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Nancy Desjardins ROHP
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Disclaimer: This e-book is offered for information purposes only and is protected under freedom of
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before making any changes in your diet, prescription drug use, and lifestyle or exercise activities. This
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Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 3
Juice Fasting: A Vital Part of Your Wellness Regimen ................................. 5
Tired of the Same Old, Same Old? .............................................................. 7
The Fasrin_Wellness Connecrion ................................................................ 9
Bur Why a Juice Fasr? ................................................................................. 14
Your Journey to a Healthier You ............................................................ 16
Making the Most of Your Juice Fasting Experience ................................. 19
Starting Off the Right Way ......................................................................... 22
Products and Equipment ............................................................................ 24
Juice Recipe Guide ..................................................................................... 32
My Favorite Recipes .................................................................................... 33
The neDay, ThreeDay, or SevenDay Juice Cleanse Flan ................... 37
A Sample Green Juice Fasr Menu Flan lor 1, 3, or 7 Days ....................... 3
How to Eat After a Juice Fast ..................................................................... 43
Q and A for Juicing ..................................................................................... 46
Your Commirmenr ro a Healrhier Lilesryle ................................................ 50
References and Suggested Reading ......................................................... 52
About Nancy ............................................................................................... 55
The ideal technique for successful fasting is the use
of fresh, raw fruit and vegetable juices. On such a diet,
the full spectrum of nutrients is supplied in an easily
assimilated form, so the digestive tract is able to remain
essentially at rest. It is only through the combined use
of both cleansing processes, and a very good diet, that
one will be able to reach her or his maximal level of
physical health and an unclouded consciousness.
Fucolph Ballenrine, M.D.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 5
Are you reacy ro Le_in your |ourney ro Lerrer healrh? Ler me show you how easy ir is ro Le_in
transforming your life. Well start by asking a few simple questions: Whats in your wellness
regimen? Does it include aerobic exercise? Adequate rest? Meditation? Nutritious food? How
about juice fasting to cleanse and revitalize the body?
Picture the vitality of fresh juices owing through your digestive tract as you begin the body
cleansing process of juice fasting. Think of these juices as a powerful river that is lling your
body with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients while, at the same time, remov-
ing mucus forming foods from your diet.
Mucus forming foods? Whats that? Simply put, theyre acid forming foods that diminish the
vitality of the body and make it harder for the body to heal. Foods with a higher acidic content
include dairy products like milk, butter, and cottage cheese. They also include meats, poultry,
and sh products. If you havent already made the connection, theyre foods you likely buy at
the grocery store every week and consume as part of your regular diet.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 6
Juice fasting rids the body of the sludge of mucus that builds up in your system when you con-
sume acidic foods (Its graphic, but you get my point). It also cleanses the body of chemicals,
toxins, and other harmful materials that you consume, inhale, or otherwise absorb through
your environment. At the same time, the healing properties of the fresh juices revitalize and
rejuvenate the body.
While it cleanses your internal organs and systems, it also promotes weight loss, makes your
skin glow, and leaves you feeling energized. And, it offers many other health benets as well.

Are you ready to make juice fasting a vital part of your wellness regimen? You wont know how
good you can feel until you give it a try. For starters, try a short one-day or weekend juice fast.
Its an excellent way to supply your body with live enzymes that speed up your internal cleans-
ing process. It also helps to ush out toxins in the body and reset your system. Plus, the juices
contained in green (alkaline) drinks are assimilated directly into the body without stimulating
or stressing the digestive system and are perfect for a short-term fast.
Juice fasting is the quickest way to restore your body to good health. It gives your cellsyour
entire beingthe opportunity to cleanse, nourish, rejuvenate, and heal.
Whar can |uice lasrin_ co lor you? Check our rhis shorr lisr, Lur, Lelieve me, rhere are MANY
additional benets to juice fasting than the few Ive jotted down off the top of my head.
ncreases Your Ener_y Levels
Enhances Your Menral Clariry anc Alerrness
Helps You Avoic Chronic llnesses anc Ailmenrs
Helps You Lose Wei_hr Wirhour Dierin_
Increases Your Stamina
Can Be Complerec ar Home, Work, or Wherever You Are
Hey, what more do you need? Or want? Through juice fasting, you can get a jumpstart on
new eating habits, detoxify your body quickly and efciently, and, best of all, you dont have
to suffer!
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 7
See if these New Years resolutions sound familiar: Im going to get in shape; Im going to
lose those 10, 15, or 20 pounds Ive put on over the last few years; or, Im going to change my
eating habits because Im tired of feeling sluggish and blah all the time. And the list goes on
and on.
I got so tired of making those New Years resolutions every year and not experiencing the
healrhlul chan_es wanrec anc neecec. Bur ir cicn'r chan_e rhe lacr rhar was rirec ol always
being tired. I was tired of not enjoying my life like I used to. And, I was tired of looking at
myself in the mirror and not seeing the youthful and vibrant being I once was.
So what turned the corner for me? For starters, I decided to try a different approach to healthy
living rather than the same old approach I had been trying. I decided to take charge of my
health and my life. I read up on juice fasting and then took action to try it. I tried juice fast-
ingthe healthy way. And you know what? I found that juice fasting isnt as hard as I thought it
would be, and I now have tons of energy! So dont ll your mind with thoughts that you wont
like it, or it will be too hard to follow, before youve even tried it.
Juice fasting regularly is not hard, and it has tremendous health benets, if you do it right.
This means choosin_ rhe Lesr anc HEALTHEST merhoc ol cleansin_ your Locy ol all ol rhose
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 8
built-up toxins that have accumulated over days, weeks, months, and, for some of us, even
Now I juice fast once a week, which is a healthy way to keep my body fresh, strong, and best
of all, healthy!
How do I juice fast? I consume only alkaline (green foods) one day a weekall day long, or if
I choose, over the weekend. Sure, it was tough changing my bad habits at the beginning, and
ir cicn'r happen over ni_hr. Bur, Lelieve me, il can co ir, so can you.
People younger than me often ask me how I keep my skin so soft and radiant, and how I can
have so much energy. To be honest, its a combination of a few things:
I eat a healthy diet.
I go on a short, one-day cleanse every week.
I drink lots of water.
I use only natural and chemical-free products on my body and face.
I exercise! I like to do 20 minutes of yoga every morning, and I really enjoy taking a
45-minute brisk walk every day. To top it off, I get a kick (literally) out of jumping on my
mini-trampoline two times a week for 20 minutes at a time.
Its all part of my wellness regimen!
You can start looking younger and more radiant, and feeling more energized tooin as little
as a weekenc! Like me, you |usr have ro rake rhe lrsr srep.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 9
A poor diet leads to faster aging, illness, and disease processes. This isnt to imply that we can
control chronological aging, but we can slow down biological agingif only we would decide
to eat right, exercise, and enjoy healthy lifestyles.
Inammation and free radicals are just two of the harmful things out there that can attack our
bodies and accelerate aging. I know what youre thinking. These terms are confusing, so lets
take the time to discuss them before we move on.
Most of the illnesses that afict the human body are caused by inammation, which is a natural,
protective response to injury, infection, or illness. Inammation is benecial when its initiated
by the immune system to stop deadly bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms from invading
our bodies through cuts, during illnesses, or through surgical procedures. However, as with
all things, too much of anything can be harmful to your body, and that goes for inammation
too, especially when its chronic.
Free radicals? Dont they sound like a bunch of rebels who have run amok? Well, in a way, they
are. In the simplest of terms, free radicals are unbalanced, reactive atoms or molecules that
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 10
can cause damage to the cells of the body. The creation of free radicals can be stimulated by
poor cierary choices, roo much sun, pollurion, or chemicals, anc inlammarion. An excess ol
free radicals in the body can overwhelm the immune system and lead not only to aging, but
also to a variety of illnesses, cancers, arthritis, allergies, and infections.

