at hinatak palapit sa kanya. I felt his lips on my lips. I'm his wife now, I'm Mrs. Clarence Perez. When we parted our lips I said something that made him laugh, "Wala man lang wedding ring. Tss." "We don't need that for now...." sabay wink saken. "Congrats dude! Kasal ka na." inakbayan nung Karlo. "Congrats din sayo Miss. Ay, Mrs. Perez na pala." sabay tawa. Namula naman ako dun sa sinabe nya. Sya yung unang tumawag saken ng Mrs. Perez, at kinikilig ako ng sobra. >//< Grabe, ilang beses ba ako kikiligin ngayong araw? Umalis na yung pari kaya kameng tatlo na lang yung nandito sa loob ng chapel. "Aalis na kame. Maghohoneymoon pa kame." tinabig nya yung kamay ni Karlo tsaka ako hinatak palabas nung chapel. "May honeymoon tayo boyfie?" nakangiti kong tanong sa kanya. Tumingin sya saglit saken at naggrin, "Boyfie... Asawa mo na kaya ako. Tss."

Bigla na naman akong namula dun sa sinabe nya. ANUBAITEY! Nahihiya ako, takte kelan pa ako natutong mahiya? " Yun na lang t-tawag ko sa-sayo. S-sanay na a-ako dun eh." then nagweak smile ako. "Sabihin natin 'to sa parents mo." sabe nya habang hatak-hatak pa din ako. Asan na ba yung kotse nya? "Eh sa parents mo?" tanong ko naman. Alangan namang sa parents ko lang ipaalam. "Next week. Uuwi uli sila dito." Napangiti naman ako sa sinabe nya. Okay, its official I'm his wife now. Waaaaah! Lagot ako kay Nof. Papagalitan ako nun for sure kapag sinabe kong nagpakasal na ako. >_____< "Sakay na." Hinde ko napansin nandito na kame sa tapat ng kotse nya. "Punta muna tayo ng mall. I want to buy new clothes." "Sure, Mrs. Clarence Perez.." Clarence's POV AN HOUR BEFORE THE WEDDING...

Ang himbing ng tulog ni Kim kaya hinde nya napansin yung pagtunog ng cellphone nya. Sino ba yung tumatawag sa kanya? Kinuha ko yung cellphone na hawak nya at tinignan ko kung sino yung tumawag. 'Bryle Santos calling....' Nakaramdam ako ng ines nung nakita ko kung sino yung tumawag. Mukang hinde talaga papatalo 'tong lalaki na 'to. Asa naman syang maaagaw nya saken si Kim. Pinindot ko yung answer button niloudspeaker. Tulog naman yung maingay na babae eh. =____= "Hello Kim.... Where are you? I've been texting you nonstop but you're not replying. I'm worried." Tss. Worried your face. Hinde mo makukuha saken 'tong babae na 'to. "Kim? Hello? Kim are you there?" "I'm with my girlfriend so don't call her." "Cla-Clarence? Bat hawak mo cellphone ni Kim? Asan sya?" "Binge ka ba Bryle? Sinabe ko ng kasama ko sya, kaya pwede ba wag mo na syang tawagan. Asa ka pang maaagaw mo sya saken. You'll never win our

bet, dude. If I were you just give up." I heard him laugh from the other line. "Don't be too sure Rence. May mga alam ako about kay Kim na hinde mo pa alam." Lalo akong nairita dahil sa sinabe nya. "Wag ka ng tatawag sa kanya." pinutol ko na yung tawag at pinatay yung cellphone nya. Lumabas na ako ng kotse at humanap ng basurahan. Tinapon ko yung cellphone nya para hinde na sya tawagan ni Bryle. Nandito na kame sa may simbahan pero mahimbing yung tulog nya kaya hinde ko muna sya gigisingin. Pumunta na lang ako sa loob ng simbahan, aayusin ko muna yung pagpapakasal namen. Binibiro ko lang naman talaga sya nung sinabe kong papakasalan ko sya pero naisip ko na masaya namang kasama si Kim kaya tototohanin ko na lang. Si Cyriel nga kinasal na kay payatot eh. =__= Tss. Naunahan pa ako nung kapatid ko, pero pangit yung pinakasalan nya dapat yung si Dana na lang eh. AFTER THE WEDDING... "Punta muna tayo ng mall. I want to buy new clothes." she said smiling. Material girl din sya parang si Mommy. "Sure, Mrs. Clarence Perez.." nakita kong namula sya bigla. Napakastraightforward nyang tao pagdating sa nararamdaman nya. Binuksan ko na lang yung kotse at inalalayan sya sa pagsakay. Umikot ako at pumunta sa driver's seat. Binuksan ko na yung pinto at umupo dun pero napansin kong parang may hinahanap sya. Siguro yung cellphone

nya. Tsk. "Clarence did you see my phone?" "I threw it away. Tumawag kase si Bryle--" "WHAT?!?! YOU THROW MY PHONE?!? SAAN MO NAMAN TINAPON? TSAKA BAKIT MO NAMAN TINAPON?!? PANO KUNG TUMAWAG DUN SI MOMMY AT DADDY?!?! AISH. CLARENCE NAMAN EH!!!!" Putcha. Ansaket sa tenga ng babaeng 'to. Grabe makasigaw, parang may microphone sa lalamunan. "Sa basurahan, kanina ko pa yun tinapon kaya siguradong wala na yun. Tumawag din yung car racer na yun kaya ko tinapon, bakit angal ka? Tss. Wag mo akong sigawan, asawa mo na ako." Natahimik lang sya sa sinabe ko tapos bigla syang ngumiti. Baliw na ata 'to eh. Siraulo pala yung napakasalan ko. Tsk. "Nagseselos ka ba boyfie ko?" I smirk at hER, "Selos? Ako, magseselos? Selos my ass. That will never happen so just shut up." Selos-selos. Anu bang pinagsasabi nya? Tss. Ako, si Clarence Perez magseselos dun sa car racer na yun? Asa pa sya. Hindi ako nagselos, nabwiset lang ako kase tinawagan sya nung lalakeng yun. Nung lumingon ako sa kanya nakapout lang sya. "Hoy! Wag ka ng umarte

dyan. I'll buy you a new phone." Lumingon sya saken at ngumiti. "Really? Generous naman pala yung asawa ko eh." then I heard her grin. "Just shut up." then I started the engine. Married life should be fun, Kimberly Joyce Miranda-Perez. You're the perfect girl that will help me get the things that I want. ARIZA'S POV (NEW YORK CITY -2:OO PM) "Ariza, you should show more emotions. This is not an ordinary photoshoot, this is your first ever photoshoot as a Victoria's Secret model so focus yourself!!" Eto na yung panglimang beses na pinagsabihan ako ng photographer. I can't focus myself, I miss Clarence badly. I want to see him right now. "Mikey, talk to her and explain how important this photoshoot is." he said in a thick voice while looking at Mikey. "I will, Vince." then she sigh. Lumapit saken si Mikey at hinatak ako papunta sa dressing room. For sure pagsasabihan na naman nya ako.

"Ariza get a grief of yourself. Stop thinking of Clarence and move on. Eto na yung pangarap mo, nasa harap mo na kaya please lang wag mong itapon dahil lang dyan sa lalaking hinde ka na mahal." I know she's mad. Tama naman yung sinabe nya eh. Eto yung pangarap ko, matagal ko ng hinangad na mapunta ako dito pero bakit hinde ako masaya? I sigh heavily, "Sorry Mikey. I...I just miss Rence so much. I know that I promised you that I will move on but that would take alot of time." Umupo ako dun sa couch at kumuha ng wet tissue sa bag to remove my make-ups. Umupo din sa tabi ko Mikey. "Matagal na proseso yang pagmomove on pero sana naman wag mong pabayaan yang sarili mo. Ariza, antagal nating nag-antay bago makapunta dito. This is your dream, its right infront of you but if you continue thinking of that man, its like throwing all your dreams away." Tumulo na lang bigla yung mga luha na namuo na sa mata ko. Naramdaman ko ang pagyakap saken ni Mikey. "Mikey.... I love him so much, but my love for him isn't enough. Naghanap pa sya ng iba. Madami syang pinangako pero binalewala nya lang yun. Tinapon nya lang ako ng parang basura..." my voice broke and tears stream down my face again. "Sshh. Stop crying Ariza. Learn to love yourself first before you love someone else. Smile, kawalan ni Rence ang pagsuko nya sayo. Show him that you're strong enough to love someone else and totally forget him." I gave Mikey a weak smile. She is right, I should show Clarence that I'm no longer the weak girl who chases after him. I will pursue my dreams and be on the top. Babawiin kita Clarence, mag-intay ka lang.

"Fix yourself. Itutuloy na naten yung photoshoot." sabay tayo ni Mikey. I smiled at her then nod. Lumabas na sya para tawagin yung make-up artist ko. Magpapalit na sana ako ng damit ng biglang may kumatok sa pinto. "Come in." Bumukas yung pinto at isang lalake ang pumasok. I...I know this guy. I can clearly remember him. "You must be Ariza Domingo." he said in a manly voice. Lumapit sya saken at ngumiti. "I'm Kendrick Johnson. The head photographer has other appointments, so I'll be his substitute." He held his hands but I just stood there frozen. I was stuck staring at his familiar face. "Are you alright?" his expression change. He look so worried. I'm about to say something when the door suddenly open. "Ariza you look pale. Are you alright?" Mikey ask worriedly. Lumapit sya saken at hinawakan ako sa noo. I nod without looking at her. My eyes were glued to the man standing infront of me. Napansin ata ni Mikey na nakatitig ako dun sa lalaki tsaka nya lang ito

napansin. "Oh Mr. Johnson you're here." Mikey beam happily. The guy smiled then nod, "I want to introduce myself to her before the photoshoot starts but she look so sick. I guess we should cancel the shoot for today. I'll be going." then he look at me, "Take care.." He went out of the room. My eyes were stuck on the door. Is he really alive? 15th Chapter. ARIZA'S POV (NEW YORK CITY -6:OO PM) Bumalik na kame ni Mikey sa hotel na tinutuluyan namen. Nakikilala ko talaga yung lalake kanina. Hinde ako pwedeng magkamali. "Ariza okay ka lang ba? Kanina ka pa tulala dyan." nag-aalalang tanong ni Mikey. Dapat ko na bang sabihen sa kanya ang totoong nangyare 3 years ago? "Ariza? Hey, are you alright?" lumapit na saken si Mikey.

"Mikey....I have to tell you something important." hinatak ko sya paupo dun sa couch. "Yung guy kanina, kilala ko sya." "Guy? Are you talking about Kendrick Johnson?" I nod, "Yes, that guy. I've met him 3 years ago...." "Really? Eh baket parang hinde ka nya kilala?" tanong ni Mikey. "I don't know.. Mikey, may ipagtatapat ako sayo" Halatang naguguluhan si Mikey sa mga sinasabe ko. I hold her hands and look straight to her eyes. "Do you remember when I chased Rence 3 years ago? Yung 5th break-up namen?" tumango sya kaya pinagpatuloy ko na, "I went to his house here in New York, and I saw him sleeping with some other girl. I was so frustrated that time kaya umalis kaagad ako. Alam kong nakita ako ni Rence nun, akala ko pa nga susundan nya ako pero nagkamali lang pala ako. He didn't follow me, instead I saw him riding his car with the same girl he sleep with..." "Then, what happened next?" I took a deep breathe then continue talking, "Nagalit ako kay Rence pero mas nangibabaw yung pagmamahal ko sa kanya. Ayaw kong mawala sya saken kaya sinundan ko sila. I met a guy near Rence's house. Pasakay na sya ng kotse nya kaya nilapitan ko sya at nakiusap ako na sundan namen yung kotse ni Clarence. Pumayag yung lalake kaya sinundan namen sila, pero biglang nawala yung kotse na sinasakyan ni Rence. I got furious kaya pilit kong inagaw yung manibela dun sa lalake. The car crashed..."

I saw her eyes grow wider. "Nabunggo kame sa isang poste, I was unconcious for a while then when my conciousness came back lumabas ako agad nung kotse...." "Wait, hinde mo man lang tinulungan yung lalake?" "I helped him Mikey. Inilabas ko din sya pero wala syang malay, natakot ako na baka ikulong ako kaya iniwan ko na lang sya pagkatapos ko syang ilabas. Lumayo na ako doon sa lugar nung insidente." "Is that the night you came back with wounds?" "Yes, I even told you that I got into a bar fight because I saw Clarence kissing some whore but that was just a lie. I lied to you because I was afraid." "What happened to the guy? May nabalitaan ka ba sa kanya?" I shrug my shoulders, "Then next day, I saw a news on tv about the incident and they said that the guy died. Pumunta pa ako dun sa hospital na pinagdalhan sa kanya, and all I saw is his family and friends crying over a burned body." "Oh my God!?! He died?! But, why did his body got burned?" "Sumabog yung kotse after kong makaalis dun sa lugar. I was damn lucky to survive. I thought he died, but I just saw him alive a few hours ago.." Halos magdikit na yung kilay ni Mikey dun sa sinabe ko. "What do you mean by that? How come that you saw him if you said that he's

already dead?" "I...I don't have any idea.... That photographer..." "Photographer? You mean Kendrick Johnson?" I nod at her again, "Yes, that guy is the same guy who helped me 3 years ago. Kendrick Johnson is the guy I'm talking about." "Bakit parang hinde ka nya kilala?" "Hinde ko alam, pero sigurado akong sya yung lalake na tumulong saken nun." "Did you asked the guy's name?" "No, I didn't asked for his name but I'm really sure that he is that guy." Tumayo si Mikey at kumuha ng beer sa ref. Inabot nya saken yung isa. "I don't know what to say..Its been 3 years Ariza, pero ngayon mo lang sinabe saken. May pinagsabihan ka ba about dito?" "Sayo ko pa lang ito sinabe. Nagulat talaga ako nung nakita ko yung Kendrick, I can't forget his face, how he look. Every night I dream of that accident. Nakokonsensya ako Mikey, iniwan ko lang sya doon na duguan kase natakot ako." Tears stream down my face again. Mikey hug and comfort me. "Sshh. I

understand how you felt that time Ariza. Natakot ka lang, alam ko yun. Don't worry, tutulungan kita. Aalamin naten kung si Kendrick talaga yung lalakeng yun." I'm thankful because Mikey is always there for me. She stands as my manager, sister and bestfriend. She always stay at my side and she never leave me. I smiled at her, "Thank you.... Mikey." KIM'S POV (CLARENCE'S CONDO -10:OO PM) "Akala ko ba pupunta tayo sa bahay namen?" Okay, nandito kame sa condo nya sa Eastwoods. After namen pumunta sa mall, dito kame dumiretso. "I'm tired. Bukas na tayo pumunta sa inyo." inilapag na nya yung mga pinamili namen tapos pumasok na sa kwarto. So iiwan na nya lang ako dito? Psh. Parang 4 hours lang kame nagmall tapos napagod na sya. Wala naman syang ginawa kundi titigan ako, ni hinde man lang magpresintang buhatin yung mga pinamili ko. Naku naman, kung hinde ko pa pinilit na buhatin nya edi hinde nya talaga bubuhatin. Umupo na lang ako sa couch at binuksan yung tv. Nilipat ko yung channel sa HBO sakto maganda yung movie, Two Weeks Notice. Nanunuod ako habang hinahanap yung cellphone na binili namen ni Clarence kanina. Tatawagan ko sana si daddy kaya lang hinde ko maalala yung number nya, wala akong maalalang number ng kahit sinong tao. Tss. -_____-Tinapon pa kase nya yung cellphone ko eh. Dame pa namang picture ng hot bench models dun.

Pumasok ako sa kwarto ni Clarence. Hihingen ko sa kanya number ni Cyriel para mahinge ko number ni Nof. Pagpasok ko dun wala sya sa kama, siguro nasa cr kaya umupo muna ako sa kama nya. Hinanap ko yung phone nya dun sa drawer sa side table pero wala naman dun, baka dala nya sa banyo. Napagod ako kakahanap kaya nahiga na muna ako. Pinikit ko yung mata ko tapos nakarinig ako ng pagbukas ng pinto. Tapos na sigurong maligo si Clarence. Umupo ako ng ayos para hiramin yung cellphone nya pero nagulat ako sa nakita ko, si Clarence half naked and dripping wet. Fresh from the bath and expossing his six pack abs. O//////////O Iniwas ko kagad yung tingin ko at tumayo. "Ah.... Eh..... I'll borrow your phone to get Cyriel's number.." I said almost l ike a whisper. "My phone is in your bag, Kim." he said in a seductive voice. Is he teasing me? If he is, then it's working. "Er-okay. Thanks. Go get some clothes." pagkasabe ko nun tumakbo na ako palabas ng kwarto nya. Gosh! Hinde ko na kaya yung atmosphere dun sa kwarto nya. Parang mahahalay ko si Clarence ng wala sa oras. Nakakatempt naman talaga yung hot body nya eh. Baka mamaya mabuntis ko pa sya. Teka, di ba ako yung mabubuntis? Tss. Pervert na ata ako eh. Naman 'tong si Clarence oh. Pumunta ako sa kitchen para kumuha ng beer in can. Natetense ako ng dahil kay Clarence. Alam kong walang masama kung gagawin namen yun tutal kasal na kame pero... Aish! Ewan. Nagawa na naman namen yun date eh pero ngayon parang kinakabahan ako. Umuwi na lang kaya ako sa bahay? Dahil sa sobrang pag-iisip sa katawan ni Clarence, este, sa mga bagay-bagay

hinde ko namalayan na 3 beers na ang nainom ko. Bute na lang sanay na akong uminom. "Are you planning to get drunk on our first night as newly wed couple, my dear wife?" Napalingon ako kay Clarence na nakalean dun sa may kitchen counter. He is topless and wearing a boxer. "Clarence do you mind wearing something that will not expose to much of your ever glorious body?" I know, I'm being stupid because I already saw every part of his glorious body but I feel awkward right at this moment. First, is because I already confessed my true feeling for him. And second, he is now my husband so it is more normal if we have sex but... Nevermind. Kimberly Miranda, just erase that thought. I saw him grin, "Aren't you gonna take a bath? Ayaw mo naman siguro matulog ng nakaskinny jeans?" Good thing he remind me of that. That's a better way to wash all thoughts about him. "I need to take a shower. Natetempt ako sayo eh." tumayo na ako at niligpit yung mga ininom kong beer. Pagkatapon ko nun naglakad na ako at nilagpasan si Clarence na nakalean pa din sa kitchen counter. I went to the bathroom and took all my clothes off. *****

After kong maligo I wore an over-sized shirt that I got from Clarence's closet, wala kase akong nabili na pj's or even nighties. Paglabas ko ng cr nakita ko sya na nakahiga na sa kama. BAKIT BA SYA NAKATOPLESS?! Natetempt akong reypin sya ee. Joke lang readers! XDD Pero seriously, nakakaakit talaga ang abs ni Clarence. Shit. Kakaligo ko lang pero pinagpapawisan na agad ako. HANUBAITEY?!?! "Tatayo ka lang ba dyan? Baka gusto mo ng mahiga dito..?" Ay, napansin na pala ako ni Clarence. Nakatayo pa din kase ako sa labas ng pinto ng cr. Hinde ko magalaw yung mga paa ko eh, naglue na ata. Tsk. "Hihiga ka ba dito ng kusa o dapat pa kitang buhatin?" Iniwas ko na lang yung tingin ko sa kanya. Bakit ang hot ng voice nya? Jusko, ayoko pong mang-rape ng gwapong nilalang. Pigilan nyo po ang WHOREMONES ko. "Mrs. Perez..." napalingon naman ako kay Clarence. Parang nang-aakit yung mga mata nya. Nakatingin lang sya ng diretso saken, "We should make our first night as a couple, memorable.." Gulp. O______________O Lord, baket po hinayaan nyo akong magpakasal sa isang Adonis na katulad ni Clarence? Ang hirap magpigil. Tss. Nagawa na namen 'to date pero ngayon na kasal na kame hinde ako komportable.

"Clarence pwede bang umuwi na lang ako?" mahinang tanong ko kay Clarence. Imbes na sumagot eh narinig ko na lang syang tumatawa. >____< Nakakaines naman 'to oh. Tinawanan pa ako. Psh. Sapakin ko sya ee. "Are you nervous? Nagawa na naten 'to before, and I'll be more gentle with you tonight. C'mon my dear wife.." tinap nya yung left side ng kama. "I'm going to sleep in your car so hand me the keys." Oh tukso, layuan mo ako! ~ Waaaaah! Hinde ko na keri ang atmosphere dito sa kwarto nya. Natetempt akong gumawa ng bata. Ajujuju. T.T "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're really funny Kim.." sabe nya habang pinapalo yung isang unan, "It's not like our first time to have sex, wife. Be calm and relax yourself." Tumayo sya at naglakad papalapit saken. Gulp. Nakatayo na sya sa harapan ko. Naamoy ko yung manly scent nya. Gosh! He is so tempting. He smiled seductively, "You're humour is turning me on.." then he pinned on the door. He put his hands on my face, then he flashed his famous lopsided grin, "Very sexy....." I was about to utter something when he covered my mouth with his. Medyo nagulat pa ako nung hinalikan nya ako kaya hinde agad ako nakarespond, then he kissed me roughly. I respond now and I clung into his neck and pulled him closer to me to deepen our kiss. He bit my lower lip that made me gasped then he slipped his tounge inside

and played with mine. He is exploring every bits of me. I'm drown with his kisses, I can't stop kissing him and I know exactly where this scene is going.. Hinde ko namalayan na nahubad na ni Clarence yung t-shirt na suot ko, he just threw it on the floor. Binuhat nya ako at pinaikot yung legs ko sa waist nya. Yung kamay nya naglalakbay sa buong katawan ko. He is touching every inches of me. I was so lost with his kisses na hinde ko na namalayan na nasa kama na pala kame. He is on top of me, still wearing his boxer shorts while I'm only wearing my undergarments. He kissed my forehead, both of my cheeks, the tip of my nose then my lips then down to my neck, then my shoulders and he unhook my bra. He kissed it too, and all I can do is to moan and groan. "Cl.... Clarence..." I muttered under my breath. He is kissing one of my breast while touching the other one. I can feel his manhood inbetween my legs. Gosh! I can feel butterflies all over my tummy. Nagulat ako nung bigla syang tumigil sa ginagawa nya then he stared straight into my eyes. "You are beautiful.... And I want you." he said huskily. I can see lust and desire in his eyes. Magsasalita pa sana ako pero bigla na naman nya akong hinalikan. He is french kissing me and it is turning me on. Napahawak ako sa buhok nya. Nalulunod na talaga ako sa mga halik nya. His kisses went down to my nape, then to my breast then to my stomach and

to my thighs, then my legs and all the way down to my toes. He stopped and stared into my eyes again, for a moment I thought he is really going to stop but I was wrong. He took my panty off and throw it away... (A/N: WAAAAAAAAAAH! Pasensya, hinde ko pa kaya gumawa ng fully detailed na BS.) ***** (CLARENCE'S BEDROOM) I can't sleep even after doing some tiring exercise. Psh. Katabi ko pa kase 'tong si Clarence eh. Dapat dun na lang sya sa banyo natulog. -_______Matutulog na sana ako ng biglang umilaw yung cellphone ni Clarence na nasa table sa side ko. Tulog naman si Clarence tsaka asawa na nya ako kaya pwede ko sigurong pakielaman yung phone nya. Kinuha ko yung at tinignan kung sino ang nagtext ng alas-dos ng madaling araw. From: +63927******** Hi Rence! I miss you and your kisses and also your touches. WTF?!? Who the heck is this girl?!? Don't tell me na may ibang babae na agad 'tong si Clarence?! Fudge!! GRRRR. Tinurn off ko yung phone nya at nilapag ule dun sa side table tapos tumayo ako. Dinampot ko yung mga damit ko na nakakalat sa sahig at sinuot yun. Bagong kasal pa lang kame pero may ibang babae na agad si sya. HAH!?!

Ang kapal ng mukha nya!! Naiines ako sa kanya. Gusto ko syang sapakin at itapon sa basurahan. Tinignan ko si Clarence, tulog pa din sya. Hmp. Bahala na sya sa buhay nya. Galit ako sa kanya!! Arghhhhh! Lumabas ako ng kwarto nya at kinuha yung mga pinamili namen kagabe. Kumuha ako ng denim shorts at sinuot yun then lumabas na ako ng condo nya. Bute na lang at meron pang mga taxi kahit madaling araw na. Hinde ako nahirapang sumakay. Nagpahatid ako sa pad ko. Tss. BV talaga si Clarence!! 'Hi Rence! I miss you and your kisses and also your touches.' Kung sino man ang babae na yan lagot talaga sya saken. Ipapakatay ko sya kay Nof. Grr! Nagpromise na saken si Clarence na hinde na sya mambababae tapos may magtetext sa kanya ng ganun. Bwiset! Damn it! I thought he's already taking our relationship seriously, we even got married yesterday and we did that 'thing' again. Psh. Clarence, pinaglalaruan mo lang ba ako? 16th Chapter. KIM'S POV (A WEEK AFTER THEIR MARRIAGE) Kasama ko ngayon si Nof dito sa bahay nila. Binisita ko na sya kahit hinde ko naman talaga sya namimiss. -_______

"Are you and Clarence got into some kind of arguement?" Umiling lang ako at pinagpatuloy ang pagkaen ng cookies. Galing South Korea pa ang mga cookies na 'to kaya dapat sulitin ko ang pagkain. "I think nag-away nga kayo." nakangiting sabe nya. Napatingin na lang ako kay Nof. Ganun na ba talaga ako kaobvious kapag nag-away kame ni Clarence? Tss. Masyado akong nadadala ng kayabangan at pagkaarogante nya. "I think may ibang babae si Clarence.." pag-uumpisa ko. "That's not new to me Kim. He is known for being a player, so having lots of girlfriend isn't new." After nung incident na nabasa ko yung text message sa cellphone ni Clarence ee hinde na ako nagpakita sa kanya. Ni hinde ko din sya tinetext o kaya naman tinatawagan. Pft. Kasal na pa naman kame tapos ganito? Napasigh na lang ako, "What if the person you love says that he likes you and asked you to marry him, would you accept it?" Nof stared at me for seconds, "Did you two got married?" You hit the bull's eye, dear. Tss. Pinakasalan ko si Clarence ng hinde iniisip ang mga possible consequences. "Fine, don't answer it. Just listen to what I'm about to say, okay?" I nod then she continued, "Marriage is a serious topic, Kim. Hinde lang 'to isang laro na

kapag sinalihan mo at nagsawa ka na ee agad-agad kang makakaalis. Hinde porke't sinabe nyang gusto ka nya tapos bigla ka nyang ayaing magpakasal ee papayag ka na agad. Kung magpapatali ka sa isang panghabang-buhay na commitment dapat dun sa taong mahal mo at syempre mahal ka din." I love Clarence, and I'm sure about that. Pero paano naman si Clarence? He said he likes me, but is that enough? Katulad ng sinabe ni Nof, dapat kung magpapakasal ako doon sa taong mahal ko at mahal din ako. "Kim, alam kong may pagkaslow ka pero siguro naman hinde ka ganun kastupid para pakasalan si Clarence dahil lang sa sinabihan ka nya ng 'I like you' na yan." Kung alam mo lang Nof. Kung alam mo lang... baka itapon mo na ako pabalik sa US. Nadala ako ng sobrang pagmamahal ko kay Clarence at hinde ko na inisip ang mga bagay na yan. "Don't.... don't worry Nof. Hinde naman nya ako inalok ee. Nagfifeeling lang ako tsaka hinde naman nya ako mahal ee. Pinaglalaruan lang naman ata nya ako ee. Muka ngang mananalo ka na sa pustahan naten." then I gave her a weak smile. "Well, I don't think so. Maybe he is just afraid to admit that he wants to be with someone who can beat him at his own games." I felt hope sa sinabe ni Nof. Sana nga totoo yun kase kung hinde, nako magsusuicide na lang ako. Joke, mahal ko buhay ko. Ngumiti ule ako kay Nof. Bakit ba kase nadala ako ng kagwapuhan nyang si Clarence ee. Tss. Nakapagdecide tuloy ako ng wala sa katinuan. -.-Kapag nalaman to nila Daddy, for sure magagalit yun. Baka itakwil pa nila ako. Huhuhuhu T________T

Dapat kausapin ko na muna si Clarence. Hinde namen pwedeng ipaalam sa ibang tao na kasal na kame. Tsaka, ikoconfront ko sya about dun sa malanding text ng babae na hinde nagpapatulog saken gabi-gabi. "I need to go Salvador. Puntahan ko lang si boyfie ko." tumayo na ako at inayos yung damit ko. Kinuha ko yung cookies na hinde ko pa nabubuksan at nilagay sa bag ko. "Hoy Miranda! Pulubi ka talaga, iwanan mo yang mga cookies dyan!!" pasigaw na sabe ni Nof. Damot naman nya, parang cookies lang ee. "Gift mo na lang 'to saken. Pupunta naman ule dun yung Dad mo ee. Pabili ka na lang ule." lumapit na ako sa pinto at palabas na sana pero may sinabe si Nof na nagbigay ng hope saken. "Kim, you'd be surprise how backwards guys can be with their emotions," she said smiling, "sometimes you have to beat them over the head with what they want." ***** Nagdrive na ako papunta sa bahay nila Clarence. Tumawag kase ako sa office nya at sinabeng wala daw ito sa trabaho kaya for sure nasa bahay lang yun. Habang nagdadrive ako naiisip ko pa din yung mga sinabe ni Nof. Gustonggusto kong maniwala sa sinabe nya saken. Dapat makausap ko talaga si Clarence, I need to know his real reason for marrying me. CLARENCE'S POV (PEREZ RESIDENCE) 5 days have passed since our wedding and Kim isn't showing herself until

now. Ano kaya nangyare dun? Umalis ng hinde nagpapaalam tapos hinde man lang magtetext o kaya naman tatawag. Hinde din nya ako pinupuntahan sa office or kahit man lang sa condo ko. Ano bang nangyare dun? "Hinde ko ata nakikita si Kim dito. Nag-away ba kayo Kuya?" nakangising tanong ni Cyriel. I glared at him then smirked, "Ewan ko sa slut na yun. Pake mo ba lil bro? Tss." "Don't take her for granted like what you did with Ariza." "Giving me advices, huh? Bumabait ka na ata saken lil bro. Psh. Cover si Ariza ng Vogue magazine, crush mo sya di ba? You should tell Mom to buy you an issue of that mag. Sama mo sa collections mo." mapang-asar na sabe ko sa kanya. "G*go ka talaga. Bahala ka nga sa buhay mo." galit na sabe ni Cyriel. Lumabas na sya ng bahay. Nakakatawa talaga ang reaction nya kapag napipikon, kaya naman ansarap nyang asarin. "Clarence we need to talk.." Nandito na pala 'tong si Kim. Hinde ko napansin yung presence nya. She look so serious, ibang-iba yung dating aura nya ngayon. Hinde yung usual na outgoing and spontaneuos aura nya. Problema nya? I gave her a seductive smile, "Where have you been, dear wife? After our passionate night, bigla ka na lang nawala."

Tumayo ako at naglakad palapit sa kanya. I hold her hands pero agad din naman nyang binawi. PMS? "We need to talk.." she said in a commanding tone. "Okay, let us talk inside my room." hinawakan ko ulit yung kamay nya at hinatak sya paakyat sa kwarto ko. ***** "It was just a text from a girl I've met before. Pinakasalan na nga kita di ba? Wala lang yun..." So, kaya pala sya umalis ng condo ng walang paalam ee dahil sa may nabasa syang text ng babae sa cellphone ko. Tss. Kaya pala antagal nyang hinde nagparamdam saken. "Clarence you promised me that you'll stop seeing other girls and you'll try to love me, but what's with that text message?" she is going hysterical, "She misses you and your kisses and your touches? What the heck is that?" That's the main reasons why I don't give my numbers with women who flirts around me. -_______Lumapit ako sa kanya at hinawakan yung dalawa nyang kamay. Kelangan ko pa tuloy amuhin 'tong si Kim. Hinde pa naman ako sanay na ganito, kadalasan babae ang nagpapaamo saken. "She is nothing, okay? Hinde ko nga alam kung sino yung nagtext na yun ee. Sino ba kase ang nagsabe sayo na pakielaman mo yung cellphone ko? Tss. Ayan tuloy kung anu-ano ang nababasa mo."

Hinapit ko sya sa beywang at hinalikan. I kissed her expertly and she responded. She wrapped her arms around my neck while her hands are stroking my hair. I pushed her on the bed without breaking our kiss. "Seriously, you're driving me insane Clarence.." she said inbetween our kisses. BRYLE'S POV (HOUSE) "I will be competing in Germany so I'll be gone for a month. Yung plans naten dapat nyo ng simulang dalawa. Sandra, ikaw na bahala dito kay Cheska." "Oo na Bry. Makautos ka naman saken." nagpout pa si Sandra. Meron kase akong sasalihan na Grand Prix next month so kelangan ko ng pumunta ng Germany para makapagtraining. Hinde ko pa nakakausap si Kim. Tss. Di ko macontact yung number nya, palaging cannot be reach. Psh. "Kuya, I'll be living with Ate Joyce na.." Ayos! Buti na lang at titira si Cheska sa bahay ni Kim. Mas madali na nya yung mapapayag sa plano namen. "Just remember our plans Cheska. Make sure na papayag sya." I smiled at her then she smiled back. "Bryle, wag ka ng mag-alala dyan. Papayag yung si Joyce kase kakausapin ni Tita Cath yun. Papakiusapan at syempre hinde yung makakatanggi." naggrin

pa si Sandra. "Oo na. Hoy Sandra! Wag kang puro Paul, intindihin mo din sila Cheska at Kim." "Oo na. Psh." "Oh, Kuya I need to go. I'll be seeing Ate Joyce today ee. Bye." Lumapit sya saken at hinug ako then lumpait sya kay Sandra at kiniss ito sa cheeks. "I have to go too, Bry. May pictorial pa ako." tumayo sya at hinalikan ako sa lips, smack though. Tss. Eto talagang babae na 'to. Kaya napagkakamalan syang girlfriend ko ee. Kung makahalik saken, talaga naman. Tsk. -________ '+63927******* calling...' Sino naman kaya 'tong tumatawag na'to? Psh. Baka mamaya isa sa mga nakafling ko 'to. 16B Chapter. KIM'S POV "Clarence baket andame mong stock ng condoms?!?" Pasigaw na tanong ko

kay Clarence mula sa cr ng kwarto nya. Dahil sa naexplain ni Clarence kung sino yung maharot na babae na nagtext sa kanya ee bati na kame. Nandito pa din kame sa kwarto nya at hinde pa kame lumalabas simula kaninang pumasok kame. Ni hinde pa kame kumakain ng lunch. "So you love babanas?" I shouted but still he has no response. I went out of the comfort room and headed to his bed. Clarence is sitting there half-naked. I sat beside him and showed him the flavored condoms I got from his toilet cabinet. "Bananas, strawberries and even mint flavored condom." He grinned at me and held me at the waist. "What's wrong with those?" His seductive voice sends shivers down to my spine. "No-nothing.." I said almost like a whisper. He is caressing my back which is giving me the heady feeling. I don't know how it happens but he is now on top of me. He is wearing his boxer shorts while I'm wearing his shirt. "I missed you, badly. You've been bad to me after our wedding. Tss." I saw him smirk, "Nilayasan mo ako tapos nagalit ka pa saken dahil lang sa text na yun." then nagpout sya. Hinde ko napigilang matawa sa inaasal ni Clarence. Para syang bata kung magtampo. Alam kong mali na nagalit agad ako sa kanya pero dahil nga sa alam kong may pagkaplayboy sya ee hinde ko maiwasang magselos agad.

"Kelangan mong bumawi sa limang araw na hinde naten pagkikita.." he flashed his playful smile. Napagulp na lang ako. Parang hinde ko gusto yung ngiti ni Clarence. "Aren't you tired yet? We did this for three rounds." I said frowning. Seriously, pagod pa ako. Hinde pa nga ako nakakarecover tapos uulitin na naman namen. Grabe naman 'tong si Clarence. He rolled over and lay right next to me. Hawak-hawak nya pa yung kamay ko, pinaglalaruan yung mga daliri ko. "Just stay here for the whole night.. Please.." he pleaded. Humarap ako sa kanya tapos ngumiti. Hinigpitan nya yung pagkakahawak sa kamay ko. "Baby..." Did he call me with an endearment? >//////< "What did you just call me?" I asked him. He flashed his naughty smile, "Baby..." "Baby? I'm not a baby, Clarence." "But you're my baby.. Don't you like it?"

We were facing each other while he's holding both of my hands. I smiled at him and leaned closer to kiss him. "I love it." He leaned closer and was about to kiss me when someone knock. "Sir, may natawag po at hinahanap kayo. Girlfriend nya daw ho." Napaupo ako dahil dun sa sinabe nung katulong nila Clarence. Sino daw yung tumawag? Naupo din si Clarence tapos humarap ako sa kanya. Huminga ako ng malalim bago nagsalita. "Meron kang girlfriend bukod saken?" I tried myself to sound calm pero hinde ko kinaya. Naiines ako na ewan. Parang gusto kong sapakin at saktan si Clarence pero hinde ko naman magawa. "I don't know her." kalmadong sabe ni Clarence. So sya kalmado pa samantalang ako sasabog na dahil sa sobrang galit na nararamdaman ko. Pinagtaasan ko sya ng kilay, "Really? Ha!? You're such a good liar Clarence!!" Tatayo na sana ako pero hinawakan ako bigla ni Clarence. "Hinde ko nga kilala yun. Baka isa sa mga stalker ko. Wag ka ng umalis

dito..." "I won't buy that act Perez. Tatawag ba yun kung hinde mo sya kilala? Duh?!" "Eh, baka nga stalker ko lang yun. Baket ba nagagalit dyan?!" nakasigaw na din sya. "Bakit mo ba ako sinisigawan? Ikaw nga dyan yung nambababae ee!?!" Pinagpapalo ko sya sa dibdib nya then hinawakan nya yung kamay ko. "Hoy! Wag mo akong hampasin. Hinde ko talaga kilala yun. Ikaw na nga yung pinakasalan ko tapos pagseselosan mo pa yung mga yun?! Binigay ko na sayo yung pangalan ko kaya wag kang magselos!? Hahalikan kita dyan!!" Hinde ko pinansin yung sinabe nya at pinagpatuloy ang paghampas sa kanya ng biglang magring yung cellphone nya. Kinuha ko yung para malaman kung sino ang tumatawag. Unknown number kaya sinagot ko agad. "Clarence honey finally sinagot mo din. I've been calling you nonstop but you're not answering. It's me Andrea.. I miss you honey.." Lalong kumulo yung dugo ko dahil sa narinig ko. Tinawag nyang 'honey' ang asawa ko? Fvck. "Hey you bitch! Listen to me, ako ang asawa ni Clarence kaya wag ka ng tatawag. Fvck off." inend ko na yung tawag at binato sa mukha ni Clarence yung cellphone. "Hey!!! Sobra ka na Mrs. Perez, kanina mo pa ako sinasaktan. Sino ba yung

tumawag?" I glared at him, "Hinde mo pala sya kilala, pero honey ang endearment sayo. Fvck Clarence. Kakabati pa lang naten tapos eto na naman?! Hinde ka ba talaga magtitino?! Pinakasalan mo nga pero nambababae ka lang!!" Tumayo na ako at tumakbo papasok ng banyo. Sobrang naiines ako kay Clarence pati na din dun sa malanding babae na tumawag. Grrrrrr. Gusto kong pumatay. *tok tok tok* "Kim, open this fvcking door. We need to talk." sigaw ni Clarence mula sa labas ng banyo. "Ayoko. Ayoko. Ayoko. Walangya ka Clarence!! Naiines ako sayo. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!" "Kim, wife, baby, babe, please buksan mo 'to. Let me explain myself." pagmamakaawa nya. "Tell me the truth, sino yung nagtext sayo after ng kasal naten? Anong name nya?!" Kelangan kong malaman kung sino yung nagtext at kung iisa lang ba sila nung babaeng tumawag sa kanya ngayon. "You don't need to know her name. Buksan mo na 'to babe.." Kanina baby, tapos ngayon babe. Ano ako baboy? Kapal talaga ng mukha

nya. "I need to know her God damn name cause I want to kill her. So you better tell me or else.." "Open this door then I'll tell you her name. Please buksan mo lang 'to." Lumapit ako sa pinto at binuksan ito. Nakatayo dun si Clarence habang nakangiti saken. Hah!?! Kapal talaga ng mukha nya, nagagawa pa nyang ngumiti saken pero alam nyang may kasalanan syang nagawa. "What's her name?!" pagtatanong ko. "Andrea." he answered simply. *pak* Bigla ko na lang syang nasampal. Kilala nya pala yung nagtext sa kanya after nung kasal namen at girlfriend nya din 'to. Galit ako sayo Clarence. I hate you. I hate you.... 17th Chapter. "What?! Sige, explain yourself Perez. Akala ko ba wala lang yung girl na nagtext sayo yun pala girlfriend mo sya. Wow ha! At tumawag pa sya dito sa

bahay nyo!?!" Naiines ako at hulaan nyo kung sino ang dahilan. Fine, edi ang magaling kong asawa. May pasabe-sabe pa sya na wala lang yung nagetxt yun pala girlfriend nya. Langya, manloloko talaga 'tong si Clarence. Bwiset! "Huwag ka kayang maglintanya at hayaan mo akong magexplain na maayos?!" pasigaw na sabe nya saken. Pilit nya akong pinauupo sa couch pero nagpupumiglas ako. Ayoko syang kausapin ngayon kase alam ko naman na kahit anong dahilan ang sabihen nya ay papaniwalaan ko lang agad. Oo, ganyan ko sya kamahal. How stupid of me. -_____ "Kim maupo ka nga." pag-uutos nya. "Ayoko. Let me go. I need time to think things over." "No. We need to talk right now. Let me explain." Tinanggal ko yung kamay nya na nakahawak sa braso ko. "I will here your side but not now, Clarence. I need space, naguguluhan ako. Hinde ko alam kung tama ba yung ginawa kong pagpapakasal sayo." Yung usual na maangas na expression nya biglang napalitan ng lungkot.

