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An Interview with DEA Veteran Celerino Castillo

The following is an interview with Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) veteran agent Celerino Castillo, first published in *The New Federalist*, October 24, 1994. Before beginning, by way of a preface, let me state a few things. Officer Jack McLamb (retired) of the Phoenix Police Department, in a speech given to his fellow police officers, had this to say: ...there's been much research, *much* research, and much documentation to the fact -- and I say *fact*, fellow police officers (We've got some female police officers here too. Thank you for coming.), -- but I'm telling you, I want you to hear this, I'm talking about *fact* that we can prove, we've got the evidence -- an evidentiary foundation that would stack as high as *I* am, the evidence, I've seen it -- that the U.S. government, certain factions of the U.S. government, have been involved in importing the majority of drugs in the United States since the '60s. Since 1960.... We have, folks, in the United States, a phony war on drugs.

Then there's former DEA agent Mike Levine, author of *Deep Cover* and *The Big White Lie*, speaking at Northern Illinois University in 1991: The drug war's a sham. I threw my life to the winds believing in the war against drugs. If I died, I believed I was dying for a just cause.... I realized the reality of what I was doing never quite matched what the public was seeing. DEA was designed to put itself out of business but that doesn't happen. The opposite happens. It's always, "We need more." ...It's all a show... The drug war is the laughing stock of South America. My guess is that there is a moment of truth that comes to our soldiers in the "War Against Drugs"; a moment when they realize it's all a crock. It seems that most choose to lay low and hang onto their jobs when that moment of decision arrives. A few, though, have got something

that you could call "honor". When their moment of truth arrives, they are unable to rationalize themselves into a "go along to get along" lifestyle.

But this is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper. A thousand little compromises, a thousand little rationalizations, and we have got a world of trouble. Thank God that not all of our soldiers in this "War Against Drugs" have turned out to have the souls of petty bourgeois shopkeepers. Thank God there have been some great souls among them.

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[September 27, 1994]

WEBSTER TARPLEY: I'd like to go immediately to the very interesting book that you've put together [*Powderburns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War*]. On page 132 of that book, you describe a kind of cameo appearance by Vice President George Bush. I believe this was in Guatemala City in January of 1986, and that would have been shortly after the inauguration of the new Guatemalan President Cerezo. I'd just like to acquaint our viewers with that conversation, the events that led up to it, that followed it, and revolved around it, because this seems to sum up the heart of the matter.

CELERINO CASTILLO: Basically, what happened there, was that at that time, Jan. 14, 1986, to be exact, George Bush was in Guatemala City. At the same time that George Bush was there, I also saw Calero, head of the Contras, and Oliver North. And I met George Bush at the cocktail party at the ambassador's residence, and basically, what he was doing, was walking around, shaking hands with everybody. And he came up to me, and asked me what my job description was as DEA agent. And I told him that I conducted international narcotics investigations on traffickers down in Central America. I also advised him that I was the agent in charge of reporting for El Salvador, and I forewarned him that there were some funny things going on at Ilopango Airport, with the Contras. He shook my hand, he smiled, and he just walked away from me, without saying another word. From that moment, I knew he knew something about the Contras.

TARPLEY: That's what you write: "He simply smiled and walked away, seeking another hand to shake. After that exchange, I knew that he knew."

CASTILLO: That's correct.

TARPLEY: What did George Bush know, and when did he know it?

CASTILLO: Before my arrival in Guatemala, we had received intelligence that the Contras were heavily involved in narcotics trafficking. Basically, I was forewarned by the country attache' in Guatemala, Bob Stia, upon my arrival, that there was a covert operation being conducted by the White House, and run by Oliver North at Ilopango in El Salvador.

TARPLEY: So this was your official superior in the DEA?

CASTILLO: That's correct.

TARPLEY: And the first thing he did when you arrived in the country was to tell you: Look, this is now the scene of a covert operation with Oliver North, and they're running drugs. [CN -- See, kiddies? Run drugs, and you too can grow up to be a U.S. Senator.]

CASTILLO: That's correct, and since we had obtained intelligence already about the Contras being heavily involved in narcotics trafficking, he advised me to stay away from it and not to get involved in the investigation, because that would mean that if I started reporting that information to Washington, I would be kicked out of El Salvador and Guatemala very quickly.

when you say the "Contras. that were less into it? Was there Calero. but we had intelligence gathered from all parts of Central and South America in regard to the narcotics trafficking going on.the CIA and the National Security Council. And of course.S.The Ilopango Connection -+- TARPLEY: Now.Photo: Ilopango -+. Bobby Nieves in Costa Rica. advising us to look into Hangars 4 and 5 at Ilopango. that all the Contras were into drugs? CASTILLO: It was a universal thing. were there others in that group? Was it a universal thing. We had cables from the country attache'." does that mean *all* the Contras? Were there groups that were more into it. . Hangars 4 and 5 were bought and paid for by the U. The DEA refused to accept that answer. government -.

CASTILLO: We had major narcotics trafficking going through Ilopango from Costa Rica.TARPLEY: Ilopango Airport: What is that? Is that a large commercial airport? CASTILLO: No. And it's a military base. where were they coming from. DEA headquarters. to Washington. We had an informant placed at Ilopango who actually did the flight plans for the Contra pilots. where were they going? CASTILLO: The cable that we received from Costa Rica in April of 1986 came in from the country attache'. TARPLEY: Tell us what the atmosphere was at Ilopango in the middle of this Contra dirty war.S. Bobby Nieves. to the CIA. and nobody wanted to do anything about it. 1985. which is further south. but most international pilots who fly small planes get to arrive at Ilopango. TARPLEY: Tell me just briefly: what kinds of planes were these. like I stated before. Embassy. and was for us to check Hangars 4 and 5. We had obtained a lot of intelligence. '86. and everybody spoke freely about the loads that they carried. the monies that they took to the Bahamas and to Panama for laundering. that they had very . '87. Ilopango Airport is the military airport with civilian small planes that arrive at Ilopango. All this was reported to the U.

the informant who did the flight plans actually gave us copies of all the flight plans of all these Contra pilots. They were coming in without being inspected by the Customs officials. Rodriguez is also reportedly the man who killed Che Guevara. one was run by the CIA.] who ran the Contra operation at Ilopango.reliable information pertaining to the trafficking from around Central and South America into those two hangars. and everybody else. Yet they were being hired by the CIA. they were all documented in DEA files as narco-traffickers. were not jets that you would see at an American airfield. visas for them to go to the U.S. It turned out that of those two hangars. or anybody else. Felix Rodriguez. TARPLEY: So.even though they were documented traffickers. these planes would then fly north. like Caravans. [CN -. and when we ran checks on the names of all these pilots. then. As it turned out.This man. TARPLEY: These. also shows up in connection with activities surrounding Terry Reed and the Mena Airport operation.S. -. Pipers. Felix Rodriguez. Could they make it all the way to Miami? CASTILLO: . smaller planes. Cessnas. but these were smaller planes? CASTILLO: Yes. who were trying to obtain U. and the other one was run by Felix Rodriguez.

"] Certainly. they would go to Texas. Max Gomez. You know. anywhere that they were able. It was Contra money. Felix Rodriguez has been with George Bush for a very. "The truth is that Bush has been a top CIA agent since before the 1961 invasion of Cuba. Bowen (*The Immaculate Deception*). Felix Rodriguez was documented. He was a retired CIA agent. you carry credentials from the President of El Salvador. They were going to California. very long time. a Contra pilot was arrested in late '85 in south Texas with five-and-a-half million dollars cash. and they brought all these people who were heavily involved. most of .S. and every single pilot talked about how they had permission to run narcotics. [CN -. -+. and it's speculated that George Bush was involved in that. If you go back. and he's somebody who participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion back in the early 1960s. working with Felix Rodriguez and other anti-Castro Cubans. sir. I happen to have read his autobiography. they were all very well protected. So. If you go back to the Vietnam War. we have intelligence where the CIA and those individuals were heavily involved in trafficking heroin into the U. and what you can see in that book is. he's got a signed photograph from George Bush telling him what a great patriot he is. For example. from the Chief of Staffs in El Salvador. as a trafficker. you've mentioned Felix Rodriguez. Would you agree with that judgement on Felix Rodriguez/Max Gomez? CASTILLO: No.They would go to Miami.The Rodriguez Dossier -+- TARPLEY: Now. because they were working for the Oliver North Contra operation.According to Brigadier General (retired) Russell S. the Chief of the Air Force and so forth. in our DEA files. in bodybags and so forth.

CASTILLO: That's correct. TARPLEY: This is *after* the television appearance.these Bay of Pigs operatives were all documented traffickers. I myself documented him involved in trafficking with the Contras. sir. I'm not going back to the Contra issue. yet. sir. and I'm talking about a 1991 case. for gun-running. TARPLEY: Does Oliver North have a DEA file? CASTILLO: That's correct. they were being hired by the Oliver North Contra operation to run the illegal narcotics trafficking out of Ilopango [Airport]. into the Philippines with known narcotics traffickers.S. and so forth. Absolutely. As a matter of fact. Felix Rodriguez has a DEA file. sir. They were all criminals. there's a 1991 file on Oliver North for smuggling weapons from the U. . after the great 1987 celebrity parade? CASTILLO: That's correct. who all served time for narcotics trafficking. TARPLEY: Now.