All of this may sound overwhelming, but Ive spent
years studying and researching the impact that good
or poor nurririon has on rhe Locy, anc know rhar we
have the power to change bad habits and to experi-
ence a healthier way of living. Its never too late. I
am living proof that you can juice fast your way to
wellness with the right program, and thats what this
book is all about.
Juice fasting goes hand in hand with exercising
regularly and eating the right foodfood that has a
high nutritional value and that is rich in antioxidants.
The good news is that food rich in antioxidant
properties can help slow the harmful processes that
cause cellular cama_e in rhe Locy. Cellular cama_e
can lead to cancer and diseases, as well as speed
the aging process.
Information regarding the connection between diet, health, and aging is nothing new.
However, it bears repeating because individuals today, many of whom are considered over-
weight, need to hear this vital message again and again.
Ive come to the realization that the only method to ensure a long and healthy life is to con-
sume the right kinds of food, and to curtail the amount of food most of us ingest on a daily
basis. Now hold onto your horses. This doesnt mean I want you to starve yourself, but you
neec ro know rhar rhe quanriry ol looc many ol us are consumin_ is overloacin_ our sysrems,
and some of the food were eating is making us sick, and can even, eventually, kill us.
For centuries, experts have known and understood the necessity of having a good, healthy
cier. Bur in rhis lasr pacec, hecric worlc we live in, where ir's easier ro cine our or _raL a Lire
on the run, we sometimes forget what were shoveling into our mouths. So, this book is just a
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 11
friendly reminder to nourish your body with the right types of food and to give your body time
to cleanse, heal, and rest, which you can do through juice fasting.
Juice fasting is not a new way to care for the body, but I was fascinated to discover that even
Socrates and Plato juice fasted to attain mental and physical efciency. So did Galen, the
2nd century Greek philosopher and physiologist. Mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras
would juice fast up to a month. Paracelsus, one of the worlds foremost founders of medi-
cine said, juice fasting is the greatest remedy. And, Hippocrates, the original Father of
Medicine, often prescribed juice fasting for his patients. In fact, the Hippocrates Health
Institute, which has been a leader in the eld of natural and complementary health care since
the mid 1950s, endorses the practice of juice fasting one day each week. Pretty impressive
words of wisdom from some of the worlds greatest thinkers, wouldnt you say?
Author Ron Lagerquist, who is a modern-day advocate and expert on juice fasting, states
that juice from fruits and vegetables are lled with nutritious and healing properties.
And did you know that juice fasts are a standard practice in many natural health clinics, includ-
ing rejuvenation programs offered in European clinics?
Max Bircher-Benner, M.D., who founded a famous European raw food clinic called Vital
Force, instructed others in understanding that raw fruits and vegetables have remarkable
healing powers. He also taught that fresh juices stimulate the bodys cellular functions to
better absorb nutrients and excrete toxins.
A 2003 arricle rirlec "A_in_ s a Misrake" was puLlishec in Beyond Health News, an online
newsletter with cutting-edge articles on the latest health issues. This informative article, which
was written by Raymond Francis, an internationally recognized leader in optimal health main-
tenance, advises us to eliminate sugar, milk products, white our, and processed oils from our
diets because they increase the proliferation of free radicals and inammation, and lead to
advanced aging.
Dr. Brian Clement, a leader in the international progressive health movement, is an advocate
of juice fasting as a benecial way to regulate blood sugar and rest the bodys digestive sys-
tem. Heres what he shared with me about juice fasting during one of my interviews with him:
ne ol my lrsr inluences was a healrh aurhoriry namec Faul Bra__.
Faul Bra__ was a srunnin_, lar_e _uy wirh a lull heac ol whire hair. He
was very clear when he spoke and very convincing because he lived this
way 100 percenr. l you livec in Sanra BarLara, Calilornia, when he was
in residence there, you could get up at 6:00 in the morning every day
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 12
and exercise an hour and a half or two hours with him on the beach for
In the colder months of the year, he went to Honolulu, Hawaii, and did
the same. He drank juices and fasted. When I met him and heard him
lecture a couple of times, he said to me, Young man, food is very impor-
tant, but not having food at least once a week is equally important, if
not more important. When he said that, it resonated with me because I
understood anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry at a basic level.
I understood that the body is no more than a machine. Every machine
should be shut off at times and rested. If youre eating very good, pure,
organic, vegan, or living food, even those foods have debris. Wouldnt it
be nice if we shut off the digestion process and the elimination process,
in large part, one day a week at least, to allow the energies to go out of
that lower area of your energetics, to the higher areas like the heart, the
head, or the emotional and spiritual states?
Thats why youve read in philosophical technologies and religion and
spirituality that when people want to approach and touch God, they fast.
These are the laws of physics were talking about now. Its very simply
unlocking and releasing the energies that are normally down there for all
the digesting, chewing, and pooping. Now were putting it up there to
the heart and the head.
I think its a remarkable thing to do. I think because were addicts, its
a very cillculr rhin_ lor mosr people ro co. Besices Lein_ accicrec ro
food and using it as a narcoticso every time we think or are unhappy or
happy, we eatit pacies everything and calms you down so you dont
have to be conscious.
The second problem is that about six out of 10 of you listening today
especially if youre the typical sugar-eateror maybe seven or eight out
of 10 of you, have low or high blood sugar problems. You have either
hypoglycemic or diabetic problems, or youre close to them. Thats really
difcult for people. When you take the juices on a fast day that are made
of the right sprouts, like pea green sprouts, sunower sprouts, or wheat
grass sprouts, these are all complete proteins. They regulate blood sugar,
as you know, Lecause you've cone rhis, when you _o on a _reen |uice lasr
with sprouts included, you dont have that struggle.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 13
You dont have the blood sugar going all over the place. Youre not think-
ing all day long about drinking half a gallon of carrot juice, beet juice,
or something. Your body basically, inherently, and naturally feels good,
nourished, and lled.
What all of these experts seemed to understand is that raw fruits and vegetables, which are
alkaline in narure, are nurririous anc healin_ ro rhe Locy, so when you |uice lasr on rhe |uices
of this natural produce, youre not only providing your body with the vital nutrients it needs,
but youre also allowing it time to rest, repair, and reenergize.
There are few things better for you than a thorough cleansing, using nutritious, safe, and sat-
isfying methods. And, Im here to share with you how to achieve equally positive results using
a powerful juice fast system. Ive enjoyed the benets of this system for years and know that
it improves your skin, helps with weight loss, and optimizes your health, all at the same time.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 14
stimulating. It rejuvenates the body and promotes cellular repair and lls you with a sense
of contentment and well-being, which is felt on all levelsbody, heart, mind, and soul. Juice
fasting is a simple detoxication process that encourages clearer thinking and healthier body
functions, and increases that zest for life youve been missing lately.
CAN YOU IMAGINE . . . what it might be like to drink in, or absorb, some of natures most
benecial components, like sunshine? You know how good sunshine feels on your skin on
a beautiful day, but did you know that chlorophyll, which is the pigment that makes plants
green, has been called natures greatest healer? This natural healer is found in most raw
fruits and vegetables and is what makes juice fasting such a powerful force for good health
anc wellness. Chlorophyll cleanses rhe Locy anc helps ir l_hr inlecrion, anc ir can re_enerare
the body at a cellular level.
The role of chlorophyll in supporting the bodys functioning is pretty basic really, but it took
me some rime ro l_ure ir our. Bur now rhar know rhe Lenelcial properries ol chlorophyll,
want to pass the information along to you so you dont have to go through the struggles I did.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 15
Now that youve learned some of the facts about juice fasting and its connection to healing
and wellness, heres a word of advice: before you start taking those diet pills or fat-busting
products, which give you horrendous bouts of diarrhea if you eat too much fat, and before
you spend thousands of dollars on a personal tness trainer and gym memberships, try the
juice fasting plan I offer for some effective and pleasant resultssome that you may never
have imagined.
Here are three great reasons why the juice fasting plan is so doable and effective:
The juice fast recipes and detox process are easy on the body, highly achievable, and
are rather enjoyable, instead of discomforting.
The juice fasting plan helps detox and cleanse the body so you can start off on the
right foot toward good eating habits.
The juice fasting plan combines natural fruits and vegetables for optimal health ben-
ets and safety. Its healthy and good for you and doesnt require complex procedures
or vast amounts of money or preparation.
GETTING STARTED IS EASY! This book helps you through the process, step-by-step, so
you know exactly what to do, and so you can turn around and help others begin their journey
to good health. In this way, we can exponentially spread the word about how to care for our
bodies and promote wellness. Just remember that all of the information you need to reap
optimal benets from this easy, simple, and inexpensive way to detoxify and cleanse your
body is at your disposal.
have to suffer through a week of juice fasting to benet from the juice fasting plan. This
plan allows you ro cleanse your Locy NATFALLY anc wirhour ciscomlorr, inconvenience, or
This means you dont have to stay hidden in your house for a week. As a matter of fact, you
can go about your normal weekend chores, enjoy entertainment, or even work if you want.
You can choose where and when and how. All you have to do is read the information to get
you started, and then begin juice fasting in the privacy of your own home or at a juice fasting
retreat in the wilderness. Its your choice. No matter where you juice fast, youll be surprised
at how benecial it can be for you.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 16
Sit back and get comfortable, because were going to start on a juice fast program that will
literally change your life, and Im going to help you get started. Im going to share my deli-
cious and healing recipes with you so you can begin your journey to good health!
Ler's lace ir. Warer is _rear, Lur rhere are healrhy anc celicious alrernarives ro simply crinkin_
water. Juice fasting is one of them, and you can gain benets when you juice fast whether
youre a novice or an expert. In fact, juice fasting is an ideal way for rst-timers to start a body
detox and cleansing routine. All you have to do is take that rst step.
As a matter of fact, I make juice fasting easy, and I also try to ease your transition back to
eating, which can be challenging for some. Thats why I offer plenty of helpful hints and tips
so you can gradually return to solid foods without overwhelming your system and causing
unpleasant side effects.
The next time you think about fasting, try juice fasting as a healthier alternative to water
lasrin_. n lacr, reac whar Dr. Brian Clemenr sharec wirh me aLour warer lasrin_ when inrer-
viewed him:
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 17
Water fasting no longer works because we have such a stressful, pol-
luted, insane world we live in. Were losing, probably, ve to six times the
amount of nutrients than someone in 1890 did. The stress alone burns
nutrition out of us like crazy. Water fasting was probably viable hundreds
or thousands of years ago because we had a pristine environment.
Remember, there were no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, airplanes,
auromoLiles, relevision, racio, iFocs, BlackBerries, or cell phones. None
of this stuff existed. We were imperious throughout our days, resting,
contemplating, praying, meditating, or whatever you want to call it, with
family. We were very colloquial within our family or, maybe, with our
Now, every day, all the problems of the world are right in our faces. If you
dont have enough problems, turn on the television. All of this stuff burns
you out.
Water fasting no longer works for people. Remember, Ive tested hun-
dreds of thousands of people. Thats a literal term. Its been almost 40
years that Ive done this work. Even those of us who eat impeccably,
exercise, and do everything were supposed torarely, I grant youlack
some nutrition.
What chance does the average person have if somebody like me, who
has done this for 40 years and really eats impeccably well all of the time,
lacks minerals? Maybe its every four years or maybe for two weeks, but
I catch that. Thats because of the load of activity that we have today.
Water fasting doesnt cut it anymore.
Its time to give your body a much-needed break from solid foods. Its time to allow your body
a period to rest and rejuvenate itself. You schedule vacations or days off to relax and get away
from the daily stresses of life, dont you? Well, your internal organs and systems need that
same respite from the grind (literally) of having to process your daily intake of food. They need
time to clear away internal debris and to renew themselves. Juice fasting gives your body that
support and sense of renewal.

Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 18
Norhin_ is more nurririous rhan a meal rhar is rich wirh ve_eraLles. Bur can you ima_ine sirrin_
down to a plate of spinach, parsley, sprouts, lemon, celery, cabbage, kale, and cucumber?
Even the heartiest of us vegetable lovers might balk at that meal.
Bur whar il you exrracrec rhe viral liquics lrom rhose loocs inro a pleasanr rasrin_ crink.
Youd have a satisfying meal, which your body would be able to readily absorb. In fact, your
body would be able to assimilate over 90% of its nutritious value! Plus, youd be consuming
a vitamin-rich juice that is easy on the digestive system and ideal for juice fasting. And, of
course, green!
Regular juice fasting is part of my wellness regimen. It makes me feel more spiritual, grounded,
and in touch with my inner guide. I think its because I know that Im doing something good
for my body. When I juice fast, I feel like Im nourishing every cell of my body with life giv-
ing energy, because I know that fresh juices are loaded with vital and essential nutrients,
especially alkalizing minerals. At the same time, I also know that these juices are cleaning my
internal system of unwanted debris, toxins, and mucus build up. Juice fasting simply makes
me feel good on the inside and the outside, and it shows in the way I look, which is energized
and refreshed, and in the positive way that I face the world each day.
Because so many ol us are srru__lin_ wirh oLesiry, ir's also worrh sayin_ a_ain rhar |uice lasr-
ing promotes fast weight loss. Many individuals who juice fast experience weight loss in the
range of one-half to one pound per day for the rst month. And, theyre accomplishing this
feat without having to take diet pills!
And did I mention that juice fasting is a great way to help the body heal from medical compli-
cations caused by heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. (Dont expect to hear any such
claims by Western health care professionals.)
Healing occurs because these juices are alive with antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients
that work at a cellular level to bring the body back into balance. Thats why juice fasting is
considered your inner healer.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 19
Ler's make rhe mosr ol rhis |uice lasrin_ experience. Since juice fasting is a healing event,
how about nding ways to honor your body, mind, and spirit while youre juice fasting. Ive
found that adding some mild aerobic exercises to my lifestyle works great, like taking long
walks. In fact, juice fasting is a great time to reconnect with nature and Mother Earth, so think
about taking a nice, relaxing walk along a nature path. I also like to perform deep breathing,
which is a must when juice fasting, at least in my opinion. Adding meditation to your deep
breathing is also benecial, and helps to cleanse physical impurities out of your system while
increasing your blood oxygen level. Meditation is also a great way to still the mind and to
connect with your inner guideyour intuition.
For a feel-good way to end your day, try a hot bath with Epsom or sea salt to get your blood
pumping and to replenish your skin and soothe your senses. You can even add a couple of
drops of lavender essential oil to get the benets of aromatherapy. Take it from metheres
nothing quite so relaxing as a good, long soak at the end of a stressful day. Go ahead, pamper

Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 20
Juice fasting eliminates typical mucus forming foods from our diet. Yuck, you say and then ask,
What are mucus forming foods? We touched on this a little earlier, but its well worth cover-
ing again. Mucus forming foods are so common that theyre found in most of our pantries and
refrigerators! They include dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt, as well as meats, fowl,
and eggs, just to name a few.
Juice fasting accomplishes the task of removing the leftover mucus, dead and damaged cells,
other foreign material, and gunk that stays trapped in our digestive systems. Juice fasting
also supplies the body with adequate nutrients that it can utilize to heal more efciently. The
entire cycle is incredibly powerful and regenerating, and the best thing is, you already have
the capability of creating this process.