"So.... Sorry babe.. She's nothing to me. Please believe me.." he said while looking straight to my eyes. Wala pa nga ule kame at na ako yung naman na si isang araw na nagkaayos kame tapos eto na naman. Nag-away dahil na naman ito sa isa sa mga babae nya. Sabihen na naten pinakasalan nya pero asawa nya lang ako sa papel, alam ko Ariza pa din yung mahal nya ee.

I'm trying my best para makuha yung puso nya pero he keeps on doing things para mapagod naman yung puso ko sa pag-intindi sa kanya. <///3 "I'm not mad at you but I don't want to see you for now.." Pagkasabe ko nun agad akong tumalikod at lumabas ng kwarto nya. ***** Nagpunta ako sa bar ni Dave. I need to get drunk to forget my problems. "Give me the hardest drink." sabe ko dun sa bartender. Mukang wala dito sila Dave. Baka may date sila ni Sarah. Bute pa sila masaya, samantalang ako, eto pinoproblema ang babaero kong asawa. Sarah's lucky to have Dave at her side. Faithful masyado si Dave kay Sarah kaya naman minsan naiinggit ako sa kanya. Sana si Clarence faithful din saken. Sana ako na lang yung mahalin nya. Sana wag na nya akong saktan.

"Kim?" Napalingon ako dun sa tumwag saken. It's Bryle Santos. Lumapit sya at umupo sa tabi ko. He smiled at me so I smiled back. "Long time no see, Bry.." bati ko sa kanya. "Oo nga ee. It's been a week or two since we last saw each other. How are you?" Kapag nakikita ko si Bryle isang tao ang pumapasok sa isip ko. Si Carl, ang first boyfriend ko. They share the same smile and release the same aura. I smiled, a fake one, "I'm good. Ikaw?" "Well, I'm good also lalo na't nakita na kita." Is Bryle hitting on me? Well, I'll admit that I have a crush on him but he is Clarence's friend. Should I flirt with him? I haven't flirt for a while because of my stupid relationship with Clarence. Halos sa kanya na kase umikot ang buhay ko kaya naman napapabayaan ko na ang sarili ko. Wala naman sigurong masama kung makipagflirt ako kay Bryle, right? Kung si Clarence nga nagagawang mambabae ee. "Bryle, I miss you....." tapos naglean ako sa kanya then I brushed my lips on his. Bryle's body stiffened.

"Why did you kiss me? Is something wrong?" I shrug then put my arms around him. "Baket hinde na lang ikaw ang minahal ko Bry?" Tinanggal nya yung kamay ko at hinawakan ako sa mukha. He look deep down to my eyes. "Sinaktan ka ba ni Clarence?" Umiling lang ako the I look down. 'Oo, sinaktan nya ang puso ko.' I badly want to say these words to him but I can't. Ayoko ng idamay pa si Bryle sa away namen ni Clarence. "Kung wala ee bat ka umiiyak?" "I'm not crying."sabe ko habang nakayuko pa rin. Bigla nilabas yung panyo at pinunasan yung cheeks ko. "Hinde ka umiiyak ee anung tawag mo dito, laway?" Hinde ko alam kung paano, pero tama si Bryle umiiyak ako. Kumawala na ng tuluyan yung mga luha na kanina ko pa pinipilit na itago. Niyakap ako bigla ni Bryle at napahagulgol na lang ako.

"You can cry it all out. I'm here for you, Kim. Hinde kita iiwan..." Yumakap na din ako sa kanya. "Sssh. Sige, iiyak mo na yan lahat para bukas paggising mo maayos ka na." Tinatap nya pa yung likod ko habang kinocomfort ako. Wala na akong pake kung madameng tao ang nakakakita samen. I need to cry it all out. Napapagod na ako sa pagkimkim ng nararamdaman kong sakit. "I hate that I love him..." pabulong na sabe ko kay Bryle. "And I hate seeing you cry because of him..." Awtomatikong napatigil yung luha ko sa sinabe ni Bryle. Lumayo ako ng onti sa kanya tapos I stared at his chess-nut eyes. "What did you say?" He smiled at him then held both of my hands, "I don't want you to shed your precious tears just because of that awful man." "Bryle, he is your friend and I'm his girlfriend.." "I know, kaya nga naiines ako na nakikita kang nasasaktan. Kaibigan nya ako at kaibigan din kita."

"What are you trying to say?" "Kim, I know these may sound absurd but believe me when I say I love you simply because I mean it." I can't find the right word to say to him. Tinakasan na ata ako ng boses ko. Did he just said I love you to me? "Are you listening to me?" tanong sabay poke ng pisnge ko. "I... I am listening.." I answered looking down. "Look at me so I would know that you're listening." I did what he said. "I love you..." For a moment, I wonder why his eyes seems to grow larger but then I realise that it is because he is leaning towards me and then all I know right now is our lips are sealed together. I wrap my arms around him to deepen our kiss. All I can feel at this moment is that I'm kissing Bryle and the whole world stop revolving. There's just me and Bryle who exist. "I love you...." he whispered as our lips parted.

18th Chapter. "What?! You kissed him? Kim, are you out of your mind? He is Clarence's friend. How could you?" Nandito ule ako sa bahay ni Nof and it's been 2 days since Bryle confessed his feelings for me. "I know, I know. It's my bad, okay? Hinde ko alam kung bakit ko sya hinalikan. I'm also confused and hurt because of Clarence, tsaka sya yung naginitiate ng kiss." Kinwento ko kay Nof yung mga nangyare dun sa bar nila Dave at eto sya, daig pa ang Mommy ko kung manermon. "Fine, he iniated the kiss but point here is you kissed him back. Alam mo naman na close friend sila nyang boyfriend mo tapos hinalikan mo sya at sa public place pa." "Wag mo na akong pagalitan. Sige na, I admit it may kasalanan din ako pero I did that para lang makaganti kay Clarence. He is two-timing me." Dinampot ko na lang yung remote at binuksan yung tv. Manood na lang ng movie. "Alam mo hinde na bago yang pangtutwo-time ni Clarence. Malay mo hinde lang pala dalawa ang girlfriend nya kundi tatlo, apat, lima, anim o kaya naman sampu. He is a womanizer. A womanizer." she emphasized the word 'womanizer'. Napasigh na lang ako, "He already said to sorry to me and he asked me to

give him a chance to explain himself..." "Yun naman pala ee, bat nagdadrama ka pa dyan?" "Alam mo kase parang nahihirapan na akong paniwalaan sya. Yung araw na nalaman kong may iba pa syang girlfriend ay yung same day na nagkabati kame dahil dun sa pesteng text nung maharot na babae." "Eh sino ba yung nagtext sa boyfriend mo?" pagtatanong ni Nof. I stared at her before answering her question, "Edi yung girlfriend nya na isa." "Oh." Kelan ba dadating yung time na ako naman ang susuyuin ni Clarence? Yun bang sya na yung mag-eefort kapag may tampuhan kame. "Anung plano mo ngayon?" Tumingin lang ako kay Nof saglit pagkatapos ay tumingin na ule ako sa tv. "Break na ba kayo?" "Hinde. Hinde ko kayang makipag-hiwalay. I told him to give me some time to think." "Do you love him?"

Napaharap ako kay Nof. I raised an eye-brow at her, "What kind of question is that? Ofcourse, I love him." "Then what about Bryle? Remember he confessed his feelings for you and you two shared a passionate kiss." Mahal ko si Clarence, si Bryle naman gusto ko. Love and like are two different things, right? "Bryle is a special friend, I guess." CLARENCE' POV (JABERU) "Nag-away agad kayo? Tsk." Kasama ko sila Karlo, Seph, Luis at Chase. We're here at Jaberu, ang haven ng barkada. "A girl called our house saying that she's my girlfriend. F*ck. Nagselos tuloy yung isa." reklamo ko sabay hablot ng whiskey na hawak ni Seph. "Chill ka lang, dude." sabe ni Luis. "Ayaw nya daw akong makita. Her phone is always off. Damn it!" padabog kong binaba yung baso. "Don't tell us inlove ka na dyan sa Kim na yan?!"

Umiling ako, "I won't fall for her, I just need her money for our company, that's all." "Malulugi na ba kayo, Rence?" nang-iines na tanong ni Luis. Inismidan ko lang sya, "Are you on drugs? Basta, may use sya kaya kelangan ko sya. Tsaka she's good in bed. Nothing more, nothing less." "Eh baket mo sya pinakasalan?" biglang tanong ni Karlo. Sya pa lang ang nakakaalam sa pagpapakasal namen ni Kim. "Dude, you got married?!" sabay-sabay na sabe nila Luis, Seph at Chase. I grin, "Yeah." "Akala ko ba hinde mo mahal, eh bat mo pinakasalan? Paano na si Ariza?" pagtatanong naman ni Seph. "I don't love her, okay? I just need her money. Ariza? Tsk. I don't care about her." Tumayo na ako at palabas na ng Jaberu. Nakakatamad kausap 'tong mga 'to. Walang sense. Tss. Sayang oras, mas masaya pa kung nambabae na lang ako. Ayaw naman ako makita ni Kim kaya magpapakasaya na lang ako. "Rence, I saw Bry and your wife kissing at a bar 2 days ago. Bry confessed his feelings for Kim." biglang sabe ni Karlo bago ako lumabas ng Jaberu.

WTH?! F*ck. Bryle is starting to make a move. Hinde pwedeng maagaw nya si Kim saken. Hinde pwede. 18B Chapter. KARLO'S POV (JABERU) "So gusto ni Bry yung asawa ni Rence?" I sat beside Seph who is drinking the wine that I bought in France. "Maybe. Well, I heard him confessed his feelings for that girl." I answered. "Do you think totoo yung sinabe ni Rence na hinde nya mahal yung Kim?" Chase asked. I shrug, "I doubt everything Rence's said a while ago. He just can't admit the mere fact that he has fallen to someone who can beat him at his own game." "What about Ariza?" Luis retorted. "Rence never fell inlove with Ariza. I know him too well. He thought he was inlove with Ariza but the truth is he's not. He was never inlove with her. He just can't hurt her for some reasons." "Reasons? Dude, they've been together for 6 years then you'll say that Rence never fell inlove with Ariza. You must be nuts!?" -Seph "Simula nung bata pa lang sila alam na ni Rence na mahal sya ni Ariza. They're childhood friends and Rence saw everything Ariza have been through, he just can't hurt her by breaking her heart that time."

"Are you saying that Rence is inlove with her wife?" -Luis "What do you think is the reason why he marry that girl?" I asked them three. "Because of money. Yan yung sabe ni Rence kanina di ba?" -Chase I laughed, "Do you honestly believe in that?" "Because she's good in bed?" -Seph I took the wine glass and pour some wine on it, "Kim is not just an ordinary girl, she's a sole heiress. And if Clarence wants a bed warmer then he should have hired a high-class whore." "Andame mong sinabe. Pwede bang diretsuhin mo na lang kame." reklamo ni Chase. "Alam nyo ba kung paano naging girlfriend ni Rence si Kim?" They shrug, "He kissed her infront of Ariza. It's a trick he used to break Ariza's heart. Apparently it work, Ariza went away. Clarence is finally free but not from the girl he kissed. He thought Kim is the kind of girl whom he could escape from but he was wrong. Ever since that incident Kim claimed herself as Clarence's girlfriend. And so their love story begins..." "Well, karma has followed Rence in an instant." -Seph "Maybe it's karma. Or rather, yes, it is karma. Clarence finally met his match. Wala talaga syang balak na patagalin ang relasyon nila pero wala rin namang balak magpatalo yung babae. They're both known as a heartbreaker, nagcocompetition sila sa kung sino ang unang bibigay at syempre unang

bumigay yung babae. He got attracted by her guts and charm and as time goes by the attraction turns into a romantic attachment that he, himself can't accept. He fell for her but he don't want to admit it. He's denying it to himself..." "You sound so sure with that little theory of yours.." Chase said with a grin on his face. I smiled, "I am so sure about it. You saw his reaction when I told him that her beloved wife is kissing my cousin, right?" "Yeah, dude. It's priceless. I never saw Rence that pissed." pag-sangayon ni Luis. "And he feels so irritated when he told us about their little quarrel." Seph added. "I guess we'll be witnessing a nice show. Bryle versus Clarence." Chase said. "Should we make some bet?" tinaas ko yung glass wine tapos nagtoast kaming apat. CLARENCE'S POV (MALL) "If I'll see them on act then I'll break that jerk's face." Pagkagaling ko sa bahay umalis din ako agad at dumiretso dito sa mall. Hahanapin ko si Kim, alam kong pupunta sya dito. Paano ko nalaman? Well, kabisado ko na kase sya. Psh.

I went to every boutique na pinupuntahan nya but I can't seem to find her. Wala ba sya dito? Thursday ngayon kaya for sure magshoshopping yun. Dapat nandito sya. I took out my phone and dialed her number, but just like yesterday and the day before, her phone is off. So, she's really avoiding me. Tss. Makita ko lang talaga na kasama nya yung g*gong pinsan ni Karlo, malalagot sya saken. Ikukulong ko talaga sya sa kwarto o kaya naman isasama ko sa lahat ng lakad ko kahit dito sa trabaho. Naglakad-lakad ako hanggang sa mapunta na ako sa Market section ng mall. Marunong bang maggrocery si Kim? Tss. Bahala na nga, baka kase nandito yun eh. Pumasok ako at nagdirediretso hanggang sa makita ko sya sa may Fruits&Vegetables section. Ayos!? Nandito nga sya. She look so damn hot in short maong shorts and hanging shirt that exposes her flat stomach paired with her red flats that added more sexiness on her long flawless leg. Lalapitan ko na dapat sya pero biglang may tumawag sa pangalan nya. Fvck?! Si Bryle!? Lumapit ito kay Kim at bigla syang niyakap. A$$hole!? Asawa ko yan!? Gusto ko silang lapitan pero parang may kung anung pumipigil saken. Si Kim ngumingiti sya kay Bryle pero halatang pilit na ngiti lang. Parang malungkot yung mga mata nya. Pero kahit na ganun naiines pa rin ako dahil ngumingiti sya dun sa lalake na yun. Niloloko nya ba ako?! May relasyon ba sila nung g*go na yun?! Fvck!? "Sir ano ho ang ginagawa nyo dito?"

Hinde ko na lang pinansin yung tanong nung Head Manager ng department na'to. Naglakad na ako palapit sa lugar nila Kim pero wala na sila dun. Asan na sila?! Bwiset naman kase yung babae kanina eh. I'll fire her tomorrow. Tss. **** Sinundan ko sila Kim at Bryle habang naggrogrocery. Si Bryle may nalalaman pang pahawak-hawak sa kamay ni Kim. P*ta!? Chansing pa sa asawa ko ah. Pasalamt sya at madaming tao kaya hinde ko sila malapitan. Ayoko ng iskandalo dito sa mall na pag mamay-ari namen. After an hour natapos na din sila sa pamimile. Si Bryle pa ang nagbayad nung mga ginrocery ni Kim. Tss. Parang yun lang eh grabe naman sa pagyakap 'tong si Kim. Lagot talaga sya saken mamaya. Umiinit na talaga yung ulo ko dahil sa nakikita ko. Badtrip!? Wag ko lang silang makitang naghahalikan kundi malalagot talaga sila. **** (PARKING LOT) "Your car is nice Kim." sabe ni Bryle habang nilalagay yung mga pinamile nila sa compartment ng kotse ni Kim. "Thanks." Kim said sweetly. I was standing two cars away from them. Naririnig ko yung mga pinaguusapan nila at nakikita yung ginagawa nila. Bat ba ang tagal umalis ni Kim?! Paano ko na lang makakausap yang Santos na yan?! Habang ngumingiti si Kim kay Bryle parang may naramdaman akong kakaiba. Napahawak ako sa left side ng chest ko.

Seeing her smile with other guy gives a pinch in my heart. Sh*t!? Am I jealous? Nung tumigin ule ako sa direction nila bigla na lang nagdilim yung paningin ko. Bryle kissed Kim then hug her tight. Sh*t?! Damn it!? I walk towards them. "What a nice scene to see.." 19th Chapter. KIM'S POV (HER PAD) "Ate Joyce are you really sure that I can stay here?" its the 5th time she asked me that same question. "I'm a hundred percent sure Cheska. You don't have to worry." then I smiled at her. Ngayon sya lilipat dito sa pad ko. She'll be staying with me for a year. "Uhm... Ate Joyce can you do me another favor?" I nod as a response. "Will you join the training camp I'll be joining? Even just for two months? Please..."

Training camp? Sounds good to me. I'll be able to forget my problems even just for a while. "Okay. Just give me the form, oright?" "Yes!? Okay, I'll get you a form. Love you Ate.." she beamed happily. **** "Ayan, we're done with your stuffs. I'll go grocery shopping para naman may makapagcelebrate tayo. Stay here, okay?" Nakasmile na tumango si Cheska kaya naman pumunta na ako sa kwarto ko at kinuha yung purse at phone ko. **** (SUPER MARKET) Baket ba dito ko pa naisipang maggrocery? Pwede naman na dun na lang sa convenient store malapit sa pad ko. Tss. Baka magkita kame ni Clarence dito. Ayoko ko pa sya makita, galit pa ako. Pumunta muna ako sa Fruits&&Vegetables section. Green vegetable salad with honey is Cheska's favorite, and she also loves to eat pizza and shrimp pasta. Hmm, dapat pala nagpadeliver na lang kame. Bahala na nga, nandito na ako eh. Alangan namang umalis pa ako dito. Sayang lang ang gas ko. -___ "Kim?"

A guy with a huge smile on his face walk towards me. "Bryle..." I said with a smile. He went near me and gave me a tight hug. Eeek. Di ako makahinga. Parang 10 years kameng hinde nagkita. "He.... Hey Bryle. I can't breath." He broke our hug then scratch the back of his head, "Sorry. Namiss kase kita eh." O/////O Gosh!? Nagblush ako sa sinabe ni Bry. Bat ganun? "Wala pa namang one week since yung huling pagkikita naten ah. Miss mo ako agad-agad?" He is staring at me, gosh!? Bryle, stop that!! Baka mafall ako sayo..~ "I told you the reason already. Gusto mo bang ulitin ko pa sayo?" then he grin from ear to ear. "Don't!? Urgh. Bryle, just forget everything that happened that night, okay? Friend ka ni Clarence and that was a big mistake." I avoided his gaze. "I won't cause I can't. Kim, lahat ng sinabe ko sayo totoo at kahit kaibigan ko si Rence kung nakikita ko namang sinasaktan ka nya emotionally, then

magkalimutan na. Mas pipiliin kita kesa sa kanya. You deserve someone better. I can't say that its me but I know that he is not the right guy for you. " Napayuko na lang ako sa sinabe ni Bryle. Maybe, maybe he's right. Maybe, I don't deserve Clarence because I deserve someone much better than him. I sigh in disbelief. "Let's not talk about it." then I looked at him, "If you really love me then prove it to me. I won't promise anything Bry, you know for a fact that I'm inlove with Clarence but seeing him do things that breaks my heart is something I can't accept." His lips form into a bright smile then he pulled me into a big hug. "Er, Bryle nasa super market tayo and madaming tao ang nanunuod saten." mahinang sabe ko sa kanya. Agad naman syang humiwalay at nagkamot ng ulo. "Sorry. Natuwa kase ako sa sinabe mo eh. Don't worry Kim, I'll prove my love for you." then he winks. Pwede bang maghyperventilate ako? Lol. "Oo na.. Teka, bat ka pala nandito?" Tinaas nya yung basket na dala nya. "Bibile kase ako ng cellphone kaya may dala akong basket. Maganda ang mga model ng cellphone dito sa Fruits&&Vegetable section eh." sarcastic nyang sabe. WTH?!?! Parang kanina ang sweet nya saken tapos ngayon ang sarcastic nya. Grr.

I roled my eyes heavenward, "Whatever Bryle. Sige, pumili ka ng model ng carrots dyan. Tss." Tumalikod na ako at naglakad palayo sa kanya pero bigla naman syang sumigaw. "Ganda, yung cart mo naiwan. San mo ilalagay yung mga pinamile mo?" Shoot. Bat ko ba yun nakalimutan? Nakakahiya naman 'to oh. >____< Naglakad ako pabalik at hinatak yung cart. "Dyan ka na nga. Wag kang susunod saken kundi tutusukin ko yang ilong mo." Dumiretso na ako sa liquor section ng super market. Dahil may new housemate na ako dapat magcelebrate kame. And what's the meaning of celebration if you don't have a bottle of red wine? "May party ba sa bahay mo?" Nagulat naman ako dun sa nagsalita at pagtingin ko kung sino yun ay isang gwapong nilalang ang nakita ko. Si Bryle. "Che. Sabe ko wag mo akong susundan di ba? Dun ka na. Shoo shoo." "Ayoko nga. Bibili din ako ng wine tsaka suitor mo na ako kaya pwede kitang sundan." sabay ngisi. "Suitor your face!? Stalker pwede pa. Alis ka na dito. Shoo shoo."

"Stalker? Ang gwapo ko naman masyado para tawagin mong stalker. Di ba dapat admirer?" he showed me his famous smile. Spell hot? Capital B-R-Y-L-E! "Conceited jerk. Bahala ka sa buhay mo." sabay irap. "Bahala ako sa buhay ko? Sige, madali naman akong kausap eh." Nagulat ako nung bigla nya akong hatakin at halikan. Smack lang sya pero duh, andameng tao at halos lahat sila nakatingin samen. "Sabe mo bahala ako sa buhay ko?" habang nakangiti ng nakakaloko. "Er. Ewan ko sayo Santos. Dyan ka na nga. Pervert!?" Tumalikod na ako at hinatak na yung cart pero bigla naman 'tong inagaw ni Bryle. Aagawin ko sana pabalik pero nauna na syang naglakad. ***** "Ilang tao ba ang pakakainin mo at andame mong binili?" pagtatanong ni Bryle habang nakapila kame sa counter. Magbabayad na kase kame, I mean magbabayad na sya. Hahaha! Sabe nya kase sya na ang bahalang magbayad sa mga grocery na pinamili ko. "Isa. Yung little sister ng ex ko." "Oh. Charity volunteer?" I shrug, "Nope. She's like a real sister to me and her Mum asked it as a

favor." Ngumiti na lang ule sya saken. "OMGGGGG!?! Di ba sya yung sikat na F1 car racer?!" "Oo nga, sya yun. Sya si Bryle Santooooos~" "Gwapoo nya pala in person. Gosh!? Inlove na ata ako sa kanya." "Pero may kasama syang girl. Girlfriend nya ata. Infairness maganda at sexy mukha pang mayaman." "Ikr. Ang sweet naman nila, naggogrocery." Napangiti ako habang pinapakinggan ang mga pinag-uusapan nung mga fangirls ni Bryle. Ganda ko daw oh! Hahaha! Totoo naman eh, I'm beautiful, hot & sexy! I'm rich and famous. Ako na lahat! XD "Ngiti-ngiti ka dyan?" tanong ni Bry. "Wala ka na dun. Bayaran mo na yan Bry tapos treat mo ako sa Starbucks." "Tss. Oo na. Pasalamat ka mahal kita.." I flashed my oh-so-famous-smile, "Thank you." 19B Chapter. "Ihatid na lang kaya kita?" pangungulit ni Bryle saken.

Papunta na kame sa parking lot at dala-dala nya lahat ng ginrocery namen. Nilibre nya din ako sa Starbucks at ibinili nya ako ng teddy bear from Blue Magic. Ang cute nga nung bear eh, huge and floppy and cute. Kung hinde ko lang sana mahal si Clarence malamang nafall na ako sa charm ni Bryle. Handsome, gentleman, sweet and romantic. Ay, nakalimutan kong sabihen na generous din sya. Hahaha! "A penny for your thoughts?" Napatingin naman ako kay Bryle. "Sorry. May naisip lang ako. Ano nga ule yung sabe mo kanina?" "Sabe ko ihahatid na lang kita." "Ah. I brought my car Bry tsaka suitor pa lang kita, hinde boyfriend." paglilinaw ko sa kanya. Okay, pinayagan ko syang ligawan ako pero nilinaw ko sa kanya na hinde ko hawak ang puso ko. Ayaw ko din naman syang masaktan pero dahil sa mapilit sya edi hayaan. So totoo lang mas neenjoy ko nga ang company nya kesa kay Clarence eh. "Hinde ba pwedeng ihatid ng suitor yung nililigawan nya?" pagtatanong nya ule. Napasigh na lang ako, "Bryle pinayagan kitang ligawan ako pero tandaan mo may as--, I mean, may boyfriend pa rin ako. Hinde naman kame naghiwalay ni Clarence eh, nag-away lang kame."

"Oo na, oo na. Alam ko naman na hinde ka magpapahatid eh. Sinubukan ko lang." "Daig mo pa ang boyfriend kung kumilos ah." Ngumiti sya at nagsalita pero masyadong mahina para marinig ko. "Dapat kase ako na lang ang boyfriend mo.." "Anung sabe mo?" I asked him. He shrug his shoulders, "Sabe ko I love you, Ganda." Bigla naman akong nagblush. Ilang beses na nya ba sinabe yang I love you na yan? Masyado na akong kinikilig sa kanya. Ngumiti ako sa kanya, "Alam ko ng mahal mo ako. Nafefeel ko naman eh. Thank you Bry!" Naalala ko bigla si Clarence. Kelan kaya nya sasabihen yung magic words saken? Kapag end of the world na? "Ganda tulala ka na naman dyan. Katabi mo lang ako kaya wag mo akong masyadong isipin." sabay wink. "Ha-ha-ha-ha! Yabang mo Bry. Sapak you want?" then tinapat ko mukha nya yung right fist ko. Tinanggal nya yun at hinawakan ng mahigpit, "Hinde, pagmamahal mo ang

gusto ko. Or pwede na din ang kiss." O////////////////////O "Kiss yer face!? Bilisan mong maglakad, napapagod na ako." tumalikod na ako at nauna. "Pagod ka na?!" pasigaw na tanong nya. Pagtalikod ko nakita kong nakatayo pa din dun si Bryle. Anong problema nya? Omggg! Nagalit na ata saken? "O..Oo pagod na ako." "Sorry, napagod ka kase kanina ka pa tumatakbo sa isip ko." Hahahaha. Hehehehe. Hihihihi. Hohohoho. >////////< Sya na ang magaling magpakilig. "Shut up." Naglakad na lang ule ako. Ano ba yan sobra naman kung magpakilig 'tong si Bryle. Siguro nung nagsabog ng kasweetan si Lord tinulak ni Bryle si Clarence kaya sya ang nakakuha ng lahat. ***** (PARKING LOT)

"Your car is nice Kim." sabe nya habang nilalagay yung mga pinamile namen sa car compartment ko. "Thanks." I said. "I guess I'll see you after a month." yung kaninang masayang expression ng mukha nya biglang napalitan ng lungkot. "After a month? Bakit mag-aabroad ka?" pagtatanong ko. "Hinde ka ba nanunuod ng tv o kaya naman nagbabasa ng dyaryo?" Umiling ako. Anong connect ng panunuod ng tv at pagbabasa ng dyaryo sa pag-alis nya? Labo. "Ano bang meron?" He sigh the look at me and smile, "I'll be flying to Germany tomorrow night." "Tomorrow night?! Teka, baket?!" "Next time naman maunuod ka ng tv para may konting balita ka about saken. I'll be representing our country in the 20** Formula 1 Grand Prix that will be held in Germany. Actually, last week pa ng month na 'to yung race pero I need to go there kase imemeet ko yung mga sponsors ko." Car racer nga pala 'tong si Bryle. Edi sya na ang sikat. Psh. Kaya pala andame nya talagang fans. -____

"Ah, sige ingat ka!" matamlay na sabe ko. "Ganun lang? Wala man lang goodluck kiss or hug?" I raised my brow, "Kiss at hug ba ang gusto mo?" "Oo, pero pwede din na sumama ka na lang saken pagpunta ko ng Germany para naman may lucky charm ako." "Sus. Kung kiss at hug lang nakadami ka na. Dun pa lang sa loob ng super market halos mapagkamalan na tayong mag-asawa dahil sobrang sweet mo saken." Nagpout sya, "Sama ka na lang sa Germany?" "Ano ko girlfriend mo? Suitor lang kita tapos isasama mo agad ako sa Germany. PBB Teens!?!" Napakamot na lang sya ng ulo, "Pmft. Sama mo naman saken nilibre na nga kita eh." "Stop whining Santos. Di bagay sayo. That's so eew. Anyway, I'll watch your race sa tv naman eh." "Sa tv lang?" sabay pout, "Tss. Di ko naman yun makikita eh." "Urgh. You're so... Nevermind. I'll video myself while watching your race, happy?"

He smiled and suddenly grab my waist and kiss my lips. "What a nice scene to see." That achingly familiar voice gives a pinch in my heart. Agad akong kumalas sa yakap ni Bryle at hinarap si Clarence. Magsasalita pa lang sana ako pero nagulat ako nung biglang bumagsak sa sahig si Bryle. Nasuntok na pala sya ni Clarence. Fvck. It took me 30 seconds to realise what the hell happened. I grab Clarence's right arm, "What the hell Clarence?!" Tinanggal nya yung kamay ko na nakahawak sa kanya. I can clearly see anger and sadness through his eyes. "You're accusing me of things while you're here flirting with this a$$hole?!?" "What?!?" "Karlo saw you two kissing in a bar 2 nights ago. What was that?!? Twotiming me?!? Fvck it!?!?" "I am not----" Naputol yung sasabihen ko kase biglang sinuntok ni Bryle si Clarence na dahilan ng pagbagsak din nito sa sahig. "Clarence!? Oh my God!?"

Agad akong lumapit sa kanya at hinawakan yung side ng lips nya na nagdugo dahil sa suntok ni Bry. Tumayo ako at lumapit kay Bryle. "Why did you punch him?!" then I slap his face. It was late when I realised what I did to Bryle. Napatakip na lang ako ng bibig. "Oh my God!? Bry.... I'm sorry.." Halatang nagulat din si Bryle sa ginawa ko. I tried to touch the part of his fac e that I slapped but he avoided it. He smiled bitterly, "Don't be. My fault, I punch him hard. Sorry." "No!? He punched you first.. Gosh!? Bryle, I'm really sorry for slapping you I didn't----" "Enough. Just don't say sorry. It hurts my pride. Just keep in your mind everything that I've said." He showed his bitter smile again. "I love you..." Then he started to walk away. Sh*t!?!? I slapped Bryle.. Fvck it! "Tss." Humarap ako kay Clarence na nakatayo na. Pinunasan nya yung dugo sa side ng lips nya. Lumapit ako sa kanya. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?! ARE YOU INSANE CLARENCE?!?" He smirked before answering, "I TOLD YOU THE REASON ALREADY!?! HAH?!? YOU'RE NOT ANSWERING MY CALLS AND YOU'RE NOT EVEN REPLYING TO MY TEXTS TAPOS MALALAMAN KO NA LANG NA NAGHAHALIKAN KAYO NUNG


Para kaming mga baliw na nagsisigawan dito sa parking lot. Bute at walang tao kundi malaking eskandalo 'to. "ANONG WALA?! BAKA NAKAKALIMUTAN MO ASAWA MO NA AKO KAYA HINDE KO PALALAGPASIN 'TONG PANLOLOKO MO SAKEN. ATSAKA SINISIGAWAN MO DIN NAMAN AKO AH!?" Medyo naines ako dun sa sinabe nyang 'panloloko'. Fvck it! So ako pa ang lumabas na masama edi ba sya nga yung unang nanloko samen?! "You know what walang patutunguhan 'tong usapan na'to. Let's just drop it. I'm tired." tinalikuran ko na sya at pasakay na sa kotse ng bigla na naman nya akong hatakin at iharap sa kanya, "WHAT!?!" "Don't turn your back when I'm talking to you!? I'm your husband so I have every rights to know everything about you." "Wow. So possessive husband ka na ngayon?!" "Tell me everything about you and Bryle. Kelan nyo pa ako sinimulang lokohin?!" I'm trying my best to stop my tears from falling. I gave him a weak smile, "Alam mo sana nga kaya kong mangtwo-time eh. Sana kaya kong gawin yang mga panlolokong ginagawa mo saken pero hinde. Damn it!? Oo, hinalikan ko si Bryle but that was because I'm badly hurt. I'm hurt to know that you have other girlfriends aside from me..." I laughed bitterly, "Ako nga pinakasalan mo pero yung puso mo hinde mo naman binigay saken. Sh*t!?! Clarence alam mo ba kung gaano ko pinagsisihan na hinalikan ko si Bryle?! Nakonsensya ako."

I'm trying to control myself from crying but I failed. Tears stream down my face. "I love you Clarence. I really do... But I'm starting to get tired of you. Binabalewala mo lang ako. Wala akong halaga sayo.." "Sh*t!? Babe..." hinawakan ni Clarence yung mukha ko at pinunasan yung mga luha na patuloy sa pagtulo. "Ano ba ako sa buhay mo Clarence?! Sabihen mo nga saken?!" "Stop crying... Please..." Tinanggal ko yung kamay nya sa mukha ko tapos ngumiti sa kanya, "Hinde mo masagot yung tanong ko. Well, that means I'm nothing to you. Hah!? Alam mo ba iniisip ko kanina kaya mo sinuntok si Bryle kase nagseselos ka? But I guess, mali talaga ang mag-assume." "T*ngina!? Bat ba kase ayaw ma akong pag-explainin?! Pinangungunahan mo naman kase ako masyado eh!? Hinde ba obvious yung dahilan kung baket ko sinuntok yung g*gong yun!?" "Ano pa bang ieexplain mo?! Maliwanag na ang lahat, wala akong halaga sayo. Pinagtitripan mo lang ako kaya mo ako pinakasalan. Sinuntok mo lang si Bryle dahil hinde kaya ng ego mo na may iba akong kasama kase gusto mo ikaw lang ang gagawa na katarantad*han!?!" "Sino bang nagsabe na wala kang halaga saken?! Ako ba?! Hinde naman di ba?! Inassume mo lang yan kase ayaw mo akong pagpaliwanagin. Fvck!? Hinde ako marunong makipagbasag ulo pero ginawa ko yun dahil hinde ko gusto na may kasama kang iba. Na ngumingiti ka sa iba, na may yumayakap

sayo na iba at lalong may humahalik sayong iba!?" "Baket, kase gusto mo ikaw lang ang gagawa ng ganun sa ibang babae?!" "T*ngina naman talaga 'to oh!? Tanga ka ba o ayaw mo lang talagang pansinin na nagseselos ako?! Nagseselos ako sa Bryle na yun!? Selos na selos ako nung makita ko kayong magkasama sa loob ng super market. Nagseselos ako nung pagkamalan kayong may relasyon!?!" "Huh?! Bat ka naman magseselos?!? Hinde ako madadaan dyan sa mga sinasabe mo Perez!?" "Goddamn it!?! Malamang asawa kita kaya ako nagseselos!?!" "Asawa? Huh, asawa my ass!? Sabihen mo saken kung baket mo ako pinakasalan." Biglang natigilan si Clarence. Kita nyo na wala talaga syang nararamdaman para saken. Bullsh*t!? "Kase mahalaga ka saken..." "Mahalaga?! Yun lang?! Wow. Edi di ba dapat magpapakasal ka sa tao kase mahal mo sya at hinde lang dahil sa mahalaga sya sayo?!" Tumulo na naman yung mga luha ko. Dapat hinde ko na lang kinausap si Clarence. Tumalikod na ako at binuksan yung kotse. Pasakay na sana ako ng bigla akong hatakin ni Clarence at halikan. At first, he is kissing me roughly but

then it turns into a passionate one. I responded to his kisses. I'm getting drown again. Parang nawawala lahat ng sama ng loob ko sa kanya. Crap. Dapat hinde ako bumigay sa halik nya pero baket ganito?! Halos 3 days pa lang kameng hinde nagkikita pero miss na miss ko na sya. "Please.. Let me explain myself. Yung tumawag wala lang yun, promise. Maniwala ka saken Kim.." he said after he broke our kiss. "Maniwala?! Ni hinde mo nga kayang sabihen yung I love you saken tapos maniniwala ako sayo?!" Oo, tama yang ginagawa mo Kim. Maging cold ka sa kanya. Tama lahat ng sinabe ni Bryle, hinde si Clarence ang tamang lalaki para saken. "You know what, maghiwalay na lang-----" "I love you.." Parang nabinge ata ako. Ano daw ang sabe nya? "What did you say?" I asked him. "I love you...." "What?!" He smirked the pulled me closer to him and claimed my lips. After 30 seconds he parted our lips and said the three most beautiful words in English, "I love you..."

19C Chapter. "I love you.." Nakatingin lang ako kay Clarence. Antagal magregister sa utak ko nung mga sinabe nya. "Ulitin mo nga yung sinabe mo.." reklamo ko sa kanya. Napakamot sya ng ulo tapos nginisian ako, "Binge ka ba? Ang sabe ko I love you!?" I flashed my naughty smile then pulled him closer to me and I kissed his lips before muttering my answer, "I love you too." (YELLOW CAB) After nung kiss and make-up moment namen sa parking lot ay tinamaan ako ng gutom kaya pumunta kame sa Yellow Cab. =)))) Umorder kame ng pepperoni pizza and lasagna. "Pakipot ka pa tapos bibigay ka din pala sa halik ko. Tss." pabulong na sabe ni Clarence pero sapat para marinig ko.

"Ikaw nga ang pakipot dyan eh. Duh, halos ako ang manligaw sayo noh tapos ang kailangan lang pala para umamin ka na mahal mo ako eh yung sigawan moment sa parking lot." then I grin. "Wag ka ng makikipagkita kay Bryle kundi ikukulong kita sa kwarto ko." pantatakot ni Clarence saken. I rolled my eyes, "Ayoko nga. Suitor ko na si Bry kaya pwede nya akong makita kahit anung oras nyang gustuhin." Biglang nanlaki yung mga mata ni Clarence, "What?! Are you insane?!" Pinalo ko yung kamay nya pano ba naman ang lakas ng boses napatingin tuloy samen yung mga tao. Tss. "Hoy Mrs. Perez baket pinayagan mong manligaw sayo yung Santos na yun? Bawiin mo yun, bawal ka ng magpaligaw." "Whatever. Ayokong bawiin." sabay belat. "May asawa ka na tapos magpapaligaw ka pa? Tss." Natatawa ako sa reaction ni Clarence. Halatang naiines sya at gustong manapak. Hahaha! "Duh, uso naman ang annulment tsaka remember tinulungan naten si Cyriel na ipaannul yung kasal nya dun kay Ynna kaya pwede rin naten ipaannul yung kasal naten." proud kong sabe.

He smirked, "Asa ka naman na papayag ako." "Whatever Clarence. Basta magpapaligaw ako kay Bryle.." Magsasalita pa sana si Clarence pero biglang dumating yung mga order namen. "God! I'm craving for pizzas." saka subo nung slice ng pizza. He smiled playfully, "Craving? Maybe you're pregnant with our child.." Bigla akong nabilaukan. Inabot naman nya agad yung tissue at juica saken. "Bili tayo ng pregnancy test kit after mong kumain.." Nanlaki yung mata ko sa sinabe nya. Yung ngiti nyang nakakaloko hinde pa rin maalis sa mukha nya. "I--I'm not pr--pregnant." Shet, I'm stammering. "Malay mo." he said while looking at me. Yung mga mata nya parang nangseseduce, "Or kung hinde edi gagawa tayo." Sheeeeeeet!? Ano daw sabe nya?! Gosh! Sinasapian na naman si Clarence. Umaatake ang pagkaperv nya. "Gumawa ka mag-isa mo." then tumayo ako at pumunta ng cr.