TARPLEY: That certainly makes you think twice. I don't know. having lunch with the ambassador and others. and they cited the privacy act. D. that I wrote on the Contras and different individuals. Embassy. I used to see him around the U. sir. to get hold of Oliver North's DEA file? CASTILLO: I tried that already. It's there. I saw him everywhere. TARPLEY: So. with an incident from 1991? CASTILLO: That's correct. and these requests were denied. That file is out of the Washington office here in Washington. Steele from the U. They just need to get that. I asked for my own files. Now. One of the questions I've always been asked is. did you ever see Felix Rodriguez running around Ilopango? CASTILLO: Yes. Military Group [was] down there. I saw him running around Ilopango. Col.S.S.C. I can imagine that there would be a lot of voters around Virginia and elsewhere who would like to have a look at Oliver North's DEA file again. .TARPLEY: Can you make a Freedom of Information Act request. Why can't the White House get that? Somebody else has to answer that.

-+. on Jan. He had given reliable information to the Consulate General there. and some cocaine had been seized before. and Guatemala. We had an informant who had worked there. that's when I met George Bush.. for many years. Embassy. Robert Chavez.Coverup -+- TARPLEY: And how about Oliver North? Did you ever see him there? CASTILLO: I saw Oliver North in Guatemala. at the U. and what they were telling you? CASTILLO: Well.S. who gave us a lot of the intelligence that we had on this Contra operation. We had another informant who was also placed to work at Ilopango. TARPLEY: Could you just give us an idea of what kinds of people were telling you about these activities. go back to Ilopango.. He had been reporting all this activity on the Contras. not in Salvador. 14. TARPLEY: And what were the circumstances where you saw Oliver North? CASTILLO: Well. Salvador. who was a documented informer going back to 1981. . this guy was very reliable. 1986. at Ilopango. So.

in Salvador. I personally reported it to my boss. he was working for the Oliver North Contra operation. Edwin Corr. I understand from your book that one of the first people you tried to tell about this was the U. first of all. that I would continue to report the allegations that the Contras were involved in trafficking.TARPLEY: Let's now turn to what you did with the information that you got. we went to the CIA Chief of Station. ambassador. and not to make any waves. and for me to stay away from it. Jack McCavett. and how you reported it.S. I went to the U. Edwin Corr. we reported it.S.S. There was an individual. an American. TARPLEY: Did he suggest it was going to be bad for your career? CASTILLO: It was going to be bad for my career and his career. Once we obtained a lot of the intelligence and we started writing reports. I told him that if I actually found any evidence. who was a civilian. CASTILLO: That's correct. and he had a couple of years left to retire. Military Group commander. who kept forewarning me about my reporting on the Contras because it was going to come back and hurt us in Guatemala. ambassador. and Col. Steele. who lived in El Salvador. Oliver North. He told me right off that it was a White House covert operation run by Col. we went to the U.S. ambassador to Salvador. who was a U. and as it turns out. . Bob Stia. And when we received all this information.

or rewrite them? Or did he have to sign off on them and send them to Washington? CASTILLO: One of the things a lot of people don't understand is the fact that every time I wrote a report. all these reports went in there. or file them. Stia. TARPLEY: Mr. And we had a place up there they called the "Black Hole". Stia.S. So. it had to be approved by my supervisor (who was Bob Stia) *and* signed off by the ambassador of whatever country I was sending the cable out to. and they were never distributed to the right people. Steele with the U. CASTILLO: That's right. everything was approved.S. Military Group. embassy into the Salvadoran military. telling you to tear them up. to go above and beyond to support them.Laundering the Profits -+- TARPLEY: Can you remember the date of your first dispatch to Washington that basically stated these facts? . your immediate superior: did he have the option of rejecting your reports. Two different agencies. -+. whether DEA Washington did anything with it was a different story. and also Col. first from Mr. and then from Ambassador Corr. Then I went to Jack McCavett and Jack McCavett's answer to me was the fact that they were being ordered to support the Oliver North Contra operation.TARPLEY: So that's now the second time you got official testimony and corroboration that Oliver North was running these activities. was the liaison officer from the U. or sent a cable off to Washington. of course. He.

Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Chica Guirola. how much money they were flying into the Bahamas or Panama. departing El Salvador to the Bahamas where he was airdropping monies on the Contras -. We have a time and date for one of the pilots. TARPLEY: Do you get the impression that the narcotics ultimately came from people like the Medellin cartel.the profits of narcotrafficking. But there was a lot of testimony. or people like this? CASTILLO: I had a CIA agent in El Salvador who actually came up and asked me: How do you expect us to support the Contras when Congress cut aid to the Contras? How are they going to support themselves? Which means that we have to sleep with the cartels. Narcotics and International Operations] hearings we had a lot of informants. And basically. Of course. how much dope they were taking. during the Kerry Committee [i. and cables started coming and going. because they were known traffickers. or the Cali cartel. he saw $4.5 million cash taken from Ilopango into Panama. a lot of evidence to the fact that there was a lot of narcotics trafficking. Subcommittee on Terrorism. who gave testimony. The cable came in from Costa Rica in April. These were incidents that were reported. by the pilots when they were leaving. and so forth. but their credibility was not that good. so we continued to follow up on the request to conduct an extensive investigation into Hangars 4 and 5. Costa Rica was giving us the information that narcotics were leaving from Aranchez airstrip in Costa Rica into Ilopango. our informant at Ilopango was being told.e.. . to launder. At one point. a lot of individuals who flew for the Contras.CASTILLO: We go back to early 1986.

In . It was called the "Frogman Case" because they were bringing ships into the San Francisco area. I got a call from Washington requesting for me not to close the files on the Contras because the Kerry Committee wanted copies of my reports. A couple of Columbians and Nicaraguans were trafficking in large quantities of cocaine into San Francisco.K. So. As a matter of fact. not the Kerry Committee. and under the Freedom of Information Act. Am I right? You tried to inform them of what you knew? CASTILLO: No. on their own testimony. Kerry of Massachusetts. During the Kerry Committee.. As it turns out.TARPLEY: O. '86. the Senate Investigating Committee '85. '87? You tried to tell part of your story to them. we start there. they reported that the profits from those sales of narcotics were going to the Contras. You've mentioned the Kerry Committee. 22. and a couple of frogmen would go out there and take the coke. if it's a closed case they cannot have access to it. We had the "Frogman Case" going back to 1985. on Oct. He was involved in a meeting with 25 individuals from the DEA and the Department of Justice who *refused* to give this information to the Kerry Committee. who is an assistant U. TARPLEY: This was the committee that investigated this "frogman" operation? CASTILLO: Yes.. I guess that's Sen. we had Mark Richards.S. in 1987. testifying before the committee. attorney.

So. His thing was the fact that he had asked the DEA. the CIA. Right before I left the agency in 1991. to the attention of the State Department. the FBI." We left it that I would try to get this girl named Sandrita from Salvador into the U. I secretly met with Mike Foster. TARPLEY: You later also tried to get in touch with the special prosecutor. a CNN reporter broke the story on the Contras' involvement in narcotics trafficking.December of 1985. if we can prove that the Contras and Oliver North were heavily involved in narcotics trafficking. and nobody ever called so that I could testify before that committee to advise them that large quantities of drugs were being trafficked by the Oliver North Contra operation. so that she could be debriefed by Walsh's committee with regard to her personal knowledge of narcotics use by some of the Contra pilots and some NSC individuals. it looks like you attempted. Walsh's committee. He said. but at no time did the Kerry Committee *ever* contact the agents down in El Salvador who actually conducted the investigation. etc. these charges. CASTILLO: That's correct. to bring your revelations. at one point or another. in order to look into this entire matter. that Walsh's committee had asked and requested all this information from DEA. TARPLEY: Well. the Special Prosecutor. cables. Basically. He came. the FBI agent assigned to the Iran-Contra committee. I sat there and I waited for the phone to ring. he was just stunned by what I showed him there. Lawrence Walsh.S. and DEA *denied* the fact that there were such reports. with my attorney present. it would be like a grand-slam home run. Did you ever talk to Customs? . and he was just stunned when he saw copies of my reports. "You know. the investigation into it started.

TARPLEY: He's moving up the ladder. TARPLEY: When you sent these reports into Washington. saying that it is true that people on both sides of the equation in the Nicaraguan war were drug traffickers. it's a lot of people. in talking about the Nicaraguan war. One of the things is that the DEA has not acknowledged the fact that there are such reports. first of all. we have the DEA assistant administrator. I understand.CASTILLO: Yes. Yet. This is not a couple of people. we have contradictory statements from both the State Department and the DEA. is the third-ranking DEA official. who in the DEA would get those on his desk? CASTILLO: Well. I sure did. . why is this man saying this? We have the CIA chief of Latin American countries down there stating. the chief of Latin American countries was John Marsh. and a couple of them were pretty significant. to the fact that the Contras were heavily involved in narcotics trafficking. Well if the DEA denies that. So. who now. on the Kerry Committee and its report. Dave West. in the Kerry Report: We suspected drug trafficking by the resistance forces.