Juice fasting nourishes your body with enzymes that are contained in raw fruits and vegeta-
Lles. By conrrasr, cookec anc processec loocs are "ceac" loocs rhar oller your Locy no
enzymes. Why coes rhar marrer? Because enzymes are essenrial lor lile irsell. Enzymes Lurn
fat and help digest the food you eat. They are the catalysts for every chemical action and
reaction that takes place in the human body.
Enzymes are literally your magic bullet for effective and permanent weight loss.
Juice lasrin_ is rhar ellecrive lor losin_ wei_hr. Bur rememLer rhar |uice also supplies calories,
so if youre in this primarily for weight loss, you can further reduce your calorie intake by
reducing the amount of high-calorie vegetables, such as carrots, that you select for juicing.
Also, you can always substitute water for some of the juice in your juice fast plan.
However, remember that achieving better health is more important than cutting a few calories.
So while youre focused on the scale and on how many pounds youre losing, remember to
also pay attention to how great youre starting to feel, and after only a short period of time.
Instead of jotting down your daily weight loss on a chart or in a journal, focus on staying physi-
cally active and in shape. And, while youre working on your body, remember to also keep your
thoughts upbeat and to engage your spirit in energies that lead you in a positive direction.
Rome wasnt built in a day, so dont saddle yourself with unrealistic expectations about the
amount of weight youll lose by juice fasting. Remember that everyones metabolism is differ-
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 21
ent, and height, weight, muscle mass, and fat have a lot to do with the speed and efciency
with which your body will react to the juice fast. Just know that your body will accommodate
changes at its own speed. Some people lose weight and feel better right away, while for oth-
ers, the process takes a little longer.
Fe_arcless, you WLL leel reener_izec alrer you ric your Locy ol roxins rhar ir has Leen sror-
ing in your fat cells. And when you start releasing those toxins, you will begin to feel the vitality
return to your body and see the results with your own eyes!

Juicing doesnt have to be boring. And, its not just for health freaks or health junkies who
dont care what theyre drinking, and how it tastes, as long as it gives them the results theyre
looking for. Juicing is a wonderful way to stimulate the taste buds and enhance the senses,
while at the same time offering vitality and greater health benets.
Make juice fasting a project in creativity. You can try the juice and vegetable blends that I
recommenc in a larer chaprer, |usr ro _er you srarrec. Bur once you _er rhe han_ ol ir, rry
some of your own blends, based on the avors you like or the different benets that each fruit
or vegetable offers. Youll educate yourself on the benets of green food in the process.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 22
If youre new to juice fasting, I suggest you start slowly and go with a partial-day juice fast or
choose a single food diet or juice until you feel youre mentally and physically prepared to
successfully complete a 24-hour juice fast or a one- to two-day juice fast.
like srarrin_ wirh an 18hour |uice lasr |usr one cay a week. Basically, ir |usr requires skippin_
breakfast. For example, if your last meal of the day is at 7:00 p.m., then an 18-hour juice fast
would involve juice fasting for the rest of the evening and through breakfast the following day.
You can do that, cant you? Try this for a few weeks and then try doing it for two consecutive
days for a few weeks. A partial-day juice fast hardly interrupts your schedule, but it will offer
the body the chance to rid itself of toxins and rest from digestion processes.
Alrer you _er rhe han_ ol a shorr |uice lasr, you can rry lon_er |uice lasrin_ periocs (23 cays)
at the beginning of each month. You can even advance to 710-day juice fasts every season
for added benets! And when youve mastered that, you can try juice fasting one day per
week, which gives your body 50 days out of the year to cleanse and heal. You body will thank
you for the time out.

Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 23
Going one day a week without food is the goal I recommend to all of my clients. Doing a juice
fast once a week allows the body to regularly rest from food and multiplies the health benets
to the body.
On those days, I recommend three to four 8-ounce servings or more of green vegetable
juice. Its a plan you can start and use once a week, as I do. Just wait until you see some of the
fabulous green juice recipes that I share with you in this book.

All living matter needs water to survive. Water makes up 60% of our body weight, and its
essential for proper functioning of the body. Our blood contains about 92% water, our brain
contains roughly 75% water, and even our bones contain about 22% water.
We need water to cool the body, metabolize fat, remove waste, and convert food to energy.
Adequate hydration is also necessary to maintain muscle tone and skin tone.
So, whether youre juice fasting or not, drinking adequate amounts of water should be a daily
goal for good health.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 24
This section is devoted to a review of some of the products and equipment I suggest for
your cleanse. None ol rhese procucrs are requirec ro make your cleanse work successlully,
so if you dont have them, no worries. You can still complete your juice fast without them and
experience fantastic results.

Theres no time like the present when it comes to juicing, so if you havent tried it, give it a
whirl. Every day, more and more people just like you are introducing larger amounts of raw
foods into their diets through juicing. And it makes sense. Juicing delivers the highest levels
of nutrients to the body and doesnt tax or overwork the bodys organs and systems.
So, if youre going to start juicing and want to invest in a juicer, here are a few tips you should
consider before you shop for one:

Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 25
While the main function of a juicer might be to extract the juices from raw fruits and vegeta-
Lles, rhey operare in cillerenr ways, anc each rype has irs pros anc cons. Here's some Lasic
information on the most common types of juicers on the market today. This will give you a
great starting place so you can nd a juicer thats just right for you.
This is an incredibly effective juicer, which uses twin gear technology to slowly crush fruits and
vegetables so the nutrients are preserved in the juices. If you want to maximize your nutrient
intake through juicing and can afford the higher price, this machine may be for you.
Operation: This juicer uses an interlocking twin-gear mechanism, which rotates in an inward
direction to crush fruits and vegetables. Some models also contain powerful bio-magnets
that help reduce the rate of juice oxidation and provide for higher nutrient levels.
The Hippocrates juicer is an example of a twin-gear juicer. It operates with dual gears that
employ powerful magnetic technology to juice even wheat grass, aloe vera, and herbs. Its
versatile and can also make foods like ice cream and nut butters.
Appropriate for: Virtually any fruit or vegetable, even stringy or brous vegetables like
grasses, herbs, and sprouts.
Pluses: Hi_hnurrienr anc hi_h|uice yielc, a versarile machine, which can Le usec ro make
loocs like sauces, LaLy loocs, pares, or pie crusrs, can srore |uices lor lon_er periocs wirhour
loss ol viral nurrienrs, can |uice conrinuously wirhour plu__in_, relarively quier operarion.
Minuses: Slower rhan orher rypes ol |uicers, more ellorr requirec ro |uice harc ve_eraLles,
amon_ rhe mosr expensive |uicers, cleanin_ can Le more cumLersome.
This is one of the most common and fastest types of juicers on the market. Its a great machine
for rst-time juicers.
Operation: As the name suggests, this juicer works through centrifugal force by spinning
at a high rate of speed. The fruits and vegetables are added through a feeding tube where
the spinning action delivers them to a grater blade for shredding. The centrifugal force then
separates the pulp from the juice.
Appropriate for: Hard and soft fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, apples, carrots, and
papayas. Not suitable for leafy greens, wheat grass, and sprouts.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 26
Pluses: A quick way ro |uice, celivers a hi_h|uice yielc, is reasonaLly pricec.
Minuses: Frocuces a hi_her oxicarion rare, which means lewer nurrienrs in rhe |uice, rencs
ro Le loucer rhan orher rypes ol |uicers, nor all mocels can |uice lealy _reen ve_eraLles anc
These juicers are known for their effectiveness at breaking down brous vegetables. Unlike
the twin gear juicer, the masticating juicer uses a single gear or auger. Theyre reasonably
priced and provide a high nutrient yield.
Operation: This juicer breaks down fruits and vegetables by using a chewing or grinding
motion, much like our teeth work when we chew food. A worm-like gear, much like a drill bit,
tears the produce while driving it through a stainless steel strainer, separating the juice from
the pulp.
Appropriate for: Virtually any fruit or vegetable, even stringy or brous vegetables like
grasses, herbs, and sprouts.
Pluses: A versarile machine, which can Le usec ro make loocs like nur Lurrers anc LaLy looc,
hi_hnurrienr anc hi_h|uice yielc, can srore |uices lor lon_er periocs wirhour loss ol viral
nurrienrs, relarively quier operarion.
Minuses: Slower rhan orher rypes ol |uicers, more ellorr requirec ro |uice harc ve_eraLles.
The "press" learure ol rhis |uicer provices maximum |uice exrracrion, Lur ir is heavier anc
hi_her in price rhan orher |uicers. Because ol irs rwosrep process, rhis machine may Le Lerrer
suited for avid juicers rather than rst-time juicers.
Operation: This juicer uses cutting, grinding, and pressing to extract juices from fruits and
vegetables. Through a two-part process, the machines grinder cuts the produce into small
pieces, which are routed into a cloth bag. The bag is then placed in a press where the juices
are extracted from the produce, leaving little pulp.
Appropriate for: Virtually any fruit or vegetable, but more difcult with low-juice producing
fruits or vegetables like wheat grass and stalky greens.
Pluses: Can srore |uices lor lon_er periocs wirhour loss ol viral nurrienrs, hi_hnurrienr anc
hi_h|uice yielc, can ellecrively hancle harc ve_eraLles anc cirrus lruirs.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 27
Minuses: Dillculr workin_ wirh cerrain rypes ol procuce like whear _rass anc _reens, cleanin_
can Le more cumLersome, hi_her in price rhan orher rypes ol |uicers, heavier rhan orher rypes
of juicers.

