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PETUNJUK UMUM 1. Tulis nomor dan nama Anda pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan 2. Periksa dan bacalah soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda bekerja 3. Kerjakanlah soal anda pada lembar jawaban 4. Gunakan waktu dengan efektif dan efisien 5. Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas

Choose the best answer Text 1 112 Die in France from July Heat Wave A heat wave that struck Europe last month killed 112 people in France, on Thursday, many of them were elderly. Of the people whose deaths were attributed to the sweltering temperatures in France, 66 of them were age 75 or up. French officials said, This year people must be more careful to avoid a repeat of the summer of 2003, when 15,000 people, most of them elderly, died of heat related causes. 1. Who suffered a lot from the heat wave? a. Young people b. Old people c. Children d. Women e. Teenagers 2. Why were the French officials said that people must be more careful about this year heat wave? a. Because the present condition is better b. Because the present condition is worse that that in 2003 c. Because in 2003 more people had died d. Because they didnt want more people die e. Because they were responsible for the citizens safety 3. Of the people whose deaths were attributed to the sweltering temperatures . . . The underlined word has almost the same meaning as the word . . . a. Due to b. Comply with c. Associate with d. In response to e. For the sake of 4. What is the newsworthy event of text 7? a. French officials said This year, people must be more careful to avoid a repeat of the summer of 2003. b. A heat wave that struck Europe last month killed 112 people in France, on Thursday, many of them were elderly. c. Of the people whose deaths were attributed to the sweltering temperatures in France, 66 of them were age 75 or up. d. Many of them were elderly. e. When 15,000 people, most of them elderly, died of heat related causes.

Text 2 United Kingdom The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy comprising of four constituent countries; England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The first three situated in Great Britain, which is an island that lies off the North West coast of Europe. The island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the North Sea to the east. Meanwhile, Northern Ireland is located in Ireland, which is an island that lies off the West Coast of Great Britain. The island consists of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. 5. The purpose of the text is . . . . a. To describe the United Kingdom b. To inform about the United Kingdom c. To retell about the United Kingdom d. To explain about the United Kingdom e. To persuade people about the United Kingdom 6. Which country is not situated in Great Britain? a. England b. Wales c. Scotland d. England, Wales and Scotland e. Northern Ireland 7. Where is the island of Ireland situated? It lies off . . . a. The east coast of Great Britain b. The west coast of Europe c. The west coast of Great Britain d. The west coast of Atlantic Ocean e. The east coast of North Sea 8. What do you call the text 8 above? a. Report b. Description c. Narrative d. Review e. Exposition

Text 3 I personally believe that libraries are among humanitys most important institutions for several reasons. Firstly, most of humanitys collective knowledge is stored in libraries. Secondly, libraries protect and preserve this knowledge. They also classify or group the materials into logical and easily available divisions. Furthermore, libraries make the materials available to everyone and even provide librarians to help us find what we need. Finally, libraries are our link to the past and our gift to the future. 2

From the facts above, I conclude that libraries are important institutions for humanity. 9. Libraries are among humanitys most important institutions for . . . reasons. a. one b. two c. three d. four e. five 10. Libraries also classify or group the materials into logical and easily available divisions . . . readers can find the materials easily. a. it b. because c. after d. however e. therefore 11. Libraries are our link to the past and our gift to the future. This means that we . . . to the past and the future by libraries. a. is linked b. was linked c. were linked d. are linked e. am linked 12. What do you call the text above? a. Analytical exposition b. Hortatory exposition c. Discussion d. Explanation e. Review 13. The organization of the text 5 is . . . a. thesis - arguments - reiteration b. thesis - arguments - recommendation c. general statement a sequence of explanations - closing d. identification - description e. general classification - description 14. From the facts above, I conclude that libraries are important institutions for humanity. The last paragraph of the text is called the . . . a. orientation b. re-orientation c. thesis d. arguments e. reiteration

Text 4 Mothers Day Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis were the best known pioneers who took up the cause of Mothers Day in the United States. Julia Ward Howes Mothers Day in 1872 was a call for disarmament by women. Anna Jarvis, in 1907, organized a day to raise awareness of poor health condition in her community, a cause she believed would be best advocated by mothers. She called it Mothers Work Day. In 1914, US President, Woodrow Wilson signed a Joint Declaration. He declared the second Sunday of May as 3