. mind you. Honduras. I explained to him: How can I use the word "alleged" when I'm seeing all this that's happening in Ilopango? We have reliable informants in there. through guerrilla territory. They came down gunning for me. that did not apply to me. That was called the "war on drugs in Central America". Guatemala. and El Salvador. and he stated the same thing. He gave me a letter of "reprimand". that is. And he went back.Assassination Threat -+- TARPLEY: And I understand that then the DEA actually investigated *you*. The pressure was on. that it would mean the end of my career in Latin America if I kept reporting this. When Kiki Camarena got killed in 1985. yet. because I was one of two agents to cover four countries in Latin America. -+. as they say. TARPLEY: Two agents for four countries? That was called the "war on drugs"? CASTILLO: That's correct. which were Belize. I guess you could say. when I refused to stop reporting on the Contras' involvement in narcotics trafficking. and I was being forced to travel by land. He actually wanted me to use the word "alleged". "the hammer dropped".CASTILLO: He's moving up the ladder. the administrator for the DEA came out with a memo stating that no DEA agent is to travel by himself in a foreign country. they sent some people to check up on what you were doing? CASTILLO: That's correct. He is the individual who is responsible for the cover-up of the Contras involving narcotics trafficking.

] We had Victor Cortez meeting with an informant in a restaurant. . CASTILLO: Totally inadequate. Kiki had to work by himself. the DEA refused to do anything about it. DEA refused to give out any back-up agents. on a country road.TARPLEY: "By land" means in a car. and most of the time my only back-up was my informant. TARPLEY: So the resources are totally inadequate. carelessly. and unsafe. yet. TARPLEY: Did you have an armed escort? CASTILLO: No. [CN -. And of course. who travelled with me.Kiki Camarena was a DEA agent slain in the line of duty in Mexico in 1985. And while our lives were being put on the line out there. sir. That's what happened to Kiki Camarena. I drove by myself. It's a three to four hour drive. the DEA manual states that you cannot be with an informant by yourself. by the DEA. where guerrillas are operating? CASTILLO: That's correct. he gets grabbed. Why? Because there was nobody to back him up.

visa for this colonel so that he can testify before the BCCI [Bank of Credit and Commerce International] investigation in Miami. CASTILLO: That's correct. though. or would have been glad to see you bumped off. You can think of Olof Palme. that he's going to assassinate me. who were very knowledgeable about different sides of Iran-Contra. goes into Guatemala and speaks to the U. We had tape recordings on him. 1987.. it sounds like somebody was trying to get you bumped off. requesting a U.TARPLEY: Worse than that. they were dropping left and right in those years. on how he's going to assassinate me in El Salvador and blame it on the guerrillas. And Tony Ricevuto. 1988. you can think of people in Germany.k. We have a Guatemalan colonel who puts a contract on me [i. where there was an OPR investigator. TARPLEY: Eyewitnesses were disappearing. but they want him to testify in a trial in Miami! That's when I knew that I was going to get hurt sooner or later. Tony Ricevuto. CASTILLO: That was at the very end of my career. offers to pay money in return for the murder of Castillo].S. CASTILLO: There were people being taken out [i. telling them that it's o. a senior inspector. who's going to assassinate me.. TARPLEY: This would have fit into a kind of general liquidation of all sorts of people in 1986.e.. In other words.e. murdered]. and I was one of them who was going to be taken . ambassador there.S..

yet. because they could not justify the fact that this individual was going to assassinate me. that was conducting the investigation. Case file numbers. individuals I talked to. Mind you.S. I have photos. There was a case out of Houston. everything that the DEA had conducted illegally. I guess the word is.. condoning murders that the DEA knew about. *I* *kept* *a* *daily* *journal* *of* *everything*. and this was done with the knowledge of the DEA. There was a cover-up being conducted by the DEA on orders from the White House. than my security. the massacre of them. involving Oliver North's Contra operation. killings and assassinations of Columbian traffickers. Texas. while I was down in Central America. people who called me to tell me to close the files. I have passports to prove my allegations. I have pictures. during my career with the DEA. if you had to formulate charges against Oliver North. It's just that people refuse to acknowledge the fact that this was going on. I have documents. I have everything that can justify what I'm saying. they continue to cover up the fact that there was a lot of intelligence involving the CIA. what would you charge him with? CASTILLO: . To this day. my own people at DEA wanted to get him to the U. was what? CASTILLO: Was suppressed. down in Central America.. TARPLEY: To the bottom line: The net result of everything you sent in to DEA headquarters in Washington. It was more important to them that he testify before the BCCI investigation. TARPLEY: Now.out by the DEA. to testify.

We found U.. Oliver North says he's "the most investigated man on the planet". and you don't do anything about it. He was a civilian. other sources. and they hit the house. "The most investigated man on the planet" -.S. cases of explosives. At his residence. TARPLEY: In a private home of a friend of Ollie North? . TARPLEY: Now. we found what was a Contra supply operation. not at all. sir. We've been over this terrain a million times. I built up a unit there. In September of 1986. in the book. the people who actually conducted the investigation on the Contras. you can go to jail for that. in general. Nothing has ever been found. heavy guns. He was a documented narcotics trafficker. the violation of the Federal Narcotics Law. I guess you've mentioned this now in the course of our talk. who also can document what you saw? CASTILLO: I want to go back a little bit. this is all done to death. He says. military munitions. it was inadequate investigation. all the way from Panama. we had an individual who was an American. To start off with. well. which states.. He worked out of Ilopango Hangars 4 and 5. and we hit his house.they should have contacted the agents in Salvador. We call him.First of all. but corroboration: have you found other people. the fact that if you have knowledge that narcotics trafficking is being conducted. Do you think that the investigations up to now have been adequate on precisely this key topic? CASTILLO: No. C4. TARPLEY: Have you found. who was Oliver North's right-hand man down in El Salvador. "Brasher".

all his vehicles had license plates for the U. I went to the CIA. came into the United States as a result of these operations? CASTILLO: . I went to the U. some of it. -+. Yet. how much cocaine. embassy. could you give some kind of a ballpark figure of how much drugs.S.S. crack cocaine and other kinds of cocaine. this individual was a documented narcotics trafficker working for the Oliver North Contra operation. who denied.CASTILLO: Yes. embassy. in a private home. Cases of grenades. I guess in this case it means cocaine pretty much.S. ambassador. who denied the fact that ["Brasher"] worked for the U. Before I hit his house. Military Group commander. and it was all U. At the residence. sniper rifles. embassy. We found radios belonging to the U.S.S. brand new. I went to the U. who denied that ["Brasher"] worked for them. military issue. military equipment. We found weapons belonging to the U.S.Planeloads of Cocaine -+- TARPLEY: If you had to go back and estimate. uniforms. embassy.S. All three of those people told me that ["Brasher"] was working for the Oliver North Contra operation.

. One percent is a lot. We saw the planes coming in. We had reports where they came in. who flew four-and-a-half million dollars from Ilopango into Panama. TARPLEY: Later on. you're asking me about monies? Millions of dollars.. . Now.We had thousands of kilos that came in. We had surveillance set up up there. toward the end of his term in office. what percentage that might have been of the total drug-trafficking flow into the United States? CASTILLO: Maybe one percent -.and that's a lot. and pardoning these people who were known traffickers was a slap in the face to us.. we were not allowed to touch it. the DEA agents who were out there putting our lives on the line. TARPLEY: Could you just estimate. and I guess that had the effect of shutting down most of what was left of the official investigation.. yet. they dropped it off at Hangars 4 and 5. We have a guy who was an honorary ambassador to Panama. George Bush came along and pardoned quite a number of the top figures in this. going undercover in Third World countries. What do you think of George Bush pardoning these people? CASTILLO: George Bush was trying to save himself. This was reported to the DEA Washington. if at all possible. TARPLEY: And you've done undercover operations in Central America yourself.