Now that you know more about how the different types of juicers work, here is some addi-
tional information to make it even easier to nd the perfect one for you:
t Price. Prices can vary between different types and models, so be sure to shop for one
that ts your budget and meets your lifestyle needs.
t Noise factor. Some |uicers are noisier rhan orhers. Because ol rheir speec ol operarion,
centrifugal juicers tend to make more noise than dual gear or single auger juicers.
t Weight and size. Depending on your counter space, youll want to consider the size of
your |uicer, as well as irs wei_hr. While rhe avera_e |uicer wei_hs 2030 pouncs, a press
juicer can weigh close to 60 pounds.
t Efciency. Check ro see how ellcienrly rhe unir operares (e._., wherher ir's prone ro
clogging, delivers a high volume of juice, and juices all types of produce).
t Juicing speed. Cenrrilu_al |uicers operare ar a lasrer rare ol speec rhan rwin _ear or
single auger machines.
t Quality. Its a good idea to see whether the juicer will preserve most of the nutrients
through the juicing process, or lose them. Faster units like centrifugal juicers tend to
procuce |uices wirh lewer nurrienrs Lecause ol rheir hi_h processin_ speec. Bur, il you
dont have a lot of time, a faster juicer may be more appropriate for your lifestyle.
t Length of warranty. Warranties vary so check to see what parts or accessories are cov-
ered and how long theyre covered.
t Cleaning. Some types and models of juicers are easier to clean than others, so check out
how they work and how many parts or attachments may need to be cleaned.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 28
Absolutely you can. In fact, its an economical way to sample the benets of juicing if youve
never tried it before. Just start by chopping your fruits or vegetables into smaller pieces.
Blenc rhe smallesr pieces lrsr ro ensure rhar your Llencer can reacily hancle rhem. Then you
can add larger pieces as you go along. If youre working with dryer produce, then add some
liquid or ice to the blender before you start blending. Work your blender at a pulsating or
slower speed until your produce is cut into smaller pieces. Then you can increase the speed
to a higher power for a couple of minutes or until the produce is thoroughly blended. Finally,
just strain the mixture through a strainer to separate the pulp from the juice, and enjoy a
refreshing drink!

In an earlier chapter, I talked about super foods such as spirulina (blue-green algae), chlorella
(green algae), and green powders. If youre not familiar with super foods, let me give you
a brief description. Theyre natural foods that are so nutrient-rich that they can boost your
immune system and help you ght off diseases like cancer and heart disease. And, theyre
ancient remedies that have been used for centuries!
Thats why I use super foods and herbs to enhance my cleanses and my diet. Super foods can
make it easier for you to change your dietary habits and achieve your desired weight. Use
them if youre trying to transition from a regular diet to a more living, raw plant food diet. And
because super foods have great body cleansing qualities, theyre a benecial supplement to
use when youre going through a detox.
While I encourage you to consume super foods during your cleanse, this is not required for
you to achieve the results you desire. Youre still going to experience remarkable results,
even il you choose nor ro rake rhem. Bur super looc supplemenrs will help ro speec up rhe
cleansing process.
Did I whet your appetite for super foods? If I did, fantastic! Here are some super foods and
supplements that I recommend you try to boost your cleanse. If you have other products at
home, or if you want to try different brands, by all means, do so! Just make sure that theyre
organically produced.

Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 29
Spirulina is a blue-green algae that has served as a food source for centuries. Its considered a
complete food because it contains so many of the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy
vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fatty acids, and carotenoids. Various studies have shown
that spirulina can improve immune system and cardiovascular function, lower cholesterol and
high blood pressure, and improve digestive health. And, its an effective supplement when
you need to detox your body from the causes of stress.
Add spirulina to your green drinks to boost their nutritional value.
When you hear the word spirulina, you usually hear the word chlorella in the same breath.
Thats because theyre both forms of algae (chlorella is a green algae) with very similar nutri-
rional properries. Chlorella works as an anrioxicanr, provicin_ your Locy wirh an accec
defense against free radicals. Its also high in chlorophyll, which makes it extremely effective
as a detoxifying agent. And, like spirulina, it can help strengthen your immune system and
promote healthy digestion.
Consicer accin_ chlorella ro your cleansin_ Levera_es, or rry spirulina anc chlorella in
You may not have heard a lot about coconut water, but its an extremely common beverage in
rropical areas rhar procuce coconurs like Brazil, Asia, anc Larin America. More recenrly, rhe S
market for coconut water has increased because of its many health benets.
Coconur warer is mace lrom rhe warer lounc in rhe cenrer ol youn_ coconurs. r's nor rhe
same as coconur milk, which is exrracrec lrom rhe whire, leshy parr ol rhe lruir. Bur, coconur
water is loaded with vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals. As an added benet, its a natural,
isotonic beverage, which contains the same level of electrolytes as our blood. Thats why its
used by many athletes to rehydrate the body.
Consumin_ coconur warer is a _rear way ro ceroxily rhe Locy ol harmlul, cellcama_in_ roxins.
Plus, like other super foods, it helps to strength the immune system, balance the pH levels in the
body, support weight reduction, and facilitate the delivery of vital nutrients to the bodys cells.
Add this natural thirst quencher to your detox schedule for a refreshing, healthy change. It has
a delicious avor, is low in carbohydrates, and is virtually fat-free.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 30
Green powders are super foods that are therapeutic and healing to the body. Many of the
green powders on the market today are specially blended formulas that contain algaes, like
spirulina anc chlorella, _rasses, like whear, Larley, anc oar _rass, a variery ol _reen ve_eraLle
|uices, anc powerlul anrioxicanrs, enzymes, anc phyronurrienrs. rher _reen powcers can
contain a single, powerful super food like barley grass powder.
Green powders are wonderful products to use when youre doing a body cleanse because
they contain natural detoxifying agents that can help to clean your entire system of toxins,
heavy metals, and pesticides if used regularly. Plus, the probiotics in these formulas can keep
your gut populated with friendly bacteria, which, in turn, will strengthen your digestive system
and immune system.
There are a tremendous variety of organic, high quality green powders available today, so shop
around and nd one that you like. One of my favorites is Vitamineral Green by Healthforce