CLARENCE'S POV "Gumawa ka mag-isa mo." tumayo sya at pumunta ng cr. Natatawa ako sa reaction ng mukha nya nung sinabe ko na gagawa kame ng bata. Laughtrip. Ang sarap nya talagang pagtripan. Naalala ko na naman tuloy yung sigawan na ginawa namen dun sa parking lot bute walang tao kundi kahihiyan yun. Tss. Napaamin pa tuloy ako ng wala sa oras. -______Mahal ko naman na sya eh kaya lang hinde ko yun matanggap sa sarili ko kaya pilit kong idinedeny pero mas hinde ko naman matatanggap na maagaw na lang sya saken ni Bryle. Wala akong tiwala dun, baka mamaya ginagawa nya lang yun dahil dun sa pustahan namen. "Uuwi na ako.." sabe ni Kim pagbalik nya galing sa cr. "Saan? Sa bahay namen o sa condo ko?" tanong ko sa kanya. "Sa pad ko. Nakalimutan ko na nandun si Cheska." "Cheska? You're sister?" She shrugged, "Nope. My ex's sister. She'll be staying with me for a year." "Teka, kakabati pa lang naten ah. Di ba dapat saken ka muna uuwi?" ines na tanong ko sa kanya.

Putek, kakaayos lang namen kaya dapat dun sya sa bahay ko umuwi since kasal na naman kame. Dapat sa bahay sya at hinde dun sa pad nya tsaka mamaya pumunta pa dun si Bryle. Kumunot yung noo nya, "Hinde pwede." Kinuha na nya yung bag nya at naglakad palabas ng Yellow Cab. Tumayo naman ako agad at akting lalabs kaya lang biglang humarang yung isang waiter. "Sir hinde pa po kayo nagbabayad." Nilabas ko yung wallet ko at kumuha ng 3k at inabot dun sa waiter. "Keep the change." then sabay labas. 19D Chapter. KIM'S POV Alam nyo yung feeling na contented and happy at the same time? Ganyan yung nafefeel ko ngayon. Una, dahil sa inamin na ni Clarence na mahal nya ako. At pangalawa, inamin na rin nya na sobrang nagseselos sya kay Bryle. Pagkapark ko nung sasakyan agad akong bumaba, kasunod ko lang na nagpark si Clarence. Oo, sinundan nya ako hanggang dito sa pad ko. Dapat daw sa kanya ako umuwi kase nagkaayos na kame. Gusto ko rin naman sana kaya lang hinde pwede dahil walang kasama si Cheska.

"Kakausapin ko na lang yung Chesnut na magoovernight ka sa bahay kase sabe ni Mommy." sabe nya habang papalapit saken. "Cheska, hinde chesnut. Tsaka hinde talaga pwede. Next time na lang.." then I wrapped my arms aroud his neck. I felt his hands around my waist pulling me closer to him, "30 minutes is enough for me. Dito na lang tayo sa kotse ko." Ohmyy! Umaatake na naman ang pagkaperv nya. Kinurot ko sya sa may braso. "No. Next time na lang." He sighed as a sign of defeat. Hinigpitan nya na lang ang pagyakap nya saken. "Next time.. Bukas ba yung next time?" he asked using his bedroom voice. Gosh!? Nagseseduce na 'to. Malala na sya. :""""""""""""""""""> Pero kinikilig ako kahit ganun. "Basta next time.." then I smiled. Kumalas na sya sa pagkakayakap namen tapos tinulungan nya akong buhatin yung mga pinamili ko kanina. Sya ang nagdala ng lahat hanggang sa pagsakay namen sa elevator. Hinde sya nagrereklamo kahit na pinadala ko din sa kanya yung stuff toy na bihay ni Bryle. And speaking of Bryle, I need to call him to apologise for what Clarence did to him. "Tss. Stop thinking of me, I'm just beside you." pacool na sabe ni Clarence sabay baba nung stuff toy at hawak sa bewang ko.

I rolled my eyes, "I'm not thinking of you, jerk. I'm actually thinking of Bryle ." then I sticked out my tounge. I saw his lopsided grin turned into a frown, "Stop thinking of him, my dear wife. Baka di ako makapagpigil at dito na tayo sa elevator gumawa ng bata. Nasa 15th floor pa ang unit mo and we're still here at the 7th floor." Biglang lumaki yung mata ko sa sinabe nya, pinalo ko sya sa may braso, "WTH?! Clarence you're such a perv. Jesus, 2 days lang tayong hinde nagkita tapos ganyan ka na." Natawa na lang sya sinabe ko. Pftt. Parang pinagtitripan lang ako nya lang ako. Sapakin ko sya eh. Pero kung wala lang si Cheska sa pad ko malamang ako na ang sumunggab kay Clarence dun pa lang sa parking lot ng mall. Hahaha! =)))) Ikr, I'm such a perv too. I missed him like crazy, well, kahit medyo nabawasan yung pagkamiss ko sa kanya since nakasama ko si Bry, hinde pa rin mawawala sakin yung masabik sa kanya. He's my drug, and I'm addicted to him. My thoughts came back to reality when I felt his hands on the side of my left breast. I looked at him with a frown on my face but he ignored me and his hands went up to my bosom. His hands cupped my breast that made me moned with pleasure. I tried to removed it but my strength seemed to fade away as I felt his other hand roamed around my back then down to my thigh. I whimpered from his touch. "God, Kim you're so beautiful.." All of my thoughts subsided as he flinched my body so that I could face him and his lips covered mine. It took me a few seconds to respond to his expert kisses that made my heart race wildly out of proportion. I'm so lost from his kisses that I even didn't noticed that he already removed my hanging blouse. His kisses went down to my nape then to my shoulder blade and down to my left brest which is now exposed to his brown eyes.

My hands seemed to have their own mind as I found them roaming around his chest. I can feel his perfectly built body which is hidden between office suit. I'm almost halfway through unbottoning his polo when we heard a 'ting' sound. "Oh my God!!" Sabay kameng napatingin sa kabubukas lang na elevator at nakita sila DK at Cyriel. A shocked expression was written on Dk's face while Cyriel just gave his smirked to his brother. Oooops. Bad timing.. 20th Chapter. KIM'S POV "What the hell are you two doing?!" Dana hissed. I shrug my shoulder and started to put my shirt on, again. "Kim, I know you're a sex-holic but next time do it on the proper place." I just rolled my eyes and ignored her comment. Pft. Hinde naman ako ang unang humalik eh, si Clarence dapat ang pagalitan nya. "What are you two doing here?" pa-cool na tanong ni Clarence habang nirerebutton yung polo nya.

"Sinamahan ko lang si Dana dito. Hinahanap nya kase si Kim." sagot naman ni Cyriel. Napatingin ako kay Dk, "Bakit mo ako hinahanap?" "Wag tayo mag-usap dito sa tapat ng elevator. Dun tayo sa pad mo Kim." mataray na sabi nito. Tumango na lang ako at nauna ng naglakad papunta sa pad ko. "Ate Kim, good thing you're back. There's someone looking for---" Hinde na natuloy ni Cheska yung sinasabe nya kase biglang pumasok si Dk at Cyriel at sa likod nila ay si Clarence na dala-dala yung mga pinamili namen ni Bryle. "Clarence nasan na yung stuff toy na bigay ni Bryle?" "Tinapon ko na." kalmadong sagot nito. "What?! Tinapon mo?!" pasigaw na tanong ko sa kanya. Ewan ko kung matutuwa ako sa ginawa nyang pagtapon dun sa stuff toy o maiines. Tinapon nya yun kase nagseselos sya, which is good kase expressive na sya sa nafifeel nya para saken pero ang idamay ang cute na bagay dahil sa selos nya, er. Tsk, tsk. Pasalamat talaga sya at mahal ko sya kundi sinigawan ko na sya.

"Uhm, Ate Kim?" Napalingon ule ako kay Cheska. Obvious na gusto nyang makilala yung mga taong nandito. Hahaha! Kawawa naman 'to. Antagal ko na ngang nawala kanina eh, tapos may mga tao pang pumunta para guluhin ang minicelebration namen. "Cheska, can you go to your room for a while?" She smiled at me and nod once and then she headed to her room. Dumiretso naman sila Dk dun sa sala ko. Feel at home masyado. -___________-Si Clarence lang ang dapat ganyan. Tss. "Oy, ano bang sasabihen mo?" mataray na tanong ko kay Dk. "Kapatid mo ba yun, teka, wala ka namang kapatid di ba? Pinsan?" anlayo ng sagot nya. Wow, ha! "My ex's sister. Younger sister." I said lamely. "Oh." Napansin ko yung pagpulupot ng kamay ni Cyriel sa waist ni Dana. Sila na ang sweet. -___-Si Clarence naman pumasok dun sa kwarto ko. "Sasabihen mo na ba saken kung bakit nyo ako hinahanap?" Tumango sya, "Oo na. Tumawag kase sakin si Bryle Santos, nagulat nga ako kase alam nya yung number ko. Crush ko yun eh, anyway, nakipagkita sya saken at binigay ito.." nilabas nya ang isang brown envelope at inabot saken,

"Ang sabe nya ibigay ko daw sayo yan. Hinde nya sinabe kung ano ang laman pero sabe nya huwag ko raw bubuksan..." Binuksan ko yung brown envelope. May dalawang plane ticket at isang puting papel. Kinuha ko yung puting papel at binasa ang nakasulat. Ganda, I know you're wondering why I put two plane tickets inside the envelope. The first ticket is mine and the second one is yours. Kanina, pinayagan mo akong manligaw sayo pero nung biglang sumulpot si Clarence doon sa parking lot naisip ko na baka magka-ayos na kayo at magbago ang isip mo at bawiin ang sinabe mo. Let's meet tomorrow afternoon, exactly 1 pm at The Lounge. If you're really allowing me to court you then bring both tickets tomorrow, but if you change your mind and decided to take back everything you said a while ago then just bring one ticket. Whatever decision your is, I will accept it whole-heartedly. Just always keep in mind that I love you and it will never change. I love you, Ganda. Keep smiling! Bryle. PS. I hope you will bring both tickets and you will be able to watch my race, live. I felt pain after reading his note. Ano bang dapat kong gawin? Bryle is a special person for me, I like him. Pero ngayon na bati na kame ni Clarence at naamin na nya na mahal nya din ako, hinde ko alam kung babawiin ko pa yung pagpayag ko sa panliligaw nya saken. Magiging masama naman ako kung hahayaan ko syang manligaw kahit na alam kong hinde ko naman sya

sasagutin. Tama, may atraso pa ako kay Bryle. Nasampal ko sya at dapat akong humingi ng sorry. Sasama ako sa kanya papunta sa Germany, isang way na rin to para masubukan ko ang pagmamahal saken ni Clarence. I folded the paper in half and put it inside the envelope. Si Clarence kakalabas lang ng kwarto ko samantalang sila Dk nakatingin lang saken. "Anong nakalagay sa loob?" pag-uusisa ni Dk saken. "Secret. Umuwi na nga kayo ni Cyriel. Nabitin ako dun sa make-out session namen sa elevator, tsaka kakabati lang namen kaya kelangan namen ng make-up sex. Shoo!" pagtataboy ko sa kanilang dalawa. "Eew. Kadiri ka talaga Kim." Nagroll eyes lang ako, "Stop acting innocently Ferrer. If I know..." hinde ko tinuloy yung sinasabe ko, spoiler eh! =))))))) Pinandilatan nya lang ako ng mata at tumawa na lang ako. Pikon. Lol. "Di ko naman tinuloy ah. Tss. Uwi na." Tumayo na sila pareho at umalis. Ako, si Cheska na nasa kwarto nya at si Clarence na nasa kitchen ko ang nandito. Pumunta ako sa kitchen para tignan kung ano ang ginagawa ng magaling kong boyfriend, este, asawa. Nilalagay sa ref yung mga vegetables at fruits na pinamili ko. Yung mga can-goods naman nasa may table lang. Hinde nya

ako napansin kaya pumunta na lang ako sa kwarto ko para magpalit ng damit. I wore an over-sized shirt and a short shorts. Paglabas ko ng kwarto, si Clarence na sa may sala na. He's sitting while watching the tv. Psh. Football game. Umupo ako sa tabi nya and inihilig ko yung ulo ko sa shoulder nya, napansin ko yung pagngiti nya kase nakatingin ako sa kanya, at hinde sa tv. "Wag mo akong titigan, may bisita ka dito kaya hinde naten pwedeng gawin yung katulad ng kanina. Kung pumayag ka sana na dun sa condo ko umuwi edi sana naka-two rounds na tayo." then he chuckled. I smiled seductively, "Pwede naman naten gawin yun eh. Sound-proof ang room ko, husband." I saw him grinned then he looked straight into my eyes. Desire and passion are visible. I bit my lower lip then at one second he claimed my lips. He nibbled my lower lip which cause for me to open my mouth, he slipped his tounge and tangled with mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to deepen our kiss. He broke our kiss and gave his famous smirked before muttering, "Dun na tayo sa kwarto.." Binuhat nya ako, bridal style, at dinala sa kwarto ko. He layed me down at my bed before walking at the door to lock it. Then, he started to remove his clothes. He unbottoned his polo and unzipped his pants, he pulled down his boxer and before he removed his brief I stop him. He gave me a why-shouldInot-remove-this-look. I smiled at tap the left side of my bed. "Walang thrill kapag ikaw maghuhubad nyan. Tsaka paano tayo gagawa ng baby kung ikaw lang ang nakahubad?"

20B Chapter. Clarence smiled seductively then he walks towards me and he stop infront of me. My eyes focused on his erection. "Gosh, it's already mad, my dear husband." then I flashed my sexy smile. He just chuckled and bent down to claimed my lips. His tounge seeking for entrance, his hands landed on my thighs, carressing it softly. I felt his hands going up to my flat stomach, then went up to my right bosom which is still covered with bra. He parted our lips and stared into my eyes. Desire is visible in it. "Tonight is our first real honeymoon as a married couple..." he claimed my lips again. He bit my lower lip, that made me gasped and he took advantage of it when he slip his tounge inside my mouth. His right hand cupping my ass while the other one is inside my shirt, trying to unhook my bra from behind. Apparently, he is having a hard time unhooking it. I let out a small laughed, "Ako na nga ang maghuhubad..." tumawa ule ako at tinulak ng onti si Clarence, "Nagstrip show ka kanina kaya ako naman ngayon." then I winked at him. Tumayo ako at lumapit sa couch ko at kinuha yung iPod ko. I'll show him a real strip show. I started to sway my hips from left to right while removing my shirt. Then I walked towards him and unhook my bra and throw it on his face. I stop few inches away from him not minding the way he look at me.

I swayed my hips again, seducing him. I unzip my short shorts and pulled it down. Clarence stood up and walk around me. Eyeing every movement I'm making. I felt his arms wrapped around my waist. He started to sway his hips with the same rythm as mine. "You're really turning me on, love..." Then he pressed his hard erection on my back. "It's pretty obvious, Clarance. Ang hot ko kaya..." He laughed softly, "Hot kung hot.... Pwede ba dun na tayo sa kama?" Sasagot pa lang ako pero inumpisahan na nya ang paghalik sa leeg ko. His kisses are are making a swirling pattern. Nakikiliti ako sa ginagawa nya. "Cl---Clarence... du--dun tay--tayo sa k--kama.." pilit kong sabe habang tumatawa. Binuhat nya ako at nilapag sa kama. He leaned down and kissed my lips, passionately. His hands caressing my bosoms that made me moan inside his mouth. He parted our lips and stared right through my eyes. "I love you... so much." he muttered before claiming my lips again. He wrapped my legs around his waist and he continued kissing me torridly. His tounge battling with mine, our hands intertwined. Kahit na bukas na yung aircon ay ramdam ko pa rin yung pawis sa katawan ni Clarence. Unti-unti nyang binaba ang underwear ko at itinapon na lang ito basta-basta.

"Do we need to use condoms?" he asked half-amused. I shrugged then pulled him closer for another passionate kiss. I felt his huge erection poking my stomach. I'm already feeling heady and I'm quite sure that I'm wet down there. He broke our kiss and flashed his handsome smile, "I want you, right now." I smiled, "I know. I want you, too." I grab a fistful of his hair when I felt his finger inside my heated core thrusting it with a fast rythm. "Oh my god!" He continued what he was doing. His right hands cupping my bosom while the other is busy with my core. After several moments, he stop. He positioned himself on top of me and slowly entered me. He thrusts slowly, adjusting himself but after a minute his pace turns into a faster rythm that almost brought me to my climax. *knock knock* We both stared at each other. He gave me the what-the-hell-look, I laugh. Ooops. Nakalimutan ko si Cheska. =))) "Paalisin mo dito si Chesnut." sabay pout. Sinamaan ko sya ng tingin sabay tawa ule, "Cheska, hinde chesnut."

Kumunot ang noo nya at hahalikan ule ako pero pinigil ko sya. "Hep. Sorry may istorbo. Bitin din ako pero kelangan akong magpakita kay Cheska. Bisita ko sya kaya dapat asikasuhin." Nagpuppy look sya tapos hinalikan ako sa kaliwang balikat, "Bisita din ako." mahina nyang sabe. "Asawa kita Mr. Perez. Asawa." He sighed heavily and stood up. Umupo sya sa gilid ng kama habang nakasad face. Natatawa ako sa inaasta nya. Parang bata. :'''''> "Clarence, next time talaga wala ng manggugulo saten. Promise." "Dun ka na sa bahay tumira tutal kasal na naman tayo eh." *knock knock* "Ate Kim you still awake?" sigaw ni Cheska mula sa labas ng kwarto ko. "Yup. I'm coming out in a minute." "Okay. I'll prepare our dinner. I'm dead hungry, I could even murder a sandwich." "Psh. I could murder you for disturbing our honeymoon." mahinang reklamo ni Clarence.

Tumayo na ako at sinuoot yung undergarments then kumuha na lang ako ng over-sized shirt. "Stay here. Kakain lang kame, dadalhan na lang kita." Tumayo sya at niyakap ako then hinalikan yung leeg ko. "Sabay tayo maligo, ha?" he muttered sexily. I nod then claimed his lips. 21st Chapter. KIM S POV Nakakapanibago si Clarance. Ibang-iba sya simula kanina, para bang ayaw na nya akong pakawalan. Ilang beses na din nya akong sinabihan ng Iloveyou ngayong gabi. Feel na feel ko na tuloy ang pagiging Mrs. Perez. Hahaha! Ate Kim, is the person who brought these grocery bags is your boyfriend? Napatingin ako kay Cheska. Nakalimutan ko nga pa lang ipakilala si Clarence sa kanya. Tumango ako bago sumagot, Yup. His name is Clarence. He s hot, right? Ngumiti sya pero hinde sumagot. Don t you like him for me?

Honestly speaking, no. I think he s a player. apologetic smile.

She answered with an

He used to be one but trust me, he s a changed man. He loves me and I can feel that. She smiled then nod at me. I finished my meal and put the plates on the sink. Just leave the plates in the sink. I need to sleep now. I have an appointment tomorrow. Goodnight Ches. I kissed her cheeks and went back to my room. CLARENCE S POV --_______________-Alam mo yung bitin? Ako yun. Tss. Badtrip talaga yung Chesnut na yun. Pabiten. Andun na eh, malapit na tapos biglang eepal. Sarap nyang itapon sa basurahan kasama ni Bryle. Psh. Tumayo ako at sinuot yung boxer shorts ko tapos umupo dun sa couch ni Kim. Kakain pa sya and sigurado akong matatagalan yun. Mabagal syang kumain eh. Psh. Mamaya talaga itutuloy namen yung activity namen. Dun kame sa banyo nya para walang istorbo. Dahil wala akong magawa kumuha ako ng magazine, madame sya nun eh. Tss. Mas gwapo naman ako ng di hamak kesa dito sa mga male models na to. Psh. Bat ba bumibili pa sya ne to? Itatapon ko talaga to kapag sa bahay

na sya nakatira. Bawal syang tumingin sa ibang lalaki. Kumuha pa ako ng ibang magazine pero may napansin akong maliit na notebook. Ano to? November 28, 20K This can t be real, there s something wrong with everyone else, and they got it all wrong. Carl isn t dead. We were just at the park a day before, discussing our ambitions, our plans for the future, the things we wanted to do He wouldn t have gone and left this world without me. We made a promise to never leave each other. My family and friends keep mumbling something about a car crash, but I m sure it isn t Carl they re talking about. I wish they would just leave me alone until they figure out that they ve made a mistake. It s our 3rd anniversary today and Carl would be probably meeting me at the mall later in the evening. Diary nya ba to? Sino si Carl? Shit. Bakit parang may kung anung kirot akong naramdaman? Ililipat ko pa lang sana sa ibang page ng biglang pumasok si Kim. Agad kong tinago sa ilallim ng couch yung diary nya. I need to know who that Carl is. BRYLE S POV So you think she will show herself tomorrow? tanong saken ni Sandra habang umiinom kame ng beer dito sa bahay nya. Umiling ako, I m not really sure. But I m hoping

You re hopeless, Bry. Hinde ka na cool. Tinapik nya yung balikat ko bago tumayo at pumunta sa kitchen para kumuha ule ng beer. Shit. Bat ba hinayaan ko ang sarili ko na mainlove ng sobra kay Kim? 22nd Chapter. ARIZA'S POV Ilang months na ba ako dito sa US? Almost 3 months na rin pero until now hinde ko pa din makalimutan si Clarence. There's still a small space in my heart that belongs to him. "Are you thinking of him again, Ariza?" Kendrick asked. I gave him a small nod before answering, "Yes. I can't find ways to forget him Kendrick. I just love him so much that thinking of forgetting him makes me weak." You can t forget him simply because you don t want to forget him. Alam ko naman na may point si Kendrick eh, pero kahit anong pilit kong paglimot sa kanya mauuwi lang yun sa pag-alala ng mga masasayang bagay na pinagsamahan namen. Our photoshoot is almost done. Do you want to hang somewhere nice? I smiled at him, Sure. You know I love it when you re asking me to hang out.

He laughed at patted my head. It s a hobby of his, patting my head as if I m a kid. We went to his favourite restaurant and ordered his favourite meal. We sat on his private place on that restaurant and ate happily. Naging sobrang close kame ni Kendrick but hanggang ngayon hinde ko pa din maamin sa kanya yung nangyare years ago. Ni hinde nga ako sigurado kung sya ba talaga yung kasama ko dun sa aksidente eh. Pero imposible naman na hinde sya yun kase talagang kamukha nya, maliban na lang kung may kakambal sya. Mind floating somewhere? I was startled with his question. I shrugged then smiled at him. Do you want to taste their blueberry cheesecake? It s their specialty. Give a second to think Sure.

He let out a small laughed then he called the waitress and ordered two blueberry cheesecake. Kendrick Dapat siguro tanungin ko na sya di ba? Close friend na kame kaya dapat hinde na ako magtago ng secret sa kanya.

Yes? I cleared my throat, KIM S POV Pagpasok ko ng room nakaupo sa couch si Clarence at may mga hawak na magazine. Nilock ko na yung pinto at lumapit sa kanya. Umupo ako sa tabi nya. Are you hungry? Nakalimutan ko kaseng magdala ng foods for you eh. Ngumiti lang sya tapos kiniss ako. Smack lang. Oo, gutom ako. But don t worry babe. I don t need foods. Then he winked. Have you been into some kind of accidents years ago?

Hinampas ko sya sa braso. Magbehave ka Clarence. Nandito si Cheska kaya we can t do it again. Maybe next time He gave me a frowned look, Umiling ako, Psh. Punta na lang tayo sa pad ko.

Hinde pwede Clarence. May lakad ako bukas.

Okaay. Sasabihen ko na sa kanya na sasama ako kay Bryle papuntang Germany. Saan ka pupunta? Sasama ako.

Hinde pwede. Sa Germany ang punta ko. Sasama ako kay Bryle. Nanlaki yung mata nya sa sinabe ko, WHAT?! NO WAY!! I M NOT ALLOWING YOU MRS. PEREZ!! DEFINITELY NOT!! Clarence you should try to understand me--Bakit ka sasama sa kanya?! I can feel irritation within his voice, Nasaktan ko sya. He s been a good friend to me and gusto ko lang bumawi sa lahat ng kabaitan nya saken Para yun lang? Mag-thank you ka na lang. Okay na yun. Wag kang sasama. Hinawakan ko yung dalawang kamay nya, Listen to me Clarence, 2 or 3 days lang ako dun. Babalik din ako agad. Gusto ko lang bumawi sa kanya And gusto ko na ring sabihin na kasal na tayo para naman hinde na sya umasa. Paano kung mainlove ka sa kanya habang nandun kayo? nya. Napangiti ako, Natatakot ka na mainlove ako sa kanya? Tumigin sya saken atsaka tumango, Sobra I lean forward and kissed his lips, I won t look to any other guy, Clarence. I love you, I love you so much. Trust me. mahinang tanong

He smiles at me,

I trust you, babe

You ll come back to me okay?

I nod and hug him tight, I will. Wait for me. Huwag kang mambabae kundi pakakasalan ko si Bryle. Natawa sya, Sila ang lumalapit saken hinde ako. Tsaka bawal ka ng magpakasal sa iba kase kasal ka na saken. Ihahatid kita bukas ah. Wag na. May work ka pa husband. Kaya ko naman ang sarili ko. I ll call you before and after the flight. He broke our hug, Sa bahay ka na titira? Hmm Ipapakilala mo na ba ako as Mrs. Clarence Perez? It depends.

He took a peck on my lips,

Pinalo ko ule yung braso nya, Anong it depends?! Joke lang babe. Oo, ipapakilala na kita kela Mommy Nabigla ako ng hatakin nya ako patayo. Hinila nya ako papunta sa cr. Anong gagawin namen dito? Clarence bakit tayo nasa cr? pagtatanong ko sa kanya.

He smiled naughtily, Papayag ako na sumama ka ke Bryle pero lalagyan kita ng madaming mark para alam nya na akin ka lang

At dahil dun alam ko na kung ano ang balak nya. Ayaw patalo ng asawa ko 23rd Chapter. KIM'S POV Nagising ako dahil sa may kung anong kumakagat sa leeg ko. Unti-unti kong minulat ang mata ko para makita... ang isang Clarence Perez na busy sa pagpapak sa leeg ko. "Clarence..." mahina kong sabe. Ngumiti sya at hinalikan ako sa lips, "Good morning, love..." "Ano bang ginagawa mo?" pagtatanong ko dito. "Nilalagyan ka ng lovebites. This is the proof that you belong to me and not to anyone else. Bawal ka ng hawakan ng kahit na sinong lalaki..." he said grinning. "Andame ko na kayang ganyan. Niligayan mo rin ako last night, buong katawan ko na ata may lovebites eh." reklamo ko dito. Bigla nya ule akong hinalikan, this time passionate kiss na, "Okay lang yan, love. The more the merrier." sabay ngiti ng nakakaloko. Hinampas ko sya sa braso, "Clarence naman... Paano pa ako makakasuot ng sexy na clothes kung puro ako lovebites?"

"Wag ka na lang lumabas ng bahay para hinde ka mamroblema." then ngumi sya. "Nag-usap na tayo kagabi di ba? I need to go to Germany. Pambawi man lang kay Bryle..." Kumunot yung noo nya, "Oo na. Sige, sumama ka na kay Bryle. Basta after nyan dun ka na sa bahay titira. Lalagyan kita ng tracking device para alam ko kung saan ka pupunta. Pinalo ko ule sya pero this time sa dibdib naman, "CLARENCE?!" "Aray!? Wag kang sumigaw dyan. Mamaya magising si Chesnut eh. Tss." "Nakakaines ka. Cheska hinde chesnut. Tsaka anong oras na ba?" Tatayo sana ako para tignan yung oras pero bigla nya akong hinatak para mahiga dun sa braso nya. "3:30 am pa lang love. Sleep muna tayo o kaya naman ituloy naten yung activity naten..." Ang aga pa nga. -_____-Wala pa halos 2 hours ang tulog ko dahil kay Clarence. Grabe, ayaw paawat. Walang kapaguran 'tong lalaki na 'to. "Dapat talaga pinauwi kita eh. Feeling ko mabubuntis ako dahil hinde marunong mapagod." sabay pout. Hinalikan nya ulit ako sabay ngiti ng nakakaloko, "Pabor saken kapag nabuntis ka."

"Che!? Gumawa ka mag-isa mo." Tumalikod na ako. Naramdaman ko na niyakap nya ako. "Gusto ng magkaapo nila Mommy... Para sure na mabubuntis ka, dapat ituloy naten yung activity naten. Magkulong na lang tayo dito sa bahay." Humarap ako sa kanya, halos magkadikit na yung mga katawan namen. Parehas pa naman kameng hubad. He pressed his 'thing' on me. "Pagbalik ko na lang..." I said using my bedroom voice. "Mas maganda kapag ngayon na naten ginawa..." "Aalis ako mamaya, baka naman mawalan ako ng energy..." He encircled his arms around my waist, "Hinde yan... Ako bahala sayo, love..." Chapter 23.2 KIM'S POV He kissed my lips and a soft moan has escaped from my me. "We have to make this quick, babe." Clarence said with a hoarse voice. Geez. So insatiable. I can't believe that I marry this man. He shift his body so now he's on top of me. Clarence with his office suit is hot

but Clarence, naked and needy is hotter. "Kim what did you do to me?" he asked with his husky bedroom voice. I shake my head and roll my eyes, "You said we should make this quick?" He grin and kiss my lips hungrily. I returned the kiss with same fervor. Geez, I want him badly. I need his inside me, deep inside me. We'll be away from each other for a week and thinking about it makes me sick. His expert hands are on my breast, cupping it harshly. I moaned loudly. His thumbs encircling my nipples, it makes me groan. Pleasure runs through my body. "Ah!" I shout as he cover one of my aching nipple with his hot mouth. His left hand wandering down to my most precious treasure -my core. He push two fingers inside my wet core. In, out, in... Out... Again and again. His pace faster that his usual pace. As I feel my body convulse with his touch, I reach my climax. He pull his fingers out of me and kiss my lips again. I gladly accept his tounge and kiss him back. Oh, how I love this man! "You'll be the mother of my children after our sweet sex. I love you Kim..." His erection infront of my wet core. God, I want him to be burried deep inside me.

"Perez, you do it now. I need you, I want you. All of you. I love you, too, my dear husband." A smile was written on his beautiful face -my husband, my Clarence. He push himself inside me, filing my needs. He claimed my lips and I eagerly accept his tounge. His hips started to move... And we dance until we both find our release. *** We're lying on my bed, naked. "Don't fall inlove with Bryle. Understand?" I roll my eyes, "I won't fall inlove with him. Happy?" He smiles and plant a soft kiss on my lips. "I realize one thing." he said grinning. I look at him, confused. "You're beautiful when you wear those floral dresses, but you look more beautiful when you're naked and I'm inside you."

I blush, "You're too sweet since last night, Perez." "I know. I noticed that and I'm not really the sweet and romantic type of guy. But its how I react when I'm with you." "Oh, Clarence. Don't be --Ugh. I hate thinking of you being with someone else. I would die, so please avoid them." He smirks, "I don't care about those women who flirts around me. I'm hot y'know? I can't tell them to stop falling for my charms." "Oh, shut up. You're mine. I'm your beautiful, sexy and hot as hell wife. Keep that in mind." "And I'm your gorgeous husband. Keep a safe distance from Bryle." I giggled, "You are really jelous of Bryle. I can feel it, your jelousy. And honestly, I feel loved when you're jelous." He tightened his hud and nuzzle my hair. "You should be sleeping now, wife. You have an appointment later. Sleep." And I drift to sleep. BRYLE'S POV (The Lounge)

I dialed Sandra's number. She picks it up after two rings. "She's still not here. I'm nervous." Kanina ko pa inaantay si Kim, hoping na dadating sya sa usapan namen dala yung dalawang ticket. "Jeez. Calm down, Bry. Dadating din yun. Relax." "What if-----" She stops me from finishing my sentence. "Dadating sya. Trust me, Bry." then she hang up. What's wrong with Sandra? She sound furious and sad at the same time. I shrug my shoulders. I shouldn't be thinking of anything. I should keep myself focus and hope that Kim will show herself today. KIM'S POV I was awaken by the sudden vibration of my phone under my pillow. I took it out and stare at the man lying beside me. Clarence is still asleep. He look so peaceful when he sleeps.

My phone vibrates again, and it startles me. I look at the number flashing at the screen. '+6392*********' I had second thoughts about answering the call but in the end I press the answer button and put it on my ear. "Hello." "Kim, finally you answer my call." its a woman's voice. "Uhm. Who's this?" "Oh, I'm Sandra. Sandra Polonio, Bryle's bestfriend. I call because I want to remind you that--" I remember that I'm supposed to be seeing Bryle today. Shit. I over-slept. "Hey, uhm, Sandra, geez. Thanks for calling. I need to hang up now." I press the end call button and put my phone down. "Who's that?" Shit. Nagising ko ata si Clarence. I turn to face him. His face in a frown. "Good morning husband." I beam happily. "Good morning, too, wife. You're still not answering my question. Who's that?" I bite my lip, "Uhm. Just... Just a friend."

His brow was raised in a weird way, "A friend?" "Yes. A friend." "Bryle?" he asked with a flat tone. "No. She's a friend. Not a he. Kailangan ko ng tumayo." "Maaga pa." he muttered dryly. I glared at him, "Its already 10:30 in the morning. Hinde na maaga yun, Clarence." He sigh, "Fine. Tanghali na. Let's go to the bath together." Napaupo ako sa sinabe nya. Jesus, he is insatiable. "Clarence!" He smirks and stand up naked. I blushed as I see his erection. He grins at me, "C'mon. I don't want you to be late for your appointment." I wave my hand in disagreement. "Oh, no. Clarence, alam ko yang iniisip mo." His lips form an amused smile, "Really? Ano bang iniisip ko? The last time I

check myself I was just inviting you to bath with me." "Clarence!" "Hey, don't shout. Baka marinig ka ni Chesnut." I frown, "Cheska. Her name is Cheska. And Clarence, you don't need to play the innocent. I know what you're doing, thinking and no I won't go to the bath with you..." "And why is that, Kim? Asawa naman kita. Walang masama kung sabay tayong maliligo." "Walang masama. Pero--" "Pero ano?" he asked sexily. "Maliligo lang naman tayo, but if you have something in your mind then we can do it." My hormones. Damn it. "You're doing this on purpose. Ayaw mong sumama ako sa kay Bry..." I whisper. "Yes. Ayokong sumama ka sa kanya. I want to lock you here and fuck you all night, wife." Fuck me all night? What is he, a sex maniac? Jeez. "You only want me for my body?"

He shrug, "Ofcourse not. I love you, and that's the main reason why I want you all for myself." "Clarence... I just---Oh. I love you, so much, that I can't imagine my life without you. I just hope that everything you said last night and today are all true. I trust you with all my heart." He leaned down and plant a soft kiss on my lips. His tounge invading my mouth, which I eagerly accept. When he break our kiss we're both gasping for air. "Kim, I love you. I know I've been a jerk but believe me, I love you as much as you love me, well, maybe I love you more than you love me..." he chuckled, "Ikaw pa lang ang second girl---" "Second?" I interrupt him. He grins at me, "Yes. Second girlfriend pa lang kita." "Sino yung first?" He scowled at me, "Kilala mo kung sino kaya hinde ko na kailangan pang sabihen." Oh. Si Ariza Domingo. Yung bitch model. "I thought you had lots of girlfriends. Y'know yung mga girls na nagiging reason ng arguments naten." He frown, "Flings lang sila Kim. Ayoko talaga ng commitment but then everything change when you became my girlfriend."

I grin, "Ayaw ng commitment? Eh, bakit mo naging girlfriend yung bitch na model--I mean, si Ariza?" "Well, that's a different story and I don't want to discus that topic today." Inalalayan nya akong tumayo. Geez. Skin to skin na naman. We're both naked and I can feel his growing erection as he hug me tightly. "C'mon babe. Maligo na tayo." he whisper then bite my earlobe. "Maliligo lang tayo, okay?" Baka malate ako sa pagkikita namen ni Bry..." *** After our heated bathroom session we went to the kitchen to dig some food. Doing sex all night makes me famished. "You look hot on that dress but I think its too short." "I think the length is just right." He scowled but I ignore it. "Good morning Ate--Oh, you have a visitor." Cheska look at Clarence with disappointment. I know she doesn't want Clarence for me. "Good morning, too, Cheska. Yes, Clarence came to pick me up."

She smiled weakly and nod. "Are you hungry? Clarence and I is preparing breakfast. Do you want to eat with us?" "No need. I already had breakfast." "Oh, well, its already 11 in the morning so no wonder you're done with you're breakfast. Anyway, I'll be accompanying a certain friend in an event in Germany so I think I'll be gone for a week or so. Can you keep yourself safe while I'm away?" She smiles, "Ofcourse. You don't have to worry about me. Enjoy your trip." "Er--are you sure? If you want you could just go to my house so Manang can take care of you." I suggest. "Ate, I'm no kid at all. Trust me, I'm fine." she reassuring me. "Okay. I'll just lend you my car so you have something to use when you want to you know, look around." I gave her my car keys and she left. So I'm left with my dear husband again. I check my watch, 15 minutes has already pass. "Sit down, babe. Breakfast is served." Clarence announce as he put egg,

bacon and a toasted bread on my plate. "You look like a loving husband." the I giggle. "Indeed, I'm a loving husband." he winks at me. "Oh, Clarence... Lalo kitang mamimiss kung ganyan ka. Ugh." "I know." he smirks. *** Clarence insisted on taking me to The Lounge where Bry and I should meet. We're half an hour late because of our petty argument regarding my clothes. Geez. When we got there Bryle is sitting nervously. He look so pale, I wonder why? "Bryle..." I called his name. 24th Chapter. CLARENCE'S POV "Bryle..." she called his name softly. Fuck. I hate the thought of them together for a week somewhere far.

Agad naman tumayo si Bryle. He's smiling at my wife but then it fades as he saw me. Serves you right, asshole. Lumapit kame ni Kim sa table ni Bryle. "Bry, sorry natraffic kame eh." paliwanag ni Kim. Psh. Traffic, yeah. Na traffic kame sa kama. He smiles, "Its okay, Kim. Masaya ako na dumating ka dito. Akala ko hinde ka pupunta." Kim look at me, telling me to let go of her hand but I ignore her. "Santos, you better listen to what I have to say. Pumayag ako na sumama si Kim sayo but that doesn't mean that you can court her or flirt around her. She's mine, only mine and I don't tend to share things that I own. Are we clear?" He stiffened. "Hinde mo yan kailangan sabihen, Rence. I know my place, pero hinde porke't nagkaayos na kayo eh susundin ko lahat ng sinabe mo. Si Kim ag pumayag na ligawan---" "Ligawan?" I asked irritated. What? Fuck it. Pumayag si Kim na magpaligaw? Kelan? Bakit? I look at Kim with cold eyes but she managed to give me a slight smile and

mouthed 'sorry'. "Well, she's taking it back." I said coldly looking back at Bryle. "She's taking it back? Rence, ikaw lang nagsabe nun at hinde si Kim." I scowled at him. My fists are itching to punch his face. Bastard. I turn to loo k at Kim and smile wickedly. "Kim ayoko ng may kahati sa atensyon mo at alam kong alam mo yan. Nagkaayos na tayo kaya hinde ka na kailangang ligawan ni Bryle. Alam ko naman na sinabe mo lang yun dahil galit ka saken last night... You don't want to hurt his feelings by giving him some false hopes, right?" She bit her lip. "Ahem... Ah... I think it would be better if we take our seats first. Pinag titinginan na tayo eh." Umupo kameng tatlo. Si Kim sa tabi ko at si Bryle sa harap nya. "Now we're seated. Bawiin mo na kung ano man ang sinabe mo sa kanya." She sighed, "Bry... Hinde dapat ako pumayag na magpaligaw sayo. Clarence's is right. I'm just giving you false hope and--I'm sorry." napayuko si Kim. I smirked and put my arms around her shoulder and whisper, "Wag kang yumuko, wife. You did the right thing." She smiles at me and I wink. See, Santos! Akin lang si Kim at kahit kailan hinde mo sya makukuha saken.