Just a couple of weeks ago. TARPLEY: Well. but we were there to help it. and the U.CASTILLO: That's correct. we lost five agents in Peru. So the fact that we could have another branch of our government heavily involved in narcotics trafficking was just devastating to me.S. embassy not to arrest him. We cannot work with Third World countries that are heavily involved in narcotics trafficking. For example.5 million *a* *day* in El Salvador for the past 10 years. So. and putting our lives on the line. government did not want to do anything about it.S. We had documented reports on Third World countries. sleeping with the cartels. because we were not there to embarrass the Guatemalan government. Yet. And a lot of people go into the government and spend twenty years and then retire. When they came down to arrest them. it didn't take me twenty years to figure out that my own government was heavily involved in narcotics trafficking. we spent $1. We have a few minutes left. and they couldn't win the war. The Cerezo government was heavily involved. All the weapons that were being seized by the guerrillas were being sold to the cartels. Guatemala. The same thing happened in El Salvador. let's sum up now. I went undercover on a Congressman down there. I was told by the U. Guatemala is heavily involved in narcotics trafficking. He was going to sell me 200 kilos of cocaine. it was a democracy. Do you think that Oliver North is qualified to be a United States Senator? CASTILLO: .

that they know that his organization is responsible for a lot of deaths in the U.S.. the cocaine epidemic that we have.. And he cannot guarantee to me the fact that nobody. and so forth. Everybody looked up to him as a hero. and then you turned to your book. that people died of... I can live with myself now. TARPLEY: Would you think that the Virginia voters ought to have the right to see Oliver North's DEA file? CASTILLO: Absolutely. streets now than we did ten years ago. with very limited results. yet. he is a chronic liar. was not Contra cocaine. He lied to Congress. but what I don't think they realize is the fact that he cannot justify the narcotics trafficking that his organization conducted in the 1980s. I had to tell my story. we spend billions of dollars in Third World countries trying to combat this trafficking. TARPLEY: You tried to tell your story inside the federal agencies for quite a number of years. we've seen. "Oliver North for President". North has to hide. What conscience does he or his family have.No.S. *Powderburns*. He lies to everybody. Whether the DEA wants to continue the conspiracy to cover it up is a different story. What made you decide to get into writing books? CASTILLO: I was sick to my stomach when I saw Oliver North up there.S. or none of those drugs that were being smuggled into the U. So. But Oliver North should be in jail. A lot of people feel that he can be forgiven for what he did. and not be running for the U...S. It's there.. He is a convicted felon. We have more cocaine on the U. he's got to take responsibility for what is happening on our streets today. Senate.? For the epidemic .

If people want to listen to me. If they want to elect an official who is a documented trafficker and a convicted felon. . I'll go out there. in the closing days of the election campaign? CASTILLO: Yes. It's a free country. I've always made the assumption that I'm going to go out there and try. it's their prerogative. tell them what I know. I'm there. I'll never quit. then that's their prerogative. I understand you're going out on the stump in Virginia now.cocaine addiction that we have? What does his family think about it? TARPLEY: Well. that's correct. If they don't.

I found out that every Agency in the federal government has filed class action suits for discrimination against their own agencies. as they say.html Cele Castillo Former DEA Agent Author: Powderburns Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your personal history.and it wasn’t. what I encountered when I went to work at the US government . I was instructed by my father to pay my dues to my country by going to Vietnam and fighting for my In the 1980’s. as Latinos or minorities. and I also teach Latino studies in South Texas. But they sent me to New York City where. I took an early retirement in 1992 because of the atrocities that I saw happening down in Central America. government. as they say: if you can make it in New York. I was hoping that they would send me somewhere in South Texas.there was a lot of discrimination. When I got hired by the Drug Enforcement Administration. government. And. I come from a very patriotic family in South Texas. I got educated into what was known as . At what point did you encounter a certain type of corruption in the system and what did you do? First of all. which I did. I ended up being the first Mexican American in New York City and that's when I first started to see what it was really like to work for the U.I encountered discrimination . But it backfired on the government because. My name is Celerino ‘Cele’ Castillo III and I'm a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent. you can make it anywhere.WWII . I come also from a law enforcement family involving my father who used to be a police officer for some time and my sister who used to work for the police department and I also had worked for a police department and as a federal agent for the U.guerrillanews. the 1980s. My father was shot six times in the Philippines and we lost an uncle to the war . I was with the Agency for 12 years . twenty years ago.http://www. Me being the only son in my family. How did you first become involved with law enforcement. I teach now.most of my time was down in Central and South America with some tours in New York City and the San Francisco area. there were no Mexicans in New York City. we thought that everything was on the uppity up .S. at that time. I teach the other side of law enforcement. how did your work for the government begin? First of all. when we.S. somewhere where there was a Latino community of Mexican Americans and so forth. And in reality I got the best experience an undercover agent could have gotten in New York City working Organized Crime. went to work for the US government.and all of our families have been involved. working all kinds of major major cases… and I did a tour of four years in New York City and I loved it.

destroying the airplanes. My job was to conduct undercover operations. they were all documented in DEA files as drug traffickers.the ‘opera’ and the ‘theatre’. They were sleeping with the cartels and it was OK for the U. And that was my initial contact with the corruption and we used to see those jets that would come in from Lima. Describe that relationship. government because it was a democracy and not a Communist or Socialist partner being an Italian American . And so what did that consist of? That consisted of flying air assault helicopters into clandestine air strips.the Huayaga Valley. for example. So cocaine democracies are intimately tied to the war on drugs. first of all. where if I would have been somewhere in the Southwest. You know reading the New York Times down in Central Park .are they totally involved? . they had barracks. How can you do that? It’s impossible to do that.which were Belize. there was no way I would ever learn that. I really loved New York City. So if you wanted dollars in Peru you would have to fly down to the Huayaga Valley and pick up US dollars because that’s what the Colombians dealt with in the processing of the cocaine in the source was just fabulous for me. The airstrip was a mile long. we had two agents that covered four countries. Well. And because of that I was promoted to go down to South America and actually conduct the search and destroy missions on cocaine labs in South America. Peru into the Huayaga Valley to pick up narco-dollars for their banks.the Gambino family.S. I call it the ‘drug war follies’ because.we ended up doing the biggest heroin bust in New York City and that was in 1984 when we took down hundreds of kilos of heroin and it was written up all over the world how heroin was still very big in New York City. I ended up doing a lot of undercover work as a South American connection with the Italian organized crime families . Salvador. We would find the Colombian drug traffickers playing soccer with the Colombian and the Peruvian military. Hondurans and Guatemala. So when did you realize that there was corruption? I found out when I was on patrol up there in Peru with the anti-narco-terrorist units in Tingo Maria . are the leaders of these countries . And when we came face to face with the contradictions of my assignment . I'm talking about the President’s brother and so forth . they had guard-houses and the lab was producing hundreds of kilos a day of 100% pure cocaine. the cocaine labs and… we had an operation called Operation Condor that seized a cocaine lab valued at 500 million dollars. and a large seizure of cocaine. I mean how can you have a war on drugs when you have two agents covering four countries . in fact.when we had these governments. Describe your work in New York and what it involved – specifically. I was in culture shock at the very beginning but then you wake up and you get off it and you just go with it… I loved it. And that was one of my first experiences of how the US government was building what was known as cocaine democracies. there is no such thing as the War On Drugs. when I was sent to fight the war on drugs in Guatemala City. They could build and sleep with the cartels as long as they stay to be a democracy. And me and my partner .all documented in the DEA files as drug traffickers. there never has been and there never will be. Lucese family and so forth. So.

Never in the history of our time did we have more cocaine on our streets.a company they had opened up to launder all that money. I had a chance to talk to then Vice President George Bush and he came up to me and he asked me what my job description was and I told him I was conducting international drug trafficking investigations. that don’t have to report to anybody . And you gotta remember that at that time period. And.A.from L. So.that’s why there is no paper trail to find. Iran Contra was a smokescreen . Once they're into it.S. I'm talking about the National Security Agency. we ended up supporting the Contras by letting them go ahead and sleep with the cartels and get them involved in drug trafficking in the name of democracy. All of those individuals who were in Vietnam working those covert operations were the same individuals working in El Salvador at Ilopango Airport where they were running the Iran-Contra operations. Arkansas.which they did. government. we had those same individuals who operate as the apparatus outside the Central Intelligence Agency. the United States government knew and didn’t care how they made money for covert operations. You gotta remember that George Bush . And we had Salinas where they seized 250 million dollars in a City Bank in New York City .so we knew from the get-go that those governments were heavily. heavily involved in drug trafficking. It was just everywhere. Is that then case? Absolutely. There was a civil war going on in Nicaragua and basically what happened was we were supporting the Contras – ‘contra’ means against . they are totally involved.former CIA operative. We had like Felix Rodriguez .was an associate of Carlos Salinas in an oil company called Zapato Oil. It’s a history that goes back to where you get involved with drug trafficking and you use that money for covert operations and for lining their own pockets . they are compromised and they can't get out of it. So it seems like everyone who is above a certain level is compromised. The United States government didn’t want to have Communism in the background so we needed to put a stop to it. We gotta go back to the Vietnam era when they were smuggling heroin in body bags back to the U.the diversion was not from the sales of the US government selling missiles to Iran. to South Texas to Little Rock.which means that we were supporting the rebels in Nicaragua that were fighting against socialism in Nicaragua. we had Oliver North who was heavily involved and in his own diaries he had documented the drug trafficking stuff that was occurring. And nothing moves without the Central Intelligence Agency's approval. soldiers that were back here as soldiers to distribute the heroin that was coming in. but the diversion was actually from the Contras to Swiss bank accounts where they ended up finding millions of dollars in the name of Oliver North and General Secord and Project Democracy . and using the U. And they were both Yale graduates and they were friends after they left the presidency.Absolutely. of course. You gotta go back to the history of the Central Intelligence Agency how they have been involved in drug trafficking. the National Security Council. making money from them for covert ops while at the same time. Because the floodgates opened and those rivers were full of cocaine and they just segregated the whole country . Oliver North… we had John Secord. So do you see this as a strategic policy that emanates from Intelligence – of bringing drugs into the country. January 14. It goes to the highest level.S. 1986.the father .S. creating division within the country they are trying to control? Or is it just a money thing… To me it was money thing. We saw it in Mexico when we had Carlos Salinas and all the Salinas brothers who were heavily involved in drug trafficking with the U. when I was in Guatemala City. And I also told him that I was the agent who actually .