Check our rhese sires ro learn aLour some amazin_ healrh procucrs. You'll wanr ro acc rhese
sites to your health library:
GloLal Healin_ Cenrer (xy Fowcer): hrrp://
Arise anc Shine: hrrp://
Blessec HerLs: hrrp://
Dr. Schulze's ori_inal clinical lormulas: hrrps://
FEFE Derox Kir anc FEFE viramins/nurrienrs/supplemenrs (menrion "Healrh Lacy"
lor your ciscounr): hrrp://
Dr. Schulze's ori_inal clinical lormulas: hrrps://
Dr. Sancra CaLor's liver cocror weLsire: hrrp://
Dr. Schulze's ori_inal clinical lormulas: hrrps://
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 31
FEFE Derox Kir anc FEFE viramins/nurrienrs/supplemenrs (menrion "Healrh Lacy"
lor your ciscounr): hrrp://
Heavy Meral Cleanse: hrrp://
viramineral Green: hrrp://
Amazin_ Grass: hrrp://
Fure Syner_y: hrrp://
Hemp prorein: hrrp://
Fice Frorein: hrrp://
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 32
The Basic Green Drink is made up of 50% juice from sprouts, baby greens, or edible weeds
(e.g., dandelion, purslane, sorrel, and arugula), and 50% juice from green vegetables (e.g.,
kale, collard, cucumber, spinach, celery, dark green lettuces, and cabbage).
A word on sprouts: Theyre considered the most balanced of all of the sources of essential
amino acids, and theyre a perfect source of complete protein. They activate every cell in the
immune system, and they build the skeletal, muscular, and neurological systems.
You can also add super foods such as spirulina (blue-green algae), chlorella (green algae), or a
good quality green powder to your green drink, if you wish. Also consider adding herbs such
as fresh parsley, cilantro, basil, dill, or mint, or natural medicines such as garlic or ginger.
USE IN MODERATION: Juices of carrot, beet, and other sweet vegetables should be used in
moderation, particularly if youre diabetic, because they contain a higher sugar content than
other vegetables.
A DAYS ALLOWANCE OF GREEN DRINK: Enjoy three to four or more of 8- to 16-ounce
glasses of green drink per day on an empty stomach as a breakfast juice, as a mid-morning or
afternoon snack, as a dinner meal, or as an evening snack.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 33
Heres the fun part of the booksharing some of my favorite green juice recipes. You dont
need to follow the exact measurements, but remember to triple the recipe so you have
enough juice to get you through the day.
preler usin_ or_anic lruirs anc ve_eraLles lor my recipes. Bur, il or_anic procuce isn'r avail-
able, peel the skin off fruits and vegetables, or wash them with a non-toxic produce cleaner,
which is available at most health food stores.
Also, its preferable to use freshly juiced fruits and vegetables for the recipes, but if theyre
unavailable, try buying fresh juices from a juice bar.
1/2 cup cucumber juice
1/2 cup celery juice
1/2 cup kale juice
1/2 cup sunower sprouts and pea sprouts juice
Juice of 1 apple
This is a basic green juice recipe that is charged with energy.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 34
1/2 cup cucumber juice
1/2 cup celery juice
1/2 cup spinach juice
1/3 cup sunower sprouts juice
1/2 cup parsley juice
Juice of 1 apple
Just add a few more green vegetables and you have a super green drink.

1/2 cup collard greens or kale juice
1/2 cup celery juice
1/2 cup watercress juice
1/2 cup spinach juice
1/3 cup cabbage juice
Juice of 1 green apple (optional)
This drink is loaded with calcium!

1 cup kale juice
1/3 cup parsley juice
1/2 cup celery juice
Juice of 1 green apple (optional)
This is a green drink that offers a touch of sweetness if you add the apple.

Juice of 1 green apple
1/2 cup cabbage juice
1/2 cup celery juice
1/2 cup watercress juice
This drink is great for cleansing the body.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 35
1/3 cup parsley juice
1/2 cup celery juice
1/2 cup cucumber juice
Juice of 1 apple
1 small piece of ginger root
Sprig of basil or coriander
This is a great drink if youre on the go and need an extra boost of energy.

1 handful dandelion greens
3-4 carrots
1/2 cucumber
1/2 lemon
Dandelion juice is a traditional remedy for cleansing the liver.

1 cucumber peeled
3 carrots
1 beet
2 stalks celery
1 handful parsley
1- to 2-inches chunk gingerroot, scrubbed, or peeled if old
1/2 lemon, peeled
This is an amazing drink for the liver and kidneys!

1/4 small head green cabbage
2 carrots
4 celery stalks with leaves, if desired
A nutritious drink suitable for any occasion.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 36
3 stalks celery
1 cucumber
5 basil leaves
3 tomatoes
1 clove garlic
1 carrot
4 kale leaves
3 dandelion leaves (if not available, use collard greens)
1/2 red pepper
This hearty blend will give you an energy boost.

2 cups Swiss chard
1 handful dandelion greens
1 cup radish sprouts
1/2 garlic clove, minced (optional)
Juice of one lemon
This is a satisfying afternoon beverage.

2 cups spinach
1 cup alfalfa sprouts
1 cucumber
1 lemon, peeled
1 carrot
If you love spinach, youll love this satisfying drink.

1 cucumber
2 large handfuls spinach
1 large handful sunower sprouts
1 small handful buckwheat sprouts
1 small handful clover sprouts
This is a nutrient-rich drink for sprout enthusiasts!
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 37
Now that you have some basic information about juice fasting, the equipment and products
that are available to enhance your juice fasting experience, and some fabulous recipes, its
time to give you some tips to ensure that youre successful on your journey to good health
and wellness.

Heres a six-step guide to not only enhance your cleansing experience but also to promote an
overall healthier lifestyle.
Choose rhe ri_hr cier ro accompany your onecay or more cleanse, il |uice lasrin_ isn'r parr ol
your cleanse. The right diet includes organic fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, and at least 7
to 10 (8-ounce) glasses of puried water every day.
Three to seven days or more before a juice fast, decrease or eliminate alcohol, nicotine, caf-
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 38
feine, sugar, dairy, wheat, animal meat, sh, and eggs from your diet. This preparation diet
often consists mainly of organic fruits and vegetables. Also, while youre juice fasting, avoid
consuming rened sugar, caffeine, preservatives, articial colors and avors, rened carbohy-
drates and oils, or processed meat products. And, try to stay away from drinking alcohol.
Follow your cleanse recipe or the directions that accompany your store-bought cleanse for
maximum effectiveness.
Keep your bowels moving. This is necessary not only for your personal comfort but for the
timely release of toxins. (You can help encourage your digestive tract to cooperate by giving
yourself an enema or by scheduling an appointment to get a colonic.)
Use other methods that go hand in hand with detoxing, such as skin brushing (also known
as dry brushing) or spending time outdoors to let your skin breathe. They will enhance your
Gradually return to normal eating habits. Its unwise to break a juice fast too quickly or binge
on unhealthy foods and alcohol right after your cleanse because your system will be especially
sensitive at that time. In fact, making a smooth transition from juice fasting to eating is so
important that Ive devoted a complete chapter on the topic. Just read How to Eat After a
Juice Fast for important tips on making a seamless transition back to eating.