"Kim kung binabawi mo 'to dahil kay Cla----" "No! No. Bry, I'm taking it back not because Clarence told me so. I'm just doing the right thing for you... For me, for all of us. You can't court me, I'm sorry." Bryle's expression is priceless. You can never win our bet, Santos. He sigh heavily, "I guess you're here to tell me na hinde ka sasama saken sa Germany." "No, I'm actually here to tell you that I'm coming with you." Mukhang nagulat si Bryle sa sinabe ni Kim. Damn it. Dapat wag na lang sya sumama. Mas madame kameng magagawang activity kung mag-iistay na lang sya. "Really?" excited na tanong ni Bryle. Really? Asshole. Tss. "Yes. I'll watch your race, live." she beam happily. Biglang tumigin saken si Bryle, "And sasama ka?" I was about to say yes but Kim already said no. Inunahan pa ako. -____

"So tayong dalawa lang Kim?" yung tono nya parang nag-iinis. I glared at him. "Yes. Tayong dalawa lang. Gusto kong bumawi dun sa pagsampal ko sayo last night, pati na din dun sa pagsuntok sayo ni Clarence." Fuck that reason. Pwede namang magsorry na lang. KIM'S POV Geez. I can feel the tension between Clarence and Bryle. Ano bang problema ng dalawang 'to? Parang hinde sila magkaibigan. Gosh! "So tayong dalawa lang Kim?" tanong ni Bryle. I smiled, "Yes. Tayong dalawa lang. Gusto kong bumawi dun sa pagsampal ko sayo last night, pati na din dun sa pagsuntok sayo ni Clarence." Naramdaman ko yung paghigpit ng hawak saken ni Clarence. "Ganda, I told you already. You don't have to say sorry, or even feel guilty about it. It wounds me more." he said avoiding my gaze. "Oh, Bry... I'm sorry. Naging mabait ka saken and yet..." Naging masama ako kay Bryle. Pinaasa ko sya sa isang bagay na alam kong imposible. "Bry... Please let me repay you for every good thing you did for me. Please... I

want to kill the guilt I feel... I know I sound stupid and absurd but please..." I plead. He closes his eyes and when he opens it he nod and gave me his sweet smile. "Alam mo naman na hinde kita matitiis, Ganda. Fine, you can watch my race live. You'll be my lucky charm." I smiled back at him, "Thank you Bry. Thank you for everything. For being with me through tough times and also for understanding and---well, thank you for loving me also." "The pleasure is mine, Ganda. Loving you is such a wonderful feeling. Basta keep in your mind na palagi lang ako nandito para sayo." he pauses and smile again, "But for now I need some time alone. Payag ako na pumunta ka ng Germany pero... Pero sumununod ka na lang dun a day before the race. You just, well, you just reject my feelings for you and I'll be stupid if I'll s ay that I'm fine when the truth is I'm not. I hope you understand..." Oh. I hurt Bryle. I know I've hurt his feelings, again. I smiled weakly, "Sure. If that's what you want... Thank you Bryle... Thank you." Nilabas ko yung envelope na binigay nya saken. Inabot ko sa kanya yung mga tickets. "I need to go first." sabay tingin kay Clarence na ramdam kong kanina pa naiinis. "Take care of her and never make her cry, again. Tandaan mo Perez, mahal ko si Kim at sa susunod na paiyakin mo uli sya hinde na kita hahayaang makalapit pa sa kanya. You win, for now."

Tumayo na sya at lumabas ng restaurant leaving me and Clarence, alone. He win? What the heck was that? Tinignan ko si Clarence... "You win? What was that for?" He shrug, "Never mind it." He smile boyishly, showing his perfect set of teeth, "Pano ba yan hinde tuloy ang flight mo..." Uh-oh. Parang hinde ko ata gustong marinig ang kasunod ng sasabihen ni Clarence. Inalis ko yung braso nya na nakapatong sa balikat ko pero agad naman nya yung binalik. "Wife, tayo na lang uli. Ang alam ng lahat pupunta ka ng Germany ngayon pero hinde na yun matutuloy... Pero may naisip akong plano." he leans and bite my earlobe, that sends shiver all through out my body, "Ituloy na lang naten yung honeymoon naten..." Oh. Mr Insatiable is back. I grinned, "Saan mo naman ako itatago?" "Sa condo ko. Almost a month pa bago yung race ni Bryle. We can do something productive there while waiting for the time to pass by." he winks. "We can use all the facilities there, too."

I laughed, "You are so insatiable, Mr Perez." "I know. I know." he grins, "Can't keep my, can't keep my. Can't keep my hands off you~" Ohmyy. Hahaha! Kumanta si Clarence, I can't believe he sang in such a public place. "Can't keep YOUR hands off Me?" I emphasize the words your and me. "Yes. I can't keep my hands off you." ARIZA'S POV "Kendrick you don't have to go there." Nalaman namen na half-Filipino si Kendrick and some of his relatives are in the Philippines. "I need to go there, Ariza. I need to find myself, I need some space away from you." I closed my eyes and hold my tears from falling. "Kendrick don't do this to me. Please... I know what I said is something hard to digest but--oh. Don't leave me here, alone. Don't." I'm lost for words. I cried. I cry infront of him. "Shit. Don't cry." he pulled me close to him and hug me tightly. "Ssh. Don't

cry , Ariza... I don't blame you for what you did, I don't even hate you... I ju st need some time to think, and also, to find who I am. I want to know the me in the past, please don't cry. Seeing you cry, breaks my heart into millions of pieces. You'll need this time, too, away from me." "No... Don't go... Don't leave me, please. Don't leave me here Kendrick. I already lost Clarence and I can't afford to lose you as well. Please, stay here. We might find some of your other relatives here. Please..." He cup my face, "You need this time, too. Trust me, you'll need it." "I don't need that time. I just need you." I whispered quietly. "You just need me? Well, I don't want you to need me---" he stops for a moment and stares at my eyes, "because I want you to love me the way I love you..." What? Anong sabe nya? Mahal nya ko? "Ariza look at me..." he commands. He tug my chin so I would be able to meet his gaze, "I love you..." and he planted a soft chaste kiss on my lips. 25th Chapter. "Oh no, Kim nag pakasal na agad kayo?"

I nod then bite my lower lip. When I turn to look at her, her expression is unreadable. "Oh my God! I can't believe---" "Nof, don't over-react. Nag pakasal lang kame." "Don't over-react? Are you fucking serious Miranda?" she said almost like a shout. Geez. Nakakahiya, nasa isang cafe pa naman kame. "Wag kang sumigaw, Salvador." then I roll my eyes. "I love him and he loves and I knew from the very beginning that he's my happy ending. End of story." She sighed, "You are one crazy woman, Kimberly Miranda---Perez." Ngumiti ako sa kanya, "I know. I'm really crazy, right?" I let out a small laugh , "He makes me happy, and complete. Mahal ko talaga sya Nof." "Your smile is not reaching your eyes. Do you really love him?" Napatigil ako sa tanong nya. Mahal ko ba talaga si Clarence? Oo, mahal ko sya. Pero bakit parang may kung anong kirot akong naramdaman nung tanungin ako ni Nof. "Nahihirapan kang sagutin?" Napatingin ako sa kanya, "I love him..." "Talaga? Nakalimutan mo na si Carl?"

Carl. Shit. I felt a pang of guilt when she mentioned his name. "I don't know... Mahal ko si Clarence ---Pero mahal ko pa rin si Carl." mahina kong sagot. "You can't love two person at the same time. Pinakasalan mo na si Clarence kaya dapat kalimutan mo na si Carl. He's dead, for almost 3 years. Forget him, and move on." "Hinde mo yan kelangan sabihen. Mahal ko si Clarence, at si Carl... He's just my past." "I feel bad for Clarence." Napatingin ule ako kay Nof, "Why?" "Kim, mahirap kalaban ang taong namatay na. Kung mahal mo sya at ayaw mo syang masaktan then kalimutan mo na si Carl." Tama si Nof. Kelangan ko ng kalimutan si Carl, kelangan ko ng tanggapin na isa na lang alaala si Carl at kahit kelan hinde na sya babalik pa saken. **** After nung pag-uusap namen ni Nof bumalik na ako sa condo ni Clarence. Yes, I'm staying at his place. Ang alam kase ni Dad nasa Germany ako, si Nof lang ang nakakaalam na nasa condo lang ako ni Clarence.

Pag dating ko dun nasa sala na si Clarence, he's watching the news. I walk towards him, without him noticing me. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his nape. "San ka galing, wife?" I smile, "Nagcoffee lang kame ni Nof." "Oh. Akala ko umalis ka na." I grinned then bit his earlobe, "Hinde no. Feel ko na kaya ang pagiging Mrs Kimberly Perez ko, kaya dito na lang muna ako." "Muna. Pwede namang dito ka na lang tumira eh. Kasal na tayo..." he mutter sexily. "As much as I love that idea but I can't stay here, well, not now. Hinde pa din alam nila Daddy na kasal na tayo and for sure maghihysteria sila kapag nalaman na nagpakasal na agad ako." He grins, "I can imagine. Spoiled brat ka eh." Inalis ko yung pagkakayakap ko sa kanya at lumakad papunta sa harap nya. Inagaw ko yung remote sa kamay nya at pinatay yung tv. "Spoiled brat? Hah! I'm not a spoiled brat Mr Perez." I said like a child then pout. "Really?" he raises his brow.

"I'm not a spoiled brat, Mr." I roll my eyes at him. "You look hot when your rolling your eyes at me. It turns me on." then he winks. I laughed breathlessly, "You turn me on when you wink at me just like what you did." He laughed again, "Hinde ka ba napapagod na nakatayo? You know wife, you can sit on my lap." "I prefer you being cold towards me but I love it when you're being sweet." He smiles at me and held my hands. Hinatak nya ako kaya naman napaupo ako sa lap nya. His arms are wrap around my waist while my hands are on his face, carressing him softly. He close his eyes so I lean forward and plant a soft kiss on his lips. I saw him smile and so I kiss him again. "Kim, tell me something about yourself." "Hmm, ano bang gusto mong malaman?" "Lahat. Lahat ng tungkol sayo gusto kong malaman." "I'm Kimberly Miranda-Perez. Turning 20 on August 10 and was born in Aspen, Colorado." "Alam ko na yan, basic infos lang yan eh. I want to know you more. Kasal na

tayo pero limitado pa lang ang mga bagay na alam ko tungkol sayo." Kinilig ako sa sinabe ni Clarence. He wants to know me more. "Mag tanong ka na lang kaya?" sabe ko sa kanya. "Pang ilan mo akong boyfriend bago tayo nag pakasal?" Natawa ako sa tanong nya, "Ahem... Uhm, pangalawa lang din." "Pangalawa? Sino yung pang-una?" Dapat ko na bang ikwento sa kanya si Carl? I took a deep breath and look straight into his eyes, "Carl Foley. Yung brother ni Cheska. He's my first boyfriend, and apparently he's my first in everything." Hinde nagsalita si Clarence. Nakatingin lang sya saken kaya naman tinuloy ko na yung kwento, "Childhood bestfriends kame then nung nag fifteen ako, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. After a year, a week before my birthday he--" I look at his eyes, trying to scrutinize his reaction but he's ju st staring at me, "He got in to an accident. He died because of a car crash." Naramdaman ko yung pag higpit ng yakap saken ni Clarence, "I loved him so much... So much... Hinde ko halos na matanggap na iniwan nya ako. I tried being a bitch just to cope up, I became a rebel, good girl gone bad. Nagdecide ako na dito na lang tumira sa Philippines, and I met you, accidentaly."

He leans forward and kiss my forehead, I blush. First time akong hinalikan ni Clarence sa noo and I feel contented, and happy. "There's no girls gone wild, just bad girls found out." "Clarence... I love you, I love you..." I whisper. "I know. I feel the same, Kim. I love you, too, so much." ***** SANDRA'S POV "Bryle, get a grip. Stop drinking." Inagaw ko yung hawak na bote ni Bryle. He's drunk again, and this is all because of her. I never saw Bryle this wasted, not even once. He must have love her so much and that idea irritates me. Mahal ko si Bryle, hinde lang bilang bestfriend. Matagal ko na syang mahal pero mas pinili kong maging bestfriend na lang nya dahil alam ko naman na mas tatagal ang pagsasama namen kung ganun lang kame. "Bryle, stop drinking. Stop getting wasted and just move on. She don't deserve you." I scold him. "Sandra..." Shit. I can hear his sobs, he's crying."Mahal ko sya... Sobra ko syang mahal kaya sobrang nasaktan 'to."

Tinuro nya yung puso nya tapos ngumiti ng pilit. "Pero hinde sya saken magiging masaya kaya papalayain ko na sya..." "Bry... Ganyan mo ba talaga sya kamahal?" Tumango sya kaya naman ngumiti ako sa kanya. A bitter smile. "Tutulungan kita, gagawin ang lahat para makuha mo sya Bryle. Stop doing these shits. Ayusin mo ang sarili mo, kakailanganin ka nya. Makukuha mo sya." Tumalikod na ako at iniwan si Bryle. Pagkalabas ko ng bar agad kong kinuha yung phone ko at nagdial ng number. "Paul, I'll be needing your help. Pupunta ko dyan sa bahay mo para sa mga details." **** CLARENCE'S POV Nagpunta kame sa grocery store ni Kim. Magluluto daw sya at kailangan nyang bumili ng mga ingredients. Ano naman kaya lulutuin nya? Seafood pasta na naman? Yun lang ata ang alam nyang lutuin eh. "Clarence!"

Tawag saken ni Kim. Nasan ba yun? Pag lingon ko nandun sya sa harap ng free food taste stall. Lumapit ako sa kanya. "Bakit?" Ngumiti sya, "Nagffree taste ka ba?" "Hinde." simpleng sagot ko. Nagpout sya, "Hmp. Arte mo naman, love." Anak mayaman pero mahilig sa mga free taste. Tss. Kakaiba talaga 'tong asawa ko. "Wag ka ng tumikim dyan. Bumili na lang tayo nyan tapos iluto mo na lang sa bahay." "Eh sayang naman 'tong free taste kung hinde natin titikman." Kumuha sya ng isa at sinubo tapos humarap sya saken at tinapat sa yun sa bibig ko. "Oh, dali tikman mo na 'to, love." then she winks at me. I sighed then sinubo ko na. "Kakainin mo din pala tapos ang dame mo pang arte dyan." pabulong na sabe ni Kim.

I grinned, "Tara na nga. Mamili na tayo ng ingredients para sa seafood pasta mo." Hinatak ko sya papunta dun sa meat section. **** "Ayoko nung shampoo mo, panlalake." reklamo ni Kim. Nag smirk ako, "Lalake ako kaya ganun, magtaka ka kung pambabae yung shampoo ko." Nagroll eyes lang sya, "Oo na, pero dahil dun muna ako titira sa bahay mo---" Tinakpan ko yung bibig nya. Ang ingay naman nya. Tss. -_____________ "Kumuha ka na lang nga mga kailangan mo. Wag ka ng maingay. Dalian mo na din, nagugutom na ako." Tinanggal nya yung kamay ko, "Bat mo tinakpan yung bibig ko? Hinde kaya ako makahinga!" Aish. Ang ingay naman talaga. "Wag kang sumigaw, pinagtitinginan na tayo ng mga tao." Sinamaan nya lang ako ng tingin tapos tumalikod at naglakad palayo saken. Anong problema nun? Agad ko naman syang hinabol at hinawakan sa braso.

"Bakit ka naman nagwalk-out?" "Wala. Uuwi na ako sa bahay." "Huh?" Humarap sya saken, "Ang sabe ko uuwi na ako sa bahay." "Saang bahay?" Napatigil sya, "Sa bahay naten, malamang. Asawa kaya kita." Inemphasize nya yung word na 'asawa'. Tumalikod na ule sya at nagsimulang maglakad palayo saken. **** KIM'S POV "Sa bahay naten, malamang. Asawa kaya kita." Inemphasize ko yung word na 'asawa'. Tumalikod na ako at lumabas ng grocery store. Nakakairita yung mga babaeng tingin ng tingin kay Clarence. Oo, alam kong gwapo sya pero --ugh. Parang gusto kong lagyan ng placard sa leeg si Clarence na may nakasulat na 'Hands Off -He's Mine.' Grr. "Teka lang Kim!" sigaw ni Clarence.

Huminto naman ako at humarap sa kanya. "Baket?" iritadong tanong ko sa kanya. "Ano bang problema mo?" halatang inis na din sya. "Ikaw." mahinang sagot ko. "Ako? Ano naman ang ginawa ko? Look, kung dahil lang 'to dun sa pagtakip ko sa bibig mo, then, I'm sorry. Ang ingay mo lang kase kaya ko yung ginawa." I roll my eyes at him, "Hinde yun dahil dun, Clarence. Duh, hinde naman ako ganun kababaw para magalit lang ng dahil dun." "Eh anong problema mo? Bakit ka nag walk-out?" "Eh kase naiinis ako dun sa mga babae sa loob ng grocery store. Kung tignan ka nila parang gusto kang kainin. Kainis. Hinde ba nila pansin na may kasama ka." Ngumiti naman sya. Ugh, nagjoke ba ako? Kainis. Naglilintanya na nga ako dito tapos ngingiti lang sya. "Wag kang ngumiti dyan, Mr. Hinde ako natutuwa kapag tinitignan ka ng ibang babae. Nakakainsulto." Lumapit sya saken at hinapit ako sa beywang. "Wag ka ng maglintanya dyan. Di bagay sayo, babe. Hanggang tingin lang naman sila eh, hinde nila ako makukuha."

"Bakit naman kase ang gwapo mo eh?" Tumawa sya ng mahina tapos kinurot yung pisngi ko. "Umuwi na nga lang tayo sa bahay, naten. Ipagluto mo na ako ng seafood pasta, kahit tatlong araw na naten yan kinakain." Nagpout ako, "Eh, yun pa lang ang alam kong lutuin eh. May maid kase kame sa bahay." "Alam ko, kaya nga kahit nakakasawa na eh hinde ako nagrereklamo. Pero dapat pag-aralan mo ang magluto. Kapag nag kaanak tayo, hinde ako papayag na katulong ang mag-alaga sa kanila. Dapat maging hands on parents tayo." O//////////////O Eh bakit naman kase ang sweet ni Clarence? **** ARIZA'S POV "Mikee nag-aalala na ako kay Kendrick. Hinde nya pa din ako tinatawagan." She sighed, "Ariza, give him some time alone. He needs to find himself." "But he promised me. He promised me that he'll come back for me." Mikee smiles at me, "And he will come back for you. Be patient, Ariza." I sighed heavily, "Okay."

Hinde ko pa alam kung ano ang nararamdaman ko pero sigurado akong mahalaga sya saken at hinde kaya kung iiwan nya ako. "Nakalimutan mo na ba si Clarence?" biglang tanong ni Mikee. I look at her, "Hinde ko makakalimutan si Clarence, he's the guy whom I loved for more than 6 years." "Loved? Past tense." I grinned at her, "Yes, past tense. Loved. It means that I'm over him. And that is all because of Kendrick." "Well, that's good to hear. Mabuti naman at narealize mo na hinde si Clarence ang lalaki para sayo." I smile, "Nahirapan akong tanggapin yun, Mikee. At alam kong alam mo yun. Pero simula ng makilala ko si Kendrick, parang narealize ko na tama ka. Hinde nga si Clarence ang aking 'happily ever after'. We're not meant for each other, because I deserve someone alot better than him." "So, hinde mo itutuloy yung plano mong pagbawi sa kanya?" I shrugged my shoulder, "Hinde na. Masaya na ako, well, mas sasaya ako kung makakasama ko na ule si Kendrick." I grin, again, "Sana lang wag saktan ni Clarence si Kim. That girl looks like she's really inlove with Clarenc e. I pity her." I stared at the window and took a deep breath.

"But you know what Mikee... Gusto kong maranasan din ni Clarence yung masaktan ng todo. Am I bad for wishing that thing?" She smiles at me and nod. "I know. Ang sama ko nga kung ganun. But, I just want him to have a taste of his own medicine." "You sound like a psycho ex, Ariza." she mutter. I laugh, "Yes. Indeed, I am a psycho ex." **** 26th Chapter. "So what's your plan?" Nof ask as we enter a boutique. "Plan for what, Salvador?" I retorted. She roll her eyes, "Duh, for your husband's birthday. I'm quite sure that you don't want to miss that." "May celebration party sa bahay nila. And oh, I'm inviting you." She grins at me, "Er--Feel mo na talaga ang pagiging Mrs Perez."

"More than you know." then I flash my oh-so-famous-smile. "I like this dress." I was holding a yellow above the knee dress. I showed it to Nof, "What do you think?" "That will do. Bayaran mo na then samahan mo ako sa salon. I want to cut my hair." ***** We went to one of the finest salon here in the Philippines. Nof decided to cut her hair, short. I wonder why she did that? I mean, she really adore her long hair. "Ma'am can I offer you any drink?" tanong saken nung isang employee. I smile sweetly at her, "No, but thanks." She nod and went back inside the staff room. Kumuha ako ng isa sa mga magazine and scan it. "Kim?" Napatingin ako dun sa babaeng nakatayo sa harap ko. She look pretty, but hell, I'm prettier. "Yes." then I smile at her. "Finally, nakita na din kita in person. You're really beautiful, just as what

Clarence told me." Clarence told her, what? I feel irritated all of a sudden. "Sorry, but you have me at disadvantage." I tried to hide my irritation and gave her my sweet smile. "Oh, sorry. I'm Andrea." she held out her hands. Fuck. I remember her. ***** "Kim sabe ni Dana nasa Germany ka daw?" Hinde ko pinansin yung tanong ni Cyriel. Naiinis ako. I want to combust right now, but I'm trying my very best to control myself from doing it. "Where is your brother?" I snap back at him. He smirks, "Nag-away kayo? Tss. He's inside." Binuksan nya yung pinto at pumasok na ako sa loob ng office ni Clarence. Pag pasok ko he's sitting on his swivel chair talking to someone on his phone. Ngumiti sya nung makita nya ako, gusto ko ding ngumiti kaya lang kapag naaalala ko yung kanina nabbwiset lang ako. Dahan-dahan kong sinarado yung pinto at lumapit sa office desk nya.

"Tatawag na lang ako..." then binaba na nya yung phone. "Hello, wife. How are you?" I scowled at him, "I feel annoyed and frustrated at the same time and it's all because of you." "Hey, anong ginawa ko?" Tumayo sya at akmang hahawakan ako sa kamay pero agad kong iniwas yun. "Ano bang problema Kim?" inis na tanong nya. Aba, at sya pa ata ang may ganang mainis saken. Ugh. "Naging girlfriend mo yung Andrea?" tanong ko sa kanya. Kumunot yung noo nya, para bang naguguluhan dun sa tanong ko. "Tell me, Clarence. Naging kayo ba?" pasigaw na tanong ko. "Nagkita ba kayo?" halata sa boses nya na inis na talaga sya, saken. Tss. "Oo, nilapitan nya ako kanina habang sinasamahan ko sa salon si Nof." tapos umiwas ako ng tingin. Narinig kong huminga sya ng malalim, "Hinde na naging kame. Though, nag

date kame dati." "Hinde ko alam kung paniniwalaan ko yang sinasabe mo." malamig na sagot ko dito. Alam kong namumuo na yung luha ko pero I'm trying my best para wag yong tumulo. Ayokong umiyak sa harapan nya, ayokong magmukhang mahina sa harap nya. AYOKO! "Clarence, ayokong pagsisihan yung pag papakasal ko sayo pero..." dahil sa ginagawa mo parang nagsisi na ako. "Kim, pinag-usapan na naten sya. Wala lang sya. Ano bang sinabe nya sayo at nagkakaganito ka?" He run his hands on his hair. Fuck it. He look hot when he does that. "Wala, wala syang sinabe pero---" Shit. Oo nga, wala namang sinabe saken si Andrea pero bakit ba ako nagagalit sa kanya? Dahil nilapitan ako ng isa sa mga naging babae nya? Shit. Shit. Shit. "Wala?!" halos pagalit na sigaw ni Clarence. Hinde na ako makatingin sa kanya, nahihiya ako sa inasta ko. "Kim, nagagalit ka dahil sa wala?!"

"Wag mo akong sigawan!?" "You are impossible... Okay, naiintindihan ko kung naiinis ka dahil nilapitan ka nya pero yung magalit ka saken ng walang dahilan. Fuck it, Kim. Eto, eto palagi ang dahilan ng away naten. Yung mga babae ng naging parte ng buhay ko, pero lahat sila na sa past ko na. Pinauuna mo yang letseng selos na yan. Playboy ako, marami akong babaeng pinaiyak at pinaglaruan pero pinagsisihan ko na yun..." huminga sya ng malalim bago uli nagsalita, "I offered you my name, pinakasalan kita kase mahal kita. Oo, it took me sometime to realized that I love you pero alam ko nung mismong araw na inaya kitang magpakasal na ikaw na yung babaeng makakasama ko habang buhay. Hinde lang yun basta laro para saken..." I'm speechless. Hinde ko alam kung ano ang sasabihen ko kay Clarence. May point sya, madalas kong pinaiiral ang selos ko at yun talaga ang dahilan ng pag-aaway namen. "I--I'm sorry." mahina kong sabe kay Clarence. I'm trying my best to avoid his gaze. Hinde ko sya kayang tignan sa mata, nahihiya ako. "Go home, may meeting pa ako." he said with a cold voice. Galit sya, alam kong galit sya saken. Kasalan ko 'to. Shit. "Clarence, I'm really sorry. Tama ka, pinauna ko yung selos ko. Sorry." "Just go aw---Go home." he said with a stern voice. "I'm sorry. I love you, please don't be mad at me." I whisper.

Lumabas na ako ng office nya. Shit. I'm such a fool. He's mad at me, real mad. **** CLARENCE'S POV Lumabas na sya ng office. Badtrip. Nag-away na naman kame. Bakit ba palagi na lang namen pinag-aawayan yung mga ex ko? Tss. Bakit parating sa side ko yung nagiging cause ng away namen? Nilibas ko yung cellphone ko at dinial yung number nila Karlo. KIM'S POV Shit. Galit saken si Clarence. How stupid of me. Kainis. Nadala na naman ako ng selos ko. Nagpalakad-lakad ako sa kwarto namen ni Clarence. 10 pm na pero wala pa rin si Clarence, tumawag na ako sa office nya pero ang sabe ng secretary nya umalis na 'to. Asan na ba si Clarence? Nako, wag ko lang malalaman na pumunta sya ng bar para mambabae. Sasakalin ko talaga sya. Lumabas ako ng kwarto at pumunta sa kusina. Kumuha ako ng beer in can tapos bumalik ako sa kwarto. Iinom na muna ako, pampakalma para naman mamaya kapag dumating na si Clarence eh may masasabe ako sa kanya.

AFTER TWO HOURS... "Hmmm..." Ang sarap naman yakapin ng unan ko, kaamoy ni Clarence. Pero teka, bakit parang may muscle? Dinilat ko yung mga mata ko at hulaan nyo kung sino ang nakita ko... TaDa! Si Clarence na tulog na din at naked from above. Shit. Ang hot ng asawa ko, pero anong oras ba sya nakauwi? Umupo ako tapos tinignan yung oras, 12:30 am. Nakatulog na pala ako kakahintay kay Clarence. Tinignan ko sya tapos hinawakan ko yung mukha nya. "Clarence... Sorry, ha? Nadala kase ako ng selos kaya ganun yung naging asal ko. Please don't be mad at me... I love you..." I kissed his forehead. Tumayo ako at kinuha yung purse and car key ko then lumabas na ako. Saan naman kaya ako pupunta ngayon? Sa bahay namen, sa condo ko o sa bahay ni Nof? CLARENCE'S POV Shit. Ang sakit lang ng ulo ko. Napadami ata yung nainom ko last night. "Kim..." kinapa ko yung right side ng kama pero wala namang nakahiga dun kaya tumingin ako sa side na yun at wala nga talaga si Kim. Tumayo ako at lumabas ng kwarto para hanapin sya pero hinde ko sya nahanap. Asan na ba yung babae na yun? Bumalik ule ako sa kwarto at

kinuha ko yung cellphone ko sa bulsa ng pants ko para tawagan si Kim. Pagbukas ko text agad ni Kim ang nakita ko. 'I went away for awhile. I'll be back, love. Palamig ka muna ng ulo. I'm sorry. I love you.' 26B Chapter. KIM'S POV 5 hours na ako dito sa labas ng condo ni Clarence at hanggang ngayon wala pa din akong lugar na mapuntahan. Dapat siguro, magsorry na lang uli ako sa kanya at lambingin sya para maayos na yung tampuhan namen, (na ako ang may kasalanan. -______-) Grabe naman kase yung selos ko eh, parang bulkan na mageerupt. Bigla akong natauhan nung may kumatok dun sa windshield ng kotse ko. Napatingin naman ako agad, at si Clarence ang nakita ko. Sinenyas nya na buksan ko yung pinto, kaya agad ko yung ginawa. "Why are you here?" Iniiwasan kong tignan yung mata nya. Alam kong galit pa sya saken.

"Yuyuko ka na lang ba dyan at hinde sasagutin yung tanong ko?" Napatingin ako sa kanya, "Ah... Eh... Are you still mad at me?" I asked nervously. Hinde sya sumagot. Wala pa ring expression yung mukha nya. Hinde ko tuloy malaman kung galit pa sya o hinde na. "You're still mad?" I asked once again, hoping that he would answer my question. He run his hand through his hair. "I'm sorry..." I whisper in a small voice. He sighed heavily before speaking, "Bumaba ka na dyan." "Hey... I said my sorry, don't be mad at me." I said ignoring what he said. "Will you ever listen to whatever I'm going to tell you to do?" he asked, controlling himself from combusting. "Look, kung galit ka pa saken then aalis na lang ako." yumuko ako. "Doon tayo sa unit ko mag-usap. Huwag dito." malamig na sabe ni Clarence. "I'm sorry." mahinang sabe ko uli.

"Bababa ka ba dyan ng kusa o kailangan pa kitang buhatin?" inis na tanong nito. Agad akong napatingin sa kanya dahil dun sa sinabe nya. "Bababa lang ako kapag sinabe mo saken na hindi ka na galit." He sighed in despair. "Fine, hindi na ako galit." "Totoo? Hindi ka na talaga galit saken?" masayang tanong ko dito. Tinitigan nya lang ako. "Sinabi mo lang ba yun kase yun ang gusto kong marinig?" Hindi pa rin sya sumagot, patuloy lang ang pagtitig nya saken. "Ano bang dapat kong gawin para mawala na yang galit mo saken?" "Bumaba ka dyan sa sasakyan at umakyat na tayo sa unit ko. Doon tayo mag-usap." malamig na pagkakasabi nito saken. Iniwas na ni Clarence yung tingin nya at naunang lumakad. Hindi man lang nya akong hinintay. Galit pa nga sya. Bumaba na din ako at sumunod kay Clarence pabalik sa unti nya. Habang nasa elevator kame ay walang nagsasalit na kahit isa man lang samin. Parang nabingi na ata ako sa katahimikan. Ano kayang iniisip ni Clarence? *ting*

"Just attend the party tomorrow." then he walked out of the elevator. Party? Yung birthday party nya? Malamang pupunta ako dun, asawa nya kaya ako. I grinned stupidly. He surrendered to my charm. I went inside his unit and I found him sitting on his couch with his eyes, closed. I walked towards him and stop infront of him. I lean forward and kissed his lips, chastely. "Thank you, love. Sabi ko na hindi mo ako matitiis eh. I love you!" I beam happily. **** CLARENCE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY Formal party ang inorganize nang parents ni Clarence para sa kanya. Alot of business tycoons, celebrities, models and his their employees were invited. His friends and his other relatives were also there. "Where's your husband, Kim?" I shrugged at Nof's question. Hinde ko pa nakikita si Clarence simula kaninang umaga. Nauna syang umalis sa condo nya, pag gising ko kanina wala na sya. I texted him but he didn't reply, I even tried to call him but he ignore my calls. "Still on argument pace?" pang-aasar na tanong ni Nof. I glared at her. "No. Bati na kami ni Clarence, infact we made love last night."

She rolled her eyes at me. "Whatever. Dyan ka na nga, antayin mo yang asawa mo." Bumalik na si Nof sa loob ng venue, nag paiwan ako dahil iniintay ko pa si Clarence. Asan na ba kase yun? Hindi man lang ako magawang itext. Tss. Naramdaman kong nagvibrate yung cellphone ko. Nilabas ko yun mula sa purse ko para tignan kung si Clarence yung nagtext pero si Nof lang pala. Mag-uumpisa na daw yung party. "Mag-uumpisa eh wala pa nga yung may birthday. Psh." Pumasok na ako sa loob ng venue at babalik na sa table namen ng biglang may humawak sa balikat ko. "Shouldn't you be my muse?" Clarence asked smiling. I gave him my sexy smile. "Of course." He held my hand and we walked towards the stage. He is wearing a black suit and a gray necktie that matches my black abovethe-knee gown. "You look stunning as ever, wife." he whispered.

I can feel my hormones protesting inside my body. Geez. "I'm stunning. you're handsome... Guess, we're a perfect match." He laughed boyishly and kissed my cheek. As we got on the stage, his mom came and gave Clarence a big hug while his dad tap his shoulder and handed him the microphone. He muttered 'thank you' and smile. "Thank you everyone for being here tonight. I wasn't expecting party for my birthday but then my parents organize one, and so thanks to them. I will take this opportunity to announce that this stunning lady beside me..." lumingon saken si Clarence at ngumiti. "Has finally consented to be my wife . . . in a few months." Hinawakan nya ako sa kamay at hinatak palapit sa kanya. 'Consented to be his wife' Wow. Kelan sya nagpropose saken? I heard people clapping their hands. Lumapit uli ang parents ni Clarence sa aming dalawa. "That never turns about was unexpected, Rence." her mother said smiling to the both of us. "I thought of you getting married." She gave Clarence another hug then to me and smile. "This is such a big news. Does your parents knows this?"

Napatingin ako kay Clarence. Anong isasagot sa mommy nya? Hindi pa 'to alam ni dad, at maski ako hindi ko alam na iaannounce nya na magpapakasal kame, when in fact kasal na kame.

"I'll talk to her dad tomorrow. I'll ask for her hand, formally." then he grins at me. "Well, that's good to hear. We should follow the old tradition." his dad said smiling at us. "This must be your best birthday, son." He grins, "Indeed." **** "What the heck was that Clarence?" "Ipinaalam ko sa lahat ang plano nating magpakasal." "Magpakasal?! Are you stupid?! Kasal na tayo, dalawang buwan na." Nandito kame ni Clarence sa isang private room. "Hindi naten pwedeng sabihin sa lahat na kasal na tayo---" "At bakit naman?! Ikinahihiya mo ba na kinasal tayo?" He sighed and runs his hand through his hair. "It's not like that, Kim. Hindi lang natin pwede sabihing kinasal na tayo, baka atakihin sa puso ang parents ko." Oh, I get his point. Pero naiinis pa rin ako sa ginawa nya. Dapat sinabe nya na

lang na asawa na ako, hindi na sya dapat gumawa pa ng kwento. "Okay. Naiintindihan ko na ang point mo Clarence pero sana naman sinabihan mo ako sa na gagawin mo yun. Nabigla ako, hindi ko ineexpect na mag-aanounce ka ng ganong bagay." Hinapit nya ako sa beywang. "Wag kang magalit saken, ikaw ang may atraso. May tampo pa ako sayo dahil sa rage blackout mo dun sa office ko." Nagpout ako. Tama bang ipaalala pa nya yun? Psh. Alam ko naman na ako yung may kasalanan eh. Kainis. >_______< "Wala ka bang regalo para saken?" pagtatanong nya habang magkayakap pa rin kami. "Meron, pero dun ko na lang sa condo mo ibibigay." then I smile sexily. He swoops down and claimed my lips, he slips his tounge inside my mouth. His hands caressing my back, sending shivers to spine. "Ahem . . ." Agad akong tinulak ni Clarence. "Sorry to interrupt your intimate mo----" "Cut the crap, Chase. Rence, naaksidente si Bryle." "What?!"

Napatingin saken yung dalawang lalaki. "Oh. You must be Rence's wife?" the cute guy said. Clarence's growled at him. "Chase, hand's off. She's mine. Asan si Karlo?" "Pinuntahan na nya si Bryle." paliwanag nung Chase. "Kumusta na si Bryle? Ano bang nangyare?" pagtatanong ko. "He's driving under the influence of alcohol." Parang nanlumo ako sa sinabe nung Chase. Naaksidente si Bryle... Dahil ba 'to saken? "Teka, akala ko nasa Germany sya?" tanong ko naman kay Clarence. "Hindi sya tumuloy. Alam mo naman siguro kung bakit." seryosong sagot ni Clarence. Oh my, God! Ako nga ang dahilan kung bakit naaksidente si Bryle. "Puntahan natin sya..." mahinang sabi ko. "Ang mabuti pa, mauuna na kami ni Chase. Sumunod na lang kayo Rence."

Tumango si Clarence pagkatapos lumabas na yung dalawang lalaki. Humarap ako kay Clarence. "Pumunta na tayo sa ospital." pakiusap ko kay Clarence. "No. Kailangan nating tapusin 'tong party. Susunod na lang tayo." "Pero Clarence---" "No. Wag ka ng makipagtalo, susunod na lang tayo." matigas na sabi nun. Hinawakan na nya ako sa kamay at hinatak palabas at bumalik na sa party venue. God, please save Bryle... **** Malapit ng matapos yung party, marami ang nagperform at nagbigay nang message kay Clarence pero hindi ko yun halos napansin dahil sa pag-aalala ko kay Bryle. "And now, for the last part of the program. A video for the celebrant will be played..." They dim the lights and a video was played. Hindi ko yun tinitignan pero napansin ko na lang na parang may kung anong ingay sa paligid. Pagtingin ko sa dun sa video...

A video of Clarence while making out with a certain girl... And wait, kilala ko yung babae. It's her, Andrea. 27th Chapter. Ano ang gagawin mo kapag nakapanuod ka ng video na asawa mo yung bida? Magtatatalon sa tuwa o maiiyak dahil sa sobrang galit? Si Kim wala sa choices ang ginawa. Tumayo sya at sinampal sa mukha si Clarence sabay takbo. See, rage blackout. Ganyan ang nagagawa ng sobrang selos. Sa totoo lang alam nyang matagal ng kuha yung video, paano nya nalaman? Simple lang, nasa video din si Ariza Domingo. Pero dahil nga sa hard limit para sa kanya si Andrea, nagpadala sya sa nararamdaman nya. Tumakbo sya palabas ng venue nang walang lingon-lingon. Saan sya pupunta? Hindi nya alam at ayaw na muna nyang alamin. Ang mahalaga lang sa kanya ngayon ay makaalis sya sa lugar na yun at mailabas ang nararamdaman nya. Nung napagod na sya sa pagtakbo naisipan nyang pumunta sa bar na palagi nilang pinupuntahan ni Nof noon. Umupo sya sa stools at umorder nang maiinom. Magpapakalasing na lang sya... "Cheated by your boyfriend?" Hindi sya umimik. Hindi naman kase nya ugali ang magkwento ng problema nya sa mga taong hindi naman nya kilala. "Silence means yes."

Kahit madilim sa paligid naaaninag nya yung mukha nung lalaki, nakangiti ito sa kanya. "I don't talk to strangers." simpleng sabi ni Kim. Natawa yung lalaki, "It is better to tell your problems to a stranger because they can give you good advices without being bias." Parang natawa naman sya dun sa sinabi nung lalaki. May point kasi ito. Minsan mas magandang ikwento sa taong hindi mo kilala ang mga problema mo kasi mas nakakapagbigay sila ng payo na alam mong walang pinapanigan. "I saw a video of him making out." mahinang sabi ni Kim. "Oh. That's awful." comment nung lalaki na para bang naaawa sa kanya. Umismid lang sya. "I know right. Really awful. Hindi ko tuloy alam kung seryoso sya saken o laro lang sa kanya 'tong relationship namin." "Didn't you asked him?" "Sometimes words aren't enough." sabay inom nung order nyang beer. Pakiramdam ni Kim kilala nya yung kausap nya. Yung boses nung lalaki pamilyar sa kanya. Para bang narinig na nya ito kung saan pero hindi nya lang matandaan. Kahit naman kasi tignan nya yung lalaki hindi nya pa din makita ng maayos yung itsura nito dahil nga madilim sa bar at medyo tinatamaan na sya dun sa ininom nya beer.

