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Ch gia nh:
Parent: b m, b, m Son: con trai Daughter: con gi Mother: m Father: b Grandmother: b Grandfather: ng Grandson: chu trai Granddaughter: chu gi (i vi ng, b) Grandchildren: cc chu (i vi ng, b) Uncle: bc Aunt: c Nephew: chu trai (i vi c ch, bc) Niece: chu gi (i vi c ch, bc) Wife: v Husband: chng Step-mother: m k Step-father: cha k Mother-in-law: m chng, m v Sister-in-law: ch du Brother-in-law: anh r Father-in-law: cha chng, cha v Step-son: con trai ring Step-daughter: con gi ring Cousin: anh ch h Sister: ch gi Brother: anh trai Ex-wife: v c Ex-husband: chng c

2. Ch v giao thng
A. ng hng khng Airplane/Plane my bay Airplane/Plane my bay Glider tu ln Helicopter trc thng Jet my bay phn lc B. ng b Bicycle xe p Bus xe but Car xe hi, t Coach (ting Anh Anh) xe but ng di, xe khch Lorry (ting Anh Anh) xe ti Minicab/Cab xe taxi, xe cho thu Motorbike/Motorcycle xe gn my Taxi xe taxi Train tu Truck (ting Anh M): xe ti Underground: tu in ngm C. ng bin Boat thuyn. Ferry ph Hovercraft tu di chuyn nh m khng kh Speedboat tu siu tc

3. Ch v mi trng
Acid rain: Ma a xt Eg: Acid rain is very harmful to the environment. Carbon: Cc bon Carbon is a chemical substance contained in

Aerosol spray: Bnh phun, bnh xt Eg: Areosol sprays are the worst cause of pollution in the hone to affect: nh hng This area was affected by the flood. atmosphere: Bu khng kh The Earths atmosphere is a thin layer of gases that surrounds the Earth. to be aware: Nhn thc I think my neighbour isnt aware of polluting the environment. Balance:Cn bng Natures balance might be disturbed Biodegradable: phn hy sinh hc All our products are biodegradable Biodiversity: a dng sinh hc What about an evening stroll to look at the biodiversity in our park? Biosphere: sinh quyn The biosphere is the part of the earths atmosphere and surface in which animals and plants can live to harm: gy hi to be harmful: c hi

all plants and animals carbon dioxide: Cc bon ioxit The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is low Catastrophe: Thm ha The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF) was created in November 1993 Climate: Kh hu he Mediterranean climate is good for growing citrus fruits. Contaminated: nhim The soil has been contaminated. Creature: Sinh hc Is there a sea creature or not? energy conservation: bo ton nng lng energy source: ngun nng lng Environment: mi trng to erode: si mn Erosion: s si mn Extinct: tuyt chng Famine: nn i Fertile: mu m Fertilizer: phn bn global warming: s nng ln ton cu greenhouse effect: hiu ng nh knh

4. Ch gio dc
m nhc: music bi hc: lesson, unit bi tp: exercise; task, activity bi tp v nh: homework; home assignment bo co khoa hc: research report, paper, article bng im: academic transcript, grading schedule, results certificate bng, chng ch: certificate, completion/graduation certificate bng cp: qualification hnh kim: conduct hiu trng: president, rector (c-h); principal, school head, headmaster or headmistress (pt) hc b: school records, academic records; school record book hc liu: materials hc lc: performance hc k: term (Br); semester (Am) hi tho gio vin: teacher training workshop, conference K khoa hc t nhin (mn hc): thi t lun: subjective test th sinh: candidate thc hnh: practice, hands-on practice thc tp (ca gio vin): practicum tch hp: integrated, integration tin s: Ph.D. (doctor of philosophy), doctor tit hc: class, class hour, contact hour tiu hc: primary, elementary (school); primary education

bnh thnh tch: credit mania, credit-driven practice bin son (gio trnh): write, develop b hc: drop out (of school), hc sinh b hc: drop-outs b gio dc: ministry of education b mn: subject group, subject section cao ng: 3-year college chm bi, chm thi: mark; score chng trnh (chi tit): syllabus (pl. syllabuses) chng trnh (khung): curriculum (pl. curricula) chm im: mark, score ch nhim b mn (trng b mn): subject head ch im: theme ch : topic cng ngh: technology dy thm, hc thm: tutorial o to: train, training o to gio vin: teacher training o to t xa: distance education o to ngh: vocational training nh gi: evaluation, measurement im, im s: mark, score, grade iu hnh lp hc: class management im trung bnh: pass im kh: credit im gii: distinction im xut sc: high distinction n xin ngh (hc, dy): request for leave (of absence) i hc: university, college, undergraduate o vn: plagiarize, plagiarism a l: georgaphy dng dy hc: teaching aids