There is no doubt in my mind that the President of the United States knew. that same afternoon. And believe it or not. The book? There were close to 500 pages written and actually 200 and some odd pages were actually printed because I feel that it was sabotaged. All the way to the very top. How do you distribute them? . We knew who was doing what when and where and why. if we go back.S. One of the reasons that we were able to put Powderburns together was because I kept journals. you can call them diaries. which is twelve years . which was the Central Intelligence Agency. I also took over 2. The introduction and the forward on the book was sabotage where they claimed that the CD-ROM on it went haywire on them and they printed 16. Senate. People used to make fun of me . Powderburns was co-authored by another individual and myself who was an excellent reporter I was the guy who actually saw what happened. ironically.the pictures. So I knew then and there that he knew that the Contras were heavily involved in drug trafficking. Number two.and I have a stack of journals and those stacks of journals is what saved my life because I was able to document every allegation. See. He was one of two Republicans who lost the elections. And it was sabotaged. Mind you he had 45 million dollars to run for President and yet the American people were not fooled by that and they voted against him and he lost. And. So we put our things together. if you want to learn. that. Collero (who was head of the Contras) and a whole bunch of military officials on the third floor of the US embassy to discuss the Contra operation. I did that for my whole experience with the Drug Enforcement Administration. there's no doubt in my mind that that book was sabotaged. in life is you always document everything. One of the things. was an election year in which where Oliver North ran for U.saying you know.was investigating the Contras in El Salvador and he just smiled at me shook my hand and walked away. Every allegation that I make in my book Powderburns can be verified by documentation or by pictures. So Powderburns was written in 1994. It was printed in New York City from a company out of Canada and it was never distributed anywhere. You gotta remember we had the best Intelligence network in the world. it was never marketed properly. So I kept the books and I ended up buying whatever was left of the books so that I could sell my books to people that are interested in this issue. So the corruption went right to the top. So from the get-go. And at the end of the day I would go home and I would sit down and write just about everything that happened that day. Let's talk about your book Powderburns.’ Well. he went up there and met with Oliver North. I call them journals. every drug trafficker that was signed for the Contras were all documented in DEA files and yet they were getting US Visas to fly to the US by the Central Intelligence Agency.000 before they got to it and the pictures were perfectly clear and they ended up being very dark .000 pictures while I was down in Central and South America. ‘you keep diaries. So Powderburns was just the tip of the iceberg.

whether they're selling drugs or using drugs . They were supposed to be used on the War On Drugs. Colombia is the Spanish word for Vietnam. We got more banks in South Texas than we do 7-11s or Circle Ks.when I go on a lecture tour. The War For Drugs .exactly.and none of this thing about legalizing marijuana . There’s just so much money to be made on this. Kind of reminds you of Hamburger Hill in Vietnam.they're gonna use it against the guerrillas. they are using heroin and we got a lot of people doing heroin. And it’s got to stop. We have more drugs today than we ever did thirty years ago. Salvador. after we lost hundreds of soldiers.S.a very small percentage being seized OK? It’s being seized in the US . Or twenty years ago. what would the government say they are really doing? We’ll they say that they're fighting the so-called War on Drugs because the numbers are there. a friend of mine. in reality. or the lower income people that were doing coke and now we got like in Plano. So now they want to get involved and now they want to write the Congressmen and now they want to do something about it. It took us days to take that hill and then once we took it. what’s happening is that the American Government is saying it’s safe to go into Colombia when. In reality they started using them against the Zapatistas in Chiapas.I got them all in storage now and what I do . whatever you call it. the same thing. There never has been because we don’t even make a dent. who tries to sell them for me. where the rich kids are. So it’s more like the War For Drugs. It used to be the middle class people. There's no such thing as the War On Drugs.some of it . And the people don’t realize and they don’t really care that much but they’re starting to care. They're gonna use all that military not against drug traffickers or anything else .that will never happen. Because if you have . They're starting to use heroin now. It didn’t make sense but that’s exactly what's going to happen in Colombia. I try to sell them. I saw it in Vietnam. which they did in Mexico with those helicopters that Clinton shipped down to Mexico. Let the . Do you think people are aware of what's happening in Colombia right now? Well the question about the people caring about Colombia is an issue that has not hit home yet. Look at the money that’s been laundered . Our elementary schools are infested with cocaine.very small numbers. And it’s exactly what's going to happen. intervention in Colombia and the relationship between the US military and Intelligence and drug traffickers? Well. He gets half of whatever he sells and I keep the other half…. I have Mike Ruppert. I feel the reason why people are caring about what is going on in Colombia is that now we have one out of four of every family who's actually involved . I saw it in Central America. We got so many drugs and they're using those numbers to justify the War On Drugs when in reality they’re going down there and getting involved in drug trafficking.and it's destroying the family. So if people were to question the government about what they are doing in Colombia. the subversives down there. Not because of the moral issue but because there's too much money to be made on it. where we had to take that hill. we took it and then we gave it back the following week. I saw it in Mexico. But are they aware of the political reasons for the U. It's an apparatus outside the CIA that’s going to go in there and of all the same atrocities will be committed where there's no paper trail to be followed and its all gonna blow up in their face. Texas.

was involved with the Mena operation when the CIA was involved in training the Contras in Mena. and you do what you gotta do. I went up there. let the chips fall where they may.people . the reason I left the Agency in 1992. Then again they came after me. You can go to the right . the Republicans were accused during the Iran-Contra thing of being involved in drug trafficking and so forth. "Look.the right means doing the right thing. I was wired. was the fact that I went in an undercover operation and they tried to set me up. Well. it was an undercover of the things as you grow up ." And. When I approached the Ambassador in El Salvador and I told him. Talk about Clinton and how he fits into the equation. . The House Select Committee on Intelligence did an investigation on the CIA and so forth. Now this is my understanding… the fact is that it's not a two Party thing . the Contras here at Ilopango Airport . You’ve got to remember he was Governor of Arkansas when this whole Contra operation with the CIA started so he was part of the problem to the extent that he didn’t want to admit to the fact that Mena. It was an operation where some Mexican cartel individuals were going to sell me some heroin and cocaine . Describe the climate of fear you endured as a DEA agent knowing that if you did your job. "Cele. They had investigations. But there are consequences you will pay if you go to the right and tell the truth.there's nothing I can do about it. I felt that he just wanted to put a stop to it and he was gonna use me to do that and that’s exactly what happened. your parents taught you what was right and wrong.they're flying in drugs. in reality. you would face some form of retaliation. You go to the left. it means: ‘he's got the dope come arrest him’. Well Clinton.your airport .do what you gotta do. I was going to get kicked out of the country and sent back because I was making waves against the country. And if I said the word ‘excellente’. Arkansas and so forth. You go with the flow. as far as I'm concerned." And he said: "Cele . and it means you ain't gonna make any waves. you start stepping on people's toes and they're gonna come after you and what they did is they came after me with little claims: that I was too close to an informant. It’s a covert operation being run by the White House .large quantities. You're right." So I said. Arkansas was being used by the CIA to train the you grow up in the world… you know.they're blaming the guerrillas for being involved in drug trafficking when all these years we’ve known that the government has been involved in drug trafficking. I'm a Vietnam veteran . could I not be qualified to use an M16? Little things like that… So then. When you first discovered the CIA drug operation at Ilopango you were warned to leave it alone. Then I gave the buzz signal for them to come take me out and I said the word: ‘excellente’. my hands are tied. very well established that those governments or these third world countries down there are known as cocaine democracies. when I started .remember. "Well I'm going to go ahead and report this to Washington. It's very well documented. And there was the allegation of cocaine coming in to Mena." He says. And my father always said: ‘you're gonna come to that Y in the road. So I said ‘excellente’ and nobody came. And what happened to me was when I started to see all of this. I started documenting and writing reports and I was forewarned by my supervisor that if I kept it up. I was using an M16 that I was unqualified to use.