"Action speaks louder than words." kalmadanong sabi ng lalaki. "Not all the time." pagtutol naman nya. Napatawa na naman yung lalaki sa sagot ni Kim. Medyo naiirita sya sa pagtawa nito pero natatawa rin naman sya sa sarili nya. "Tell me, why do men like you loves to cheat?" sacrcastic na tanong nya. Umiling yung lalaki. "Not all men loves to cheat. Not all..." Gusto nya sanang murahin yung kausap nya kaya lang hindi nya magawa. Hindi naman nya kasi ito kilala at natural lang na ipagtanggol nito ang mga kapwa lalaki nya. "Yeah. Whatever, let's not talk about bullshit crap. I'm tired of my own dramas." SANDRA'S POV Please save Bryle... I won't be able to forgive myself if something bad will happen to him. Please save him. Hindi ko ginustong mangyari 'to sa kanya. Ang gusto ko lang mapasaya sya, yun talaga ang gusto ko. Pero bakit nangyari ito? "Are you one of the patient's relative?" tanong ng doktor pagkalabas nito

galing ng OR. Hindi ko na napigil pa ang mga luha ko, kusa na silang bumagsak. Tumango ako bago nagsalita. "I'm his bestfriend. Kumusta na sya? Maayos na ba sya?" "He lost alot of blood, and he has 4 fractures around his hipbone, 2 on his ribs and an internal bleeding. But he is now stable." Nakahinga ako ng maayos dahil sa narinig ko. "Thank you. Thank you." The doctor smiled at me. "He'll wake up in two to three days. We just have to be patient." I nod. "I want to see him." "You can see him after he's been transfered to a private room." KIM'S POV I'm getting tipsy but who cares? I want to get drunk and wasted. I'm tired of the same old routine of drama. So tired of it. "You are so drunk, Miss." I looked at him and laughed. "I am? I don't think so."

He leaned and whispered. "You are, Joyce." My vision became blurred and everything went black. CLARENCE'S POV "What was that all about Clarence?" "I don't know." *slap* "You don't know? That video will put our family at risk. You announced about your marriage and then what, a scandal was played in the middle of your party." "Stop it, you two." "You need to fix this mess you made, Clarence. And you'll start by finding Kim. Her dad won't be happy if he founds out about this scandal." He walks out of the room. "Your dad is just upset. Just find Kim." she kissed my cheek and went out also. Shit. Asan na ba yung babaeng yun? "Perez." I looked at her, Nof Salvador.

"What do you want?" "This." and then she walked near makes three in a row. "You're an know what, the rumours are true. Kim's not like that, she's tough becomes a crybaby." me and slapped my face, hard. And that a$$hole, Clarence. Such an a$$hole. You You and your little brother are cursed. and strong but when it comes to you she

"This is our problem. Stay out of this." Tumalikod na ako at nilagpasan sya. "Fine, I'll stay out of this but not for too long. Kapag nakita ko na wala ka na talagang pag-asang magbago, ako na mismo ang gagawa nang paraan para hiwalayan ka ni Kim." And with that she left me. Nilabas ko yung cellphone ko at dinial yung number ni Kim. Nakailang tawag na ako pero walang sumasagot. Asan na ba sya? Wala akong alam na may ganung video na ipplay. Matagal na yung video na yun eh, nung mga panahon na yun pinakuha ko yung video na yun para bigyan ko ng rason si Ariza para iwan ako pero hindi naman yun gumana. Shit. Pero si Kim, alam kong malaki ang selos nun kay Andrea. "Bro." "Seph." Tumago sya at lumapit saken. "I saw what happened earlier. Nahanap mo na

ba si Kim?" Umiling ako. "Hindi pa. Wala akong ideya kung nasaan sya." "Alam mo ba kung sino yung nagpadala nung video?" "Hindi pero kung sino man ang nagpadala nun, humanda sya sakin." "This is just a guess, but don't you think it's Ariza? I mean, she's crazy about you and she's really jelous of you and Kim." Ariza. Kilala ko sya, hindi nya kayang gumawa nang mga ganitong bagay. Nasaktan ko sya pero alam kong hindi sya gagawa nang bagay na makakasakit sa ibang tao. "I don't think it's her." "Do you have any particular person in mind then?" "Oo." si Bryle... "Sino?" tanong ni Seph. Tinitigan ko sya. "Hindi ko pa sigurado na sya nga kaya hindi ko muna sasabihin. Kailangan ko pang hanapin si Kim." Tumango sya at inabutan ako ng papel.

"Para san 'to?" "A guy gave it to me and told me to give it to you." he said simply. "A guy? Who?" He shrugged. "Really don't know." Binuksan ko yung papel. At binasa yung nakasulat. I let you borrow her for a while but now I'm taking her back. Shit. Si Kim... Sino ba gagawa nang ganitong sulat? Asan ka na ba Kim? "Anong nakasulat, bro?" pag-uusisa ni Seph. Pinakita ko sa kanya yung papel. "Who's taking her back?" I looked at him and shrugged. "No idea. But I'm quite sure of something, I need to find Kim." "Okay, I'll help you." ****

Nagising si Kim dahil sa sakit ng ulo. alak. Parang nasusuka sya na ewan kaya papuntang banyo. Lumapit sya sa lababo humawak sa buhok nya at nilagay ito sa "You were so drunk last night."

May hangover sya, nasobrahan kasi sya agad syang tumayo at tumakbo at sumuka nang biglang may gilid nya.

Inayos nya ang sarili nya atsaka humarap sa lalaki. Ngumiti at niyakap ito ng mahigpit. "You were gone for so long... Kendrick." Ngumiti si Kendrick sa kanya. "I just got my memory back." Tumango si Kim at hinawakan sa kamay si Kendrick. "I missed you, Kuya." "I missed you, too." hinalikan ni Kendrick sa noo si Kim. "Uh, I think we need to get out of this comfort room." Natawa silang pareho at sabay na lumabas. Naupo sila sa couch na malapit lang sa kama. Dinila kasi ni Kendrick si Kim sa hotel na tinutuluyan nya. "I thought I'll never see you again." malambing na sabi ni Kim. "Oh. Don't make that face Joyce. I was into some kind of accident." **** KIM'S POV

"Accident? Why, what happened? We couldn't contact you for the last 3 years. You were gone missing just like Carl." Pinsan ko si Kendrick, sa mother side. He was a photog and a close friend of Carl. He's 4 years older than me and he acts like my big brother. A few months after Carl's funeral, he went missing. Hindi namin alam kung saan sya nagpunta. Nasa ugali na kasi nya na bigla-biglang mawala ng walang pasabi. "Car crashed. Same as what happened to Carl, but good thing I just lost my memory." "Oh my, God. We all thought you went to Antarctica to catch some polar bears." and then I laughed. He rolled his eyes at me and grinned. "Not funny, little brat. I was just in New York. Y'know, even with my memory being lost I was still into photography. I was quite a popular photog, and also alot of girls drooling around me." and he winked. It's my time to roll my eyes at him. "Ugh. Conceited as ever, aren't you? But hey, how'd your memory came back?" Tumayo sya at kinuha yung cellphone nya. May dinial syang number at in-on ang loud speaker. "Who are you calling?" I asked. "Ssh. Just wait." he whispered as an answer. "Kendrick... God, finally you called me."

Oh my, God. Kilala ko yung boses. That's her, the historical ex, Ariza Domingo. Pinandilatan ko si Kendrick, telling him to explain what the hell is happening. "Yeah. Sorry for worrying you, babe." "It is okay. I just missed you so much. Did you find her?" tanong ni Ariza through the phone. "Uhuh. Actually she's with me right now. My phone is on loud speaker so you could say hi to her." Tumawa pa yung bitch. Ugh. Paano 'to nangyari? Don't tell me magiging cousin-in-law ko sya? Ugh. I hate that idea. "Hi Kim." malambing na sabi ni Ariza. What's the voice? It irritates me. "Hi Ariza." I said coldly. "Hey, little brat don't be cold to her. She's my girlfriend." paninita ni Kendri ck sakin. I rolled my eyes again and smirked. "Obviously I know that she's your girlfriend, you called her babe and to tell you frankly, I'm annoyed. Did you know that she's my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend?" Sa halip na sumagot sabay pang natawa sila Kendrick at Ariza sakin. What

could be more frustrating than this? "Wow. Thank you for that laugh, you two. I appreciate it, swear." I noted sarcastically. "Hey, I missed your sarcasm cous." Kendrick teased. I rolled my eyes for the nth time. "Whatever. Just explain this nightmare to me. Please." "Okay. Okay. Hey, babe I think you need to get here as soon as posible. We need to lay out our plan. I'll call you later." "Oh I will. Bye. I love you." "I love you, too." naputol na yung linya at binaba na ni Kendrick yung phone. "That creeps me out, seriously." Natawa uli si Kendrick at umupo sa tabi ko. "Woah. You don't like her that much, don't you?" Umismid lang ako. "Hindi ba obvious cous?" Iniligay nya yung kamay nya sa balikat ko. "Cous, don't hate her just because she's your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. She was just inloved that time, apparently to the wrong man." Ewan ko ba kung bakit pero gusto kong matawa. Kendrick is not the time of

guy who would take a relationship seriously. Don't get me wrong, okay? He's not a playboy. No way. Hindi lang talaga sya yung klase ng tao na gusto ng commitment. Katulad nga kasi ng sabi ko kanina, isa syang explorer. He has his dreams and he wants to fulfill those dreams. "So, how did you two meet?" pag-uusisa ko. "Let's just say she's the one who brought my memory back." simpleng sagot nya. "Okay. You're not telling me the real story aren't you?" He nods and continued talking. "I'm not because it is something between me and Ariza. But I will tell you the reason why I came here looking for you." Pinag-taasan ko sya ng kilay. "And why is that?" "Because I heard how awful that boyfriend of yours is." "Awful? Clarence is not awful." pagtatanggol ko kay Clarence. Aba, bitch talaga 'tong Ariza na 'to. Siniraan pa ang boy--, asawa ko. Awful her face. Grr. "Excuse me cous, he's not awful. He's freaking hot." Natawa lang si Kendrick sa reaction ko. Inirapan mo lang sya. Hah, tumawa pa sya. Kainis talaga.

"So inlove with him, aren't you?" Tumago ako. "Yep. Very inlove with him kaya I won't allow you or even that bitch Ariza to insult him. And mind you, we're married." Biglang lumaki yung mata nya. "What?!" "I said we're married. HE.IS.MY.HUSBAND." Napatayo sya sa sinabi ko. He is shocked and mad at the same time. "You got married? Did Tito and Tita knows about this?" Oops. Hindi pa alam ng parents ko 'to and actually hindi pa din yata nila alam yung in-aanounce kagabi ni Clarence. I shrugged a shoulder. "No they don't know yet." then I bit my lower lip. "ARE YOU CRAZY?" pasigaw na tanong ni Kendrick. Nakaform na ng circle yung fist nya. Holy cow he's really mad. "No, I'm beautiful." I joked, trying to lighten the atmosphere. "I'm not joking around here, y'know." he scolds me. "I know it's an impulsive decision but I love him." I said with a small voice. He sighed and sat down beside me again. "It is really an impulsive decision, cous. You shouldn't have done that. You're still young, beautiful and you're smart and you can actually meet alot of guys out there."

"I know, I know. Pero sya na yung happy ending ko. To tell you honestly, he's the exact opposite of Carl. He's a player, he's a jerk, an asshole, but he's sweet in his own little ways and I love him. I just love him this much." "Wow. I think you already surpassed your love for Carl. I understand but you need to tell your parents about this. ASAP." Napangiti ako sa sinabi nya at dahil sa tuwa ko niyakap ko sya. "I will, cous. I will tell them after we reconcile. We had a fight last night, nakwento ko naman sayo di ba?" Tumango sya. "Yeah. The video. What will you do?" Umiling ako. Sa naman ako galit video na yun at lang talaga ako totoo lang hindi ko pa alam kung ano ang gagawin ko. Hindi kay Clarence eh, alam ko naman kasi na matagal na yung alam ko rin na hindi naman sya ang nagpa-play nun. Nadala ng selos. Kainis lang yung video na yun.

"Hindi ko pa alam kung ano ang gagawin ko. May suggestions ka ba?" Ngumti sya sakin. "I do have but we need to wait for Ariza before I tell you." Ariza? Ano naman kayang pakulo 'to? Tsaka bakit kailangang kasali si Ariza? Ayoko nga dun sa babaeng yun eh. Sabi nya sakin dati babawiin nya si Clarence, well hindi na nya yun magagawa kasi asawa ko na si Clarence. I'm so awesome. :>> "Well, I think matatagalan pa bago dumating yang si Ariza kaya uuwi na muna ako sa bahay. Dad might be looking for me and I need to explain him some things."

Yeah. I really need to explain the mess that happened last night. For sure hindi matutuwa si dad dun sa scandal na nangyari last night. Pumasok uli ako ng banyo para magtoothbrush. Gosh, nakipag-usap ako sa pinsan ko ng hindi man lang nagtotoothbrush. Buti na lang maganda talaga ako. Hahaha. :>> Inayos ko na din yung sarili ko atsaka ako lumabas ng banyo. Kinuha ko na yung purse bag ko at nagpaalam na sa pinsan ko. Dahil wala akong sasakyan na dala, pumara na lang ako ng cab. Sa bahay ako nagpadiretso. Buti na lang si dad out of the country, kaya may oras pa ako para isipin kung paano ieexplain yung tungkol sa nangyari last night. I'm hoping na sana wala pang alam si dad sa nangyari. Sana talaga hindi sya hindi nya nagbabasa ng ng local news sa internet. Pagkatapos kong maligo nagdecide akong matulog. Pagod ako, masakit pa yung ulo ko dahilsa lecheng hangover at syempre namimiss ko na agad si Clarence. Nagising ako ng mga 1 in the afternoon. Ginising kasi ako ni Manang Ising dahil may bisita daw ako sa baba, hindi naman nya sinabi kung sino kaya nagmadali akong bumaba. And it shocked me to see, him. Nakaupo sya sa sofa and he lookso hot. He is wearing a skinny jeans that matches his fitted shirt. God, he look as hot as Ian Somerhalder. Kung hindi lang talaga ako naiinis dunsa video kagabi malamang kanina ko pa sya niyakap at hinalikan. Bumaba na ako at nagpakita sa kanya. Syempre hindi muna ako kumibo. Aba, sya naman uli ang sumuyo sakin. Sobrang selos ko talaga dun sa Andrea na yun kaya dapat mag-effort sya kung gusto talaga nyang magkabati kami. "Where were you?" inis na tanong nya. Sya pa ba yung magagalit sakin? Grabe ha.

"Why do you care?" inis na sagot ko din. Bakit ba parang naiinis sya? Dahil sinampal ko sya at umalis ako ng walang paalam? Aba, kasalanan ko ba kung nagselos ako ng sobra dun sa Andrea na yun? Huminga sya malalim atsaka tumingin sa mga mata ko. "I was worried." Biglang naging soft yung expression ng mukha nya. Parang may problema sya. Gusto na talaga syang yakapin pero pinigilan ko yung sarili ko. "Really? Mukha namang hindi ka nag-alala sakin eh. Hindi mo nga ako hinanap eh." Pain flushed through his handsome face. Napayuko sya. "Hindi ko alam na may ganung video na magpplay." mahinang sabi nya. "Alam ko." napatingin sya sakin. "Sorry nagover-react ako." Tinignan na nya ako. "Buti alam mong nagover-react ka." masungit na sabi nya. Heeey. Bakit ganun sya? Parang kanina lang yung itsura nya punong-puno ng problema tapos ngayon ganyan na sya. Ano bang problema ng taong 'to? I put my hands on both side of my waist. "Oh, you're not trying to be mean to me Clarence."

"I'm not. I'm just trying to be the worried husband." he said with a grinned. "O-kay. Ano bang nangyari at ganyan ka na naman sakin? You seem so different. Alam mo na? Parang ikaw na uli yung Clarence na masungit at palagi akong binabara." He smirked. "May nagbigay sakin ng letter at hindi ko talaga nagustuhan ang nakasulat dun." "Letter?" pagtatanong ko. "Do I really need to repeat that again? Kakasabi ko lang di ba?" Ugh. Back to the normal Clarence na uli sya. Kainis talaga. I smiled sweetly. "Ano bang nakasulat?" May kinuha syang papel sa bulsa at inabot sakin. Binuksan ko iyon at binasa. "Oh my, God! My admirer ako." He glared at me at binawi yung papel. "Admirer mo mukha mo. Stalker yan. May iba ka pa bang naging boyfriend?" Uh-oh. Sino bang magpapadala ng ganung sulat? Umiling ako. "I have dated alot of guys before, take note, alot of guys. But

trust me, ikaw at si Carl lang ang sineryoso ko." He smirked again. "Kawawa naman yang stalker mo. Hindi nya ata alam na kasal na tayo. Tss. May pasabi-sabi pang babawiin ka sakin. Feeling lang pala." Natawa naman ako sa sinabi ni Clarence. Nagseselos dun sa nagpadal nung sulat. Hahaha. :>> Cute pa naman ng asawa ko kapag nagseselos. "Teka, ako pa yung may tampo sayo. Yung video na napanuod ko kagabi sobrang nakakainis. Nagpakalasing pa tuloy ako ng wala sa oras. Shit. May hangover pa ako." reklamo ko sa kanya. "Sino ba kasing nagsabi sayo na mag-inom ka? Psh. Tampo tampo ka pang nalalaman, alam mo naman na lumang video na yun. Sinampal mo pa ako, tapos pati si dad sinampal din ako at pati yung bestfriend mo." Aw. Poor husband. Sinampal ko nga pala sya pero pati si Nof and his dad? Lumapit na ako sa kanya at hinawakan yung mukha nya. I tiptoed and kissed him. "Sorry 'bout the slap. Rage blackout, boyfie. And about Nof, kakausapin ko na lang sya. May sinabi ba sya sayo?" He wrapped his hands around me. "Meron pero wag mo na yung isipin. Magbihis ka na lang, pupunta tayo sa bahay." I put my hands around his neck. "Bihisan mo kaya ako."

Ngumiti sya at hinawakan ako sa kamay sabay hatak papunta sa kwarto ko. The best solution for our misunderstanding, makeup sex. :) (A/N: Oy! Alam na ang kasunod dyan. :>>) 28th Chapter. "What's with girls and their stuffs?" reklamo ni Clarence paglabas ko ng cr. Sorry naman di ba? Biglaan kasi yung pagsasabi nya na pupunta kami sa bahay nya para makipag-usap sa parents nya kaya sobrang natagalan ako sa pagpili ng susuotin kong dress. Tapos syempre nagshower pa ako, then nagayos pa ako ng sarili. Hello! Ayoko namang magmukhang manang sa harap ng parents nya, syempre gusto ko maganda ako sa harap nila. Tsaka nagmake-up sex pa kaya kami. Siya rin naman yung may kasalanan tapos sinisisi nya ako. "What's with boys and their toys?" I retorted back at him. He grinned at snake his hands around me, "I don't have toys... But I would like to have those things... You know, they can be useful." then he bit my earlobe than make me groan. Ugh. The way he said those things, were sexy. Grabe, parang umakyat ata sa mukha ko lahat ng dugo ko eh. Biglang naisip ko yung binabasa kong erotic novel ni EL James. :>> Now, I'm imagining him wearing that red pants Christian Grey used wear when he's inside his playroom. Just picturing him like that make me aroused. Humarap ako sa kanya para mayakap ko din sya. I put my arms around his neck and nuzzled him. "You sound like Christian Grey of Fifty Shades Trilogy." I whispered to him.

He laughed boyishly and leaned down to claim my lips. His mouth invading mine, his tounge exploring me, I moaned loudly. When we pull away from each other we were both catching for our breaths. "I think we should go now. Baka kapag nagstay pa tayo dito sa kwarto mo tuluyan na tayong hindi makapunta sa bahay. Magagalit lalo si Dad." hinawakan nya ako sa kamay at hinila nya ako palabas ng kwarto ko. Pagdating namin sa bahay nila wala yung parents nya. May pinuntahan daw na appointment, si Cyriel naman wala din kasi may lakad. Kami lang tuloy dun ni Clarence. Ano naman kayang gagawin namin? Umakyat kami sa kwarto nya, grabe mas malinis talaga yung kwarto nya kesa sakin. Daig pa ako sa pagiging babae dahil sobrang nasa ayos yung kanya samantalang yung akin hirap na hirap si yaya na linisin. Umupo ako dun sa gilid nang kama nya then kinuha ko yung picture frame dun sa side table nya. Picture nya yun kasama si Ariza, magkatabi sila ni Ariza at nakangiti sya dun sa picture. "That photo was taken 4 years ago." nagulat ako sa sinabi ni Clarence. Hindi ko nga napansin na nasa tabi ko na pala sya. Kinuha nya sa kamay ko yung picture at itinago sa drawer nung side table nya. "I thought I love her but I was wrong. I was never inlove with her, its just that she's always with me and she's the first girl I met who has the guts to confess her feelings for me." Umupo uli sya sa tabi ko then hinawakan nya yung kamay ko, "Nung narealize ko na hindi ko pala talaga sya mahal ginawa ko yung lahat para magalit sya sakin. Ayoko kasing umasa pa sya nang umasa na may mangyayari sa relasyon namin. I don't want to lead her on." Bakit ba sinasabi nya sakin ang mga bagay na'to?

"Did I ever told you how lucky I am to have you at my side?" Umiling ako bilang sagot kaya naman ngumiti sya, "Well, I'm one lucky son of a bitch. Meeting you and falling inlove with you is the best thing that ever happened to my life." He held my hands at kissed them both, "Do you have any idea how it feels to love you?" I shrugged a shoulder as an answer. "Loving you is like riding a roller coaster. Nakakahilo, nakakatakot, pero exciting." then he smiles at me. And at that moment hindi ko napansin na tumutulo na pala yung luha ko. "Why are you telling me these things now?" tanong ko sa kanya habang umiiyak. Pinunasan nya yung mga luha ko and then hinawakan nya yung dalawa kong kamay, "Wala lang." Bumitaw ako sa kanya at hinampas sya sa dibdib. "Anong wala? Grabe, so pinaiyak mo lang ako sa mga sinabi mo dahil sa wala?" Ngumiti sya at tumango. Hahampasin ko sana sya uli kaya lang pinigilan na nya ako, "Will you marry me again?" Bigla akong natigilan, nagpropose ba sya sakin? Pinoke nya yung noo ko. "Tinatanong kita slut kaya pwede ba wag mo akong titigan."

Ewan ko ba kung matatawa ako o maiiyak sa sinabi nya eh. Nagpropose ba talaga sya o niloloko nya lang ako? "Wedding proposal mo na ba yan?" pagtatanong ko sa kanya. He blushed at nod, "Hindi, divorce proposal ko 'to." Pinalo ko sya sa braso. "Anong divorce proposal? Sapakin kita dyan eh." Natawa sya sa sinabi ko kaya naman tinignan ko sya ng masama. "Chill ka lang slut. Sagutin mo na lang yung tanong ko. Ayoko ng pinaghihintay." Tinitigan ko lang sya. Na overwhelm ako sa sinabi nya, hindi ko inaakala na magppropose pa sa akin si Clarence, I mean kasal na kami di ba? Tumayo sya bigla at naglakad papunta sa banyo nya. "Oy teka boyfie! Bakit ka magbabanyo, eh hindi mo nga nakukuha yung sagot ko?" tumayo din ako at lumapit sa kanya. He smirked at me, "Ang tagal mo kasing sumagot. Tss. Dalian mo naman. Will you marry me?" Ngumiti ako sa kanya, "I hate your proposal. Wala ka talagang sweet bones sa katawan." sabay yakap ko sa kanya.

Niyakap nya din ako, naramdaman ko pa yung paghalik nya sa leeg ko. "Nanlait ka pa. Tss. Pinag-isipan ko pa nga kung dapat bang magpropose uli ako sayo eh. Buti na lang nakonsensya ako at naisip ko na wala ng magkakagusto sayo kapag naghiwalay tayo. Sayang lahi mo, maganda ka pa naman." Natawa naman ako sa sinabi nya. Loko 'to. "Kainis. Ulitin mo nga yung proposal mo. Gusto ko naman yung luluhod ka pa sa harap ko tapos maiiyak ako. Dream proposal ko yung traditional way." reklamo ko sa kanya. Funny dream right? I know. Mababaw lang talaga kong tao, yung mga simpleng bagay lang ang nagpapasaya sakin. Gusto ko sana yung luluhod sya tapos tsaka nya ako tatanungin ng 'will you marry me?' kaya lang panira yung proposal nya. Hindi man lang pinaghandaan, bigla-bigla na lang magtatanong habang nagtatalo kami. Hindi ako prepared, nagulat ako kaya hindi ako nakapagdrama. Wala man lang flowers o kahit anu mang girly thing. Kunsabagay hindi sya magiging si Clarence na minahal ko kung bibigyan nya ako ng mga ganun. I love him the way he is. Hinigpitan nya yung yakap sakin. "Reklamo pa. Sagutin mo na lang kaya tanong ko. Dami mong spiel dyan pwede namang mag 'yes' na lang agad para diretso honeymoon na tayo." Humiwalay ako sa pagkakayakap ko sa kanya at hinampas sya sa dibdib kaya napa 'aw' sya. "Honeymoon. Yan puro ganyan laman nang isip mo kaya hindi ka nagpropose ng maayos. Palagi na nga tayong naghohoneymoon kapag magkasama tapos yan pa din ang gusto mo. Tsaka kasal na kaya tayo, hindi na kailangang ulitin ang honeymoon, yung wedding na lang. Oh, ready na ako magpropose ka na uli."

Tumawa sya at pinagdikit yung mga noo namin. "Honeymoon is required in any wedding, wife. Tsaka tuloy talaga ang kasal kundi hahabulin ako ng dad mo na may hawak na baril, sayang naman kung mamamatay lang ako di ba? Ang gwapo ko kaya." I glared at him and he burst in laughter. I really love hearing his laugh. :>> "Ang ganda mo pala talaga kapag naiinis. Now I've found a new hobby, to annoy the shit out of you." ;)) Ngumiti ako sa kanya. "Oh, come on. Hindi lang yan ang hobby mo, meron pang isa." "Ano naman yun?" I kissed his lips before saying, "To love me until death do us apart." He nods and kissed me fully at the lips. "I guess it is." "Hoy Ku--, Tss. Di nyo kasi nilolock 'tong pinto." then sinara na nya yung pinto. Nagkatinginan kami ni Clarence at sabay na natawa. Naabutan kami ni Cyriel na naghahalikan. "I think dumating na ang parents mo." sabi ko the yumakap ako sa kanya. Naramdaman ko yung pagkiss nya sa buhok ko, "Tara na sa baba." Then hinawakan nya yung kamay ko at lumabas na kami ng kwarto nya.

Nandun sa sala ang parents ni Clarence and to my surprise nadoon din ang parents ko. Teka, nasa States ang Mom ko ah? "Hi honey!" bati sakin ni Mom then tumayo sya at lumapit sakin at niyakap ako. I hugged her back, "Mom, you're really here. Pero paano?" She freed me from her hug and kissed my cheeks and smiled sweetly at me. "Well, your dad called me yesterday saying that you're getting married. Why didn't you tell us?" Tapos humarap sya kay Clarence. "Oh, you must be my daughter's fiancee?" Tumango si Clarence, "Yes, ma'am. Clarence Perez." then he smiled at my mom. Ngumiti ang mom ko at niyakap din si Clarence then hinatak nya kami pareho para maupo. "Tinawagan namin ang parents mo hija para sabihin ang plano nyong pagpapakasal." pageexplain nung mommy ni Clarence. Tumingin sakin si dad, "Why didn't you tell us about this? Its a good thing at tumawag sa akin si Mr Perez kaya nasundo ko ang mom mo para makauwi kami dito." "Sorry dad, biglaan lang din kasi. Hindi ko alam na iaanounce yun ni Clarence..." then tumingin ako kay Clarence at ngumiti, "And honestly, ngayon lang po sya nagpropose sakin. Nauna pa yung announcement bago yung proposal."

Nagkatinginan ang mga parents namin atsaka natawa ng sabay-sabay. Si Cyrile naman napagrin na lang sa sinabi ko. "Oh honey, you look so inlove." malambing na sabi sakin ni mom. I smiled at her, "Mom I am really inlove..." Clarence's mom cleared her throat and smiled at me, "So may date na ba kayo ng kasal?" Umiling lang ako then tumingin uli kay Clarence, "Do you have any date in mind?" I asked him. "Any month as long as the date is 18." tapos tumayo sya, "Kukuha lang ako ng maiinom." 18. Yes, ito yung date na nagpakasal kami. Naaalala pa pala nya yun, akala ko wala lang yung date na yun para sa kanya. "18? What's with that date honey?" curious na tanong ni mom sakin. Ngumiti lang ako, "It's our date as a couple mom." "Oh. Then a month preparation would be enough. What do you think?" tanong nya sa mommy ni Clarence. Tumango naman ito, "It is fine with me. We have the date now, all we need to settle is the venue."

"I've always dream of having a garden wedding." bigla kong singit. Tinignan nila ako pareho then tumawa sila kaya naman nagblush ako. "Its just my suggestion." pabulong ko na sabi. "Hija, it is your wedding kaya kung ano ang gusto nyo ni Clarence then ayun ang masusunod." sabi sakin ng mommy ni Tita. Biglang tumayo si dad at si Tito. "This talk is about girls, so we better excuse ourselves. Sa garden lang kami." sabi ni Tito. Natawa kaming tatlong babae, ang mga lalaki talaga. "I'll stay in my room, mom." sabi naman ni Cyriel sabay tayo at akyat papunta sa kwarto nya. The whole afternoon, wala kaming ginawa kundi pagplanuhan yung kasal namin ni Clarence. May date, may venue, may list na rin ako ng mga guest, then I decided to make the design for my wedding gown. Yung entourage list na lang ang kulang ko. Pagkatapos nung pagpplano namin for my wedding nagdecide si mom at tita na magbabake daw sila para icelebrate yung pagpapakasal namin ni Clarence. Nakakatuwa kasi kumportable sa isa't-isa ang parents namin. Sinabihan pa nga ako ni Tita na dapat daw 'Mommy' na ang itawag ko sa kanya since ikakasaln na kami ni Clarence, hindi nila alam kasal na talaga na kami pero syempre hindi namin yun pwedeng sabihin. Dahil hindi naman ako marunong magbake at mukang wala namang balak

silang patulungin ako, naisip ko na lang na bumalik sa kwarto ni Clarence. Pagpasok ko nakita ko na nakahiga sya sa couch nya habang may hawak na libro. Lumapit ako at umupo sa dulo nung couch. Napansin ako ni Clarence kaya ibinaba na nya yung binabasa nyang libro at umupo nang maayos. "Tapos na kayo sa preparation talk?" tanong nya sabay akbay sa akin, inilean ko naman yung ulo ko sa shoulder nya. Umiling ako, "Not yet. Wala pa akong entourage list. Sabi ko kasi tatanungin muna kita. Hindi naman kasi pwede na ako lang ang magdecide para sa lahat eh." Hinawakan nya yung kamay ko at pinisil yung kamay ko, "Anything is fine with me." Ang totoo nyan meron na talaga akong entourage list na nasa utak ko lang hindi ko lang sinabi kanina kasi iniisip ko na baka hindi pumayag si Clarence. "Boyfie... Gusto ko sanang si Bryle ang bestman." mahina kong sabi kay Clarence. "Okay." simpleng sagot nya. "Are you sure? I mean, hindi ka ba maiilang kasi di ba si Bryle inamin nya na may gusto sya sakin?" tanong ko uli. He shrugged at hold my hand tightly. "I'd be lying if I tell you that I won't fe el awkward but if it would make you feel happy then it is fine with me."

I smiled because of his answer, he really loves me. ARIZA'S POV Kasama ko si Mikee dahil tinulungan nya akong mag-empake ng mga gamit ko. Bukas na ang flight ko pabalik nang Pilipinas. "So itutuloy nyo ni Kendrick ang plano nyo?" tanong ni Mikee habang inilalagay nya yung gamit ko sa maleta. Tumango ako, "He need to learn his lesson." Tumigil si Mikee sa ginagawa at nagsalin ng wine sa baso at iniabot yung isa sa akin. "And you think, you're the right person to give him that lesson?" I was taken aback by her question. I looked at her, confuse. "What are you trying to say?" Umiling-iling sya, "Wala naman. Naisip ko lang kung bakit gusto mo syang bigyan ng leksyon, hindi ka naman nya teacher o kaya naman magulang. The thing that you want to do is not for his sake, its for you. You want revenge." I stared at her without uttering any word. Napaisip ako sa mga sinasabi nya. Bakit ko nga ba ito ginagawa? Hindi ko na naman mahal si Clarence, at sigurado ako doon.

"He deserves to learn that hurting others is not a good thing." Napataas ang kilay ni Mikee sa sagot ko, "Sa tingin mo ba hindi sya masasaktan sa plano nyo? Ikaw na rin ang nagsabi Ariza masama ang manakit ng ibang tao. You're not God, Ariza. He is the one who can punish us for all our bad doings." "Bakit ba pakiramdam ko kinakampihan mo sya?" inis na tanong ko kay Mikee. Tinatamaan kasi ako sa lahat ng sinabi nya. Totoo naman eh, gusto ko lang maghiganti sa kanya. Gumanti sa lahat ng ginawa nyang pagpapaiyak sakin. "Wala akong kinakampihan, Ariza. I'm just trying to tell you that what you are up to, will eventually hurt Clarence and also... Kim." BRYLE'S POV I feel pain... My whole body ached... When I opened my eyes, all I see is a white walls and then I look to my right and I saw Sandra sleeping on the couch. I tried to call her name but I failed, I tired to move my fingers but I failed too. Where am I? Why do I ache everywhere? Then realization hit me, I remember the event last night. Yung nalaman ko yung plano ni sandra para isabotage yung party ni Clarence. Yung dapat na

pagpunta ko dun para pigilan yung plano ni Sandra and then... Yung pagbunggo nung kotse ko dun sa truck dahil sa pagmamadali ko. Shit. I'm in the hospital at hindi ko napigilan yung video na ipplay dun sa party ni Clarence. Malamang nakita yun ni Kim, she might break. I need to see her, I need to comfort her... she needs me... "K--Kim..." mahina kong sabi. Biglang nagising si Sandra at mukang nagulat pa sya at gising na rin ako. Lumapit naman agad sya sakin. "Bryle oh my, God. Gising ka na! Teka, huwag ka munang gumalaw hindi ka pa maayos. Tatawagin ko ang doctor mo." Aalis na sana sya pero nahawakan ko ang kamay nya, "Ki--Kim... I need to-Ouch!" Nakaramdam ako ng kirot sa buong katawan ko. "Bryle! Oh my, God! Hang on a bit, I'll call the doctor!" nagpapanic na sigaw ni Sandra. Then I don't know what happened next because I lost conscious. 29th Chapter.

So its been 2 weeks since our engagement party and the parents meet-up. Almost everyday akong nagpupunta sa bahay nila Clarence para asikasuhin yung kasal namin namin next month. Katulad ng nasa plan, I'll be designing my own wedding gown and seriously speaking, I'm crazy excited about it. Inaayos ko na rin yung entourage list ko para maayos na yung invitations at maipadala na sa mga guests. I've been trying to contact Bryle, to tell him about my plan of making him our wedding's bestman pero I still have no luck. He's not answering any of my calls and it is damn annoying. I also tried calling Sandra (by all means, his bestfriend) pero hindi nya rin sinasagot yung mga tawag ko pati na rin yung mga texts ko. I'm worried sick about him, wala na kasi akong narinig na news about him ever since nung accident nya. Kapag tinatanong ko naman si Clarence iniiba nya yung topic o kaya naman sinasabi nya na ayos lang si Bryle at nagpapagaling na lang. Hindi naman sa hindi ako naniniwala kay Clarence kaya lang gusto ko talagang makasiguro na maayos na si Bry. Importanteng tao sya sa buhay ko, kung wala sya nung mga time na magulo at hindi pa kami ayos ni Clarence malamang nagsuicide na ako dahil sa depression. "Why are you here Kim?" Nabigla naman ako sa tanong ni Clarence. Ano ba naman 'tong tao na 'to? Basta-basta sumusulpot. Tumayo ako at lumapit sa kanya. I wrapped my arms around his neck and nuzzled him, "I am visiting you, hubby." then I nipped his neck. I felt his hands around my waist, holding me tightly. He smirked, "You should be at school right now. Hindi porke't inaayos mo ang kasal natin eh hindi ka na mag-aaral." I looked at him and pout, "Nag-aaral kaya ako." then nagcrossed-arm ako,

"Bakit ba bumabalik ka na sa pagiging masungit na Clarence? Kainis." He poked my forehead and smiled at me, "Ayokong maging asawa ang babaeng tamad mag-aral." Hinampas ko sya sa braso, "Ayaw mo eh pinakasalan mo na nga ako." He grinned boyishly and kissed my lips, "Tss. Uso naman ang annulment eh." I glared at him, "Subukan mo lang, ibibitin kita patiwarik." pananakot ko sa kanya. Bigla syang tumawa, "Sadista ka pala." then tumawa sya. I took a deep breath and looked into his eyes, "Clarence... Alam mo kung nasaan si Bryle, di ba?" Matagal na tumitig si Clarence sa akin then umiwas siya ng tingin. Tinanggal nya yung kamay nya na nakapalibot sa beywang ko. Tinalikuran nya ako bigla. "Bakit ba ayaw mong sabihin kung nasaan siya?" tanong ko ulit. Huminga sya nang malalim at tsaka humarap muli sa akin, "Kung makikita mo siya ano ang gagawin mo?" Hindi ako sure kung tama yung nakita ko sa mga mata ni Clarence, malungkot yung expression nya pero hindi nga ako sigurado kasi bigla syang umiwas ng tingin.

I walked towards him and wrapped my arms around him, I am back hugging him, "I just want to know if he is fine. Tsaka pumayag ka na siya yung maging bestman natin di ba?" He stills for a moment and then nod, "He went to their province. It is somewhere in Pampanga." I sighed heavily. Alam ko na hindi gusto ni Clarence na lumapit ako kay Bryle, sa totoo lang alam ko rin na napilitan lang siyang pumayag na maging bestman namin sa kasal si Bry. Ewan ko kung bakit ganito na lang yung selos ni Clarence sa kanya. Oo nga't nagconfess sa akin dati si Bry pero wala na naman yun eh. I turn him down, bago pa man sya pumunta ng Germany para sa laban nya. Humarap sa akin si Clarence at niyakap ako nang mahigpit, "Hindi kita pipigilan kung gugustuhin mong puntahan si Bryle." I hugged him back, "I will be back as soon as posible... I just want to see him and to know if he's fine or not." He's caressing my back and he kissed my forehead, "No matter what happen you must promise me one thing." He cupped my face and kissed my lips, "I own you body and soul." I smiled at him and caressed his face, "I promise." **** CLARENCE'S POV

"You allowed her to go?" tanong ni Seph sa akin. Tumango lang ako bilang sagot. I told them about Kim's plan of visiting Bryle. Honestly, hindi ako sangayon sa plano nya kaya lang hindi ko sya mahindian. Alam ko naman na nag-aalala sya para dun sa lalaking yun. "Rence, don't you think that's a bad idea?" tanong naman ni Karlo sabay salin nang wine sa baso nya. I looked at him and didn't answer his question. I know the idea was bad but I can't say no to her. Ayoko namang ilayo siya sa mga taong nagpapasaya sa kanya. At isa pa may tiwala ako kay Kim na babalik siya sa akin. "I don't think it is." I answered half-lying. He grinned, "I think it was bad idea but you're just afraid to admit it." Dumating bigla si Chase kaya hindi na ako nakasagot. "You won't believe what I found out." nakangising sabi nito. Umupo siya sa tabi ni Seph, "Ariza's back and she's with her new boyfriend." "New boyfriend?" pag-uulit ni Seph. Tumango si Chase at ngumiti, "Yep. His name is Kendrick Johnson and magugulat din kayo sa nalaman ko tungkol sa Kendrick na yun." Nakatingin sa akin si Chase, as if waiting for me to ask the question.

"What is it?" I asked with my dead-pan voice. He smirked, "That guy is your wife's cousin." "Cousin?" tanong ko. Tumayo si Karlo at pumunta sa bar para kumuha pa ng wine. "Oo, yun ang sinabi sa akin ni Shai. I was quite shocked when I heard about it. What a small world, isn't it?" then he grinned at me. Alam na kaya ito ni Kim? Kung oo, bakit hindi nya sinabi sa akin? **** KIM'S POV Nung pumayag si Clarence na puntahan ko si Bryle hindi na ako nagdalawang isip na puntahan nga ito. I need to know if he's fine or not. Pumunta agad ako sa address na sinabi niya para makita si Bry. Pagdating ko dun sinalubong ako nung katulong nila. "Nandito ba si Bryle?" tanong ko dun sa katulong. Tumango ito at ngumiti sa akin kaya naman ngumiti rin ako, "Can you tell him na nandito ako? I'm Kim Miranda, by the way." Ngumiti ulit ito at iniwan ako sa sala para tawagin siguro si Bryle. Naupo na lang ako sa sofa at kumuha ng magazine para naman malibang ako habang

hinihintay ito. "Kim?" nagulat naman ako dun sa tumawag sa pangalan ko. Napatingin ako dun sa nagsalita. "Bryle!" Tumayo ako at lumapit sa kanya then niyakap ko sya. Nagulat bigla si Bryle sa ginawa ko kaya hindi agad niya ako nayakap pero after a minute niyakap na rin niya ako ng mahigpit. "Kim... I miss you, so much." Sabi niya nung naghiwalay na kami. "Wait, how'd you know I'm here?" I smiled at him before answering, "Clarence told me that you're here. Kumusta ka na? I've heard about the accident." Napatitig siya sa akin then iniwas niya bigla yung tingin niya. "Yeah. Well, about that accident..." "What about the accident, Bry?" tanong ko sa kanya. He sighed heavily and held both of my hands, "Nevermind that. I'm okay now, lalo na't nakita na kita. Sobrang namiss talaga kita." then niyakap niya uli ako. I hugged him back. "Hanggang kailan ka ba dito?" "As long as you want me to stay here then I'll stay here." I said while smiling. Napangiti rin siya at hinatak ako para maupo kami. "What if I tell you to stay here forever?" Nagulat naman ako sa tanong niya kaya hindi ako nakaimik.