science (pl. sciences) khun vin trng: campus kim tra: test, testing kim nh cht lng: accredit, accreditation km (xp loi hs): poor performance k tc x: dormitory (dorm, Am); hall of residence (Br) k nng: skill L l tt nghip: graduation ceremony l pht bng: certificate presentation mm non: nursery school mu gio: kindergarten, preschool N nghin cu khoa hc: research, research work ngh gii lao (gia gi): break; recess ngh h: summer vacation ngoi kha: extra curriculum nhp hc: enroll, enrollment; s lng hc sinh nhp hc: enrollment P pht trin chuyn mn: professional development phng gio dc: district department of education phng ngh gio vin: (teaching) staff room phng o to: department of studies phng truyn thng: hall of fame phng php ly ngi hc lm trung tm: learner-centered, learner-centeredness Q quay cp (trong phng thi): cheating (in exams) qun l hc sinh: student management

trung hc c s: lower secondary school, middle school, junior high school trung hc ph thng: uppersecondary school, high school, secondary education trng bn tr: day school trng cng lp: state school/ college/ university trng ni tr: boarding school trng t thc: private school/ college/ university trng phng o to: director of studies trt: fail (an exam) t chn: optional t chn bt buc: elective X x hi ha gio dc: socialization of education Cut class (v) : trn hc Play truant (v) : trn hc Complementary education : b tc vn ha Junior colleges : Trng cao ng Candidate-doctor of science : Ph Tin s Service education : Ti chc Post-graduate courses : nghin cu sinh People's intellect/intellectual standard: Trnh dn tr Education(al) standard: Trnh gio dc: the development level of a society: Trnh pht trin ca mt x hi: to improve/enhance/raise people's intellection: Nng cao dn tr: to train labour: o to lao ng Bi dng nhn ti: to foster/cultiv:ate/nurture talents p dng chng trnh 12 nm: to

: pass (an exam) d gi: class observation d thi: take, sit an exam gio c trc quan: realia gio dc cng dn: civil education, civics gio dc thng xuyn: continuing education gio trnh in t: course ware gio trnh: course book, textbook, teaching materials gio vin ch nhim: class head teacher gio vin dy thm: tutor gio vin thnh ging: visiting lecturer/ teacher gio vin ng lp: classroom teacher gio n: lesson plan giy chng sinh: birth certificate

S sau i hc: post graduate son bi (vic lm ca gio vin): prepare for a class/lesson, lesson preparation sch gio khoa: textbook sn trng: school-yard s gio dc: provincial department of education T thc s: master thanh tra gio dc: education inspector theo nhm: groupwork th dc: physical education thi hc sinh gii: best students' contest thi tuyn sinh i hc, cao ng: university/college entrance exam thi tt nghip THPT: high school graduation exam thi tt nghip: final exam thi trc nghim: objective test

introduce a 12-year curriculum H thng gio dc quc dn: national education system gio dc mm non: pre-school education chin dch xa m ch: illiteracy elmilation campaign nhng thnh tu ng khch l: hearten encourage achievements t l m ch: illiteracy rate cc loi hnh o to: forms of training trang thit b phc v ging dy: teaching equipment tnh trng xung cp: degredation/deterioration lp hc ca 3, lp hc tm b: triple shift and makeshift classes trnh ca i ng gio vin: the qualification of teaching staff b ngh dy hc: to give up/quit teaching dy thm trn lan: spreading after-school classes/ private tutorial tnh trng phn cc v cht lng gio dc: the polarisation of education quality vn nn "bng tht kin thc gi": genuine certificate and fake knowledge nh mc chi cho gio dc trn u ngi: per capita education spending ngun u t ngn sch nh nc cho gd&t: state/national budget investment in education vic phn b ngn sch gio dc theo quy m dn s: education budget distribute/allocation/share on a population basis dnh u tin cao nht cho pht trin gio dc v o to: to give top priority to education and training development quc sch hng u ca chnh ph: the leading national policy of goverment

s nghip ca ton dn: the cause of the entire people ph cp: to univesalize c ch qun l ngn sch gio dc: education budget management mechanism

5. Ch thi tit
Rain (n): Ma Cloudy (adj) : C my ph, y my Snowy (adj): C tuyt Sunny (adj): nng Hot (adj): nng bc arm (adj): m p Cool (adj): mt m Cold (adj): lnh Freezing (adj): gi lnh, bng gi Foggy (adj): sng m Dry (adj): kh et (adj): m t Icy (adj): ng bng, bng gi Thundershower (n) : ma ro c sm st 6. Thunderstorm (n): bo sm Humid (adj): m; m t Sandstorm (n): bo ct Snowstorm, tuy blizzard (n): bo Barometer (n): phong v biu/ kh p k Blizzard (n): trn b o tuyt Dew point (n): im sng. Freezing rein (n): nhit m khng kh lnh t ti trc khi tr thnh ma. Fog (n): sng m Frost (n): sng gi Hail (n): ma Humidity (n): m Precipitation (n): hin tng ma Sleet (n): ma tuyt Thunder (n): sm, st. Tornado (n): lc xoy Typhoon (n): bo to Wind Chill (n): gi rt

Monsoon (n): gi ma Sultry (adj): oi bc ngt ngt Lightning (n): chp, st Wind (n): gi Storm (n): bo Flood (n): l lt Drought (n): hn hn Snow (n): tuyt Snowman (n): ngi tuyt Rainbow (n): cu vng