Mothers Day, the day to honor motherhood. Today, however, some may think that the commercial community purposely created Mothers Day to make some extra money. Nowadays, this auspicious day has literally become commercial affair. Many people spend their time buying material gifts for their mothers. In order to sell more products, many restaurants, gift shops, cake shops and florists usually give special offers on Mothers Day. Consequently, their cash registers keep ringing non stop. Obviously, Mothers Day has become a major profit makes for businesses. It is important to remember that the reason behind celebrating Mothers Day is to say thanks to the most important person in our life our mother. It is the day to tell her how much we love her and how special she is for us. Therefore, instead of merely giving material gifts, giving our mother what she needs and really wants is more precious. Showing off our love by spending more time with her, for example, will certainly give us nothing but heartfelt thanks and real gratitude from our mother. 15. Some people thought Mothers Day was . . . . a. purposely created just to make money b. created to honor the mother c. created to make the mother happy d. created to respect the mother e. created to pay tribute to mother 16. Who was the creator of Mothers Day? a. Anna Jarvis b. President Woodrow Wilson c. Julia Ward Howe d. Mary Thompson e. Joan of Arc

17. What did Julia Ward Howe do in the 19th century? a. She worked for the NGO. b. She worked in a military service. c. She called for disarmament by women. d. She raised awareness of poor health conditions in her community. e. She became a charity worker. 18. When did the Mothers Day become officially recognized? a. In 1758 d. In 19th Century b. In 1924 e. In 1914 c. In 1800 19. According to the text, when the Mothers Days celebrated? a. On the 1st week of June d. On the 2nd week of April b. On the 2nd week of May e. On the 1st week of December rd c. On the 3 week of May 20. What does Mothers Day bring to the commercial community? a. It brings havoc to the commercial community b. It brings problems to the commercial community c. It brings adversities to the commercial community d. It brings disasters to the commercial community e. It brings immense business to the commercial community 21. Who will get benefits from Mothers Day? a. The children b. The hawkers c. The taxi drivers d. Restaurants owners, gift shops owners, cake shops owners and florists owners e. The beggars

Text 5 Changing the Handphone Covers Before removing the cover, always switch off the power, and disconnect the charger and any other device. Avoid touching electronic components while changing the covers. Always store and use the device with the cover attached. 1. Press the back cover release button, open the back cover and remove it. 2. Take off the front cover carefully. 3. Insert the keypad in the new front cover. 4. Align the top of the front cover to the top of the phone, press the front cover to lock it into places. 22. Insert the keypad in the new front cover. The underlined word has the same meaning with . . . a. enter d. include b. put into e. join c. set 23. What will be done to the old front cover? a. remove it b. avoid touching it c. store it d. take it off e. press it 24. What is the type of the text? a. report b. narration c. anecdote d. procedure e. description

25. The communicative purpose of this text is to . . . a. Guide the readers in changing the handphone covers. b. Share an amusing incident with others. c. Describe a particular thing. d. Persuade the readers to change the handphone covers. e. Inform the readers about handphone covers. Text 6 Men sana in corpore sano, a healthy body makes a sound mind. More and more people nowadays are aware of the truth behind the maxim. As a result, they make sports an integral part of their lives. Some people participate in sports to release energy and tension, while others do it to make friends. Sports, such as soccer, basketball or boxing, have become an acceptable way to release energy and aggression. Other sport like golf, mountain climbing, dancing or bowling can be means of starting or consolidating friendships. Most sports offer a constructive escape from the pressures of the everyday life. In fact, you can change your life if you take up and keep up an activity suited to your character, abilities and lifestyle. It is important to realize that no matter what kind of exercise you do, you can be sure that its always good for your health and that its fun. 26. People do sports . . . a. to change their lives b. as their hobby c. to lessen the pressure of life d. as part of their lives e. to be healthy 5

27. Most sports offer a constructive escape from the pressures of the everyday life. (Paragraph 1). The phrase escape from can be replaced by . . . . a. hiding from d. avoidance of b. joining to e. changing from c. turning off 28. What is the main idea of the text above? a. Be healthy is important. b. A lifestyle of human being. c. Sport is a good way to keep persons health. d. The purpose of the healthy life. e. Many kinds of sports. 29. Ely : I . . . English since seven years ago. Then, I am going study French next month. Dion : Wow, thats great Ely. a. have studied d. studied b. am studying e. study c. was studying

