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11am - 11:45am Room 110 Dr. Josh Pate, James Madison, & Dr.

Rob Hardin, University of Tennessee, Paralympic Athletes use of Twitter to Promote Social Change Mr. Sab Singh, SUNY-Farmingdale State, How New Media Gives Athletes the Forum to Engage and Persuade Room 111 Mr. Bill Kerig, RallyMe, Advancing an Athletes and Sports Crowdfunding Platform Mr. Jonathan Jensen, Ms. Kristy McCray & Dr. Brian Turner, Ohio State University, Factors Inuencing the Propensity of Athletes to Contribute to Social Change 11:45am - 1pm Lunch (Auditorium)

1pm - 1:45pm Room 110 Mr. Michael James Brown, Other Awareness Project, Athletes: Instruments of Change Dr. Katie Kilty, Endicott College, Sports, Arts, Peace and Digital Storytelling Room 111 Dr. Mary Hums, University of Louisville, & Mr. Eli Wolff, Brown University, Athletes for Human Rights: A Case for the Scholar-Athlete-Activist Dr. Bryon Martin, Chicago State University, Academics, Athletics & the Diverse Community 2pm - 2:45pm Open Forum (Auditorium) 3pm - 3:30pm Closing (Auditorium)


Athletes &
Social Change

Muhammad Ali Center

March 29 & 30

Educational Forum

Dear Friends and Colleagues, We are very pleased and honored to welcome you to the Muhammad Ali Center Athletes and Social Change Forum, an innovative new conference designed to advance education, advocacy and research on the role and contribution of athletes toward social change, human rights and development. What does it mean for athletes to engage in social change, philanthropy and work within the community? The Forum aims to examine and provide diverse perspectives in the intersection of athletes and social change. In attendance will be a diverse group of practitioners, academics, athletes, and activists, who will explore what it means for athletes to engage in social change, philanthropy and work within the community. Speci c focus areas to be discussed at the Forum are: The roles and responsibilities athletes have beyond the playing eld The ways athletes can serve as educators and advocates to address social problems within and outside of sports How the global sporting community encourages or discourages athletes working in the realm of social change The roles educational institutions play in providing grounding for athletes to make the connections between athletics, academics and the community Thank you for your participation and involvement at the Forum, and we do look forward to an engaging and productive gathering. We do hope this is the beginning of a dynamic athletes and social change community developed in collaboration with the Muhammad Ali Center. Kindest regards,
Marcel Parent Muhammad Ali Center Eli Wolff Brown University Mary Hums University of Louisville

Thursday March 28
7pm - 9pm Informal reception BlueGrass Brewing (Auditorium)

Room 111 Mr. Rene Jon-Sandy Hip Hop Loves & Ms. Vanessa Chakour, Sacred Warrior, Lord of the Rings 2pm - 2:45pm Room 110 Dr. Darlene Kluka, Barry University & ICSSPE, Athletes as Leaders: How can they Contribute to Social Change Glocally? Dr. Emese Ivan, St. John's University, Hungarian Sport Community in Transition : Is there a Role for Athletes in Social Change? Room 111 Ms. Vicky Grygar, Brock University, Reclaiming the Rights of Youth: Lived Experiences of Canadian Hockey League Ms. Rebekah Roulier, Doc Wayne, A Bio-PsychoSocial Assessment of an Adjunctive Intervention for Youth in Residential Treatment 3pm - 3:45pm Open Forum 4pm - 5pm Tour 5pm Reception at Ali Center by University of Lousville 6pm Informal Dinner at Bristol Bar & Grill

Friday March 29
8am - 9am Registration and coffee 9am - 9:45am Welcome & Introductions (Auditorium) Mr. Donald Lassere, President/ CEO of the Ali Center Mr. Marcel Parent, Ali Center Mr. Eli Wolff, Brown University Dr. Mary Hums, University of Louisville Ms. Tori Murden-McClure, Spalding University 10am - 10:45am Room 110 Mr. Mike Geddes, streetfootballworld, Engaging Athletes to Utilize Soccer for Social Change Room 111 Ms. Soolmaz Abooali, George Mason University, The Power of Sport and Educational Institutions Mr. Matt Huml and Mr. Per Svensson, University of Louisville, Exploring the Role of Educational Institutions in Student-Athlete Community Engagement 11am - 11:45am Room 110 Dr. Jennifer Bruening, UConn, Dr. Brianna Clark, Temple, & Dr. John Borland, Springeld College, Female Student-Athletes Reect on Mentors, Mentoring and Community Involvement Dr. Ashleigh Huffman, Dr. Sarah Hillyer & Mr. Hal Wilson, University of Tennessee, From Apathy to Advocacy: Student-Athletes & Social Change Room 111 Mr. Eli Wolff, Brown University & Ms. Kalli White, IHCD, Solidarity in Sport Pledge and Movement Ms. Abbi Hill, Dr. Cheri Bradish, and Dr. Lucie Thibault, Brock University, An Examination of Athletes in Sport for Development Stakeholder Relationships 11:45am - 1pm Lunch (Auditorium) 1pm - 1:45pm Room 110 Ms. Micki King & Mr. Gary Hall, World Fit, World Fit Walk Mr. Michael Verille, GlideSlope, Citi - Every Step of the Way

Saturday March 30
8am - 9am Coffee 9am - 9:45am Athlete Speaker/ Panel- Envisioning the Future: Athletes and Social Change in 2020 (Auditorium) Moderator- Mr. Eli Wolff, Brown University Ms. Mikki King, World-Fit, Olympian Mr. Vitalis Lanshima, Paralympian Ms. Angelika Uremovich, University of Louisville Student-Athlete 10am - 10:45am Room 110 Dr. Ted Peetz & Ms. Kelley Cash, Belmont University, Creating a LEGACY: Promoting a Socially Conscious Athlete Mr. Marcus Amos, University of Tennessee, How an Athletes Plight affects Voice with Social Problems Room 111 Dr. Susan Rayl, SUNY-Cortland, Student-Athletes as Agents of Social Change Mr. Tobias Blake and Mr. Nick Sanchez, Experience Baseball, Experience Baseball: Development of Educational and Charitable Programs through Baseball

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