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A word to the wise, ought to be sufficient.

The Tribune: On the wrong side of history....Again!

Young Bahamians are directed to now go to the Archives on Mackey Street and research the 100 part series that Etienne Dupuch wrote in the The Tribune Editorial Columns between 1978 and 1980 where he supported Apartheid in South Africa, denounced Nelson Mandela as a war criminal, dismissed the struggle and martyrdom of Steven Biko and the courage of Winnie Mandela and said Black people under the white South African racist regime were living in better housing conditions than the Bahamian people had in Yellow Elder under the Pindling PLP Government. Fast forward to 2013 and Dupuchs equally loathsome daughter Eileen is heaping unjust scorn and ridicule on Minister Louis Farrakhan and his Bahamian Host, Keod Smith, because they dared to challenge her journalistic integrity. All of sudden Farrakhan is the bane of countless Tribune hate attacks and the same thing she is accusing Farrakhan of doing, she is doing in the broad daylight. You dont have to take our word for it. The Archives are open to the Bahamian Public. Go see for yourself how the Dupuch family used their newspaper to promote racism and separation in South Africa. So incensed were ordinary Bahamians about Dupuchs ranting, that the Committee on South Africa demonstrated outside The Tribune doorstep to show their displeasure. This is the same Etienne Dupuch who, upon eavesdropping on the intended plan by the first Chairman of the PLP, Henry Milton Taylor, to move a Resolution in the House of Assembly in 1956 calling for an end to discrimination, ran like a coward to the floor of the House and moved the Resolution in order to ingratiate himself with voters in his Eastern District constituency. Nevertheless, the Bahamian people knew Dupuch for what he really was; a fraud and a faker. At the next general election, they booted him out of the House and elected Sammie Isaacs as their PLP Member of the House of Assembly. Dupuch went to his grave hating Sammie Isaacs and his family. He used his newspaper to heap scorn and ridicule on Mr. Isaacs, calling him a second rate plumber. When Mr. Isaacss mother, Bertha Isaacs, a woman who was a community activist and had made tremendous strides on the tennis courts, was made a Dame Commander by Her Majesty The Queen, Dupuch again used his newspaper to insult the Isaacss family.

The Bahamian People, especially this new generation of young people need to fully comprehend Eileen Carron and her stock. The record will speak for itself. Just find some time to sit down in the Archives and look over the slimy drivel and putrid and inflammatory certification the Dupuchs gave to Apartheid. Now ask yourselves this question: Do you want Eileen Dupuch Carron to do your thinking for you? Not if you are a proud Black man. Here is an octogenarian who sat up all night at a party on the Eastern Road five years ago awaiting the US Presidential Election results and wearing her John McCain Republican badge. We are told she passed bricks when CNN forecast that Barack Obama would become the first Black President of the United States. Here is a woman whose family was opposed to Majority Rule. Yes, the Dupuchs were opposed to Black people governing this country in 1967. She wept like a baby when the then Royal Governor, Sir Ralph Grey grudgingly had to invite Lynden Pindling to form a government. She had better behave because we also have her file where she loaned out her services to another foreign entity to engage in conduct unbecoming of a citizen of The Bahamas when Carol Boyd Hallet was here in this country as the US Ambassador. Miss Hallet overstepped her bounds and became very much involved in plots to wear down the PLP Government. Wait a minute. Did we tell you about the false application for adoption this woman made in an attempt to grab Bahamian citizenship for her son. You will have a connipti on when you hear what they did. Thats enough for now. But in the meantime RE-NEGOTIATE.ORG invites all young Bahamians to get Ye now to the Public Library and the Department of the Archives and read how the Dupuch Family and The Tribune would have kept Nelson Mandela in jail and Black people in subjectivity under Apartheid in South Africa. This same octogenarian who has been applying for a WHITE EDITOR to come out of London and camouflage at The Tribune for the last 30 years. And there are those amongst us who have the gall to listen to this relic of a bye gone era.a dung hill pile upon which no flowers growthe queen of revisionism. And while she is on the subject of who killed Malcolm, this is just as good a time for a new investigation on the mystery surrounding the fire that killed Etienne Dupuch. What was it they said? His son-in-law came home late one afternoon and met the old man engulfed in flames.... Stay tuned.