I mean being what I wanted to do. This was my job. Documentation doesn’t lie when it’s signed by my supervisor. I have a son who I would never ever let him go into the military or work for the U. government because that’s just like selling him into the same thing that I was doing. In other words. which is called a tarnished badge. if I pop the trunk.And I could see the agent sitting around and just looking at me. Pictures don’t lie. The problem they had with me is the fact that I kept pictures. what I did was my last duty for my government . when in reality we don’t. I talk from the heart. Needless to say. put everything in a cardboard box and I left the Agency.I strongly believe that because I am telling the truth and I'm here educating the students of this country then I will not be around for long because they cannot let this happen. But that’s why when I speak out and I talk to people. he was being set up to get killed and have it blamed on the bad guys and that’s how I felt. I went into the office. Because students are always taught that we live in the best country in the be an activist . and I say . when I left the Agency. Because they ask me. But don’t you think that you are actually pursuing your dream? Exactly but not a day goes by . And then. And I got my journals. The only thing . "Dad how do you feel? How do you feel that all of your life you wanted to be a drug agent and all of a sudden you're not? How do you feel about your government and how does your government feel about you?" You know.and I feel . And once I left the Agency. They had guns with them and they were gonna kill me. I kept documentation. And it was a fight for other people's battles that won't fight for themselves. And I thought: ‘Well. I tell them about the suicide rate in law enforcement. I loved it. The high rate of divorce for law enforcement.I thought .000 dollars. you know.his face is caught in the door and his partner is not there and there's nobody there to help him.was that I secretly met with Lawrence Walsh and his people from the Iran Contra investigation to advise him of what I had had and to show them what I had of the government's involvement in drug trafficking and I gave that to them. Now I have the burden of my dreams that I always wanted to retire as a drug agent and in reality. I taught my daughter what's right and what's wrong. In reality that’s not what's happening. that’s a visual signal in case my wire went down that they’ve got the dope and for them to be arrested.not one day or one night goes by that I don’t dream about what I used to do for a living. If I can save students from the drug problem that they are having and if I can save then from doing things or believing in things that they don’t really know anything about.S. they start conducting some kind of investigation. I didn’t have the money to buy the dope and they knew it. of course. the stress.I teach them about police corruption. And by that time I was going through a divorce. I gave up my dream to get involved in the movement . Like when I teach criminal justice. I teach them about corruption . So I popped the trunk and nobody came. I became controversial instead of fighting for what I believe in .you know it's the same thing. I lost my family and I was paying bills and they took all the savings I had on CDs and so forth and they took a penalty on it and up to this day. If I would have known all that before I went into law enforcement. You know the corruption. the first thing that the government did was they sent the IRS after me. And I've taught my son what's right and what's wrong. Because what I'm doing now it's much stronger than what I was dreaming of doing because now I am actually saving people. I was being set up to be assassinated so they could blame it on the bad guys and that’s the day that I decided to quit the Agency. I owe the government 15. And that’s one of the tools that they use to come after you. I kind of felt like Frank Serpico when he goes through the door . there was no way I would have gone . the posttraumatic stress that they go through.

for me.we got good police officers in there.not the United States government!’ We've always been taught that we are the best country in the world and there was no way … and it dawned on me that we were not. It's just up to you . man. A lot of students are scared. And to me. I felt that we are the worst human rights violators in the face of the world because we were down there training the death squads. I don’t know what it is or maybe there is just something else to it. They have let them sleep with the cartels in the name of democracy and in reality that’s what really hurts. telling me that I am doing a good job and so forth .’ And in reality . as a patriotic Latino family where I came from. Maybe it’s a real deep cover operation. I have a lot of friends that are still with the Agency that I get calls from . government was working in doing all that stuff. When you listen to people that were actually there .S.into law enforcement. So as more developing countries become savvy to what's going on and become self-aware and start looking at their populations and realizing that they’ve in fact shrunk their own populations with wars that were manufactured by the United States to facilitate the flow of drugs into the US . I got a bitter taste from it all. So basically. And it's not that those third world countries are bad it's that the U. I thought. my father taught me that American people are decent people – they’ve got integrity. A lot of people say.from the DEA. they have an got two different kinds of individuals: people that will actually fight for the rights of the people and the other ones that just sit back and let it ride. And I was devastated because I was.there is something here that’s not right.and this was how the U.S. The same indigenous people in the Guatemalan military were killing their own race . you know. the best government in the world.their own culture . Why? Because they live in their own little world . Not to say that everybody . ‘believe what you read’ and so forth. that’s what it is . They were not letting us win that War On Drugs down there or help anybody because that’s business as usual for the US government in those third world countries. They don’t want to know the truth. ‘there's got to be a catch to this . they have a career to save and they gotta save money to send their kids to school. government has destroyed those countries. They are in denial. trying to justify what they were! It was just that they were lining their own pockets. I's very comfortable and they don’t want to make any waves. ‘this cannot be . the civil wars in San Salvador and Guatemala. But you have to question what you read. you know. for example. Education is powerful. And I've always said that in any aspect of life. you have to read and educate yourself. I went out there and I saw. It was their own people killing their own people. It’s a good government. And when I went up there and worked for the government I realized that it wasn’t true. They were making money for their covert operations and I came to learn that this is the history of the United States government working in those third world countries. first of all.but they will not come forth and do anything because they have a mortgage to pay.they have nothing to win by going up there and putting their lives on the line because of what they believe in. So what is the character of a government that is involved in this kind of drug exchange and at the same time has systematically imprisoned an entire generation of young black and Latino men? Well first of all. What can we do? Well the first thing you can do is to educate yourselves. So you know it’s a good thing.

Just last week there was an allegation that the CIA was instrumental in the murder of a diplomat here in the US . Every third world country’s President that helped the U. assassins. OK? And the House Select Committee on Intelligence that just now finished their report . dealing with drug traffickers. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Unless we educate our students and let them know what our government is really all about. They all leave and they really don't care because corruption is the number one thing in those Latin world countries. Then we can see it in black and white that we know who is behind the massive cover-ups and so forth. And.all you gotta do is look for it. . murder . Iran Contra missed a lot of details . We saw with Carlos Salina. They leave office and they're gone.will we come out of this OK? Will we survive? I don’t think we'll survive .S.what fate does the U.they all have their own agendas and it's always about money. We want to be the right people . They abuse that National Security Act by not giving you those documentations. and they will be punished for that. We saw with Alan Garcia in Peru . Or they sign the Privacy Act Law. There's no middle class in Latin's called the Open Records Act. The Central Intelligence Agency has been very much involved in atrocities… the patchwork they did down in Central America. We don’t want it to take 30 years to find out who killed JFK or who was involved in all kinds of assassinations. They are not coming forward with their investigations.nice people and be the clean people but it's never gonna happen because they're never gonna let us do it! The American government is not going to let us do it and our own people in our government are not going to let us do it. government. They're all working. So is there something we can do to change that? Yes there's something we can do . Well. If Congress can pass this. That’s the only way you're going to be able to make people accountable for their actions. government is now retired in the U. of course the government will abuse it by using the National Security Act so that you won't have access to the files. you know. They are up here sending their kids to Ivy League schools and so forth.. Now. he left. Unless we go back to the history books and find that the history books lied to us about just about everything that the government did. "Cele how can you as an American come down here and tell me not to be corrupt when this is all we have learned all our lives? Either we do it or we don’t do it. "why are you taking the money from the traffickers?" He said.why? Because the Special Counsel had an agreement with the government not to pursue the drug issue.they are saying that they did a thorough investigation. It always has been and always will be.he left. how could they have done a thorough investigation when they don’t even investigate the agents who were down there conducting these investigations? The documentation is there . So that’s exactly what it is.S. Nobody cares about their governments. which says you're not accessed to it because of National Security.he's gone. the President of Mexico .S. I remember a colonel I was telling. what we'll have is an act of Congress and the Senate that enables us to have access to those reports that are filed by the that they could control those markets. aren't those countries going to wise up and eventually band together .it's just business as usual for the government ." You know there was a story about . Corruption is the way of life in this world.S. Look at the history on the Central Intelligence Agency. the government is still lying to the American people.the U.a Chilean diplomat and so forth. face? The leaders of these countries .I think we're too late for this. in reality.

000. Because if you look at the numbers that the government gives us . Talk about the Prison Industrial Complex.that are in prison that are not able to vote anymore. I see it in school. You destroys the brother.’ And it goes down the tubes and it's the family that is destroyed. Exactly and it destroys the family values. And we got hundreds of people coming in with money . .African Americans . And what happens is you have people who are in there doing 25 years for a couple of hundred dollars of crack. and has all the girls around. Well the theory is this: they are building more prisoners instead of more universities or more schools now and what it is is a control of the minority groups. we've always talked to them about materialistic things . Without money you ain't gonna have anything. the sister. I've always said to students: ‘you know when your father or your mother gets involved in drugs .laundering money. For example. Wall Street.a football player who has a bankroll of money in his pocket. Who's the winner and who's the loser.we had the federal laws on mandatory minimums for coke and crack… the differences between the sentences for crack and coke are totally imbalanced. middle class and upper class people. It is obvious that it was established that way. money. So we have large minorities . Do you think this is an intentional. Forget your morals. they are preventing them from being able to vote. And that’s what we teach them . We have another guy who works at Burger King after school and then has another job and goes home and says it's not fair that I have to work after school. money. you are not going to go anywhere. the siblings . drives the best cars. then do my homework while this guy has money. Who uses coke? Well.999. and that was developed to put them away because the government knew that the minorities were coming up into this country. And the problem is. And no matter what it is.99 (because if you go with $10.we got more banks in South Texas than we do 7-11’s. All the money that comes in from the drug trade goes through Wall Street. corporate America. here? . So by imprisoning young Black and Latinos. you know. we have doctors that are involved in drugs now. we have lawyers.everybody. it’s the U. And we got people from Mexico coming in and depositing $9. we’ve got a couple of million people . I have a guy . you gotta report it to the IRS).we got more Blacks and Latinos in jail for drug offenses that anybody else and their sentences are way higher compared to cocaine.S. Well a couple million are not going to be able to vote because they are on parole. at the same time. Who uses crack? Well minorities do. We have teachers. like I said before .Who benefits from this system of control like this? Well. forget everything else.what's in it for me? Nobody wants to do anything unless there's money involved. First of all. systemic agenda? That the government is in some way controlling the drug flow and. forget your values. enacting very tough legislation that directly targets minorities and the poor? Is it racist? I think it they're putting the minorities away .there's several million.when he goes to jail or when she goes to jail. Why? Because this generation that’s coming up. If you don’t have money. government that benefits. it doesn’t only destroy him .the Latinos for example are the biggest minority going up in this country . I think that it’s a racist development within the crack and the cocaine laws especially. there's so much money to be made.