30. Dinda : What about my new dress, Mom? Mother : Dont worry. Your father . . . a lovely evening dress for you. Dinda : Really? Why didnt he tell me? Mother : It will be surprise, wont it? a. havent bought d. was buying b. has bought e. were buying c. isnt buying 31. A well-known architect is designing our new school building. The passive voice form of the above sentence is our new school building . . . by a wellknown architect. a. designs d. is designed b. designed e. is being designed c. be designing 32. The stewardess is now serving coffee to the passengers. The passive form of above sentence is . . . . a. The passengers are serving coffee now b. The passengers are now served coffee c. Coffee is now served by the passengers d. Coffee is now being served to the passengers e. Coffee is now served to the passengers 33. I am still waiting . . . for an interview. a. to be called d. to call b. be called e. called c. be calling 34. How old is this mosque? Well, it . . . in 1870. a. built b. to be built c. was built

d. had built e. had been building

35. This is a very popular TV program. Every week it . . . by millions of the people. a. watches d. has watched b. being watches e. had watched c. is watched 6

36. Susan

: Astrid is a diligent student. Im sure she will pass the examination with flying colors. Agus : I think so. The underlined utterance expresses . . . . a. agreement d. sympathy b. prohibition e. advice c. regret

37. X : Excuse me, sir! . . . here, the parking lot is over there. Y : Oh, Im sorry. I dont know about it. a. You may park b. You should park c. You are not allowed to park d. You are supposed to park e. You dont have to park 38. I will have a test tomorrow, therefore I study to night. a. may d. must b. can e. have c. might 39. Johnny : Mom, this is my friend, Freddy. Mother : . . . . Pleased to meet you. a. How are you b. Is it your name? c. Well, great your name. d. Ive been waiting for you e. How do you do? 40. Tony will go to the cinema. Its raining hard. Tony : Dad, I will go now. Its getting late. Father : Youd better stay at home; otherwise, you will catch cold. From the dialogue above we know that Tonys father . . . . a. asks for attention d. shows anger b. feels regret e. asks for information c. give advice 41. Nico : Tom, I am terribly sorry. I forget to bring your notebook. Tom : . . . . I dont need it until the day after tomorrow. a. Oh? Really? d. What a pity b. Never mind e. Not too bad c. How lucky you are 42. Dianas mother is a . . . She teaches student at the Gajah Mada University. a. teacher d. receptionist b. director e. headmistress c. lecturer 43. Youd better put on your . . . when you go out. Its very cold outside. a. vest d. sweater b. scarf e. raincoat c. T-shirt 44. Newspapers have a basic purpose, this is to get . . . as quickly as possible from reliable sources to readers. a. news d. advertisement 7

b. report c. statement

e. announcement

45. From 1967 onward, cinema begun to lose their . . . People prefer watching TV programmes at home. a. sponsors d. companies b. producers e. cameramen c. audiences 46. Sony : Have you visited Bob? He got an accident last week. Dona : Oh, poor Bob. I hope hell be better soon. The Italicized sentence expresses . . . . a. sadness d. expectation b. pleasure e. satisfaction c. sympathy 47. Ari : Although this is the best cinema in town, there are not many people visiting it. Tia : . . . nowadays most people prefer spending their time at home watching TV. a. Oh, no. d. Thats right. b. I dont think so. E. Its not true. c. Really? 48. Rieka : What would you give me if youre sent abroad? Reza : If I were sent abroad, I . . . a dictionary for you. a. bought d. will have bought b. will buy e. would have bought c. would buy 49. Rudi : Why are you so late today? Tony : Sorry, Rud. My car . . . . Rudi : So did you come here on foot? Tony : Yes, I did. a. is repairing d. is being repaired b. has just repaired e. will have been repaired c. will be repairing 50. Hady : Donny, lets go to Lindas party. Donny : If I had time, I would go there. From the dialogue we know that . . . . a. Donny goes to Lindas party. b. Hady goes to Lindas party. c. Donny doesnt go to Lindas party. d. Donny came to Lindas party. e. Donny will come to Lindas party