"You don't have to say it. Alam ko naman na imposible yun eh." then he smiled at me, a faint smile. Ano ba ang ginawa ko at minahal ako ni Bryle ng ganito? I don't think I deserve his love, someone better deserves it. "Bry... Actually, kaya ako nandito kasi gusto kitang imbitahan sa kasal namin ni Clarence." mahinang sabi ko sa kanya. Tinignan ko kung ano yung magiging reaction niya pero wala naman. Naka poker face lang siya. "Bry?" He smiled bitterly, "Ikakasal na kayo? Ang bilis naman..." Lumapit ako sa kanya at hinawakan yung isa nyang kamay, "Bry alam mo naman na mahal ko talaga si Clarence, di ba?" Tumango siya at ngumiti uli, "Oo, alam ko yun. Sayang nahuli kasi ako ng dating. Siya kasi yung una mong nakilala, kung ako yung nauna malamang sa akin ka inlove ngayon." Ganun nga kaya yun? Kung si Bryle nga ba ang una kong makikilala siya nga ba ang mamahalin ko? Siguro nga ganun kaya lang si Clarence ang nauna at siya ang mahal ko. "Bry gusto ko ikaw ang bestman ko sa kasal." sabi ko sa kanya. Ito rin naman talaga yung pakay ko kaya ko siya pinuntahan dito. "Are you really trying to wound me?" he asked accusingly. "No! No! Bryle I won't do such thing." depensa ko naman.

"Really? Eh anong tawag dito sa ginagawa mo?" pagtatanong niya uli. Napayuko ako, "Bryle alam mo naman na special ka para sa akin, di ba?" I heard him sighed. "Gusto ko lang na maging parte ka ng isa sa espesyal na chapter ng buhay ko." Tumayo siya at ngumiti ng pilit sa akin bago nagsalit, "Sige, payag na akong maging bestman sa kasal mo pero sa isang kundisyon." Napatayo naman ako sa sinabi niya, "Talaga? Sige, sabihin mo sakin kung ano yung condition na gusto mo." nakangiti ko pang sabi. He walk towards me and held me at my waist, "You have to stay here and pretend to be my girlfriend for the whole day." What? Teka, parang nabingi ako dun sa sinabi ni Bryle. Ano raw yung gusto niyang gawin ko? "Ano yung sinabi mo?" Ngumisi siya at binitiwan ako, "Ang sabi ko magpanggap kang girlfriend ko ngayong araw." "What?!" ** Nandito na kami ni Bryle sa seaside, namamasyal kami. Pumayag kasi ako dun sa kondisyon na hiniling niya. Wala namang mawawala sa akin kung

magiging boyfriend ko siya kahit ngayong araw, eto lang din ang naiisip kong paraan para makabawi naman ako sa mga kasalanan ko sa kanya. "Dito ako pumupunta kapag nalulungkot ako." bigla niyang sabi nung tumigil kami sa isang nipa-hut na malapit sa dagat. Pumasok kami sa loob nun tapos umupo kami sa wooden porch. Hinawakan niya yung kamay ko at nilaro iyon. "Bry, sorry sa lahat ng nagawa ko sayo ah." mahina kong sabi sa kanya. Umiling lang siya, "Wala kang dapat ihingi ng sorry sa akin Kim. Wala ka talagang kasalanan, hindi mo naman kayang pigilin ang puso ko na mahulog sayo eh." Ang swerte ko dahil may isang Bryle na nagmahal sa akin ng buong-buo. Ano kayang kabaitan ang nagawa ko para mahalin niya ako ng ganito? "Pero sana tandaan mo na kahit ikasal ka man kay Clarence, yung pagmamahal ko sayo hindi magbabago." sabi niya habang nakatingin ng diretso sa mga mata ko. Ngumiti ako at tumango, "Thank you, Bryle." then I kissed his cheek. "Tara na balik na tayo dun sa amin. Baka nagugutom ka na." Inilahad niya yung kamay niya at hinawakan ko naman yun. Bumalik na kami sa bahay nila ng magkaholding-hands. Buong magdamag wala kaming ginawa ni Bryle kundi magkwentuhan,

maglaro at kumain. Grabe, feeling ko bigla na lang akong tataba dito kasi naman palagi niya akong pinapakain. Ipinakilala niya rin ako sa mga maids nila pati na rin kay Manang Esther, yung nag-alaga sa kanya simula nung baby pa lang siya. Para pala siyang si Clarence, busy yung parents niya kaya yung maid lang nila ang nagpalaki sa kanya. Madami kaming napag-usapan, madami rin akong nalaman tungkol sa kanya. Tulad ng may isa syang nakatatandang kapatid na babae at ang pangalan nun ay Briele. Sinabi niya rin na yung ate niya ang organizer ng camp na sinalihan ni Cheska at inamin niya sa akin na kilala niya si Carl at plano nila ni Cheska na painlove-in ako sa kanya. Kaya pala noon kapag nababanggit ko kay Cheska yung tungkol kay Bryle palagi niyang sinasabi na dapat daw si Bry na lang ang gawin kong boyfriend. "Sir Bryle, natawag po si Ma'am Sandra." sabi ni Manang Esther. Tumayo naman si Bryle at kinuha yung wireless phone at pumunta sa kwarto niya. Ngumiti naman sa akin si Manang at lumabas na din ng kwarto kaya naman naiwan ako sa guest room. Inikot ko na lang yung mata ko sa loob ng kwarto. Plain lang yung guest room nila, may veranda na yung view eh yung dagat. Tumayo ako at pumunta sa may verenda. Masarap yung simoy ng hangin tapos ang ganda pa nung view. Ang tahimik dito sa province nila Bryle... Dahil naiinip ako naisip kong lumabas na lang ng bahay at maglakad-lakad muna. Napadaan ako sa kwarto ni Bryle na medyo nakabukas. "... wag ka ng pumunta dito. Maayos ako Sandra." then natahimik saglit si Bryle, para bang pinakikinggan niya yung sinasabi nung Sandra. "Wala ng magagawa yung sorry mo... Oo, alam ko yun matagal na. Nahuli ka na rin Sandra..." napansin ko na biglang nagbago yung expression ng mukha ni Bryle para bang galit siya na ewan. "Hindi ko hiniling na gawin mo iyon. Mahal ko sya kaya kung ano ang nakakapagpasaya sa kanya ang bagay na makakapagpasaya din sa akin." Natahimik uli si Bryle. Aalis na sana ako pero biglang nagsalita si Bryle na

parang sumisigaw. "Kung mahal mo talaga ako dapat inisip mo na hindi ito ang magpapasaya sakin. Dapat inisip mo na mas gugustuhin ko ang magdusa mag-isa kaysa sa umiyak ang taong mahal ko. Kung talagang mahal mo ako dapat noong una pa lang na nalaman mong mahal ko na sya eh gumawa ka na ng paraan para makuha ang atensyon ko para ikaw ang minahal ko." Ako ba yung pinag-uusapan nila? Parang nawala ako sa sarili ko kaya hindi ko napansin na nasa harap ko na pala si Bryle. "Kim, kanina ka pa ba dyan?" tanong niya sa akin. Napangiti na lang ako, "Ah... Oo--I mean, hindi. Ngayon lang... Napadaan lang ako kasi aayain sana kita na maglakad-lakad." Ngumiti siya at bigla akong niyakap ng mahigpit. "B--Bryle! I can't breath." Binitiwan naman niya ako tapos napakamot siya ng ulo sabay sabi ng, "Sorry." Then after nun lumabas na kami para makapaglakad-lakad. **** SANDRA'S POV Lumabas ako ng bahay at pumunta sa garden namin. Naaalala ko na naman yung mga sinabi sa akin ni Bryle... "Mahal? Hindi pagmamahal ang tawag diyan... You are selfish Sandra... Selfish..."

Nag-umpisang tumulo ang luha ko. Alam ko naman na kasalanan ko ang lahat. Akala ko ginagawa ko ang makakapagpasaya sa kanya, pero nagkamali pala ako. Ang ginawa ko ang dahilan kung bakit mas lalo syang naghihirap ngayon. "Hindi ko hiniling na gawin mo iyon. Mahal ko sya kaya kung ano ang nakakapagpasaya sa kanya ang bagay na makakapagpasaya din sa akin." Hindi ko inaasahan na mangyayari ang bagay na ito samin. Hindi ko inisip na dadarating yung araw na bibitiwan nya ang pagkakaibigan namin. Ang pagkakaibigan na pilit kong iningatan sa maraming taon, dahil sa pagmamahal ko sa kanya. "Kung mahal mo talaga ako dapat inisip mo na hindi ito ang magpapasaya sakin. Dapat inisip mo na mas gugustuhin ko ang magdusa mag-isa kaysa sa umiyak ang taong mahal ko. Kung talagang mahal mo ako dapat noong una pa lang na nalaman mong mahal ko na sya eh gumawa ka na ng paraan para makuha ang atensyon ko para ikaw ang minahal ko." Tumayo ako at pumasok na uli sa bahay then may narinig ako na nagdoorbell. Lumabas naman ako para tignan kung sino yun... "Karlo? Why are you here?" nagtatakang tanong ko. Lumapit siya sa akin at niyakap ako, "Sandra, just forget about Bryle... Fall inlove with me, please..." Napayakap na lang din ako sa kanya at tumulo uli yung mga luha ko, "Sana ganun kadali yun Karlo... Sana... Mahal ko siya pero hindi niya ako mahal. Ang sakit pala talaga... It's sad to think he'll never be mine, it's even sadder to realize I knew all this time."

**** ARIZA'S POV Pumunta ako sa isang restaurant na malapit sa mall nila Clarence para makipagkita sa isang tao... "Ariza?" lumingon ako para tumingin dun sa tumawag sa pangalan ko. She's here. I smiled and signaled her to come near me. Nung nasa harap ko na siya tsaka ako nagsalita, "Andrea, good thing at nakapunta ka." She smiled at me and nod, "You know I can't decline your request, Ariza." Andrea is also one of Clarence's ex-fling. Actually, naka-away ko na rin siya noon pero nagkabati rin kami at naging magkaibigan pa. Nakipagkita ako sa kanya para matulungan niya ako sa mga balak ko. I flashed my wicked grinned at her, "I need you to help me with my plans. I want to teach Clarence the lesson he must learn." 30th Chapter. Kasama ko pa rin si Bryle dito sa vacation house nila sa Pampanga. Yung supposed to be 2 days vacation naging 1 week. Napilit kasi ako ni Bryle, atsaka nagustuhan ko na naman talaga yung treatment sakin ng mga tao dito kaya ayun.

"Kim, swimming tayo." aya sakin ni Bryle. Tumayo ako at ngumiti sa kanya. "Sure. I'll wear my bikini muna." then lumakad na ako papunta sa room na ino-occupy ko. She said it was his older sister's room, ayoko nga sanang gamitin kasi nahihiya ako pero mapilit eh. After kong magpalit ng damit bumaba na ako at pumunta sa beach. Nandun na si Bryle, nakaupo siya sa sand. I walked towards him and sat beside him. "Hindi ba nagagalit si Rence na nandito ka pa rin?" tanong niya habang nakatingin sa sa dagat. I hugged my knees before answering, "He is real mad. Pinapabalik na niya ako sa Manila, pero I told him that I'll stay here until tomorrow." He sighed and lay down the sand, "So, even if I ask you to stay you will say no?" I looked at him and smiled, "Yeah. And to correct you, we are going back to Manila together." "Together... That sound so romantic especially if you're mine, but then you're not." he smiled shyly, "What if ayokong bumalik?" I glared at him, "You know you can't do that. Bryle! Ikaw ang bestman sa kasal ko--" He cut my sentence, "That's the reason why. Bestman lang ako, I want to be your groom, not your bestman." And he frowned.

I held his hands, "We talked about right? Bry, para na kitang bestfriend so please... Don't make this hard for me." I plead. He sighed and freed his hands before returning his gaze back to the sea. "Fine." I smiled and whispered, "Thank you." Pagkatapos naming magswimming bumalik na kami sa bahay. Nagshower lang kami tapos kumain kami ng lunch then after that naglaro kami ng x-box. Nagulat ako nung biglang nagring yung cellphone ko. 'Boyfie ko...' Si Clarence ko tumatawag! Napangiti ako at binitawan ko yung controler para sagutin yung tawag. "Clarence..." malambing na sabi ko. "Wala ka na bang balak bumalik sa Manila?" obvious ang inis sa boses niya. Oops. Mukang naiinis na si boyfie ko. I giggled. "Namimiss mo na talaga ako. Pauwi na kami pero bukas pa kasi nasa talyer pa yung kotse ni Bryle." "May kotse ka naman, di ba? Umuwi ka na dito, hinahanap ka ni Mommy. Sa Saturday na yung kasal natin pero wala ka pa rin dito." "Eh, ayaw nga kasing umuwi ni Bryle ng hindi niya dala yung kotse niya." natahimik si Clarence saglit tapos bigla siyang sumigaw sa sa phone. Hindi ako yung sinigawan niya, siguro yung assistant niya.

"I don't care. Leave him if he doesn't want to come back." he said angrily. I bit my lower lip, "But--" "No but's. Bumalik ka na dito." then he ended the call. I sighed heavily. Kailangan ko na talagang bumalik sa amin, ikakasal na kami ni Clarence (yung totoong kasal) at alam kong sobra na siyang nag-aalala. "Si Rence ba yung tumawag?" nag-aalalang tanong ni Bryle. I smiled at him and nod, "He's mad kasi nandito pa rin ako until now." Lumapit siya sa akin, tumigil lang siya nung dalawang steps na lang ang pagitan namin. "And he wants you back home now." I nod at him, "If I beg would you stay?" "Bry... Nag-usap na tayo, di ba? Don't make this hard for me." I said looking down. Hinawakan niya yung dalawang kamay ko, "Why is it hard for you?" "Because---" "Because you love me?" "Bry... Ano ba yang sinasabi mo?" I freed my hand and turned my back at him.

"Why are you here?" he asked. Napaharap naman ako sa tanong niya, "Dahil nga gusto kitang maging bestman sa kasal namin." Lumapit uli siya sa akin at hinawakan ako sa balikat, "Yun lang ba yun?" Hindi ko alam pero nakaramdam ako nang kakaiba sa mga sinasabi ni Bryle. "Bryle... Please huwag ka namang ganyan." Bigla niya akong niyakap ng mahigpit. "Please... Stay with me." I feel his tears streaming down his handsome face. Oh! He is crying because of me. "Bryle..." "Kim, I can't live without you." He released me from his hug and cupped my face. "Kim, I love you... I love you..." He hugged me again while his tears continued to fall down.

"Ako na lang ang mahalin mo, ako na lang. Kaya kong bitiwan ang lahat, kaya kong iwanan ang kahit sino para sayo. Ako na lang ang mahalin mo." Kahit anong pilit kong tulak ang gawin sa kanya walang nangyayari. Mas lalo nya lang hinihigpitan ang pagkakayakap nya sakin. "Bitiwan mo ako! Bitiwan mo ako!" Bigla nyang hinawakan ang mukha ko at hinalikan ako sa labi. He is kissing me rough, and as much as I hate what he's doing to me, I did something unforgivable. I kissed him back. All my strength left me alone, I tried to wake my mind but it is just... "You love me, too. I can feel it from your kiss." he said with conviction. He looked deep into my eyes and I felt something. Something that I shouldn't be feeling. Something... I felt it. Guilt. "Kim..." Napalingon ako sa tumawag sa pangalan ko. "Clarence?" ****

Tahimik lang sila Clarence at Kim habang nasa byahe. Walang nagsasalita sa kanilang dalawa. Iniisip pa rin ni Kim ang bagay na narealize niya nung halikan siya ni Bryle. She felt something deep arose from her heart. And she knew for a fact that her life gets more complicated than before. She's inlove with Clarence... as well as with Bryle. Samantala, si Clarence naman ay nag-aalala sa asawa niya. Kanina pa kasi tahimik si Kim, ni hindi ito kumibo nung sinabi niyang aalis na sila. Hindi rin ito nagpaalam kay Bryle. Alam niyang may kung anong nangyari habang magkasama ang dalawa pero kung ano iyon ay aalamin niya. "Can we stop to grab something to eat. I'm famished." sabi ni Kim na nakatingin lang sa labas ng kotse. Hindi sumagot si Clarence pero tumigil naman ito nung may nakitang restaurant. Bumaba ang lalaki ng hindi man lang pinag-bubuksan ang asawa. Bumaba na lang ito mag-isa at sumunod kay Clarence. Doon sila sa may pinaka dulong parte ng restaurant naupo. Dumating na ang order nila pero wala pa ring nagsasalita sa kanila. Pareho silang nagpapakiramdaman. Pero napansin ni Clarence na hindi ginagalaw ni Kim ang pagkain nito... "You said you were hungry but you haven't touch your food yet." sabi ni Clarence saby turo sa pagkain na pinaglalaruan na lang ni Kim. Parang natauhan si Kim sa sinabi ni Clarence. "Sorry. " Mahina niyang sabi sabay tingin dito. Meron siyang gustong sabihin sa asawa pero hindi niya alam kung dapat ba niya talaga yung sabihin. "What if--, Nevermind. Let's eat our food para makabalik na tayo sa Manila." then she faked a smile.

Magsasalita pa sana si Clarence pero naisip niyang huwag na lang ituloy. Hindi pa ito ang oras para tanungin niya nang mga bagay-bagay si Kim. **** ARIZA'S POV And all I ever want is to be happy... "Do you still love him?" Kendrick asked as we laye hand in hand. I turned to look at my side and smiled at him sweetly, "I don't want to lie to you Kendrick, alam mo kung gaano ka kahalaga sa akin. At syempre hindi rin ganung kadali na makalimutan ko siya. I loved him for almost a decade. Do ypu expect me to move on that fast?" He shrugged his shoulder, "Thank you for being honest with me, but I can't let you to ruin my cousins life. I know that you want revenge but it will do you no good." Since the day na nalaman kong pinsan ni Kendrick si Kim alam ko na rin na dadating yung araw na'to. Nagdalawang isip na rin ako kung dapat ko ba talagang ituloy ang plano ko lalo na't alam kong may mga taong masasaktan, pero buo na ang isipan ko. I need to do this for myself, I need to have this revenge. I still love Clarence pero hindi na yun sapat para magbago pa ang isipan ko. Alam ko na masama ang maghiganti pero ito lang ang nakikita kong paraan para maranasan din ni Clarence ang sakit nang iwanan ka ng taong mahal mo. "Are you planning to break up with me?" I asked him with a small voice.

Hinawakan niya ng mahigpit ang kamay ko, "Yes, I can't be with you knowing that you want to hurt my cousin, well, if you continue your plan my cousin will be hurt." "I don't want to hurt her. Believe me, Kendrick. I just have to do this... I'm sorry." He leaned forward and doesn't mean that I'm Maybe we're not meant day, when all of your be together." kissed my forehead, "I'm breaking up with you but this giving up my love for you. I will always love you... to be together right now but I still believe that one hatred has gone and perished from your heart, we will

A tear fell down from my eye. "I love you..." **** KIM'S POV Hinatid ako ni Clarence sa pad ko after nun umalis na agad siya. Hindi man lang kami nakapag-usap. Kasalanan ko yun eh, masyado ko kasing iniisip si Bryle. Ang gaga ko kasi eh! Hinayaan ko si Bryle na halikan ako ayan tuloy narealize ko pa na may feelings din ako sa kanya. Nagpalit ako ng damit at nagready nang food para sa amin ni Cheska. Malamang nasa school pa siya, busy kasi yun eh. Nakakahiya nga kasi sinabi ko kay Tita Kat na babantayan ko siya pero naging busy ako sa asawa ko. Nagluto na lang ako ng pasta, since yun lang talaga yung alam kong lutuin. Nagpprepare ako nung ingredients nang biglang nagring yung phone.

"Hello?" "Kim..." Oh my! I know that voice! "Clarence ko..." "Can we talk?" Bakit parang ang cold niya? Nakita niya ba nung hinalikan ako ni Bryle? Pero kung nakita niya yun edi dapat sinapak niya si Bryle tsaka sinabi niya sa akin kanina nung magkasama kami. "Uh, sure. Saan ba tayo mag-uusap? Bed or couch?" Narinig ko siyang umismid sa kabilang linya, "Grabe ka talagang babae ka. Tss. Siguro pakakasal ka lang talaga sa akin dahil sa katawan ko. Tsk. Kung sabagay kaya nga maraming naghahabol--" "Hoy! Clarence Perez yang kayabangan mo ah! Feeling mo naman yang katawan mo lang ang habol ko. Hindi no! Feeling nito." then nagpout ako. "Stop shouting slut. Ang sakit sa tenga, para ka pa namang nakalunok ng megaphone. Buksan mo na yung pinto mo nandito na ako." What? Nasa labas na agad siya? Edi hindi pala siya umalis? Agad kong namang binuksan ang pinto tapos nakita kong nakalean lang siya sa pader. Ang hot naman ng asawa ko! "Oh, ang tagal mo naman magbukas. Tss. Kanina pa ako dito eh." sabay smirk. Inirapan ko nga siya, "Bakit kasi hindi ka na lang pumasok tutal may susi ka naman. Ibaba na natin 'tong phone." Ibababa ko na sana pero pinigilan niya yung kamay ko. "Wag. Ganito lang tayo mag-usap. Tara dun na tayo sa loob." Hinatak niya ako papasok sa loob tapos nilock niya yung pinto. Mukang timang lang 'to si Clarence. Magkasama na nga kami tapos naguusap kami sa phone. Ano namang trip nito? Umupo siya dun sa couch tapos nakaupo naman ako sa lap niya. "Hindi mo ako kinakausap kanina nung nasa byahe tayo." bigla niyang sabi.

Napaiwas ako ng tingin, "Ah, kasi hindi mo rin naman ako kinakausap." Umismid siya tapos inilagay niya yung braso niya sa beywang ko, "Kinakausap kaya kita. Tss. Hindi mo lang talaga ako pinapansin. Sayang laway ko." So totoo lang may mga tinatanong siya sa akin kanina pero hindi ko lang sinasagot kasi baka kung ano pa ang masabi ko, kaya nga tinulugan ko na lang siya eh. Humarap ako sa kanya, I straddle him, "Clarence I love you... Hoy! Alam mo yan ah! Tsaka totoo na mahal kita kaya maniwala ka sa akin. Kahit na masama yang ugali mo, kahit na tinatawag mo akong slut, kahit na masungit ka sa akin, kahit na minsan minamanyak mo ako." then natawa ako dun sa huli kong sinabi, "Joke lang boyfie ko... Hindi mo ako minamanyak, ako nga ata yun eh." he smirked tapos magsasalita sana siya pero pinigil ko siya. Inilagay ko yung daliri ko sa lips niya, "Ako muna ang magsasalita, love ko." I took a deep breath, "Mahal kita, sobra kaya nga nagpakasal ako sayo eh. Kaya nga kahit anong kagaguhan na yung nagawa mo sa akin hindi pa rin ako sumuko eh. I really love you, with all my heart. Kahit na marami nang nagsabi sa akin na hindi ka deserving, pero wala akong pake sa kanila. Hindi ka naman kasi nila kilala, hindi nila alam kung gaano ka kabait, minsan." Tumawa uli ako ng mahina, "I did something wrong... I hope you will forgive me." Pinaglapit niya yung mga noo namin, "You kissed Bryle?" Nagulat ako sa sinabi niya. Nakita nga niya siguro yun, pero bakit hindi niya sinabi agad? "Yeah, and another thing is--" "You realized that you love him also."

"Y--yes." I closed my eyes. I felt him kissing my forehead. "Do you want me to cancel our wedding?" malungkot na tanong niya. Napadilat agad ako, "No! No, no, no! Clarence, hindi ako nagbaback out. I love him but I love you more... It's just that there's a little space in my hear t that only him could fill it." He sighed heavily and smiled bitterly, "Thank you... for choosing me." I closed my eyes and he kissed me fully at the lips. Yeah, mahal ko nga si Bryle pero hindi ibig-sabihin nun na hihiwalayan ko si Clarence. I fell inlove with Clarence first. At kahit na alam kong masasaktan si Bryle, hindi ko siya pwedeng piliin. KIM'S POV Na stuck kame sa traffic pabalik dun sa condo nya. "May party sa bahay on Saturday. I want you to be there, Kim." Napatingin ako kay Clarence, "Formal party? Anong meron?" Napakunot yung noo nya. "Hinde mo alam kung anong meron sa Saturday?

What kind of girlfriend are you?" Huh? Anong meron sa Sabado? Nilabas ko yung phone ko at tinignan yung calendar. Saturday, July 8. Shit. It's his birthday. "Alam mo na ba kung anong meron?" Tumango ako. "Special holiday, love." then I flashed him my lopsided smile. He grins, "I expect you to be there, babe. And I'll be expecting to open a gift that will be given by you." 31st Chapter. 2 days left before the big day... Nagrehearse kami kanina at ngayon papunta na kami sa bahay nila Clarence. Doon ako matutulog bukas kasi hindi na kami pwede magkita. Ang sabi kasi nila bawal daw magkita ang groom at bride a day before their wedding. Kung alam lang nila kasal na kami... Pagdating dun sa kanila dumiretso kami sa kwarto niya. Nahiga ako sa bed niya tapos inilabas ko yung iPhone ko. Naglaro muna ako ng Temple Run. \m/ Naramdaman ko na lang na nahiga sa tabi ko si Clarence kaya ibinaba ko yung phone ko at tumagilid para makaharap ako sa kanya. "Tss. Don't stare at me, baka matunaw ako. Sige ka wala kang groom sa Saturday."

Hinampas ko siya sa braso, "Ang mean mo sakin." tapos nagpout ako. Nagulat ako nung bigla siyang naglean tapos hinalikan niya ako, "Kanta ka nga." Natawa naman ako. Minsan talaga ang hirap intindihin ni Clarence. "Kiss stealer ka! Pero dahil naman pakakasal na uli tayo sa Saturday kakanta ako." Tumayo ako at kinuha yung gitara niya tapos umupo ako sa kama, siya naman umupo rin. Humarap ako sa kanya at nagsmile. (Your Song by Kate Walsh; Cover by Aria Clemente) "Haven't you heard? I'm stuck on a verse I'm stuck on a boy who fills me with joy I knew I was wrong to jump straight on into this picture so pretty But he is so pretty to me I smiled at him as I strummed the guitar. And he doesn't know just how far I would go Just to kiss him He doesn't know how I pine

So I make whirlpools And watch him sparkle And we'll make love make magic" I just love this man so much. I love him with all my heart and soul. "And haven't you heard? I've fallen head first And he loves me so We're two in a row Just look in his eyes They're blue as the skies a picture so pretty but he is so pretty to me So I make whirlpools And watch him sparkle And we'll make love make magic" And I will spend the rest of my life loving him... "But I couldn't tell you Just how love it takes you 'Cause words don't make what I make with him

Haven't you heard? I'm stuck on a verse I'm stuck on a boy who fills me with joy I knew I was wrong to jump straight on into this picture so pretty" He is not the perfect guy for me, he's far from being one but still my heart choose to be with him. "But he is so pretty to me" Ibinaba ko yung gitara at niyakap si Clarence. "I love you..." Naramdaman kong yumakap din siya sa akin. Tapos bumulong siya, "Ang panget talaga ng boses mo." Pinalo ko siya sa dibdib. Panira talaga ng moment 'tong si Clarence. >____< "Tumawag sa akin si Bryle last night. Ang sabi niya hindi sita pupunta nang kasal natin, he's leaving for Germany tonight." Imbis na magtanong, I leaned my head on his shoulder and nipped his neck. Siguro hahayaan ko na lang si Bryle na lumayo. It's for his sake and mine. I want him to be happy, he deserves it. Atsaka kung lalayo siya mas mapapadali ang buhay ko dahil hindi ko na iisipin yung feelings ko for him. "I,Clarence Perez, take you, Kimberly Joyce Miranda, to be my wife..." Wait, oh my! Sinasabi ni Clarence yung vows namin. :'''> " to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sicknes s and in health, to love and to cherish..." hinawakan niya yung kamay ko at may sinuot siyang diamond ring sa akin, "till death us do part, and this is my

solemn vow." he looked at me and smiled whole-heartedly, "I love you." Napaiyak tuloy ako ng wala sa oras, kasi naman 'tong si Clarence bigla-bigla na lang magpapaka sweet. Pero sobrang nabigla talaga ako sa pagrecite niya nung wedding vows namin. "Bakit ba bigla-bigla ka na lang nagiging sweet? Kainis ka naman eh." then I pout. Natawa siya at pinoke yung noo ko, "Wala lang. Nirecite ko lang yung vows natin, baka kasi makalimutan ko." Sabay kaming nagsigh at nagkatinginan. **** ARIZA'S POV May usapan kami ni Andrea na magkikita ngayon para pag-usapan ang mga plano namin. Dito kami magkikita sa sa 70's Bistro. Kendrick and I broke up. Masakit pala talaga kapag yung taong tunay na nagmamahal mo ay kailangan mong pakawalan. I love him, but not the way I loved Clarence. Tanga nga siguro ako kasi hindi pa rin ako maka move on pero masisi niyo ba ako? Anim na taon kong minahal si Clarence, six fucking years of wasting my time loving a jerk. Siguro, dahil sa sobrang sakit na naranasan ko nung hiwalayan niya ako ang dahilan kung bakit gusto ko siyang masaktan. Tinanong ko si Mikee kung tama ba na maghiganti ako pero katulad din ni Kendrick, hindi siya sang-ayon. Wala nga naman kasing tao ang sasang-ayon sa mga gusto kong mangyari. Maybe they think that I'm a bitch but no, I'm not a bitch. I'm just a broken hearted girl trying to find peace of mind by doing these crazy things.

I might look selfish, wait, let me correct that, I am selfish. Selfish for wanti ng Kendrick when I know that my heart is still with the guy I despise. Selfish for wanting revenge when I knew for a fact that alot of people will be hurt, not just him. "Sorry, I'm late. Traffic eh." I was pulled out of my reverie. I smiled at her a nd gestured her the chair. Umupo naman siya dun. "So, ano ba ang gusto mong ipagawa sa akin?" "Let us eat first. I ordered our food already, I hope you don't mind." and I flashed her my most sincere smile. She shook her head, "Ofcourse I don't." We ate our lunch in silence. Wala munang nagsalita sa amin ni Andrea, nagdadalawang isip pa kasi ako kung gusto ko pa bang ituloy yung mga plano ko. After we ate our food I ordered for a bottle of wine. "Let us get down to business, Ariza. Ano ang gusto mong gawin ko?" tanong niya sabay inom nung wine. Huminga ako ng malalim bago nagsalita, "Gusto kong pilitin mo si Kim na iuurong ang kasal niya kay Clarence." Yes, I know that Clarence is getting married. When I first heard of it I felt a pang of pain. Naisip ko kasi na talagang mahal nga niya si Kim kasi inalok niya yun ng kasal. May commitment problem kasi si Clarence, hindi siya sanay na sa iisang babae lang iikot ang buhay niya. Hindi ko nga rin lubos maisip kung paano ako nakatagal sa paghabol-habol sa kanya eh. Her brow furrowed, "And how could I do that? I mean, mukang inseparable na

yung dalawa na yun eh." "Well, hindi naman sila magkasama bago ang mismong kasal nila. Kim's house is in AAV, and I think you can manage to go there. Talk to her an hour before her wedding." This is my plan. Ang sirain ang kasal niya, ang sirain ang buhay niya. I want him to feel the ache I felt before when he left me hanging. Wala nang mas sasakit pa kung sa mismong araw ng kasal niya ay iwanan siya ng bride niya. "What would I tell her? Hindi ko naman basta-basta mapapapayag si Kim na iurong ang kasal kung wala naman akong proof na maipapakita sa kanya na niloloko lang siya ni Clarence or something na magpupush sa kanya na iurong ang kasal." I smiled at her and then I took a sip of the wine, "Don't need to worry about those things. Naayos ko na yun, may mga proof ka na maipapakita kay Kim." "Really?" she asked amused. I shrugged a shoulder, "Kilala mo naman si Bryle, di ba?" tumango siya kaya nagpatuloy na ako, "He told me that Clarence's relationship with Kim was a part of a bet that he and Rence's made." Bryle and I, we're comrades. He told me everything I need for my revenge, and I also helped him with some things para makuha niya si Kim apparently, hindi niya nagawa. He fell inlove with Kim, as well as Clarence. "A bet?" Andrea parroted. "Yeah. A freakin' bet. We can use that to lure Kim."

She laughed as if I cracked some joke, "He is really a jerk. So, wala talaga siyang feelings para dun sa Kim? Poor girl, I pity her." "No, Clarence did fell in love with her. Sa tingin mo ba gagawin ko pa 'tong plano ko na 'to kung alam ko naman na hindi masasaktan ng todo si Clarence? Kaya nga gusto kong kausapin mo si Kim na iurong ang kasal para naman masaktan si Clarence. Para maranasan na niya ang iwanan ng taong mahal niya." She nods and smiled at me, "I love your plan, A. I'm imagining his expression when he finds out that her bride will back out." "Yes, he will be hurt bigtime. Pero para mangyari yun, we must make our move. On the day of their wedding, I want you to talk to Kim and tell her lies. Tell her that Clarence is still inlove with me, tell her the bet that he made. Tell her awful things about Clarence." I'm sorry Kim, I just need to do this. "Ruin Clarence's name, break her heart and make her hate Clarence. For sure when he finds out about this, he will be devastated." This is it, I wanted to do this. I want revenge not just for me but all those innocent heart you broke. I'm sorry Clarence, payback's a bitch. **** SANDRA'S POV Simula nung last na phone call ni Bryle hindi na kami nag-usap. Siguro nga galit pa rin siya sa akin. Galit siya kasi gumawa ako ng bagay na makakasakit kay Kim. Si Karlo na lang ang nagsabi sa akin na paalis na ng bansa si Bryle para ituloy ang career niya sa F1 racing. Siguro tama na rin yung gagawin niya, kailangan niya yun para maka move on siya.

Ikakasal na kasi si Kim at Clarence at kung mananatili pa siya dito malamang masaktan lang siya. He deserves to be happy. "Ngayon na ang flight ni Bry. Hindi ka ba pupunta?" tanong ni Karlo sabay abot nung juice sa akin. Umiling lang ewan ko pero malaman kong buhay, hindi ako sabay sandal sa balikat niya. Palagi ko na siyang kasama, kahit naman papaano eh nakakalimutan ko na yung sakit na hindi ako kayang mahalin ni Bryle. Ganun nga siguro ang lahat ng gusto natin eh makukuha natin.

"Sigurado ka bang ayaw mo siyang puntahan?" tanong uli ni Karlo. "Hindi na. May gap na between me and Bryle when I I feel. Tsaka, alam kong may galit pa rin siya sa Kim. Maybe when the right time comes, magkakabati heals all wound nga di ba?" nakangiting tanong ko decided to tell him what akin dahil sa ginawa ko kay rin kami ni Bry. Time sa kanya.

Ngumiti lang din siya at hinawakan yung right hand ko sabay squeeze. "And time will eventually teach your heart to love me like the way I love you." Natawa ako sa sinabi niya pero bahala na. Ayoko na lang muna magsalita. Ang mahalaga ngayon, nagmomove on na ako. **** BRYLE'S POV "Hindi ka na ba papapigil?" tanong ni Ate Brielle sa akin.

Umiling lang ako, "Hindi na Ate. I need this, space. I want time and space and Germany is right place to do it." She smacks my right arm, "Madaming babae dun, at syempre marami ring bakla. Baka naman pagbalik mo dito 'gay' ka na ah." Natawa na lang ako sa sinabi ni Ate. Alam ko naman na gusto niya lang pagaanin yung mood. Siya lang kasi ang maghahatid sa akin, hindi rin kasi payag sila Mom at Dad na pumunta ako sa Germany. Lalo na't nagdecide ako na magsstay ako dun ng matagal, kung gaano katagal basta matagal talaga. "Ate, when you see Sandra tell her that I'm sorry. I did something stupid and I hurt her, alot." huminga ako ng malalim at inilabas yung letter na ginawa ko para kay Kim. Inabot ko yun kay Ate, "And pakibigay 'to kay Karlo at pakisabi na ibigay kay Kim." Tumango lang siya at ngumiti, "Bryle always remember that we're all here for you. We love you." 'CALLING ALL PASSENGERS FOR FLIGHT XXX BOUND TO GERMANY' "I need to go now." Ate Brielle hugged me once last time, "Take care, bro." "You too, sis." For now, iiwan ko muna ang Pilipinas para hanapin ang sarili ko. Maraming masakit na alaala at syempre meron ding masasaya na pansamantala ko munang iiwan.

32nd Chapter. "Rise and shine, beautiful!" and he kissed my lips while lifting me up. I grinned and kissed the tip of his nose, "Good morning, boyfie." He smiled back at me, "Time to take a bath. I need to drop you home today, you need to spend some time with your friends and your family as Kimberly Miranda for the last time." I stiffled a giggle and kissed his lips, "I'm already Kimberly Perez, but since they didn't know about it I will follow your command." He grinned boyishly and hugged me tight, "Come on. Bath time!" Hinatak na ako ni Clarence, nabigla pa ako nung buhatin niya ako na parang sako. I could get use to this, waking up every morning with that gorgeous smile coming from my beautiful husband. "Ikaw na lang pala ang maligo. Pagkatapos mo na lang ako." sabi niya. Nagpout naman ako, "Sabay na tayo." Tinapik niya yung noo ko, "Ikaw na lang. Baka kapag nagsabay tayo hindi tayo makalabas ng banyo. Tss." Ah! Gets ko na ang ibig-sabihin ng love ko. May point nga naman siya, kung magsasabay kasi kaming maligo malamang magtagal nga kami. Hindi lang kasi ligo ang gagawin namin. Hahahaha! Ang shrek na masyado ng utak ko. Sheet!

**** Hindi na kami nagbreakfast sa kanila, ang sabi kasi ni Clarence sa parents niya magddate na lang daw kami kaya ayun pumunta na lang kami sa fav niyang restaurant. After nun hinatid na niya ako sa bahay para naman makapag bonding pa raw kami nila Mom at Dad habang hindi pa kami kasal. (Anong hinde?!) Syempre sinunod ko naman yung sinabi ng boyfie ko. Nagbonding kami nila Mom, nagbake siya nung chocolate cake then si Dad naman pinagshopping pa ako. Pumunta kami dun sa mall nila Clarence then Mom invited him to eat lunch with us. Mga 3 na kami nakabalik sa bahay. Ang sabi kasi ni Mom dapat daw magpahinga ako para bukas. Dapat daw fresh ako at syempre maganda. Nag heart-to-heart talk din kami ni Mom. She told me things like, marrying is not a game and I should always keep in mind that wives are born submissive. Pero sinabi rin ni Mom na dapat daw ipaglaban ko din kung ano ang sa tingin kong tama. And never to forget to love myself. Then dad also told me alot of things. He said he loves me so much and he can't believe that I'm getting married tomorrow. Para kasi kay dad, ako pa rin yung baby girl niya. Kung alam lang talaga ni dad na kasal na kami ni Clarence malamang himatayin siya. Kendrick texted me also, he knew about my wedding and he apologized to me 'cause he can't attend daw. He went back to US na kasi and I don't know why. Ang sabi niya may kailangan daw siyang ayusin dun, nung tinanong ko naman siya kung kamusta na sila ni Ariza hindi siya kumibo. So I therefore conclude na break na sila. I maybe bad for being happy about their breakup, but I don't care. Ayoko kasi si Ariza para kay Kendrick, bruha kasi yung babae na yun eh. Si Cheska naman babalik na rin sa US after ng wedding ko. She said she

misses her parents and that she doesn't like Clarence for me. Si Bryle pa rin daw ang 'right guy' for me. Medyo malungkot ako sa sinabi niya pero naiintindihan ko naman siya. Sa ibang paraan kasi nakikita ni Cheska si Clarence bilang lalaki, at ganun din naman ako. Tangap ko yung reason niya kung bakit si Bryle ang gusto niya para sa akin kaya lang syempre mas susundin ko yung kung ano ang sa tingin kong magpapasaya sa akin, at yun ay ang piliin ko si Clarence. "Hija, may bisita ka sa baba." sabi ni Manang Tilde sa akin. Siya yung nagalaga sa akin nung nagdecide akong tumira dito sa Pinas. Ngumiti ako sa kanya, "Ah, sige po. Bababa na lang ako." Tumango siya at isinara na yung pinto. Inayos ko lang yung mga pinamili namin nila dad tapos bumaba na ako ng sala. I was surprised to se Karlo there. "Why are you here?" I may sound rude pero yun talaga ang unang lumabas sa bibig ko. He smiled timidly, "Well, Bryle told me to give this letter to you." and then he handed me a piece of white paper. "Don't worry, I didn't open the letter." "T-thanks." I muttered as I took the letter from his hand. "Do you want some juice?" I offered him. Nakakahiya naman kasi, di ba? I mean, siya yung nagdala nung letter tapos parang ang bastos pa nung approached ko sa kanya. He shrugged his shoulders before saying, "No, I need to go. I just drop by here to give that to you." "Oh. So, thanks again."