Here are some general guidelines on the amount of juice and water to take while youre juice
Juice: Drink Lerween 32 anc o4 ounces (Lerween 4 ro 8 _lasses) ol |uice per cay curin_ rhe
juice fast. Dont guzzle, but sip the juice throughout the day. Typical fruits and vegetables
used for juicing include celery, carrots, kale, cabbage, apple, cucumber, sprouts, spinach,
ginger, and greens.
Water: Drink approximately six glasses of tepid or warm ltered water a day, in addition to
the juice.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 39
The following schedule is a sample of how you can effectively plan your day when you juice
fast. Remember that you can do this juice fast for one day or longer. You will feel amazing
when you complete your juice fast!
6 a.m. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon. Optional: Take 6 digestive enzymes.
7 a.m. Take 1 tablespoon of quality green powder in 812 ounces of water.
8 a.m. Drink 812 ounces of Green Juice (see recipes)add 1 tablespoon hemp, spir-
ulina, or rice protein. These are plant-based proteins, which are described in the
Products and Equipment chapter.
10 a.m. Drink water or herbal tea (or ginger-dandelion-nettle tea).
11 a.m. Drink 812 ounces of Green Juice (see recipes)add 1 tablespoon of green
powcer, anc rake o ci_esrive enzymes.
12 p.m. Drink more vegetable juice: 816 ounces (see recipes)add 1 tablespoon hemp,
spirulina, or rice protein. These are plant-based proteins, which are described in
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 40
the Products and Equipment chapter.
2 p.m. Drink water or herbal tea (or ginger-dandelion-nettle tea).
3 p.m. Drink 812 ounces ol Green Juice (see recipes)acc 1 raLlespoon ol _reen
powder. Take 6 digestive enzymes.
5 p.m. Drink vegetable juice: 816 ounces (see recipes)add 1 tablespoon hemp,
spirulina, or rice protein. Refer to the chapter on Products and Equipment for
a description of these protein supplements.
8 p.m. Drink a warm herbal tea of your choice, according to your condition, the season,
and your constitution. Its also okay to have another serving of juice with plant-
based protein like hemp, rice, or spirulina.
Take a good probiotic support, as well, to maintain a healthy colon by populating the intes-
tines with benecial bacteria.
I have a passion for living, but living a healthy lifestyle that honors the needs of my body, mind,
and soul. Its also called self-love and it encompasses self-responsibility and self-care.
On a physical level, self-care involves creating a wellness regimen that balances all of the
needs of the body. It involves exercising the body, giving it plenty of rest, hydrating it, feeding
it foods that are rich in vital nutrients, and cleansing and revitalizing it.
So why not join me and create a wellness plan for your body? When you do, youll want to
consider some of these important nutritional suggestions:
Choose or_anic procuce as much as possiLle, anc crink rhe |uices lrom rhese lruirs
and vegetables immediately after extracting thembut be sure to drink them slowly.
Use whatever greens and produce you have in your garden or whatever is in season.
When juicing greens, balance them with pleasant, sweet tasting vegetables or fruits
such as celery, kale, apple, cucumber, and ginger.
Hycrare your Locy every mornin_ wirh 1o ro 32 ounces ol luic. This pracrice will oller
you the best chances for good health. Some people wait until theyve had their rst
elimination of the day before they eat. Elimination before eating anything solid is very
healthy for your colon.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 41
Take wild green super food (1 teaspoon mixed in water or juice) and 4 digestive
enzymes 30 minures Lelore each meal. Green super looc anc ci_esrive enzymes are
designed to be taken on a daily basis, particularly during a cleanse. The enzymes will
maximize digestion and assimilation of all foods and nutrients.
se viramin C supplemenrarion, which supporrs your acrenal _lancs, ro help you
during your withdrawal from food. As a stress-reducer, vitamins can be taken over the
course of the day.
Take 2 tablespoons of ground ax seed with water in the morning and at bedtime.
Take a good probiotic support, as well, to maintain a healthy colon by populating the
intestines with benecial bacteria.
Make sure you have regular bowel movements. This means having 1 to 2 bowel move-
ments daily! Waste should be eliminated through the bowels on a regular basis. A
healrhy colon eliminares wasre in o18 hours, Lur rhe avera_e rransir rime in wesrern
counrries is ar leasr 38 hours or more!
Improve colon health through juice implants. A juice implant involves using an enema
bag or syringe and holding the juices in the lower bowel for a period of minutes.
mplanrs wirh lresh whear or Larley _rass |uice, Llue_reen al_ae anc/or acicophilus
powder dissolved in water, green drink, liquid acidophilus, or juiced edible weeds can
be used at any time.
Detoxify your system regularly. Trying soaking in a hot bath once a week. A drawing,
deep-cleansing soak will help to draw toxins out of the body. Plus, its a great way to
relax and increase blood ow to tired, achy joints and muscles.
Exfoliate your skin while you bathe. Take a steamy bath and exfoliate your body with
a loofah and some natural clay. The loofah sponge is organic, inexpensive, and an
effective way to remove dead skin cells while enhancing circulation. Adding natural
clays to your loofah treatments will help cleanse your skin pores and refresh your skin.
Use enemas to cleanse the colon. An enema can help remove waste and toxic matter
from the colon. Perform an enema only occasionallyonce a weeksuch as on the
day after you consume liquid nourishment. Follow this with a juice implant in order to
keep your system clean and moving.
Fromore healrhy skin rhrou_h a cry skin Lrush massa_e. Dry Lrush your skin 3 ro 5
minutes every morning before your shower. A day brush skin massage helps to elimi-
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 42
nate uric acids and fat deposits by increasing blood and lymphatic system circulation.
And, it helps to increase muscle and skin tone.
Use all-natural body care products. This includes natural toothpaste, body lotion,
cosmetics, and deodorant. Natural products dont contain sodium laurel sulfate, alu-
minum, or uoride. Remember, if you cant eat it, then you shouldnt be putting it on
or in your body.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 43
Breakin_ a |uice lasr can Le harcer rhan |uice lasrin_ irsell anc requires caurion anc uncer-
standing. After a juice fast, you might be tempted to celebrate and splurge on a big meal, but
please resist the urge! Whether youve juice fasted for one day or seven days, take as long to
reintroduce solid foods to your diet as you spent on your juice fast.
Slowly start introducing nutritious foods, like whole fresh fruits and vegetables, in small por-
tions, back into your diet. You may be surprised that your stomach will no longer accept the
portion sizes that you ate in the past, because your stomach will have shrunk.
Also, try not to go back to your bad eating habits. In other words, dont rush out and order
that large pizza and a coke. Now Im not saying that you can never eat these foods again,
because you canjust not as a staple food in your diet.
The goal here is to adopt a new way of eatinga way that involves consuming both delicious
and nutritious foods, which support the health of your body. A friend who made this change
said to me, I will never go back to my old ways of eating. Why would I ever want to feel like
that again? I heartily echo that sentiment.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 44
After you get that rst juice fast out of the way, it will be important to watch what you eat
and how you eat. Actually, its a matter of maintaining the chemical balance in your body.
Basically, rhe Locy is Lalancec much like rhe warer in a swimmin_ poolroo much acic, anc
ir Lecomes uninhaLiraLle, roo lirrle acic, anc you _er al_ae. Now rhis isn'r ro say rhar you're
going to sprout algae or unleash a volcano of sulfuric acid if youre unbalanced, but your body
does need to maintain that equilibrium in order to stay fresh, clear, and disease free.
So, lets talk about chemical balance and what that means. Its called pH. Without an in-depth
lesson in chemistry basics, sufce it to say that pH measures the concentration of hydrogen
ions in your blood. The lower your pH, the stronger the acid content, or acidity, of your body.
The higher your pH, the stronger the alkaline content, or alkalinity, of your body. A normal pH
balance hovers around seven. So, testing your pH will give you a better idea whether your
body is more acidic or alkaline. Just know that being too acidic or too alkaline is bad for your
body and can lead to a wealth of health issues and problems.
se rhe 80/20 rule ro mainrain Lalance in your Locy. Every meal, lll your plare wirh ar leasr
80% alkaline forming foods like vegetables, and 20% acid forming foods like meats and white
pasta. You can also look at it this way: 80% of your food should be in raw form, while 20% of
it should be cooked.
Try to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as vegetables, fruits, and tubers such as
ginger root, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and so forth. Add to that baby greens and sprouts. This
group also includes but is not limited to mung beans, alfalfa, lentils, radishes, and onions. Add
plenty of salad greens to your diet, including spinach, collard greens, mustard greens, bok
choy, and lettuces.
When choosing alkaline snack foods, go for those that contain protein, vitamins, and minerals
such as almonds, seed mixes, as well as raw vegetable juices, and raw veggies.
Make rhe 80/20 rule work lor you as you srarr your plan ro ear healrhier. Learn aLour chemical
balances in your body and watch your acid or alkaline intake. You wouldnt want to swim in a
cloucy or _reen pool any more rhan you woulc wanr your Locy ro Le all "_unkec up." Love
your body and treat it with care, and you, in turn, will experience a healthy life, which is rich
with energy and vitality.

Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 45
Heres a fabulous set of healthy reminders worthy of hanging on your wallor on your refrig-
erator door. Just follow these guidelines once you complete your juice fasting cleanse and
youll be all right:
Avoid fatty foods
Avoid high-sugar foods
Avoid high-starch foods
Eat plenty of fresh raw fruits and vegetables
Exercise every day
Drink plenty of water
Resist temptation
Maintain an adequate elimination schedule
Juice fast one day a week
Engage in spiritually rewarding meditation, yoga, or other spiritually-focused activities
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 46

Q: Whats the difference between juicing and drinking blended juices?
A: Thats a great question. Juicing and blending are different cleansing approaches, both
of which use the juices of raw fruits and vegetables.
When you juice, you're exrracrin_ rhe |uices lrom rhe pulp or lLer ol rhe procuce, anc
when you eliminate that pulpy matter, youre getting more of the nutrients from the pro-
duce. Juicing is an immediate way to infuse the body with energy, and it strengthens the
immune system so your body can ght off colds and infections. Juicing works synergisti-
cally and holistically with the body to promote wellness.
When you blend, youre not separating the juice from the pulp but are blending the
whole fruit or vegetable to make a drink. An example of a blended drink would be a
smoothie, or even a cold soup, which uses blended vegetables like broccoli or zucchini.
Consumin_ Llencec crinks is a _rear way lor your Locy ro _er essenrial viramins anc
nurrienrs. Bur, |usr rememLer rhar il you purchase rhem in a resrauranr or srore, rhey may
have added powders and sugars that are not as healthy for you.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 47
Q: How am I going to physically feel while Im on the juice fast?
A: Im glad you asked that question because everyone experiences body cleansing in
slightly different ways.
First of all, be aware that since youre increasing your intake of liquids in order to release
the toxins stored in your body, youre going to increase your trips to the bathroom.
Thats natural and just means that your body is cleansing itself of unwanted debris.
Some people feel a surge of energy like theyve never felt before while others experi-
ence fatigue and general achiness. The achiness you feel may be due to the elimination
of fatty tissue in that area of the body. Dont worry. These symptoms usually subside
after a few days if you experience them at all. If youre on a longer fast, you may actually
experience reduced levels of joint or muscle pain if you suffer from these types of pain.
Also consider whether youre trying to wean yourself off of caffeine or sugar through
your body cleanse. If so, you may experience headaches or other discomforts, which
are signs of withdrawal from these addictive substances. Just remember that once these
chemicals are out of your system, youre going to feel a whole lot better.
Q: Can I exercise during my body cleanse?
A: l you leel like exercisin_, rhere's no reason why you shoulcn'r curin_ a cleanse. Bur
remember that juice fasting is the time youre allowing your body to rest, cleanse, and
heal itself, so dont engage in intense or physically draining workouts during this time.
And, on the days youre feeling more fatigued, try less demanding forms of exercise like
walking, stretching, deep breathing, or yoga.
Q: I hate to waste the pulp when I juice. Is there anything I can do with it?
A: Theres plenty you can do with it because nothing ever goes to waste when you juice.
Here are a few suggestions for the use of the leftover pulp:
Creare healrhier Lakec _oocs Ly accin_ rhem ro Lreacs or mullns.
Add vegetable pulp to lasagnas or casseroles.
Add fruit pulp to your daily yogurt or make a smoothie.
Use vegetable pulp in salads.
Use the leftover pulp to compost your garden. Your plants will thank you.
Make a sherbet or a frozen dessert with your fruit pulp.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 48
Q: Are there times when I should not juice fast?
A: Every individuals body is unique, and you know your body better than anyone else.
If youre not certain whether juice fasting is right for you, consult with your doctor or
naturopath. This is particularly true in the following situations:
Youre pregnant or nursing.
Youre scheduled for surgery or recovering from surgery.
You suffer from anemia or malnutrition.
You are a young child.
Q: I love my juice drink recipes, but is there a way to make them sweeter yet still
A: Here are a couple of suggestions. You can modify your recipes by adding sweeter tast-
ing vegetables like carrots or beets, or by adding more fruits like apples. Just remember
that sweeter produce will also increase the sugar content of your juices.
Another option is to add the sugar supplement Stevia to your juice drinks. Stevia is
an all-natural herbal supplement that has been used for centuries by native tribes in
Paraguay. It has zero calories, a low glycemic index, and is stable at high temperatures
so you can bake with it.
Q: Organic produce is very expensive. Are there less expensive ways to get them?
A: Even though organic produce is more expensive than its non-organic counterpart, youd
be surprised at the number of ways you can get them at lower prices. Here are a few
Check our local larms, larmers' markers, or your local looc coop. Many local larm-
ers grow organic fruits and vegetables at less expensive prices than youd nd at a
regular grocery store.
Grow your own organic garden. Theres nothing tastier than eating produce fresh off
the vine!
Buy or_anic procuce in Lulk. lrenrimes, ciscounrs are ollerec when you Luy pro-
cuce in Lulk. Check wirh your local srore. Also, consicer splirrin_ orcers wirh orher
family members or friends as a way to buy organic produce in bulk.
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 49
Buy whar's in season. l rhe procuce is in season, ir's _oin_ ro Le less expensive rhan
something thats harder to get.
Q: A friend of mine recently completed a juice feast. Can you tell me the difference
between a juice fast and a juice feast?
A: Juice fasting and juice feasting are both approaches to internal cleansing through the
consumption of juices. The main difference between the two is in the volume of juice
which is consumed and the length of time on the cleanse.
As the name implies, juice feasting literally involves feasting on an abundance of juices.
On a typical juice feast, youre consuming about one gallon of juices a day for up to 92
days. Its considered a deep-cleansing program whose aim, in part, is to rebuild and
alkalize the body.
Juice lasrs also cleanse, reLuilc, anc alkalize rhe Locy, Lur you rypically consume less
juice per day. If you look at my sample green juice fast menu plan, youll get a better
idea of the amount of juices which are consumed on a typical juice fast.
Q: Is there something I can add to my green drinks to really create a uniquely differ-
ent but healthy beverage?
A: Absolutely. Try adding any of the following ingredients to liven up your green drink:
Herbal teas
Nut milks
Fermented beverages like Kombucha
Frozen fruit
Pure cacao powder
Spices like turmeric or cayenne pepper
Green powders
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 50
Now that youve heard all Ive had to say about my wellness regimen, which includes juice
fasting and hearty servings of fruits and vegetables in my diet, its your turn. Will you take the
challenge and commit to a healthier lifestyle?
that YOU are the creator of your own destiny, and no one else! YOU are in charge of what
you eat! You are in charge of the bodythe lifeyouve been given. If you put off healthy
eating, its going to catch up to you sooner or later. If you dont take care of your body now,
its not going to take care of you later. So, if youre tired of dealing with constipation, diarrhea,
headaches, fatigue, indigestion, or heartburn on a regular basis, do something about it now.
Take control of your life. Take charge of your health. Enjoy the body youve always dreamed
ol, anc Le happy wirh rhe relecrion you'll see every rime you look in rhe mirror. You CAN
achieve your health goals, but you need to put some effort into it, and show determination
and commitment. YOU need to have old fashioned stick-to-it-iveness. If you do, know that
you can conquer your cravings, restore your energy levels, and live a healthful life.
I want to help you on your journey toward good health and wellness. So, if you have com-
ments or suggestions after youve read this book, tried the juice fasting plan, or changed
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 51
your eating habits, send them my way. Id love to hear your stories. I want to hear about your
struggles, your determination, your ideas, and your successes. In this way, you are helping me
to help you.
ONE LAST WORD: Anyone who doubts the validity of juice fasting as a healing modality is
likely someone who has never juice fasted. I simply ask that you give it a try. Juice fasting is an
historical and richly documented process. Unless youve gotten a clear medical reason NOT
to juice fast, its denitely worth trying.
You can contact me at or through my website at
Thank you for purchasing my program. May it be as richly rewarding to you in achieving good
health and wellness as it has been for me.
To Your Health,

Nancy Des|arcins FHF/FNCF
Holisric Nurririon Coach
Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 52
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Nancy Des| arci ns www. heal r hl acy. com 3 Day Nar ur al Bocy Cl eanse 55
Greetings to all of you health-conscious women and men,
am Nancy Des|arcins, louncer anc crearor ol hrrp://www. a _loLal weLsire cecicarec ro reachin_
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I was inspired to develop because health is
my passion, and its a message I want to share with the world.
You see, I believe that the body awakens us to the experience
ol lile, anc, wirhour a healrhy Locy, which is in Lalance wirh
the mind and the spirit, we simply cant enjoy life to the fullest.
Thats why holistic nutrition is my mantra for living a healthful life. It promotes health by looking
at the total personbody, mind, and spiritand by keeping all of those aspects in balance.
I keep my life in sync by living simply, naturally, and consciously. That means consuming fresh,
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Yvan is always planning new green projects on the property. Its a way we both can continue
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