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Name: _________________________ Date: __________________________ Annotated Bibliographies What is an annotated bibliography?

History of LAC Mrs. Waters

An annotated bibliography is an organized list of sources such as books, journals, newspapers, magazines, web pages, etc., each of which is followed by an annotationusually a critical commentary or explanatory note. In general, bibliographic annotations may serve all or part of the following functions, depending on the assignment. They may:

describe the content (focus) of the source describe the usefulness of the source in relationship to a given project/goal discuss any limitations that the source may have, e.g. grade level, timeliness describe what audience the source is intended for evaluate the methods (research) used in the source evaluate reliability of the source discuss the authors background discuss any conclusions the author(s) may have made describe your reaction/response to the source

What does the annotated bibliography look like? Bibliographic entries (citations) are written and arranged like any other MLA 7th edition bibliography. Entries are usually arranged alphabetically by the first word, which is typically the authors last name. Here is an example of an MLA formatted annotated bibliography: Connelly, Tommy and Dean Charpentier. For the Love of the Game: An Insiders Perspective on High School Lacrosse. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2012. In his first foray into the world of sports writing, author Tommy Connelly provides an invaluable perspective into high school lacrosse, as he is a high school student-athlete himself. It is a reputable source as it was co-written by the highly acclaimed sports journalist Dean Charpentier. Chapters seven and eight are particularly useful because they highlight hazing incidents over the course of school history and throughout the league. Heinze, Andrea. Say No to Bullying: How to Empower Your Student Body. Brooks School. 14 Jan. 2013. Web. 29 Jan. 2013. As Associate Head for Student Affairs, Mrs. Heinze writes directly from experience, and passion clouds her judgment in this article. Her belief in the inherent good of students disallows the possibility for external influences that may override adolescents still developing sense of morality. This source highlighted the need for a trained psychologists input as part of the paper. Also, the article does not provide much information on bullying or hazing as related to athletics.

Your annotated bibliography will include a minimum of 3 secondary sources. Arrange them alphabetically, regardless of category (categories being Internet, books, periodicals, etc.). You can organize them by category in your regular bibliography. Make sure to hit upon the above bullet points in your 3 sentence minimum blurb for each source! Your annotated bibliographies will be due officially on Thursday April 11th, to be printed out and stapled properly following our normal MLA formatting guidelines. I will review them over the weekend and hand them back on Monday. Remember that annotating source is part of a research process, and that your final bibliography that you submit with your paper will NOT be annotated. You should feel free to incorporate additional sources as you continue in your research! You are not limited to three.