He smiled at me, "No problem. Just doing some favor for my cousin." Hinatid ko siya hanggang sa labas ng bahay namin. His car was parked just infront of our house. He went inside his car but before leaving he said something that bothers me... "I hope reading that letter will not make you confuse. Rence's is really inlove with you and so's Bryle, but you already made your decision when you agreed to re-marry him again. Don't turn your back to the decision that you made, stand for it." **** Nung naka alis na si Karlo agad kong binasa yung letter na pinabigay ni Bryle. Kim, I don't have the slightest idea of why I wrote this letter for you. I'm broken. You decided to be with Clarence and I accept that. But, I feel hurt. Very hurt. I love you and I know you somewhat feel the same towards me but it's just that you love him more than me. And to admit such thing damage my ego as a man.I don't regret when I kissed you the last time we talk, I don't and I'm serious with it. If I didn't kissed you that time then I wouldn't have known the feelings that you have for me, I will think that what I've through is just a one sided love. I am leaving the country for our sake. Like what I've said a while ago, I don't regret anything. Especially, I don't regret falling inlove with you. It might no t be the best idea but it's the best thing that ever happened to me. I cannot explain it through words but I felt so alive when I realized that I am inlove with you and even know, even when you choose Clarence over me, I feel so alive... And love.

I'm sorry if I can't attend your wedding but I did that for you. I don't want to confused you, and I don't want to see you sad and devastated. I want you to be happy all the time. And being with me will not bring you happiness, it will just bring you sadness and regrets. We may not be together for now but maybe in another life, I will be your man. I'll make sure that if I'll be born again and our path cross, I will make you fall in love with me. Just with me. I love you. Never ever ever forget about that. I love you with all my heart. Be happy. Bryle. I was crying and I didn't even realized that Nof's already standing infront of me. I immediately put the letter inside my pocket and wiped my tears away. "Why are you crying?" she asked. I looked away and smiled bitterly, "He is my right love at the wrong time." and with that I burst into tears. Nof hugged my and taps my back in her most comforting way. I am really inlove with Bryle. Siguro noong una ayokong aminin sa sarili ko dahil nga nagiging maayos na yung relasyon ko kay Clarence. Pilit kong dineny sa sarili ko na mahal ko siya. Palagi kong sinasabi na si Clarence lang ang mahal ko kahit na ang totoo mahal ko na rin si Bryle. Sabi nga nila 'To find real happines you must let go of the small pleasures'. I love Bryle but I love Clarence more. Clarence is my happy ending while Bryle is my right love. May pinagkaiba ba? Oo naman. Kapag kasi si Bryle ang pinili ko malamang sa dulo maghiwalay lang kami kasi nga hindi ito ang oras para maging kami, I mean, hindi siya ang lalaking makakapagpasaya sa akin kahit na siya yung tamang lalaki para sa akin. Si Clarence naman siya yung taong magbibigay sakin ng happiness. No amount of words can explain how much I love Clarence.

Si Bryle yung 'small pleasure' na kailangan kong pakawalan para mahanap ko yung bagay na talagang magpapasaya sa akin. I need to do this, kahit na masakit sa puso. "Ssh. Don't cry, Miranda. Stand for your decision and never regret anything." Nof said while stroking my back to comfort me. Yes, I will never regret anything. I will never regret admiting to myself that I love Bryle and I will never regret choosing Clarence. **** "Duh. Look at you, Kim. You look ugly na! Eew. I bet iiwanan ka ni Clarence kung makikita niya yung itsura mo ngayon." then she laughed. Ugh. Kasalanan ko ba kung nakakaiyak yung letter ni Bryle? I rolled my eyes at her, "Shut up, Salvador. Ikakasal na ako kaya kung pwede lang naman maging mabait ka na sa akin." Tumayo siya at lumapit sa pinto ng room ko, "No, you shut up and listen to me. Kasal ka na talaga kaya hindi ko na kailangang maging mabait sayo. And you should take your beauty rest kasi baka kapag nakita ka ni Clarence na ganyan bukas, iwan ka niya at ipagpalit sa ibang babae." And with that she left me. Ang bait talagang kaibigan ni Nof. Note the sarcastic tone, please! Pero may point naman niya eh. Namumugto yung eyes ko dahil nga nag-iiyak ako kanina. Dapat siguro magpahinga na ako para naman maayos na ang lagay ko bukas. I must look beautiful for tomorrow's wedding. ****

(7:00 PM. Kim Miranda's House) May dumating na package para sa akin. Walang nakalagay kung kanino nanggaling, maliit na box lang naman siya at nung inalog ko yung box, parang walang laman. So, I opened it and to my surprise... "Fuck it!" Puro pictures ni Clarence kasama ang iba't-ibang babae at may isang tape recorder dun pati na rin cd. Inilabas ko yung tape recorder at cd then sinunod ko yung mga pictures. It was him kissing different girls, and take note, may isang picture dun na naka upo pa yung girl sa lap ni Clarence. Sino bang matinong tao ang magpapadala nito bago ang kasal namin?! Ugh. Ano 'to sabotage? Gustong masira ang kasal namin ni Clarence? Asa pa siya. Siguro pakana na naman 'to nung Andrea na yun. Malandi yung babae na yun eh, gusto niya talagang maagaw sa akin si Clarence pero asa naman siya. Akala niya siguro maniniwala ako sa mga pictures na 'to, obvious naman na lumang pictures na 'tong pinadala niya. Duh, dapat yung latest para naman naniwala pa ako. Tatawagan ko sana si Clarence para sabihin sa kanya ang tungkol sa mga pictures na pinadala sa akin pero may isang unregistered number na tumatawag. '+63916******* calling...' Who the hell is this? I click the answer button. "Hello?"

"Did you received the package, Kim?" "Who's this?" "I'm Andrea. And oh, don't me mad at me. I did a good thing for you." "Good thing? Are you crazy? Pinadalhan mo ako ng mga pictures ni Clarence na may kahalikang ibang babae para sabihing you did a good thing?" "Kim, trust me. Niloloko ka lang ni Clarence, he is never inlove with you. Si Ariza pa rin ang mahal niya---" "I don't believe you! Kung talagang mahal niya si Ariza edi sana hindi niya ako aalukin ng kasal, edi sana hinayaan na niya akong sumama kay Bryle!" She was mute for a moment and then laughed hard. Ugh. Bakit ba niya 'to ginagawa?! "Listen to me, Kim. Making you believe that he is inlove with you is a part of the bet that he made with Bryle." "B-bet? What do you mean?" "Nagpustahan silang dalawa kung kanino ka mapupunta. Hindi ka talaga minahal ni Clarence." "I don't believe you... I don't..." "Really? Bahala ka, hindi kita pipilitin pero ako na ang nagsasabi sayo hindi ka niya minahal at kahit kailan hindi ka niya mamahalin. He is still inlove with Ariza. And oh, di ba pinsan mo yung ex ni Ariza? Why don't you ask Kendrick the real reason why they broke up?" "W-what?" Bigla kong naalala yung biglaang pag-alis ni Kendrick at hindi niya pagsabi ng reason niya kung bakit. Dahil nga ba yun kay Clarence? Oh no! Hindi pa naman sila nagkikita ni Ariza, di ba? I mean, palagi kaming magkasama---I went to Pangasinan to visit Bryle and Clarence was left here in Manila. I bit my lower lip, "Nagkita na ba si Clarence at Ariza?"

"They did. I want to tell you everything but I have important matters to attend to, so it's much better if you watch the video that I sent to you. Bye, Kim! And, oh! Pag-isipan mo kung dapat mo nga talagang pakasalan si Clarence kasi mamaya pagsisihan mo lang yan." The line went dead. Shit. Kinuha ko yung cd at isinalang sa laptop ko. Medyo kinakabahan pa ako sa kung ano ang makikita ko dun. The video started and I saw Clarence and Ariza staring at each other. At one second, I thought Clarence's gonna turn his back at Ariza but I was wrong. Instead of turning his back, he pulled Ariza close to him and kissed her lips. Fuck it. They did kiss! Maybe, totoo nga ang sinabi ni Andrea. Maybe Clarence is still inlove with Ariza. Tears started to stream down my face. Shit. Shit. I have a very long and tiring day. I cried because Bryle went away and now I'm crying because I realized how stupid I am. Halos wala pang limang oras nung sinabi ko sa sarili ko na si Clarence ang 'happy ending' ko na siya yung 'happiness' na hinahanap ko tapos ganito. Fuck this shit. He knows how to play dirty, and I am well aware that I can play dirty, too. I wiped my tears away. Shit ka Clarence, kung akala mo magpapadala ako sayo then nagkakamali ka. Two can play at this game! Hindi lang ikaw ang nakipag pustahan. 33rd Chapter. (Saturday -WEDDING DAY) She cried the whole night. Never in her 19 years of existence, she imagined herself broken like this. It is much worst than what happened to her when her first boyfriend died.

She cried buckets of tears, she cursed his name and pitied herself. What more could she do just to erase the pain that she feels? "Honey, are you okay?" tanong ng Mom niya habang inaayos ang wedding gown niya. Gusto niyang yakapin ang Mommy niya at umiiyak pero hindi niya magawa. Ayaw niyang kaawaan siya ng magulang niya. Ayaw niyang makita nila na nasasaktan siya. Ngumiti lang siya at tumango, "I am, Mom. I'm just nervous. Wedding jitters." Her mom approached her and hugged her tight, "I can't believe that my little girl is getting married. Be happy, okay?" She hugged her back and whispered, "I will. I will be happy." then she broke the hug and smiled at her Mom. "I'll take a bath na, Mom." She went to the bathroom and cried silently. She can't allow them to see her broken. **** "Getting yourself tied, brother?" his little brother asked. He grinned boyishly. "Well, I am." He is happy. And he knows that after today, he will be happy for the rest of

his life. "Ariza told me to give this to you." and he handed him a white box. He stared at the box for a few moment before opening it. "Shit." Binitiwan niya yung box sabay kuha nung susi ng kotse, wallet at cellphone niya. "Where are you going?" He looked at his brother and said, "I'm going to make sure that my bride won't run away." And with that he left his house. **** "Where do you think you are going?" her bestfriend asked annoyed. She wants to disappear and to forget the pain that she feels. She smiled bitterly, "I want to forget. Let me be..." she murmured softly. She raised her brow, "You are running? Are you nuts?! It's just 4 hours before your wedding and you want to runaway?"

"Yes. I want to runaway. I'm sorry. I need to think. I need to be alone." and she shook her down. "Why? What happened? Last night you told me that you'll stand for your deci---" "I don't love him..." It is hard to pretend that you love someone when you don't, but it's even harder to pretend that you don't love someone when you really do. **** He parked his car and went inside the house. He saw her parents looking all worried. "Where is she?" he muttered. They all turned to look at him. Her parents, her relatives, and her bestfriend. "Where is she?!" he yelled. Her father walked towards him and put his hands on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, Clarence. My daughter ran away." And his whole world crashed.

**** She drove and drove and drove. She doesn't know where she's going because all she wants to do is to forget everything. She loved him, wait, it's love. She love him, love him more than anything else. She risked everything just to be with him. Her phone rings and she didn't even give quick glance on it. Why can't she let him explain? She doesn't even know the answer. There is something stopping her from hearing his explanations. Whatever it is, she doesn't care. **** "Please answer the Goddamn phone, Kim! Answer it!" he said as he continued to dial her number. Hindi alam ni Clarence kung sino ang nagpadala nung box na pinaglagyan nung video nung huli nilang pagkikita ni Ariza, pero alam niya na yun talaga ang dahilan kung bakit umalis si Kim. Hindi siya naniwala dun sa sinabi ni Nof na hindi siya mahal ni Kim. He knows for a fact that Kim is in love with him and without a doubt, he love her too. "Hijo, calm down. Siguro kailangan lang mag-isip ni Kim." kalmadong sabi ng Mommy niya sabay hawak sa balikat niya. "No, I need to find her. I need to make sure that she's safe. I want to see her... I want her here beside me." Halos mangiyak-ngiyak na si Clarence. Halu-halo ng emosyon ang nararamdaman niya. Takot, galit, pag-aalala.

"Dude, we'll try to find her." sabi ni Chase na sinang-ayunan naman ni Luis at Seph. "I will find her, too." sabi rin ni Nof sabay hawak sa balikat ni Clarence, "She is inlove with you, really inlove if I may add. Siguro nga nung una gusto lang niyang patunayan na kaya niyang paiibigin ang isang Clarence Perez pero alam ko na dun sa panahong magkasama kayo, talagang minahal ka niya. You bring the worst and the best of her." Umalis na rin si Nof kasabay ang grupo ni Chase. Si Clarence naman patuloy pa ring kinocontact ang number ni Kim. "Kim, please... Sagutin mo ang phone mo. Please... Come back to me..." **** (NAIA -Terminal 3) To be happy, one must know pain. To experience love, one has to know rejection. And to learn, one must make a mistake. I've experienced alot of things. I loved. I was hurt. I t people. And now, I want to be happy. People may think I I'm not. I'm just a broken hearted girl who wants to be sufferings that I've been through. I want to fix myself know is by hurting him. fell inlove again. I hur am a bitch, but no free from all the and the only way I

I'm sorry, Kendrick. I'm sorry, Mikey. I'm really sorry, Kim. I'm sorry Clarence...

'Calling all passengers for flight XXX bound to California, USA.' Every bitch has their story... And now that I accomplished my mission, I want to start my own story. A story where I can find my real happiness without hurting alot of people. I want to start anew. **** She is over-rationalizing things. Bakit ba hindi niya pinakikinggan ang explanation ni Clarence? Dahil ba natatakot siya na aminin nito na si Ariza pa rin ang mahal niya? Na ginamit lang siya ni Clarence dahil gusto niyang ipursue ni Ariza ang career nito sa pagmomodel. Malayo na rin ang narating niya dahil sa halos limang oras na siyang nagmamaneho. When she looked at her wrist watch, it's already 6 pm. Kaninang 3 pm ang wedding dapat nila ni Clarence na tinakbuhan niya lang. Ano ba kasing iniisip niya at umalis iay ng ganun-ganun na lang? Nagring uli ang phone niya, at dahil nga naisip na rin niyang mali ang ginawa niyang pag-alis ng hindi man lang pinakinggan ang explanation ni Clarence, sinagot na niya ang tawag. "Thank God! Kim, babe, where are you?" obvious ang relief sa boses ng lalaki. Naisip tuloy ni Kim na baka nga nagpadala siya masyado sa nararamdaman niya. Hindi naman talaga dahil sa 'pustahan' na nalaman niya ang naging sanhi nang pag-alis niya eh. Kahit rin naman kasi siya nakipag-pustahan kay Nof. Ang hindi niya lang matanggap ay yung nakipagkita si Clarence kay Ariza at hindi man lang nito sinabi sa kanya, ang matindi pa hinalikan niya ito. Yeah. Fuck it! He initiated the kiss. How cool is that? "Kim, let me explain." nagmamakaawang sabi ni Clarence sa kanya.

She sighed heavily, "O-okay. I will listen to everything you will say." "Thank you." she knows for a fact that Clarence somewhat felt relief. "I did kissed Ariza pero it's not the kiss that you're thinking. It was a kiss goodbye. She asked me if I could kiss her one last time and so I did. She was drunk and she cried infront of me. Alam kong ako ang dahilan kung bakit siya nagdudusa kaya naman hindi ko na siya natangihan." She controlled herself from bursting into tears. She's stupid! She is very stupid! Clarence is really inlove with her! "Hindi ko kilala kung sino yung nagpadala nung box sayo pero maniwala ka sa akin, Kim. I was never inlove with Ariza. NEVER." She smiled fully aware that he can't see her, "I love you... Come back to me." She started to cry, "I'm sorry, I am sorry. Sorry kung nagdoubt ako sa pagmamahal mo, sorry kung nagpadala ako sa galit na naramdaman ko... Sorry... I love you, too, so much." She was about to utter something when she felt that her car swerve. Napatingin siya sa daan. She saw that she was already on the other lane. "Oh my, God!" hiyaw niya. Pilit niyang ginagalaw ang ang manibela upang dalhin uli sa tamang lane, but it was stuck. She frantically stepped on the brakes but the car wouldn't stop. "What's happening?" tanong ni Clarence. "My brakes are broken. Oh my, God! Clarence my car wouldn't stop." she said

with her scared voice, almost shouting. "Shit. Put on your seatbelt. And try to avoid other cars. Don't panic." sabi ni Clarence. Halatang natatakot na si Clarence at maging siya natatakot na rin. Ilang beses pang napamura si Clarence habang sinasabi sa kanya kung ano ang dapat niyang gawin. "Clarence kapag ginawa ko yun babanga ako sa mga railings. I can't, I'm scared." she said sobbing. "Ssh. Babe, shit this. Don't cry, don't panic." "Clarence----" she shouted. And that was the longest ten seconds of her life. She saw a brilliant light in front of her, and then heard a very loud honk. Suddenly, she saw a huge truck heading her way. Mababanga siya! "Kim!!" Then, there was silence. A defeaning silence. **** "Oh my, God!" iyak ni Kim sa kabilang linya. Biglang nakaramdam ng kaba si Clarence. Shit. "What's happening?" nagaalalang tanong niya.

"My brakes are broken. Oh my, God! Clarence my car wouldn't stop." she said shouting. Parang nanikip ang dibdib ni Clarence sa sinabi ni Kim. Mas gusto pa ata niyang umalis na lang si Kim ng walang paalam kesa sa may mangyaring masama rito. "Shit. Put on your seatbelt. And try to avoid other cars. Don't as he hurried and went out of the house. Hindi na niya pinansin pagtatanong sa kanya ng magulang ni Kim kung saan siya pupunta. tanging nasa isip lang ni Clarence ay ang tulungan si Kim, kung rin niya alam. panic." he said ang Ang paano hindi

Dali-dali siyang sumakay ng kotse niya at tinawagan si Nof para sabihin ang kalagayan ni Kim. Tumawag din siya kay Karlo para magpatulong. Halos mapamura na siya dahil sa sobrang takot at kaba na nararamdaman. Mahigpit din ang kapit niya sa manibela, hawak pa din niya ang cellphone at binibigyan ng instruksyon si Kim kung ano ang dapat gawin. "Clarence kapag ginawa ko yun babanga ako sa mga railings. I can't, I'm scared." halos mangiyak-ngiyak na sabi ni Kim. "Ssh. Babe, shit this. Don't cry, don't panic." Kahit anong pilit ni Clarence na pakalmahin si Kim ay walang nangyayari kaya naman maging siya ay kinakabahan na rin. Halos nagdasal na siya sa lahat ng Santo sa mundo para lang maiwas si Kim sa maaring mangyari sa kanya. Shit. Shit. Bakit kailangang ngayon pa masira ang kotse ng Kim? Bumibilis ang tibok ng puso ni Clarence habang nagmamaneho.

"Clarence----" sigaw ni Kim. Biglang tinapakan ni Clarence ang brakes niya. "Kim!!" Then he heard a loud honk and the line went dead. 34th Chapter. The truth hurts, but it doesn't kill. Lies may please, but they don't heal. I woke up feeling fuzzy and disoriented. Where am I? Ah, right, I'm here in the hospital. I closed my eyes and I felt a solitary tear escaped from my left eye. When I opened it again, I saw him sleeping on the couch with pain visible in his face. Natutulog pa ba siya? Tanong ko sa sarili ko habang nakatingin pa rin sa kanya. I've been here for almost a week, at 'ni minsan hindi ko napansin na umalis siya sa tabi ko. Well, siguro kapag tulog ako umaalis siya pero most of the time, nandito lang siya. Pumayat na rin siya, siguro dahil sa sobrang pag-aalala at pagod. Kasalan ko ito... "Clarence... I love you, so much. Kung pwede ko lang ibalik ang oras, ginawa ko na sana. I can't stay with you, not anymore. I'm setting you free." Minsan sa buhay ng tao, may mga desisyon tayong kailangang gawin. Mga desisyon na kung minsan ang makakasakit ng iba, pero minsan naman mas nakabubuti.

**** *Flashback* "Kim! Gising ka na!" masiglang sabi ni Clarence sabay lapit sa akin at hawak sa kanang kamay ko. "Sino ka?" lumingon ako sa Mommy ko na halatang nagulat, "Mom, who is he?" Hinigpitan niya ang hawak sa kamay ko, "Kim, ako 'to, si Clarence. I'm your husband, remember?" I looked at him and shrug, "I don't remember you. I'm sorry." sabay bawi ng kamay ko. Para siyang napako sa kinatatayuan niya. Obvious ang pain sa mga mata niya. Magsasalita pa sana siya pero hindi na niya itinuloy, bigla na lang siyang lumabas ng kwarto. *End of flashback* Ipipikit ko na sana uli ang mga mata ko pero napansin kong gising na pala si Clarence. Nakatingin lang siya sa akin. Kanina pa ba siya gising? Narinig niya ba ang mga sinabi ko? I smiled at him, "Hi." Hindi siya ngumiti, wala ngang ekspresyon ang mukha niya eh. "May gusto ka ba? You want to pee or something? Are you hungry? May masakit ba sayo?" sunod-sunod na tanong niya habang nakaupo sa couch.

Umiling lang ako bilang sagot. Hindi naman ako naiihi o nadudumi eh. Hindi rin ako gutom, pero may nararamdaman akong sakit. Masakit sa puso na makita kong nasasaktan at nahihirapan si Clarence... "Why are you still here?" I asked with a small voice. Tumayo siya at lumapit sa akin, huminto siya nung nasa may tabi ko na siya. "Hindi mo pa ba ako naaalala? Kahit onti ba wala ka talagang maalala tungkol sa akin?" Tinitigan ko lang siya. Naaalala kita Clarence... Hindi kita makakalimutan, at hindi kita kakalimutan. I shook my head, "I'm sorry. Hindi talaga kita kilala. Sino ka nga uli?" He sighed heavily and wiped the tear that fell from his eye. "I'm nothing." he muttered then he walked out of the room. **** Tatlong araw na simula nung huling bisita ni Clarence sa akin. May parte sa akin na nagsasabi na tamang wag na siyang dumalaw, pero may parte rin naman na nagsasabing miss ko na siya at gusto ko na siyang makita. Pumasok si Mom na may dalang boquet ng red roses. Ang sabi niya pinabibigay raw yun nung parents ni Clarence, ang sabi pa ni Mom busy si Clarence sa business nila kaya hindi makabisita. Alam kong hindi iyon totoo. Alam kong nasaktan si Clarence at masama ang loob niya...

*Flashback* My whole body aches, I feel pain. Nahihilo na rin ako, alam kong puro na rin ako dugo. "What happened to her?" "Accident. Car crashed, she lost alot of blood. We need to bring her in OR." Sabi nila habang dinadala ako sa OR. Mamamatay na ba ako? Hindi ko na ba makikita si Clarence kahit kailan? "She's bleeding..." sabi nung isang doctor. "Nakunan po siya, Doc. Malakas ang impact nung pagkakabungo nung kotse niya sa truck. We pressume na 3 weeks or so pa lang ang bata, hindi pa malakas ang kapit." Oh my, God! Anong sabi nila? I am pregnant? At nakunan ako? *End of flashback* "Sweetie, hindi mo pa ba sasabihin kay Clarence ang totoo?" tanong ni Mommy habang napipeel nung apple na dala niya. "Hindi ko kaya, Mom. Natatakot ako sa magiging reaksyon niya, natatakot ako na baka kapag nalaman niya ang totoong nangyari... Bigla niya akong iwanan." Binitiwan ni Mom yung hawak niya at hinawakan ang kamay ko, "He loves you, so much. At nakita ko yun nung nandun ka sa loob ng operating room... Sobrang mahal ka niya na kaya niyang isuko ang lahat para lang masiguro na ligtas ka."

Nag-umpisang tumulo ang mga luha ko. Hindi ko na napigilan ang sarili ko, napahagulgol na ako. "I know that you're blaming yourself for what happened, but sweetie, it's not your fault. Hindi mo alam na buntis ka na, hindi mo alam na maaaksidente ka at hindi mo ginusto ang mga nangyari." "No, Mom... Kasalanan ko yun. Kung hindi ko pinauna ang nararamdaman ko, kung hindi sana ako naging impulsive... Sana buhay pa ang baby ko, ang baby namin." Patuloy lang ang pag-agos ng luha ko. Niyakap na ako ni Mommy, hinaplos niya ang buhok ko. She's trying to comfort me. "Clarence deserves to know the truth, he deserves to know what really happened. Huwag mong pasanin ng mag-isa ang problema na 'to, nandyan si Clarence... To be honest, dapat sinisigawan ka namin ng Dad mo dahil nagpakasal kayo ng walang pasabi... I mean, gumawa kayo ng desisyon na kayong dalawa lang... Always remember the vows that you had when you got married to him..." I cried inside her arms, "I love him, Mom. I know, I'm being unfair to him... Pretending to have an amnesia, not telling him the truth and all... But, I just can't bring myself to say those things to him... I'm scared and hurt and mad at myself... Sa dami ng nangyari sa amin, pakiramdam ko hindi talaga kami para sa isa't-isa." "Oh, Kim, don't say that! Just always remember that we're here for you, me and your dad, nandito lang kami palagi. Hindi kita mamadaliin pero dapat sabihin mo kay Clarence ang totoo. He needs to know that, it's his right. Siya pa rin ang tatay nung bata... Alam kong nasasaktan ka pero sa sitwasyon mo nasasaktan rin si Clarence, masakit para sa kanya na isiping hindi mo siya naaalala. Na nakalimutan mo siya... I saw him cry when you were in OR, almost dead, and I saw him cry even more when you said that you can't remember him." Mom kissed my forehead and smiled warmly at me, "Sabihin mo sa kanya ang totoo, pero dapat tandaan mo ang consequence ng pagpapanggap mo na may amnesia... Kung ano ang maging desisyon niya, respetuhin mo. That's the price you have to pay for lying... To yourself and to him..."

**** Nung paalis si Mom para kumuha ng mga damit ko dumating naman si Nof. Sabi niya wala siyang class kaya siya ang magbabantay sa akin. Alam kong masama rin ang loob niya sa akin, alam niya kasi na wala talaga akong amnesia. "Until when do you plan to continue this scheme?" she asked annoyed. I gave her a faint smile, "Kapag nagsawa na si Clarence... Kapag napagod na siya sa pag-iintay na bumalik ang alaala ko. Kapag may mahal na siyang iba." She raise her brow and smirked, "Masokista ka na pala? Wow, ha! Alam mo hindi ko talaga maintindihan kung bakit nagpapanggap ka na may amnesia eh. I mean, dapat nga matuwa ka na buhay ka at makakasama mo pa si Clarence--" "Hindi lang yun ang dahilan ko, Salvador. I have a lot of reasons..." Umupo siya sa couch at kumuha ng magazine, "Reasons? Like what? Naalog yung utak mo at narealize mo na si Bryle pala talaga ang mahal mo?" Natawa ako sa sinabi niya. "Bakit ba pakiramdam ko hindi na kita bestfriend?" Tumangi siya at ngumiti, "Hindi na nga. Gago ka kasi eh! Alam kong mahal mo si Clarence pero hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit kailangan mong magpretend." "Kasi nga gago ako. Masama akong tao kaya gagawin ko yun. Hindi deserve

ni Clarence ang babaeng tulad ko." She looked at me with her mischief eyes, "Sino ba ang babaeng bagay kay Clarence... ako?" "Ewan, siguro. Pero sana hindi ikaw." tumawa ako bago nagsalita muli, "Pwede sa akin na magmahal siya ng ibang babae, 'wag lang ikaw. Pero kung maiinlove siya sayo..." "Kung maiinlove siya sa akin?" Huminga ako ng malalim, "Hindi ako tututol." She laughed and grinned at me, "Stupid. Hindi naman ako bitch na katulad mo. Tss. Kahit na nagagwapuhan ako dyan sa asawa mo, hinding-hindi ako magkakagusto sa kanya." "Kung makiki-usap ba ako na bantayan mo si Clarence, papayag ka?" She rolled her eyes, "Hindi. Muka ba akong babysitter? Duh. Ang ganda ko kaya. Gosh! Wala ka na ngang utak, tapos naaksidente ka pa. Edi lalong nawalan ka ng utak?! Ugh. Sabihin mo na nga kasi kay Clarence na naaalala mo talaga siya." I looked down on my knotted fingers, "Kung pwede lang... Pero hindi na eh. I need to stay away from him... I love him, but I can't be with him. Masasaktan ko lang siya, at hindi niya yun deserve." "At ano ang deserve niya? Ang magmukang tanga sa kaka-asang babalik ang memorya mong hindi naman nawala? Gago ka talaga eh! Mahal ka nung tao,

sobrang mahal... Tapos ginaganito mo." "Kapag nanatili ako sa tabi niya..." I faked a smile, "Nakunan ako, Nof." Nabitawan niya yung hawak niyang magazine, "What?!" "Nakunan ako. Nung naaksidente ako, buntis na ako. 3 weeks or so... Hindi ko pa alam at ako ang may dahilan kung bakit namatay ang magiging anak sana namin." napayuko ako, ayokong ipakita kay Nof na nasasaktan ako. "Oh my, God! A-alam na ba 'to ni Clarence?" Umiling ako, "I told Mom and the doctors to hide it. Hindi ko kayang sabihin kay Clarence dahil alam kong masasaktan siya lalo, baka sisihin pa niya ang sarili niya..." "So, hindi mo sasabihin sa kany---Eto ba ang rason kung bakit ka nagpepretend na may amnesia?" I sighed heavily and smiled painfully, "Oo at hindi. Oo, dahil isa ito sa mga rason at hindi dahil may mas mabigat akong dahilan." Hindi nagsalita si Nof. Nakatingin lang siya sa akin. "I will tell you the real reason but you must promise me one thing..." She blinked twice, "What is it?" "You will not tell this to anyone... This will be our secret. And you will help

me..." Napakunot ang noo niya, "Stop with the intros, sabihin mo na!" she said impatiently. I looked at her and said... "I have ovarian cancer. Stage 3." Her mouth dropped open, her eyes wide. "You have what?" **** CLARENCE'S POV "How's Kim?" tanong ni Seph sa akin. Hindi ako sumagot, nagdiretso lang ako sa upuan. "Hindi ka pa rin ba niya naaalala?" tanong naman ni Chase. "Maybe this is my punishment. I've hurt Ariza so much, and Kim is my karma." I said as I poured some wine in the glass. "So, you believe in karma now?" pang-asar na tanong ni Karlo. Ngumiti ako, "Siguro."

"Uuwi na si Bryle. Sinabi ko kasi sa kanya ang nangyari." Tumango lang ako. Si Bryle kaya maalala niya? **** Halos tatlong araw na rin simula nung huli kong bisitahin si Kim sa ospital. Natatakot kasi akong malaman na hindi niya pa ako naaalala kaya hindi ako pumupunta. Umuwi ako sa bahay para magpalit ng damit. I missed her so much! I want to kiss her, to hug her. I want to hear her say my name. "Hindi mo ba bibisitahin si Kim?" Umupo ako sa sofa. Mag-isa ata si Cyriel ngayon. Tss. "Bakit ka nandito?" Ngumisi lang siya, "Bahay ko naman 'to. Bawal ba ako dito?" "May sinabi ba ako? Tss." tumayo na ako at aakyat na sana... "Paano kung hindi na bumalik ang alaala ni Kim?" Napatigil ako sa tanong niya. Paano nga ba kung ganun ang mangyari? "Hindi ko alam. Pero kung pipiliin niyang umalis, papayag ako." "Hindi ka gagawa ng paraan para maalala ka niya?"

"Hindi." "Tss. Duwag ka pa rin gaya ng dati, Kuya. You're scared of rejection kaya bago ka pa mareject ng isang babae, inuunahan mo na sila." Humarap ako sa kanya at ngumiti, "Pinapayuhan mo ba ako, 'lil brother?" "Oo. Para medyo matauhan ka naman. You have this tendency of leaving the person you love most because you're afraid of the possibilities that she might leave you first." Natawa ako sa sinabi niya, "Saan mo nakuha yang mga sinasabi mo?" mapanuya kong tanong. "Mere observations. Ginawa mo yun kay Ariza, iniwan mo siya dahil takot kang magsawa siya sayo at iwanan ka. At ngayon, dahil sobrang mahal mo na si Kim, natatakot ka rin na dahil nakalimutan ka niya at may posibilidad na hindi na siya bumalik sayo. Na baka iwan ka na rin niya ng tuluyan." Natatakot nga ba akong iwanan ako ni Kim? "Anong gusto mong gawin ko?" "Hindi mo dapat sa akin itanong yan. Ask that to yourself. What do you want to do?" Ano nga ba ang gusto kong gawin? Ang maghintay at umasa na babalik ng kusa ang mga nawalang alaala ni Kim o ang gumawa ng paraan para maalala niya muli ako?

I stared at him for a few moments... "I never thought that I will say this but.. . Thanks bro." Nagmadali akong lumabas ng bahay at nagdrive papunta sa hospital. **** Pagdating ko dun nakita kong si Mom na kausap ang parents ni Kim. Lumapit ako sa kanila para sabihin ang plano ko. Si Mom, masaya sa sinabi ko pero ang parents ni Kim parang nagulat... Pumasok na ako sa lopb ng kwarto at nakita ko siya na nakaupo at nakatingin sa bintana. Lumapit ako sa kanya at hinawakan siya sa balikat. Mukang nagulat siya pero ngumiti siya at sinabing... "Bryle..." Pakiramdam ko binagsakan ako ng mabigat na bagay sa ulo. Parang nahilo ako sa sinabi niya. Biglang napawi ang ngiti sa mga labi niya, "Oh, ikaw pala yan. Akala ko si Bryle..." Naaalala niya si Bryle pero ako hindi. Fuck!

35th Chapter. "You should go home and take some rest, Bry. Alam kong may jetlag ka pa. I'm fine na naman eh." nakangiting sabi niya kay Santos. Napakuyom ako ng kamay. Nabubwiset na talaga ako sa Santos na yan. Kung makahawak at makangiti kay Kim akala mo sila. Sapakin ko na lang kaya siya sa mukha para tapos na 'to? Tss. "Ganda, kapag umuwi ako hindi rin ako makakapagpahinga. Isipin ko pa lang na nandito ka sa ospital, hindi na ako mapakali." hinawakan pa niya ang kamay ni Kim at hinalikan. Shit. Napatayo na ako sa kinauupuan. Gago pala 'tong Santos na 'to eh. Kitang nandito ako tapos hahalikan sa kamay si Kim. Kanina pa ako nandito pero parang wala lang yung presensya ko sa kanilang dalawa. Patuloy lang sila sa pag-uusap, akala mo ang tagal nilang hindi nagkita. Tinabig ko yung kamay ni Santos, "Umuwi ka na Santos. Kaya kong bantayan ang ASAWA ko." inismiran ko pa siya sabay lagay ng braso ko sa balikat ni Kim, "Kaya ko syang alagaan kaya pwede ka ng umalis." Pilit binabawi ni Kim yung kamay niya pero lalo ko lang hinigpitan ang pagkakahawak ko. "Tatayo ka lang ba dyan o itutulak kita palabas?" may halong yabang sa tinig ko. Hindi ako pinansin ni Santos, tumingin lang siya kay Kim at ngumiti. "I'll be back tomorrow morning, Ganda. Magpahinga ka na." then tumingin siya sa akin, "Siguraduhin mo lang na babantayan mo siyang mabuti, Perez."

And with that umalis na siya. Iniwan na niya kami ni Kim. Medyo awkward yung atmosphere at dun ko lang narealize na hawak ko pa pala yung kamay niya. Agad ko yung binitiwan at tumingin sa kanya na walang ekspresyon sa mukha. "You should sleep. Bawal kang mapagod." sabi ko sa kanya sabay balik sa couch na inuupuan ko. Nakatingin lang sa akin si Kim tapos bigla siyang humiga at tinalikuran ako. Nakatingin lang siya dun sa bintana na nakasara naman. Napasigh na lang ako. Bakit si Bryle naaalala niya? "Hindi ka ba uuwi?" tanong niya sa akin habang nakatalikod. "Hindi." simpleng sagot ko. Masakit pala na yung taong mahal mo hindi ka maalala. Yun bang kahit anong gawin mo hindi ka niya mapansin. Parang hindi ka na nageexist sa buhay niya. Last night, nung bumisita ako sa kanya wala siyang ibang kinuwento kundi si Bryle... Ganito si Bryle, ganyan si Bryle... Bwiset! Ako ang asawa pero ako ang hindi maalala. Bakit hindi na lang si Bryle? Kung hindi lang talaga sinabi ng doktor na may minor amnesia si Kim malamang ang iisipin ko pinaglalaruan niya lang ako. Shit naman kasi, di ba? Halos lahat kilala niya pero ako hindi. T@ngin@ng buhay 'to! "You should go home, Clarence. You looked so beat." may halong pag-aalala ang boses niya. Napangiti ako ng hindi sadya. Eto pa lang ang unang beses na binanggit niya ang pangalan ko simula nung nagising siya. Kapag naman kasi kinakausap niya ako palaging 'Mr' o kaya naman 'oy' lang yung sasabihin niya.

"Kinakausap mo ako pero nakatalikod ka. That's not a good manner, wife." Humarap siyang bigla sa akin, "S-stop ca-calling me w-wife..." tapos iniwas niya yung tingin niya. Natawa ako sa ginawa niya. "That's my endearment for you, so why would I stop calling you that?" "Kasi... hindi kita kilala kaya naiilang ako." Napaiwas ako ng tingin. Shit. "Ako ang asawa mo. Kasal tayo, legal na kasal kaya huwag kang mailang." Umupo siya at diretsong nakatingin sa akin, "Hindi ka ba napapagod? I mean, what if hindi na bumalik yung memory ko? You know I can't stay married to you unless I regain my memories." I clenched my fist at the side and faked a smile, "You'll remember me, soon. All I have to do is to be patient and have faith." She shook her head, "I--Go home, Clarence. Just go home. Take some rest, you need it badly." I shrugged my shoulder and grinned, "Are you worried about me? That's a good sign. It means that you'll remember me, soon." She sighed heavily, "Don't put your hopes too high, baka masaktan ka lang."

Tumayo ako at lumapit sa kanya. Halatang nagulat siya sa ginawa ko. I kissed her lips and then I bit her lower lip before saying... "Don't worry, sigurado akong babalik ang alaala mo." The next thing I knew... She cupped my face and pulled me for another kiss. She kissed me feverisly, like she misses me alot, like I'm her air to breath. "I'm sorry, Clarence." Hinawakan ko yung kamay niya na nakahawak pa rin sa akin. Shit! Ayokong umiyak sa harap niya pero alam kong tumulo na yung mga luha ko. Ayokong isipin niya na nawawalan na ako nang pag-asa na babalik pa ang mga nawala niyang alaala. "I miss you, so much. Bakit ba kasi ako pa ang nakalimutan mo? Fuck this shitty life!" sabi ko habang patuloy sa pagtulo ang mga luha ko. Nahihirapan na ako sa sitwasyon namin. Hindi ko na ata kaya na ako na lang ang tanging hindi niya nakikilala. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry." yun lang ang patuloy na sinasabi ni Kim habang umiiyak din siya. Nakakaramdam ako ng kakaiba sa tono ng boses niya. Parang may itinatago siya sa akin. When I look into her eyes, all I can see is pain. "Maaalala mo rin ako. Babalik din tayo sa dati... Maghihintay lang ako..."

