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Properties of Kandal Botanical name Rhizophora mangle Family Rhizoporaceae Sanskrit Synonyms Agnimukha, Agnisikha Ayurvedic Medicinal Properties Rasa Tikta, Kashaya Guna Lakhu, Rooksha Virya Seeta Name of the herb in other languages English Mangrove Hindi Bina Other Names : Kandal, Chuvanna kandal, Agnimukha Description of the Plant A large shrub or small tree with numerous supporting stilt roots, and breathing roots. Leaves simple, opposite, ovate-lanceolate, glabrous and acute. Flowers terminal in umbels. Fruits capsules, contain single seed, sprouts even before it fall off from the tree. Medicinal Properties of the Plant Plant pacifies vitiated pitta, inflammation, diarrhea, dysentery, menorrhagia, leucorrhea, wounds, boils, and viral infections. Plant has aphrodisiac property. Useful parts of the herb : Leaves, Bark | +91 841 888 5555 2012


This plant first become known in December 2010 at a Conference on the Science of Botanicals in California.(US). Kalir-kanda is an effective appetite suppressant because it is capable of inhibiting the absorption and synthesis of fat and cholesterol, it is particularly recommended for diets. It is considered the best natural fat burner. Leaves of the kalir-kanda containing unique acid. The acid of the leaves has a capital and main activity in regulating appetite and body weight. Indeed, the active ingredients of the kalir-kanda occur within the cell, decreasing the rate of acetyl-CoA in the heart of the metabolism of sugars and fats. Recent studies in people not wishing to lose a few pounds or even in the obese, the acid of the leaves kalir-kanda that enable them to reduce their body weight, reduce the size of fat cells, adipocytes, and resulted in the decrease of sugar cravings and cholesterol synthesis. *National Geographic mag.

Rhizophora Mangle Fool The Stomach Kandal Plants contain a satiety property which leaves your stomach with a feeling of overindulgence. Kandals botanical name is Rhizophora mangle. Kandal Plants contain a satiety property which leaves your stomach with a feeling of overindulgence. Kandals botanical name is Rhizophora mangle. It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines and is a Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant in the family of Rhizoporaceae. It is also known as Agnimukha/Agnisikha. In Malayalam it is called as Kandal (mangroves) or Chuvanna kandal (red mangroves). The taste of the leaves are Tikta (strong) and Kashaya (sour). | +91 841 888 5555 2012

The Natural History Museum of Bombay has several collections of Kandal samples and reference sources and explains the Natural History of this plant. Kandal or mangrove is commonly falls to the plant group of Macaranga peltata and widely grows in India. In India it is locally known as fool the stomach and taking 1 or 2 kalir (fresh blooming leaves) of Kanda plant will leave humans with a feel of overindulgence in the stomach throughout a week. Kanda is a plant which was widely used in the epic period of India among the soldiers in war. This plant is one among the other many trees and plants which are poisonous. The leaves of this plant create a sensory perception in the body to leave the effect of a filled stomach. The satiety property of this plant made it popular among the obese people. It is widely used in the manufacture of tablets for weight reduction. The extracts of leaves are widely used by people suffering from excess weight and successful results have been reported in several occasions. Indian plant Kalir Kanda makes people beautiful, slim and healthy. And all because people change habits, eliminating dependence on food. | +91 841 888 5555 2012

Leaves Kalir Kanda burn fat In this case, the body will draw energy from its own reserves, burning with many hated fat. It is worth mentioning that for the Indians this plant is not a panacea for weight loss, but rather a chance to feel at least a false satiety. That would take and swap places with them. They hamburgers, and we - the leaves Kalir Kanda with their false satiety. And everyone would be happy. According to statistics, the number of fat and very fat people is growing exponentially. While the globalized world of thoughts, fashions and attitudes drew his image of modern man. And this image is far from reality. Fat and a little bit plump people are outside the norm. This is especially felt in the capital of our country. Given the promotion of healthy lifestyles, people even with a little overweight are trying by all means to bring themselves in shape, lose weight. That's why Kalir Kanda in Moscow is extremely popular. Kalir tree-Kanda is the fruit of happiness Leaflets kalir kanda is an effective way to reset a few extra pounds of weight in a very short period of time. Such a diet should be observed for at least a week. Then the effect will be stunning. However, the approach to this kind of diet is carefully, slowly, including common sense. You should not refuse food and rely on Kalir Kanda. Leaves Kalir Kanda selling slowly - this is the slogan of this plant dealers. After all, if you do not comply with the dosage a person can completely abandon the usual food. And it will have consequences. Not worth the risk to health in order to get into a pair of jeans in sizes smaller. The leaves of the plants need to be used in a strictly limited doses. | +91 841 888 5555