This is what we need. you know? Let them know. I keep going back to education because you gotta teach them. To have a good soldier. We could have won that war in the second year. This is what we do . They were making money .from different factions fighting against each other because they disagree over a moral principle or something else. military was using the war for its own purposes. And the U. Not after it happens. you don’t have any good soldiers because you don’t know what it is. all you see on the ground are small little American flags. you need to have a war to find out what patriotism is and if you don't have one. when the students are gone.So how do we make it so that something else becomes attractive other than money? What are some of the values that we can endorse and how can we ingrain within the system a sense of respect and heroism around people like you? One of the things is education. They have no concept of what is gonna happen.5 million dollars a day.we elect the Presidents . for your causes. I go to parades on Veteran's Day and I go out and I lecture to kids and everybody's wearing the American flag. or if the soldier has the guts to go out there and torture people and kill people.S. That’s the education part but you know. going back to being patriotic… I am a Vietnam veteran. If we don’t have this.why? Because we had vendors . what are you doing reporting this to Washington about the drug trafficking with the Contras and so forth? These are our countries we buy 'em .night vision equipment companies. vendors that were involved in night vision equipment that they were selling to the guerrillas. you're not going to know. They’re waving these little American flags around.we do all this because this is known as our training grounds. you should have done this…’ Let them know what it is that they're gonna be going through. "This is how we find out. where it could have been won easily. You can't feel the pain when you’ve lost a brother or a sister in a war… and what that person was doing out there .we come out here and we buy these third world countries.for example. or did not believe in it. we had a company of ranger units that came in there to find out if they had what it takes to be a good soldier. This is what we use to find out if we have. Because they have no concept of what being a patriot is. But we let it . And that’s why they were manufacturing this civil war in El Salvador. Is that the case? Are wars manufactured? Wars are manufactured. and he paid the ultimate price by giving his life to what? Whether he believed in it. Most people think that war emerges from passion . and right after the presentations. That’s the only way we're gonna find out. he went ahead and paid the ultimate price. Show them what's gonna happen if this happens.where we spent 1.fighting for your wars. ‘well. And needless to say.Bell Company was making money. then we don’t know what kind of soldiers we got.I remember a no-good commander came up to me and told me. There's an individual here named Peter Dale Scott who wrote a book called The War Conspiracy. Show them the picture before it happens. where he talks about the fact that war is in fact manufactured. So the US government had to send them in there covertly to get involved in fire fights to find out how they would be able to survive. Because you can't feel it." . "Cele. And the reason I know that for a fact is because I was in that civil war in El Salvador . Helicopters . See." I had a CIA operative that came up to me and said. so we need these civil wars. you have to have a good war. If you don’t have a war. But it went on for ten years .

And that certain date. then Vice-President George Bush arrived at the Ambassador's residence.a different generation .it's a CIA floor. I was assigned to Guatemala City in Guatemala as a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. So basically I saw George Bush and he comes up to me and asks me what my job description was and I said. this is what we've been doing all of our lives. international narcotics investigation for the Drug Enforcement Administration and I'm also the agent that covers El Salvador." And I said. one was January 14 . That's very well established in the Iran Contra investigation and John Kerry's report . what I would have to say to the Central Intelligence Agency is exactly what I told Randy Capister. Ironically. I do narcotics investigation. So I knew right then and there that he knew that the Contras were involved in this drug trafficking. was still the military running the country. "Well you know we have some information that there's something funny going on with the Contras at Ilopango airport. Was there any follow up to that event? No.because nobody wants to see these atrocities happen anymore.Senator Kerry's report on the Contra operations. he met with Adolpho Collero. getting involved in drug trafficking and all this. Nobody's going to do anything to us because we are who we are. this CIA agent that was down there in Central America training the death squads. "Randy. I said. He met with Oliver North. and a whole bunch of other people on the third floor of the US embassy. Because now the problem is not from whistleblowers like me.that it was going to come back and bite him in the butt and he didn’t believe Jack McCavet. which is known as the Bubble ." He says. that same afternoon. What happened there in '86 .accountability . it wasn’t a democracy ." But as we now know. there are talks about dismantling the CIA because of these atrocities that they have been involved with for so many years. I knew then and there that he knew what the Contras were doing at Ilopango airport. The ball's in his court and now he's gonna have problems trying to justify his actions. How can he run around with a straight face and talk to people that he knows he's employing to do something that he knows he doesn’t really want them to succeed at doing? . who was Chief of Station in El Salvador and Guatemala all these years was forewarned .they are not gonna put up with these atrocities. And that’s why they are having problems trying to recruit CIA agents into the Central Intelligence Agency ." At that time. "Well.Ambassador Piedra's residence .traveling to different parts of the country of Central America and meeting with people that were stationed in Central America and going to Washington to discuss the Contra operation. "Cele. Can you tell us about it? On January 14. And now it's gotten back to him.the follow-up on the event was that he continued to meet during that time period with different people . but from his own people . who was head of the Contras. In reality.who was a Cuban American. He was there to welcome the new so-called democracy that had come into power in Guatemala. And accountability . Anyway what happened was George Bush came in as a representative of the United States to congratulate the new government. and there was a cocktail party at the residence . all this is gonna come back and bite you in the ass.Is there something that you'd like to say to the CIA? You know. he just smiled and looked at me and shook my hand and walked away without saying a word. Speaking of the CIA – we have seen a picture of you with George Bush Senior.

there are numbers to be made and so about some of the experiences you’ve had and how information has managed to be suppressed. And being an ex-Director of the Central Intelligence Agency." And I said. Can you just talk to me briefly about your experience with the media . You've got to understand that the Contra operation was his baby and he was going to take care of that baby any way he could. The media is good to a point and you gotta remember why they are out there .we talked about ABC News before. happens.they were also . the viewers saw the people that were murdered and killed. I told them about how the drug money was coming into the Republicans for George W. It was no shock to him.I did an exclusive with Prime Time Live on the atrocities in Guatemala and they did a perfect job. And I remember that DEA Washington came down and spoke to me and said. Any major news media will go to a point but you will never find them naming names or pictures because then it's too close to home… and that’s reality. from the President of El Salvador and so forth and he was able to come and go as he pleased! And he was the right hand man for Major Roberto D'Aubuisson… and the money issue . They failed to mention the names of the agents that were involved in these murders for accountability. You gotta remember with that operation at Ilopango. Cele. they filmed for two hours." you know? And I told him. They came down.5 million dollars cash! He was known at Ilopango as the 6 million dollar man! Now that was just one load of money that was taken down in South Texas that belonged to the Contras and to the CIA and he flew around all over Central and South America with credentials from the Central Intelligence Agency. He knew that the Contras were involved in drug trafficking but it was OK because we were fighting communism in Central America and they were making all kinds of money for the covert operation.for example ABC . He knew from the get-go what the Contras were doing. He also knew that pilots that were flying for the Contras were all documented traffickers in DEA files. They showed the pictures. But the problem is that they have their own orders like everybody else. the Ambassador’s own words were. "It’s a covert operation being run by the White House.the far right was also very much involved in drug trafficking. What happened was he knew it was happening but it was OK. and how the CIA was running the operation out of Ilopango. But what they failed to do was mention the Central Intelligence Agency. and so forth and a guy who's documented in the FBI files was doing the fundraisers. so it’s no question that these things occurred and there’s no question that the White House knew about it. he knew that these things happened. "Well how can I use the word allege when I actually see these people and they're getting arrested in South Texas!" For example. Why? Because they are not going to get involved in a dispute with the Central Intelligence Agency. That was his project. he was given instructions to play ball… and that he did. "Look you’ve got to use the work allege on your reports. Any other stories where you’ve been suppressed or there were threats… . about 60 Minutes . If it touches into something that . I just did a story with ABC. stay away from it.Well that was his baby. "I’m gonna do what I have to do…" and I strongly feel that the Ambassador didn’t like it either but he had no choice – he was the Ambassador. Francisco "Chico" Guirola-Beech got arrested in South Texas with 5. They are not going to go that far. They are probably not going to do that story because it's an election year and so forth and whatever happens. It’s very well documented in the DEA files because I documented it and other people in Costa Rica documented it.