Pinagdikit ko ang mga noo namin. I can smell her scent, sweet scent. I wiped her tears and smiled at her. "I love you..." "Wala ka ba talagang balak sabihin kay Rence ang totoo?" Napatigil si Kim sa ginagawa niya. Ngayon kasi ang labas niya ng ospital, nadischarge na siya kaya makakauwi na muna siya sa bahay nila. Lumingon siya sa akin at ngumiti, "Kung sasabihin ko ang totoo masasaktan siyang lalo... Mahihirapan siya kaya wag na lang. Tama na yung ako lang ang nagsusuffer." "Ganda, alam mong mahal kita at ayokong nakikita kang nahihirapan... Sa tingin ko rin may karapatan si Rence na malaman ang nangyari sa anak niyo at sa sakit mo." Umiling lang siya, "Pero hindi ko kaya... Wala na akong lakas ng loob na sabihin ang totoo. Ang gusto ko kalimutan na ako ni Clarence. Gusto ko makahanap siya ng babaeng magmamahal sa kanya at hindi siya iiwan. Yung mabibigyan siya ng anak... Yung hindi mamamatay katulad ko." I cringed when I heard her last sentence. Napatingin ako sa kanya pero iniwas niya yung tingin niya. Humarap uli siya dun sa bag na inaayos niya. "I'm stating facts, Bry. I trust you kaya nga sinabi ko sayo ang sitwasyon ko. Tsaka you promised me na tutulungan mo ako sa mga plano ko. I'm holding

on to your words." Napasigh na lang ako at hindi na nagsalita. No use naman eh. Buo na ang desisyon niya. Alam kong masasaktan siya at ganun na rin si Clarence pero kailangan kong tuparin ang pangako ko sa kanya. Tumalikod ako at naglakad papunta sa pinto... "I will keep my promise, Ganda. Pero tandaan mo, hindi ko hahayaang mamatay ka." Inabot sa akin ni Nof ang ticket papuntang Canada. Doon kasi kami nakahanang ng hospital na may complet facilities para sa mga cancer patients. "Thank you for this, Salvador." She rolled her eyes at me, "Shut up. Wag kang mag 'thank you' lang dyan. Dapat gumaling ka, kundi aagawin ko talaga yang si Clarence." Natawa na lang ako sa sinabi niya. Ganyan naman talaga si Nof eh, mahilig manakot. Psycho na nga yang babae na yan. Hahaha! Kawawa naman magiging asawa niya, malamang yun under. "Bantayan mo siya, okay?" "For the nth time, I'm not a babysitter and I will not babysit your husband. Kung gusto mo talaga siyang mabantayan dapat magpagaling ka agad."

Tumango na lang ako at hindi na nagsalita. Is there hope for me? Will I survive? Palagi ko yang tinatanong sa sarili ko... I searched the net for any possible solutions for my condition, but they gave the same answers... Hope and faith. Nawawalan na ako ng lakas ng loob, parang gusto ko na lang sumuko kasi napaka-imposible ko na atang gumaling. Stage 3 na ang ovarian cancer ko, surgery na lang ang natitirang solusyon 40% lang ang kasiguraduhan na gagaling ako. "You'll have your chemotherapies there, and also your surgery." Nagpout ako, "Ayoko ng chemo... Yung grandma ko namatay dahil hindi kinaya yung chemotherapy." tumingin ako sa kanya ng diretso, "I don't want to die, Nof. I want to live, for him." Lumapit siya sa akin at binatukan ako, "Aw! What the heck?! May sakit na nga ako tapos binatukan mo pa ko." Inirapan niya lang ako, "Gaga ka kasi eh! Ang dami mo pang drama diyan. Magpapagamot ka nga, di ba? Gosh! Nakakairita ka, alam mo yun?" I nod petulantly, "I know." then pilit akong tumawa, dun ko lang napansin na may tumulo na palang luha galing sa mata ko. "Shit, Salvador. Ang sakit pala, mas masakit 'to kesa nung nalaman kong naaksidente si Carl. Mahal ko si Clarence, mahal na mahal ko siya..." Napahagulgol na ako. Daliang lumapit naman sa akin si Nof para yakapin ako. She's taps my back in her most comforting way. I hugged her back. "Kung nasasaktan ka na talaga edi sabihin mo na ang totoo. I knew for a fact

that Clarence's really in love with you. Tell him the truth, he'll understand you." Umiling ako, "It's too late to tell him... He deserve someone better." She sighed, "You deserve each other. Wag kang maging unfair sa kanya at sa sarili mo, Kim. Masasaktan ka, masasaktan siya. Iiyak ka, iiyak siya. You married him, you made your vows with him... Kung may isang tao na kailangan mo ngayon si Clarence yun. You two should fight together." "Mas okay na ako na lang ang masaktan, na ako lang yung maghihirap... Ayokong makita ako ni Clarence sa ganitong kalagayan. Ayokong dumating yung panahon na kapag nagsawa na siya sa akin, iiwan na lang niya ako. Nof, may cancer ako... Hindi natin alam kung ano ang pwedeng mangyari sa akin. Ni hindi ko nga alam kung buhay pa ako bukas eh. Ayokong mastuck si Clarence sa isang katulad ko na posibleng mamatay." "Saan na ba napunta yung fighting spirit ng isang Kimberly Miranda? Tss. You will live for as long you want, trust me. You are not gonna die, well, not yet. You'll see me get married and duh! Magtatayo pa ako ng sarili kong boutique." Natawa ako sa mga sinabi ni Nof. Alam kong pinalalakas niya lang ang loob ko pero parang wala ring nangyayari. Natatakot ako na mamatay... Pero mas natatakot ako na masaktan ko si Clarence. "Wala na yung dating Kim Miranda. Wala na. Simula nung malaman ko ang sakit ko at namatay ang dapat na anak ko, nawala na yung dating ako. Ang tanging nandito na lang eh yung Kim na puno ng takot, yung Kim na naduwag ng lumaban..." "Alam mo gusto kitang sampalin ngayon eh, pero hindi ko magawa. I pity and hate at the same time. Ang stupid mo kasi eh! Yan ang consequence ng pagtatago mo ng katotohanan kay Clarence. Kung noong una pa lang sinabi

mo na sa kanya edi wala ka ng problema." "Kahit sabihin ko walang mababago. I'm sick, very sick. Our child died because of my impulsiveness. I don't deserve to be with him and he doesn't deserve to have someone like me. I'm a bitch, a real bitch. Kaya nga ako pinarurusahan ni Lord..." Tinignan ako ni Nof at umiling siya, "You blame yourself for what happened... You're punishing yourself for something you didn't do on purpose. You are one crazy girl. Kung ayaw mo talagang sabihin kay Clarence ang totoo, well, yung tungkol sa sakit mo then sabihin mo na lang sa kanya ang nangyari sa bata. Afterall siya pa rin naman ang tatay nung bata eh." I stared at her for awhile, "What's the use of telling him? Will it change the fact na namatay na yung anak namin? Nof, ang purpose ng hindi ko pagsabi sa kanya ay dahil ayokong sisihin niya ang sarili niya. Ayokong isipin niya na kasalanan niya ang nangyari dahil hindi niya yun kasalanan. Please, hayaan mo na lang ako sa desisyon ko. Don't tell him... Ang gusto ko lang kalimutan niya na ako..." She rolled her eyes then umupo siya sa gilid ng kama ko, "Kalimutan ka? Sa tingin mo ganun kadali na limutin ang isang taong mahal mo? Are you that stupid?! People change, memories don't. Kahit na sabihin nating iiwan mo siya, hindi ka niya agad makakalimutan dahil mahal ka niya. Ikaw ba nakalimutan mo na si Carl? Hindi pa naman, di ba? Maybe your heart has finally moved on, but you can never forget Carl. He'll always stay in your heart." Napansin ko na tumutulo na naman yung mga luha ko. Shit naman! I'm crying again. Bakit ba kasi sinesermunan ako ni Nof? Yumuko na lang ako, "I can't turn back now. Ayokong magsuffer siya sa tabi ko kaya gagawin ko ito. Kahit masakit, kahit mahirap, gagawin ko pa rin. I love him too much..."

Napahinga na lang si Nof at tumayo. Kinuha na niya yung bag niya at naglakad papunta sa pinto. "I won't stop you, Kim. Do what you want, it's your life afterall. I hope you won't regret this." Umupo si Seph sa single sofa sabay kuha nung baso na may lamang beer, "Napapadalas ata ang pagsasama ni Kim at Bryle ah." I glared at him tapos tumawa siya bigla. Tangina! Binangit pa talaga eh. Naiinis na nga ako dahil mas gustong kasama ni Kim si Santos. Bwiset talaga! Inakbayan ako ni Chase, "Annuled na ba kayo?" may haling pang-aasar pa yung tono niya. Sinamaan ko lang din siya ng tingin at tinangal yung kamay niya na nakaakbay sa akin, "Hindi kami annuled at wala kaming balak na ipaannul yung kasal. Gago ka ba?" Sabay na natawa yung dalawa. Umupo sa may kanan ko si Luis. "Oh, chill lang Rence. Nagtatanong lang naman kami eh." "Maaalala niya ako. Babalik siya sa akin. Hinahayaan ko lang na makasama niya si Santos dahil dun siya masaya pero sa huli sa akin pa rin si Kim." Tumayo na ako at lalabas na sana ng Jaberu ng biglang nakasalubong ko si Karlo na papasok naman. Nakatingin lang siya sa akin ng seryoso tapos tinapik niya ako sa balikat,

"Don't hate her... She has reasons for whatever she is doing. She loves you..." I raise my brow. Ano bang sinasabi niya? Tatanungin ko sana siya kung ano yung ibig niyang sabihin pero pumasok na siya sa loob. "Don't hate her? Tss. Who the hell is he talking about?" I whispered. I shrugged my shoulder and went to parking lot. Nasa may sala si Kim at si Bryle. Magkasam sila buong maghapon, actually araw-araw niyang kasama si Bryle. Nakaset na kasi ang flight niya papuntang Canada at si Bryle ang makakasama niya dun. "Saturday na ang flight natin. Wala ka pa rin bang balak sabihin kay Rence ang totoo?" tanong ni Bryle habang nakatingin sa tv. Umiling lang si Kim at hinawakan sa kamay si Bryle, "Magiging masaya siya, di ba? Makakalimutan naman niya rin ako. He'll be happy even without me." Hinigpitan ni Bryle ang hawak niya sa kaliwang kamay ni Kim, "I don't know, Ganda. Magiging masakit kay Clarence ang gagawin natin... It'll be really painful." Napahinga ng malalim si Kim, "Ang sama ko na talagang tao." then tumawa siya tapos humarap kay Bryle, "Nagsinungaling ako kay Clarence tapos eto... Gagamitin pa kita para magawa yung mga plano ko." Ngumiti na lang si Bryle, "Wag mong isipin yun. Ginusto ko naman 'to eh. You

gave me a chance to decline your offer but I love you, I told you that remember? I'll do this for you..." Biglang niyakap ni Kim si Bryle na ikinagulat naman ng lalaki. "Clarence will hate the both of us... I'm sorry, Bry. Mawawalan ka ng kaibigan dahil sa akin." "Stop with saying sorry. I want this, I want to help you... Mas importante ka kesa kay Rence." "Thank you, Bry. I'm really lucky to have you." Hinigpitan pa ni Kim ang yakap niya kay Bryle hanggang sa mapansin niyang umiiyak na naman siya. "Shit, Bry. Ang sakit talaga... Mahal ko siya pero kailangan ko siyang iwan." "Hindi mo naman kailangang iwan si Rence. You can stay with him if you want, but you made your decision. Unfair talaga 'tong ginagawa mo sa kanya pero naiintindihan ko naman yung reason mo eh." Humiwalay siya sa yakap at ngumiti kay Bryle, ngiti na mas nagpapasakit sa puso niya. "Unfair kung unfair pero eto lang talaga ang paraan para iwanan niya ako." Nagpunta ako sa pad ni Kim dahil ang sabi ng Mom niya dun daw tumloy si Kim. Hindi na ako kumatok dahil may susi naman ako. Binuksan ko yung pinto ng makarinig ako ng mga boses. May kasama siya? Teka, gabi na ah.

Boses lalaki pa naman, kilala ko nga yung boses eh. "... tapos nung naglalakad tayo dun sa beach then may lumapit sa atin na bata at sinabing bagay tayo." Biglang natawa si Kim. Hawak pa niya yung kamay ni Santos. Shit! Ang sweet lang nila ah. Pota! Bakit ba nandito pa yang lalaki na yan? "When are you planning to break up with him?" biglang tanong ni Santos. Break up? Nawala yung ngiti sa mga labi ni Kim, naging seryoso yung mukha niya. "Before our flight." Hinawakan ni Bryle yung isa pang kamay ni Kim, "Siguro dapat mo ring sabihin na wala ka talagang amnesia. He deserves to know that, well, kahit yun man lang." Nabitawan ko yung hawal kong bulaklak na ibibigay ko sana sa kanya. Shit! Wala siyang amnesia?! Niloloko niya lang ako!? Mukang nakita na ako nung dalawa. Pareho silang napatayo. Gulat yung mga expression nila. "K-kanina ka pa dyan?" tanong ni Kim. I clenched my fist at the side and controlled my anger. Shit. Shit. Shit. Halos mabaliw ako nung sabihin sa akin ng mga doktor na walang amnesia si Kim, tapos niloloko niya lang pala ako. ano 'to gaguhan?!

"Wala kang amnesia?" halos pabulong na tanong ko. Hindi siya sumagot. Iniwas niya rin yung tingin niya. Biglang hinawakan ni Bryle yung kamay niya na lalong nagpagalit sa akin. My mind went blank... "Wala kang amnesia?" he asked almost like a whisper. I didn't mutter anything. Iniwas ko yung tingin ko ng biglang hawakan ni Bryle yung kamay ko. Napatingin ako sa kanya at ngumiti siya sa akin. Magsasalita sana siya nang biglang suntukin siya ni Clarence. "Oh my, God!" Bumagsak si Bryle na may galos na sa right side ng labi. Napaluhod ako sa gilid niya. "Are you alright?" nag-aalalang tanong ko sa kanya. "Don't worry. Ayos lang ako, pumunta ka muna sa kwarto mo. Ako na ang bahalang magsabi kay Rence." sabi ni Bryle habang tinutulungan ko siyang tumayo. Si Clarence naman nakatingin lang sa amin. He looked mad, wait, he looked angry. I can sense his anger, and I can see his pain.

I'm sorry Clarence... "Tss. Why are you crying, Kim? Huwag kang umiyak diyan dahil ikaw ang nanloko sa akin. Shit! Alam mo ba kung gaano kasakit para sakin nung sabihin nilang may amnesia ka?! Halos patayin ko yung mga doktor para ibalik yang punyetang alaala mo na hindi naman pala nawala! Huwag kang umiyak dahil kailangan ko ng paliwanag mo!" Hinawakan niya ako sa braso. Masyadong masakit yung hawak niya sa akin. Halatang galit siya. "I'm sorry." pabulong kong sabi habang pilit na pinipigil yung mga luha ko. "Sorry?! Yun lang, sorry!? Putanginang buhay 'to!? Pinag-lalaruan mo lang ba ako? Bakit ka nagsinungaling sa akin?" Hinawakan siya ni Bryle sa balikat, "Rence, tayo ang mag-usap. Wag kang magalit kay Kim." Pagalit na tinanggal ni Clarence yung kamay ni Bryle sa balikat niya. Hinarap niya ito at sinuntok uli sa mukha. "Clarence!" then pilit ko siyang inawat. I hugged his back. "Don't hurt him... I'm sorry. Sa akin ka magalit, wag kay Bryle. Hear my explanations..." He harshly grabbed my arm and dragged me inside my room. Padabog niyang isinara iyun at kinaladkad niya ako papunta sa kama. Narinig kong kumakatok si Bryle mula sa labas pero hindi siya pinapansin ni Clarence. All I can see is his hatred. Siguro eto na rin ang tamang mangyari, ang

magalit siya akin. Siya na yung kusang lalayo sa akin. Patuloy lang ako sa pag-iyak habang si Clarence nakatayo lang sa harap ko. "Are you in love with him?" he asked coldly, avoiding my gaze. "Yes." I whispered. I saw both of his fist form a circle. He raised one his hand and I involuntarily flinched when I thought he's going to punch me but I was wrong. His lips swoop down to claim mine, in a very harsh way. He kissed me harshly as I felt his hands ripping my clothes. Nung narip na niya yung soot kong shirt, yung bra ko naman ang sapilitan niyang tinanggal. He bit my lip and trailed small kisses dwon to my breast. I moaned loudly, fully aware that I'm shedding tears. Para saan ba yung luha ko? Dahil sa alam na ni Clarence na wala akong amnesia? O dahil sa nasasaktan ako sa ginagawa niya? He's harsh, the way his hands caresse my body... Napapahikbi na lang ako dahil sa marahas niyang paghawak sa akin. Walang pagmahamahal, puro galit. Sinira na rin niya yung suot kong short at agad na tinanggal yung panty then he insert two digits inside me. Medyo nabigla ako sa ginawa niya. "C---clarence..." Napapikit na lang ako at hinayaan siya sa ginagawa niya hanggang sa makarinig ako ng pagbukas ng zipper.

No foreplay, he pushed inside of me... Deep, harsh, full of hatred. I cried whil e he continued what he was doing. "Damn it! Clarence, open this door! Anong ginagawa mo kay Kim?!" pasigaw na sabi ni Bryle habang patuloy sa pagkalampag ng kwarto pero parang walang naririnig si Clarence. Patuloy lang siya sa ginagawa niya. He sucked one of my breast and played with the other. Pulling, and kneading until I feel my body convulsed. After the heated session, he rolled to her side. Hinablot ni Kim ang kumot at patuloy na umiyak. He raped her. Nakaramdam ng guilt si Clarence pero hindi niya iyon pinakita. Afterall, nagawa na niya. Tumayo siya at pinulot ang mga damit niyang nakakalat sa sahig. Agad niya itong sinuot. Napansin niyang naupo na rin si Kim habang nakabalot sa katawan ang kumot. Tumayo ito at naglakad papunta sa banyo. Napaupo siya sa gilid ng kama. 'Shit. I raped her.' Naisip ni Clarence hanggang sa mapansin niyang tumutulo na rin pala ang luha niya. Tumayo siya para sundan sa banyo si Kim ng biglang bumukas ito at isang galit na Bryle ang pumasok. Agad itong lumapit sa kanya at sinuntok siya sa mukha. "Fuck you, Rence! You raped her! Fuck you! Kahit anong gawin niya sayo hindi tama na dahasin mo siya! Gago ka!" Akmang susuntukin uli niya si Clarence pero naagapan niya ito.

Inismiran niya ito, "Asawa ko siya kaya kahit anong gawin ko sa kanya wala kang pakielam. Niloko niya ako, ginago! Wala pala siyang amnesia pero ano, pinagmuka niya akong tanga!" "Dahil lang dun dadahasin mo na siya?! Gago ka rin pala eh! May rason siya kaya niya yun gina---" "Bryle, stop. Please, umalis ka na. He didn't rape me. Hindi niya ako pinilit. Go home, tatawagan na lang kita bukas..." Sabi ni Kim habang nakayuko. Napayukom si Bryle pero tinalikuran niya si Clarence at lumapit kay Kim. Hinawakan niya ito sa balikat. "Okay ka lang ba talaga?" tanong nito sa dalaga habang nakatingin sa balikat ni Kim na may pasa. Tumango ito at pilit na ngumiti, "Okay lang ako. Umuwi ka na, Bry. Maguusap lang kami ni Clarence." Napahinga na lang siya ng malalim at ngumiti. "Babalik ako bukas." then humarap siya uli kay Clarence at sinamaan uli ito ng tingin, "Don't you dare lay a finger on her or I'll kill you." Umismid lang si Clarence at umupo sa kama ni Kim. "Umalis ka na, Santos."

Umalis na si Bryle. Naiwan na lang kami ni Clarence. Nakatayo lang ako habang siya naman ay nakaupo sa kama ko. "Bakit nagpangap kang may amnesia?" tanong niya sa akin. Yumuko ako bago nagsalita, "Because I want to break up with you..." "Break up with me?" I nod then bit my lip, "When I woke up, I realized that Bryle is the one for me... I love him more than the way I love you." He smirked at me,"Wow. Fuck this! Narealize mong mas mahal mo siya kesa sakin? Bakit di mo na lang sinabi agad sa akin? Bakit nagsinungaling ka pa?!" "I don't want to hurt you..." "Hurt me?! Fuck it! Sa tingin mo hindi ako nasasaktan!? Sa tingin mo ba hindi ako nasaktan nung akala kong may amnesia ka?! Masakit Kim. Masakit... Para akong tanga na umaasa na bumalik ang isang bagay na hindi naman pala nawala." Patuloy ako sa pag-iyak. Akala ko handa akong marinig ang mga ganito sa kanya pero hindi pala... Shit. Kim, wag kang bibigay. Ginusto ko ito. "I'm sorry." mahina kong sabi. "Sorry?! Anong magagawa ng sorry mo? Mababago ba nun yung katotohanan na niloko mo ako? Na ginagago mo ako?!"

"I'm sorry..." "Shit, Kim. Stop saying sorry. Hindi yan sapat para sa galit at sakit na nararamdaman ko." "I know. I know, this is not enough. I'm a bitch. You can call me anything... I' m sorry." He smirked at me, "I will never forgive you, Kim. NEVER. Kulang yang sorry mo. Hindi ko yan matatanggap." "Alam kong hindi mo ako mapapatawad. I'm sorry. Kung gusto mong ipaannul ang kasal natin papayag ako." "Annulment? No! Kim, hindi natin ipapaannul ang kasal. Mahal mo si Bryle? Tsk. I don't care. Hindi kita pakakawalan. Hindi ko hahayaang magkasama kayo ni Bryle." He leaned down and kissed my lips, harshly. Then he turned his back and went out. Leaving me crying... Dali-dali kong kinuha ang cellphone ko at dinial ang number ni Bryle... "Bry, magpabook ka ng flight bukas ng umaga. Sunduin mo na rin ako dito. I need to get away, now." Epilogue.

"Broken-hearted ka no?" Napatingin ako sa kanya, ngumiti siya sa akin at umupo siya sa tabi ko. "Iniwanan ka?" I ignored her question. Umorder siya nung iniinom kong beer. "I guess I hit the bull's eye." she said smiling. "No, you are wrong. Hindi niya ako iniwan 'cause I won't let her. She cheated on me." "Oh. Pinag-palit ka sa iba." sabi niya habang nakatingin sa akin. Umiling ako, "Sort of. Ang sabi niya mahal niya ako, na hindi niya ako iiwan... Pero tangna! Dahil sa pesteng aksidente na yan naalog yung utak niya tapos ayun... Yung isa na ang mahal." She laughed and taps my shoulder, "You love her so much. Kawawa ka naman." Hindi na lang ako nagsalita. Kawawa nga ba ako? Siguro, kasi yung isa na ang mahal niya eh. "Sabi mo you won't let her go, ibig-sabihin ba nun ipaglalaban mo pa yung babae?" tanong niya uli.

Tumingin ako sa kanya, "I don't know. Magiging worth it pa ba kung ipaglalaban ko? Niloko niya ako eh, she lied to me... Akala ko may amnesia pero yun pala natakot lang na malaman kong yung isa na ang mahal niya. Fuck it! I'm willing to give her everything..." "Siguro nga mahal niya yung isa. Pero did you let her explain? I mean, malay mo may reason siya." "Reason? Yun na nga yung rason niya. She love him more... Bwiset na buhay 'to. Kung kailan ka nagseseryoso tsaka ka naman gaganituhin." "Aminadong playboy? Siguro madalas ka niyang mahuling may kasamang iba. Alam mo na kasi, muka kang player." Napangiti ako sa sinabi niya, "Baka nga. Shit. Kung alam ko lang na ganito pala kasakit ang magmahal edi sana hindi na lang ako nagseryoso sa babae. Siya yung karma ko dahil sa madaming babae na akong niloko at pinaglaruan." "Gago ka pala." tapos tumawa siya, "Pero alam mo hindi rin naman ikaw ang may kasalanan... Alam mo kasi ang mga babae sadyang pabago-bago. Ngayon mahal ko, bukas hindi na." I grinned at her, "Babae ka rin kaya. Include yourself." She rolled her eyes, "Shut up. Kfine. Kaming mga babae sadyang ganun. Magulo ang utak. Teka, bat parang may mas malaki kang problema?" Natahimik ako sa tinanong niya. Halata bang nagiguilty ako? Obvious ba na nakagawa ako ng kagaguhan?

Humarap ako dun sa mga tao sa dance floor, "Because of my anger..." I let out a big sigh, "I did something horrible." Ginawa niya rin yung ginawa ko, humarap din siya dun sa mga nagsasayaw, "Let me guess... You raped her." Parang slide show na biglang nagplay sa utak ko ang mga nangyari kanina. I raped her. Fuck this! Hindi ko naman sadya eh, I was angry... Very angry. Nablanko ang utak ko nung mga oras na yun kaya nakagawa ako ng isang bagay na hindi ko gusto. I clenched my fist at the side, "Are you going to tell the police?" She shrugged her shoulder, "No. Wala akong balak na makigulo sa problema mo, niyo. I have loads of problems to handle and adding one more problem will make my life more miserable." "Do you think I'm a rapist?" tanong ko sabay tingin sa kanya. "No, you're not. Well, maybe if you'll ask other people they will say yes. You are not what you did. You were hurt... Alam mo kasi kapag galit ang isang tao nakakagawa tayo ng mga bagay na hindi natin gusto." I shook my head, "I feel guilty. Ewan. May part ng utak ko na nagsasabing kulang pa ang ginawa ko sa kanya dahil sa panloloko niya tapos may part naman na nagsasabing mali yung ginawa ko dahil asawa ko siya." "Feeling guilty is normal. You did something horrible... Say your apologies." "Apologies? Tatanggapin ba niya kung hihingi ako nun? Ni hindi ko nga rin alam kung dapat akong humingi ng sorry eh."

Tumawa siya at tumingin uli sa akin, "Bakit ba kayong mga lalaki takot aminin ang kasalanang ginawa niyo? Taas ng pride." I smirked at her, "Mawalan na ng lahat wag lang ng yabang..." "Dahil ba diyan sa yabang mo magiistay siya sa tabi mo?" "Hindi ko naman siya pakakawalan eh. Yun ang kabayaran dahil sa panloloko niya akin... Hindi ko hahayaang sumama siya dun sa Santos na yun." Tinapik niya ako sa balikat, "Ikukulong mo siya sa inyo? Kokonsensyahin mo siya? Hindi pa ba sapat na kabayaran yung ginawa mo sa kanya?" I scowled at her, "I didn't mean to do that... I didn't mean it." "Pero nagawa mo pa rin. Kung mahal mo siya at talagang pinag-sisisihan mo ang ginawa mo sa kanya then pakawalan mo siya. Let her go... Tutal ayaw mo namang humingi ng sorry." "Mahal ko siya... I loved her so much... Parang hindi ko kayang pakawalan siya." "Parang? Kaya mo yan. Isip mo lang ang nagsasabing hindi mo kaya pero ang totoo kaya mo. Teka, how old are you ba?" nakangising tanong niya sa akin. "23." "Okay. You lived for 20 years without her... Teka, estimated lang yun ah.

Hindi ko kasi alam kung kailan naging kayo nung asawa mo." Natawa ako, "Muka kang bata, ilang taon ka na ba?" Ngumiti siya. Yung ngiting kakaiba, yun bang may itinatago siya malaking sikreto. "17 years old." "Underage ka pa pala. Paano ka nakapasok dito?" "Tss. Iniiba mo naman yung usapan eh. Huwag mong idamay yung edad ko." nagpout pa siya. "Tss. Hindi mo sinagot yung tanong ko." "Whatever. Yeah, I'm still young but I've experienced a lot. I've been cheated, I was abandoned, I was compared... Sabi kasi sa isang librong nabasa ko, 'Sa isang relasyon palaging may isang tao na mas nagmamahal kaysa dun sa isa'. Yung mga nagmamahal ng sobra, sila yung madalas kawawa. Parang ikaw, parang ako. Ang love kasi dapat walang labis, walang kulang. Yung sapat lang para kapag iniwan ka, hindi masyadong masakit." Natahimik kaming pareho. Hindi ako nagsalita. Walang labis, walang kulang. Dapat yung sapat lang. Siguro nga sobra ko siyang minahal, nagtiwala ako sa kanya ng buong-buo kaya ganito... Ang sakit tanggapin na hindi na ako yung mahal niya. "You two good look together. Are you couple?" Isang American photog ang nagtanong sa amin. Sasagot sana ako ng hindi pero inunahan na ako nung babae.

"Yes, he is my boyfriend." sabi niya habang nakangiti sa akin na para bang sinasabing 'makisakay ka na lang'. Hindi na lang ako kumibo. "Can I take a picture of the two of you?" tanong nung photog. Tumango naman yung babae sabay hatak sa kwelyo ko... "That's so sweet!" Tapos kumuha na siya ng shot. "Thank you... Can I get your names?" "Sure. I'm Sage and this is my boyfriend..." tapos tumingin siya sa akin. (pronounce as 'Seige') I smiled at her and looked at the photographer and said, "Clarence." Ngumiti uli yung photographer at umorder ng inumin para sa amin ni Sage. "Sage and Clarence. I will keep your names in my head. Thank you for the good shot. Goodluck to the both of you! I hope you will be together, forever." Tapos umalis na siya at iniwan kami. Natamik uli kami... Tapos nagkatinginan. "Shit. Ang sarap palang halikan ng lips mo." sabay kuha nung inorder na inumin para sa amin nung photog.

I smiled at her, "Lips ko lang? Masarap din akong magmahal." "Sa tingin ko nga... Gusto mo tayo na lang? Single naman ako eh. Pinili niya yung trabaho niya kesa makasama ako." I raise my right hand and showed her my wedding ring, "I'm a married guy. Well, I'm still married." "Oo nga pala." I smiled timidly, "Yeah. Pero not for long... Tama ka kasi, dapat ko na siyang hiwalayan. Hindi siya sa akin sasaya, hindi na ako yung mahal niya... Nakagawa ako nang isang masamang bagay sa kanya kaya dapat ko na siyang palayain. Love is sacrifice nga, di ba?" She nods and gave me a peck on the lips. "Alam mo tanga yung asawa mo. Hindi niya alam kung ano yung pinakakawalan niya." "Siguro. Tanga rin yung nang-iwan sayo." Tumawa siya at umayos ng upo, "I need to go home na. Baka hinahanap na ako ni Mommy." "I need to go, too. I'll end things properly with her." Ngumiti uli siya sa akin at niyakap ako, "Say your sorry... It will ease the pai n and also the guilt. Goodluck, Clarence..." then she kissed my cheek and she went into the crowd of people until I can't see her.

"Pinabook ko na yung tickets natin. 9 am ang flight natin. Magpahinga ka na muna, may kukunin lang ako sa bahay tapos babalik din ako agad." he kissed my forehead and smiled warmly at me. Ngumiti rin ako kay Bryle at nagpasalamat. Tapos nun ay dinala na niya ako sa kwarto ko at pinahiga. "Matulog ka na muna. Babalik din ako agad." tapos lumabas na siya ng kwarto. Pagkaalis ni Clarence agad kong tinawagan si Bryle para magpabook ng mas maagang flight papuntang Canada. Pagkatapos nung mga ginawa sa akin ni Clarence kanina, parang hindi ko na kayang manatili pa dito hanggang Sabado. Hindi ako nagagalit dahil sa ginawa niya. Nagagalit ako sa sarili ko dahil ako ang may kasalanan kung bakit yun nagawa ni Clarence. Nakagawa siya ng bagay na alam kong hindi niya ginustong gawin. Pinikit ko yung mata ko... Ramdam ko ang pagtulo ng mga luha ko. "Kim..." Ang boses na yun... Napadilat ako at agad na napabangon. "Clarence... Anong ginagawa mo dito?" Lumapit siya sa akin at lumuhod sa harap ko. Hinawakan niya yung kamay

ko, "I'm sorry... Sa nagawa ko... Hindi ko yun sadya. Nadala ako ng galit na naramdaman ko... I'm sorry. Alam kong hindi ko yun dapat ginawa. I'm sorry." I closed my eyes and tried my best to control my tears from falling, "Clarence... Ako ang dapat humingi sayo ng sorry. Nagsinungaling ako... Niloko kita... I've hurt you badly." Inangat niya yung mukha niya kaya nakita ko ang mga luhang galing sa mata niya. Nakikita ko palang siyang ganito para na akong pinapatay... I love you Clarence... "I love you... I love you... Pwede bang ako na lang uli yung mahalin mo? Bawiin mo yung sinabi mo kanina, na siya na yung mahal mo... Kakalimutan ko yung ginawa mong panloloko sa akin... Ako na lang, please... Hindi ko kayang mawala ka sa akin." Pilit ko siyang pinatatayo pero ayaw niya. Mahigpit yung pagkakahawak niya sa kamay ko at patuloy sa pag-iyak. "Ako na lang, Kim... Mahal na mahal kita... Nagbago naman ako, di ba? Baka nalilito ka lang kaya nasabi mong si Bryle na ang mahal mo..." Tumulo na rin ang mga luha ko. Clarence... Ang sakit sakit na makitang ganito siya... "Clarence... I--" napahagulgol na ako. Tumayo siya at niyakap ako ng mahigpit. I hugged him back.

"Sigurado ka na bang mahal mo siya? Hindi na ba mababago?" Hindi ako sumagot dahil sa patuloy na pag-agos ng mga luha ko. "Let's bre---" Nagulat ako dahil bigla niya akong hinalikan... He kissed me passionately. His hands wrapping like a vine around my waist. When he parted our lips, he wiped my tears, "Don't... Ako na lang. Please... Kahit ito na lang. Hayaan mong ako ang tumapos nito..." Somebody told me you were leavin' I didn't know Somebody told me you're unhappy But it doesn't show Somebody told me that you don't want me no more So you're walkin' out the door Tinangal niya ang suot kong damit habang dahan-dahan niya akong inihiga. Hindi pa rin niya pinuputol ang halik namin. We kissed passionately... We touched each other like there's no tomorrow for the both of us. Nobody told me you've been cryin' Every night Nobody told me you'd been dyin' But didn't want to fight Nobody told me that you fell out of love from me So I'm settin' you free

He unhooked my bra and massage both of breast. His hands went down to my short and unzipped it. He trailed kisses from my jawline down to my neck... And suck one of my bossom while he played with the other in his most gentle way. Let me be the one to break it up So you won't have to make excuses We don't need to find a set up where Someone wins and someone loses We just have to say our love was true But has now become a lie So I'm tellin' you I love you one last time And goodbye He looked at me and caressed my face, "I love you..." the he claimed my lips, biting my lip and sucking my tongue. Somebody told me you still loved me Don't know why Nobody told me that you only Needed time to fly Somebody told me that you want to come back when Our love is real again He positioned himself on top of me and smiled... Eto na siguro ang huling beses na makikita ko ang ngiti ni Clarence... Let me be the one to break it up So you won't have to make excuses We don't need to find a set up where Someone wins and someone loses We just have to say our love was true But has now become a lie So I'm tellin' you I love you one last time And goodbye He wiped the solitary tear that fell from me eye and kissed my lips. He

intertwined our hands and he pushed himself inside of me and we swayed until we both find our release. After a few moment, rolled out of me and pulled me into his arms. He's back hugging me, kissing the back of my neck... His arms wrapped around me. "You won't regret your decision, right? You choose him over me... I want you to be happy." Naramdaman ko na naman ang mga nagbabadyang luhang tutulo mula sa mata ko. Naitakip ko ang kamay ko sa bibig ko para pigilan ang paghikbi ko. "I love you... so much." then his tears started to fall, again. Hinigpitan pa ni ya ang pagkakayakap niya sa akin, "Kapag dumating yung panahon na naisip mong mahal mo pa ako, hindi na kita tatanggapin... Naiintindihan mo naman kung bakit, di ba?" Tumango ako kaya nagpatuloy siya sa pagsasalita, "Mahal kita kaya--" His voice broke. Just turn around and walk away You don't have to live like this But if you love me still then stay Don't keep me waiting for that final kiss We can work together through this test Or we can work through it apart I just need to get this off my chest That you will always have my heart "I want an annulment." he said while crying. "I'm sorry..." I muttered softly. "Wag kang magsorry. Mas masakit kasi para sa akin kung panay ka sorry. Iisipin ko na lang na ako yung nakipaghiwalay dahil may mahal na akong

iba..." Let me be the one to break it up So you won't have to make excuses We don't need to find a set up where Someone wins and someone loses We just have to say our love was true But has now become a lie So I'm tellin' you I love you one last time And goodbye Hinawi ko yung hibla ng buhok na nakaharang sa mukha niya. I smiled painfully, "Ako ang nang-iwan sayo. Ako ang nakipag-hiwalay... I'm letting you go..." I leaned down and kissed her forehead before turning my back. Lumabas na ako ng kwarto niya. Nakita kong nakaupo si Bryle sa sofa. Naglakad ako at nilagpasan siya pero bago ako umalis... "Take care of her. Kapag nalaman kong pinaiyak mo siya... babawiin ko siya sayo." So I'm tellin' you I love you one last time And goodbye Let me be the one I love you... When I woke, he's gone. Umalis na siya, iniwan na niya ako. Tinignan ko ang oras sa may side table ko. 6 o'clock pa lang, bumango na ako at kinuha ang damit ko na nakalagay sa may gilid ng kama. Dun siguro niya inilagay yun, bago siya umalis.

Pagkatapos kong magbihis lumabas na ako ng kwarto at nakita kong nakaupo si Bryle sa may sofa. Kanina pa ba siya dito? Lumapit ako sa kanya. "Nakita mo ba nung umalis siya?" tanong ko sa kanya. Tumingin siya sa akin ng diretso, "He said I should take good care of you. Huwag daw kitang sasaktan kung hindi babawiin ka niya sa akin." Napangiti ako sa sinagot ni Bryle, "I don't think that's true. Ang sabi niya sa akin hindi na niya ako tatanggapin." "And you believed what he said?" I nod, "Dahil alam kong totoo ang sinabi niya... Sinaktan ko siya ng sobra kaya alam kong hindi na niya ako tatanggapin." Napahinga na lang ng malalim si Bryle at pilit na ngumiti, "Kung hindi lang kita mahal malamang ako na talaga ang nagsabi kay Rence ng totoo." I smiled at him, "Buti na lang pala mahal mo ako..." He shook his head, "Kim, I hope you won't regret everything..." "I'm regretting it right now."

(AIRPORT -9:00 AM) "Are you sure about this, Kim? Hindi na ba magbabago ang isip mo?" pagtatanong uli ni Bryle sa akin. Umiling ako bago ngumiti, "Hindi na. Siguro, hindi talaga kami ni Clarence para sa isa't-isa. May ibang babae na nakatadhana para sa kanya... He broke up with me." Hinawakan ni Bryle ang kanang kamay ko, "Kapag magaling ka na babalik tayo dito... Ibabalik kita kay Clarence, sasabihin ko sa kanya ang lahat-lahat." Tumingin siya sa akin bago nagsalita, "Itatama mo lahat ng nagawa mong mali, magiging masaya ka uli... Kaya dapat magpagaling ka at mag-ipon ng lakas ng loob." Hinigpitan ko ang hawak ko sa kamay niya at ngumiti, "It's time to go, Bry." Di ko man aminin pero may bahagi sa puso ko na naniniwala sa mga sinabi ni Bryle. Parang binigyan ako ng pag-asa ni Bryle na maitama lahat ng ginawa ko. Pero kung mangyari man ang sinabi ni Bryle, tatanggapin pa rin ba ako ni Clarence? Matagal akong mawawala, matagal na matagal. Maraming pwedeng mangyari sa mga panahon na iyon. Pwedeng makahanap si Clarence ng babaeng magmamahal sa kanya at magpapagaling sa sugat na idinulot ko. Clarence mapapatawad mo pa ba ako kung dumating ang araw na sabihin ko sa iyo ang dahilan ko kung bakit kinailangan kitang iwanan? Sana.

*** I'm a heartbreaker, and so is he. We met in a very unromantic way. But, we fell in love with each other. We promised to stay together, forever. Then, trials came to our lives... And I decided to let go of his hands. I left him for certain reasons. I broke his heart. I made him cry. Will I regret this? Ofcourse... Now, is this the end for the both us? I'm Kimberly Miranda, and Clarence is my ex-husband. And I am telling you, this is not the end of my story. She was standing a few feet away from him. She flashed her smile and said, "It's been 3 months since she left you... Are you ready to fall in love again?" He walked towards her and pulled her to claimed her lips, "I don't know yet. I haven't move on, can you help me?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck, "I will help you... Clarence." And they kissed again. End of Book 1. Next: Bad Girls Found Out 2: War of Hearts Copyright 2012 damselinvain. All rights reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages are copyrighted by damselinvain. All rights reserved. No part of these pages, either text or image may be used for any purpose. Therefore, reproduction, modification, storage in a ret rieval system or retransmission, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical strictly prohibited without prior written permission.