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Mr. Jim Woods State Central Committee Ohio Republican Party 7645 Norwalk Rd Media, OH 44256 Dear Jim, As a members of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee, I am writing to announce to you my intention to run for the position of Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party and to ask for your vote. Some Central Committee members know me, most have heard of me, the rest will learn about me by reading the attached letter to Chairman Bennett announcing my intention to run and my attached resume. As I say in my cover letter, "I am running because I believe that I am uniquely qualified to unify the fiscal conservative, social conservative, and moderate registered voters within the Republican Party in Ohio." I believe for the Republican Party in Ohio to remain viable, that we must come together right now and this is your chance to make sure that happens. I told Chairman Bennett a year ago that he had to find a way to bring the grassroots movement into the Party. I told him that the Republican Party would decide if there is a third party movement in our state, not the grassroots movement. The Party would decide by it's actions. It's current actions put us on the brink of a split among social conservatives, fiscal conservatives and rank and file republicans, that will assure that John Kasich loses his bid to be re-elected as Governor in 2014 and risks Ohio becoming a permanent Blue State. (Read the comments by the signees of our letter distributed last week if you want further evidence.) Only you, the members of the State Central Committee, can keep this from happening by ending the top down, command and control of the party and its candidates, by returning control of the party to the Central Committee, and the County Chairmen and Chairwomen, and giving a voice to the Republican party base. As Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party I believe that I can not only heal the fractures in our coalition, but grow our conservative base by implementing the changes that must be made to reach those citizen who believe as we do but feel shut out by the Republican Party. The vast majority of the grassroots Liberty Movement members are disenfranchised Republicans who want to be part of a Republican Party that represents their views. The vast majority of independent voters in Ohio are looking for a party that is not about politics but about policy. That is not about itself but about them. The Ohio Republican Party should be that Party. The Republican Party can be that Party. If elected Chairman, I will make the Ohio Republican Party that Party. I will be calling as many of you as I can in the coming weeks. I encourage you to pick up the phone and call me or write to me. I am sure that you will be hearing from members of Liberty Groups across the State who support my candidacy. I would also hope to have the opportunity to address the State Central Committee before your vote on April 25th. I believe that in your heart you know that the Ohio Republican Party has lost its way and is in dire need of new blood, new ideas and new energy. I ask for your vote, and in return, I promise to give all that I have to give to build a Party that you will be proud of and that will develop and elect candidates that will make possible a future for your children and grandchildren that will be the envy of the world. Sincerely, April 2, 2013

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