you know. There's an agreement between the Republicans and the Democrats and that is: not to bring up the drug issue on the candidates. They came up here and tried to quiet the troops down. Juanita Macdonald came down here and tried to talk to the people and nothing happened. They come up here and they try to justify can't. So it seems like that too was a strategy of containment. And that’s the MO. Calm them down. And his famous words were "If we find any wrongdoing.’ And they did calm down. I refused to go up there because I knew it was going to be an Intelligence gathering for the Central Intelligence Agency to find out who had what on who… And Mike Ruppert went up there and said. I was here. using the money from Mexico from a guy who’s documented in the FBI files . "Well. he came. We knew that. and that’s what the Democrats are doing. And then nothing happened. But he came down here and he lied to us! So what was the big deal? He came up here. he went. "How many directors have ever come down here and sat here and talked to you about it?" Well none. they’ll film you for three hours for an eight minute segment. They went after Gore in the Buddhist temple money fundraiser.will probably not be released because of the Republicans. George W. we will prosecute…" Well. and nothing ever happened. What he didn’t realize was the fact that that so many people were gonna show up. he sat there. That’s exactly what happens. You can't go any further than that. Iran Contra -the same thing. Maxine Waters came here . I mean you're out there talking your heart out – and for what? So they can put maybe a four minute thing on your story? And that’s it? So how can you justify the story with eight minutes .I've done approximately two and a half hours or maybe three hours of exclusives from Discovery to CNN to Dateline to Prime Time Live to Current Affair .the Congresswoman. as they say. Nothing happened. You know. Deutch knew exactly what was going on. So is Maxine Waters being suppressed by the Democrats internally? . Why? Any major investigation on the House Select Committee on Intelligence .and nothing happened. Where is Maxine Waters now? Why is she not around to help us support the latest thing in the Ninth Circuit that came out under Renaldo Pena? What happened? Why is there no news release from her? Why? Because there's an agreement. "why didn’t you send somebody to Guatemala or El Salvador to interview the drug agents about the drug issue?" And they never did it. You are familiar with Mike Ruppert’s showdown with CIA Director John Deutch in California. I mean. And I knew exactly that that was what was going to happen . you know. when have you ever seen ABC. and he lied to the American people. Well. ‘we're here and we're listening and we're doing this and we're doing that. It gives you nothing. Deutch says.the same thing. Exactly. why can't they get on Bush with all this illegal money coming in from Mexico into his campaign? Why? Because there is an agreement. They're not going to cover it. NBC or CBS do an exclusive on the War On Drugs? Where they actually went out there and interviewed the people that were involved in it? They didn't. I mean you can touch the tip of the iceberg and that’s it. they've been involved for many years in drug trafficking in the Central Intelligence Agency in South Central" and so forth. Why? Because they had an agreement with the government not to pursue the drug issue. One of the first questions I asked was.I've done just about everybody and it gets to a point where they will. Did his public questioning of Deutch have any effect on the people? Well ignorance to a liar is an excuse. It gives you no justification.

he testified against Noriega .S. By his wife's own words. and how it’s gonna come back. Like my little daughter said. The atrocities are gonna hit home and it's hitting home right now with the civil liberties violations . drug agents. So take it for what it's worth. The oppression of the indigenous people is very important.the civil rights problems we are having in our country. He went under the Witness Protection Program. I hate to say that but time and time again. As you’re growing up as a student. the major cartels and. He is doing all kinds of illegal activity for the U. she pulled back and she's out of the picture. as you know. you come to that fork in the road and that’s when you do what your heart feels and you do it at all costs. as I said before. I think Maxine has compromised herself. he is out selling cocaine to the Russians.Yes. government and this is what our government is about? You know. They don’t teach you why. they took Pablo Escobar out and somebody else popped up. This is a guy who was head of the cartels .. They are using their own people to destroy them and I think it’s important for you to educate yourself – not for anything else but just for your own mind. Everybody knew that there was a fight at the Alamo but nobody knows why. they're gonna take down the major drug traffickers.. You need to get involved. He is now out and he's working for the US government.S. or was. it’s gonna cost you a lot. In the end it might even cost you your family – it cost me mine. who has mass murdered people in Colombia. He now works for the US government.but yet he testified. So those are things that are important that I don’t want you to learn twenty years from now . For example. Cocaine Politics is another word for cocaine democracy.he never met Noriega in his life . why is she not here helping us? Define the term ‘cocaine politics’ and how it applies to Colombia. . He is now out of prison! He got life without parole – without the possibility of parole. And that’s because of what’s going on all over Central and South America and how the government works in suppressing those people. this guy who wants to murder and kill federal U. But I could sleep easily every night because I knew I was making a difference. to know exactly how our government works. You saw the history – all the history’s been written but it’s not right. You know. "Dad what do we care what’s going on in Colombia or what’s going on anywhere in the world?" Well you should care because it’s going to hit home sooner or later. the politics of cocaine is to make the money . she is being contacted to support us on this issue. But if you go and do the right know? You should learn this right now as you go through life. The Cali cartel . And we talked about how the United States stole the southwest part of the United States.they are using drug traffickers to work against those people. They're gonna bust some people. who is now working for the US government? Thank you… anything else you’d like to say? One more thing. They're gonna be taking large amounts of money and they're gonna put on a show.founder of one of the cartels. Carlos Leder .and that's what they're gonna be doing in Colombia. And if you don’t. then you’re just gonna go with the flow and make no waves and do whatever. They literally took it away from Mexico. This is the guy that threatened to kill DEA agents and that blew up some DEA offices and so forth. She came in very strong and then all of a sudden. You gotta remember her husband is Ambassador to the Bahamas. Cocaine democracy. because you need to make a difference.

Cocaine . We could stop anything we want to stop but because of economic reasons. government’s knowledge. where we have a lot of rich families living there. where have you ever heard of a teenager being hooked on heroin? And we had a whole bunch of young kids overdosing. the pattern that we’ve seen is consistently the same. and now you’re gonna do what we tell you to do. And that's why you need to learn to stay away from drugs because drugs will destroy you. why don’t we legalize marijuana? That’s never gonna happen. I mean every major drug is back. You gotta have a lot of will power to let go of it and it will not only destroy you. and it’s gonna be accessible to anybody. Then crack came down and the lower income and middle class minorities started to use it. We’re gonna brainwash you and we’re gonna do what we have to do to suppress you… It’s not that they want us to not do drugs because they are bad for us. LSD is back. Is that too wild an interpretation?’s never been cheaper! There was a time period when heroin was only coming in from European countries or from China or the Triangle. dying of heroin that was being brought in by the Mexican government with the U. And it came and it captured the youth of our country and it basically almost destroyed this generation that we have coming up. You know. The elites.S. it’s sold in stores.It seems like – you know. And now… we have captured you. use these substances to ensure and maintain their own power. Cocaine. and then the crack epidemic. So they’re not prohibiting drugs because they’re harmful to us – they are prohibiting drugs because that way they can control the competing drug cartels through the DEA and FBI and CIA. Look. I couldn’t believe that they were still producing heroin out of Guatemala and Mexico City. Texas. whether it was cocaine. Anybody around you that loves you is .in Plano. China white heroin is back. And they are able to use the laws to control the population through imprisonment and addiction. So can you just say that in your own words? OK. Heroin does not discriminate. You know. Black tar heroin is back. we got you hooked on drugs.S. We have the best intelligence in the world. It’s exactly right. it’s not gonna stop. They pique the public’s curiosity about these drugs. Look in Dallas . But now it’s coming from Mexico. what happens is that the U. we have more drugs today than ever before. maybe this is obvious to you but it’s something that I just put together… From opium to marijuana to cocaine to heroin. it’s coming in from Colombia… I remember flying over the opium poppies in Guatemala .between Mexico and Guatemala. we remember that at one time cocaine was only for the rich and the people who were able to afford it and so forth. once it gets a hold of you. So it’s getting in our backyard now as they say. Whether those agencies are consciously aware of it or not. get them addicted to them.massive amounts of cocaine are coming in from South America .whether it was heroin. and then prohibit their use… Exactly. government has been instrumental in bringing drugs into this country . Alcohol is bad for us. But then it turned around and… cocaine does not discriminate. Not because it’s morally wrong but because there is too much money to be made on it. Heroin is back. number one. It couldn’t be further from the truth! They know that tobacco is bad for us – it’s addictive. or whoever is in power and fears the masses. But you know one of the things that some students ask is. it’s not gonna release you.

you just look around. There’s a brother or sister in the immediate family. I promise you that. I'm a former Drug Enforcement Administration undercover agent and I'm here for Guerrilla News Network. Can you just say… My name is Celerino Castillo the III. that’s gonna be destroyed by that.gonna be destroyed. Right on… thank you . And if you don’t believe me.